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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JValjean

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    Final Fantasy V
    Comprehensive Strategy Guide
    by Jean Valjean, started August 1999
    E-Mail: alphajeanvaljean@hotmail.com
    ICQ#: 11565812
    Visit my homepage, Blue Fields, at
    Dedicated to
    Stephen J. Wasilewski
    Born February 4th, 1949- Died September 28th, 1999
    Well, you're probably wondering why I'd start a whole walkthrough,
    complete with just about everything, on the JAPANESE version of Final
    Fantasy V, especially when the English version will be out for the PSX
    in (finally) 2 months (at the time of this writing).  Truth is, I've
    been meaning to write a walkthrough like this for some time, but I
    never quite got around to it.  FFV is certainly my favorite game in the
    series, and I really just wanted to make a walkthrough for the game in
    its original form, I suppose.  But keep in mind that this can, by all
    means, be used with an emulated version of the game, or even the FF
    Anthology version.
    I am committed to making this document the best walkthrough on this game
    out there.  I know that's a tough accomplishment since there is a really
    good one (Tatsushi Nakao's).  But I know there's always gonna be stuff
    that's missing from here.  As they say, a good walkthrough is one that's
    never complete.  As of now, I don't see any other updates in the future,
    because I'm gonna try and get all or most of the info in this document
    in one version.  Who knows, maybe one day, I'll go back and update.
    So, even if just ONE person out there uses my walkthrough to help them
    with the game, I'm very grateful. ^_^
    Please note that this walkthrough was done completely by myself, using
    my hand-written notes on the game which I've completed many times, and
    my Japanese translation skills, (which sometimes, unfortunately will be
    incorrect ^_^) EXCEPT in cases where I borrowed something off somebody.
    If this is the case, that person or people will be credited in the end
    section.  Otherwise, like I said, this is all coming purely from me!
    Let's get on with the table of contents!
    1. Game Info/Misc. Notes       			
    2. Basic Training
       B)How To Play The Game
       C)Basic Controls and Functions
       D)How To Use this Document
    3. The Story So Far
    4. Cast of Characters
    5. List of Jobs/Job Skills
    6. White/Black/Time/Summon/Sword/Blue/Song/Magic Lists
    7. Item/Weapon/Armor/Helmet/Shield/Accessory/Lists
    8. Game Walkthrough
       A)World One
         1. Tycoon Meteor: And So It Began
         2. Cave to the Pirates' Base
         3. Village of Tule
         4. Wind Shrine
         5. Back to Tule
         6. Torna Canal
         7. Ship Graveyard
         8. Karwen Village
         9. North Mountain
         10. Tycoon Castle
         11. Walse Village
         12. Walse Castle
         13. Walse Tower
         14. Back to Walse Castle
         15. Walse Meteor
         16. Village of Karnak
         17. Fire Powered Ship
         18. Karnak Castle
         19. Ancient Library
         20. Back to Karnak Village
         21. Jacole Village
         22. Jacole Cave
         23. Village of Istory
         24. Crescent Village
         25. Black Chocobo Forest
         26. Village of Lix
         27. Back to the Ancient Library
         28. Desert
         29. Lonka Ruins
         30. Back to the Tycoon Meteor
         31. Flying Lonka Ruins: The Ancients' Secret
         32. Lonka Meteor
         33. Karnak Meteor
         34. Walse Meteor
       B)World Two
         1. The Lone Island: A New Beginning
         2. Exdeath's Castle:
         3. Big Bridge
         4. Village of Rugor
         5. Seal Castle Kuzar
         6. Sinkhole
         7. Moogle Village
         8. Bal Castle
         9. Village of Kelb
         10. Valley of the Dragon
         11. Back to Bal Castle
         12. Ghido's Island
         13. Surgate Castle
         14. The Fleets of Zeza: Attack, Phase One
         15. Barrier Tower
         16. Ghido's Sunken Island
         17. Mua Village
         18. Mua Forest
         19. Shoat's Forest
         20. Raid on Exdeath's Castle: Attack, Phase Two
       C)World Three
         1. Tycoon Castle: Dimensions Crossed
         2. Pirates' Base
         3. Sinkhole II
         4. Ghido's Cave Above Water
         5. Ancient Library
         6. The Pyramid
         7. The Ancient Tree
         8. Seal Castle Kuzar
         9. Solitary Island Temple
         10. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
         11. Hidden Village of Mirage
         12. Pirates' Base Revisited: Memories
         13. Bal Castle Basement: A Legendary Warrior
         14. North Mountain Revisited: The King of All Monsters
         15. Phoenix Tower: Rebirth
         16. Fork Tower
         17. Catapult
         18. Submerged Rift
         19. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
         20. Istory Falls: The Water God Calls
         21. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
         22. The Cleft of Dimension (Broken Down)
         23. The Final Confrontation
    9. Side Areas and Extras
       A)World One
       B)World Two
       C)World Three
    10. Credits 							
    *Manufacturer: Squaresoft (Square of Japan)
    *Language: Japanese and English (see below)
    *Release Dates: December, 1992 for the Super Famicom (SFC) (Jp Only)
                    March, 1998 for Sony PlayStation (PSX) (Jp Only)
                    October, 1999 for Sony PlayStation (FF Anthology)
    *Cost: SFC: 9,800 yen
           PSX: 4,800 yen (my guess is around $40 for the FF Anthology)
    *Contents (cart): White cardboard box with Squaresoft and Final Fantasy
                      V logos and screenshots, FFV cartridge, plastic insert
                      fold out color instruction manual, AC adapter
                      instruction slip.  All in Japanese, of course.
    *Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (I think it's the hardest FF hands
                 down.  That is, not counting FF I, II and III for the
                 Famicom, which I've also completed ^_^.)
    *Average Time to Complete the Game (in hours): 20-40
    *Number of Save Files: 4
    *Number of Playable Characters: 5
    *Job Classes: 22 total
    *Spells: 125 total
    *Number/types of Monsters: 200+
    If this is your first FF game:
    You don't know what you've been missing!  Final Fantasy is the gaming
    experience of a lifetime.  And to veterans, it always is good to look
    back on that moment when you first killed Zeromus or when you first got
    the Knights of the Round Materia you'd been trying hard to get.  It
    brings out something in everyone, like a well written movie!  Bravo,
    Final Fantasy is a series of Role Playing Games.  Unlike Phantasy Star
    and other RPG series, FF never crosses over from one game to the next.
    Each game's story is seperate, but there are certain Square trademarks
    present in all the games, such as chocobos, moogles, magic spells, some
    enemies, etc.  The stories are of epic quality and usually take several
    hours to complete.  Like a good book, each well-crafted world is filled
    with dragon-slaying knights, cheerful heroes and diabolical villains.
    Deep dungeons also await, filled with some of the most vile monsters
    ever to grace an RPG.  There is always a goal to be met in an FF game.
    These factors and the FF team's ability to tell a story makes Final
    Fantasy one of the best, if not THE best game series of all time.
    Basic Controls for All Forms of Transportation:
    *Chocobo (Boko):
    Directional buttons: Moves the party in different directions, either
                         right, left, up or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: Gets on/dismounts Boko
    *Overworld (Walking):
    Directional buttons: Moves the party in different directions, either
                         right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: Gets on vehicles (assuming you have one)
    Directional buttons: Moves the Dragon in different directions, either
                         right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: Gets on/lands the Dragon
    *Fire Powered Ship:
    Directional buttons: Moves the Fire Powered Ship in different
                         directions, either right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: No use
    *Black Chocobo:
    Directional buttons: Moves the Black Chocobo in different directions,
                         either right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: Gets on/lands the Black Chocobo
    Directional buttons: Moves the Airship in different directions, either
                         right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Y: Brings up the World Map (once you've gotten it)
    X: Brings up the Subscreen
    B: No use
    A: Gets on/lands the Airship, reach the Flying Lonka Ruins (once you've
       gotten the modification) lands in the water to become a Fire Powered
       Ship, hit again to become a Submarine
    Directional buttons: Moves the Sub in different directions, either
                         right, left, up, or down
    Select: No use
    Start: No use
    Y: Brings up the Underwater World Map
    X: No use
    B: No use
    A: Surface
    About Terrain:
    You'll probably see many different types of topography in Final
    Fantasy V.  A lot of times, it doesn't really make a difference where
    you are, but if you have an Elementalist, you'll want to pay special
    attention to where you're standing!  Below are the different types of
    terrain and the attacks the Elementalist can take advantage of by
    standing on them.
    This is the most common form of terrain in this game.  They're usually
    defined by "fields" either light green or dark green in color.
    *Elementalist - Shijin (Earthquake) - Hit the enemy party with a heavy
                                          Earth-based attack (does not work
                                          on flying monsters)
                    Air Blade - like Sabin's in FFVI, this hits one enemy
                    Kamaidachi (what I call Gale Storm) - Hits entire enemy
                                                          party with a Wind
                    Tornado - Brings the enemy to very low HP
    This is pretty self-explanatory; they are represented by the trees
    you'll see around the plains.
    *Elementalist - Branch Arrow - Hit one enemy with a number of branch
                    Branch Spear - Hit one enemy with a larger number of
                                   branch spears
                    Rage - You might recognize this from FFVI...a large
                           amount of leaves fly at the enemy party
                    Vine Growth - slows down the enemy
    The yellow colored areas on the world map are deserts.  Fearsome
    creatures lurk here, especially the Land Crawler.
    *Elementalist - Quicksand - Gradually reduces the enemy's HP
                    Sajin (Sand Storm) - large sand storm slams into the
                                         enemy party
                    Desert Storm - hits enemy with a tornado-like attack
                    Hard Storm - Hits enemy party for a large amount of
    These are more like dungeons than topography, actually.  Examples of
    these are the Pirates' Base, Jacole Cave, and Gilgame's Cave.
    *Elementalist - Elf Fire - Hits the enemy with a small blast
                              (sometimes confuses them)
                    Stalactite - Enemy is hit for a pretty heavy amount
                    Rakuban (Boulders) - Hits enemy party four times for
                                         heavy damage
                    Kamaidachi (what I call Gale Storm) - Hits entire enemy
                                                          party with a Wind
    While sailing in your ship, you can still run into enemies.
    *Elementalist - Water Wave - Enemy party is sprayed with a water attack
                    Whirlpool - Enemy party is hit with a heavy water attack
                    Waterfall - Hits one enemy for a heavy Water attack
                    Water Edge - Hits enemy party with another heavy Water
    These are found all over the world!  You can also learn use some neat
    attacks if you can manage to fight in them.
    *Elementalist - Sonic Boom - Hits enemy for a large amount of Wind
                    Kamaidachi (what I call Gale Storm) - Hits entire enemy
                                                          party with a Wind
                    Tornado - Brings the enemy to very low HP
    About the Subscreen:
    In Final Fantasy, the Subscreen is a vital tool for survival.  In it,
    you can heal party members, check status and save the game.  In FFV
    specifically, it also is the place where you can switch your job classes
    and check up on job abilities.  In all three SNES games, it is brought
    up by pressing the X button.  In Final Fantasy VII and VIII, it is
    brought up using the [Triangle] button.  Same placement, different
    button!  However, a common feature in all FF games: it can not be
    brought up while the party is in battle!  Remember this!
    Subscreen Options:
    FFV's Subscreen is set up in the following layout:
                                        |--- 3. Vital Stats
      1. Level------> |Level X Job Name          |Job     |
                      | |--|   LVX XX/XX         |Ability |
    2. Picture------> | |  |   HP XXXX/XXXX	   |--------|
                      | |--|   MP XXX/XXX	   |Item    |
                      |Level X Job Name	         |Magic   |
                      | |--|   LVX XX/XX	   |Equip   | <- 4. Commands
                      | |  |   HP XXXX/XXXX	   |Status  |
                      | |--|   MP XXX/XXX	   |Config  |
                      |Level X Job Name	     	   |Save    |
                      | |--|   LVX XX/XX         |        |
                      | |  |   HP XXXX/XXXX    |----------|
                      | |--|   MP XXX/XXX	 | TIME     | <- 5. Game Time
                      |Level X Job Name	     	 |	XX:XX |
                      | |--|   LVX XX/XX      -|----------|
                      | |  |   HP XXXX/XXXX  |            |
                      | |--|   MP XXX/XXX    |   XXXXXXXX | <- 6. Money
                      |                      |        Gil |
    1. Level: As you progress through Final Fantasy V, your characters can
              gain experience levels.  As they gain levels, they become
              stronger in the fields of strength, speed, stamina, etc.
              Levels are gained by acquiring a certain number of experience
              points which can be gained through battles with enemies.
    2. Picture: This displays the current job picture that character is
    3. Vital Stats: a) Job Name - Displays the name of the Job that charac-
                       ter is using.
                    b) Job Level and Ability Points - Displays the current
                       Ability Points for that Job (more in section 5) and
                       the current job level (these vary from Job to Job)
                    c) HP - Hit Points.  Basically the strength in the
                       character's body and their will to fight.  Once all
                       of these are expended, the game is over!
                    d) MP - Magic Points.  These are what you need to cast
                       magic spells.  Different spells require different
                       amounts, and the more powerful the spell, the higher
                       the amount.  Keep these at a decent level at all
                       times, as you never know what lies around the
    4. Commands: a) Job - On this screen, the player can choose to change
                    Job classes that they've acquired.
                 b) Ability - Abilities gained from mastered jobs can be
                    switched around to other Job classes.  Have fun with
                    this option and see what you can come up with.  The
                    possibilities are endless: a Knight with Black Magic,
                 c) Item - The player can look at the list of items they've
                    gained from battles and purchased in villages.  The ones
                    that are light in color can be used on the spot.
                 d) Magic - This is where all of the different types of
                    magic spells are listed.  There are seven different
                    types of magic.  The ones that are light in color
                    (White Magic, some Black and Time Magic) can be used on
                    the spot.
                 e) Equip - This is where to equip weapons, armor, shields,
                    helmets, and accessories that you've found in dungeons,
                    won from battles, or purchased.
                 f) Status - The place to check stuff such as EXP. points to
                    level up, current EXP, and physical attributes.
                 g) Config - 1) Battle Mode: Active or Wait (Active: the
                                enemies will attack even when you aren't
                                ready, choosing a spell, etc. Wait: the
                                enemies will not attack when you're in a
                                battle subscreen).
                             2) Battle Speed: 1 is fast, 6 is slow.
                             3) Message Speed: How fast the on screen text
                             4) Command Mode: Window or Wide.
                             5) Battle Gauge: On or off.
                             6) Sound Mode: Stereo or Monaural.
                             7) Cursor Mode: Reset or Memory.
                             8) Job Equip: If you have this set to the left,
                                when you change Jobs, that character will
                                automatically have the best weapons and
                                armor equipped.  If you have it set to the
                                right, the character will have nothing
                                equipped when you change jobs.  Your
                             9) Controller: Normal or Custom.
                             10) Window Color: Mix of red, green, and blue.
                  h) Save - Saves the game at a -save point- or on the
                     overworld map. (Where every step acts as a save point.)
    5. Game Time: How long you've been playing the game (in hours and
    6. Money: How much money you've gained.  Like in all of the Japanese
       Final Fantasy games (and North American FFVII) it's "gil" and not
       "gold pieces".
    Types of Equipment:
    There are many different sorts of equipment in FFV.  In total, there
    "Special" weapons (designated by no icon in front of the weapon's name)
    Bare Hands
    Shuriken (throwing stars)
    Armors (you know, the stuff the Knight wears)
    Clothes (or suits)
    Accessories (various different things including rings, armbands, shoes)
    I'll go into these in more detail in the game walkthrough.
    In battle:
    Battles in Final Fantasy V are very fast paced, and if you don't know
    what you're doing, you could be killed in a matter of minutes.  The
    battle layout sort of looks like this:
                      |					   |
                      |					   |
                      |					   |
      6. Enemy------> |  (enemy 		  (your 	   |
                      |   here)		   characters  | <- 1. Our Heroes
                      |			   here)	   |
                      |					   |
                      |					   |
                      |					   |
      5. Enemy Name-> | XX|	XXXX | XXXX    XXXX/XXXX   |
                      |   |	XXXX | XXXX	   XXXX/XXXX   | <- 2. Hit Points
                      |   |	XXXX | XXXX	   XXXX/XXXX   |
                      |   |	XXXX | XXXX    XXXX/XXXX   |
                             |       |
                             |       |
        4. Battle Commands---|       |--- 3. Character Name
    1. Our Heroes: These are our heroes' likenesses in battle.
    2. Hit Points: The life energy of a certain character.  Like I said
                   before, keep these high; when they're gone, you bite the
    3. Character Name: The names of all the characters you currently have
                       with you.
    4. Battle Commands: These are all the things a certain character can do
                        in battle.  The "Fight" and "Item" commands are con-
    5. Enemy Name (covered by Command Box in the pic): The names of the foes
                                                       you've run into for
                                                       that battle.
    6. Enemy: The likenesses of the monsters that you'll encounter through-
              out the game.  From the tiny Goblin, to the terrible Behemoth,
              these guys are the stuff that makes nightmares.
    Other Various Tips About Battles:
    -Quickness is the key.  I cannot stress this enough...move your fingers
     fast over the buttons and know what you're going to do before you hit
     the enemy with it!  Hesitation might be the difference between a win
     for the good team...and victory for Exdeath's legions ^_^.
    -Know the enemy.  Use the Libra spell to find the enemy's hit points
     and figure out the best attack plan to carry out.
    -If the enemy is overwhelming you in battle, don't panic!  Just try to
     keep everyone alive.  If a character falls in combat, immediately try
     to bring him/her back to life with full health.
    -Use the back row wisely!  *Always* put Mages/Wizards or anyone without
     a heavy weapon (sword, axe, spear, etc) in the back row!
    -Bring plenty of items with you to dungeons.  This is pretty much a
     no-brainer.  Always stay well-stocked with HiPotions, Ethers, and
     Phoenix Downs especially.
    -Like the Dwarf in FFIV said, don't be afraid to run from battle!
    -If you go into a dungeon, and you're repeatedly getting crushed by the
     monsters there, you probably need to level up a little bit.  Go back
     out, gain some levels and try again later.
    How To Use This Document:
    Basically, I have the steps/locations set up in a simple order.  I
    didn't want to go for anything fancy.
    1. (Location name here)
         *Geographic location
         *Treasure list
         *Enemy skill list
         *Monster list
         *Piano? (if it's a town)
         *Musical Theme(s) played here
    -(steps/strategies here)
    FINAL NOTE: I wrote this walkthrough based on the Japanese game, as I
                stated earlier.  I also know a bit of Japanese.  I can read
                katakana, and I can translate hiragana, although sometimes
                my translation will be a little off as I have not yet
                mastered it.  The reason I'm saying this is, sometimes when
                I can't translate the name of something into English, I'll
                leave it up in the Japanese (i.e Momen no robe).  So this
                way, at least there's a name instead of me leaving it blank.
                And last of all, have fun with the game...it really is an
                experience to remember.  Once again, sorry for the Japanese
                errors, the English should be correct though!  Thanks!
    The Elemental Crystals hold together the planet as we know it.  If
    something were to happen to them, the human race would face an unpre-
    cedented crisis.  The Four Braves of Dawn, legendary warriors who fought
    for the safety of Earth, knew this.  Soon, if became known that there
    was a threat to the Crystals.  This enemy was one known simply as
    Exdeath.  Nobody had known who he was or whence he came.  However, his
    mission was simple.  This wizard known as Exdeath desired the power of
    the Crystals and would do anything to get their power in his wicked
    One night, the Braves of Dawn located Exdeath's stronghold, and con-
    fronted him.  A battle ensued, with the warriors eventually gaining the
    upper hand.  A spell was cast by the knights to seal Exdeath's power off
    in the very things he desired...the Elemental Crystals of Fire, Water,
    Earth and Wind.  As Exdeath was sealed he vowed to return and shatter
    the Crystals one by one, to wreak havoc on the people of Earth someday.
    But the cost of banishing Exdeath was great; the heroes had to split the
    world into two different dimensions.  One of them was reluctant to do
    so, but the men decided it was the best choice.  The Braves of Dawn had
    finally restored peace to Planet Earth.  Nothing was heard of Exdeath
    for many years...
    The time is thirty years later.  One summer morning, the King of Tycoon
    feels a disturbance in the air.  Without good reason, he mounts his
    dragon despite his daughter's pleas that something huge is about to
    happen.  The Wind Shrine, the place that holds the Wind Crystal, is his
    destination.  When King Tycoon arrives, he doesn't believe his eyes as
    the Crystal shatters into dozens of pieces.  Suddenly, people all over
    Earth notice that the wind is beginning to slow and eventually come to
    a complete stop.  Everyone begins to wonder exactly what was going on as
    fear gradually sets in.
    Ships stop sailing on the open water, and the blowing flags of the
    kingdoms of the world come to a halt.  An ominous presence is felt in
    every man, woman and child.  Then the rumors come.  Word gets from
    person to person that evil spirits are at work, spirits that will
    threaten the well being of the human race.  The name "Exdeath" is even
    heard in some places.  Then, they only imagine what will happen when the
    other Crystals shatter as well!
    With the Wind Crystal gone, it is already a dark day on Earth.  In his
    sealed prison, Exdeath is laughing to himself.  Things could only get
    worse.  But when and how will it all end?
    Batz Klauser
    The main character of Final Fantasy V.  Batz is a lone traveler, who
    searches the world for adventure with his father Dorgan.  However,
    Dorgan died three years earlier, and Batz is now left alone to fend for
    himself.  However, he is a very seasoned fighter who is taken seriously.
    Perseverance, bravery, and his father's undying spirit which lives
    inside him will lead young Batz on a quest of awesome importance.
    Exdeath was originally a tree, sleeping in the forest of Mua.  Evil
    powers possessed this tree and thus the Dark Mage Exdeath was born.
    Exdeath is seeking the power of "mu," or nothingness, so that he can
    rule the world, and with his legions of wretched minions, he will not
    cease to fight until his dreaded goal is fulfilled.
    Princess Lenna Tycoon
    Lenna is the young and beautiful princess of the Tycoon Kingdom.  She
    shares a seemingly strong relationship with her father the king, al-
    though they have a dark spot or two in their past.  She gets caught up
    in the quest to save the crystals early on in the game.  She is also a
    possible love interest of Batz.
    King Alexander Tycoon
    King Tycoon is the father of Lenna.  Strong willed and determined, this
    monarch leaves the safety of Tycoon Castle early on in the game to
    inspect a problem with the Wind Crystal.  Little did anyone realize that
    this problem would lead to a world-threatening crisis...
    The dragon is a family pet of the Tycoon household.  Throughout the
    game, he will become a valuable ally for the party.
    Galuf Doe (Later named Galuf Baldesion)
    This funny old man meets Batz and Lenna after his meteor crashes near
    Tycoon Castle.  Suffering from amnesia, he aids the party to the best of
    his ability.  However, don't let his handicap fool you - old Galuf's
    fighting skills are as good as they come.
    Faris Scherwiz
    Faris is the leader of a motley group of pirates that sail the rugged
    seas.  Faris first imprisons the party because he doesn't trust them,
    but then lets them go and joins ranks.  His true identity is soon re-
    vealed though...much to the party's surprise...
    Syldra is Faris' beautiful, blue colored sea dragon.  He helps to pull
    the pirate ship after the Crystal of Wind is shattered.  Late in the
    game, the party will gain his powers as a summon spell.
    Cid and Mid Previa
    Cid makes a return to the FF series this time as a scientist who works
    to preserve the power of the Elemental Crystals.  Along with his equally
    brilliant grandson, Mid, this duo helps the party in many different
    ways, including powering up another trademark of the FF series - the
    legendary airship.
    Krile Baldesion
    Who is this mysterious girl that claims to be Galuf's granddaughter?
    The party eventually finds out...
    This bumbling lieutenant of Exdeath's forces is a trained (?) samurai
    with a preference for Blue Magic spells.  Guaranteed to make you laugh,
    he is present throughout much of the game, his first appearance being
    in World Two.
    One of the Four Braves of Dawn, legendary knights who are destined to
    stop Exdeath.  His wolflike appearance may give the clue that he is an
    enemy, but he is a trustworthy ally with a heart of gold.
    This wise turtle has lived for over 700 years and is a brilliant
    tactician that shows off his skills in fighting the war against Exdeath.
    (Much can be learned in a 700 year time period ^_^.)
    One of the Four Braves of Dawn.  Zeza is the king of Surgate Castle, an
    ally of Bal Castle.  He leads a great fleet against Exdeath's Castle, in
    an attempt to smash the barrier around it.
    Dorgan Klauser
    One of the Four Braves of Dawn.  Dorgan is Batz' brave and valiant
    father who has seen many battles and missions through with his life.
    Stella Klauser
    Batz's sickly and late mother who died years earlier, sadly, from a
    Batz's chocobo, a lovable and friendly bird.  I like to think of these
    guys as oversized chickens, but some people disagree with me...
    Jobs are what all the fuss over FFV is about.  This game allows you, the
    player, to choose the classes in which your characters will become
    throughout the quest.  Many trademark moves used in other FF games are
    in here, some may notice.  But basically, the customization is up to
    Job levels are gained from acquiring Ability Points from monsters.  It
    all depends on which monsters you fight as to who gives the best number
    of points and where the richest hunting grounds are.  It's a pretty
    simple system, you'll find, and this is what FFV is all about!
    A. Initial Job
       1. Suupin (Traveler)
    B. Crystal of Wind (Wind Shrine) - Jobs Gained
       2. Knight
       3. Monk
       4. Thief
       5. Shiromadoushi (White Mage)
       6. Kuromadoushi (Black Mage)
       7. Aomadoushi (Blue Mage)
    C. Crystal of Water (Walse Tower) - Jobs Gained
       8. Dokimadoushi (Time Mage)
       9. Berserker
       10. Akamadoushi (Red Mage)
       11. Mahoukenshi (Mystic/Magic Knight)
       12. Shoukanshi (Summoner/Caller)
    D. Crystal of Fire (Karnak Castle) - Jobs Gained
       13. Fuusuishi (Elementalist/Geomancer)
       14. Majyuutsukai (Monster Trainer)
       15. Ninja
       16. Karyuudo (Archer)
       17. Ginyuushijin (Bard)
    E. Crystal of Earth (Lonka Ruins) - Jobs Gained
       18. Samurai
       19. Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight/Dragoon)
       20. Odoriko (Dancer)
       21. Kusurishi (Chemist)
    F. Final Job (Sunken Walse Tower)
       22. Mime
    A. INITIAL JOB (1 job)
    1. Suupin (Traveler) - The traveler is the job that all the characters
       you get start with.  You may say that the Traveler has no abilities
       and that it isn't a good Job.  Actually, the Traveler is one of my
       favorites.  It has several advantages, such as high hit points, two
       ability spaces, and the ability to be able to equip any weapon and
       armor in the game.
