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    Translation Guide by MRosa

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    Final Fantasy V is c 1992 Square. This translation is c 1996 Mark Rosa.
    PART 1
    [Occasionally I, your humble narrator (Mark), will jump in with locations and 
    explanatory comments. These are in brackets and parentheses. And if you've got a
    Mac, switch the font to Chicago and you can get the text to look just like in 
    FF3 (but without those cool shadows)! Enjoy! ^_^] 
    Lenna: Father! Do you really have to go? 
    King of Tycoon: Lenna, you have to protect the castle. You mustn't follow me. 
    Lenna: But... 
    King: There's something strange about the wind... So I really must go. 
    Lenna: Yes, I understand, but all by yourself...? 
    King: Don't worry. 
    [Cut to Faris and the pirates] 
    Faris: The wind... it stopped... 
    [Galuf at the Meteor] 
    Galuf: The wind stopped! I've gotta hurry! 
    [Shot of Lenna in the castle, then her father at the Wind Shrine] 
    King: Huh?! [crystal shatters] 
    [Back to Butz again] 
    Butz: Boko, wait here. 
    Butz: ! (Fight with 2 goblins) 
    Butz: Are you OK? 
    Lenna: Yes, thank you. I'm Lenna. Who are you? 
    Butz: I'm... 
    (Choose your name) 
    Butz: I'm Butz. (or whatever name you picked) 
    I'm just wandering around with my chocobo... 
    Lenna: Butz... 
    Suddenly this thing fell from the sky, and I was sent flying, and I fainted, 
    Butz: Is it a meteor? 
    Lenna: A meteor...? I wonder if this has anything to do with the wind 
    stopping...? Anyway, I really want to thank you. But I have to hurry... 
    Butz: Hey, wait... 
    Lenna: Did you hear something? 
    Butz: Huh? 
    Old man: Uhh... 
    Butz, Lenna: ? 
    Old man: ...Help... 
    Butz: He's over there! 
    Butz: Are you all right? 
    Old man: Where am I? Think I hit my head somewhere... 
    Old man: Hey, what's going on here? Can't seem to think straight... I can't 
    remember a thing! 
    Butz: You hit your head? It couldn't be amnesia...? 
    Old man: Wait, I remember my name! It's Galuf! 
    Lenna: And besides that...? 
    Galuf: Nothing... All I can remember is my name! 
    Lenna: Anyway, I'm really sorry. I've got to go. 
    Butz: Where're you going? 
    Lenna: To the Wind Shrine... 
    Galuf: The Wind Shrine!? I've got a feeling that I should go there too! 
    Galuf: Hey, I'm coming along!! 
    Lenna: But... 
    Galuf: I absolutely must go there! Take me with you! 
    Lenna: Butz... what are you going to do? 
    Butz: I think I'll just keep travelling... 
    Lenna: Butz... thanks so much! Goodbye... 
    Galuf: Bye, then! 
    Butz: Let's go, Boko! 
    [after riding around] 
    Butz: Hey Boko, don't just stop short like that!! 
    Butz: What are you looking at me like that for!? 
    Boko: Kue! Kue, kue!! [yes, that's how a chocobo talks] 
    Butz: It's that old dude and that girl, right? And there are lots of goblins 
    around here... got it, Boko. 
    Lenna & Galuf: Aaahhhh----!!! 
    Butz: Let's go, Boko! 
    Boko: Kue-! 
    Lenna: Urgh... 
    Butz: Hey! 
    Lenna: Butz!! 
    Lenna: Thank you so much! 
    Butz: Oh, stop that. 
    Butz: Since that meteor fell, there've been landslides and stuff around here, 
    and now the road to Tule is blocked. 
    Lenna: But we've got to get to the Wind Shrine... 
    Galuf: Uhh... 
    Galuf: Gotta get to the Wind Shrine... uhhh.... 
    Butz: So he's headed for the Wind Shrine also... 
    Butz: You know, I think I'll go too! 
    Lenna: Really!? 
    Butz: It was my father's last wish... that I travel around the world... and 
    besides, the wind is calling us... 
    Galuf: Yeah, yeah, say whatever you want! Really you just want to be with her!! 
    Butz: Hey! Were you listening!? 
    Galuf: Of course!! [laughs] 
    Galuf: But you know, the road is blocked... 
    Butz: ... 
    Lenna: ... 
    Lenna: But we have to get there somehow!! 
    Galuf: Yeah, we do... 
    Butz: OK, let's go! 
    (At the Pirate Base) 
    Lenna: There's a cave here? 
    Butz: It must've been created by that earthquake... 
    Butz: Boko, it's dangerous in there, so you wait here! 
    Boko: Kue! 
    (inside cave) 
    Butz: That spring... (points to recovery spring) 
    (watches pirate open door with wall switch) 
    Butz: Ah ha! 
    (watching boat outside) 
    Butz: That boat...? How does it go even though there's no wind...? 
    Everyone: ??? 
    (inside pirate base) 
    Butz: Since this is a pirate base, maybe that boat back there was a pirate 
    Lenna: Maybe we could get a ride from them... 
    Butz: But they're pirates!! 
    Galuf: Well maybe we could just sneak aboard! 
    Butz: Hey gramps, you've got more guts than I thought! 
    (board the pirate ship) 
    Pirate:(half asleep in bunk below deck) Mmnnh... I fixed the wheel, Captain... 
    now Syldra can... ... 
    Butz: All right, anchors aweigh!! 
    (Boat doesn't move) 
    Galuf: Hey Butz, what happened? 
    Butz: It's no use... it won't move at all. What's going on here? 
    Faris: What are you doing!? You've got guts, thinking you can just steal my ship 
    like that! 
    Lenna: I'm Lenna, the Princess of Tycoon. We're so sorry for taking your boat 
    like that... 
    Butz & Galuf: Princess!?! 
    Lenna: Please lend us your boat! I have to get to the Wind Shrine! My father's 
    in danger!! 
    Faris: Hmm... Princess of Tycoon... You must have a lot of money... 
    Butz: Stop that! 
    Lenna: Please!! 
    (pendant glows) 
    Faris: That pendant... 
    Faris (to the other pirates): Throw these people below deck! And tie 'em up! 
    Pirates: Yes, Captain! 
    Galuf: Now what do we do? Who said we should steal this boat, anyway? 
    Butz: I think it was YOU! 
    Galuf: Ohhh... my head hurts! I think I've got amnesia... 
    Butz: Pretty convenient time to get amnesia, huh! 
    Butz: And I'm surprised that Lenna turned out to be the princess of Tycoon! 
    Lenna: I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to hide it or anything... 
    Butz: But why were you going to the Wind Shrine all alone? 
    Lenna: My father went there when the wind stopped... and I was afraid that 
    something terrible had happened to him! So I snuck out of the castle, and then 
    meteor came flying through the sky, and... 
    Faris: Why would that Princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as me? She says 
    her father's at the Wind Shrine... 
    (Next day) 
    Faris (to pirates): Head for the Wind Shrine! 
    Pirates: What should we do with these guys? 
    Faris: Untie them! 
    Faris: Come on! Move it!! 
    Lenna: But why...? 
    Faris: Let's just say I'm lending you my power, OK? And that's that! 
    Faris: Let's go! To the Wind Shrine! (to pirates) Did you hear what I said? 
    Answer me! 
    Pirates: Aye aye, sir! 
    Lenna: But the wind's stopped... how can the ship move? 
    Faris: You really want to know... Come on, Syldra, introduce yourself! 
    (Syldra roars) 
    Faris: Whaddaya think? Syldra and I grew up together. We're like brothers! 
    Faris: OK, we're off! 
    [Town of Tule] 
    Pirates: All right! Beer! 
    [Note from Mark: Actually, it's sake, but I think it would be beer in the US 
    version ^_^)] 
    Faris: I'm going too. 
    Old guy: Shall I lead you to the Beginners' School? 
    OK, close your eyes! 
    In the Training School 
    Receptionist: Are you a beginner? 
    1: If your hair turns white, you've become "Old". Your stats will slowly 
    2: Put magic users and characters with weak defense in the back row! Push left 
    on the menu screen, select a character and press A. That's how you switch
    between the front and back row. 
    3: Your selected character is the first one on the menu screen. To change them, 
    ... (demonstrates) 
    4: You can damage undead monsters with healing items like Cure and Potion. 
    5: Make sure to save often. Then you can continue where you left off. 
    6: Want to hear about the ability system? 
    Boko: You folks are warriors chosen by the crystals! Using the power of the 
    brave spirits inside the crystals, you can learn various jobs. 
    (Turns Faris to a black mage)
    Manage these jobs well, and your four characters will gain the abilities that 
    come with the jobs. These are called "abilities". Everything will be de-equipped 
    you change jobs, but it's OK since you can select "Optimum" to re-equip. Combine 
    jobs skillfully, and you can have a black mage who can jump, a knight casting
    white magic, and all kinds of things! 
    For example, let's create a knight with white magic. First make a white mage 
    (makes a white mage) Then gain ability points (ABP) until you get the ability 
    Magic". Then change your job to "Knight", and select white magic as an ability! 
    You've created a knight that uses white magic! 
    7: Check for hidden passages! For example, you can walk through the wall on my 
    left! You can see it if you have a thief with the "Hidden Passage" ability. 
    8: Sometimes you'll find stuff in the treasure boxes and pots! Look around! 
    9: Here's a present from me! 
    (Fight with a goblin and get the treasure) 
    10: "Wait" mode: Use the "Config" menu to select "Wait". Then time'll stop 
    during battle while you select items and things. So you can take your time 
    picking magic
    and items! 
    11: If your HP (Hit Points) gets low, heal up using Cure or a potion! 
    12: Those numbers you see in battle? White means damage; green means reviving. 
    13: Press L and R at the same time, and you can run away from battles! 
    14 (purple guy): Want to hear about the more complicated abilities? 
    "2-Hand" - Use your empty other hand to swing your weapon and double your attack 
    power. That is, swing your sword with two hands. 
    "Dash" - Press B while walking in caves and towns, and you'll go faster. But at 
    least one of you has to be a Thief. 
    "Blue Magic (Lore)" "Learning" - Learn the enemies' magic and attacks. But you 
    have to have a blue mage or the "Learning" ability. Then you can use the
    Goblin's "Goblin Punch", the Steel Bat's "Blood Suck", or the Mold Wind's 
    Elsewhere in the town... 
    Blue haired person: We're using machines to magnify the Wind Crystal's power and 
    get our boats to go really fast! Soon we'll have boat service all the way to
    Green haired person The pirates went into the pub. 
    Person: A meteor landed near Tycoon? I heard that another one landed out west, 
    near Karnak. 
    Kid: My grandpa told me that a long time ago they sealed a monster in the canal 
    usingthe Wind Crystal's power. 
    Another person: Those pirates have taken over the pub! 
    [At Zokk's house] 
    Lenna: I think Zokk's house is around here... 
    Butz: You know him? 
    Lenna: Yeah, he's the one who built the gate to the Torna Canal. 
    Lenna: I guess he's not home... 
    Butz: We'll come back later 
    [In the pub] 
    Pirate 1: The captain's on the second floor. 
    Pirate 2: I love our captain!! 
    Pirate 3: And Lenna's cute, too! 
    Pirate 4: You guys gotta drink too! 
    Pirate 5: We're only lettin' you use our boat 'cause the captain said so. 
    Old guy: If you're looking for the pirate captain, go upstairs. 
    Bartender: Sorry folks, no more beer! The pirates drank it all! 
    Dancers: Just sit right down over there and look this way! 
    Dancers: Special service!! (Screen goes pink ^^) 
    [On second floor outside Faris' room] 
    Butz: Wait, I'll go in there. 
    (Comes out with a little heart floating over him :) 
    Galuf: What's going on? 
    Butz: Uh, ... nothing... something wrong with my head, maybe... 
    Galuf: Out of the way! 
    Galuf: Man, Faris is beautiful! My heart's beating like a drum! 
    Lenna: What are you two talking about over there? 
    Faris: Unh... slept well today... 
    Faris: What are you guys DOING!? Come ON!! 
    Faris: Sorry, but I'd rather be alone... See you later! 
    [While leaving Tule] 
    Faris: Hey! Were you just gonna leave me there!? 
    [At the Wind Shrine] 
    Minister of Tycoon Princess Lenna! 
    Lenna: What's going on? 
    Minister:Suddenly the wind stopped, and monsters have invaded the shrine! 
    Lenna: What about Father? 
    Minister:He went up to the top floor, but he hasn't come down. Something must 
    have happened to him! 
    Faris: That's where the crystal is! Let's go up there! 
    Scholar: The crystal upstairs is being controlled by a machine. 
    Scholar: Here, Lenna, take this! (Got 5 Potions!) 
    Scholar: Drink this water, and you'll get your energy back. 
    Minister: When the monsters came, we ended up fleeing to this room. 
    Scholar: The King went up to look at the crystal... 
    [Fight Wingraptor on 3F] 
    Lenna: The crystal!! 
    Butz: It's cracking? 
    Butz: What's that? (shot of the Fire crystal) 
    The spirit of fire... courage 
    (shot of the Water crystal) 
    The spirit of water... kindness 
    (shot of the Earth crystal) 
    The spirit of earth... hope... 
    The spirit of wind... search... 
    Butz: What are these? 
    Faris: What the...? 
    Galuf: They're... warm... 
    Lenna: The crystal's... spirit? 
    King's Voice: ...Len...na........ 
    Lenna: Father!? 
    Faris: !? 
