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    Blue Magic List by SDaugherty

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/26/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: FF5 Blue Magic List Version 1.01
    From: seancdau@prodigy.net (Sean Daugherty)
    Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 15:17:01 GMT
    Reply-To: seancdau@prodigy.net
    Newsgroups: alt.games.final-fantasy
    By Sean Daugherty (seancdau@prodigy.net)
    Version 1.01
    ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT: This little chart lists all the spells it is
          possible for a character equipped with the Blue Mage job, or the
          Blue Mage's "Learning" ability to obtain, what said spell does,
          and which enemies it is possible to learn them from. This is a
          work in progress, and any further help or information would be
          appreciated. If the Location field is blank, I have not yet
          been able to obtain the spell.
    HOW TO OBTAIN BLUE MAGIC SPELLS: If you've played FF6 (3 in the USA) or
          Final Fantasy 7, you most likely already know. Blue Magic spells
          operate just like Strago's Lores or the Enemy Skill Materia. You
          need to be hit by one of the enemy's special attacks, and you'll
          learn it. For some special, such as White Wind, it is neccessary
          to either Confuse or Control the enemy to get them to cast it
          on you (they won't automatically try to heal your party, of course 
          <G>). Other spells enemies will not cast, no matter how long you
          wait, such as the Lamia's 1000 Needles spell, and they must be
          Controlled to be made to use the command. Note that not all enemies
          can be confused or controlled, and sometimes not all their
          possible commands can be cast via control (such as the Rock Brain's
          Dark Shock). In this case, you'll just have to wait for them to
          employ the command. It's usually a good idea to have more than
          one character equipped with the "Learning" ability to reduce damage
          done to your group.
    SPECIAL NOTE: Every single Blue Magic spell is also cast by "Apocalypse",
                  the boss guarding the save point in the Cleft of Dimensions
                  Castle, and can be learned from him. 
    NAME              DESCRIPTION                        LOCATION
    ????              Damage equals total HP minus       Wild Nack, Gogo
                      current HP                         
    1000 Needles      1000 HP of damage to enemy         Lamia *
    Aero              Air attack on enemy                (Flying enemies in 
                                                         Wind Shrine)
    Aero 2            Stronger air attack on enemy       Djinn (flying muscle
                                                         men in Karnak Castle),
                                                         (Skull-rings in
                                                         Flying Lonka Ruins),
    Aero 3            Strongest air attack on enemy      [Tree Boss], Magic Dragon,
                                                         Elm Gigas
    Aqua Breath       Water bubbles converge upon foes   Chimera, Bahamut
    Black Shock       Reduces target's level by half     Rock Brain, Shadow, Nile
    Blood Suck        Drain HP from enemy                Steel Bat, Abductor,
                                                         Bold Mani, Shadow,
                                                         Enkido, Python, Mercury Bat
    Death Claw        Reduce victim's HP to single       Iron Claw, Torrent,
                      digits                             Rock Brain, Gilgamesh,
                                                         Death Claw
    Death Roulette    Spinning pointer automatically     Bella Donna, Doom Dealer
                      kills whoever it lands on          
    Death Sentence    30 second countdown to Doom        Exdeath (Castle), Form
                                                         Unknown 4
    Fiery Emission    Blast of fire burns enemy          Fire Cannon, Machine Head,
    Flash             Blinds all enemies                 Crew Dust, Gilgamesh,
                                                         Neon, Bella Donna
    Frog Song         Changes enemies to frogs           Elf Toad, ArcheoToad,
                                                         Conago, Chamcubia
    Fusion            A.K.A. Pep Up. Restores full       Mithril Dragons,
                      stats of one party member at       Torrent, Dilure
                      expense of the caster's life
    Guard Off         Lower's target's defenses          Shadow, Magic Dragon, Nile
    Goblin Punch      Punch enemy. Enemies at your       Goblin, BlackGoblin,
                      level do extra damage              Sahagin, Armon
    Level 2 Old       Cast Old on enemies w/ levels      Ixecrator
                      multiple of 2
    Level 3 Flare     Cast Flare on enemies w/ levels    Exdeath, Lunenta, 
                      multiple of 3                      Ixecrator
    Level 4 Gravi     Cast Demi on enemies w/ levels     Tricker, Ixecrator
                      multiple of 4
    Level 5 Death     Cast Doom on enemies w/ levels     Page 64, Ixecrator,
                      multiple of 5                      Level Check
    Magic Hammer      Halves target's MP                 Byblos, Drippy
    Mighty Guard      Cast Safe, Shell, and Float on     Sting Ray 
    Mind Blast        ??? Unsure. Causes damage          Stalker
    Missile           Cuts target HP by 50%              Bolt Cannon, Gilgamesh,
                                                         Machine Head
    Moon's Promotion  Beserk all allies                  Page 32, Garkimasra,
                                                         Gloom Widow, Mukare
    Small Melody      Casts Size on enemies and puts     Gilgamesh, Mini Mage
                      them to sleep
    Suicide Bomb      Does massive damage on one enemy   Bomb, Grenade
                      at expense of caster's life
    Time Slip         Puts foe to sleep, aging them      Traveler, Gilgamesh
    White Wind        Heal party equal to current HP     (Skull-rings in
                                                         Flying Lonka Ruins),
    Since the recent interest in FF5 has most likely be spurred by the release
    of RPGe's near-complete Final Fantasy V English ROM patch, I thought I would
    be rather remiss in not listing the changes made to the names of certain
    magic spells. In most cases, this change was made thanks to space concerns,
    but there are a few cases where the changes were made due to precedents set
    by Final Fantasy 3 US and Final Fantasy 7 (i.e. 1000 Needles became Blow
    Fish). The only spells listed are the ones I know have undergone a name
    change: If there is no mention of the spell, it either has not been
    significantly changed, or I haven't seen it first hand yet <G>
    JAPANESE NAME                 RPGe's ENGLISH NAME
    1000 Needles                  Blow Fish
    Black Shock                   Dark Shock
    Death Roulette                Roulette
    Death Sentence                Condemn
    Fiery Emission                Emission
    Moon's Promotion              Moon Flute
    Level 2 Old                   L2 Old
    Level 3 Flare                 L3 Flare
    Level 4 Gravi Ra              L4 Gravity 2
    Level 5 Death                 L5 Doom
    Mighty Guard                  Big Guard
    Small Melody                  Li'l Melody
    Suicide Bomb                  Exploder
    I would appreciate anyone able to supply me with the original Japanese names
    of the enemies listed above, if there is any difference, as I have not been 
    able to find a list. Also, I would like to thank to following individuals
    for helping me further this little venture:
    Jason Li -- "RPG Emulation"'s Blue Magic Spell List Keeper
    Shadow, Barubary, SoM2Freak, et. al -- The minds behind RPGe's translation
    Alan Kwan -- Various information / leads (tarot@netvigator.com)
    Kain Aron Highwind -- Various information / leads (m-smith7@nwu.edu)
    Nick Zitzmann -- Various information / leads (nickzman@eskimo.com)
    Nicholas Guttenberg -- Various information / leads (nickh@erols.nospam.com)
    Sean Christian Daugherty (seancdau@prodigy.net)
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