    *Equip - Anything ^_^
    *Abilities - None
    B. CRYSTAL OF WIND (6 jobs)
    2. Knight - Knights are arguably the best fighters in the game.  Here
       you get high hit points, the ability to equip the best swords such as
       Excalibur, the Defender, and the Enhance Sword and some other decent
       abilities as you gain Job levels.
    *Equip - Swords (naturally) and heavy shields, helmets, and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 Kabou (Cover) - "Cover" another party member
                 LV2 !Mamori (Guard) - Physical damage reduced to 0 for one
                 LV3 Riyoutemochi (Both Hands) - Character holds weapon with
                                                 both hands, dealing greater
                 LV4 Tate Soupi (Shield Equip) - Equip a shield on any
                 LV5 Yorui Soupi (Armor Equip) - Equip heavy armor on any
                 LV6 Ken Soupi (Sword Equip) - Equip a sword on any
    3. Monk - These guys are powerful fighting machines!  Here you get good
       fighting (they can hit twice) and VERY high hit points, not to men-
       tion HP raising abilities!  You'll want one of these guys in your
       party for most points of the game!
    *Equip - No weapons :( but light armors and helmets
    *Abilities - LV1 !Tameru (Power UP) - Charges power and lets loose with
                                          a doubly-powerful attack.  Very
                                          useful skill
                 LV2 Kakutou (Monk Fight) - Fist attacks are very powerful
                                            as another Job class
                 LV3 Chakra - Replenishes a portion of user's HP during
                 LV4 Counter - Counterattack target automatically
                 LV5 HP 10% UP - Max HP up 10%
                 LV6 HP 20% UP - Max HP up 20%
                 LV7 HP 30% UP - Max HP up 30%
    4. Thief - Thieves can do various things.  They can make the party's
       agility higher, steal items, weapons, and armor from the enemy and
       let the party dash quickly through dungeons.  They can also see
       hidden passages in the walls.  The skills a Thief has really aren't
       that bad!  They're very helpful in the beginning, but have VERY low
       HP.  You probably won't be using a true Thief in the party too long
       ...so take his abilities and give them to a Knight or another Job
       class to make good use of them.
    *Equip - Knives, daggers, light armors and helmets
    *Abilities - LV1 See hidden passages - See passages hidden in walls
                                           (light color in wall indi-
                                           cates a hidden passage)
                 LV2 !Tonsura (Auto run) - Just like the description im-
                                           plies, this allows this allows
                                           the party to run away with ease
                 LV3 Dash - Hold the "B" button to run quickly through
                 LV4 Mesuni (Steal) - Equip steal command on any
                 LV5 Kaikei (100% back attack down) - Prevents enemy back
                 LV6 !Bundoru (Capture) - If you've played FFVI, you know
                                          what this is.  It's also like
                                          "Mug" from FFVII.  In fact,
                                          that's exactly what it is.
                 LV7 Chiokomakaugoku (Deluxe Agility) - Agility way up
    5. Shiromadoushi (White Mage) - The general healer of the FF series.
       They can use all of the "shiromahou" (White magic) and they even have
       decent HP!
    *Equip - Knives, daggers, staffs and robes
    *Abilities - LV1 White Magic LV1 - Use LV1 White Magic on any
                 LV2 White Magic LV2 - Use LV2 White Magic on any
                 LV3 White Magic LV3 - Use LV3 White Magic on any
                 LV4 White Magic LV4 - Use LV4 White Magic on any
                 LV5 White Magic LV5 - Use LV5 White Magic on any
                 LV6 White Magic LV6 - Use LV6 White Magic on any
                 LV7 MP 10% UP - Max MP up 10%
    6. Kuromadoushi (Black Mage) - We've known these guys since FF1 ^_^.
       Black Mages can use all of the black magic in the game and like the
       White Mage, their HP is pretty decent.
    *Equip - Knives, daggers, rods and robes
    *Abilities - LV1 Black Magic LV1 - Use LV1 Black Magic on any
                 LV2 Black Magic LV2 - Use LV2 Black Magic on any
                 LV3 Black Magic LV3 - Use LV3 Black Magic on any
                 LV4 Black Magic LV4 - Use LV4 Black Magic on any
                 LV5 Black Magic LV5 - Use LV5 Black Magic on any
                 LV6 Black Magic LV6 - Use LV6 Black Magic on any
                 LV7 MP 30% UP - Max MP up 30%
    7. Aomadoushi (Blue Mage) - These guys can learn enemy skills and then
                                attack with them.  In fact, this is the
                                exact same as Strago's Lore from FFVI and
                                the Enemy Skill Materia from FFVII.  As an
                                added bonus, Blue Mages can equip
                                moderately heavy armor and swords!
    *Equip - Swords, daggers, moderately heavy helmets and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 Shisaberu (Enemy) - Look at target enemy's max HP
                 LV2 Learning - Learn enemy skills from monsters as any
                 LV3 !Aomahou (Blue Magic) - Use Blue Magic on any
                 LV4 !Kuyaburu (Status) - Look at target enemy's Level, HP,
                                          and weakness
    C. CRYSTAL OF WATER (5 jobs)
    8. Dokimadoushi (Time Mage) - Ah, one of my favorite job classes!  Time
       Mages are proficient in "Jikuu" magic.  These mages may not seem
       powerful early in the game but once they gain spells such as Quick,
       Meteo, and Haste 2, they're awesome!  I think they are a must in
       every party.
    *Equip - Knives, daggers, rods and robes
    *Abilities - LV1 Jikuu LV1 - Use LV1 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV2 Jikuu LV2 - Use LV2 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV3 Jikuu LV3 - Use LV3 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV4 Jikuu LV4 - Use LV4 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV5 Jikuu LV5 - Use LV5 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV6 Jikuu LV6 - Use LV6 Time Magic on any character/job
                 LV7 Rod Soupi (Rod Equip) - Equip a rod on any
    9. Berserker - Ehhh, not exactly the best choice in doing much of
       anything ^_^!  Berserkers can't be controlled in battle, and this is
       a huge downside, but they have a redeeming quality, sort of.  Their
       attack power and HP are immense!
    *Equip - Axes, heavy armors
    *Abilities - LV1 Berserk - Equip Berserk command on any character/job
                 LV2 Ono Soupi (Axe Equip) - Equip an axe on any
    10. Akamadoushi (Red Mage) - These familiar faces were also in FF1.
        Like in that game, they can use Red Magic and and equip swords.
        However, their attack power seems to be low and they pale in
        comparison to a Knight.  Otherwise, they're a pretty good class if
        you get to master them, which requires a lot of ABP.
    *Equip - Swords, knives, daggers, moderately heavy armors
    *Abilities - LV1 Red Magic LV1 - Use LV1 Red Magic on any character/job
                 LV2 Red Magic LV2 - Use LV2 Red Magic on any character/job
                 LV3 Red Magic LV3 - Use LV3 Red Magic on any character/job
                 LV4 !Wanzokuma (X Magic) - Cast two spells at once
    11. Mahoukenshi (Mystic/Sword Knight) - Now THIS is something different!
        I believe these guys made their first appearance in this game!
        However, I think they're excellent!  You get very good fighting,
        decent HP and a diverse range of magic.  They make some boss battles
        so much easier!
    *Equip - Almost anything a Knight can equip ^_^
    *Abilities - LV1 Barrier (Low HP Barrier) - When the user is low on HP,
                                                this barrier will spring
                                                into effect (Shell)
                 LV2 Mahouken (Magic Sword) LV1 - Use LV1 Mahouken on any
                 LV3 Mahouken LV2 - Use LV2 Mahouken on any character/job
                 LV4 Mahouken LV3 - Use LV3 Mahouken on any character/job
                 LV5 Mahouken LV4 - Use LV4 Mahouken on any character/job
                 LV6 Mahouken LV5 - Use LV5 Mahouken on any character/job
                 LV7 Mahouken LV6 - Use LV6 Mahouken on any character/job
    12. Shoukanshi (Summoner/Caller) - The Summoner can gain access to
        Summon magic and use everyone's favorite magic in the FF series:
        summon monsters!  These awesome and legendary beasts, such as
        Bahamut and Leviathan, can deal out mega damage to a party of
    *Equip - Knives, daggers, rods and robes
    *Abilities - LV1 Shoukan (Summon Magic) LV1 - Use LV1 Summon Magic on
                                                  any character/job
                 LV2 Shoukan LV2 - Use LV2 Summon Magic on any character/job
                 LV3 Shoukan LV3 - Use LV3 Summon Magic on any character/job
                 LV4 Shoukan LV4 - Use LV4 Summon Magic on any character/job
                 LV5 Shoukan LV5 - Use LV5 Summon Magic on any charaater/job
                 LV6 !Yobidasu (Summon spell) - Casts a random summon spell
                                                at no MP cost
    D. CRYSTAL OF FIRE (5 jobs)
    13. Fuusuishi (Elementalist/Geomancer) - Once again, Square throws us
        the funky job classes.  But, I gotta say I like this one!  The
        Elementalist can use a VERY wide variety of spells using the
        topography he's standing on.  Be prepared for some weird attacks!
        You also take no damage from floor traps (i.e. lava, spikes) with
        an Elementalist in your party!
    *Equip - Bells, knives, daggers, light armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Chikei (Element) - Use the Element command with any
                 LV2 Otoshianikaihi - Walk on spikes and take no damage
                 LV3 Damage Yuka (Prevent Floor Damage) - Use Prevent Floor
                                                          Damage ability
                                                          with any
    14. Majyuutsukai (Monster Trainer) - This guy is pretty weird.  His
        abilities are sort of like Relm's from FFVI.  He can control the
        enemy and make him use his own skills on himself and some other
        stuff too.  Overall, a pretty good job class.
    *Equip - Whips, daggers, knives, moderately heavy armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Nadameru (Paralyzer) - Paralyze target enemy
                 LV2 !Ayatsuru (Control) - Gain control of target enemy's
                 LV3 Nechi Soupi (Whip Equip) - Equip a whip on any
                 LV4 !Toraeru (Capture) - When enemy is weakened, it can be
                                          captured and used to fight for the
                                          party in another battle
    15. Ninja - This is one of the best classes in the game, and are very
        versatile.  You get decent HP, the ability to throw weapons, and the
        ability to equip two weapons!  An added bonus is that you can use
        the awesome (and extremely handy) Tech items!
    *Equip - Daggers, knives, boomerangs, and light helmets and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Keneridama (Smokescreen) - The exact same thing as
                                                 Edge's Smoke in FFIV.  Lets
                                                 the party run away auto-
                 LV2 !Bunshin (Spirit Double) - Casts the Blink spell on the
                                                caster/physical attacks
                 LV3 Sensei Kougeki (Pre Emptive) - Pre emptive attacks in-
                 LV4 !Nageru (Throw) - Equip the ability to throw weapons on
                                       any character/job
                 LV5 Nitouryuu (Equip Twice) - Equip two weapons on any
    16. Karyuudo (Archer) - Archers are an average class, but no better than
        that.  Their HP is decent, their attack is only OK, but the best
        thing about them is that they have the X Fight ability!  That alone
        makes it worth mastering this Job class!
    *Equip - Bow + arrows, light armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Doubutsu (Animal Friends) - Summons a random animal to
                                                  help the party
                 LV2 !Warau (Attack up) - Attack strength increases a small
                 LV3 Yubiya Soupi (Bow Equip) - Equip a bow on any
                 LV4 !Bidamuuchi (X Fight) - Attack the enemy four times
                                             with a single turn
    17. Ginyuushijin (Bard) - I don't know too much about the Bard since I
        don't use him a whole lot.  I do know that he uses the Song magic
        spells that you'll come across.  Not bad, but not all that good
        either.  Only put a Bard in your party if you want to experiment.
    *Equip - Harps, light helmets and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Kakuwaru (Hide) - Well...remember Edward's Hide
                                        ability from FFIV...? ^_^
                 LV2 Tategoto Soupi (Harp Equip) - Equip a harp on any
                 LV3 !Utau (Song magic) - Equip the ability to use Song
                                          Magic spells on any chara-
    E. CRYSTAL OF EARTH (4 jobs)
    18. Samurai - These guys are great Job classes.  They have very high
        attack power and critical hit rate and very high HP.  They also
        possess what is arguably the best ability in the game, Coin Toss.
        Once you get Coin Toss, kiss all the challenge in the game goodbye!
        Although I like challenge...
    *Equip - Katanas, shields, heavy helmets and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Biwauchi (Critical) - Automatic critical hit
                 LV2 !Zeninage (Coin Toss) - Throw coins at the enemy,
                                             damage depends on your
                                             current cash flow
                 LV3 Shirahodori (Attack) - Attack power raised slightly
                 LV4 Katana Soupi (Katana Equip) - Equip a katana on any
                 LV5 !Iaimeki (Death Slash) - Instant death to enemy party
    19. Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight) - Aside from the fact that as Batz, he
        looks like Kain from FFIV, this Job class isn't all that great.  HP
        is pretty high, but the ability to jump is mediocre at best (most of
        the time).  Stick with Knights and Monks if you want good fighters.
    *Equip - Spears/lances, shields, heavy helmets and armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Jump - Jump command, doubles damage done with a weapon
                 LV2 Ryuuken (Dragon Sword) - Replenishes some HP and MP
                                              (this REALLY sucks ^_^)
                 LV3 Yari Soupi (Lance/Spear Equip) - Equip a spear/lance on
                                                      any character/job
    20. Odoriko (Dancer) - This is another class I really don't use all that
        much.  They have low HP and their abilities aren't that good.  Make
        use of it if you want, I guess.  After all, no Job class in the game
        is _absolutely_ horrible!
    *Equip - Daggers, knives, Ribbon ^_^, light armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Irume (Charm) - Charm target enemy
                 LV2 !Odoru (Mystery Waltz) - Drain HP from the enemy,
                                              basically has the effects
                                              of the Dancing Dagger
                 LV3 Ribbon Soupi (Ribbon Equip) - Equip a Ribbon on any
    21. Kusurishi (Chemist) - This is one of the most interesting classes in
        the game.  They have the ability to mix all different kinds of items
        and make better ones with wacky effects!  Experiment (pardon the
        pun) here...you never know what you'll come up with!
    *Equip - Daggers, knives, light armors
    *Abilities - LV1 Kusuri no Chishiki (Double strength) - Potions and
                                                            Ethers have
                                                            double strength
                                                            when used with
                                                            this ability
                 LV2 !Chiyoukou (Mix) - Mix two items to make a different
                                        one (there are tons of
                                        possibilities here!)
                 LV3 !Nomu (Powerup Drink) - Make use of the Powerup drinks
                 LV4 !Chiyu (Party heal) - Heal the entire party of status
                 LV5 Sosei (Recovery) - Party recovers some hit points
    F. FINAL JOB (1 job)
    22. Mime - This is arguably the best job in the game.  Found in the
        Sunken Walse Tower in World Three, you must defeat Gogo (yes, THAT
        Gogo) to gain it.  I'll have more info on this in the Side Areas
        section for World Three.
    *Equip - Daggers, rods, boomerangs, special weapons, heavy armors
    *Abilities - LV1 !Mime - Copy commands from other party members
    In total, there are seven types of magic in this game.  The lists for
    all of them, their MP cost, their description, and where they can be
    found is listed in this section.  Happy hunting!
    A. White Magic List
       1. Cure
       2. Libra
       3. Poisona
       4. Silence
       5. Protect
       6. Miniman
       7. Cure 2
       8. Raise
       9. Confu
       10. Esuna
       11. Blink
       12. Shell
       13. Cure 3
       14. Reflect
       15. Berserk
       16. Araise
       17. Holy
       18. Dispel
    B. Black Magic List
       1. Fire
       2. Ice
       3. Bolt
       4. Poison
       5. Sleepel
       6. Toad
       7. Fire 2
       8. Ice 2
       9. Bolt 2
       10. Drain
       11. Break
       12. Bio
       13. Fire 3
       14. Ice 3
       15. Bolt 3
       16. Flare
       17. Death
       18. Aspil
    C. Time (Jikuu) Magic List
       1. Speed
       2. Slow
       3. Regen
       4. Mute
       5. Haste
       6. Levitate
       7. Gravity 1
       8. Stop
       9. Teleport
       10. Comet
       11. Slow 2
       12. Return
       13. Gravity 2
       14. Haste 2
       15. Old
       16. Meteo
       17. Quick
       18. Degeon
    D. Summon Magic List
       1. Chocobo
       2. Sylph
       3. Remora
       4. Shiva
       5. Ramuh
       6. Ifrit
       7. Titan
       8. Golem
       9. Shoat
       10. Carbunkle
       11. Syldra
       12. Odin
       13. Phoenix
       14. Leviathan
       15. Bahamut
    E. Sword Magic List
       1. Fire Sword
       2. Ice Sword
       3. Bolt Sword
       4. Poison Sword
       5. Silence Sword
       6. Sleepel Sword
       7. Fire 2 Sword
       8. Ice 2 Sword
       9. Bolt 2 Sword
       10. Drain Sword
       11. Break Sword
       12. Bio Sword
       13. Fire 3 Sword
       14. Ice 3 Sword
       15. Bolt 3 Sword
       16. Holy Sword
       17. Flare Sword
       18. Aspil Sword
    F. Blue Magic List
       1. Death Sentence
       2. Aqua Breath
       3. Level 5 Death
       4. Level 4 Gravity
       5. Level 2 Old
       6. Level 3 Flare
       7. Frog Song
       8. Small Melody
       9. Time Slip
       10. Moon Flute
       11. Death Claw
       12. Aero
       13. Aero 2
       14. Aero 3
       15. Goblin Punch
       16. Black Shock
       17. Guard Off
       18. Pep Up
       19. Mind Blast
       20. Blood Suck
       21. Exploder
       22. ????
       23. Blow Fish
       24. White Wind
       25. Magic Hammer
       26. Missile
       27. Emission
       28. Big Guard
       29. Death Roulette
       30. Flash
    G. Song Magic List
       1. Love Song
       2. Life Song
       3. Charm Song
       4. Requiem
       5. Speed Song
       6. Strength Song
       7. Hero Song
       8. Level Song
       1. Cure (4 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (180 gil)
          *Cures a small number of hit points for one character or the whole
       2. Libra (1 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (80 gil)
          *Caster is able to scan the enemy for level, hit points and weak-
       3. Poisona (2 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (90 gil)
          *Heals the "Poison" status ailment on one party member
       4. Silence (2 MP)
          Obtained in Karwen Village (280 gil)
          *Silence one enemy target (Mute status ailment)
       5. Protect (3 MP)
          Obtained in Karwen Village (280 gil)
          *Protects one party member by putting up a barrier that reduces
           -physical- damage
       6. Miniman (5 MP) (why on Earth does this spell cost 5 MP?)
          Obtained in the Airship (find) and later at Mirage (300 gil)
          *Makes one target a "miniman" ^_^
       7. Cure 2 (9 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (620 gil)
          *Cures a medium/moderate number of hit points for one character or
           the whole party
       8. Raise (also known as Life) (29 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (700 gil)
          *Restores life to one fallen party member
       9. Confu (4 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (650 gil)
          *Confuses target enemy (they won't attack you, or will attack
           their comrades)
       10. Esuna (also known as Remedy) (10 MP)
           Obtained in Karnak Castle, and later at Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Heals every status ailment except Zombie
       11. Blink (6 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Target party member gains a physical shield; no physical attacks
            hit him/her for a few rounds
       12. Shell (5 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Protects one party member by putting up a barrier that reduces
            -magical- damage
       13. Cure 3 (27 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *The most powerful cure spell, cure one party member fully or
            cure a large number of hit points for the whole party
       14. Reflect (15 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Cast on target party member to induce a magic-reflecting shield;
            be careful, as it reflects cure spells too
       15. Berserk (8 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *"Berserks" one party member; you will not be able to control
            that character, but he/she repeatedly hits the enemy
       16. Araise (50 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Restores life and maximum hit points to one fallen party member
       17. Holy (20 MP)
           Obtained in the Fork Tower (find)
           *Blasts the enemy with a Holy-powered flare for very heavy
       18. Dispel (12 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Negates enemy status
       1. Fire (4 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (150 gil)
          *Hit target enemy or enemy party with a small Fire-based blast
       2. Ice (4 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (150 gil)
          *Hit target enemy or enemy party with a small Ice-based blast
       3. Bolt (4 MP)
          Obtained in Tule Village (150 gil)
          *Hit target enemy or enemy party with a small Lightning-based
       4. Poison (2 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (290 gil)
          *Poison one enemy target
       5. Sleepel (3 MP)
          Obtained in Karwen Village (300 gil)
          *Put one enemy target to sleep (wakes up when you hit it)
       6. Toad (8 MP)
          Obtained in Lix Village, and later in Mirage Village (300 gil)
          *Turn one enemy target into a frog
       7. Fire 2 (10 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (600 gil)
          *Hit target enemy or enemy party with a medium Fire-based blast
       8. Ice 2 (10 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (600 gil)
          *Hit target enemy or enemy party with a medium Ice-based blast
       9. Bolt 2 (10 MP)
          Obtained in Karnak Village (600 gil)
          *Hit the enemy or enemy party with a medium Lightning-based blast
       10. Drain (13 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Drain a small to medium amount of hit points from the enemy
       11. Break (15 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Turn one enemy target to stone
       12. Bio (also known as Virus) (16 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Hit the enemy or enemy party with a medium Poison-based blast
       13. Fire 3 (25 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Hit the enemy or enemy party with a heavy Fire-based blast
       14. Ice 3 (25 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Hit the enemy or enemy party with a heavy Ice-based blast
       15. Bolt 3 (25 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Hit the enemy or enemy party with a heavy Lightning-based blast
       16. Flare (39 MP)
           Obtained in the Fork Tower (find)
           *Blasts the enemy with a Fire-powered assault for very heavy
       17. Death (29 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Instant death to one enemy target
       18. Aspil (1 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Drain a small to medium amount of magic points from the enemy
       1. Speed (1 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Castle Basement (find)
          *Speed up the actions of one party member
       2. Slow (3 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (80 gil)
          *Slows down target enemy
       3. Regen (3 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (100 gil)
          *Target party member gradually regenerates hit points (this spell
           sucks in this game)
       4. Mute (3 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (320 gil)
          *Silence enemy party (Mute status ailment)
       5. Haste (5 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (320 gil)
          *Target party member's actions are sped up drastically
       6. Levitate (also known as Float) (10 MP)
          Obtained in Surgate Castle, and later in Mirage Village (300 gil)
          *Gives party member or entire party "Float" status
       7. Gravity 1 (9 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (620 gil)
          *Hit the enemy with a small Gravity-based blast
       8. Stop (8 MP)
          Obtained in Walse Village (580 gil)
          *Stops time for one enemy target
       9. Teleport (also known as Exit) (15 MP)
          Obtained in Bal Castle, and later in Mirage Village (600 gil)
          *Escape from current dungeon
       10. Comet (7 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Hit the enemy with a small Meteor?-based blast (looks like Baby
            Meteo ^_^, it's what I call it, anyhow)
       11. Slow 2 (9 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *Slows down entire enemy party
       12. Return (1 MP)
           Obtained in Rugor Village (3000 gil)
           *This one's cool...restart current battle to how it was in the
       13. Gravity 2 (18 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Hit enemy party with a heavy Gravity-based blast
       14. Haste 2 (15 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Entire party's actions are sped up drastically (extremely useful
       15. Old (4 MP)
           Obtained in Mua Village (6000 gil)
           *Turn target enemy "Old" (Old status ailment)
       16. Meteo (42 MP)
           Obtained in the Great Deep (find)
           *Hit enemy party with a massive barrage of meteors for very
            heavy damage
       17. Quick (77 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Caster get two turns in a row - this combined with a Haste 2 and
           a Meteo, or two Meteo spells can be devastating
       18. Degeon (also known as X-Zone) (20 MP)
           Obtained in Mirage Village (10000 gil)
           *Target enemy is transferred to the Cleft of Dimension
       1. Chocobo (4 MP) - Square's lovable mascot
          Obtained in Walse Village (300 gil)
          "Chocobo Kick" - Kicks target enemy for a very small amount of
                           damage (1 in 10 chance of "Fat Chocobo" attack to
       2. Sylph (8 MP) - Tiny fairies
          Obtained in Walse Village (350 gil)
          "Whispering Wind" - Sylphs encircle the screen and drain HP from
                              one enemy target
       3. Remora (2 MP) - Deadly pirahnas
          Obtained in Walse Village (250 gil)
          "Madowaritsuki" (????) - Instant kill manuever (one target)
       4. Shiva (10 MP) - Blue colored ice queen
          Obtained in Walse Castle Aquaduct (defeat her)
          "Diamond Dust" - Freezes the enemy for small to medium Ice-based
       5. Ramuh (12 MP) - Wizened old wizard
          Obtained in the forest east of Istory Village (defeat him)
          "Sabaki no ikazuchi" (Judgment Bolt) - Blasts the enemy with a
                                                 lightning bolt for small
                                                 to medium Lightning-based
       6. Ifrit (11 MP) - Ferocious fire demon
          Obtained in the Ancient Library (defeat him)
          "Jigoku no kaen" (Flames of Hell) - Enemy is consumed in flames
                                              for small to medium Fire-
                                              based damage
       7. Titan (25 MP) - Loinclothed muscleman
          Obtained in the Karnak Meteor (defeat him)
          "Daichii no ikari" (Anger of the Land) - Titan lands on the ground
                                                   and causes an earthquake
                                                   for medium Earth-based
       8. Golem (18 MP) - Friendly stone golem
          Obtained in the Valley of the Dragon (save him from the enemies)
          "Earth Wall" - Golem puts up a wall around the party that blocks
                         ALL physical damage for many rounds
       9. Shoat (33 MP) - Pig with an attitude
          Obtained in Shoat's Forest (defeat him)
          "Akuma no hitomi?" (Devil's Eye) - Instant kill manuever (one
       10. Carbunkle (45 MP) - Cute green alien
           Obtained in Exdeath's Castle (defeat him)
           "Ruby no hikari" (Ruby Light) - Casts "Reflect" on all party
                                           members, which lasts for
                                           many rounds
       11. Syldra (32 MP) - Faris's friend to the rescue
           Obtained in the Pirates' Base (find)
           "Thunderstorm" - Hits the enemy with a barrage of thunder, doing
                            medium to heavy Lightning-based damage
       12. Odin (48 MP) - The great cloaked one
           Obtained in Bal Castle Basement (defeat him within one minute)
           1. "Zantetsuken" (Iron Cutting Sword) - Instant kill manuever
                                                   (entire enemy party)
           2. "Gungnir" - Odin hurls a spear at one enemy target for medium
                          to heavy typeless damage
       13. Phoenix (99 MP) - Bird of life
           Obtained in the Phoenix Tower (find)
           "Tensei no honoo" (Flames of Resurrection) - Brings one party
                                                        member back to life
                                                        and hits the enemy
                                                        party with a Fire-
                                                        based attack that
                                                        does medium to heavy
       14. Leviathan (39 MP) - Fearsome water god
           Obtained in Istory Falls (defeat him)
           "Daikaishiou" (Tidal Wave) - A great tidal wave smashes into the
                                        enemy party for heavy Water-based
       15. Bahamut (66 MP) - Ruler of all monsters
           Obtained on the North Mountain (defeat him)
           "Mega Flare" - Blast after blast of breath from Bahamut's mouth
                          raze the enemy party for heavy typeless damage
    These are pretty self explanatory...I don't think I need to explain this
    section in great detail.