    King Tycoon: Listen carefully. You are the four chosen warriors. 
    Lenna: Father, what are you talking about?? 
    King: The Wind Crystal has shattered. And it seems that the other 3 crystals 
    will as well. It is up to you to protect them. The evil spirit is about to 
    return... a spirit
    which will plunge everything into darkness... 
    Lenna: Father!! 
    King: Go!! Protect the crystals!! 
    Lenna: Father--!!! 
    Lenna: What are these? 
    Butz: Crystal chips? 
    The ancient brave spirits embedded in the crystals... 
    Knight... Monk... Blue Mage... Thief... Black Mage... Red Mage... 
    Butz: The crystal chips... they're entrusting us with their power? 
    Galuf: Whatever, let's get out of here! 
    Faris: Lenna... 
    Lenna: I'm pretty sure there's a warp located behind that altar... 
    Boko Want to hear about jobs and abilities? (See the Beginners' class in Tule 
    for this speech.) 
    (Back in Tule, at Zokk's house) 
    Zokk: Oh, Lenna! 
    Lenna: Zokk! 
    Zokk: It's nice to see you again. 
    Lenna: Zokk, we need you to help us. We've got to get through the Torna Canal, 
    so we can reach Worus. 
    Zokk: But now that there's no more Wind Crystal, there are monsters in there! 
    It's dangerous!! 
    Zokk: And... umm... I think I lost the key... 
    Zokk: Anyway, Lenna, please stay here tonight. Hurry this way. 
    Butz: The crystals... that reminds me of my father, back then... 
    (Butz's dream sequence) 
    Dorgan: If we don't protect the crystals... 
    (to Stella) If anything happens to me, don't say anything to Butz about the 
    crystals. I don't want to burden him with anything... 
    Stella: Dear, don't say that! 
    ... ... ... 
    (Lenna, half-asleep) 
    Lenna: Father... I'll do it, I'll protect the crystals... 
    Zokk: What's going on? 
    Butz: I was just thinking about my dead mother and father...... 
    Zokk: ... Here, take this! 
    Butz: What is it? 
    Zokk: It's the Canal Key. You can use it to open the Torna Canal, and get to 
    Zokk: I've been hiding the fact that I'm worried about Lenna... please protect 
    (as you're leaving Tule) 
    Pirates: (to Faris): Captain! Wait!! 
    Faris: I'm going to have to leave you guys for a while... 
    Pirate 1: Captain! 
    Pirate 2: Why!? 
    Pirate 3: We'll go with you!! 
    Faris: Sorry, you can't. 
    Pirate: But Captain... 
    Faris: It looks like it's going to be a long trip... so you guys guard the base 
    while I'm gone! 
    Pirate: Captain! 
    Faris: Do it for me, OK? 
    Pirate: Captain... 
    Pirate 2: OK, we understand! 
    Pirate 4: Be careful, Captain! 
    (Lenna's wandering around on the boat) 
    Butz: What's wrong? 
    Lenna: The Wind Crystal shattered... now the power of the wind is weakening... 
    but soon, the wind'll stop entirely. And after a few years, the sky will become
    barren, and there won't be a place for the birds to fly. 
    Lenna: My father said to protect the other 3 crystals. 
    Butz: Three crystals? 
    Lenna: The Water, Fire, and Earth crystals. 
    Butz: What happens if they shatter? 
    Lenna: Well, at first nothing'll happen... but then the earth will gradually 
    rot, the water will stop flowing, the power of fire will cease and everything'll 
    freeze... it'll be
    an uninhabitable world. 
    Galuf: We'll protect the crystals!! 
    Butz: Hey, did you get your memory back? 
    Galuf: Nah... but I'll still protect the crystals anyway! 
    Faris: Me too! 
    Faris: And we've got to search for Lenna's father! 
    Butz: The King of Tycoon who was caught in that shadow and disappeared? 
    Faris: He's alive! There's no way he'd die! 
    Lena: Butz... will you come with us? 
    Butz: I was just travelling around... but when I look at this... 
    Lenna: The crystal chip? 
    Butz: It's lending us its power in order to protect the world... ... Let's go! 
    We'll save the crystals!! 
    Galuf: Yeah, let's go!! 
    (At entrance to Torna Canal) 
    Galuf: Butz! Where'd you get that key?? 
    Butz: Oh, nowhere... come on, let's keep going! 
    (riding through canal) 
    Butz: What's that!? 
    Lenna: It couldn't be the monster sealed up in the canal!? 
    Faris: I can't move the wheel!! 
    Galuf: We're being sucked in!! 
    Faris: Syldra!! 
    Butz: Something's coming!! 
    (Fight with Karlabos... then Syldra's sucked in the whirlpool) 
    Faris: Syldra! 
    Butz: Syldra's still alive! He'll travel with us!! 
    Faris: Syldra!! Let go!!! 
    Butz: Faris... 
    Galuf: Hmm... I think we should leave Faris alone for now... 
    Butz: Syldra was the one pulling this ship... [the ship's slowing to a stop as 
    they talk] 
    Lenna: Faris, I'm sure Syldra's alive! 
    (Arrive at Grave of Ships) 
    Butz: Where are we? 
    Faris: The Grave of Ships... 
    Lenna: It's the place where drifting ships gather... and the home of undead 
    Galuf: Let's just get outta here!!! 
    (In one of the ships) 
    Faris: Should we keep going? We'll get all wet... 
    Butz: What are you talking about!? Let's go!! 
    (In the sleeping quarters of one of the ships) 
    Butz: Oh man, I'm all wet! 
    Lenna: This place looks safe. Let's rest for a while! 
    Lenna: I'm going to dry my clothes! Don't look!! 
    Butz: OK, let's dry our stuff too... 
    Faris: No thanks, I'm OK... 
    Galuf: What are you talking about? You'll catch a cold!! 
    (Butz and Galuf start to pull Faris' clothes) 
    Faris: Hey! I said stop!!! 
    Lenna (comes out of the other room): What's going on? 
    Butz: Lenna, she's a, a... 
    Galuf: A girl!! 
    Faris: What's wrong with that? 
    Lenna: But why did you...? 
    Faris: When I was little, the pirates found me and took me in. So I grew up with 
    Butz: That's when you decided to pretend to be a man? 
    Faris: People would make fun of me! A girl as head of the pirates!! 
    Galuf: Ah ha... I knew you were too pretty to be a guy! 
    Faris: But please don't make fun of me because I'm a girl! 
    Butz: Uh, OK... 
    Faris: Well then, let's go to sleep! 
    Faris (sees Galuf still sleeping): What are you doing? Let's get going!! Move 
    Galuf: I think maybe she is still a man...! 
    Butz: Either one is fine. Faris is Faris!! 
    Lenna: Yeah! 
    (arriving at the shore) 
    Butz: I've got a bad feeling... 
    Stella: Butz... come here... 
    Butz: Mom... 
    King: of Tycoon: Come here... 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Lenna! ... urgh... (she's pulled along with Lenna) 
    Girl: Come, Grandpa! 
    Galuf: Who are you? I can't think straight! 
    Siren: Now I'll steal your souls, and you'll join me!! 
    Galuf: Who are you!? 
    Siren: So, you're not affected by my tricks? Well, I'm Siren, and I've acquired 
    these three people's souls! Stay out of my way, and I'll let you go. 
    Galuf: Forget it!! 
    Siren: Why are you protecting these three? 
    Galuf: Because they're my... friends! 
    Galuf: (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): Don't let her get you! Wake up!! 
    Butz: Galuf! 
    Butz: She's coming!!! 
    (Fight with Siren) 
    Butz: Galuf! You saved us! 
    Galuf: Huh...? 
    Butz: Don't be embarrassed! 
    Galuf: I'm NOT embarrassed! 
    (In Karwen... Talk to the green-haired lady who isn't moving; she's to the right 
    of a bunch of barrels) 
    Woman in Karwen: There's a place called Worus, beyond the water south of this 
    town. Supposedly they're using the Water Crystal's power... 
    Lenna: We've got to stop them! But how can we get to Worus...? 
    Woman: We used to have boats that went there, but not anymore, since the wind is 
    Galuf: And we don't have Syldra anymore... 
    Galuf: ... Sorry, Faris... 
    Lenna: Butz, isn't there some way we could get there? 
    Butz: If there's no wind, then we can't go by sea... 
    Butz: If we can't go by sea... 
    Man in Pub: I saw a dragon flying around, up on the Northern Mountain! Really! 
    Lenna: What kind of dragon? 
    Man: It looks almost like it's wearing... armor. 
    Lenna: My father's Hiryuu is on the Northern Mountain...? 
    Faris: What's going on? 
    Lenna: There's a weed called "Hiryuusou", and it grows on the mountain. It's the 
    only thing that can cure the Hiryuu's wound. 
    Lenna: If the Hiryuu's injured... 
    Galuf: If we can't go by sea... 
    Butz: We'll go by air! 
    Lenna: With the Hiryuu, we can get to Worus! 
    Galuf: Then it's off to the Northern Mountain!! 
    (On the Northern Mountain) 
    Lenna: My father's helmet! 
    (Suddenly, Lenna's shot by a poison dart!) 
    Butz: Lenna! 
    Magisa: So, you came here to find the Hiryuu... [Hiryuu means "flying dragon".] 
    Butz: The Hiryuu? 
    Magisa: A Hiryuu's horn fetches a pretty good price! Ha ha ha... 
    Magisa: Look, the Princess of Tycoon! You'll make a good souvenir to bring back 
    to Forza!! Hee, hee, hee!! 
    Faris: Stop!! (jumps across gap; gets pushed down) 
    Butz: Faris! 
    Magisa: Hee, hee, she fell down!! 
    (Faris climbs back up) 
    Magisa: Huh!? 
    Butz: Lenna! Get up!! 
    Magisa: Well if that's how it is, I'll just dispose of all four of you!! 
    (Fight with Magisa & Forza) 
    Lenna: Thanks, Faris! 
    (At the top of the mountain) 
    Lenna: Hiryuu! 
    Faris: He's hurt badly... 
    Lenna: Hiryuu, I'll heal you up! 
    (Hiryuu screeches; Lenna walks over the poisonous flowers to get the 
    Faris: Lenna, what are you doing!? 
    Lenna: I'm OK; I've got to get the Hiryuusou! 
    Lenna: Quick, give it to the Hiryuu... 
    (Faris feeds the weed to the Hiryuu) 
    Lenna: Get better... ... (falls) 
    Galuf (seeing Lenna's poison): Uh oh, you might've gone too far... 
    (The Hiryuu makes Lenna's poison disappear) 
    Lenna: Hiryuu! Thank you!! 
    Galuf: You're OK!! Well, let's get going! 
    Butz: Well, uhh... I've got this phobia about heights... 
    (The other three laugh at him) 
    Butz: What's so funny!? 
    Galuf: Come on, hop aboard! 
    (In Tycoon Castle) 
    Minister: Princess Lenna! 
    Lenna: Sorry to make you worry... 
    Minister: Lenna, please return to the castle! 
    Minister: There are so few soldiers left from the battles with the monsters... 
    without you here, the castle'll never regain its splendor... 
    Lenna: But I have to go! 
    Minister: Then what'll happen to the nation of Tycoon? 
    Lenna: But it's not just Tycoon! It affects the entire world! 
    Lenna: ... and... Father is alive! 
    Minister: All right then, we'll guard Tycoon ourselves! 
    Lenna: I'll return with Father. Until then, everyone hang in there! 
    Minister: Anyway, stay here for tonight. 
    Lenna: Okay... 
    (That night...) 
    Lenna: Faris? 
    Faris: Huh? Oh, it's you, Lenna. 
    Lenna: You're my sister... 
    Faris: !? 
    Lenna: You are, aren't you? 
    Faris: What are you talking about! I'm... ...that's ridiculous!! 
    Lenna: But... 
    Faris: I'm a pirate! How could I possibly be a princess?? You've gotta be 
    (Faris leaves) 
    Lenna: But, your pendant... 
    (Next morning) 
    Lenna: Butz! Butz!! 
    Butz (half asleep): ... nnh... (trips getting out of bed and waves his arms) 
    Everyone Man, he's weird! What the heck are you doing!? 
    (Meeting Jenica, elsewhere in the castle) 
    Jenica: I've been serving at this castle for quite a long time indeed... I've 
    been taking care of Lenna and Sarisa. 
    Butz: Sarisa? 
    Jenica: Lenna's older sister. When she was little, the king and Sarisa went out 
    on a boat and it ran into a storm... and Sarisa fell into the water... 
    [In the room you come to after sleeping] 
    Person: There's something that the minister wanted to give you, but he's away 
    right now. 
    [In the store room] 
    Minister: Lenna, this is a staff that we've been keeping here in Tycoon for many 
    years. Take it; it may come in handy. 
    Lenna: Thank you! [Got the Heal Staff! 
    (In Worus Tower) 
    Soldier 1: You can't come in here without the king's permission! 
    Soldier 2: Who are you people? Get out of here!! 
    [In the Town of Worus] 
    Girl in SW corner: This is Galura. He lives near the Worus Tower. He's so sweet 
    and nice... you better not be mean to him! 
    [In Worus Castle] 
    King: Worus: So, Princess Lenna! 
    Lenna: King Worus! It's been a while... 
    Lenna: Please! Stop the people who are using the Water Crystal! 
    King: Ha ha... I'm surprised you'd say that... There's simply no way I can do 
    it. It's because of the crystal that we're able to prosper. 
    Lenna: But if you don't do something, the crystal will shatter! 
