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    Exdeath Boss Guide by ChrisK2018

    Updated: 06/21/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: <ChrisK2018@aol.com>
    Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:20:54 EDT
    The Amazing Exdeath Strategy Guide
    By Chris Kohler
    Hi.  This is a guide to beating the final boss of FFV, Exdeath.  Before you
    read this, make sure you have read the FFV FAQ 2.0 and obtained the hidden
    items described therein, such as Mighty Guard and Mimic class.
    Keep this in mind as you read:  You can cast single-target spells to a group.
    It's described in the FFV FAQ 2.0, but here it is again:
    1) Do any Chougou to anyone.
    2) Start Renzokuma (X Magic) with the single target magic. 
    3) Then do any multiple target magic to the group.
    4) The single target magic will then take effect on the entire group.
    5) Conditions:
    	a)Won't work with Holy
    	b)Life/Araise only affects the dead
    	c)Flare, just like any other magic, does less damage to a group.
    STEP 1: Before you go into the final fortress, have these things:
    ALL White, Black, Time, Call magic
    99 tents
    Many Elixers
    At least 4 Dragon Tails (Ryuu no Kiba)
    The Mimic class
    Mighty Guard (Blue Magic)
    STEP 2: Beat the entire fortress up to NecroPhobia, and save your game.  Now
    the fun begins.  You must have your characters around Level 37 (35-36 is fine,
    32-33 is not).  You now must build your JOBS up to the point where you can
    demolish Exdeath quickly.  You do this by fighting "Movers".  Randomly near
    the save point, "Movers" show up.  They come in groups of 3 and are little red
    balls.  They are weak against fire, and they disappear if you don't kill them
    quickly.  You can kill them with Fire3 and Bahamut, since they are cast to the
    whole group.  Once you beat them, you get 150000 gold and 199 ABP.  You will
    master classes using this huge amount of ABP over and over (whenever you beat
    a Mover, go use tents and save to restore magic lost).  Here's a list of what
    I have.  Then, I'll tell you why you should master these classes.
    Wh. Mage
    Bl. Mage
    TIme Mage
    Red Mage
    White Magic
    Time Magic
    Wh. Mage
    Bl. Mage
    Blue Mage
    Red Mage
    Black Magic
    Blue Magic
    Knight: Strength in fighting
    Monk: Abilities "HP 10%, HP 20%, HP 30%" raise HP a lot.  Essential.
    Thief: Speed
    Samurai: Coin Toss works well against NeoExdeath
    Chemist: Chougou for Magic Trick explained earlier.  Also, Elixer+Ryuu no Kiba
    doubles max HP for                                    one character.
    White Mage: White Magic, also "MP 10%"
    Black Mage: Black Magic, also "MP 30%"
    Time Mage: Time Magic
    Red Mage: Renzokuma (X Magic)
    Blue Mage: Mighty Guard
    Bard: Songs (don't really need this, but helpful)
    Mimic: 3 open slots for abilities, as well as Mimic function
    Basically, your magic users should master both White and Black even if they
    only use one or neither for the MP 10% and 30% abilities.  EVERYBODY should
    master Monk for the HP increase.  You want a broad range of magic including
    all the basic categories (White, Black, Call, Blue, and Time&Space).  Here's
    what my characters can do in battle:
    BUTZ: Uses high strength + HP with Chougou to make sure party stays active.
    Uses Chougou to start the Magic Trick explained at the beginning and Zeninage
    to attack well.
    LENNA:Uses Time&Space magic Haste2 to speed up the party, and White to
    attack/heal.  Uses Renzokuma with both of these to cast 2 per round.
    KURURU:Uses Blue Magic MightyGuard to protect the party, and Black Magic Flare
    to attack (with Renzokuma).
    FARIS: Uses "Item" for curatives, and attacks with Zeninage.  Uses Call Magic
    Golem to protect from physical blows and "Bahamut" to attack NeoExdeath.
    Lenna, Kururu, and Faris can use "Mimic" ability to mimic last person who went
    (i.e., if Faris cast Bahamut, Lenna can use Mimic and do the same thing even
    though she can't call).
    Step 3: Fight!
    Go into battle.  You'll face Exdeath.  First, protect with MightyGuard, Haste
    2, Golem, and use any Chougou (preferably Ryuu no Kiba+Elixer.  You should use
    this on everybody right at the beginning when Exdeath isn't as powerful).
    Then, use Renzokuma Holy, Renzokuma Flare and Zeninage to attack. If Exdeath
    kills+stones you, cast Return or hit "reset"...!
    NeoExdeath then comes.  He has 4 parts.  Attack with same methods and keep up
    your HP.  Use Bahamut here instead of Zeninage (for Faris anyway).  Be ready
    with Elixer or Chougou "Ether+Fenix no O" (I thnk that's it) to refill
    MP--you'll need it!!!!
    After you kill the first 3 parts of NED, the 4th will start using Meteo over
    and over.  If you used Chougou "Ryuu no Kiba+Elixer" your HP will be high
    enough to withstand it.  Attack, attack, attack and enjoy the ending.

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