       1. Death Sentence (10 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Unknown 4 (The Great Deep)
          *Gives target enemy a 30 second countdown to death
       2. Aqua Breath (38 MP)
          Enemy tht has it: Dolm Chimera (In the desert south of Karnak)
          *Blasts enemy party with a bubble attack for heavy Water-based
       3. Level 5 Death (22 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Ixecrator (Solitary Island Shrine)
          *If enemy is on a level that is a multiple of 5, it is instantly
       4. Level 4 Gravity (9 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Level Check (Cleft of Dimension: Ruins)
          *If enemy is on a level that is a multiple of 4, it is hit with a
           heavy Gravity-based attack
       5. Level 2 Old (11 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Level Check (Cleft of Dimension: Ruins)
          *If enemy is on a level that is a multiple of 2, it is hit with
           the Old status ailment
       6. Level 3 Flare (18 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Level Check (Cleft of Dimension: Ruins)
          *If enemy is on a level that is a multiple of 3, it is hit with a
           heavy Fire-based attack
       7. Frog Song (5 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Chamcubia (Phoenix Tower)
          *Target enemy is turned into a Frog (Frog status ailment)
       8. Small Melody (5 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Mukare (Near Mirage Village)
          *Target enemy is turned small (Miniman status ailment)
       9. Time Slip (9 MP)
          Enemy that has it: Sherry (Phoenix Tower)
          *Hits target enemy with Sleep and Old status ailments
       10. Moon Flute (3 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Mukare (Near Mirage Village)
           *Berserks enemy party
       11. Death Claw (21 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Death Claw (Cleft of Dimension: Castle)
           *Paralyzes target enemy and brings their HP down to critical
       12. Aero (4 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Mukare (Near Mirage Village)
           *Hits target enemy or enemy party with a small Air-based attack
       13. Aero 2 (? MP)
           Enemy that has it: Ziggurat Gigas (Barrier Tower)
           *Hits target enemy or enemy party with a medium Air-based attack
       14. Aero 3 (24 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Elm Gigas (Near Karnak Village in World Three)
           *Hits target enemy or enemy party with a heavy Air-based attack
       15. Goblin Punch (0 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Goblin (Pirates' Base area)
           *If target enemy has the same level as the character using the
            spell, the damage is greatly increased
       16. Black Shock (27 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Shadow (Near Karnak Village in World Three)
           *Target enemy's level is cut in half
       17. Guard Off (19 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Shadow (Near Karnak Village in World Three)
           *Target enemy's defense is cut in half
       18. Pep Up (13 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Chamcubia (Phoenix Tower)
           *Kills caster but completely heals target party member
       19. Mind Blast (4 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Mind Flayer (Cleft of Dimension: Crystal)
           *Paralyzes and decreases enemy's intelligence
       20. Blood Suck (2 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Steel Bat (Cave to the Pirates' Base)
           *Drains a small amount of HP
       21. Exploder (1 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Grenade (Cleft of Dimension: Ruins)
           *Sacrifices caster's life to deliver a powerful blow
       22. ???? (3 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Wild Nack (Near Karnak Village in World One)
           *Does damage to target enemy equal to caster's max HP minus their
            current HP
       23. Blow Fish (25 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Mukare (Near Mirage Village)
           *Does exactly 1000 points of damage to target enemy
       24. White Wind (28 MP)
           Enemy that has it: White Flame (Cleft of Dimension: Forest)
           *Best cure spell in the game
       25. Magic Hammer (3 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Byblos (Ancient Library)
           *Halves target enemy's MP
       26. Missile (10 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Sol Cannon (Flying Lonka Ruins)
           *Halves target enemy's HP
       27. Emission (3 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Flame Cannon (Flying Lonka Ruins - exterior)
           *Hits target enemy for with a small Fire-based attack
       28. Big Guard (28 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Stingray (Near Sunken Walse Tower)
           *Ultimate defensive spell
       29. Death Roulette (1 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Level Check (Cleft of Dimension: Ruins)
           *Whoever the cursor lands on, hero or enemy, is killed instantly
       30. Flash (3 MP)
           Enemy that has it: Blocks (North Mountain)
           *Blinds enemy party
       1. Love Song (0 MP)
          Obtained from the Bard in Istory Village
       2. Life Song (0 MP)
          Obtained from the Bard in Crescent Village
       3. Charm Song (0 MP)
          Obtained from Batz's house in Lix Village
          *Charms enemy party
       4. Requiem (0 MP)
          Obtained from the wolf children in Kelb Village
          *Destroys undead monsters
       5. Speed Song (0 MP)
          Obtained from King Zeza's bedroom in Surgate Castle
          *Raises party member's speed (obviously)
       6. Strength Song (0 MP)
          Obtained by playing the eight pianos and then talking with the
          Bard in Crescent
          *Increases strength/raises critical hit rate
       7. Hero Song (0 MP)
          Obtained by playing the eight pianos and then talking with the
          Bard in Crescent
          *Makes party member resilient to attacks
       8. Level Song (0 MP)
    B.Pwr = Battle Power
    Str = Strength
    Spd = Speed
    Vit = Vitality
    M.Pwr = Magic Power
    Attrbte = Attribute
    Lghtng = Lightning
    n/a = Not Applicable
    |Weapon Name    |Type    |B.Pwr |Str |Spd |Vit |M.Pwr |Attrbte |Cost  |
    |Broad Sword    |Sword   |12    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |280   |
    |Knife          |Knife   |4     |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Dagger         |Knife   |11    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Staff          |Staff   |6     |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |200   |
    |Rod            |Rod     |5     |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |200   |
    |Flail          |Staff   |13    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Holy    |n/a   |
    |Long Sword     |Sword   |19    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |480   |
    |Ice Rod        |Rod     |13    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Ice     |750   |
    |Battle Axe     |Axe     |20    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |650   |
    |Giyaman        |Bell    |21    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Whip           |Whip    |23    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Ashura         |Katana  |39    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |5800  |
    |Mithril Sword  |Sword   |28    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |880   |
    |Cure Staff     |Staff   |n/a   |n/a |n/a |n/a |2     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Fire Rod       |Rod     |13    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Fire    |750   |
    |Lightning Rod  |Rod     |13    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Lghtng  |750   |
    |Mithril Knife  |Knife   |20    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |450   |
    |Mithril Hammer |Axe     |25    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |1050  |
    |Full Moon      |Special |32    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Flame Bow      |Bow     |36    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Fire    |2500  |
    |Ogre Killer    |Axe     |30    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |3200  |
    |Trident        |Spear   |35    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |2700  |
    |Coral Sword    |Sword   |34    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Water   |2800  |
    |Mage Masher    |Knife   |28    |n/a |n/a |n/a |1     |n/a     |900   |
    |Kunai          |Knife   |26    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |600   |
    |Silver Bow     |Bow     |35    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |1500  |
    |Dengeki        |Whip    |39    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Ice Bow        |Bow     |36    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Ice     |2500  |
    |Lightning Bow  |Bow     |36    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Lghtng  |2500  |
    |Silver Harp    |Harp    |12    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |900   |
    |Death Sickle   |Axe     |40    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Death   |n/a   |
    |Black Bow      |Bow     |40    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |3800  |
    |Ancient Sword  |Sword   |40    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Old     |n/a   |
    |Chain Whip     |Whip    |49    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |3300  |
    |Slumber Sword  |Sword   |46    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Sleep   |5600  |
    |Wind Spear     |Spear   |41    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Wind    |5400  |
    |Orihalcon      |Knife   |38    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |3300  |
    |Warhammer      |Axe     |35    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |6400  |
    |Dreamer        |Harp    |22    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Sleep   |1600  |
    |Main Gauche    |Knife   |33    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Dancing Dagger |Knife   |48    |n/a |1   |n/a |1     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Killer Bow     |Bow     |46    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |5000  |
    |Poison Rod     |Rod     |29    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Poison  |1500  |
    |Kodachi        |Katana  |43    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |5100  |
    |Wind Katana    |Katana  |41    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Wind    |n/a   |
    |Great Sword    |Sword   |54    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |8400  |
    |Heavy Lance    |Spear   |51    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |8100  |
    |Bizen          |Katana  |47    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |8800  |
    |Poison Axe     |Axe     |45    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Poison  |9600  |
    |Blood Sword    |Sword   |81    |n/a |n/a |n/a |1     |Drain   |n/a   |
    |Air Knife      |Knife   |53    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Wind    |6800  |
    |Elfinbow       |Bow     |53    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |7500  |
    |Morning Star   |Staff   |47    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |7800  |
    |Flametan       |Sword   |60    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Fire    |10000 |
    |Gust Bow       |Bow     |66    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Wind    |n/a   |
    |Icebrand       |Sword   |62    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Ice     |11000 |
    |Kotetsu        |Katana  |55    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Excalipar      |Sword   |97    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Partisan       |Spear   |59    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |10200 |
    |Brave Blade    |Sword   |Vary  |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Chicken Knife  |Knife   |Vary  |n/a |5   |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Earth Hammer   |Axe     |55    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Earth   |12800 |
    |Excalibur      |Sword   |107   |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Holy    |n/a   |
    |Assassin Dagger|Knife   |78    |n/a |1   |n/a |n/a   |Death   |n/a   |
    |Masamune       |Katana  |104   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Rising Sun     |Special |68    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Beast Killer   |Whip    |69    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Holy Lance     |Spear   |106   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Holy    |n/a   |
    |Yoichii's Bow  |Bow     |98    |3   |3   |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Sasuke         |Katana  |96    |n/a |1   |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Magic Bow      |Bow     |0     |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |10000 |
    |Kikuichimonji  |Katana  |84    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |14800 |
    |Ibis Killer    |Bow     |88    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Defender       |Sword   |96    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Wonder Wand    |Rod     |0     |n/a |n/a |n/a |2     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Rune Axe       |Axe     |68    |n/a |n/a |n/a |3     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Firebute       |Whip    |79    |2   |2   |n/a |n/a   |Fire    |n/a   |
    |Earth Bell     |Bell    |32    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |Earth   |n/a   |
    |Rune Blade     |Sword   |47    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Artemis Bow    |Bow     |108   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Enhance Sword  |Sword   |99    |n/a |n/a |n/a |3     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Giant Axe      |Axe     |88    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Sage Staff     |Staff   |50    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Wizard Rod     |Rod     |37    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Apollon's Harp |Harp    |42    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Lilith Rod     |Rod     |27    |n/a |n/a |n/a |3     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Man Eater      |Knife   |86    |2   |2   |2   |2     |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Strato         |Katana  |117   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Thor's Hammer  |Axe     |78    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Twin Lance     |Special |58    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Dragon Lance   |Spear   |116   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Ragnarok       |Sword   |137   |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Dragon Whip    |Whip    |88    |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a     |n/a   |
    |Shield Name    |Evade% |Magic Power |Defense |Magic Defense |Cost  |
    |Leather Shield |10%    |n/a         |n/a     |n/a           |90    |
    |Bronze Shield  |15%    |n/a         |1       |n/a           |290   |
    |Iron Shield    |20%    |n/a         |2       |n/a           |390   |
    |Mithril Shield |25%    |n/a         |3       |n/a           |590   |
    |Gold Shield    |30%    |n/a         |4       |n/a           |3000  |
    |Diamond Shield |35%    |n/a         |6       |n/a           |6000  |
    |Aegis Shield   |33%    |1           |5       |n/a           |n/a   |
    |Ice Shield     |40%    |n/a         |7       |5             |n/a   |
    |Flame Shield   |40%    |n/a         |7       |5             |n/a   |
    |Crystal Shield |45%    |n/a         |8       |n/a           |9000  |
    |Genji Shield   |50%    |n/a         |9       |1             |n/a   |
    Def = Defense
    Str = Strength
    Spd = Speed
    Vit = Vitality
    M.Pwr = Magic Power
    M.Def = Magic Defense
    |Helmet Name    |Def |Str |Spd |Vit |M.Pwr |M.Def |Cost  |
    |Leather Hat    |1   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |50    |
    |Bronze Helmet  |2   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |250   |
    |Mithril Helmet |6   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |550   |
    |Iron Helmet    |4   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |350   |
    |Feather Hat    |2   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |350   |
    |Green Beret    |3   |1   |1   |n/a |n/a   |2     |2500  |
    |Ribbon         |12  |5   |5   |5   |5     |2     |n/a   |
    |Gold Helmet    |8   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |3500  |
    |Triangle Hat   |4   |n/a |n/a |n/a |1     |2     |1500  |
    |Headband       |6   |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |3500  |
    |Hypno Crown    |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a |1     |4     |n/a   |
    |Hairpin        |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |n/a   |
    |Diamond Helmet |10  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |7000  |
    |Tiger Mask     |9   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |5000  |
    |Shisai Hat     |6   |n/a |n/a |n/a |2     |2     |3000  |
    |Thornlet       |20  |n/a |n/a |n/a |-5    |5     |n/a   |
    |Crystal Helmet |13  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |10500 |
    |Circlet        |10  |n/a |n/a |n/a |3     |2     |4500  |
    |Black Helmet   |12  |n/a |2   |n/a |n/a   |2     |6500  |
    |Lamia's Tiara  |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a |3     |7     |2500  |
    |Genji Helmet   |15  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |n/a   |
    Def = Defense
    Str = Strength
    Spd = Speed
    Vit = Vitality
    M.Pwr = Magic Power
    M.Def = Magic Defense
    |Armor Name     |Def |Str |Spd |Vit |M.Pwr |M.Def |Cost  |
    |Leather Armor  |1   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |80    |
    |Cotton Robe    |2   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |4     |300   |
    |Bronze Breast  |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |350   |
    |Bronze Armor   |4   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |400   |
    |Iron Armor     |6   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |500   |
    |Kenpou Gi      |4   |n/a |1   |n/a |n/a   |1     |450   |
    |Silk Robe      |4   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |6     |n/a   |
    |Mithril Armor  |9   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |700   |
    |Silver Breast  |7   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |600   |
    |Shinobi Suit   |9   |n/a |1   |n/a |n/a   |2     |3000  |
    |Bard Suit      |6   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |8     |1000  |
    |Gold Armor     |12  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |4000  |
    |Earth Suit     |8   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |10    |2000  |
    |Angel Dress    |10  |n/a |n/a |5   |n/a   |11    |n/a   |
    |Strength Suit  |11  |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |4500  |
    |Bone Mail      |30  |n/a |n/a |-5  |n/a   |5     |n/a   |
    |Diamond Armor  |15  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |8000  |
    |Diamond Suit   |13  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |6000  |
    |Light Robe     |11  |n/a |n/a |n/a |2     |12    |4000  |
    |White Robe     |14  |n/a |n/a |3   |3     |14    |8000  |
    |Black Robe     |14  |n/a |n/a |n/a |5     |14    |8000  |
    |Crystal Mail   |20  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |12000 |
    |White Armor    |17  |1   |1   |n/a |n/a   |2     |9000  |
    |Angel Armor    |10  |n/a |n/a |5   |n/a   |11    |3000  |
    |Rainbow Dress  |18  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |3     |n/a   |
    |Genji Armor    |22  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |n/a   |
    Def = Defense
    Str = Strength
    Spd = Speed
    Vit = Vitality
    M.Pwr = Magic Power
    M.Def = Magic Defense
    |Accessory Name    |Def |Str |Spd |Vit |M.Pwr |M.Def |Cost  |
    |Leather Shoes     |1   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |n/a   |
    |Silver Glasses    |1   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |n/a   |
    |Silver Ring       |2   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |3     |600   |
    |Mithril Glove     |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |0     |600   |
    |Thief Glove       |4   |n/a |1   |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |n/a   |
    |Elf Mantle        |n/a |n/a |1   |n/a |1     |3     |n/a   |
    |Power Wrist       |3   |3   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |2500  |
    |Gauntlet          |6   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |3000  |
    |Diamond Ring      |4   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |5     |4000  |
    |Water Ring        |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |5     |50000 |
    |Fire Ring         |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |5     |50000 |
    |Angel Ring        |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |10    |50000 |
    |Guard Ring        |10  |n/a |n/a |5   |n/a   |10    |n/a   |
    |Hermes' Shoes     |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |3     |50000 |
    |Kaiser Knuckle    |8   |5   |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |n/a   |
    |Reflect Ring      |0   |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |n/a   |
    |Red Shoes         |11  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |2     |n/a   |
    |Genji Glove       |12  |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |1     |n/a   |
    |Colnago??         |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a |n/a   |n/a   |n/a   |
    F) ITEMS
    |Item Name         |What It Does                              |Cost  |
    |Potion            |Restores 50 HP to a party member          |40    |
    |HiPotion          |Restores 500 HP to a party member         |360   |
    |Phoenix Down      |Restores life to a party member           |1000  |
    |Ether             |Restores 40 MP to a party member          |1500  |
    |Tent              |Restores HP, MP and status to all members |250   |
    |Cottage           |Restores HP, MP and status to all members |600   |
    |Eyedrop           |Cures the "Blind" status ailment          |20    |
    |Heal              |Cures the "Poison" status ailment         |30    |
    |Maiden's Kiss     |Cures the "Frog" status ailment           |60    |
    |Dwarf Bread       |Cures the "Miniman" status ailment        |50    |
    |Soft              |Cures the "Petrify" status ailment        |150   |
    |Revivify          |Cures the "Zombie" status ailment         |150   |
    |Speed Drink       |Increases party member's speed            |110   |
    |Protect Drink     |Increases party member's defense          |110   |
    |Hero Drink        |Makes party member invincible             |110   |
    |Strength Drink    |Increases party member's strength         |110   |
    |Giant Drink       |Doubles party member's HP                 |110   |
    |Dark Matter       |Chemist's mixing item                     |n/a   |
    |Turtle Shell      |Chemist's mixing item                     |n/a   |
    |Dragon Horn       |Chemist's mixing item                     |n/a   |
    |Flame Tech        |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |200   |
    |Water Tech        |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |200   |
    |Bolt Tech         |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |200   |
    |Shuriken          |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |2500  |
    |Fuuma Shuriken    |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |n/a   |
    |Susu              |Ninja's throwing weapon                   |n/a   |
    |Elixir            |Restores all HP and MP for one member     |50000 |
    |Magic Lamp        |Random summon monster is called           |n/a   |
    |Omega's Symbol    |Proof of defeating The Omega              |n/a   |
    |Shinryuu's Symbol |Proof of defeating Shinryuu               |n/a   |
    |World Map         |Use by pressing the Y button              |n/a   |
    1. Tycoon Meteor: And So It Began
       *Location - East of the Initial Starting Point
       *Treasures - Phoenix Down
       *Monsters - Goblin
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Four Valiant Hearts", "Hurry, Hurry!",
                                  "Lenna's Theme"
    -In the beginning scenes of the game, we see King Tycoon go to the Wind
     Shrine and the wind stopping.  Batz, a traveler and Boko, his chocobo,
     are introduced.  Walk Batz over to the Meteor and enter.  Simple, eh?
     No sooner than you get to the clearing when you happen to see a damsel
     in distress.  Fight the two Goblins and rescue Princess Lenna.
     There'll be some talk and you'll get to name Batz.  After all the small
     talk, go over to the right side of the screen and wake up the uncon-
     scious old man.  This is Galuf, and he's apparently lost his memory.
     No matter, Batz decides to go his own way while the other two go to the
     Wind Shrine.
    -Next, head for the canyon north of where you started out.  There'll be
     a short cut scene here and Batz will hear some cries for help.  He hops
     on Boko and you're left to follow the path ahead.  Kill the Goblins and
     grab up Galuf and Lenna.  Everyone's safe, for now.  In the scene that
     follows, Batz decides that it'd be "the right thing to do" if he accom-
     panied Galuf and Lenna to the Wind Shrine.  But the road to Tule
     Village is blocked... if there was only another way.  The three then
     decide to head through the newly formed cave to the north and see where
     it leads them.
    2. Cave to the Pirates' Base (but our heroes don't know that yet!)
       *Location - North of the ISP
       *Treasures - Leather Hat, Ether, Tent, 300 gil
       *Monsters - Steel Bat, Stroper, Dearo
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Battle", "Victory's
                                  Fanfare", "Requiem", "Pirates Ahoy!"
    -This is the first dungeon in FFV and it is very easy, as it has no
     twists and turns and is only about three or four screens.  Anyhow,
     you'll notice that Galuf has no weapon, so be careful who you attack
     with him.  Walk up and then left and you can get your HP/MP and Status
     back from the healing spring.  Go through the opening at the top and
     head right.  Pick up the Leather Hat in the chest and observe what the
     pirate is doing.  If you can't figure it out beyond that, sorry! ^_^
     When you get to the next section, Batz sees a ship, but it's able to
     move without wind...strange. Keep going left and you'll eventually get
     to the base itself.  You can't enter the doors being blocked by pirates
     YET...but come back later and you can get the stuff inside.  Instead,
     walk across the bridge for now and try to comandeer the ship.  Batz and
     Galuf think they're big at first, but Faris comes and they find out
     they're in deep ship (pun, get it ^_^?).
    -Faris is the burly captain of these pirates and he orders our heroes to
     be detained.  Lenna tells him she's the Princess of Tycoon, but Faris
     just says "yeah, and I'm Santa" back to her.  Looks like it's curtains
     for now...
    -In the basement, Batz and Galuf blame each other for the mishap.  We
     also see Faris thinking about how his pendant looks exactly like
     Lenna's.  The next morning, Faris suddenly reconsiders and lets the
     party go.  We also find out how the ship is powered...by Syldra, Faris'
     sea dragon.  After that, she even goes as far as joining them to get to
     the Wind Shrine!  Seems all pirates aren't treasure hunting, tobacco
     chewing, smelly peglegs after all...
    -You now have a ship!  But before going to the Wind Shrine, you may want
     to stop off at Tule Village.  There, you can get free items, and buy
     Galuf a darn weapon ^_^.
    3. Tule Village
       *Location - West of the Pirates' Base
       *Treasures - 150 gil, Tent, Potion, Phoenix Down, Leather Boots
       *Monsters - (none) it's a town, remember?
       *Piano? - Yes
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Tenderness in the Air", "Good Night!"
    Weapons            Armor                Magic Spells    Items
    -------            -----                ------------    -----
    Broad Sword 280    Leather Shield 90    Fire 150        Potion 40
    Rod 200            Leather Hat 50       Ice 150         Tent 250
    Staff 200          Leather Armor 80     Bolt 150
                                            Cure 180
                                            Libra 80
                                            Poisona 90
    10 gil
    Beginners' Hall
    Free Items - Potion, Phoenix Down, Ether, Leather Boots, 100 gil
    -When you first enter Tule, Faris and the pirates will call for beer and
     leave to go to the bar.  Buy anything you might need (you don't really
     need potions, you'll get some free in the Wind Shrine).  Of course,
     don't buy magic until you have job classes.  After you're set, leave
     Tule and head for the infamous Wind Shrine.
    4. Wind Shrine
       *Location - Northeast of Tule
       *Treasures - Potion (5), Tent, Broad Sword, Staff, Leather Hat
       *Monsters - Black Goblin, White Snake, Mold Wind, Mani Wizard,
                   Wingraptor (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Sealed Away", "The Fierce Battle",
                                  "The Prelude", "Fanfare 1"
    -First thing to do when you get in this place is to head left and talk
     to the minister.  Batz and the team volunteer to go up and see what
     happened to the King (and the wind).  Before you go, talk to the
     scholar on the left side of the recovery pot to get five free Potions.
     Not bad!  It saves you money, anyhow.  When you've cleared this area,
     head right and up the stairs.
    -Pick up the chest to the far left and go in the door.  In this room is
     the save point.  You can use a Tent or a Cottage to rest here and fill
     your HP and also save your game.  Very useful info, don't forget it!
     When you leave this room, go right for another chest.  Grab it and head
     left again, and go up the stairs.
    -When you get to 3F, instead of walking all the way around, push against
     the wall where it's the thinnest, and you'll find a shortcut.  Go in
     the room closest to you to grab a Broad Sword.  You don't have to go in
     the room across the hall, there's nothing in it.  Instead, replenish
     your HP and walk up to the large bird in the center of the room. It's
     boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Wingraptor - very large bird with reddish-brown feathers
    HP - around 300
    Attacks - Breath Wing, Attack
    Drop - Phoenix Down
    -Like most first bosses in FF games, this guy has a trick to him.
     Pound on him with Broad Swords and use Potions when necessary.  Just
     don't hit him when his barrier is up, and you'll be fine.
    -Walk past the fallen Wingraptor and go up the stairs.  Check the
     bottom right hand corner of the next room for a hidden Staff.  Finally,
     go up the stairs to 5F, and you've reached the Crystal Room.  FF
     veterans will notice the "Crystals" theme playing right away.  The team
     is too late, as the Wind Crystal has shattered.  But the Crystals'
     power goes into the heroes and tells them they are the last hope of the
     planet.  Lenna gets upset and then King Tycoon appears.  Well, his
     spirit anyway.  He tells Lenna he must go and then he leaves, without
     any other messages.  The Crystal pieces then surround our four heroes
     and you've gained six Job classes! Use the warp in the back of the room
     to get out.