    King: Hmmm... I heard about what happened with the Wind Crystal... But, we don't 
    know if the same thing will happen with our Water Crystal. And besides, the
    people will be against it. 
    Butz: You know, we might not even have the time to be talking about-- 
    (Another meteor falls from the sky!) 
    Soldier: Another meteor's fallen near the tower! 
    King: What? Quickly, gather the troops and head for the tower! 
    Soldier: Yes sir! 
    King: Sorry, but this is urgent. Princess Lenna, I'll talk with you later! 
    King: (to soldiers): Let's go! 
    (Inside the tower) 
    Soldier on left: Suddenly Galura ran amok and entered the tower! Then the King 
    went after him, and there was this strange warrior too... 
    Soldier on right: Galura's never attacked anybody or anything before... 
    King Worus: Galura... he's upstairs... please... protect the... 
    Soldier (to Galura): Somebody's controlling you! I won't let you break this 
    crystal!! (Galura attacks the soldier) 
    Butz: Now he's coming for us! 
    (Fight with Galura) 
    Lenna: The crystal!! (Crystal shatters...) 
    Lenna: We're too late! 
    Soldier: Urgh... Sir Galuf!! 
    Galuf: You know me!? 
    Soldier: Sir Galuf... We couldn't protect the crystal... I'm sorry... 
    Galuf: Tell me! Who am I?? 
    Soldier: The Fire Crystal... 
    Faris: The crystal chips are.. glowing? 
    Butz: Are they going to lend us their power? 
    The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... 
    Berserker... Red Mage... Caller... Magic Swordsman... Time Mage... 
    (Note that there's one crystal chip that you can't reach...) 
    (Tower shakes) 
    Butz: What's going on!? 
    Faris: The tower's sinking! 
    Butz: Uwaaa---!!! 
    Faris: Syldra! 
    (Syldra rescues them from the sinking tower) 
    Faris: Syldra, you're alive! 
    Faris: Syldra!! 
    Lenna: You used the last of your power to save us... 
    Faris: Syldra--! Don't die!!! 
    Lenna: Syldra... thank you... 
    Faris: Syl...dra....... 
    [Is Syldra dead...?] 
    (Back at the Castle of Worus) 
    Guard (left): An injured soldier from Karnak showed up here... he's resting in 
    the soldiers' room. 
    Guard (right): He came out of a hole in the meteor up north. Said something 
    about a warp... 
    Guard in soldiers' room: If you ever meet a monster named Garkimasera, well then 
    it's just about over for you... 
    Karnak soldier: I went to check out this meteor near Karnak and I was suddenly 
    warped to the meteor here... Hey, where am I? Where the heck's my castle!? 
    [In the King's room] 
    King: So, what you were saying is true... cough... 
    Lenna: King Worus! Are you all right? 
    King: Hurry to Karnak. They're using machines to magnify the crystal's power. 
    And it looks like a meteor's fallen there as well... hurry before it's too 
    ...cough, cough... 
    [At the meteor] 
    Lenna: Butz! 
    Galuf: Did he get warped? 
    Lenna: Better go after him! (jumps into the warp) 
    Galuf: Somehow this seems familiar... and how did that soldier know who I 
    was...? Who am I...? 
    [In Karnak] 
    1: Nobody can go in the castle, 'cause some monsters that came out of the meteor 
    are after the Fire Crystal. 
    2: We can make weapons so easily thanks to the Fire Crystal! That's why they're 
    so cheap around here! 
    3: This is Karnak. It's because of the Fire Crystal that our city prospers. 
    4: There's an ancient library south of here. That's where Dr. Cid's from. 
    5: Cid's the one who made the machines that amplify the crystal's power! Isn't 
    he fantastic?! 
    6: The people down at the Ancient Library kept talking about using the crystals' 
    power and stuff, and so the Queen got mad and built a wall so that nobody can 
    to the Library anymore. 
    [In the weapon shop, while buying something] 
    Soldiers: You there! Don't move!! 
    Soldier: It's them!! 
    Butz: ??? 
    Soldier: They're monsters!! I saw them come out of the meteor!! 
    [in the Karnak jail] 
    Galuf: Well, now we're stuck... 
    (Cid bloes up part of the wall 
    Cid (in next room): What are you laughing at!? Oh well, it's OK. I'm Cid. 
    Lenna: Cid!? The same Cid who built the machine that amplifies the crystals' 
    Cid: ...... 
    Lenna: ...sorry... 
    Cid: No, it's all my fault... 
    According to a book I saw in the Ancient Library... in the past, the crystals 
    had power that was incomparably greater than what they have now... so I 
    the crystals in Tycoon, Worus, and Karnak, and created devices that would 
    magnify their power... 
    But, I had made a mistake... If you try to magnify the power of the crystals, 
    they shatter... It's all my fault... 
    Butz: But why are you trapped here? 
    Cid: Since it was too late to save the crystals in Tycoon and Karnak, I figured 
    that I had to stop Karnak's crystal from shattering. But when I went to stop the
    machine, they caught me... 
    Butz: But you had the same objective as they did... 
    Cid: Are you trying to protect the crystals too? 
    Butz: We've been entrusted by these... 
    Cid: What!? By the crystal chips?? Who ARE you people??? 
    (Karnak Minister comes running in) 
    Minister of Karnak: Dr. Cid!! It's terrible!!! 
    Cid: What happened? 
    Minister of Karnak: It's just as you said! There's a crack in the Fire Crystal!! 
    Cid: What?! 
    Minister of Karnak: Well at first we tried to stop the engine, but since we 
    amplified the crystal... 
    Cid: In the Fire Power Ship? 
    Minister of Karnak: Huh? 
    Cid: Maybe the Fire Power Ship is sucking the energy out of the Fire Crystal... 
    Minister of Karnak: Cid, please lend us your power! 
    Cid: How about we let these people here help us? 
    Minister of Karnak: But they came out of the meteor! They're friends with the 
    Cid: Well then, without them I guess I won't be helping you! 
    Minister of Karnak: I... I understand. 
    Cid (to our heroes): Will you help us? 
    Cid: I'm headed for the Fire Power Ship. It's a dangerous place, so be prepared 
    before you come. I'll be waiting! 
    (As you're about to leave the castle) 
    Soldier: Aaaahhh! A werewolf!! 
    Soldier: (to the wolf) You can't come in here! 
    Soldier: Cid's explosives'll get rid of him... but he'll be back! 
    We won't let monsters take one singe step into this castle! 
    (In Fire Power Ship) 
    Cid: I've been waiting! As we suspected, the ship's engine has been absorbing 
    the Fire Crystal's power. 
    Butz: The engine? 
    Cid: Right. So if we don't hurry up and stop the engine, the Fire Crystal will 
    shatter. Will you go? 
    Cid: You can enter here... but be careful!! The inside is full of monsters! But 
    please do it! 
    Soldier on ship: Hurry up, or the crystal will shatter! 
    (Wander through the Fire Power Ship and solve some puzzles... they don't involve 
    Japanese knowledge, so I'll let you figure them out yourself. ^^) 
    (Engine Room, where they meet Queen Karnak) 
    Lenna: Queen Karnak! 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Queen Karnak: You people are standing in the way of my revitalization! I think 
    I'll do away with you!! 
    (Fight with Liquid Flame) 
    Butz: Queen Karnak! 
    Queen: It's not just the engine that's causing the crystal to shatter... there's 
    an evil spirit who's using the crystal in order to revive... Please protect the 
    Fire Crystal!!
    You can get to the crystal room through that pipe... 
    (In Crystal Room) 
    Lenna: The Fire Crystal! 
    Wolf: Oh, it's still safe! ... Galuf!? Is that you?? 
    Butz: It's a werewolf! 
    Wolf: Stop! I'm not your enemy! 
    Butz: Huh? 
    Wolf: Galuf! What happened to you? 
    Galuf: You know me!? Unhh... I can't remember a thing! Who am I, anyway!? 
    Wolf: What are you doing!? If you do that, the crystal will shatter! 
    Soldier: That's three... one more, and the seal will be broken!! 
    Butz: The lever's broken! There's nothing we can do! 
    Wolf: Galuf! While I'm holding this, you guys escape!! Protect the Earth 
    Crystal! It's the last one!! 
    Wolf: Go!! If this crystal shatters, the room'll be engulfed in flames! Hurry, 
    get out of the castle!! And protect the Earth Crystal!! 
    Butz: But, WereWolf:... 
    Lenna: Let's help him! 
    Wolf: Galuf... please... 
    Faris: The flames are disappearing... 
    Butz: Has the Fire Crystal lost its power? 
    Lenna: The crystal... it's shattered... 
    Galuf: What about the wereWolf:? 
    Butz: Maybe he got trapped in the flames... 
    Lenna: We'd better hurry! The Fire Crystal is what supports this castle... 
    Butz: ...and if it shatters, the castle'll explode! 
    Lenna: There's not much time! 
    (You've got 10 minutes to escape from Karnak!) [Good luck! Hope you've got 
    [While exiting the castle...] 
    Guard: Think I'm just an ordinary guard, huh? Well look at this!! [shows his 
    true form, which is Iron Claw] 
    [After defeating him] 
    Butz: The crystal chips... 
    Lenna: They're lending us ther power? 
    The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Beast Master... Elemental... 
    [On board the Fire Power Ship] 
    Cid: If only I hadn't created those infernal machines! I'm so horrible!! If it 
    weren't for me... (runs off) 
    Butz: Cid! 
    Lenna: Cid! 
    Faris: ...... 
    Galuf: Must be tough for him... 
    [Arriving at the Ancient Library] 
    1: The basement is full of monsters!! 
    2: Mid? He's Cid's grandson! 
    3: Mid's missing!! 
    4: He said he was off searching for some book... and then he disappeared! 
    5: This is the Ancient Library, where books from the dim and distant past are 
    6: Some of the books down below have been possessed by monsters. 
    7: It seems that in the past, the crystals had much more power than they have 
    now. Cid discovered this when he was here, and that's what enabled him to create
    the crystal-amplifying machines. 
    8: What's with this shelf...? 
    9: Far to the south of here is a town called Jacole. And in the ruins down 
    there, they dug up some very rare items! 
    10: I think something really important is written in this book... 
    11: This is the oldest book in the whole library. But we can only read half of 
    12: There's a monster sealed up in here who appeared near the Wind Shrine thirty 
    years ago. His name is Byblos... 
    13: Ooh, I want to burn those books! ... The ones that have been possessed by 
    monsters, that is. But I have no idea which ones they are! Oh, crumbs... 
    14: Long ago, Ifrit burned one of the books that was possessed by a monster. 
    (Left book) Book written by a blue mage: Finally I've learned them! "Aero"... 
    "Level 5 Death"... 
    (Middle book) Traveller's Diary: I think I'll give this strange staff to the 
    people in Tycoon... (Right book leads to a fight!) 
    [In the basement] 
    Ifrit: I am Ifrit... I've been sealed up in this book for so long... and only 
    those who can withstand my flames shall have the right to call upon me! 
    Bookshelf: Won't let you pass! ... I... Ifrit! Oh no! (lets you get by) 
    Butz: Who's that? 
    Lenna: Mid? 
    Galuf: Be careful! I've got a bad feeling about this! 
    [Fight with Byblos] 
    Byblos: You've got me... but my master's seal is high up in the sky! 
    [In the Ancient Library; after defeating Byblos] 
    Mid: Hey! Don't bother me when I'm reading! 
    Butz: You haven't been reading the whole time, have you!? 
    Mid: What? Was it you guys who were making noise back there? 
    Butz: !? 
    Mid: ...! 
    Butz, Lenna, Faris, Galuf: Unbelievable... He seems a little weird... 
    Mid: Well, shall we be off? You guys coming along? I know a secret trap door! 
    (go through trap door) 
    Scholar 1: Mid! 
    Scholar 2: Mid!! You're OK!! 
    Scholar 3: Thanks for saving Mid! 
    Scholar 4: All right!! 
    Mid: Huh? You guys came to save me? 
    Mid: Thanks so much, everybody! Sorry for not thanking you sooner! 
    Mid: Look at this great book I found! Maybe if we use this method here, we can 
    get the Fire Power Ship to work! 
    Mid: We'd better hurry up and tell Cid! 
    Butz: Cid!? 
    Mid: You know Cid? He's my grandpa! 
    Mid: My grandpa is amazing! He never gives up, no matter how tough his research 
    Faris: But now, Cid's... 
    Mid: Huh? 
    Faris: I think he's... about to give up... 
    Mid: No way! He'd never do that! 
    Lenna: Mid! 
    Scholar: I'm so glad Mid's OK! 
    Scholar: Mid left and said he was heading off to meet Cid. 
    Scholar:Mid just hustled on out of here! 
    Scholar: Said something about Cid... 
    [On the 2d floor of the pub in Karnak...] 
    Butz: Cid! 
    Cid: ...... 
    Lenna: Mid isn't here? 
    Faris: Come on, Cid! Chin up!! 
    Cid: I'm no good anymore... just forget about me... 
    Mid:(runs in) Grandpa!! 
    Cid: Mid! 
    (Mid hugs Cid rather forcefully) 
    Cid: Ouch!! Will you stop that!? 
    Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!! 
    Cid: Mid... 
    Mid: Don't you always say, "Don't be afraid to fail!" ... "If at first you don't 
    succeed, try again!!" 
    Cid: Mid... so I should try again ... 
    ... I've got it!! 
    Cid: There's still the Earth Crystal... 
    Butz: But where is it? 
    Cid: Even I don't know. But we have to find and protect it! And for that we 
    Mid: The Fire Power Ship! 
    Cid: We've got to get the Fire Power Ship going... but the Fire Crystal is 
    Mid: Look at this, Grandpa! 
    Cid: Oh, what's this book? Hmmm..... ah ha, if we do this, and then... OK, let's 
    Mid: Yeah!! 
    [Back at the Fire Power Ship...] 
    Mid: You guys are in the way! 
    Cid: Mid's just a little too... oh, sorry. Anyway, go and rest until we finish 
    the Fire Power Ship! 
    (Inside Fire Power Ship) 
    Butz: Galuf, what happened? 
    Faris: I thought something was weird... what's going on? 
    Lenna: Galuf, are you OK? 
    Galuf: My head... I think I can remember something! 
    Mid: Grandpa! 
    Cid: Mid! 
    Kururu: Grandpa! 
    Galuf: Kururu! 
    Cid: Ouch! Will you stop that!!! 
    Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!! 
    Galuf: Ow!! Stop that!!! 
    Kururu: Grandpa, you fool! 
    (Galuf remembers Kururu) 
    Galuf: Ku..ru...ru... 
    Butz: Galuf! What happened? 
    Lenna: Did you remember something? 
    Galuf: I'm not of this world!! 
    Galuf: I came here on a meteor from another world. Thirty years ago, we had to 
    seal off this world so that the evil wouldn't return... 
    Butz: "Evil" returning? 
    Galuf: Yes. The Dark Mage Exdeath! 
    Braves of Dawn: It's true! 
    Here, the power of the 4 crystals has come together! 
    Galuf: OK, let's use the crystals' power to seal Exdeath here! 
    Galuf: Thirty years ago, I got on a meteor and came to this world... 
    Lenna: And if all 4 crystals shatter, the seal on Exdeath will break? 
    Galuf: Right... ugh! 
    Butz: Galuf! 
    Galuf: I really can't think clearly yet... unh... we can't allow Exdeath to be 
    Butz: Galuf! 
    Galuf: I'm... fine... 
    Cid & Mid Zzzzzz.... 
    Mid: All done! 
    Cid: The ship can move even without wind! 
    Butz: Now we can search for the Earth Crystal with this ship! 
    Cid: Well, we're counting on you. We'll be going to the Ancient Library. 
    Mid: You never know, something might come up. 
    Cid: If anything happens just come to the Ancient Library! 
    Mid: Be careful! 
    Butz: Let's go! 
    [At the island town of Crescent] 
    Man: It's an earthquake!!! 
    Butz: ? 
    Butz: What!? Our boat!! 
    Man: Hhhheeelllpppp---!!! 
    People: Aaahh! I'm scared! 
    Butz: Our boat's sinking!! 
    (In Chocobo Forest) 
    Galuf: What's that? 
    Lenna: A chocobo? 
    Faris: Not exactly... 
    Butz: I'll catch it!! 
    Chocobo: Kue--!! 
    Butz: He's a Black Chocobo!! 
    Lenna: So they're not extinct after all! 
    Butz: OK, try flying! Go! 
    Chocobo: Kue---! 
    Galuf: It's no use... 
    Faris: Huh? What's this? 
    Lenna: Crystal chips!? 
    Faris: They must have been blown over here after Karnak exploded... 
    Butz: So he couldn't fly since he had these chips inside him!! 
    The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Bard... Hunter... 
    (All aboard!!) 
    Butz: Man, this thing is dirty!! 
    Galuf: Surely it'll fly this time... 
    Interlude: Butz's hometown of Lix... 
    Kate: Hey!! It's Butz!! You're back!! 
    Ben: Butz? You've been travelling for so long! This is your home town. Why not 
    stay for a while? 
    Kenshin: So your father got sick and... oh... Butz! Try to be strong! 
    May: Butz, is it really you? You've grown up! 
    Andrew: Your father took such good care of us... you know what? I'll give ya a 
    discount! (50% off!) 
    Nora: Butz!! You've returned at last! I've been waiting for so long... I've got 
    something to tell you when you're trip is over, OK? 
    Mark: Butz! It's me! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to the old days 
    Mark: Ready? 
    Butz: (climbs up onto the roof) I'm ready! 
    ... sun goes down ... His friend doesn't come... Butz starts 
    to get worried. 
    Butz: (slips) Hey! Somebody!! Heeeelp... 
    ~flashback ends~ 
    Mark: That's how you became afraid of heights, right? We were such kids back 
    then... now I'm planning to become a scholar. 
    Adam: A bard lives in your house now... 
    Tat:(the bard in Butz's old house) Are you the one who used to live here? Go 
    ahead and look around; there must be a lot of stuff that brings back memories 
    (At Butz's house -- flashback scene) 
    Butz is in bed. His mother (Stella) is next to him. When she thinks he's fallen 
    asleep, she walks over to Dorgan. 
    Dorgan: Is he asleep? 
    Stella: ... Dear ... Are you going away again? 
    Dorgan: No... I'm not going... 
    Stella: My spasms have calmed down somewhat... but I really would like us to 
    live together as a family... 
    Dorgan: I know... Let's go to sleep. It's not good for you to be staying up like 
    Stella: Yes... as soon as I finish this. 
    [Stella walks away; Dorgan runs up to Butz.] 
    Butz: You're going, aren't you? 
    Dorgan: Ah ha! So you were awake... 
    Butz: Are you going to guard against those bad guys again? 
    Dorgan: Yes... That's my job. 
    Butz: Can you take me too? 
    Dorgan: No, you've got to stay here with mom. Don't tell her I'm going away this 
    time, okay? 
    Butz: Okay. 
    Dorgan: Let's go to bed. Stella! You rest too. Stella......? 
    (Stella lies on the floor.) 
    Dorgan: Stella! 
    Tat: What a sweet melody. I just thought of a nice song... and I'll dedicate it 
    to your memories! 
    Got the "Song of Weakness"! 
    Bob: Hey, Butz! Go ahead and rest; it's on the house! 
    (Our heroes sleep at the inn, and Butz sneaks out in the middle of the night to 
    visit his mother's grave.) 
    Faris: Butz, what's wrong? 
    Butz: Oh, it's you, Faris... 
    (Faris reads the grave inscription) 
    "Stella rests here" 
    Butz: My mother. 
    Faris: Huh? 
    Butz: I was born in this village. My mom died when I was little. After she died, 
    my dad and I went around and travelled for a while... Then three years ago, he 
    sick and died as well. 
    (Butz writes on the grave) 
    Butz: There... 
    and his beloved wife 
    Stella, rests here." 
    Butz: Dad asked me to bury him next to mom... He was a strong man... 
    Faris: A father... I wonder what it's like to have a father.. 
    Butz: Faris, you mean...? 
    Faris: Let's go back in! We don't want everybody worrying about us! 
    (At the ruins) 
    Butz: Where's this? 
    Faris: Maybe it's the ruins that Cid was talking about... 
    (they spot the King of Tycoon) 
    Lenna: Hey, was that...? 
    Faris: King Tycoon!? 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: ......Dad!! 
    [back at the Ancient Library] 
    Cid: Oh, you're back! 
    Butz: Cid... we were on Crescent Island, and the Fire Power Ship... well, it 
    Cid: Oh really... 
    Mid: No big deal! We'll make another Fire Power Ship!! 
    Cid: Anyway, I spotted the King of Tycoon!! 
    Lenna: Really!? 
    Cid: Seems that he showed up in Karnak. Then it looks like he went into the 
    Faris: The quicksand desert? 
    Mid: It's a desert that spreads out west of here. The sand is... flowing. 
    Cid: And nobody can get in there! Supposedly there's a ruined city beyond the 
    Butz: But how did the King...? 
    Cid: Beats me. 
    Mid: The people here who saw him say he was floating... 
    Butz: Floating? 
    Lenna: My father? 
    Faris: Let's head for the desert! 
    Galuf: But we can't get in! 
    Faris: Something'll happen! 
    Butz: Let's go then!! 
    (In the desert) 
    Galuf: Guess we can't get in... 
    Cid: Wait! 
    Mid: It's too early to give up! 
    Cid: We'll make a bridge! 
    Mid: Even though it's a little dangerous! 
    Cid: Use this bell, and you can call the Sand Worm who lives in the desert! 
    Mid: You guys'll take care of him! 
    Cid: And that'll complete the bridge! 
    Galuf: Isn't that a bit reckless!? 
    Cid: Reckless? Look who's talking!! Ha ha ha!! 
    Cid: Let's call the Sand Worm! All ready? 
    (Answer no, and...) 
    Cid: Well, take your time and get everything ready! 
    (Answer yes, and...) 
    Mid: If you use magic on the Sand Worm, things'll get tough! Be careful! 
    Cid: Let's go!! 
    (Fight with Sand Worm) 
    Mid: We did it! 
    Cid: Now we can get in!! 
    Butz: Cid, Mid. While we're gone, can you take care of this black chocobo? 
    Mid & Cid: Sure. Be careful! 
    [In Lonka Ruins] 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Dad! 
    Galuf: It's no use! He's being controlled by something! 
    Lenna: Butz! Stop! 
    Faris: Get out of the way! 
    King: I'll make it easy for you four!!! 
    (from meteor) Kururu: Grandpa! You're all right! 
    All: ?!?! 
    Galuf: Kururu... is that you? I couldn't wait to see you again... 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Dad! 
    Kururu: He's OK. It was only a weak thunder magic! 
    King: Urgh... it's... Lenna! Sarisa...? Sarisa, is it really you? 
    It IS you, Sarisa! You're still alive!! 
    Faris: Da... Dad!! 
    Butz: Oh, rats! 
    Galuf: Exdeath! 
    Exdeath: Galuf... I have returned! Fwa, ha, ha!! Crystals!! Using this magic, 
    become my power!! Make these people... disappear!! 
    Butz: Drat!! Urgh... 
    Lenna: Butz! Are you OK? 
    Exdeath: The crystals have shattered! Now, Galuf! Your world!! 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Dad! 
    King: Sarisa... Lenna... and you, Butz! Warriors from another world! 
    There's something you must do! The world mustn't fall into the "mu"!! 
    Light of the Earth... come to me... bring your spirit back!! 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Dad! 
    King: Don't come any closer! 
    Lenna: Be strong! 
    Faris: Don't die!! 
    King: Sarisa... I failed you... 
    Lenna... Sarisa... both of you... gather your power... 
    Butz... protect the two of them... please... 
    Lenna: Father----!! 
    Faris: Don't die!!!! 
    [The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Samurai... Dragoon... Dancer... 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Galuf: A meteor's falling!! 
    Butz: Let's get out of here! Hurry, to the airship!! 
    Faris: Lenna! Let's go!! 
    (All head back to the airship) 
    [Aboard the airship] 
    Faris: Lenna... 
    Lenna: Our father... he's... 
    Butz: What is it, Galuf? 
    Galuf: We've got to leave! 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Galuf: My memory's returned. At last I can recall everything... Exdeath was an 
    evil mage from our world. I and three other warriors, the Four Braves of Dawn,
    used the power of the crystals to seal him away. Then 30 years passed 
    uneventfully... But something happened inside the crystals. We were concerned 
    about that
    and so we boarded the meteors and returned to this world. 
    Galuf: But we were too late... he had returned. 
    Butz: Was it because we used too much of the crystals' power? 
    Galuf: It was we who sealed Exdeath in this world... 
    Galuf: At that time, it looked like it would be as he said, and we would be 
    taken back to our own world. 
    (At the meteor site) 
    Butz: You're returning to your world? 
    Galuf: It's essential that we seal Exdeath up. Fortunately we can still use the 
    meteor we came here on. 
    Galuf: It looks like it can only be used once... Butz, Lenna, Faris... thanks 
    for everything. 
    Butz: Wait! We'll come too! 
    Galuf: Sorry, the meteor that brought Kururu here is the last one. And once we 
    get back to our world, there's no way to return here! 
    Galuf: Farewell! 
    Kururu: Bye!! 
    Butz: Galuf! Kururu! 
    Lenna: Butz... 
    Butz: What? 
    Faris: The two of us were talking, and... 
    Lenna: Galuf and Kururu are fighting Exdeath on the other world... 
    Faris: We've got to avenge our father! 
    Lenna: Yeah, and... 
    Faris: Galuf's... 
    Butz: ...our friend. 
    Lenna: Butz! 
    Faris: Well then! 
    Butz: Let's go! To the other world!! 
    Lenna: But how can we get there? 
    Faris: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor to create a warp... 
    Butz: Maybe Cid can think of something!! 
    (At meteor site) 
    Butz: Cid! Mid! What are... 
    Cid: Butz, wait! It's dangerous!! 
    Mid: The Adamant's begun to radiate energy... 
    Cid: I think I'll go back to the library... wait here. 
    Cid: What the!? The ground's sucking the energy from the Adamant! 
    Lenna: Hey... Maybe if we revive the power from these meteors, we could get to 
    Galuf's world... 
    Butz: Yeah! 
    Cid: What are you talking about? 
    Cid: I see. So that's how things are... 
    Mid: Since the piece of Adamant is small, it'll be impossible to get all the 
    power. But if we acquire the power from the three remaining meteors... 
    Butz: We can get to Galuf's world!! 
    Cid: Well, we're off to the next meteor! 
    Mid: Let's go!! 
    (At the Lonka Meteor) 
    Cid: Wait here! 
    Mid: We'll be right back! 
    Lenna: They're taking a while... 
    Faris: Let's check it out! 
    Cid: Help!! 