    5. Back to Tule
    -When you enter, Faris will leave again.  Enter the house to the north
     of town.  Before, it was empty but now there will be someone inside.
     A wizard, precisely; his name is Zokk and he's an acquaintance of
     Lenna.  Some small talk occurs and he asks the party to stay the night.
     During the night, Batz will have a flashback scene, and then Zokk will
     give the key to the Torna Canal to him.  He also tells Batz to protect
     Princess Lenna.  When morning comes, go to leave the town and there
     will be a scene with Faris.  He tells the pirates that they must take
     care of the base while he's gone protecting the Crystals.
    -NOTE: Before you leave town, stock up on anything you might need for
     the journey ahead, especially magic spells!!
    6. Torna Canal
       *Location - Directly east of Tule Village
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - Octoraken, Sucker, Karlabos (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle",
    -When you leave Tule, there will be a small scene with the party
     talking about what will happen if all of the Crystals shatter.  After
     this, head east until you see a narrow lake-type thing with small gray
     boxes on the side.  This is the Torna Canal.  Approach the door, and
     Batz will use the key he got from Zokk on it.  Everyone else wonders
     where he got the key, but he tells them not to worry about it.
     Continue on the plain-to-see path.  The enemies here are fairly simple.
     When you get pretty far in, a whirlpool will suck Faris' ship in.
     Is it Leviathan?  No!  It's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Karlabos - large, red crab-like sea creature
    HP - 600
    Attacks - Hit, bring HP down to low
    AP - 5
    Drop - Tent
    -This guy is pretty simple.  Pound on him with Broad Swords, or have
     your Black Mages use Bolt magic and he'll be dead in ten seconds flat.
     Well...maybe not ten, but...
    -After the battle, Syldra gets caught up by the boss monster and pulled
     under!  Faris goes nuts and tries to jump in after him, but it's too
     late.  Syldra is bested, and without anything to move the ship, our
     heroes are left drifting...soon, they regain consciousness and find out
     they're in the Ship Graveyard.
    7. Ship Graveyard
       *Location - ????
       *Treasures - Flail, Tent, 990 gil, Phoenix Down (2), Potion,
                    *World Map*, Heal (2)
       *Monsters - Skeleton, Undead Rusk, Carcurser, Psycho Head,
                   Siren (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Cursed Earth", "Deception",
                                  "The Fierce Battle"
    -NOTE: You can sleep down below in Faris' ship for free if you need it.
    -Things just keep getting better and better...from Faris' ship, head
     right and down to find a secret path across the rocks.  Pick up the
     Flail and equip it on your White Mage.  Go back and enter the door.
     Head down the stairs and enter the lit room for a Tent.  Go back out
     and now head south.  There will be a small cut scene here.  Continue
     on through the left side, and enter the water.
    -Check the box in the next room to pick up some money.  Now go up and
     enter the north room first for a Phoenix Down.  Go back and check the
     south room.  Follow the path and you can grab another chest.  Go up the
     stairs and the party will reach a room where they can sleep.  Watch
     the cut scene carefully here...Faris' true identity is revealed, let's
     just say!  Head through the door at the top and save your game.  When
     you get outside, go right and down across the wood.  Before you cross
     the rocks on the other side, get the treasures in that door.
    -NOTE: *DON'T* miss the World Map in the corner of this room!!
    -Hit the chest on the next ship to trigger a switch.  Head across the
     deck and heal up.  There's a small cutscene and then it's boss time!!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Siren - floating woman who can change forms, from human to undead
    HP - 900
    Attacks - Bolt, *Mute*, hit, others
    AP - 5
    Drop - Bronze Shield, or Bronze Armor
    -Siren's HP may (or may not!) intimidate you, but whether it does or
     not, she's really a pushover.  When she's in her regular form (gold,
     blue, green colors) hit her hard with attacks (Monks, Knights) and when
     she reverts to her Undead form, throw Fire and Cure spells at her.
    -When you finish off Siren, you can now leave this darn place!  Save
     your game when you get out and head east and then south to reach a
     village named Karwen.
    8. Karwen Village
       *Location: Southeast of Ship Graveyard
       *Treasures - Heal, Ice Rod
       *Monsters - (none)
       *Piano? - Yes
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Harvest"
    Weapons           Armor                 Magic Spells     Items
    -------           -----                 ------------     -----
    Dagger 300        Bronze Shield 290     Fire 150         Potion 40
    Long Sword 480    Bronze Helm 250       Ice 150          Heal 30
    Rod 200           Bronze Armor 400      Bolt 150         Eyedrop 20
    Staff 200         Bronze Breast 350     Sleepel 300      M. Kiss 60
                      Cotton Robe 300       Cure 180         D. Bread 50
                                            Poisona 90       Soft 150
                                            Silence 280      P. Down 1000
                                            Protect 280      Tent 250
    10 gil
    -Check out the cheery music!  Nobuo must've been drunk when he came up
     with this one ^_^.  Make sure to pick up the Ice Rod near all the
     crates in the eastern part of town; it'll come in handy later.  People
     in this town claim to have seen King Tycoon's dragon on the North Moun-
     tain.  Listen to some of their stories.  When you update on equipment,
     head to the Pub and listen to the man on the second floor's story.  Now
     leave Karwen and head north to the (appropriately named) North Mountain!
    9. North Mountain
       *Location - Far north of Karwen
       *Treasures - Phoenix Down, Heal, Soft
       *Monsters - Gaira Cat, Rock Garter, Cockatrice, Blocks,
                   Magisa (Boss), Forza (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Walking the Snowy Mountains", "Danger!",
                                  "The Fierce Battle", "The Dragon Spreads
                                  Its Wings"
    -As I write this, I can hear the music of the North Mountain.  Anyhow,
     when you enter this place in search of King Tycoon's dragon, you'll
     notice that there's a straight central path leading to an opening in the
     rock.  Follow this path and when you get in, head left and down for a
     Phoenix Down.  Go back up and follow the rest of the path.  There's
     another treasure, a Soft, branching off from the main path.  Enter
     the opening in the wall and you'll be back outside.  Head north and
     enter the cave at the top.
    -NOTE: To see a little trick: before you enter the cave, push along the
     left side of the cliff in some places ^_^.  You'll soon find out what
     I'm babbling on about. (This doesn't work if you're playing the FF An-
     thology version.)
    -Next, head down the stairs and out the right side.  In the next
     section, you are once again outside.  DON'T step on the flowers,
     they're poisonous.  The clouds blowing by makes it hard to see some-
     times, but just take your time and head up the bridge on the right side
     of the screen.  There's more flowers across the bridge, avoid them and
     continue to the left side of the screen.  In the next room is a safe
     haven.  Rest, save and continue.
    -No sooner goes the party spot King Tycoon's Mithril Helmet than does
     Lenna get blasted by an arrow.  The culprit, Magisa, appears on the
     screen.  Listen to the small talk and get ready, it's boss time!!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Magisa - tall woman wearing skimpy clothing with a whip (hmm...don't
             get ideas ^_^)
    HP - 650
    Attacks - Fire, Ice, Aero, hit
    AP - 3
    Drop - Whip
    -Well, Lenna starts this battle with the Poison status effect.  That's
     really fair ^_^.  Magisa only has 650 HP, but what she can do makes
     her a tough boss: what I mean is, watch out for Forza.  When she is
     close to death, she can call Forza, and he's a TOUGH customer.  He can
     hit the party twice with his fists (two attacks) and his HP are 850.
     And worse, he's UGly!  So if at all possible, take out Magisa quick and
     hard!  But, if you are unfortunate enough to fight Forza, his stats
     are here.  If you have any trouble beating these two at all, make your
     whole party Monks and dish out the heavy damage!
    Forza - ugly, huge weightlifter-type brute
    HP - 850
    Attacks - Hit, Tackle
    AP - 3
    Drop - Speed Drink
    -After dropping those two, head to the right and in the cave to find
     the dragon.  I love how he looks!  Batz is afraid of heights, that's
     why he won't get on the dragon.  After the party convinces him finally,
     your next destination is Tycoon Castle.
    -NOTE: You are NOT looking for Walse Castle, YET.  The reason I say
     this, is because you will probably pass it on your way to Tycoon.
     Walse looks like a castle and a village surrounded by a lake.  Don't
     stop here yet - you want Tycoon, which is further south.  (In fact,
     north of the meteor which you couldn't pass in the beginning of the
    -NOTE2: Now that you have the dragon, you can go back to the Pirates'
     Base and check out the rooms you couldn't get in before.  You can also
     check out Boko's condition.
    10. Tycoon Castle
        *Location - North of the meteor from the beginning of the game
                   (fly over it)
        *Treasures - HiPotion, Ether (2), Cottage, Phoenix Down (2),
                     Elixir (2), Maiden's Kiss, Shuriken, Ashura, Giyaman
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Royal Palace"
    -Talk to the soldier to open the gate.  Enter through the main entrance
     and the Minister will rush out and speak to Lenna.  He'll ask the party
     to stay the night.  During this time, there will be a cut scene invol-
     ving Lenna and Faris.  In the morning, you're free to look around the
     castle.  I recommend you head to 4F, as that's where all the treasure
     is ^_^!  Before you blow that joint, you can talk to Jenica (the old
     woman on 1F) and talk to the Minister (hidden in the room west of the
     main entrance.  Don't miss the powerful Ashura!!
    11. Walse Village
        *Location - Northeast of Tycoon
        *Treasures - Silver Glasses
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - No
        *Musical Theme(s) - "Tenderness in the Air"
    Weapons           Armor               Magic Spells    Items
    -------           -----               ------------    -----
    Battle Axe 650    Iron Shield 390     Slow 80         Potion 40
    Long Sword 480    Iron Helmet 350     Regen 100       Heal 30
    Dagger 300        Iron Armor 500      Mute 320        Eyedrop 20
                      Kenpou Gi 450       Haste 320       M. Kiss 60
                      Cotton Robe 300     Chocobo 300     D. Bread 50
                                          Sylph 350       Soft 150
                                          Remora 250      P. Down 1000
                                                          Tent 250
    20 gil
    -Basically another backwater village.  There is much talk here of the
     benevolence of the Water Crystal.  Buy what you need, there's plenty of
     new armor, and new magic spells, although you won't be able to use them
     yet.  Pay particular attention to the red animal down in the bottom
     right-hand corner of town...
    12. Walse Castle
        *Location - Directly west of Walse Village
        *Treasures - Tent, Phoenix Down, Speed spell, 1000 gil, 1000 gil,
                     Elf Mantle (latter four found in the basement)
        *Monsters - Elftoad, Ice Soldier, Ice Commander, Shiva (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Royal Palace", "Danger!"
    -There's lots of things you can do in Walse Castle.  First, go straight
     north and talk to the King about the Water Crystal.  However, it's just
     no use.  The party tries to convince him about the Crystals and how the
     Wind Crystal shattered, but he doesn't listen.  As if on cue, right
     about then, another meteor falls near the Walse Tower.  The King takes
     his leave and mobilizes the army.  You can go to the Walse Tower now,
     but there's also some optional stuff to do.  If you choose to go to the
     Walse Tower, skip this next section.  Note that you CAN come back and
     do this stuff any time, IN WORLD 1 ONLY!
    -Walse Castle is home to the legendary Shiva.  As you may have guessed,
     you can gain her as a summon spell in Final Fantasy V.  But these
     things have a catch; first you have to fight her and win!  To locate
     Shiva, go down the stairs on 2F.  Next, go out the door in the bottom
     of 1F.  Follow the water north and enter the waterfall in the middle.
     You'll be in a small dungeon.  Just go through it and you'll see a
     glowing light at the end.  Talk to the light to enter a battle with
     Shiva and three Ice Commanders.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Shiva - the Ice Queen we all know
    HP - 1500
    Attacks - Ice, Ice 2
    AP - 5
    Drop - Ice Rod
    Ice Commander (3) - soldiers of ice
    HP - 600
    Attacks - Hit, Ice
    AP - (none)
    Drop - (none)
    -Well, when you first get to Walse Castle, you're not expected to beat
     Shiva.  Unless of course, if your levels are unbelievably high for that
     part of the game.  I usually can't do it, so if you're having trouble
     you just aren't strong enough, and you need to come back later, prefer-
     rably when you get Fire 2 ^_^.
    -The next thing you can do is raid Walse Castle's treasure room.  Sounds
     simple, right?  Think again.  Down in this grimy, dingy basement is a
     monster called Garkimasera.  FF veterans might recognize the name; he's
     in FFVIII too.  The thing that makes it so hard is that he hits for
     absurdly high damage for that point of the game, he's extremely diffi-
     cult TO hit, and he's hard to run from.  If you really want to get the
     treasures, go for it, and try to do your best in surviving.  I've done
     it before, and it's really not all THAT hard.
    -NOTE: To increase your chances of survival, you may want to put a Thief
     in your party so you can dash through the halls and run away easier.
     Also, place all party members in the back row.  If you STILL can't get
     through without dying, you may want to get the Thief's Auto run ability
    -You can also let the wolf thief (Lone Wolf?) out of prison...however,
     let's just say you might regret it later...
    13. Walse Tower
        *Location - Northwest of Walse Castle
        *Treasures - Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, Silver Ring, Ether
        *Monsters - Ice Soldier, Elftoad, Rikald Mage, Wyvern, Padosul,
                    Galura (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) - "Sealed Away", "Deception", "The Fierce Battle",
                            "The Prelude", "Fanfare 1", "Danger!",
    -Upon entering, you'll notice that the soldiers guarding the tower got
     beat up.  The King is also nowhere to be seen.  Go up the stairs to
     reach 2F.  On 4F, the party finds the King.  He tells Batz to stop
     Galura, the elephant-like creature from Walse Village.  It turns out
     the Crystal of Water, or something inside it is controlling Galura.
     Climb up the vine to the left of the King to pick up a Silk Robe for
     your Black or White Mage.  Continue on to 5F.
    -NOTE: If you have a Thief, you can rarely steal Mithril Swords from
     Ice Soldiers, and Ice Rods from Rikald Mages!
    -On 5F, grab the treasure and heal up at the save point.  Continue up
     to the top.  On 8F, you'll see three vines.  The one in the middle
     leads to nothing.  Use the left one to get a Silver Ring, an accessory
     for anyone but the Knight.  Use the right vine to reach an Ether and
     the door to the Crystal Room.  Inside, the party sees a soldier
     battling with the enraged Galura.  After it hits away the soldier,
     Galura then attacks you!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Galura - red, furry woolly mammoth creature
    HP - 1200
    Attacks - Hit (and man, does he hit!)
    AP - 5
    Drop - HiPotion
    -This guy is FAST!  His picture certainly doesn't make him look fast,
     but he can sometimes take out a character with a counter and a volley
     of physical hits!  A good strategy to kill him is to use the Ice Rod
     you found in Karwen on him.  If it doesn't kill him right away, he'll
     be low on HP, so go in for the kill without delay.
    -After the battle, Batz is too late and they watch the Crystal shatter
     before their eyes!  It seems that the soldier knows Galuf from some-
     where.  Because of Galuf's amnesia, he doesn't know where from.
     However, he tells the party to guard the remaining two Crystals from an
     extremely evil force!  He then perishes and you get to pick up five new
     Job classes!  When you pick up the fifth one, the tower starts to shake
     and collapse.  Even though you want to get that sixth Crystal piece,
     you've got to leave it for now!  Use the warp, and you'll see a cool
     scene of the tower sinking into the ocean.  Batz and co. are rescued by
     the thought-to-be-dead Syldra!!
    -Sylda drops our heroes off on a nearby beach.  There's an emotional cut
     scene as Syldra goes off to die in the ocean.  Good news however -
     you'll find that your dragon got out safe!  Hop on him and head back to
     talk to the dense King Walse.
    14. Back to Walse Castle
    -Head to the King's bedroom (connected to the throne room).  He's here
     resting, and he apologizes to Lenna for not listening the first time
     (he's lucky to be alive if you ask me!).  Now Batz needs to get to
     Karnak somehow to warn the people in charge there that the Fire Crystal
     is in danger...but how?  Here's the answer: check that meteor that
     fell near the Walse Tower.
    15. Walse Meteor
        *Location - Right near the (sunken) Walse Tower
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Four Valiant Hearts", "Fate in Haze"
    -Enter the meteor and walk onto the warp inside.  Lenna sees that Batz
     has vanished!  Everyone in the team hops onto it, and you find yourself
     outside another meteor in another part of the world.  Start to hike
     west through the forest to reach civilization.
    -NOTE: You can learn the "????" Enemy Skill from an enemy called Wild
     Nack in the forests of this area.  They appear in packs of five and
     look like the Lobo enemy from FFVI.  Well, if you never played FFVI,
     they look like black wolves.  I also suggest you fight them for a
     while, especially if you're low on cash; a pack of five yields 625
     gil!  Cha-ching!  Not to mention a blast of Fire from a Black Mage can
     take them all out in one shot ^_^.  Line your pockets!
    16. Village of Karnak
        *Location - West of the Karnak Meteor
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - Yes
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Cursed Earth", "Deception"
    Weapons                Armor                 Magic Spells
    -------                -----                 ------------
    Mithril Knife 450      Mithril Shield 590    Cure 2 620
    Mithril Sword 880      Mithril Helmet 550    Raise 700
    Mithril Hammer 1050    Feather Hat 350       Confu 650
    Fire Rod 750           Mithril Armor 700     Fire 2 600
    Ice Rod 750            Silver Breast 600     Ice 2 600
    Lightning Rod 750      Silk Robe 500         Bolt 2 600
    Flail 780              Mithril Glove 600     Poison 290
                           Silver Ring 500       Gravity 1 620
                                                 Stop 580
    Items           Inn
    -----           ---
    Potion 40       20 gil
    Heal 30
    Eyedrop 20
    M. Kiss 60
    Soft 150
    P. Down 1000
    Tent 250
    -Times are terrible in the Karnak Kingdom.  All of the buildings are on
     fire, and the citizens are going nuts!  As a matter of fact, when you
     go to buy something at the Weapons store, you get falsely accused!  Now
     these fools go and lock you up.  When you're in the cell, wander around.
     Soon, the guy in the cell next to yours will set off an explosive and
     bust through the wall.  Much to the party's surprise, this is Cid,
     creator of the machines that regulate the Crystals.  It turns out that
     he was thrown in jail after he tried to stop the machines from over-
     loading the Crystals.  The people in charge claimed he was sabotaging
     them and they threw him in the joint.  Batz and company tell Cid about
     the screwed up situation out there.  Then Karnak's minister comes to
     let Cid out of jail.  It turns out he's an important person and they
     need him again.  However, good thing for you, he only agrees to go if
     Batz and the others are freed also.
    -Wander around Karnak Castle.  You'll hear some pretty wild stories.
     In case you're wondering, you can't get any of the treasures yet,
     so wait until later.  When you're finished looking around, head out of
     the castle and watch the scene with the werewolf.  Now that the Magic
     shop is open and you can buy weapons (without being arrested), hit the
     stores!  Update all of your magic; you'll especially want Ice 2.  When
     you've gotten everything you need, save your game outside, head south,
     and enter the Fire Powered Ship.
    17. Fire Powered Ship
        *Location - South of Karnak Village
        *Treasures - Mithril Glove, Green Beret, Elixir (2), Cottage,
                     Phoenix Down, Thief Glove, Full Moon
        *Monsters - Poltergeist, Crew Dust, Defeater, Motor Trap,
                    Liquid Flame (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Fire Powered Ship", "The Fierce
                                   Battle", "The Prelude"
    -Well, I must say, this is my least favorite dungeon in the entire game.
     Not that it's boring, I just don't like it for some reason.  The Fire
     Powered Ship is the place that houses the Fire Crystal.  Actually, it's
     powered by the Fire Crystal.  It gets its power from Karnak Castle,
     which it's directly linked to.  Pay attention to that point; it'll come
     in handy later if you know what I mean.  Upon entering, talk to Cid.
     After the chat, head in the cabin and go down the stairs.  When you get
     down another set of stairs, and you're in a metallic looking room,
     you know you made it.
    -There's so many ways to go down here!  First, head through the upper
     door to grab a Mithril Glove.  Leave there and go up the side stairs.
     Now enter the stairs on the far left of the screen.  Follow the path to
     get an Elixir.  When you go back, there'll be a treasure in plain
     sight.  Grab it and continue to the right.  Head down the stairs for
     yet another treasure, and then hook back and enter the door.
    -Hit the switch to ride the elevator up and you'll be on a type of
     scaffold.  There's a Phoenix Down to the far right, be sure to get it.
     Continue left and up through the door.  Take the elevator down.  Enter
     the ventilation and follow it until you hit a door.  Enter here and
     take the elevator up.  In the next section, you'll see three doors on
     top of the room and four vent shafts on the bottom.  Check the doors
     in the middle; it'll lead you to a Green Beret.  The room on the right
     leads to a dead end.  When you've explored the rooms, come back to the
     shafts.  Shafts 1 and 4 lead to nothing; Shaft 3 leads to a Thief
     Glove, and Shaft 2 is the correct way to continue on.
    -After you take Shaft 2, you'll see a door and some stairs.  Hit the
     stairs first, and flip the switch in the next room to pick up a Full
     Moon Boomerang.  Go back and enter the door.  You may recognize this
     room from before.  DON'T go anywhere near the converyor belt...it
     takes you all the way back.  Instead, enter the door on the left side.
     You might be glad to notice there's a save point here ^_^.  Continue
     through the top door after resting and saving.
    -The next area is a large puzzle.  If you're having trouble completing
     it, follow these tips: First, go straight up and hit the first switch
     you see.  Next, hit the switch to the left of you to move a piece of
     the scaffolding over to the right.  Hit the switch on the far left to
     move the scaffolding across the gap, like a bridge.  Go across and
     you'll see two switches right next to one another.  Flip the left of
     those switches first.  Next, hit the right and go down.  Ignore the
     switch on the bottom of the screen unless you want to go back to the
     beginning.  Now, make sure you're standing on the scaffolding to the
     right of the next switch before you hit it.  After you raise the plat-
     form up, grab the Elixir and head through the door.
    -You've made it to the Engine Room.  In front of the Engine is the
     deranged Queen Karnak, and she's sucked in by the Fire Crystal's power.
     She calls on Liquid Flame to defeat your party!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Liquid Flame - a large man, seemingly made of pure flame (actually, he
                   turns into all sorts of stuff)
    HP - 3000
    Attacks - Flame, Fire 2, Magnet, hit
    AP - 6
    Drop - Flame Bow, or Flame Tech
    -If you got Ice 2 like I told you to, this boss is a pushover.  Blast
     him with it repeatedly!  If things get rough, use your Mystic/Sword
     Knights to cast Ice 2 Sword.  It shouldn't be a long fight.  However,
     you probably will need a Cure 2 when Liquid Flame uses his Flame attack
     on all party members.
    -After you've defeated the boss, Queen Karnak is restored to her former
     self.  She tells Batz to go through the top of the ship to reach the
     Crystal room before it's too late!  Head north through the long shaft,
     and there is the Fire Crystal.  Suddenly, the werewolf from before
     busts through the wall.  He seems to know Galuf also...but Galuf still
     remembers nothing about his past.  Then, a fake soldier comes into the
     room and throws the switch that activates the walls around the Crystal.
     He says that there's only one Crystal until Exdeath awakes, then he
     disappears.  This is bad news...the Crystal is rigged to Karnak Castle.
     If it goes, the castle is going to go up in a fireball!  The werewolf
     tries to stop the inevitable while Batz and everyone escapes.
     Eventually, the Crystal explodes and you have 10 minutes to escape or
     perish with the castle!
    18. Karnak Castle
        *Location - you know where
        *Treasures - Shuriken, Ribbon, Main Gauche, Elf Mantle, Esuna spell,
                     Elixir (6), 2000 gil, 2000 gil, 2000 gil, Bolt Tech
        *Monsters - Sorcerer, Karnak, Soldier, Gigas, Iron Claw (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Hurry! Hurry!"
    -Well, the Dash ability is already in effect here.  If you want to get
     all of the treasure and get out alive, you're definitely going to have
     to be quick.  I can do it with a couple of minutes to spare.  If you're
     wasting a lot of time trying to get one treasure, just leave it and go
     on.  The only thing you really don't want to miss in the whole castle
     is the Esuna spell.  It's found on the left side of the main hall,
     right before the main gate.  However, speaking of the main gate, note
     that there is a boss that you'll run into when trying to get out. He's
     located when you step outside, a few spaces from the grass.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Iron Claw - small, spider-like being
    HP - around 1200
    Attacks - Death Claw (Blue Magic), hit
    AP - 5
    Drop - Nothing
    -This battle could knock off lots of vital time...hit him with your
    -NOTE: If you're quick, you can pick up a few Blue Magic spells in
     there.  Look for the Gigas using Aero and Aero 2.  Of course, Iron
     Claw uses Death Claw too.  If you miss them, don't worry about it,
     since there's plenty of other opportunities to get them again.  Also,
     you want to make it to Iron Claw with about 2:30-3:00 left, if at all
     possible.  It's possible to kill him in less than that, but try to get
     there early just for insurance.
    -In the aftermath, Karnak Castle is no longer left standing.  Batz and
     the party receive three new Job classes, too!  Don't worry about the
     Crystal pieces that flew off; you'll get 'em later.  Now that the wall
     blocking access to the Western area is gone, you can make it to the
     Ancient Library to look for Cid's grandson, Mid.
    -NOTE: In the desert, southwest of Karnak lurks a monster called Dolm
     Chimera.  This guy has a powerful Blue Magic spell called Aqua Breath
     that he casts on the party.  However, your characters may not be strong
     enough to survive it.  If you want to learn it, go for it.  Just be
     careful when passing through/around the desert, because he could wipe
     you out.
    -**WAIT**: DO NOT enter the Ancient Library if all of your party's
     levels are either 15, 20, or 25!  Or, anything with a multiple of 5 for
     that matter.  The Page 64 enemy frequently casts Level 5 Death on the
     party.  If you're going to go in and try to learn it, be extremely
     careful you don't get wiped out!