    Mid: Uwaa---! Heeellpp!!! 
    (Fight with Kimaira Brain) 
    Lenna: Are you guys OK? 
    Mid: Uh-huh! 
    Cid: Man, that was scary! 
    (Worus meteor) 
    Cid: Wait here! 
    Mid: Leave it to us! 
    Cid (after a while): All done! 
    Mid: Well then, let's be off! 
    (A monster's lurking above them...) 
    Butz: Cid, Mid! Look out! 
    (Fight with Pyuroboros) 
    Cid: Are you all right? 
    Mid: Wow, you're strong! 
    (Karnak meteor) 
    Cid: Let's go, Mid! 
    Mid: OK! 
    Mid: It's scary in there! 
    Cid: There are monsters in there!! 
    (Fight with Titan) 
    Cid: Well! Just leave the rest to us! 
    Cid: We've got all four meteors lined up! Look at this map!! 
    Mid: Hurry to the place where the energy of the four meteors is gathering! 
    That's the warp point!! 
    Cid: Be careful! 
    Butz: Thanks, Cid & Mid!!! 
    [Warp to Galuf's World] 
    Lenna: The light is weakening... 
    Butz: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor. 
    Faris: We can only go once... 
    Butz: It's a one-way ticket... We might not be able to get home... 
    Lenna & Faris: That's OK, let's do it! 
    Butz: All right then, let's go!! 
    Lenna: So we're leaving this world... Goodbye... 
    Faris: Hang in there, guys! 
    Butz: I'll be back soon, Boko! 
    PART 2
    [Jump into warp...] 
    Well, here's Part 2! I might be missing a scene or two here, since I'm sure that 
    Ghido said some stuff in World 2 and I don't have any lines for him... but most 
    of the
    text should be OK. And sometimes you'll see some numbers in brackets... these 
    refer to the specific points in Tat Nakao's walkthrough in Illucia. 
    Butz: This is... 
    Lenna: Galuf's world? 
    [While resting...] 
    Faris: ...... Lenna... ThereOs something thatOs been bothering me for a while... 
    Faris: Why was it that you did such a dangerous thing to save the Hiryuu up on 
    the Northern Mountain? 
    Lenna: Faris... do you remember our mother? 
    Faris: Huh? Maybe a little... 
    Lenna: When I see the Hiryuu, it reminds me of our mother... 
    Faris: How? 
    Butz: A monster! 
    Butz: Lenna! Faris! 
    (Fight with the Abductor) 
    Butz: Where are we? 
    (ExdeathOs theme) 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! 
    Welcome to my castle!! 
    Butz: Exdeath! 
    Monster: Sir Exdeath! Galuf and the others have reached the Big Bridge! 
    Exdeath: They have? 
    Then prepare the defenses! 
    Monster: Yes, sir! 
    Exdeath: IOm sure you people will be useful for something! 
    Lenna: Butz! Look! 
    Butz: An image of us, in the sky! 
    Kururu: Grandpa, look! 
    Galuf: Butz! Lenna! Faris! 
    Exdeath: Surrender, Galuf! If you donOt, these peopleOs lives are over! 
    Galuf: Drat! Everyone withdraw! 
    Exdeath: Gilgamesh! 
    Gilgamesh: Yes, sir! 
    Exdeath: Keep an eye on these people! I have to deliver some news. 
    Butz: Exdeath! Why you... 
    (Butz is shot by Exdeath) 
    Butz: Drat! 
    Galuf: Kururu, I need to borrow your Hiryuu! We have to save Butz and the 
    Galuf (to soldier): Let go of the Hiryuu! 
    Soldier: Yes, sir! 
    Galuf (to Hiryuu): You go back and stay with Kururu! 
    Galuf: So, they're here... 
    (open treasure box) 
    Received all of the party's items and crystal chips! 
    Galuf: Butz, Lenna, Faris!! Wait for me! 
    [2] (arriving at the cell) 
    Gilgamesh: Who's there!? 
    (Fight with Gilgamesh) 
    Butz: Galuf! 
    Galuf: Wait, I'll open the door. 
    Faris: Thanks, Galuf. 
    Butz: Sorry, Galuf. We were... 
    Galuf: We'll talk later! Now let's get out of here! 
    (in front of cells on B1F) 
    Butz (ducks down): Uh oh, we don't want to be spotted! 
    [3] (On Big Bridge) 
    Gilgamesh: All this time, I've been waiting behind this door! I was worrying 
    about what the heck I'd do if you never showed up! All right, let's go!! 
    (Fight with Gilgamesh, #1 :) 
    Galuf: Kururu! 
    Faris: Grandpa!! He's putting up a barrier!! 
    (our heroes are sent flying as a barrier forms around Exdeath's castle) 
    Kururu: Grandpa! Grandpa!! 
    Faris: Where are we? 
    Galuf: Grociana Continent... the home of fearsome monsters... looks like we've 
    been thrown into a tough spot! 
    Galuf (to himself): They came all the way here just to help me! But somehow... 
    I'm glad... 
    [4] (In town of Rugor) 
    Innkeeper: Wow, we only get guests once in a blue moon! Tell you what... just 
    for tonight, it'll be free! 
    (Galuf sneaks out in the middle of the night and Butz follows) 
    Butz: Hey! Where's Galuf? 
    (in the pub) 
    Galuf: Oh, man! The legendary wine of Rugor!! Sure is good for the throat!! 
    Galuf: What's up, Butz? 
    Butz: Well, I couldn't sleep... 
    Galuf: Oh? Well, sit down. 
    Butz: Galuf... we're so sorry. If it weren't for us, you would have been able to 
    invade Exdeath's castle... 
    Galuf: But if not for you, we would all have been annihilated by the barrier! I 
    couldn't believe that it was finished... but thanks to you, we survived! 
    Butz: Galuf... 
    Galuf: But, Butz... why did you come here, knowing that you couldn't go back to 
    your own world? 
    Butz: No reason... 
    Galuf: Butz... I can't thank you enough! 
    Butz: Oh, stop that! 
    [6] [In a small forest...] 
    Moogle: Kupo!! 
    Galuf: A moogle, here!? 
    Butz: What's a moogle? 
    Galuf: They're shy little creatures who live in the forest. You almost never see 
    (After fighting Tyrannosaurus) 
    Lenna: It's the moogle! 
    Moogle: Kupo!! 
    Lenna: He looks afraid... Come over here, it's OK... 
    Moogle: Kupo! 
    Lenna: Are you all right? 
    Moogle: Kupo!! Kupoppo!! 
    Butz: What's he doing? 
    Lenna: Looks like he's calling us... (Moogle shows them the way thru the desert) 
    [7] (In the Moogle Forest) 
    Moogle: Kupo!! 
    Lenna: It's the moogle that we helped! 
    Moogle: Kupo!! Kupo!! 
    Lenna: Is he thanking us? 
    Moogle: Kupo!! (points to chests) 
    Lenna: I think he's telling us that we can use this stuff... 
    (Put on the moogle suit, get the Elf Cloak, and then the scene switches to Bal 
    Kururu: What are you all worried about?? 
    Moogle: Kupo--!! 
    Soldier: What's going on? 
    Kururu: It looks like Grandpa is in the Moogle Forest! 
    Soldier: ? 
    Kururu: Moogles can communicate using telepathy. Even when they're separated, 
    they can talk using their hearts... 
    Soldier: The Moogle Forest... that's pretty far away. 
    Kururu: Yeah... and the Hiryuu can't fly anymore... 
    (Hiryuu squeals) 
    Kururu: Thanks, Hiryuu... so you'll fly just this once? 
    Soldier: Is that safe? 
    (Back in the forest) 
    Butz: What are they doing? 
    Moogle: Kupo!! 
    Butz: The "nose"? 
    (Kururu flying through the sky) 
    Kururu: I wonder where the Moogle Forest is? 
    Moogle: Kupopo!! 
    Kururu: Oh! At the "nose"! 
    (Imagine a big moogle face drawn over the whole forest; the Moogle Forest is 
    located at the "nose".) 
    Moogle: Kukupopo--!!! 
    Galuf: Kururu! 
    Kururu: Grandpa! 
    Galuf: What are you doing here? 
    Kururu: The moogle told me you were here! 
    Kururu: Quick, we've got to get back to the castle! 
    [8] (Back at Bal Castle) 
    Kururu: I'm giong to let the Hiryuu rest. 
    Soldier: King Galuf! 
    Galuf: Everyone, you did a great job while I was gone! 
    Soldier: King Galuf! 
    Galuf: What's happening with Exdeath? 
    Soldier: No significant movement since the barrier's been completed, sir. 
    Galuf: I see... what about our troops? 
    Soldier: Due to the battles with Exdeath's monsters, they're almost entirely 
    wiped out. 
    Galuf: ... 
    Soldier: I'm sorry, sir. 
    Butz (to Galuf): And I thought you were just some old man... so you're really a 
    Galuf: ...Well, I guess I am. 
    Butz: Man, I'm surprised! 
    Galuf (to soldiers): Excellent job, everyone! At ease! 
    Soldiers: Yes, sir! 
    Galuf: Butz, what's up? 
    Butz: You're a king... I can't believe it! 
    Galuf: Why, don't I look like a king!? 
    (Butz shakes his head) 
    Galuf: What!? 
    Butz: I'm just joking!! ... But now it feels weird to call you by your first 
    name... maybe I should say "King Galuf"... 
    Galuf: Nah, I was your friend before you knew I was King of Bal...just call 
    Butz: Galuf! 
    Galuf: Right! Ha ha ha... 
    (At top of castle) 
    Kururu: ...... 
    Lenna: Kururu? 
    Kururu: The Hiryuu's dying... 
    Lenna: Huh? 
    Faris: What happened to him? 
    Kururu: He was wounded and really shouldn't have been flying... but he did it 
    for us... 
    Galuf: To help us... 
    Faris: Well, how can we save him? 
    Kururu: ...... 
    Lenna: The Flying Dragon Weed... 
    Kururu: If we had a Flying Dragon Weed, could we cure the Hiryuu's injury? 
    Lenna: We could, but does the weed exist in this world...? 
    Faris: Surely we could find it in the place where the Hiryuu live? 
    Galuf: In that case... 
    Butz: It exists!? 
    Galuf: In the Valley of the Flying Dragons... but nobody's ever gone in there 
    and come out again... 
    Butz: Let's go!! 
    Kururu: Butz! 
    Galuf: The valley is to the north of this castle, beyond the werewolves' village 
    of Quelb. 
    Kururu: But outside the castle, it's full of monsters! 
    Galuf: It'll be fine; we'll all go! 
    Butz: Yeah! 
    Lenna: We'll be OK! 
    Faris: We'll get that weed for sure! 
    (At the gate) 
    Galuf: Open the gate! 
    Soldier: But... Exdeath's monsters are out there... 
    Galuf: As soon as we go out, seal up the gate, real tight! 
    Soldier: But, Sir Galuf! If we do that, you won't be able to get back in the 
    castle! Is that all right with you? 
    (Answer yes, and...) 
    Galuf: OK then! Quickly close the gate and seal it up! 
    Soldiers: Yes sir! Be careful, King Galuf! 
    Galuf: They're already here! Everyone get ready!! 
    (Fight with Abductor, again) 
    [9] (At Town of Quelb) 
    Galuf: We'll have to open the gate in the north part of this town so we can get 
    to the valley... 
    (At Kelgar's House) 
    Wolf: Freeze!! (2 wolves jump down) 
    Butz: Who are you!? 
    Galuf: Butz, wait! They're our friends!! 
    Faris: Friends!? 
    Kelgar: Galuf?? 
    Galuf: Kelgar! 
    Kelgar: It's been a while, Galuf! 
    Galuf (to Butz): He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn! 
    Butz: Did you fight with Galuf against Exdeath, 30 years ago...? 
    Kelgar: Who are you people!? 
    Galuf: They're warriors from the world where we sealed Exdeath... 
    Kelgar: Friends of his, no doubt! 
    Butz: What!? 
    Kelgar: You shattered the crystals and revived Exdeath... 
    Galuf: No!! They're... 
    Kelgar: Out of the way, Galuf! 
    Kelgar: OK Butz, let's have a duel!! 
    Butz: !? 
    Galuf: Kelgar... 
    Kelgar: Let's see what's in your heart!! 
    Butz: OK... a one-on-one duel... 
    Kelgar: Now watch my Lupine Attack!! 
    Butz: ? 
    Butz: Yeah, I saw that... (pushes Kelgar) 
    Galuf: Butz, I think you overdid that one!! 
    Butz: Sorry, Kelgar. 
    Galuf: Trying that with your old body... 
    Kelgar: But how did you defend my Lupine Attack? 
    Butz: It's a move I learned from my father. 
    Kelgar: Huh? What's his name? 
    Butz: Dorgan. (Kelgar and Galuf look surprised) 
    Butz: What's with you two? 
    Kelgar: You're Dorgan's son... 
    Butz: You know about my father? 
    Galuf: Your father, myself, Kelgar, and Zeza...we fought together against 
    Exdeath thirty years ago... 
    Kelgar: He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn. 
    Butz: Then, was he from this world? 
    Kelgar: Yes. 
    [10] [In Hiryuu no Tani (Valley of the Flying Dragons)] 
    Lenna: Look! 
    Faris: The Flying Dragon Weed! 
    (Weed comes alive) 
    Lenna & Faris: Aaahhhh!!! 
    Butz: What's this? 
    Lenna: The weed attacks people? 
    Galuf: Is this why the Hiryuu are becomeing extinct? 
    (Fight with Hiryuusou) 
    Faris: The weed!! 
    Lenna: Let's take it and head back! 
    [11] (Back at Bal Castle) 
    Galuf: Kururu! 
    Kururu: Grand... pa.... 
    Galuf: Kururu, be strong! 
    Kururu: ...He's calling us... 
    Galuf: Try not to talk, Kururu... 
    Kururu: He's calling us... Ghido, the Wise One... 
    Butz: Ghido? 
    Kururu: Hurry to Ghido's place! 
    Butz: Who's Ghido? 
    Galuf: He's a sage who's lived for 700 years... he predicted the shattering of 
    the crystals on your world. 
    Butz: He's the one who's calling us? 
    Galuf: He might know something about defeating Exdeath! 
    Kururu: ...... 
    Galuf: We'll go meet with Ghido... hang in there, Kururu... 
    Kururu: OK... you'd better use the Hiryuu... 
    Galuf: Don't worry, we've got the Flying Dragon Weed! 
    Kururu: Really!? The Hiryuu's on the top floor... 
    Galuf: Shall we go? 
    Lenna: OK!! 
    Faris: Of course! 
    Butz: Yeah, let's go! But... where can we find this Ghido? 
    Galuf: North of the valley, on a small island off the edge of the continent. 
    Lenna (to the Hiryuu): Come on, eat it! 
    Butz: It's all because of that weed that the Hiryuu are becoming extinct... 
    there's no way we can get him to eat it... 
    Galuf: But if we don't make him eat it, he'll die! 
    Lenna: Don't worry... I'll eat it myself... munch, munch... 
    Faris: Lenna! What are you doing!? 
    Butz: Lenna, that weed's poisonous to humans!! 
    Lenna (to Hiryuu): Come on, eat it up... good boy... 
    Faris & Kururu: Lenna!! 
    Kururu: Here, drink this! 
    Faris: Lenna!! 
    Butz: Lenna! Are you OK? 
    Lenna: Uh huh... 
    Kururu: I can't believe you ate that weed! 
    Faris: Really!! 
    Lenna: Sorry... 
    Galuf: Are you all right, Kururu? 
    Kururu: Yeah... 
    Galuf: Kururu! 
    Kururu: I'm... OK... 
    (Hiryuu roars) 
    Butz: Man, everybody's overworking themselves! 
    Kururu: Heh heh... 
    Galuf: Now, you go and rest! 
    Kururu: Yes, Grandpa. 
    Lenna: Thanks, Kururu! 
    Kururu: No, it was you who saved the Hiryuu! Thanks so much!! 
    Galuf: Now go and sleep! 
    Kururu: OK, be careful!! 
    Galuf: To Ghido's place! 
    Lenna: Yeah! 
    Faris: OK! 
    Butz: Let's go! 
    [12] (On Ghido's island) 
    Butz: Where are we? 
    Galuf: We're at the Sage Ghido's dwelling! 
    Lenna: Let's go! 
    Faris: Wait!! 
    Butz: An earthquake!? 
    Butz: The island...!? (Island shakes) 
    Galuf: Let's get back to the Hiryuu!! 
    (Ghido's island sinks into the water; meanwhile, in Exdeath's castle...) 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! This is what happens to those who oppose me!! 
    [13] (Our heroes head for Surgate) 
    Guard: Who are you people!? 
    Other soldier: This is King Galuf of Bal!! 
    Soldier: King Zeza is leading our Surgate Fleet against Exdeath's castle. 
    Galuf: Really? 
    Faris: Zeza's one of the Four Braves of Dawn? 
    Butz: My father's partner in battle. 
    Soldier: Come this way! 
    Soldier: Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle. 
    Galuf: Thank you! 
    [14] (At Zeza's Fleet, southeast of Exdeath's castle) 
    Zeza: What? A Hiryuu!? 
    (Soldiers line up) 
    Zeza: Wait! They aren't enemies! 
    Zeza: So, it's you, Galuf! 
    Galuf: Zeza! It's been a while! 
    Zeza: Who are these people? 
    Galuf: Dorgan's son... 
    Zeza: Dorgan!? 
    Galuf: And these two are members of the royal family on the other world. 
    Zeza (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): I am Zeza, the swordsman. 
    Galuf: Not "King Zeza"? 
    Zeza: Nah, somehow the title "King" just doesn't suit me... 
    Galuf: Yeah, me too! (they laugh) 
    Galuf: Can we get into Exdeath's castle? 
    Zeza: Well, we're trying! 
    Zeza: Anyway, for now go inside and rest! 
    (While resting...) 
    Sailor: Ahhh! Monsters!!! 
    Sailor: They're attacking!! 
    Galuf: A pincer attack? 
    Zeza: I'll take this one! 
    Galuf: Don't let him get away! 
    Zeza: Yeah, look who's talking! 
    Zeza: Grrrraaaahhh---!! 
    Gilgamesh: Ah, the blue sky! The vast oceans! Who DARES to bother me while I'm 
    enjoying this!? 
    (Battle with Gilgamesh) 
    Gilgamesh: You no-good jerk-noggins! I won't forget this! 
    (On edge of boat) 
    Galuf: Argh! My hands are slipping! 
    Zeza: Hang on until I get there! 
    Galuf: I can't!! I can't take it any more! 
    Galuf: Hiryuu!! 
    Zeza: Well, they'll probably attack here, so follow me! 
    Zeza: Lift the other side of this chest! 
    Zeza: All right, here we go! 
    Galuf: What's this? 
    Zeza: This ship is actually in disguise. It's a submarine. We're going to enter 
    the Barrier Tower from the ocean floor. 
    Galuf: Ah ha... 
    Zeza: We're all finished with the tunnel to the Barrier Tower, so let's be off! 
    Zeza: Descend! Let's move! 
    Galuf: Is this the Barrier Tower? 
    Zeza: Right. If we can break the lever, the tower will be destroyed. 
    Zeza: I'll head for the engine room down below. On the top floor, there should 
    be an antenna. While I've got the power shut down, you break the antenna. 
    Zeza: Here, take this. (Gives them "Hisohi sou") 
    Galuf: What's that? 
    Zeza: We can use it to communicate. Now let's go! 
    Zeza: Can you... hear me? 
    Butz: Is that from the Hisohi sou? 
    Galuf: It's Zeza! 
    Zeza: Can you hear me? 
    Galuf: Loud and clear! 
    Zeza: Here, everything's secure! ... 
    Galuf: Zeza, what's going on? 
    Zeza: It's nothing! Now hurry up and get to the top floor! 
    Galuf: Roger! 
    Galuf: Zeza: We're at the top floor! 
    Zeza: OK, roger! 
    Zeza: Now! Destroy the antenna! 
    Atomos: I won't let you do as you please!! 
    (Fight with Atomos) 
    Butz: We did it! 
    Galuf: Zeza, do you copy? The antenna's destroyed! 
    Zeza (to himself): Drat, no escape! 
    Galuf, it's dangerous up there! Hurry up and get out! The pent-up energy here 
    has no place to go and there's going to be an explosion! 
    Lenna: The Hiryuu! Let's ride! 
    Galuf: Zeza, we'll save you! 
    Zeza: Now, wait in the sub! I'm fine; I'll meet you later! 
    Galuf: No way!! Do you want to die down there? 
    Butz: Galuf, that's too dangerous! 
    Galuf: But... 
    Butz: Lenna and Faris will go first 
    Galuf: Zeza, you knew this would happen! And you sacrificed yourself anyway!? 
    Zeza: Wait in the sub! I promise I'll come! Over and out! 
    Galuf: Zezaaaa---!! 
    Galuf: Of course he knew... but there was no way he could send you... 
    Zeza: Four new warriors, protected by the crystal shards... I'll have to trust 
    you to defeat Exdeath... Galuf, Butz, Lenna, Faris... I leave the rest to you. 
    Zeza: Don't worry... I'd save you any time... 
    Galuf: Zezaaaa-----! 
    Butz: There's nothing we can do... 
    (Galuf waits for Zeza at the bottom) 
    Galuf: ...Butz... go in the submarine... 
    Butz: Galuf... Zeza was... 
    Galuf: It was my final promise to him... let me keep it. 
    Butz: Galuf... let it go... in that explosion, he... 
    Galuf: Just let me wait a little longer... just a little longer... 
    Galuf: Zeza... you had to do it all yourself... 
    Faris: Since we've got the sub, maybe we can get to Ghido's sunken dwelling... 
    Butz: Yeah. you're right. 
    Butz: How's Galuf? 
    Lenna: If we rest a bit first, he'll be fine. 
    Butz: OK, let's go! 
    In the Great Forest of Muah... 
    [after Exdeath burns everything] 
    Lenna: What's that? 
    Galuf: The Ancient Tree... it guards the seal. 
    [the branch flies into the air] 
    Butz: The branch!! 
    [inside the tree] 
    Butz: What's that thing? 
    Galuf: It's the guardian of the seal... here it comes!! 
    [Battle with Fuuin Sareshi Mono... then Exdeath shows up] 
    Exdeath: So, you managed to break the seal... I knew you could do it. I can't 
    thank you enough... fwa ha ha... 
    Galuf: Exdeath! 
    Exdeath: Thanks to you four, the seal has been opened! 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Galuf: The crystal? 
    Exdeath: The crystals' power that binds me... shall soon be mine! 
    Exdeath: Ha ha... kneel down in reverence to the crystals!!! 
    [Meanwhile, at Bal Castle] 
    Kururu: My heart... uh oh, I wonder if anything's happened to Grandpa... 
    Moogle: Kupo!! 
    Kururu: In the Great Forest of Muah? 
    Exdeath: Now, you're finished! Die!! 
    Kururu (stuns Exdeath): Grandpa! Butz! Lenna! Faris!! 
    Galuf: What happened to Exdeath? 
    Kururu: He'll be OK... but he won't be able to move for a while. 
    Huh!? [crystals glow] 
    Exdeath (to Kururu): Why you...! (traps Kururu in a wall of flame) 
    Kururu: What are you doing!?! 
    Exdeath: Die!! 
    Kururu: Grand...pa....! 
    Galuf: Ku...ru...ru...! 
    Exdeath: How about this, Galuf? Try to stop me, and the crystals shatter! 
    Galuf: Kururu! (Exdeath uses a blue tractor beam) 
    Galuf: Exdeath!! (walks right through the beam) 
    (Galuf & Exdeath fight) 
    Exdeath: Take this! 
    Exdeath: Now I'm serious! And you're headed for the world of death! Hahahaha!! 
    (Galuf's HP falls to 0, but he can still fight) 
    Exdeath: Why don't you die!? 
    Galuf: I'm not ready to go yet! Burn me all you want; I'll still defeat you!! 
    Exdeath: Anger and hate won't be enough to destroy me...! 
    Galuf: ... It's not anger... or hate... 
    Exdeath: Then, .... 
    [Beam opens; Exdeath vanishes] 
    Kururu: Grandpa! 
    Lenna, Butz: Galuf! Get up!! 
    Galuf: I can't... go on... 
    Butz: Galuf! What are you saying? 
    Lenna: Galuf! 
    Faris: Stand up!! 
    Kururu: Open your eyes!! 
    Galuf: Butz... Lenna... Faris, and Kururu...please... defeat Exdeath...! 
    Kururu: Grandpa! Don't die!! 
    Butz: Don't die, Galuf! "Cure 3"! 
    Lenna: Please! "Raise"! 
    Kururu: "Phoenix Down"! "Elixir"! 
    Galuf's vitality ran out... 
    Kururu: Grandpa! No! Don't die!! 
    Kururu: ... Grandpa's calling me! 
    Butz: Kururu... 
    Kururu: Grandpa? 
    Galuf: I'm giving you the power that's protected the crystals for 1000 years... 
    the power that came from the Ancient Tree... 
    Kururu (Galuf's image fades): No! Come back! 
    Galuf: Kururu, you won't be alone... you know that, don't you? 
    Kururu received all of Galuf's abilities! 
    Kururu: This warmth.. I can feel Grandpa inside! 
    Galuf: I'll always be with you, Kururu... 
    Kururu: I understand. What about Exdeath...? 
    Butz: Kururu! 
    Kururu: Butz, Lenna, Faris... I'll fight with you! 
    Butz: Kururu... 
    Kururu: Exdeath's trying to destroy all the crystals... that's what Grandpa 
    said. We have to hurry! Let's go, to Exdeath's castle!! 
    Kururu: Hiryuu!! 
    (Our heroes hop on the Hiryuu) 
    [Exdeath's Castle 3F] 
    Butz: It's a dead end... what's up, Kururu? 
    Kururu: It's an illusion... created by Exdeath! 
    Lenna: How do you know? 
    Kururu: Help us, Grandpa...! 
    [Cut to Kelgar's house in Quelb...] 
    Kelgar: Galuf too... Dorgan, Zeza, Galuf... they're all gone... cough, cough... 
    And I'm not long for this world either... 
    Wolves: Kelgar!! 
    Kelgar: I think it's time for me to sleep, too... 
    [Image of Galuf appears] 
    Wolves: Who's there!? 
    Kelgar: Galuf, is that you? Something's happened to Kururu?
    Galuf... everyone... lend them your power! 
    Wolves: Kelgar! 
    Kelgar: Break the illusion!
    I'll send my last bit of life to you in Exdeath's castle! 
    Wolves: Kelgar! 
    Kururu: Grandpa... and you wolves, too! 
    Butz: Did Kelgar do this? [cool buzzing sound ^_^] 
    Kururu: Everyone did! 