    19. Ancient Library
        *Location - Southwest of Karnak Village
        *Treasures - Ether, Shinobi Suit, Phoenix Down
        *Monsters - Page 32, Page 64, Page 128, Page 256, Ifrit, (Boss),
                    Byblos (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Ancient Library"
    -First off, save your game before you enter this God-forsaken place.
     There's nothing really to do except beat the level, so head down the
     stairs on the left side and go in the door.  Just walk along, hitting
     various places on the bookcases to continue.  When you get to a selfish
     bookcase that refuses to move out of your way, leave the room and
     continue to the right up the ladder, and hit the A button.  Inside
     this new room will be a book.  Heal your party and then open it -
     Ifrit challenges you to a fight!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Ifrit - a huge, brown colored demon with fire attacks
    HP - 3000
    Attacks - Fire, Fire 2, Flame
    AP - 5
    Drop - Flame Tech
    -Like the Liquid Flame, Ifrit is a pushover when up against Ice 2
     spells.  Blast him with a few jets of it, and he will surrender.
     You then gain his powers!
    -Now go back to the selfish bookcase and he will see that Ifrit is with
     you.  He'll move aside and let you continue.  Past him is a pretty
     clear path, you have to hit more bookcases in certain places to go on.
     When you get to the save point, heal up; there's another boss battle
     coming up.  Walk to the end of the dungeon where you see Mid against
     the far bookcase.  But before the party can get to him, something
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Byblos - giant oversized rat
    HP - 3600
    Attacks - Protect, Shell, Magic Hammer, Confu, Sticky Web,
    AP - 7
    Drop - Protect Drink
    -Unlike Ifrit and the Liquid Flame before him, Byblos is heavily weak
     to Fire spells.  Keep hitting him with Fire 2 and Fire 2 Sword like
     there's no tomorrow, and he will soon fall.  You might not even have to
     cure for the battle.
    -After Byblos is dust, Mid approaches the party with a book he found on
     how to get the Fire Powered Ship working again.  Our heroes tell young
     Mid that his grandfather has lost all hope in inventing something
     useful again!  Mid decides to go with the party back to Karnak Village
     to talk some sense into his grandfather.
    20. Back to Karnak Village
    -Go to the 2nd floor of the pub.  Cid is there, forgetting his problems
     with the aid of some Jack Daniels.  Soon Mid will burst in screaming
     and hitting Cid.  There's some small talk and then Cid's self esteem
     returns (it wasn't too hard to do, was it?).  The two
     inventor-scientists leave and you have to follow them to the Fire
     Powered Ship.  Mid then asks the party to get some rest.
    -When Batz and co. go to the cabin, Galuf remembers something about his
     past!  He has flashbacks of a strange girl saying the types of stuff to
     him that Mid said to Cid.  He tells them that he is not of Batz's
     world and that 30 years ago, he sealed off the powers of the Dark Mage
     Exdeath!  Of course, everyone else is astounded to hear about who
     they're now fighting...but now there is only one Crystal left holding
     Exdeath in his prison.  After the flashbacks, Galuf faints and the
     scene ends.
    -When you wake up, talk to Cid and Mid who are sleeping.  The Fire
     Powered Ship is now yours!  Your next destination is a village called
    21. Jacole Village
        *Location - Far south of Karnak Village (to get here, follow the
                    coast from Karnak and use your map to help - Jacole is
                    surrounded by mountains)
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - Yes
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Tenderness in the Air"
    Weapons             Armor                  Magic Spells    Items
    -------             -----                  ------------    -----
    Ogre Killer 3200    Green Beret 2500       (Nothing new)   Potion 40
    Coral Sword 2800    Shinobi Suit 3000                      Heal 30
    Mage Masher 900     Bard Suit 1000                         Eyedrop 20
    Trident 2700                                               M. Kiss 60
    Ashura 5800                                                D. Bread 50
    Silver Bow 1500                                            Soft 150
                                                               P. Down 1000
                                                               Tent 250
    30 gil
    -Jacole is a village that lives by mining.  They mine the minerals from
     the cave up north and then make them into powerful weapons.  They do
     indeed have powerful arms; take advantage of it!  Coral Swords will
     especially come in handy, so pick up a few regardless of the hefty
     price tag.  When you've bought everything you need, head for the mine
     up north; you passed it on the way to this town.
    22. Jacole Cave
        *Location - Northeast of Jacole Village
        *Treasures - Tent, Shuriken, Dengeki (Whip)
        *Monsters - Nut Eater, Skull Eater
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Intention of the Earth"
    -When you get in the cave, take notice of the enemies.  They give you
     pretty decent AP points!  But watch out for Skull Eater, as he deals
     out some heavy hits.  Kill him for the AP if you can, if not, avoid
     him.  Some people are a little confused about how to get far into the
     cave itself.  First, hit the switch at the bottom of the screen to
     move the stone block to one side.  Next, go down to the bottom of the
     cave and walk around for a while.  Soon, you should see all of the
     switches disappear except one.  Hit that switch as fast as you can!
     The stone block will move to its original side.  Now go up to the
     right side, where you couldn't go before.  Check the chest at the top
     of the screen and the locked door will open.  Now go through!
    -For the rest of the dungeon, just go along picking up the treasure
     chests.  You'll get to a dead end eventually, and you won't be able to
     go any farther.  Be patient; that same dead end wall plays a part in
     World Three ^_^.
    23. Village of Istory
        *Location - Far northwest corner of the map
        *Treasures - Toad spell, Love Song spell
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - No
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Harvest"
    Armor               Magic Spells    Items           Inn
    -----               ------------    -----           ---
    Fire Ring 50000     (Nothing new)   Potion 40       30 gil
    Water Ring 50000                    Heal 30
    Angel Ring 50000                    Eyedrop 20
                                        M. Kiss 60
                                        D. Bread 50
                                        Soft 150
                                        P. Down 1000
                                        Tent 250
    -Well, what can I say about Istory?  It's another backwater, small
     farming town.  However, there is plenty of awesome stuff here!  Walk
     to the circle of flowers in the upper left-hand corner of town and
     walk on top of them counter-clockwise.  A frog will jump out and leave
     you the Toad spell!  That's not all; see the sheep standing by itself
     in the fenced off area?  Get behind it, and tickle it (A button) and
     it'll kick you over the fence.  Now talk to the Bard here and he'll
     give you the Love Song spell!  You can also get info about Istory
     Falls from the old man in that area.  Don't worry about the
     expensive-ness of the rings, though.  You'll get another chance to
     buy them in World Three.
    -After leaving this village, get ready for a boss battle. That's right,
     a boss battle!  Ramuh, our old buddy from previous FF games, lurks the
     woods east of Istory.  Cross the bridge and walk around for a while,
     and you should eventually run into him.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Ramuh - seemingly harmless old man...
    HP - 4000
    Attacks - Bolt, Bolt 2, Aspil, Flash
    AP - 3
    Drop - Ramuh (spell)
    -Ramuh isn't too tough, but sometimes if he gets lucky, he could kill
     you.  A Ninja helps greatly for this battle.  To do massive damage to
     Ramuh, throw some Shurikens and Mithril Swords at him.  The
     Elementalist's Element skill is also pretty good.  Just watch out for
     his Bolt 2.  He singles out a party member to use it on, doing around
     300-400 damage.  Don't forget to use the item "Ramuh" to get his
    24. Crescent Village
        *Location - "Crescent Island," a small island in the lower right
                    hand corner of the map (yup, it's another loooong trip)
        *Treasures - Life Song spell
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - Yes
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Danger!", "Tenderness in the Air"
    Weapons               Armor              Magic Spells    Items
    -------               -----              ------------    -----
    Fire Bow 2500         Feather Hat 350   (Nothing new)   Potion 40
    Ice Bow 2500          Bard Suit 1000                    Heal 30
    Lightning Bow 2500                                      Eyedrop 20
    Silver Harp 900                                         M. Kiss 60
                                                            D. Bread 50
                                                            Soft 150
                                                            P. Down 1000
                                                            Tent 250
    30 gil
    -The Crescent Island area is an area prone to earthquakes and other
     natural disasters.  This is what Batz and the others are investi-
     gating while trying to find the Earth Crystal.  No sooner than you
     step in Crescent Village than does your Fire Powered Ship drift out to
     sea and sink!  Well, that really sucks.  Explore the village for now.
     Especially check out the home in the bottom right-hand corner of town.
     There's a piano here, plus the Bard gives you the Life Song!  That's
     pretty much it here.  Now, how are you gonna get back to Cid and Mid
     to tell them about this unfortunate mishap...hmm...
    25. Black Chocobo Forest
        *Location - Southwest of Crescent Village
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "What?", "Mambo de Chocobo"
    -Stumbling upon this forest southwest of Crescent, Princess Lenna
     discovers it to be a Black Chocobo Forest!  Batz hops on the little guy
     and tries to ride him, but something's weighting him down.  Faris
     claps the fine feathered fowl on the back and sure enough, two Crystal
     pieces fly out!  These are the other two pieces that were lost in the
     Karnak disaster.  With everything set, our heroes hop on the Black
     Chocobo.  You now have another vehicle!
    26. Village of Lix
        *Location - Right northwest of the Wind Shrine
        *Treasures - Charm Song
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - No
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "My Home, Sweet Home", "Music Box"
    Weapons             Armor                Magic Spells      Items
    -------             -----                ------------      -----
    Kunai Dagger 600    Green Beret 2500     Esuna 3000        Ether 750
    Shuriken 2500       Shinobi Suit 3000    (if you missed    Potion 20
    Flame Tech 200                           it)               Heal 15
    Water Tech 200                                             Eyedrop 10
    Bolt Tech 200                                              D. Bread 25
                                                               M. Kiss 30
                                                               Soft 75
                                                               Tent 125
    -Lix is Batz's hometown.  He hasn't been here since his father died
     years earlier, so the mood of Batz is pretty sad.  You can visit his
     mother's grave off to the left of town and talk to some of the people
     to watch flashback scenes.  The guy at the Inn will let the party stay
     for free and the Item merchant slashes his prices in half!  Stock UP!
     ESPECIALLY take advantage of the Flame Techs, Ice Techs, and Bolt
     Techs!  Buy a LOT of these!  Before you hit the road, stop at Batz's
     house in the top left corner of town.  Look at the pink object sitting
     on the table in the back.  There'll be a flashback scene about the
     fate of Batz's mother, Stella.  After you watch the touching scene,
     talk with the Bard.  He'll give you the Charm Song spell!
    27. Back to the Ancient Library
    -You know how to get there.  Fly the Black Chocobo over and land in the
     forest.  When you go into the Ancient Library, Cid and Mid come rushing
     out.  Batz tells them the story about the Fire Powered Ship, but it
     seems Cid has a story of his own.  It turns out that King Tycoon has
     been spotted across the desert near the Lonka Ruins!  King Tycoon is
     still alive after all.  The Lonka Ruins is also where the Earth Crystal
     is hidden!  However, for the party to continue through the desert, they
     first need to defeat the Sandworm, and walk across its body to avoid
     the shifting sands.  When you're ready, head out to the desert west of
     the Ancient Library.
    28. Desert
        *Location - Directly west of the Ancient Library through a canyon
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Desert Killer, Sand Bear, Sand Porkipes, Hole,
                    Sandworm (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Intention of the Earth", "The Fierce
    -If you try to cross the sands, you'll find you won't make much
     progress.  Next, Cid and Mid will show up and ask you if you're ready
     to fight the Sandworm.  Pick the top option and the battle begins!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Sandworm - massive yellow centipede-like monster
    HP - 3000
    Attacks - Gravity 1, Quicksand, hit
    AP - 5
    Drop - Nothing
    -Well, this boss is very easy.  His hit points are very low, and
     Water/Ice attacks heavily damage him.  If you have a Ninja and you
     bought a lot of Water Techs back at Lix, throw them without delay -
     they do over 1000 points of damage!  Prroblem is, he hides in one of
     three different holes.  But the trick is simple; just wait until he
     shows himself and then hit him quickly.  Needless to say, it shouldn't
     be a long battle.
    -After the Sandworm is defeated, Batz tells Cid to take the Black
     Chocobo that they found back to the its home in the Black Chocobo
     Forest.  Meanwhile, your team is heading for the Lonka Ruins!  Just
     make your way south across the rest of the desert and exit.  When you
     get back to the overworld, you'll be in a long canyon.  Follow this way
     south to reach the isolated Lonka Ruins.
    29. Lonka Ruins
        *Location - Far south of the desert
        *Treasures - Miniman spell, Shuriken (2)
        *Monsters - Crayclaw (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Musica Machina", "What?", "The Fierce
    -Wander around here for a while, and you'll eventually see King Tycoon
     playing tricks on you!  Follow him around until he goes into the center
     house.  When Lenna tries to run toward him, he springs a pit trap on
     everyone!  The team falls down below to some sort of ancient advanced
     civilization.  Reassemble the team and move on.  The north teleporter
     leads you from the ruins under Lonka to some sort of similar ruins
     under Crescent Island.  Meanwhile, Cid and Mid just happen to be
     flying the Black Chocobo back home at the same time.  When it switches
     back to Batz, go up the stairs and flip the switch in the next room.
     Cid and Mid are in for a surprise!  After that's done, head down and
     you'll be in a large room with various bookcases, beds, a laboratory,
     etc.  Go to the switch on the down-left portion of the room.  Scrawled
     on it is a riddle.  Next, check the room with the beds.  Go to the
     green plants down the bottom, and on the far right.  Hit the A button
     here and you'll see the next stage of the riddle.  Now check the
     farthest-right piece of paper in the laboratory room.  Go back to the
     far left room and search the left pot.  A frog will jump out and knock
     a book off the bookcase.  Read it and finally pull the switch again.
     You can get the treasures now, including the Miniman spell!
    -Now, leave that entire room and head north.  Rest and save your game;
     there's an unwanted guest about to crash your party.  Head down the
     stairs...and you'll be on the Fire Powered Ship that sank a while ago!
     But...there's another ship to the right of this one.  What could it be?
     Of course, it's none other than the legendary Airship!  At that point,
     Cid and Mid drop in (literally) on the situation and everyone surveys
     the awesome discovery.  Follow Cid below and he explains a little bit
     about how everything works.  Soon, the airship lifts out from under
     the ocean!  It turns out that these ruins were a "catapult" for the
     airship in ancient days.  However, the find is short-lived...Crayclaw
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Crayclaw - looks like Karlabos, only gray
    HP - 2000
    Attacks - I beat him too quick to tell ^_^
    AP - 5
    Drop - Ice Bow
    -This boss is pathetic.  It's possible to kill him in one hit with a
     Bolt Tech.  Use anything Lightning-based on him, or a Coral Sword
     (with Both Hands preferrably), and it'll be a quick victory.
    -Cid lands the airship and everyone gets out for now.  After some small
     talk, you now have full access to an airship!  Appreciate the
     privelege; this is something truly awesome in the FF series.  Now it's
     time to go back to the Lonka Ruins and look for that last Crystal!  But
     when you fly the airship over the Lonka Ruins, something terrible
    -The Lonka Ruins basically come out from underground and start to float.
     Someone or something is doing this to control the final Crystal!
     They raise high up in the air; too high for the airship to get to
     right now.  Go see what Cid can do!
    -When you get back to the Catapult, Cid tells you that you're going to
     need Adamantium to modify the airship to catch up with the Flying Lonka
     Ruins.  Everyone's baffled on where in the hell to get it...except
     Galuf.  Remember that shiny stone in his meteor in the beginning of the
     game?  Well, that's the Adamantium!  It's time to head back to the
     Tycoon Meteor.
    30. Back to the Tycoon Meteor
    -Nostalgia anyone?  It's been quite a long time since you've been here.
     Rest and save your game before you go inside the meteor.  Grab the
     Adamantium from the back wall.  Of course it figures that you get
     attacked when you're leaving.  It's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Adamant Turtle - ugly brown snapper turtle that smells
    HP - 2000
    Attacks - Hit
    AP - 5
    Drop - Turtle Shell
    -This boss can hit for serious damage with his physical barrages.  He
     can hit for up to 600 damage on one character alone.  Ouch!  It's a
     good thing his HP isn't all that high.  You can cast Level 5 Death on
     him for a quick kill, or if you don't have that, you could fire lots of
     Water Techs at him.  Remember, turtles are weak to ice and water!  If
     you lose, just try again; you'll eventually come out on top!  Be fast
     above all!
    -After you get the goods, head back to the Catapult.  Cid and Mid will
     modify the airship (I love that scene ^_^.)
    -When everyone wakes up from the rest, Cid will explain that the Flying
     Lonka Ruins has air defenses.  There are four small cannons on the
     sides of it, and one huge cannon that comes out when the other four
     have been destroyed.  Now that you've got this info, save your game and
     head for the Flying Lonka Ruins!
    -NOTE: To get there, hit the A button while in the airship and choose
     the up arrow.
    31. Flying Lonka Ruins: The Ancients' Secret
        *Location - Somewhere in the stratosphere
        *Treasures - Gold Armor, Gold Shield, Phoenix Down, HiPotion,
                     Elixir, 5000 gil, Shuriken, Power Wrist, Full Moon,
                     Ancient Sword, Cottage, Ether
        *Monsters - Archaeo Toad, Lamia, Demon Shield, Lonka Knight,
                    Hyudora, Hydra, Flame Cannon, Stoned Mask,
                    Sol Cannon (Boss) Archaeo Ibis (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Musica Machina", "The Fierce Battle",
                                   "The Dark Mage Exdeath", "Hurry!
    -First, you've got to destroy the air defenses around the fortress.
     Take either of the cannons first, it really doesn't matter.  After you
     defeat each one, or every two, save.  Do it how you want.  However,
     when the Sol Cannon comes out, don't screw around!  Go back down and
     save your game.  When you're ready, head back up and run into it!
     It's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Sol Cannon - metal destruction
    HP - around 10000-12000
    Attacks - Rocket Launcher, Missile, Energy Cannon
    AP - 7
    Drop - Dark Matter, HiPotion (2)
    Launcher (2) - Sol Cannon attachments
    HP - ????
    Attacks - None; apparently just there to annoy you
    AP - None
    Drop - Nothing
    -This is one boss that doesn't screw around.  Once you destroy the
     launchers (one or two Bolt Techs take them both out) Sol Cannon barely
     ever attacks you.  In fact, the only attack you need to fear is the
     Energy Cannon.  There will be a whole bunch of messages on the screen
     as you harp away on the Sol Cannon with Bolt Techs and Bolt 2 Sword
     magic spells and then it'll hit you with a laser beam.  This attack
     can do an upwards of 500 damage to everybody, so get ready to do some
     healing.  Unless you're really slow, he will only manage to get it
     off once. (And if you're really fast, he won't get it off at all!)
    -Now you're free to enter the Flying Lonka Ruins!  As soon as you get
     in the door, head through the bottom door and go back out the top on
     the other side.  Walk across the invisible bridge and go down to get
     the Gold Armor.  Now head through the door.
    -NOTE: You can learn the ultra-valuable White Wind Blue Magic spell
     from the Demon Shield enemy!  You can also learn Aero 2 from him.
    -Head left in the next room and down across the invisible bridge.  When
     you go up, take the third from the left passage to get the Elixir.
     Take the first passage to continue on.  Before you head up either of
     the staircases, continue right to get a Phoenix Down, and eventually,
     a Gold Shield.  Now go back and take the staircase leading up to get
     to a save point.  After you save, head for the staircase going down
     to get to Basement 4.
    -Follow the halls until you get to a fork.  Now head right and through
     the door.  Go up the stairs.  In the next room, grab the HiPotion and
     head right again.  Before going through the door, head down the stairs.
     Follow that hall to some more stairs, and when you go up them, you
     will see five treasure chests.  Don't run straight for them; it's a
     trap.  From the center of the room (where you're standing), walk one
     space to the left and go straight up.  Grab that box and get all the
     other ones from left to right.  Inside the center box is the powerful
     Ancient Sword!  Now you can leave this room and head back to the door
     you never went in on 4F.  When you get back to there, take the stairs
    -On the next floor, take the stairs up and go through the bottom door
     (watch out for that hole!).  Hook left, go through both doors and take
     the stairs down.  In the next room, you will see a door to the left of
     you and stairs going up to the south.  Take the stairs first, they lead
     to a save point.  Rest up, save and go back to the door in the room
     below.  Go through it and go up yet another staircase leading to 4F.
     Don't worry, you're almost there!  Walk to your right on 4F and go
     through the door.  You'll get to another fork; stairs going down and
     a door.  Take the stairs to pick up two chests then go back to the
     door.  Walk around the piece of metal and flip the switch to make
     stairs appear.  Go up them.
    -Finally, 5F!  Walk around the staircase and you see King Tycoon
     fighting some kind of monster.  But once again, he doesn't seem to be
     himself...no matter, it's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Archaeo Ibis - cross between a snake and a bird
    HP - around 8000-9000 (first part) around 2000-2500 (second part)
    Attacks - Barrier Change, Blind, Fire 2, Regenerate, Breath Wing, Charm
    AP - 10
    Drop - Drink
    -Definitely the hardest boss you've faced so far.
    -This boss's defense is really tough!  He also has the infamous Barrier
     Change spell that some bosses have in many of the FF games.  Techs
     don't do too much damage, but they're still helpful.  Concentrate on
     making good weapon attacks and use Cure 2 when you need to.  Magic
     doesn't work too well, plus you could risk healing him.  When you
     think you've killed him, he comes back to life!  However, he's
     easier this time; his defense from before is now gone and he only
     has a small amount of HP.  Just don't heal him!  You can do it!
    -In the aftermath of that tough battle, King Tycoon rushes into the
     Crystal room and everyone follows him.  Inside there, we see that
     Batz and Galuf are trying to stop King Tycoon from unsealing Exdeath,
     but Faris and Lenna won't let them!  At that moment, a fourth meteor
     falls!  In fact, it crashes right into the side of the Flying Lonka
     Ruins!  A strange blonde girl busts through the wall and slams King
     Tycoon with a magic spell.  This girl is Galuf's granddaughter, Krile!
     Soon after, Galuf's memory fully returns!  Faris and Lenna even have
     a heartfelt reunion with their now-normal father.  But then, it
    -The Earth Crystal shatters and a dark laugh is heard.  We see a view
     of Exdeath's seal being broken and power flying all over the place.
     Then Exdeath himself appears and vows for havoc to come to the world!
     The Crystal pieces then attack our heroes.  However, King Tycoon tells
     everyone to stand back while he takes care of the dark magic!  He
     stops the power of the Crystals, but it is too late, and he's killed.
     As everyone escapes the crumbling Lonka Ruins, Exdeath is laughing...
    -The Flying Lonka Ruins aren't flying much anymore.  In the aftermath,
     we learn of two seperate worlds, Batz's world, and Galuf's world,
     of which the citizens are now at war with Exdeath.  Galuf decides he
     must return to his world to fight the war, since he is a king there!
     He and Krile soon leave on a meteor leaving Batz, Lenna and Faris to
     sit around.  Then, they get the idea to go to Galuf's world and help
     in the fight!  Your next stop is the Tycoon Meteor to talk to Cid.
    -When you get inside, you find them studying how the warp works.  They
     say that it might be possible to get to Galuf's world if enough
     Adamantium could be obtained.  You have to go to each of the meteors to
     get the Adamantium from them!
    32. Lonka Meteor
        *Location - Where the Lonka Ruins were
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Chimera Brain (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle"
    -Make this your first stop off.  Before you head inside the meteor,
     make sure you have full health.  When Cid and Mid go in to get the
     Adamantium, they don't come back out for a while...something is wrong
     here.  When you get to the second basement, you'll see that the poor
     scientists are under siege by a monster!  Get ready, it's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Chimera Brain - looks like Dolm Chimera, only different pallete
    HP - 3300
    Attacks - Aqua Breath, Blaze
    AP - 6
    Drop - Phoenix Down
    -Well, this boss is simple.  Just hit him with conventional attacks or
     Techs and heal when necessary.
    -After you're done with this meteor, it's time to head to the Karnak
    33. Karnak Meteor
        *Location - Far east of Karnak Village
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Titan (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle"
    -Go here next and Cid and Mid will do their stuff.  But then they'll
     come back out and tell Batz that there's monsters inside.  It's time
     to go in and clear the place out!  When you get to the second
     basement, it's time for a battle with Titan!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Titan - yup, the summon spell Titan
    HP - 2500
    Attacks - Critical, Earth Shaker
    AP - 5
    Drop - HiPotion
    -Titan has some pretty powerful hits, but nothing special to worry
     about.  Hit him with your hardest and watch out for the Earth Shaker
     move when he dies!  As always, you get his powers when you kill him.
    -It's time to go to the final meteor, Walse Meteor!
    34. Walse Meteor
        *Location - Northwest of Walse Castle
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Pyuroboros (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle"
    -NOTE: Before entering this place, make all three of your characters
     Samurai and make sure you have some money! (around 10000 gil)
    -This time, Cid and Mid will get the Adamantium as planned, but a
     monster will jump out, practically on their heads!  Prepare for a boss
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Pyuroboros (6) - the ultimate grenades
    HP - 1500
    Attacks - Reraise
    AP - 5
    Drop - Potion
    -Since it's such a pain to fight these guys with anything but Coin
     Toss, my suggestion is that you just Coin Toss them and kill them all
     in one hit.  If you can beat them another way, go ahead and do it.
    -You've done it!  It's time to warp to World Two!  Cid shows you the
     place on the map where the energy for the warp is gathering!  Fly
     your airship over and enter.
    -NOTE: Do EVERYTHING you need to do in World One before going into the
     warp.  There really is no turning back!
    -Batz, Lenna and Faris talk here for a while, and then they finally
     decide to jump in!  They don't know what awaits them around the
    1. Lone Island: A New Beginning
       *Location - ????
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - Pao, Abductor
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Danger!"
    -Enjoy the cool landing scene.  When everyone comes to, you'll discover
     you're on an island with nothing else around.  The only enemy here is
     one called Pao that gives you Tents when you beat him.  So do yourself
     a favor and use one.  At night, the party will be sitting around a
     campfire when Princess Lenna and Faris get picked up by some creature!
     Batz will have to fight the beast.  It doesn't matter if you win or
     lose.  Either way, Batz loses consciousness...