    [the true form of the castle is revealed... and the way to the uppoer floors 
    [9F - Battle with Carbuncle] 
    [11F] (after opening empty treasure chest) 
    Butz: Gilgamesh! 
    Gilgamesh: Ha ha! I've got what was in there! 
    Gilgamesh: So, we meet for the fourth time... somehow, I'm glad! 
    Gilgamesh: Hey, what happened to that old man? 
    Kururu: In the battle with Exdeath... 
    Gilgamesh: ...... oh...
    Ah well... time to start really fighting! "Gilgamesh Change!"
    Now I'll test this sword... it's got as much power as Excalibur, you know!
    Grrr! (misses) What the!? This is the world's strongest sword! 
    Exdeath (suddenly appears): Gilgamesh! 
    Gilgamesh: ... 
    Exdeath: You useless fool! I'm sending you to the Cleft of Dimension! 
    Gilgamesh: No way! You've gotta forgive me... 
    Exdeath: Shut up! (casts Degeon) 
    Gilgamesh: Aaahhhh! 
    [22] [Exdeath's Castle 13F] 
    Exdeath: Out of my way! 
    Butz: Exdeath! We won't let you get away with this! 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha! Do you even know what it is that I'm doing? 
    Butz: What!? 
    Exdeath: I'm returning the world to its original state! 
    Butz: You mean a world of evil! 
    Exdeath: Not, that's not it... you don't understand, do you? 
    ... No matter! I won't let you stand in my way! 
    [Battle with Exdeath...] 
    PART 3
    [After defeating Exdeath] 
    All: The crystals!! 
    Butz: They're shattering! 
    [All goes black...] 
    Lenna: What's that!? 
    Faris: Tycoon Castle? 
    Lenna: Are we... back!? 
    [In Tycoon Castle] 
    Minister: Princess Lenna! Princess Sarisa! Welcome back! 
    Lenna: Where's Father? 
    Minister: Unfortunately, His Majesty has passed away... 
    somehow we must all overcome this tragedy... but then, Princess Sarisa has 
    returned to us alive, so... 
    Faris: "Sarisa"... that's my real name? 
    Minister: Yes, Your Highness. 
    Faris: The name Dad gave me? 
    Butz: Hey! 
    Minister: Well, the banquet is all ready! Your friends can join in too! 
    [at the banquet] 
    Faris (in a fancy dress): I can't stand looking like this! 
    Minister: Oh, don't say that, Your Highness! 
    Faris: Huh!? 
    [Faris walks out to throne room] 
    All: Wow, she's so beautiful! 
    Butz (with a heart above his head :): Yeah, she is... 
    Kururu: Butz! You're blushing!! 
    Butz: Oh, shut up... 
    Guard: Dance, everybody!! 
    Dancer 1: Lenna is so beautiful... and Sarisa is too! 
    Dancer 2: So Princess Sarisa has begun calling herself Faris? 
    Dancer 3: I hope Lenna and Sarisa never leave again! If they don't stay here... 
    [Out on the balcony] 
    Kururu: Grandpa... 
    Butz: What's wrong? Are you thinking about Galuf? 
    Kururu: Uh huh. But I'm not sad or anything... just a little nervous. I feel 
    like he wants us to hurry... 
    Butz: OK, let's go then. 
    Kururu: Huh? 
    Butz: Why were we warped back to this world? We'd better look into it. 
    Kururu: Yeah! 
    Kururu: What about Lenna and Faris? 
    Butz: What can we do? They're staying here. 
    [Soldier runs into Tycoon] 
    Soldier: So sorry! But I've got to deliver the news about the bridge in the 
    west! It's all finished!! 
    Butz: Maybe Boko is in that cave over there... 
    Kururu: Who's Boko? 
    Butz: My chocobo that I ride around on. 
    Kururu: Really!? 
    Butz: What? You don't believe me!? 
    Kururu: But Butz, you're pathetic at riding the Hiryuu! Yet you can ride a 
    Butz: What are you talking about!? (pushes her) 
    Kururu: Now you've done it! Take THIS!! (pushes him back) 
    Butz: Drat! I'm no match for you... 
    [At the cave] 
    Butz: Boko! 
    Boko: Kue--! 
    Kururu: Hi, I'm Kururu. Nice to meet you. 
    Butz: Kururu, you can talk to Chocobos!? 
    Kururu: Well, just a little. It looks like he wants to introduce someone. 
    (Boko and Kururu talk) 
    Kururu: Wow! He has a wife! Her name is... Koko. 
    Butz: Boko, so you've...! 
    Butz: Boko, I need you to do something... 
    Boko: Kue--! 
    Kururu: He says he understands. 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Kururu: He knows you've got to go on a long trip. 
    Butz: Is that OK with you, Boko? 
    (Boko talks to Koko) 
    Butz: What's he saying? 
    Kururu: He says he loves her... 
    Butz: Hmph! 
    Kururu: He's asking her to take care of their child while he's gone. 
    Butz: Child!? 
    Kururu: Koko's going to have a baby. She'll wait here for us. 
    Butz: Thanks, Koko! 
    Koko: Kue! 
    [Our heroes hop on Boko and ride around... suddenly, northwest of Tycoon, they 
    fall into a hole!] 
    Butz: Owww!! 
    Kururu: Guess we tried to jump too far... 
    Butz: Boko! This is all your fault!! 
    Boko: Kue! 
    Kururu: You better not hit Boko! 
    Kururu: Butz, what's that!? 
    (Fight with Antlion) 
    Butz: So this a monster nest... oh man, just what we need... 
    Kururu: What'll we do? 
    Boko: Kue... 
    (a rope comes down from above and Butz can't get to it...) 
    Butz: Will you quit that!? 
    Faris (holding the rope): Admit you did wrong? OK, come on up! 
    Butz: Faris!! 
    Faris: Were you just going to leave me back there!? Don't do that again! 
    Butz: But why did you... 
    Faris: Come on, I'm no princess! (laughs) 
    Kururu: Ouch! 
    Butz: What happened? 
    Kururu: I'm OK; it was just this little thorn. 
    (Faris rejoins!) 
    [Then, our heroes happen upon a small cave which wasn't there last time we 
    visited this world... turns out it's Ghido's Dwelling! How didit get here? ...] 
    Butz: Ghido! Hey!! 
    Ghido: Sorry, sorry... I ended up here after the shock of the two worlds merging 
    back into one... 
    Ghido: And I couldn't do a thing! Ho, ho, ho!! 
    Butz: Ghido... you say the two worlds merged into one...? 
    Ghido: Hmmm... the legend couldn't be true, could it? Even I don't believe it... 
    but supposedly, 1000 years ago, Butz's world and Kururu's world were one and
    the same. 
    Butz: One world!? 
    Ghido: Correct. 
    Butz: Then why did the world split into two? 
    Ghido: To seal off the power of "mu". 
    Butz: "Mu"? 
    Ghido: Yes. A thousand years ago, there was an powerful evil Enuo. The Enuo had 
    the power to control the "mu". The battle continued on for quite a while, but
    finally the humans defeated him using the Twelve Legendary Weapons. But even 
    they couldn't destroy the "mu" that the Enuo had created. 
    So, as a last resort, the people split th crystals into two parts. And since 
    they split the crystals, which keep the world in balance, the world itself split 
    in two. 
    And in the gap between the two worlds - the "Cleft of Dimension" - they sealed 
    off the "mu". 
    Butz: So what Exdeath was saying was true... 
    Lenna: Returning the world to its original state... 
    Faris: But the crystals were lost... 
    Butz: The wind won't come back... the blessings of earth and water, the power of 
    fire... they're gone, never to return... 
    Kururu: Hey! This splinter hurts! 
    Butz: Exdeath! 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... I turned myself into a little splinter, and I've been 
    waiting for this very moment! 
    My real objective is to get my hands on the power of the "mu" that's been sealed 
    up in the Cleft of Dimension! 
    Butz: What!? 
    Exdeath: So that's why I had to return the world to its original form! Fwa, ha, 
    Ghido: It looks like the Cleft of Dimension is going to appear in this world! 
    Faris: Is that where the "mu" is? 
    Exdeath: Yes! That's the thing I'm after! And now I shall obtain the ultimate 
    power, the power of "mu"! 
    Butz: Not if we can help it! 
    (Exdeath hits Ghido and Butz, and Tycoon is sucked into the "mu"!) 
    Kururu: Tycoon Castle! 
    Faris: Lenna!! 
    Exdeath: Excellent! Behold, the power of "mu"! The ultimate power which shall 
    devour everything! And soon it'll be all mine! 
    Faris: Lenna! Why yoouuu----!!!! 
    (Our heroes are shot by Exdeath) 
    Exdeath: Die, you stupid fools!! 
    Exdeath: Why you... you turtle! 
    (Ghido and Exdeath fight) 
    Exdeath: Hmm... you're not too bad! 
    Ghido: Don't forget.. I've been around for 700 years! 
    Exdeath: Now I'm all-powerful!! Stupid cretins! 
    (At the Ancient Library) 
    [I translated the quotes from all the scholars, since they're pretty important. 
    But the numbers are the order in which *I* talked to them, so... by the way,
    I started in the lower left and went clockwise.] 
    Scholar 1: It should take a while before Exdeath gains control of the "mu"... 
    Scholar 2: Since the two worlds have combined into one, the Sealed Castle of 
    Koozer should lie to the east of Tule. 
    Scholar 3: Hmmm... if you put the two worlds together... that means the Ancient 
    Library would be here... ah, now I get it... 
    Scholar 4: Split the crystals in two, and the world splits in two... the power 
    of "mu" wouldn't be sealed up if that hadn't happened. 
    Scholar 5: Says here that there's a city sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension, 
    where they've got fantastic magic, weapons, and armor from a thousand years in 
    past... Now that the Cleft of Dimension's appeared, I wonder where that city 
    would be...? 
    Scholar 6: Cid and Mid headed off the Crescent Island, and they haven't come 
    back yet. 
    Scholar 7: Since the world's merged into one, the Book of Sealings has become 
    one as well.. 
    Scholar 8: It's written here that there's an evil forest and cave sealed up in 
    the Cleft of Dimension. 
    Scholar 9: It's all useless anyway... even if we do manage to defeat Exdeath, 
    the crystals are gone... 
    Scholar 10: Exdeath's really a tree... I suppose that's why he turned himself 
    into a splinter... 
    Scholar 11: Supposedly, the places where the Slabs are located are guarded by 
    Scholar 12: Please prevent Exdeath from getting the power of "mu"! Shall I read 
    to you from the Book of Sealings...? 
    [Side note: Talk to the people on the top floor to get the Song of Magic 
    (Maryoku no Uta) for your Bard.] 
    [After passing the Ancient Tree uneventfully, (^_^;) our heroes arrive at the 
    Butz: The quicksand's stopped! 
    Kururu: Since the crystals shattered, the power of the earth is gone... 
    Faris: The earth's weakened! 
    (Fight with Gargoyles; the Book of Sealings rises up) 
    Kururu: The Book of Sealings! 
    "The place where the slab rests, sealed away with spirits of the past, guarded 
    by the earth..." 
    [Journey through the Pyramid; note that there's no boss at the top!] 
    Got the 1st Slab!! 
    Butz: Huh!? 
    Kururu: There's some writing on the slab... "Bahamut, King of the Dragons,"... 
    (Shot of the place where you landed the airship, way back in World 1... still 
    remember this? ^^) 
    Kururu: The peninsula's sinking!! (Bahamut flies through the air) 
    Butz: Here he comes! 
    Bahamut: I'll be waiting for you... at the top of the Northern Mountain... 
    Faris: Look! The airship's floating this way! 
    [On the way back, at the Ancient Tree] 
    Kururu: Hiryuu! 
    Faris: Lenna!! (Lenna's been possessed by Meryujiinu) 
    Butz: Lenna! Snap out of it! 
    Lenna: Now I've acquired this body... 
    Faris: Lenna! 
    (Exdeath's theme) 
    Exdeath: Go, Meryujiinu! You who've been sealed in the Cleft of Dimension for a 
    Butz: Exdeath! 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... the monsters in the Cleft of Dimension have now become 
    my servants!! 
    Butz: Urgh... 
    Faris, Kururu: Lenna! Stop!! 
    Exdeath: Killed at the hands of your own friend!! Fwa ha ha ha.... 
    Butz: Exdeath... 
    Exdeath: But first I'll do away with that turtle friend of yours, right in front 
    of your very eyes! 
    (The Ancient Library is sucked into the "mu"!) 
    Exdeath: Soon, the whole world shall kneel down before me!! Fwa, ha, ha!!!! 
    Butz: Len... na... ... stop... 
    (The Hiryuu's desperate attack separates Lenna's body from that of the monster!) 
    Butz: Now!! 
    (Fight with Meryujiinu) 
    Butz: Lenna! 
    Lenna: Butz, I... 
    Faris: Lenna! 
    Lenna: Faris, Kururu... the castle... I was trapped in the darkness too... 
    Faris: We understand... try not to talk... 
    (Lenna rejoined!) 
    [Back on the airship] 
    Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension is where the castle used to be... 
    Kururu: We've gotta hurry! Before Exdeath gets the "mu"! 
    Faris: But Ghido said we'd never be able to win with the strangth we've got 
    Butz: But the Twelve Legendary Weapons in the Sealed Castle of Koozer... let's 
    hurry up and go there! 
    (Cut scene in the Cleft of Dimension) 
    Exdeath: This power of "mu"... can't I control it? "Mu"!! Show me your power!! 