    2. Exdeath's Castle
       *Location - Center of the eastern continent
       *Treasures - Party's equipment
       *Monsters - Jail Bear, Tarantula, Gilgamesh
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Dark Mage Exdeath", "The Four
                                  Warriors of Dawn", "The Fierce Battle"
    -Batz and the others wake up inside a cell in Exdeath's Castle some
     time later.  The Abductor is a henchman of Exdeath, in case you hadn't
     noticed ^_^.  Of course, the host comes to greet his guests.  Exdeath
     soon shows up and bad mouths the party, rambling about how he will use
     the power of the "Nothingness" to rule everything!  A monster comes
     and brings a mirror in front of the cell.  Meanwhile, Galuf and Krile
     are on Big Bridge, looking for the best way to invade Exdeath's Castle.
     They see the images of Batz, Lenna, and Faris along with Exdeath,
     making threats.  Exdeath also leaves his most trusted lieutenant,
     Gilgamesh, to watch over the captured party members.  After seeing all
     this, Galuf hops on the dragon and decides to go to Exdeath's Castle
    -Galuf will drop down through the roof and pick up everyone's Items and
     Crystal pieces.  Then, you get to control him.  Walk over to the far
     left; both of the doors are locked.  Go down the stairs and make your
     way to Gilgamesh, who is surprised to see someone that wants to
     challenge his incredible skill ^_^.  Fight Gilgamesh with normal
     attacks, you shouldn't need to use anything else.  After doing about
     2000 points of damage, he'll run away for now, and Galuf lets Batz
     and the others out of jail.  Now that you're all together again, heal
     if necessary, and go back to the front gate.  Your best bet to get
     back to Galuf's castle, Bal, is to cross the Big Bridge, to the west!
    3. Big Bridge
       *Location - West of Exdeath's Castle
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - Neo Galura, Push Chariot, Flying Killer, Fishman,
                   Gilgamesh (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Battle with Gilgamesh"
    -Check out the awesome theme they have playing for this level!  It's
     one of my favorites.  The basic object of the Big Bridge is to make
     your way north, fighting battles along the way.  When you get through
     the first door a little ways across, Gilgamesh will jump out on the
     party again!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gilgamesh - bumbling samurai warrior
    HP - do around 4500 damage and he'll run away
    Attacks - Jump, Haste, Shell, Protect, Critical, sword attack
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -Gilgamesh is pretty easy at first, but when he starts to power up,
     he's got a decent difficulty factor.  His most devastating move is his
     Jump ability!  This can do an upwards of 500 damage to one party
     member, so anticipate it.  Techs greatly help out here, although Monks
     are a good class to use.  If you can, steal Genji equipment from him!
     He'll run away after taking damage.
    -Continue on across the bridge, you're almost there!  Just when the
     party is about to get off the bridge, Exdeath's barrier around his
     castle goes up and throws our heroes off the bridge!  That trashes
     any plans of invasion...
    -When everyone wakes up (yet again) Galuf tells them that they've been
     blown to the Grociana Continent.  Head to Rugor Village to the far
    4. Village of Rugor
       *Location - Far east of the ISP
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - (none)
       *Piano? - Yes (hidden in the left wall in the Pub)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Tenderness in the Air"
    Weapons                  Armor                Magic Spells
    -------                  -----                ------------
    Orihalcon 3400           Gold Shield 3000     Blink 3000
    Warhammer 6400           Gold Helmet 3500     Shell 3000
    Ashura 5800              Green Beret 2500     Esuna 3000
    Slumber Sword 5600       Triangle Hat 1500    Drain 3000
    Wind Spear 5400          Gold Armor 4000      Break 3000
    Black Bow 3800           Shinobi Suit 3000    Bio 3000
    Dreamer Harp 1600        Earth Suit 2000      Comet 3000
    Chain Whip 3300                               Slow 2 3000                                                   Return 3000
    Items 1         Items 2               Inn
    -------         -------               ---
    HiPotion 360    Ether 1500            Free
    Potion 40       Revivify 150
    P. Down 1000    Cottage 600
    Soft 150        Giant Drink 110
    M. Kiss 60      Strength Drink 110
    D. Bread 50     Speed Drink 110
    Eyedrop 20      Protect Drink 110
    Heal 30         Hero Drink 110
    -Wow...there's a LOT of expensive stuff in this town.  Make buying the
     magic spells your first priority; get them before anything else!  If
     you make your way to the Inn, the Innkeeper lets the party stay for
     free since nobody's stopped there for a long time.  In the middle of
     the night, there will be another cut scene.  Galuf sneaks out of the
     Inn and goes to the Pub.  Batz follows him, and the two talk for a
     while about Exdeath and the barrier around his castle.  Maybe it's
     just me, but Galuf's attitude changes a LOT when you get to the second
     world...he's like such a merry person now!  Well, maybe that's because
     he actually knows where he's at this time.  Who knows?  In the
     morning, you can dance on the stage in the Pub for a free 100 gil!
     Do this as many times as you want!  Once you've got everything you
     need, pack up and head south.
    5.  Seal Castle Kuzar
        *Location - South of Rugor Village
        *Treasures - Excalibur, Assassin Dagger, Sasuke's Katana, Holy
                     Lance, Rune Axe, Masamune, Earth Bell, Wizard Rod,
                     Sage Staff, Firebute, Apollo's Harp, Yoichii's Bow
                     (too bad you can't get them all yet ^_~)
        *Monsters - Exdeath's Soul, Shield Dragon
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Sealed Away", "The Book of Sealings"
    -Ignore this place for now...there's absolutely nothing you can do here
     yet.  On top of that, the monsters in there will probably rock you!
     Instead, head south and then east.  When you get as far that you can
     go north, do so.  Finally, go through the forest, and you will enter
     a level.
    -NOTE: When walking around the Seal Castle Kuzar area (the field, not
     the forests) be especially careful of a monster called Kuzar (like the
     castle).  He looks like a white Behemoth, basically.  Anyhow, try to
     run from him if you're unfortunate enough to meet him.  His attacks can
     do anywhere from 5000 to 9999 points of damage!  And his HP are pretty
     high.  My question now: why'd they make Behemoths so damn stupid
     looking in this game?   They looked awesome in FFII, III, IV, VI, VII,
     AND VIII!  Don't know what the monster designers were thinking here
    6. Sinkhole
       *Location - Far east of Rugor Village
       *Treasures - 4400 gil, Phoenix Down,
       *Monsters - Acrofiz, Moogle Eater, Blood Slime, Lesaroboros,
                   Tyrasaurus (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "Moogles' Theme",
                                  "The Fierce Battle"
    -When you enter that forest, there will be a Moogle just standing there.
     Talk to it, and you'll find it's naturally afraid of the party.  It
     runs, and falls into a hole that appears in the ground!  You now have
     to do the "right thing" and follow it!
    -When you jump in the hole, hop in the water, and the current will
     immediately pull you eastward.  When you hit dry land, continue to
     head east.  Head down the stairs to get to another current.  Upon
     hitting land, grab the treasure chest and head into the water.  You'll
     go down two waterfalls and hit dry land again.  Follow the path, and
     repeat the process again.  You'll land near a chest that has a
     Phoenix Down.  Make sure you grab it.  The door nearby has nothing
     in it, so don't bother to go that way.  Head east again along the
     path.  Make sure you heal up before you go up the staircase, because
     the boss is up there!  In fact, he's terrorizing the poor Moogle!
     Upon seeing the party, he'll attack!  As Batz would say,
     "stand guard!"
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Tyrasaurus - ancient meat-eating dinosaur
    HP - 5000
    Attacks - Critical, powerful hit attack
    AP - 9
    Drop - Nothing
    -Actually, this boss is pretty tough!  Use anything that has Flame in
     it on him.  Flame Techs are great to use, Fire 2, anything.  His
     physical blows are powerful; sometimes he could bring a party member
     out of commission!  Bring that member back FAST and keep harping on
     him, he doesn't have that many HP!
    -In the aftermath, Lenna once again talks to the Moogle, and this time
     it shows the party the way to its home.  When you go to follow it,
     **MAKE SURE** you stay out of the desert and only walk in the forests!
     Go to the spot that the Moogle stopped on the overworld to reach the
     Moogle Village!
    7. Moogle Village
       *Location - Northeast of the Sinkhole
       *Treasures - Dancing Dagger, Ether, Phoenix Down, 10000 gil, 1 gil,
                    Cottage, Elf Mantle
       *Monsters - (none)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Moogle Theme", "The Dragon Spreads
                                  Its Wings"
    -Well, well, well...you're in the Moogles' home ^_^.  There's lots of
     fun stuff to do here.  First, go catch that Moogle that ran away from
     you.  When you do, he'll give you access to the Moogle treasure house
     that has lots of awesome stuff!  Among the chests is the Dancing
     Dagger, one of the best weapons in the game!  You'll get all kinds of
     zany results in battle when you attack with it.  Clean the place out!
     After that, go back outside and check the other houses.  In the center
     house, you can put on a Moogle suit.  Wear it and talk to the Moogle in
     the left house.  Well, it appears he's in love.  He'll open the
     treasure chest so you can pick up the Elf Mantle.  Now, talk to the
     original Moogle (yours) again.  There will be a scene at Bal Castle
     where Krile's pet Moogle talks telepathically with the Moogles at the
     Moogle Village and tells her that that's where Galuf is.  She hops on
     the dragon and goes to rescue them.  Soon, you're back at Bal Castle!
    8. Bal Castle
       *Location - Center of the western continent
       *Treasures - Teleport spell, Hero Drink, Angel Dress
       *Monsters - Abductor (outside)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Castle of Dawn", "Lenna's Theme"
    Weapons                  Armor                Magic Spells
    -------                  -----                ------------
    Orihalcon 3400           Gold Shield 3000     Blink 3000
    Warhammer 6400           Gold Helmet 3500     Shell 3000
    Ashura 5800              Green Beret 2500     Esuna 3000
    Slumber Sword 5600       Triangle Hat 1500    Drain 3000
    Wind Spear 5400          Gold Armor 4000      Break 3000
    Black Bow 3800           Shinobi Suit 3000    Bio 3000
    Dreamer Harp 1600        Earth Suit 2000      Comet 3000
    Chain Whip 3300          Gauntlet 3000        Slow 2 3000
                                                  Return 3000
    Items 1         Items 2               Inn
    -------         -------               ---
    HiPotion 360    Ether 1500            50 gil
    Potion 40       Revivify 150
    P. Down 1000    Cottage 600
    Soft 150        Giant Drink 110
    M. Kiss 60      Strength Drink 110
    D. Bread 50     Speed Drink 110
    Eyedrop 20      Protect Drink 110
    Heal 30         Hero Drink 110
    -Ahh, home sweet home.  All the soldiers and castle-folk are glad to
     see that King Galuf is safe.  Galuf's army took a beating while
     fighting Exdeath's soldiers, so the situation isn't too good.  While
     you're in the Throne room, pick up the Hero Drink and the Teleport
     spell hidden in the wall!  Now you're free to go anywhere you want.
     They have all of the shops here, but they sell pretty much everything
     that Rugor had.  So if you missed any of that, you can pick it up here
     again.  There's a treasure in the left tower called the Angel Dress,
     don't miss it!  When you're all set, head for the right tower where
     the dragon is.
    -When you talk to Krile, you find out that the dragon is dying.  He
     overexerted himself, and unless he gets the Dragon Weed, he will
     ultimately pass away.  The only place rumored to have the Dragon Weed
     is the Valley of the Dragon to the north, but nobody has ever come out
     alive.  Well...guess what?  You're about to be the first ^_^...Lenna
     volunteers the party to go get the Dragon Weed to save Krile's dragon.
     Despite the apparent danger, everyone decides to brave it!  After you
     watch this scene, head for the main gate.  The soldiers here warn Galuf
     that the enemy is all over outside, but he tells them to open up and
     then shut the gate when the party is outside.  They eventually do it
     and you'll have to fight another Abductor (it's an easy battle).
     Kill him and then head north for the Village of Kelb!
    9. Village of Kelb
       *Location - North of Bal Castle
       *Treasures - Requiem Song spell, Potion (8)
       *Monsters - (none)
       *Piano? - Yes
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Harvest"
    Weapons 1          Weapons 2             Armor 1
    ---------          ---------             -------
    Kodachi 5100       Orihalcon 3400        Headband 3500
    Killer Bow 5000    Warhammer 6400        Strength Suit 4500
    Poison Rod 1500    Ashura 5800           Power Wrist 2500
    Shuriken 2500      Slumber Sword 5600
    Flame Tech 200     Wind Spear 5400
    Water Tech 200     Black Bow 3800
    Bolt Tech 200      Dreamer Harp 1600
                       Chain Whip 3300
    Armor 2              Items 1         Items 2               Inn
    -------              -------         -------               ---
    Gold Shield 3000     HiPotion 360    Ether 1500            60 gil
    Gold Helmet 3500     Potion 40       Revivify 150
    Green Beret 2500     P. Down 1000    Cottage 600
    Triangle Hat 1500    Soft 150        Giant Drink 110
    Gold Armor 4000      M. Kiss 60      Strength Drink 110
    Shinobi Suit 3000    D. Bread 50     Speed Drink 110
    Earth Suit 2000      Eyedrop 20      Protect Drink 110
    Gauntlet 3000        Heal 30         Hero Drink 110
    -Things are quite deserted in Kelb...and very suspicious.  If you try
     to take the back exit to get through to the Valley of the Dragon, it's
     locked and Galuf says that you have to go meet Kelgar.  Enter the
     northern-most house and try to open the back door.  When you go to
     leave, you'll be attacked by several wolf-like creatures!  Then Kelgar
     will show himself.  It seems he wants a duel with Batz.  Despite
     Galuf's pleas, the two go to battle and Batz seriously wounds Kelgar!
    -Some time later, Kelgar tells the whole story about the war versus
     Exdeath.  He and Galuf go way back as Braves of Dawn, after all.  It
     turns out that Kelgar and Galuf both knew Dorgan and are surprised to
     learn that Batz is his son!  We see a flashback of the four knights
     sealing Exdeath in his prison.  Dorgan was the only one who didn't
     want to do it because of the risks...but he eventually gave in
     because Exdeath was waking up.  After the scene, you're free to go
     where you want.  They're selling some new stuff in the shops; check it
     out.  All the people, er--wolves, will come out of hiding as well.
     There's a familiar item to buy in the Weapons shop: Techs!  If you've
     got a Ninja, load up!!  You can get free Potions by staying at the
     Inn, and don't forget to talk to the wolf children in the top
     right-hand corner of town.  They give you the Requiem Song.  Now head
     out through the north gate and continue the trip to the Valley of
     the Dragon.
    10. Valley of the Dragon
        *Location - Directly north of Kelb
        *Treasures - 5000 gil, Cottage, Bone Mail, Hypno Crown, Wind Katana,
                     Phoenix Down, 7000 gil
        *Monsters - Dragon Zombie, Poison Eagle, Drippy, Rikaon, Bone
                    Dragon, Golem (Summon spell), Dragon Weed (Boss) Baby
                    Dragon Weed (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Walking the Snowy Mountains",
                                   "The Fierce Battle"
    -This is another typical mountain level.  Heeeere we go!  After
     entering, go left and then up into the cave.  Grab the 5000 gil,
     backtrack, and head up the path.  Go through the next cave, and enter
     the other one.  Head down, grab the Cottage and leave this area.
     Cross the bridge and follow the path.
    -NOTE:  The Dragon Zombie enemy always drops Dragon Horns...collect a
     load of these and sell them for 2500 gil a piece back at Kelb!
    -In the next area, an enemy called "????" will frequently attack you
     and then run...this is Golem.  Eventually, you'll get into a battle
     where a Bone Dragon and a Dragon Zombie attack Golem relentlessly; kill
     those monsters and protect Golem!  Try not to hit him with any of your
     attacks!  If he dies, I don't know if you can get him again or not.
     Don't leave this mountain without him!  You don't want to miss his
    -Continue on and check one of the bone piles to find a "Bone Mail."
     It's an armor with awesome stats, but every time the wearer of it gets
     cured, it does heavy damage to him!  Decide yourself what you want to
     do with it.  Go in the next cave and you'll see a locked stone door
     and a switch you can't get to.  Walk around on the right side of the
     room, and you'll eventually fall into a hole.  Grab the 7000 gil, and
     go through the left door first to hit the switch.  This'll open up a
     cave outside.  Now go back and go in the top door to get back to the
     original room.  Go outside and enter the cave that the switch made.
     Now you'll come to a fork.  Go left to grab the two treasures and
     right to continue to a Phoenix Down and a save point.  Rest, save
     and head left to go out the door.  Continue downward and you'll
     eventually see the Dragon Weed.
    -When Lenna and Faris go near it, it comes alive and grabs both of
     them!  Galuf and Batz grab up the women, and then the Dragon Weed
     attacks the whole party!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Dragon Weed - mad plant
    HP - 12000
    Attacks - (none)
    AP - 10
    Drop - Elixir
    Baby Dragon Weed (up to 5 at once) - just-as-annoying counterparts
    HP - 100 (ea.)
    Attacks - Berserk, Poison, Mute, Sleep, and others
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -Ths boss is pretty tough because of the Baby Dragon Weeds accompanying
     it.  They cast various status ailments on your party which makes their
     hit rate and battle power lower.  Fire Techs work well on this boss,
     since it's a plant.  If things are getting too rough, don't be afraid
     to break out the Elixirs!  Cure those status defects with Esuna and get
     those Baby Dragon Weeds outta there...and then attack momma.  Be
     careful, as they regenerate quite quickly!  As long as you get them
     gone though, you won't even get hit!
    -So, you finally got the Dragon Weed!  It's time to head back to Bal
    11. Back to Bal Castle
    -When you get back to Bal, the soldiers think you're Exdeath's monsters
     trying to play a trick on them!  Galuf shows everyone the way through
     the moat.  Go back to the dragon and Lenna will attempt to cure it.
     She does a rash thing by eating the leaves of the Dragon Weed so that
     Krile's dragon will follow the example.  The leaves are poisonous to
     humans.  Soon, the dragon is recovered and it even heals Lenna too!
     Now that you have cured it, Galuf decides to take the dragon to see
     Ghido, a 700 year-old turtle.  He says that this character has much
     wisdom, and he could play a pivotal role in the war against Exdeath!
     Speaking of which, we haven't heard from him in a while... ^_^.
     Ghido's island lair is just offshore from Galuf's continent to
     the north.
    -NOTE: You can pick up a Great Sword in the far right-hand corner of
     the moat if you search around!
    12. Ghido's Island
    -Upon getting here, something terrible happens!  Exdeath causes an
     earthquake and the entire island sinks.  Looks like nobody's going to
     be talking to Ghido anytime soon... Get back on your dragon and head
     for Surgate Castle to check up on King Zeza!
    13. Surgate Castle
        *Location - West of Ghido's Island
        *Treasures - Levitate spell, Subayasu no uta song,
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Castle of Dawn"
    Weapons                       Armor                 Magic Spells
    -------                       -----                 ------------
    Great Sword 8400              Gold Shield 3000      (Nothing new)
    Heavy Lance 8100              Gold Helmet 3500
    Bizen 8800                    Headband 3500
    Poison Axe 9600               Triangle Hat 1500
                                  Gold Armor 4000
                                  Strength Suit 4500
                                  Earth Suit 2000
                                  Gauntlet 3000
    Items 1         Items 2               Inn
    -------         -------               ---
    HiPotion 360    Ether 1500            60 gil
    Potion 40       Revivify 150
    P. Down 1000    Cottage 600
    Soft 150        Giant Drink 110
    M. Kiss 60      Strength Drink 110
    D. Bread 50     Speed Drink 110
    Eyedrop 20      Protect Drink 110
    Heal 30         Hero Drink 110
    -Well, the soldiers at Surgate recognize King Galuf right away.  They
     tell him that Zeza is off at Exdeath's Castle, trying to use the fleet
     to destroy one of Exdeath's Barrier Towers.  So that is your next
     destination, but there's a little bit you can do here.  First and
     foremost, grab the song spell out of Zeza's bedroom.  Buy some of
     the new weapons if you like.  Before leaving, there's a puzzle to be
     solved in the library.
    -Once you find the library, you have to put three books back in a
     certain order.  If you do this to help out the librarian, she'll grant
     you access to a special prize.  It's the Levitate spell but if you miss
     it or don't feel like doing the puzzle, it's OK, you can get it
     another time.  I never figured it out, so...once you're all packed up
     at Surgate Castle, hop on your dragon; there's a war to fight!
    14. The Fleets of Zeza: Attack, Phase One
        *Location - Just east of Exdeath's Castle, in the sea
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Gabbledegak, Enkidu (Boss), Gilgamesh (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Castle of Dawn", "Battle with
                                   Gilgamesh", "Danger!"
    -When you fly your dragon over to Exdeath's Castle, you should see a
     large fleet of ships in the ocean just off the coast.  Land and save
     your game and then land the dragon on the biggest ship.  Like the
     soldiers at Surgate said, Zeza is here, ready to deliver a crippling
     blow to Exdeath's defenses.  Galuf meets up with his old friend, and
     the party is invited to rest in the cabin.  However, Gilgamesh's theme
     seems to throw our heroes out of bed a few hours early!  The ships are
     being attacked by Exdeath's forces!
    -Rush up to top deck and check out the situation!  Gilgamesh soon
     appears, but you have to fight off his henchmen first (a henchman has
     henchmen!?).  You'll probably have to fight around 3 Gabbledegaks
     (don't worry, they're easy).  When you hack your way to Gilgamesh,
     it's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gilgamesh - him again, you ask?
    HP - 8888
    Attacks - Sword slash, Missile, Time Slip, Death Claw
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Gold Shield
    Enkidu - winged green demon
    HP - 4000
    Attacks - White Wind, Blood Suck, Critical
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -It seems this guy never gives up...he's just like Ultros.  Fight him
     exactly how you did last time; nothing has really changed here.  You
     could use Golem to nullify his physical attacks.  When Enkidu shows up,
     take him out with Shurikens or powerful sword attacks!  He uses White
     Wind, and it heals both of them for major points.  After Enkidu's gone,
     the real threat is gone believe it or not.  Steal Genji equipment
     from Gilgamesh if at all possible!
    -Damn!  After the fight, Gilgamesh knocks the party overboard, so
     they're hanging on the front mast.  Luckily the dragon comes and saves
     the day :).  You got lucky; Exdeath's monsters retreat for now.
     Follow Zeza into the left basement room (you may want to rest first).
     Go on the bottom side of the treasure chest and help him lift the lid
     off.  This is what he was guarding so closely!  It turns out that the
     fleet above is only a ruse...the submarine that is under the flagship
     will take Zeza and the party to sabotage one of Exdeath's Barrier
    15. Barrier Tower
        *Location - All around Exdeath's Castle
        *Treasures - 9000 gil, Blood Sword, 18000 gil, Hairpin
        *Monsters - Neon, Red Dragon, Reflect Knight, Magnetis, Torabela,
                    Ziggurat Gigas, Level Tricker, Grabid
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Exdeath's Castle", "The Fierce Battle",
                                   "Nostalgia", "Beyond The Deep Blue Seas"
    -Here, you split up into two teams (well, not really...).  Zeza goes
     down below to dismantle the power source, while Batz heads for the top
     to sabotage the antenna!  You can keep in contact with Zeza with the
     walkie-talkie he gives the party.  So, on with the dungeon!
    -First thing, head left and up the stairs to 2F.  Use a Tent or Cottage
     if you need it and save your game.  Continue on to the next room and
     you'll see two chests.  The one closer to you (the right one) contains
     9000 gil and the one farthest from you (left) contains a monster-in-
     a-box.  It's a Red Dragon, and it's a very tough battle.  Well, it
     could be, anyway.  Cool him off with some Shiva summons and some Ice 2
     and Water Techs.  After you slay him, you'll receive a Blood Sword.
     Continue through 3F and 4F.  On 5F, the stairs going up are on the
     right side.  DON'T miss the hefty sum of 18000 gil on 6F.  On that
     floor, keep going up until you're through the door.
    -On 7F, the stairs are on the left instead of the right.  You're almost
     there, keep going!  When you get to the door on that floor, Zeza will
     contact you via walkie-talkie.  After this scene, continue onward,
     watching out for pit traps on 8F.  9F is basically the last floor.
     But there is a fork.  Tip: head up the right stairs first; they'll
     lead you to 10F, and a save point.  I would save my game if I were
     you; in the left stairs is a chest with a Red Dragon lurking in it and
     there's a very good chance you could die.  So go back and fight the
     Red Dragon.  If you're victorious, you'll earn the awesome Hairpin,
     which reduces MP cost by 1/2.  Now go back to the save point, save
     if you need to and enter the door past it.  This door leads to the
     antenna.  You probably figured that a boss would show up.  Well,
     you're right...you didn't think Exdeath was just going to LET you
     smash his magic barrier, did you?
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Atomos - one of the strangest looking bosses I've seen...
    HP - 19997
    Attacks - Comet, Slow 2, Gravity 2, Wormhole
    AP - 12
    Drop - Dark Matter
    -Yup, this is a major boss battle!  This guy has a very high number of
     HP, and his attacks are devastating.  His worst attack is Comet,
     which he usually kills a party member with.  Then, when your party
     members start to die, he "draws" them into him...they'll start to slide
     across the floor.  Don't let this happen!  Since he doesn't really use
     any attacks other than that, just use Phoenix Downs to bring your
     characters back to life; you don't really need to heal them, since Comet
     will probably kill them anyhow.  Just harp on this boss with all you've
     got and pull out all the stops!  Ninjas help especially in this battle,
     with their ability to throw stuff at the enemy (namely Shurikens).
     Good luck, I'm sure you'll pull through!  You have, after all, gotten
     this far! ^_^
    -With Atomos out of the way, the Barrier Tower's antenna crumbles to
     dust.  Galuf contacts Zeza, but he's trapped in the engine room!
     Things are going haywire down there, and he get caught in the middle of
     it.  He tells Galuf to go and leave without him!  Galuf refuses and
     tries to head after his old friend, but Batz holds him back and
     eventually knocks him out to get him out of the tower before it
     explodes!  The party lands on the dragon, and everyone flies out of
     there while the structure collapses.  We see Exdeath's magic barrier
    -In the next scene, Galuf sits at the opening of the underground hole
     waiting for Zeza.  You can't do much here; just walk around.  This is
     sad; Galuf is convinced Zeza survived and he sits waiting for him.
     Eventually, you'll get to move on, and Batz decides it would be in the
     team's best interest to see if Ghido somehow survived the earthquake!
    16. Ghido's Sunken Island
        *Location - Where it was before, only underwater
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Metamorpher, Lageter
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Beyond the Deep Blue Seas"
    -Use your newly-acquired submarine to locate the ruins of Ghido's lair.
     When you get out of your sub, head south along the wall until you get
     to Basement 2.  Head down through the door again, and you'll be in a
     room with a bunch of chests.  You can't get them; they're not treasure.
     They're switches that open up the doors you see in that room.  Mess
     around with them for a while.  The top-left chest opens the door with
     the switch you need to hit and the bottom-left brings you to the room
     that the switch opened.  Both right chests lead to dead ends, and of
     course, the center chest allows you to go back.  Take the the
     bottom-left chest and go down the stairs you find in there.  In the
     next room, search the bottom-right corner of the room to find a
     switch hidden in the wall.  Flip it and a staircase will appear.
     Head over there and take it down.
    -There is a lot of hidden walls in the next area.  Head left, down, then
     right through the hidden walls here!  Enter the door, and in the next
     room, you will see a turtle in the water.  A question will pop up if
     you want to jump in or not.  Pick yes, and you'll be in Ghido's
     inner-sanctum.  Finally, head up and you'll see him!  Ghido basically
     tells the party that Exdeath is trying to unlock the power of the
     Crystals in the ancient Mua Forest.  He needs to do this to bring about
     the power of "Nothingness" on all the people of the planet!  He also
     points out that Exdeath's origin is the Mua Forest...to foil Exdeath's
     evil plans once and for all, Ghido gives you a magical tree branch
     (yeah, I know it sounds lame ^_^) which is needed to enter the Mua
     Forest.  With all said and done, you have to get there to stop Exdeath
     before it's too late.  Hightail it outta there and get to your
    17. Mua Village
        *Location - Far west portion of the world (it's pretty remote, you
                    have to use your sub to get there)
        *Treasures - Brave Blade, Chicken Knife (you can't get them yet)
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - Yes
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Tenderness in the Air"
    Weapons           Armor                  Magic Spells
    -------           -----                  ------------
    Air Knife 6800    Diamond Shield 6000    Cure 3 6000
    Elfinbow 7500     Diamond Helmet 7000    Reflect 6000
                      Tiger Mask 5000        Berserk 6000
                      Shisai Hat 3000        Fire 3 6000
                      Diamond Armor 8000     Ice 3 6000
                      Diamond Suit 6000      Bolt 3 6000
                      Light Robe 4000        Gravity 2 6000
                      Diamond Ring 4000      Haste 2 6000
                                             Old 6000
    Items 1               Items 2         Inn
    -------               -------         ---
    Ether 1500            HiPotion 360    70 gil
    Revivify 150          Potion 40
    Cottage 600           P. Down 1000
    Giant Drink 110       Soft 150
    Strength Drink 110    M. Kiss 60
    Speed Drink 110       D. Bread 50
    Protect Drink 110     Eyedrop 20
    Hero Drink 110        Heal 30
    -Wow...if you thought Rugor was expensive...however, you should have
     the money for all the shi- er, stuff here.  BE SURE TO PICK UP THE
     NEW SPELLS!  They have Cure 3, too!  Yes!  Lots of people here talk
     about the ancient forest and Exdeath.  When you've gotten everything
     you need, it's time to hit the forest and search for Exdeath!
    18. Mua Forest
        *Location - Directly east of Mua Village
        *Treasures - 2500 gil, Ether, 4900 gil, Phoenix Down, 9500 gil,
                     Cottage, Giant Drink, Elixir, Morning Star, Aegis
                     Shield, Susu (Throw), Flametan Sword
        *Monsters - Imp, Gajera Gajeri, Mini Magician, Mammon,
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "As I Feel, You Feel", "The Fierce
                                   Battle", "Nostalgia", "The Dark Mage
    -This level is one of my favorites ^_^.  One of my favorite musical
     themes is played too.  Well, this is one of the last dungeons of World
     Two, so let's get on with it!
    -Head up as far as you can go, and the magical tree branch will come
     out automatically.  The path will be revealed to the party.  Be aware
     of all the treasure in this place!  I know visibility is pretty bad
     with the trees and all, but lots of booty can be found off to the
     sides.  The first one is straight north from where you enter and it
     contains 2500 gil.  The second is east of that chest and slightly
     north.  It contains an Ether.  Now this is the part where many people
     get stuck ^_^.  From that chest, go to the tree right next to it and
     search the hole in it.  You will now be able to walk into the tree,
     so please do so.
    -In the next section, keep heading east, but stop to pick up the 4900
     gil to the north, near a tree.  From that chest, go east and north to
     pick up another treasure.  You're once again going to head east.
     Eventually, you'll come to a dead end.  Pick up the 9500 gil on the
     right side and head for the tree just west of there.  Search it and
     another passage will open.  Follow it and when you get out, head dir-
     ectly west to pick up a Cottage.  Head directly -east- to grab
     a Giant Drink.  Now go north and slightly right to get to a save
     point!  Rest and save, and continue north.  Don't forget to grab the
     Elixir off to your left!
    -At the top of the path, there should be a dead end with a chest.
     Inside it is the powerful Morning Star!  Take it.  Now continue your
     course to the left/west.  At some point there will be a cut scene, and
     the ground will start to shake.  Uh-oh, Exdeath must have something to
     do with this (it *IS* playing his theme ^_^).  Suddenly, the ancient
     forest will start to burn!  When you have control of your party again,
     quickly head straight up to grab an Aegis Shield.  At one point, some
     Moogles will jump out of a hole in the ground and save you from the
    -After you jump down the hole, you'll have to wait there a while until
     the fire dies down.  You can use that water on the bottom of the screen
     to heal up (healing spring).  When the Moogle guarding the door does
     finally move, you'll notice that all of the leaves on the trees are now
     gone; the forest has lost all of its beauty.  Damn that Exdeath...
    -Start to walk left.  Pick up the Susu (?) throwing weapon and the
     powerful Flametan Sword!  Now head toward the bottom of the screen and
     you'll find a way out.  Save your game; you've come a long way ^_^.
     Go back to Mua Village if you need to stock up on items/etc, and when
     you're ready, head back into the forest.  Head straight north from the
     entrance to come across the Elder Tree.  This tree is the oldest in the
     forest, and it somehow survived Exdeath's carnage.  The magical tree
     branch will once again activate itself and you'll be able to go inside.
    -While inside, the door will shut behind you.  Then, the party will be
     attacked by incarnations of the Elemental Crystals.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Elemental Crystals (4) - crystal-like objects
    HP - 7777
    Attacks - Aero 3, Aqua Breath, Earth Shaker, Fire 3, Ice 3, Critical
    AP - 15
    Drop - Nothing
    -These Crystals are pretty tough...each one of them has one of the
     elements as you may have guessed.  So don't try and hit them all with
     the same attack.  Coin Toss works rather well, although it's kind of a
     "cheap" way to kill a boss.  If you want to kill him the hard way,
     stick to regular attacks from swords/etc, mainly physical weapons.
     Weapons such as the Flametan could risk healing the boss.  However, if
     you've got no shame in killing a boss with Coin Toss, go for it!  Just
     make sure you use Cure 3 when the odds are turned against you.
    -Soon, everyone's favorite bad dude Exdeath will show himself in
     person!  He was the one controlling the Crystals.  He again turns them
     on your party.  We see a scene at Bal Castle with Krile.  Her pet
     Moogle comes and tells her that Galuf is in danger!  She takes the
     dragon and makes her way to the Mua Forest.
    -While your party is getting beat to hell, Krile suddenly bursts in and
     blasts Exdeath.  The power of the Crystals stops frying everybody.
     However, it was a weak spell and Exdeath quickly recovers from it.
     It's funny to watch as he throws Krile all over the room ^_^!  Galuf
     can't stand to watch his beloved granddaughter like that...even though
     he is drained of energy, he gets up and pushes himself against the
     Crystals' power, shattering it with his determination!  He throws Krile
     out of the spell's boundaries and makes it surround him instead.
    -"Exdeath!!!" Galuf roars!  Taken aback, Exdeath can only stand there
     and watch the old man with utter fascination.  Galuf charges Exdeath
     and it's time for a one-on-one boss battle!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Exdeath - The Dark Mage himself
    HP - ????
    Attacks - Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Gravity 2, Flare, Holy, Meteo, Critical
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -You finally get to see him in all his glory ^_^.  Exdeath is immensely
     powerful, so if Galuf dies, don't worry; he fights even when he has
     zero HP!  Galuf's driven by his rage, perhaps.  Just keep hitting
     Exdeath even if he is hitting Galuf for several thousand points of
     damage...he'll eventually be defeated.
    -The Dark Mage collapses and he and the Crystals disappear.  Galuf
     overexerted himself tremendously during that battle...he still lays
     fallen.  Batz and everyone else rush to his side.  Galuf tells Batz
     not to fail, and to smash Exdeath once and for all.  Everyone tells him
     not to talk like he's dying, but it's too late.  They all use curative
     items on him, but it's to no avail.  A great man has just died...
    -Everyone is quite shaken by this turn in events.  Krile lays in the
     spot where Galuf passed on for a long time.  Outside, Galuf's spirit
     talks to Krile.  He tells her to be strong most of all and to do her
     best to help Batz.  You then gain all of Galuf's job skills and EXP.
     points!  From now on, Krile fights in Galuf's place.  The dragon then
     arrives, and Batz decides it's time to pay Exdeath a revenge
     visit!! ^_^
    19. Shoat's Forest
        *Location - Top left-hand corner of the World Map
        *Treasures - (none)
        *Monsters - Shoat ^_^
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Fierce Battle"
    -Before heading to Exdeath's home and whopping the bejesus out of him,
     pay a visit to Shoat's Forest.  To get there, hop in your sub and
     submerge under the ocean.  Now go to your World Map.  You should see a
     location point on the continent to the top-left.  Head for that
     location point.  Upon reaching it, you will see it's a cave.  Go in,
     and follow the cave to the end.  Now you'll be outside, but beware!
     Shoat lurks in this forest.  When you run into him, prepare for a boss
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Shoat - green colored pig/elephant hybrid
    HP - 5000
    Attacks - Devil Eye, Break
    AP - 3
    Drop - Nothing
    -You probably remember this guy if you played FFVI.  However, he looks
     a little bit different here... but he really isn't all that hard.
     Fight him with normal attacks and use Heal potions if he turns one of
     your members to stone.  There should be little or no problem here.
    20. Raid on Exdeath's Castle: Attack, Phase Two
        *Location - Center of the southeastern continent
        *Treasures - Ether (2), Diamond Shield, Ice Shield, Icebrand
                     (Sword), Kotetsu (Katana), Elixir (2), 9900 gil, Twin
                     Lancer, 8000 gil, Partisan (Spear), Fuuma Shuriken
        *Monsters - Arage, Reflect Mage, Blind Wolf, Twin Lizard, Magic
                    Dragon, Black Wizard, Adamant Golem, Bander Cuahl, Red
                    Dragon, Blue Dragon, Aero Dragon, Carbunkle (Boss),
                    Gilgamesh (Boss), Exdeath (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Exdeath's Castle", "Battle with
                                   Gilgamesh", "The Decisive Battle"
    -Well, this is the home of the big man himself...when you get in the
     main hall, you see that the soldiers from Surgate Castle in there have
     been seriously wounded, probably by Exdeath as he was returning to his
     castle.  Talk to them, and then head through the upper door to heal
     (there's a healing spring) and save.  Now head back to the main hall,
     and head up the stairs to 2F.
    -On 3F, you'll eventually get to a dead end...OK, so what now, you ask?
     Try to head back out of the room, and a cut scene will occur.  Krile
     knows the place is in a disguise; she calls to the spirits of the Four
     Braves of Dawn to help her reveal Exdeath's true lair.  We see Galuf
     beckon to Kelgar at Kelb Village to help out.  Kelgar gives his life to
     aid the other spirits and Exdeath's Castle's true colors emerge!  Head
     up the stairs on 3F!
    -Don't miss the treasure on 4F (you have to hit the switch to get it).
     It's an Ice Shield.  Continue on to the bottom of the room.  You can
     cut through the wall near the staircase to the next floor.
    -When you hit 5F, three steps up from where you start is a cut through
     the the next area.  This will save you some time.  There's also another
     one up at the top of the screen that leads to the chest.  Whichever way
     you take, the chest contains an Ether.  Go to 6F!
    -On 6F, you'll see a whole bunch of lava rivers.  It is pretty wise to
     have an Elementalist in your party for this part so you don't take
     damage from stepping in the lava.  In fact, I strongly recommend it!
     So, whether you take an Elementalist or not, head down through the
     first lava river you see and go through the wall on the right to grab
     a Gust Bow.  Now head back to the platform and skirt around the left
     side of the room.  The chest you saw from when you came in contains an
     Elixir.  Grab it and head up the stairs to 7F.  The first thing you'll
     see on 7F is a skull switch on the floor with a platform and some
     chests.  You have to step on the skull switch and sort of play roulette
     here...wherever the platform lands is where you can go.  Try and time
     it to land so you can grab the chests; if you make it land where
     there's a pillar, you'll have to fight a monster.  Get both chests and
     make the platform land in the middle where you can continue.
    -NOTE: Don't dilly-dally in this room...you can sometimes run into a
     battle with a Red and Blue Dragon!  Believe me...you don't want to meet
     these guys, especially when you haven't saved!  If you think you can
     take them though, great.  There's lots of AP to be won, but just be
    -In the next room is a save point.  Relief, eh?  Rest, save, and con-
     tinue.  In the next room, 8F, head quickly to the right and go through
     the wall to pick up another Elixir.
    -NOTE: You can sometimes win Water Rings from the Aero Dragon enemies on
     8F.  Better to win them as opposed to paying 50000 gil for them at
     Istory or Mirage! ^_^
    -Head to the left on 8F to procure some money; 9900 gil to be precise.
     Continue through the door to reach 9F.  On 10F, you'll come to a
     staircase that leads back down to 9F.  Go down it and make sure you
     have an Elementalist again.  Walk through the lava and head up the
     stairs across from the ones you're on now.  You'll be back up on 10F.
     When you step on the skull switch to enter the next area, the floor
     leading to another door will disappear.  To make it reappear, walk
     along the LOWER EDGE of the room, always staying close to the border.
     Step on the skull switch in the southern-most part of the room.  Take
     the same way back, too!  In the next room, you'll see another save
     point.  Rest, save, and go back into the skull switch room.
    -When you're back in, make sure you have an Elementalist in your party
     again.  Be careful, as there are pit traps in this room; hence the
     reason for the Elementalist.  Walk around the room square by square,
     hitting the A button lightly in front of each space you're on to see
     where a pit trap is.  The chest across the room contains the Twin
     Lancer, an awesome weapon.  Finally, the top-most skull switch contains
     access to the room with the glowing light you may have seen earlier.
     This is Carbunkle.  Prepare for a boss fight!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Carbunkle - he's not very cute here, is he...
    HP - around 15000
    Attacks - Reflect, Fire 2, Ice 2, Bolt 2
    AP - 11
    Drop - Turtle Shell
    -Carbunkle is a very strange boss...he puts up a barrier first thing,
     so you can't hit him with much magic.  The Elementalist's attacks work
     pretty well, and physical attacks with weapons such as the Flametan and
     Icebrand often do VERY heavy damage!  Just keep hitting him, and even-
     tually your critical hits are what will wipe him out.  If all else
     fails, keep trying to use Shoat on him.  There's a good chance it could
     kill him.  As always, you gain his powers afterward!
    -Phew, you got Carbunkle!  Head down the stairs in front of him and
     you'll be teleported back to the lava room.  Now, head far to the right
     and go up the stairs to grab another hefty sum - 8000 gil.  Finally,
     head all the way back to that second save point on 10F.  Rest and save
     if you need to, and head out the left door.
    -11F is a very large room.  But before you grab that chest in plain
     view, head off to the right and go up the stairs to 12F.  There's a
     couple treasures in here, the Partisan, a good spear for your Dragon
     Knight, and a Fuuma Shuriken.  Now go back down and get that chest.
     When you open it, there's nothing in it...hmm.  Try to go up the stairs
     at the top and our favorite samurai, Gilgamesh will show up!  Prepare
     for a fight!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gilgamesh - he just doesn't know when to quit...
    HP - around 15000 (before he changes)
    Attacks - Sword attack, Frog Song, Time Slip, Rocket Launcher, Small
              Melody, Flash, Critical, Gilgamesh Change
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Excalipar (believe me, you may not want it ^_^)
    -Well, it's time to fight Gilgamesh yet again!  Try to steal the Genji
     equipment he's got first, then fight him.  A little while into the
     battle, he'll say some stuff and then change into this awesome looking
     dude!  He tries to use the Excalipar (fake Excalibur) on you, but it
     takes off crap for damage.  Then, Exdeath speaks.  It turns out
     Gilgamesh disobeyed Exdeath, so he banishes him to the Cleft of
     Dimension!  You win the battle.
    -Head back to the save point and do the necessary rituals.  Now head up
     the stairs you were about to go in when Gilgamesh attacked.  This leads
     to 13F.  At the end of the room, you'll see the Dark Mage himself.
     Exdeath explains his intentions to the party and then...it's boss time!
     Avenge Galuf!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Exdeath - the evil Dark Mage (shudder ^_^)
    HP - 32768
    Attacks - Death Sentence, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Flare, Despell,
              Row Change, Earth Shaker, Zombie Breath, Sword attack,
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -Exdeath puts any other boss you've fought in this game so far to shame
     (except maybe Gilgame).  This is NOT going to be an easy battle...so
     you'll have to give it your best!  A few prerequisites you'll want to
     have before entering this battle:
    -All party members' HP anywhere from 1000-1500 (no lower than 1000)
    -Caller/party member that can cast Call Magic (Golem, Carbunkle, Titan)
    -White Mage/party member that can cast White Magic (Cure 3, Esuna)
    -Blue Mage/party member that can cast Blue Magic (White Wind)
    -Party member that has decent physical attacks (Knight, Monk, etc)
    -Cast the "Levitate" spell on all members prior to entering the battle
    -Party member with the Throw ability
    -Coin Toss (optional)
    -First chance you get, cast Golem and Carbunkle to drastically raise
     your party's defense.  Now none of Exdeath's physical sword attacks or
     magic spells will hit you.  But this also means you can't cure right
     away either; don't be afraid to use the Elixirs you've gotten if your
     party is hurting.  Also cast Haste on all members if you want so you're
     quicker.  The first thing Exdeath will do is cast Death Sentence
     (one party member has a 30 count to live).  After your defenses are
     boosted, start to launch an offensive of your own.  Titan works very
     well (1800-2000 dmg) as do regular physical attacks (a Knight with
     Both Hands and a good weapon can do around 1500-2000 damage).  When
     you get to your character that has the Throw ability, have him throw
     the Fuuma Shuriken you found in the castle for over 4000 damage.
     When Exdeath does his Earth Shaker, you won't have to worry because you
     should be in the air already.  If not, be prepared to take around
     400-500 damage.  Zombie Breath is also a nasty spell that does 400-500
     damage to all members.  Counter these moves with White Wind or Cure 3
     if Carbunkle isn't active.  When Carbunkle and Golem wear off, quickly
     cast them again!  If things get rough, don't hesitate to Coin Toss him
     for around 4000 damage.  Keep this up, and he should ultimately
     fall...Exdeath isn't INSANELY impossible if that's what I'm making him
     sound like (he's nothing compared to a couple of the bosses you'll
     fight in World Three).  Still, he is the hardest boss up to this point,
     so be careful!  And best of luck!
    -After the battle, we see Exdeath crumble into dust...the threat is
     over, finally.  Whoa, think again!  The whole place starts to shake as
     Batz and the party lose consciousness...
    1. Tycoon Castle: Dimensions Crossed
    -Everyone wakes up to find that they're back home!  Or...maybe not.
     Tycoon Castle is here, but it appears as if Batz's world and Galuf's
     world have merged!  Head inside the castle.  In the foyer, the Minister
     will once again greet you.  This time he recognizes Faris as Sarisa,
     Lenna's lost sibling.  A large celebration is thrown as it appears
     Exdeath has been destroyed and the world saved.  But more because Faris
     has returned home to Tycoon.  Batz also goes a little crazy over Faris
     in a dress ^_^.  When Krile exits out the bottom door, follow her.
     Outside, she talks to Batz about her grandfather.  Then, the two
     decide to leave Lenna and Faris because they seem happy in Tycoon.
     Everything's come to an end, after all.  Before leaving, check out
     King Tycoon's bedroom (left of the throne room) and read the book to
     watch a cool flashback with Faris as a child.  Then hit the road,
     it's time to visit an old buddy!  Perfect timing, too...when you get
     to the front gate, a soldier almost runs over Batz, screaming that the
     bridge to the west has been completed.  Do yourself a favor and head
     that way.
    2. Pirates' Base
    -You might have been wondering how Boko has been doing all this time?
     Well, head back to the entrance to the Pirates' Base, and he pops out -
     along with a female companion!  Boko has done quite well for himself,
     you could say... ^_^.  The female's name is Koko; Boko goes with Batz
     and tells Koko that he'll be back soon.  If this all doesn't sound too
     silly to all of you out there...
    3. Sinkhole II
       *Location - West of Tule Village
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - Antlion (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Fierce Battle", "What?"
    -So you're riding along on Boko and you try to go through the valley
     west of Tule, when boom!  Boko suddenly falls into a large hole in the
     ground.  Great luck, eh?  Well...turns out that this hole is the home
     of the Antlion, an FFIV favorite!  Prepare for a boss battle!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Antlion - he looks rather different from FFIV's version
    HP - 8100
    Attacks - Quicksand, Critical
    AP - 5
    Drop - Nothing
    -This guy isn't all THAT hard...just keep attacking him normally, and
     he'll eventually escape.
    -So now how are you gonna get up to the top?  Walk around in the cave
     for a while, and soon someone will play tricks on you with a rope.
     When you finally DO get to the top, you find that the person who gave
     you the rope is...Faris!  She decided to follow the party (in fact, she
     was appalled that Batz left her!).  Well, now that you have Faris
     again, just do some more wandering.  You might even want to wander
     towards Ghido's Cave.
    4. Ghido's Cave Above Water
       *Location - West of Sinkhole II
       *Treasures - (none)
       *Monsters - (none)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Beyond the Deep Blue Seas", "The Dark
                                  Mage Exdeath"
    -Enter the cave, and you'll see poor Ghido turned on his shell!  This
     guy must have gotten all messed up from the worlds shifting and all.
     He and the party talk for a while about the power of the "Nothingness"
     that Exdeath was planning to unleash.  Suddenly, Exdeath, disguised as
     a thorn in Krile's side (literally) appears!  It turns out he wasn't
     destroyed after all!  In fact, Exdeath has finally gained the power
     of "Nothingness!"  We see Tycoon Castle sucked up into the black void
     with Princess Lenna in it!  Batz and the others, and even Ghido then
     fight against Exdeath, but he easily defeats them all.  Exdeath tele-
     ports to his new home, where he now reigns: the Cleft of Dimension!
    -Everyone soon wakes up after getting their behinds whopped.  That
     Exdeath seems to have unlimited power...but everyone now realizes
     the graveness of the situation.  The party heads to the nearby Ancient
     Library to discuss their battle plan.
    5. Ancient Library
    -Upon arriving, Ghido informs the scholars of the trouble the world is
     in, now that Exdeath is once again on the loose.  He has the power to
     use the "Nothingness" at will.  The two books that the scholars of the
     two worlds were struggling to decipher are now put together and the
     ancient legend is revealed.  The legend tells of the 12 legendary
     weapons and the three forbidden spells that the party must recover to
     defeat Exdeath.  It also tells of many of the summon spells that are
     yet to come.  However, to gain the weapons, the party must recover a
     series of four stone tablets that will unlock the seal at Seal Castle
     Kuzar.  Each time a tablet is acquired, the heroes will be able to
     choose three of the 12 legendary weapons.  This is done four times, of
     course.  At the end of the briefing, Ghido tells Batz that he and his
     party are the sole hope of the entire world!  The first of the tablets
     is held nearby, at the Pyramid.
    6. The Pyramid
       *Location - West of the Ancient Library, and across the desert
       *Treasures - Flame Shield, Dark Matter (6), White Robe, Black Robe,
                    Elixir (4), Thornlet, Crystal Mail, White Armor?, 9000
                    gil, 8000 gil, Hairpin, 12000 gil, Ribbon, Guard Ring,
                    10000 gil, Earth Hammer
       *Monsters - Brand Lamia, Aspis, Sekhmet, Cursed One, Archaeosaurus,
                   Nail, Omega Jr, Mummy, Zephyr Zone, Ziggurat Gigas,
                   Lunenta, Fall Guard
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Book of Sealings", "Intention of the
    -This place probably has the best treasures in the game (well, it IS a
     tomb).  You can pick up huge amounts of gil, armor, helmets, you name
     it.  There's some pretty pain in the rear enemies too, though.  It's a
     pretty big dungeon, so bear with me here.
    -When you first go near the door, you'll see two Gargoyle statues.
     They'll attack you, but remember that you have to kill them both at the
     same time.  Otherwise, they'll regenerate.  Coin Toss is a good way to
     take care of this problem.  Once you toast the Gargoyles, head in-
    -There's many different places to go, you might note.  First, head left
     and go through the door.  I'm talking about that very narrow corridor;
     take the stairs up.  When you enter the next room, you'll walk in a
     small area and then the doors will shut.  Snakes will pop out, and
     you'll have to fight them (they're so simple).  Kill them quickly and
     hit all the switches to let yourself out.  Keep heading south and go
     up the stairs to reach 3F.  The first thing you'll see there is three
     chests.  Makes your mouth water, huh?  Well, heal up before you open
     'em - these chests are trapped!  All three are "monsters-in-a-box"
     (VERY good EXP points though).  If you want to know what's in them,
     here it is: from the left, first chest contains a Flame Shield,
     second holds a Dark Matter and the third contains a White Robe.  When
     you grab all the loot, try to avoid all the snakes that fly out and
     run quickly up the stairs to the right.
    -You will probably be surprised when you see the next area.  There are
     several metal-looking creatures running around!  It's a very large
     room, too.  NO MATTER WHAT, try to get to the save point (inside the
     left coffin) ASAP!  The metal creatures (Omega Jr) can wipe you out!
     If you have to run into them, all Bolt attacks do tremendous damage.