    Go! Destroy the world!! Show me the true power of "mu"!! 
    (Several cities are sucked into the mu) 
    Kururu: Towns are being sucked into the "mu"!! 
    Butz: Exdeath!! Stooooopppp---!!! 
    (The Moogle Forest gets sucked into the mu) 
    Moogles: Kupo--!! Kururu! Kupo!! 
    (Lix gets sucked in as well) 
    People in Lix: Buuuutz--!! Heeeelp! 
    Lenna: Oh my... 
    Faris: Butz, your home... the town of Lix... 
    Kururu: My gosh... this is... 
    Butz: Aaaargggghhhhhh------!!!! 
    (Butz flies the airship around the world several times ^_^) 
    [At Illucia, the Town of Illusion] 
    1: We live in the Cleft of Dimension... travelling through time... 
    2: This is the town of illusion... it drifts through the Cleft of Dimension... 
    3: You can speak to us!? Have we returned to the real world? 
    4: In the Cleft of Dimension, time stops in this town... 
    5: A milllennium ago, I saw it... the world split in two... 
    6: A strange bird showed up here... 
    7: There's a Phoenix Tower in the desert. Supposedly, that's where a dead dragon 
    will revive in the form of a phoenix... 
    8: The evil mage Enuo who tried to take over the world using the power of the 
    mu... he was sucked into the "mu" and disappeared. 
    9: This town is an illusion; it appears and disappears... 
    We're travellers who come to life once every thousand years... Hey, that would 
    make a nice song! What do you think? 
    10: Now that time has returned to this town, does that mean that the "mu" has 
    Bartender: The Enuo was immortal. But in exchange for acquiring the power of 
    "mu", he lost his invulnerable body. 
    12: You know what I think I'll do? ... Yeah, that's the ticket! I'll ride all 
    the way around the world on a chocobo! 
    13: There are two of each kind of merchant in this town. 
    [Cut scene before entering the Shrine on the Solitary Island] 
    Exdeath: Ah, my servants! Monsters of the Cleft of Dimension! Those warriors who 
    are being guided by the light of the crystals are now after the ancient slabs...
    we mustn't let the slabs fall into their hands! The consequences would be 
    Monster: We'll stop them! 
    Exdeath: Go, my monsters!! And I shall have the power of "mu" for my very own! 
    [Back at the shrine...] 
    "The place where the slab rests in an island shrine, guarded by the wind..." 
    [After defeating the boss "Stalker"] 
    Got the 2d Slab! 
    The Fork Tower, where the ultimate white magic lies, is opened! 
    Kururu: There's something written on the slab... 
    "The tower where the ultimate white magic lies... the Fork Tower... is split 
    into two parts. If the two magics at the top of each tower aren't taken 
    simultaneously, the
    tower will explode." 
    [At the Fork Tower] 
    Kururu: The tower'll explode if we don't take the two magics at the same 
    Butz: So we have to split into two groups... 
    (Split into two parties... which side will Butz go on?) [Repeat this for all 
    four members.] 
    [At the top of the Strength Tower] 
    We've got to take them at the same time! 
    People at the other tower: Got it! 
    [Battle with "Minotaur" and "The All-Knowing"; get "Holy" and "Flare"] 
    Butz: The tower's disappearing! 
    (Go into the Catapult to meet Cid and Mid again) 
    [Acquiring the Submarine] 
    Mid: Almost done! 
    Kururu: Cid's doing his best. 
    Mid: My grandpa... he thinks that it's all his fault that the world turned out 
    like this... 
    Kururu: But it's not because of his... 
    Mid: Yeah, he knows that. So now he wants to make sure that his inventions are 
    used for peace. 
    Cid: All finished! 
    Cid: If you want to go underwater, select "down" and press the "A" button. 
    Butz: Thanks, Cid! Thanks, Mid! 
    Cid: Butz... 
    We can't wield swords or anything... all we can do is technologial stuff. 
    Cid: But we'll do everything we can! We'll leave the rest to you... 
    Butz: OK, let's go! 
    Lenna: So now we can go under water? 
    Faris: There's another slab under the ocean floor... 
    Kururu: Take care of Cid! 
    Mid: Come back again sometime, OK... 
    (While chasing the third slab, our heroes find themselves in... the Dwarf 
    Dwarf 1: Lali-ho!! We've only got 5 people, but it's still a great 
    kingdom, lali! 
    Dwarf 2: Do you know the "Magic Lamp"? If you go back to where you were before, 
    the lamp's power'll revive. 
    Dwarf 3: Lalibo's off digging a tunnel, lali! Says he's gonna go all the 
    way around the world! 
    Lalibo: I've dug all this way, but there's something weird about 
    the ground above, lali! Must be forest up there. (Shot of map) 
    (The 5th dwarf is selling some equipment in the other room.) 
    (In the Istory Waterfall Cave) 
    [B7F] Got the 4th slab! 
    Little red monster: That slab... I can't let that out of my hands... If Exdeath 
    gets the "mu", a world of us monsters will be born! And I can't let you 
    (Leviathan crushed the monster!) 
    Leviathan: My power of water cleanses and flows over everything... and you who 
    have the power to fight the "mu"... I'll never give it to the likes of you! 
    (Fight with Leviathan) 
    Call Monster "Leviathan"! 
    Odin: So, you came here to defeat me? But I haven't the time to fight with 
    you... I'll give you 1 minute; is that all right? 
    (Say yes, and...) 
    After a minute passes, I shall slice through you without mercy. Do you still 
    wish to fight me? 
    (Fight with Odin) 
    Odin: Enough! 
    Call Monster "Odin"! 
    [At the top of the Northern Mountain] 
    [Bahamut flies to the mountain] 
    Bahamut: You who open the seals... defeat me, and my power will be yours! 
    (Fight with Bahamut) 
    Call Monster "Bahamut"! 
    [Pirates' base, revisited] 
    Faris: Syldra! I knew you were still alive! 
    Butz: Hey Faris, what's going on? 
    Lenna: Yeah, what are you looking at? 
    Faris: But... but Syldra was right there... 
    Kururu: He's called Syldra? 
    Faris: Kururu!! You see him!? 
    Kururu: Syldra's spirit says that he wants to help you, Faris... 
    Faris: Really...? 
    Kururu: Syldra's so sweet. 
    Call Monster "Syldra"! 
    Pirate: Chocobos are so cute once you get used to 'em! I wonder if Koko's 
    baby'll be born soon... 
    Drunk pirate: Hic--! 
    Koko: Kue! Kue! 
    Kururu: She says to be careful. Thanks! 
    Pirate on bridge: One time my uncle rescued this little girl in the water... she 
    kept calling herself "Farifa", we named her "Faris". 
    Pirate: Our captain's really the princess of Tycoon! Get a load of that! 
    Old guy: That bird Boko's feeling all better now! They're even gonna have a 
    child! Ha ha ha! (Exdeathian laugh) 
    Pirate: We're so selfish... that's the pirate business for ya! 
    Pirate: 'Cause of the earthquake, this base ended up being connected to that 
    Pirate: Don't worry, Captain. We'll be OK while you're gone! 
    Another drunk pirate: Captain--! I love you so much! Hic--! 
    [At the top of the Phoenix Tower] 
    [Lenna's flashback scene] 
    Lenna: You mean there's nothing we can do to save Mother? 
    King: I tried doctors... the sickness can only be cured with the tongue of a 
    King: Lenna! What do you think you're doing with that knife!? ... I can't 
    believe you! 
    King: Wait! 
    Jenica: I'll handle this. 
    Jenica: Lenna! If you kill that Hiryuu, they'll become extinct. And... your 
    mother dearly loved that dragon. Even then, you wuld cut out its tongue? 
    (If you answer "yes") 
    King: You fool! (He hits Lenna) 
    (If you answer "no") 
    Jenica: Your father comes here every day and grieves. But... it's all right. 
    Lenna: Oh... Mother... (she cries) 
    The Hiryuu became "Phoenix", and entrusted its spirit and power to Lenna... 
    Call Monster "Phoenix"! 
    Lenna: Thank you... Hiryuu... 
    [In the sunken Tower of Worus... remember that one crystal chip that you just 
    couldn't get? ^_^] 
    Gogo: Finally I've got the great power of this crystal chip. And I won't give it 
    to anybody! So just do as I say and drop it! 
    (If you don't...) 
    Gogo: My name is Gogo! 
    The famous Mimic! 
    Since the secret to being a Mimic is mimicing... 
    I'm going to do whatever you do! 
    If you fight, I'll fight... 
    If you use magic, I will too. 
    If you do what I do, you can surely win! 
    (Fight with Gogo...?) 
    Gogo: I give up! 
    Just like I said! 
    If I don't do anything... 
    you mimic that! 
    That is, it's OK if you don't do a thing. 
    That's what being a mimic is! 
    You passed! 
    Farewell! (Casts "Degeon" = "X-Zone") 
    [Entering the "mu"!] 
    Kururu: What's that!? 
    Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension! 
    Faris: We're being sucked in! 
    Butz: We're gonna fall into the "mu"! 
    [After desert part...] 
    Monster:We monsters, who've been sealed here in the Cleft of Dimension for a 
    millennium... Exdeath has released the power of "mu", and a world of darkness
    shall be born! Our world!! 
    You won't stand in our way... you'll die here in the Cleft of Dimension! Thanks 
    to our dark powers!! Fwa ha ha... 
    [There's no boss in the ruins part] 
    [After forest part...] 
    Karophysteli: Now it's time for a little nap in the forest... forever!! 
    (Fight with Karophysteli) 
    [Then comes a waterfall/cave, then you enter a room with some books..] 
    Apanda: So, you got this far... But nonetheless your lives have come to an end! 
    This book is a dimensional switch, and your fates were sealed the moment you
    disturbed it! 
    (Fight with Apanda) 
    Book from 1000 years ago: Suddenly it appeared in the sky! Omega, the monster 
    without a soul! And the Shinryuu that followed it... even the brave warriors
    with the Twelve Legendary Weapons are no match for them! Best not to disturb 
    them; let them rest quietly in the Cleft of Dimension... 
    Mage's book: At last I've got it... the secret of Giga Flare! During the instant 
    when he powers up his magic, he's defenseless! [This refers to... well, you'll 
    [Deeper into the Cleft of Dimension] 
    Gilgamesh: Butz? Is that you? If it is, say so!! All these monsters are so 
    scary... and I can't find the exit... I think I'm gonna cry! ... But where did 
    you come from?
    Butz: Well, we entered the "mu"... etc., etc... 
    Gilgamesh: Ah ha! Then we can get out! 
    Butz: ... 
    Gilgamesh: (realizes that Butz can't leave) Oh... well then... surely we'll meet 
    again! If we're still alive, that is... but we will meet, I'm sure of it! And 
    we'll fight as
    friends! Until then... 
    [During the fight with Necrophobia] 
    Butz: Gilgamesh! 
    Gilgamesh: Well, there's still time! I wasn't about to go into history looking 
    like that! 
    Necrophobia: Hey, what's going on here!? I suppose I'll do away with you, too! 
    (Necrophobia fights Gilgamesh) 
    Gilgamesh: (to Necrophobia) Hmph! Gotta hand it to you; you're top-notch! You 
    can even defeat the great Gilgamesh...? 
    Gilgamesh: Kururu... your father was such a strong man... 
    Kururu: Grandpa... 
    Gilgamesh: Faris... if you were to fall in love, you might be more feminine... 
    Faris: ... 
    Gilgamesh: Lenna! You're so kind to all living things... don't ever forget that 
    gentle spirit... 
    Gilgamesh: Butz! I wanted to duel with you one-on-one... you have such good 
    Butz: Gilgamesh... 
    Necrophobia: Die!! (casts Flare) 
    Gilgamesh: (to Butz) You're supposed to say that! 
    [After saving at the point created by Necrophobia, our heroes meet Exdeath!] 
    Exdeath: Too late! Fwa, ha, ha!! At last I've got it! The ultimate power... 
    power that can rule the entire world! The power of... "mu"!! 
    And now I'll dispose of you meddling fools! First, your friends!! Watch me suck 
    them into the "mu"! 
    [Exdeath sends some more towns into the "mu"] 
    Butz: Stooop!! 
    Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! Now I'll make you disappear into the mu as well! 
    [Exdeath creates "mu" in front of Butz and the party and sucks them in!] 
    Dorgan: Butz, get up! 
    [The Four Braves of Dawn suddenly appear! Galuf, Kelgar, Zeza, and Dorgan!] 
    Butz: Dad! Zeza! Kelgar! 
    [Galuf appears] 
    Kururu: Grandpa!! 
    Butz: Galuf!! 
    Galuf: Presenting... The Light Warriors!! Butz, Lenna, Faris and Kururu... while 
    we hold back the "mu", defeat Exdeath! Only you, the Light Warriors, can save
    the world from the darkness! Go!! 
    Exdeath: What?? Why is the power of "mu" disappearing!? Aaarrghhh... take this! 
    Lenna: Father! 
    Faris: Dad! 
    The Four Braves of Dawn: Now! Go defeat Exdeath! Go, Light Warriors! 
    [Our heroes nod to one another] 
    Butz: Here we come, Exdeath!! 
    [Fight and Exdeath gets sucked into the "mu"!] 
    Exdeath: Why...!? I had the power of "mu"... What the... 
    Neo-Exdeath: I am NeoExdeath... I shall destroy all memory, all existence, and 
    all dimensions... 
    then I too shall disappear... forever!! 
    [You've reached the final battle!! You can do it!! ^^] 

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