     Bolt Techs do around 2900+ damage by themself.  I can even kill them
     in one round ^_^.  But get to that save point before you battle these
     guys and pick at that treasure!
    -When you go to the left coffin, three Mummies will jump out (an easy
     battle).  Beat them, save your game, and head back inside the metal
     monster room.  Toast all of these guys if you want (4 AP, not bad) and
     grab the treasures in that room.  When you've picked it clean, save
     your game again, and head through the room beyond the save point.
     You'll now be on 5F.  Head left and up the stairs to enter a room with
     two more trapped treasure chests.  Defeat the monsters and grab the
     loot inside!
    -NOTE: In the right chest on 5F, you'll meet your old friends from Bal
     Castle, the Statues.  However, don't let them stone the party or the
     game'll be over fast!  Remember...be extremely quick; there's five of
     them and only three of you! ^_^
    -Now that you've gotten the extra stuff on 6F, head back down to 5F and
     go right.  You can't go in that door...but you can go through the wall
     down near the bottom of the screen.  Just press against it.  You can
     grab the lowest chest, but I never figured out how to grab that other
     one.  Mess around here or continue on.  When you get back up to 6F,
     hit the switches perfectly visible on the wall to make the sand stop.
     Enter the room off from the path to grab another four chests!  MAKE
     SURE you hit the *LEFT* switch on the wall!  When you grabbed
     everything, head back out and continue on the path.  Head up the
     stairs at the end.
    -NOTE: Sekhmet look familiar?  If you've played Final Fantasy VIII, he
     should...he's one of the minotaur brothers that Square brought back as
     a Guardian Force spell!  His "brother", the minotaur at the Fork Tower,
     is also in FFVIII.
    -On 7F, there's a whole lot of doors.  Ignore them for now and go up
     the stairs to reach 8F.  You'll see a whole bunch of rotating platforms
     with treasures.  Study how they move for a while so you have a chance
     of grabbing the chests that are there!  They're not trapped, so that's
     pretty cool.  My advice is to go for the right chest first, it contains
     another awesome Hairpin helmet.  Then after you grab it, move to the
     right and go down to 7F to grab two more chests.  It's a dead end, so
     go back up, grab the right chest in the platform room, and then grab
     the center chest in that same room.  Purposely fall in the pit in front
     of the center chest.  Now grab the Elixir in the center of that room,
     and head right through the door.  Grab the 10000 gil, and search
     around near there.  You can grab a Cottage if you find an opening
     around there.  Now head back left through the wall, and grab the Earth
     Hammer (monsters).  Now go down through the set of doors right near
     where you're at.  Go back up the stairs, and go to the left of where
     you found the Ribbon and down THOSE stairs.  Finally, grab the last two
     chests and head up the stairs ON THE DARK PARTS ONLY!
    -You've found the first tablet!  Congrats.  But like the ancient legend
     said, Bahamut was released!  You can find and challenge him at the
     North Mountain...but save that rendezvous for a little later ^_^.
    -NOTE: A lot of people expect a boss right about here...but there is no
     boss!  No, really!
    7. The Ancient Tree
    -Head back here (you have to go through to get back to the Ancient
     Library) and there'll be a cut scene in the middle of the forest.  The
     dragon will appear and bring the battered, but alive, Princess Lenna.
     It turns out that she survived the disaster at Tycoon.  However, she is
     not herself and soon attacks the party under Exdeath's orders.  After
     some small talk, Exdeath uses the "Nothingness" to swallow the Ancient
     Library!  Then Lenna fiercely attacks the party.  Get ready for a boss
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Merugene - she's got some rather skimpy clothing...
    HP - 20000
    Attacks - Barrier Change, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Charm
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -Yet again, this is another boss that uses the Barrier Change spell.
     A quick way to win this battle is to go into the battle with three
     Black Mages.  Find out her weakness, and then hit her with the "3"
     spells.  They'll do anywhere from 4000-5000 damage to Merugene.
     After a couple hits of them, she won't be able to last.  Good luck!
    -Lenna will regain her senses after Merugene is dispatched.  Head past
     the wreck of the Ancient Library and farther east to your boat/airship.
     It somehow mysteriously piloted itself over to you...well, who's
     complaining, you have an airship again!  As soon as you get in it,
     you'll see another cut scene.
    -Batz decides that the party should now go on the quest to get the 12
     legendary weapons.  The airship flies off, and Exdeath meanwhile
     destroys several more kingdoms with the "Nothingness".  We see Walse,
     and Istory swallowed up into the dark power.  The Moogle Village and
     Lix soon follow.  Batz momentarily goes nuts and flies the airship all
     over the place!  After all that, head for Seal Castle Kuzar to claim
     your first three weapons.
    8. Seal Castle Kuzar
       *Location - Northeast of Tule Village
       *Treasures - see World Two
       *Monsters - Exdeath's Soul, Shield Dragon
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Sealed Away", "The Book of Sealings"
    -Well, you finally have access to any three of the twelve legendary
     weapons!  Choose wisely, because you'll have to get another tablet to
     get three more later.  From the top of the weapon holders (the center
     one), going clockwise, this is what weapons there are to choose:
    1. Excalibur*
    2. Assassin Dagger
    3. Sasuke's Katana
    4. Holy Lance
    5. Rune Axe
    6. Masamune
    7. Yoichii's Bow
    8. Firebute Whip
    9. Sage Staff
    10. Wizard Rod
    11. Apollon's Harp
    12. Earth Bell
    *If you've got a Knight, Excalibur is a MUST ^_^!
    -Take any three you want, and then pick up the tablet and leave!  Your
     next destination is the Solitary Island Temple!  However, before you
     go, take note that we see Exdeath briefing his absolute best monsters
     on stopping Batz and the party.  These are the bosses that you'll be
     fighting for the rest of the game, so beware!
    9. Solitary Island Temple
       *Location - Far east of Bal Castle
       *Treasures - 12000 gil, Elixir, 9000 gil, Rising Sun, Guard Ring,
                    Crystal Helmet, Ether (2), Beast Killer (Whip), Dragon
                    Horn, Dark Matter, Circlet
       *Monsters - Igsecrater, Owazoral, Samurai, Cursed One, Tote Avis,
                   Omega Jr, Sword Dancer, Stalker (Boss)
       *Musical Theme(s) played - "Sealed Away", "The Book of Sealings",
                                  "The Fierce Battle"
    -Land your airship and cross the Big Bridge to enter the Solitary
     Island Temple.  You may notice that it was the temple in World One that
     you couldn't get to.  When you go inside, it'll be the same old story;
     two Gargoyles block the way.  Quickly defeat them and move on.
    -In the first room, head right through the hidden passage in the wall
     to grab 12000 gil.  Go back and take the stairs down.  Walk over to
     the chute and you'll be sucked into a room with two switches.  Hitting
     these in different combinations can take you to different rooms with
     treasure.  Hitting just the right switch brings you to a room with an
     Elixir, and hitting the left and right switches at the same time brings
     you to a room with 9000 gil.  If you hit just the left switch, you'll
     come to a room where there's a treasure and the way to continue on, and
     if you reset the switches completely, you can go back to the original
     room.  When you get to the room by hitting the left switch, grab the
     treasure (it's a monster-in-a-box) and go through the door.
    -Save your game at the save point, and move on to 2F.  To get the chest
     in the center of the room, make sure you skirt around the right side
     of the room and then grab it.  There's a lot of holes that are hidden
     in the floor, here...use an Elementalist to find out where they're at!
     After you get all the booty, head up the stairs in the top-center of
     the room.
    -NOTE: Another of your old friends makes a comeback here...Omega Jr,
     from the Pyramid.  Defeat him the same way you did before, and watch
     out for the special attack!!!
    -You'll see a jumble of different ways to go on 3F.  WATCH OUT...
     there's more pit traps here.  Make sure you have an Elementalist in
     your team.  The door directly in front of you holds the Beast Killer,
     an excellent whip.  Head out of there, and go left; the passageway
     to the right is blocked by a pit trap.  Skirt around that side of the
     room and go up the stairs.  4F is basically a straight hall with
     another staircase that leads to 5F.  Once again here, there's a lot
     of pit traps.
    -To grab the left-most of the two chests, head to the left and pick it
     up from the left side, and you should be safe.  The right one is a bit
     trickier; go down from the left side of the first chest (not on the
     space before the chest, its a pit) and run behind the center-bottom
     pillar.  Now go up and grab the chest from the back.  That's all for
     this room; head up the stairs at the top to reach 6F and another save
     point.  Save and make sure you heal up, the next room is the boss area.
     Before you go through the door on 7F, go to either side to grab a quick
     treasure chest.  Now you may want to go back and save, or do whatever
     you have to, it's up to you.  When you're ready, go through the central
     door to reach the second stone tablet!  But beware...it is heavily
     guarded by the Stalker!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Stalker (4) - they've been watching you
    HP - 20000
    Attacks - Blaze, Mind Blast, Hurricane
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -This is a TOUGH boss...there's four of them, plus they copy their
     attacks, which means that they can hit you around 4 times.  If they do
     something like Blaze, it could do around 1200 damage to your party.
     This is pretty heavy, so you might want to equip some Fire Rings if you
     have any.  In addition to this, only one of the Stalkers can be hit
     with attacks, and some attacks don't work PERIOD.  It isn't going to
     be an easy fight, and you're just going to have to rough it.  The
     Stalkers' HP aren't too high, so give it your best, and keep trying
     until you win!
    -If you're victorious, you'll walk away with the second stone tablet!
     Congrats once again.  But much is still to be done...don't rest yet.
    10. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
    -Grab another three weapons using the second legendary tablet!  I
     recommend you pick up Excalibur, the Assassin Dagger, and the Holy
     Lance if you haven't gotten them yet.  Here's the list again, too:
    1. Excalibur
    2. Assassin Dagger
    3. Sasuke's Katana
    4. Holy Lance
    5. Rune Axe
    6. Masamune
    7. Yoichii's Bow
    8. Firebute Whip
    9. Sage Staff
    10. Wizard Rod
    11. Apollon's Harp
    12. Earth Bell
    -Remember, this list is going clockwise!
    11. Hidden Village of Mirage
        *Location - Hidden in a forest southwest of Crescent
        *Treasures - Mirage Vest
        *Monsters - (none)
        *Piano? - Yes
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Book of Sealings", "Mambo de
    Weapons                Armor                   Hidden Armor
    -------                -----                   ------------
    Flametan 10000         Crystal Shield 9000     Hermes' Shoes 50000
    Icebrand 11000         Crystal Helmet 10500    Angel Ring 50000
    Earth Hammer 12800     Kuruzukin 6500          Fire Ring 50000
    Morning Star 7800      Circlet 4500            Water Ring 50000
    Magic Bow 10000        Crystal Mail 12000      Lamia's Tiara 2500
    Kikuichimonji 14800    White Armor 9000        Angel Armor 3000
    Partisan 10200         Black Robe 8000
                           White Robe 8000
    Magic Spells    Hidden Magic
    ------------    ------------
    Miniman 300     Araise 10000
    Toad 300        Dispel 10000
    Speed 30        Death 10000
    Levitate 300    Aspil 10000
    Teleport 600    Quick 10000
    Chocobo 300     Degeon 10000
    Remora 350
    Sylph 250
    Items 1         Items 2               Inn
    -------         -------               ---
    Potion 40       Elixir 50000          70 gil
    HiPotion 360    Ether 1500
    P. Down 1000    Revivify 150
    M. Kiss 60      Giant Drink 110
    Heal 30         Strength Drink 110
    Eyedrop 20      Speed Drink 110
    Soft 150        Protect Drink 110
    D. Bread 50     Hero Drink 110
    -Well...this village is just AWESOME.  Here, you can buy the hidden
     magic spells, and some of the best weapons and armor in the game.
     That is, if you can afford it all...it's gonna cost you a pretty
     penny, and you might not even have enough money to get EVERYTHING.  My
     advice is keep away from the Rings for now, they pretty much suck and
     you only need them for one section of the game, which'll come up
     later.  Also avoid the outdated weapons (ugh...).  Instead, make the
     six hidden magic spells your top priority.  The Crystal equipment is
     also nice, so pick up a piece or two if you have the cash.  Note that
     in the magic shops, you can get the spells you might have missed out
     on earlier in the other two Worlds.  There's a couple side quests you
     can do here also (see "Side Areas" for World Three).
    -In case you might have seen him, yes, your Black Chocobo is here.  To
     get to him, go to the north of the Pub and look around for a hidden
     door going into the back area of the Pub.  Follow it along for a while
     (there's a Pot of Healing in there) until you get to a door that you
     can't go in (don't worry, you'll find out about this later).  From
     that door, head left through the wall until you see a staircase.
     However, don't go in yet; instead, keep heading left through the wall
     again.  You'll see the last Piano!  Play it, and then head back to
     Crescent if you've played all of the Pianos this far.  The Bard there
     will give you TWO Song magic spells!
    -Anyhow, back to how to get the Black Chocobo.  After you play the
     Piano, head up the staircase and you'll be outside.  Just talk to him
     and he's yours again!
    12. Pirates' Base Revisited: Memories
    -Head back through the Cave to the Pirates' Base one more time.  When
     you get in the actual base, head to the spot that's empty on the right
     side, from the door.  You'll see Syldra's spirit!  Faris talks to
     Syldra for a while, and you'll gain his powers as a summon spell.
    13. Bal Castle Basement: A Legendary Warrior
    -Remember way back in World One, that dead end in the Jacole Cave?
     Well, you might notice that in World Three, Jacole Cave is right next
     to Bal Castle.  Go through the Jacole Cave again, and you'll be able
     to climb up the dead end wall.  After doing that, you'll be in the
     locked Bal Castle Basement.  Remember to unlock the door from the
     inside.  You might even want to go upstairs and save your game;
     there's a tough battle ahead.  Continue on through the basement,
     avoiding the holes in the floor, until you come to a shining light
     at the end.  This is Odin; before you gain his powers as a summon
     spell, you must defeat him...in just one minute!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Odin - in all his glory
    HP - 17000
    Attacks - Zantetsuken, Critical, Sword attack
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    *=1:00 time limit during this battle
    -You didn't think I was gonna leave you in the dark on this one, did
     you?  The key to beating Odin is quickness...of course, there's only a
     one minute timer, so time is of the essence, as they say.  DO NOT use
     Holy weapons (Holy Lance, Excalibur) or the Holy spell on him, as it
     will heal him.  Strong magic spells work extremely well (Flare, Meteo,
     if you've gotten them).  I think strong attacks are your best bet,
     though.  If you're losing, give him a blast of Coin Toss!  If you
     can't beat him in under one minute, he finishes you off with the
     unparalleled Zantetsuken attack (instant death/game over).  Good
     luck, you can do it!
    14. North Mountain Revisited: The King of All Monsters
    -When you completed the Pyramid to get the first stone tablet, you
     probably saw Bahamut rise from his sealed lair.  Now is the time to
     gain his powers!  The only prerequisite here is that you've gotten the
     Black Chocobo from Mirage Village (see a few steps above).  If you
     didn't get him yet, please do that now.  Go ahead, do it now.  I'll
     wait.  Go on, I won't be bored!  Yes, I'm sure.
     ..................................huh?  OK, you've gotten him?  Great!
    -Now let's get on with it!  Take your Black Chocobo and fly him to the
     forest JUST southwest of the North Mountain.  The North Mountain, by
     the way, is in the same spot it was in World One, only there's a big
     desert around it now.  Land your bird in that forest and SAVE YOUR
     GAME.  Now start to walk through that large desert to get to the North
     Mountain.  The reason I insisted you save is because the Land Crawler
     from World Two is here again!  You don't want to run into him unless
     you have to.  When you finally arrive at the North Mountain, enter it
     and travel to the top, making sure you saved at the save point.
     Continue on to the spot where you found King Tycoon's dragon, and
     there is Bahamut.  Prepare for a boss battle!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Bahamut - huge, fire breathing dragon
    HP - 40000
    Attacks - Mega Flare, Aqua Breath, Thunder, Maelstrom, Claw attack
    AP - 25
    Drop - Nothing
    -Bahamut is defeated the same way he was in the two FF games before
     this one.  First thing, have a Summoner cast Carbunkle, because he
     might use Mega Flare on you as his first attack.  If it's reflected
     back at him, it'll do 9999 points of damage, easily.  Hit him with
     conventional attacks after that, and heal with POTIONS.  Just make
     sure that barrier stays up the whole battle, or you're toast!
    15. Phoenix Tower: Rebirth
        *Location - Far southwest of the North Mountain
        *Treasures - 5000 gil, Phoenix Down (4)*, 10000 gil, 15000 gil,
                     20000 gil, 25000 gil, Ibis Killer (Bow)*
        *Monsters - Chamcubia, Sherry, Comsa Pera, Bander Cuahl, Magic Pot,
                    Sol Cannon, Kuzar (!), Liquid Flame
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Four Warriors of Dawn", "Nostalgia"
    *=must defeat Magic Pot to get
    -This place is HUGE!  It's also a maze in a certain kind of way...it's
     really hard to find out which way to go sometimes.  What I mean is
     that when you first enter the tower, it looks like there's no way to
     go.  Check the left portion of the center wall, and a passage will
     open up!  This is the way to the top.  But the thing is, you have to
     do this on each floor; if you guess the wrong wall to open, you have
     to fight a monster.  But it isn't too bad, since the stairs open
     anyhow.  I can tell you this, though: MOST of the ways to the higher
     floors are on the LEFT side of that center wall!  Use this to your
    -NOTE: Every fifth floor, you'll come across two pots; one holds an
     amount of money, and the other holds the Magic Pot enemy!  To defeat
     the Magic Pot, you have to give him Elixirs.  Eventually, he'll run
     away and leave you a large amount of AP (100!) for your services!  Not
     a bad deal...only you have to be REALLY stocked on Elixirs.  Those
     Magic Pots are GREE-DY!
    -NOTE: Many of the enemies in this tower are very tough.  Some of them
     even have instant-death manuevers.  If you've gotten Odin, he works
     GREAT in here.  In fact, he can steamroll almost any enemy in the
     Phoenix Tower (except the boss-types).  That's why you should have
     gotten him before you came here.  If you didn't get him, it's ok, but
     you might have a bit harder time getting to the top.
    -When you finally get to the 30th floor, there's a cut scene.  King
     Tycoon's dragon is here, and it's on the verge of death.  A flashback
     occurs where Lenna tried to cut out the dragon's tongue to save her
     mother from a disease.  You actually get to influence this cut scene,
     too.  After the scene, the dragon sadly dies, but becomes Phoenix!
     He'll always remain in Lenna's heart!
    -NOTE: Whoa, you weren't planning on -WALKING- down the tower, were
     you!?  Use the Time Mage's Teleport and warp outta there! ^_^
    16. Fork Tower
        *Location - It's that tower north of Crescent Village
        *Treasures - Ether, Wonder Wand, HiPotion, Defender (Sword), Flare
                     magic spell, Holy magic spell
        *Monsters - Ion, Dim Master, Tiny Mage, Flayer, Berserker, Duel
                    Knight, Minotauros (Boss), Cloaked One (Boss)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Exdeath's Castle", "The Fierce Battle"
    -The Fork Tower is so named because of the two forks that split it.  On
     the left side is the Magic Tower and on the right side is the Strength
     Tower.  There are certain rules that apply to both towers:
    Magic Tower                 Strength Tower
    -----------                 --------------
    *NO* weapon use allowed!    *NO* magic use allowed!
    -So there you have it.  Upon entering, Batz decides to split the party
     up into two groups of two party members each.  Remember, the Magic
     Tower is on the left and the Strength Tower is on the right.  Send
     physically strong (in attacks and HP) characters through the right
     door and magically strong characters through the left.  When you've
     made your choices, check these sections to see how to advance:
    Magic Tower:
    So you're now on the left side, in the Magic Tower.  Remember, no
    physical attacks allowed, or you lose!  Circle around to the left side
    and go in the door.  Go straight up the stairs on 2F.  On 3F, circle
    around and enter the stairs in plain sight.  There's a point on 4F
    where you'll have to go outside.  When you come back in, grab the chest
    and go up the stairs.  5F and 6F are both easy enough floors.  On 7F,
    don't miss the Wonder Wand in the chest to the left.  Finally, head up
    to 9F to reach the boss.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Cloaked One - regally dressed master wizard
    HP - 16999
    Attacks - Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Flare, Holy, Regen, Mute, and just
              about any other magic spell
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -This is ABSOLUTELY one of THE most frustrating bosses in this GAME!
     Argh...I remember when I lost to this guy so bad.  First, cast Golem
     for extra defense.  Now use your White Mage to cast Berserk on him; he
     won't be able to use any of his spells.  But unfortunately, his attacks
     take off a lot of damage, hence the reason for Golem.  Also cast
     Protect on your characters, because it'll bring the physical damage
     from like 3000 down to about 1000.  Now start hammering on him with
     Odin.  "Odin?  Why not Bahamut?" you ask.  Well, Odin does more damage
     for a lesser cost than Bahamut for this particular battle.  Eventually,
     Golem's power will wear off, and you will have to cast him again.
     The main thing in this battle is to keep your MP up ALWAYS!  You need
     to cast those summons to win!  When you beat him, the Flare spell is
     unsealed and it's now yours!
    Strength Tower:
    So you're now on the right side, in the Strength Tower.  Remember, no
    magical attacks allowed, or you lose!  Circle around to the right side
    and go in the door.  Go straight up the stairs on 2F.  On 3F, circle
    around and enter the stairs in plain sight.  There's a point on 4F where
    you'll have to go outside.  When you come back in, grab the chest and go
    up the stairs.  5F and 6F are both easy enough floors.  On 7F, don't
    miss the Defender in the chest to the left.  Finally, head up to 9F to
    reach the boss.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Minotauros - hey, I've seen this guy somewhere...
    HP - 20000
    Attacks - Holy, Critical
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -Not too hard...in fact, he's small potatoes compared to the Cloaked
     One over in the Magic Tower.  He's also the brother of Sekhmet from
     the Pyramid.  Stick to strong sword attacks and heal your characters
     with HiPotions.  He can do as much as 800 points of damage to one
     character.  When you defeat him, the Holy spell is unsealed and it's
     now yours!
    -After both Holy and Flare are unsealed, the Fork Tower dissipates and
     the Catapult underneath is revealed.  Make that your next stop!
    17. Catapult
    -Ah, you haven't been to this place since World One!  Things are pretty
     quiet...a little too quiet.  In the central room, go down the stairs.
     You'll see poor Cid being thrown all over the place!  Batz and the
     others rescue him...man, it's been a long time since you've seen Cid!
     Mid makes his usual grand (yeah, right) entrance and the two get to
     work on modifying the airship to transform into the submarine!  Next,
     we see a touching scene with Mid and Krile.  They both talk about their
     grandfathers...Galuf and Cid.
    18. Submerged Rift
        *Location - Underwater, slightly east of Crescent Village
        *Treasures - Water Tech, Dragon Horn, Fire Ring, Ether, Phoenix
                     Down, Kaiser Knuckle
        *Monsters - Unknown 1, Unknown 2, Unknown 3, Unknown 4,
                    Triton - Phobos - Neregeid (Bosses)
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle"
    -This is the location of the third stone tablet.  Use your newly ac-
     quired submarine to get underwater and cruise over to this place.
     When you get inside, you'll see the two Gargoyles as usual.  Dispatch
     them and continue on through the cave.
    -NOTE: You might notice that this place has some strange enemies...
     DON'T use any instant death manuevers on them, because they'll come
     back to life.  They might also cast death spells on your party, so
    -Continue down the long corridor going to the right.  There's a path
     that branches off and you can grab a Water Tech.  Keep going right.
     There's a save point in the next room; make sure you take advantage of
     it.  In the next area, hit the switch to extend the bridge.  Keep going
     right until you come to another switch, but don't hit it.  If you do,
     the bridge retracts so you have to walk in the lava.  Enter the door
     at the top of the room.  Now you'll be in an area with a hell of a lot
     of switches.
    -To grab the chest at the top of the screen, hit the switch that's the
     second from the right.  The chest contains a Fire Ring...not bad.
     When you've gotten it, head to the far right and go down the stairs.
     In the next area, you're going to want an Elementalist or someone with
     the Prevent Floor Damage ability in your party.  Walk through the lava,
     and head to those stairs on the right side.  Next, start to walk right
     and then down through the lava to grab the treasure.  Continue right.
     Grab the second treasure, also.  Go through the door at the end and
     you'll be in Basement 7.  Here, you'll meet some familiar faces if
     you've played FFIV...the Dwarves!  It seems the party has stumbled upon
     the Dwarf Village.  I guess they're still in the Underworld after all.
     You can save your game here, and buy magic spells and equipment.  And
     a "Lali-Ho!" to you, too! ^_^
    -NOTE: Try going through that long passage that goes west of town.
     There's a dwarf here at the end who is trying to cut through the wall,
     but he can't go any further.  Check his map; he can't go further be-
     cause Mirage Village is directly above!
    -Head south of town when you're all stocked and rested.  This is the
     rest of the dungeon.  Enter the waterfall and head down the long
     staircase in the next room.  To open the main door at the top, you
     have to hit all of the switches on top of the 'towers' in this area.
     You DEFINITELY want an Elementalist here, there's a lot of walking to
     do!  After you hit the switches, go back to the main door that you
     couldn't enter.  Make sure you don't miss the Kaiser Knuckle that
     was previously locked behind the second stone door!  When you've
     grabbed it, head through the main door (you have to hit that chest).
     The third stone tablet is sitting on the pedestal, ripe for the
     picking.  But don't think you can take it so easily...it's boss
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Triton, Phobos, Neregeid (3) - man, they got beat with the ugly stick
    HP - around 10000 ea
    Attacks - Critical, Bio, Ice 3, Water attack
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -These guys are actually pretty tough!  Cast Golem to increase your
     defense off the bat.  You might even want to cast Carbunkle, but it's
     up to you.  Fend them off with Bolt Techs and cure normally until you
     get to your Summoner's turn again.  Now cast Odin, and he'll steamroll
     right over them.  Mission accomplished ^_^!
    -After the three bosses are defeated, you're free to pick up the third
     legendary stone tablet, which means you can grab three more weapons at
     Seal Castle Kuzar.  You also get the Meteo spell (!) for defeating the
     boss!  Not bad at all!  Leave this place and head for Kuzar.
    19. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
    -Avoid the enemies in the foyer on your way in, as always.  Choose
     another three legendary weapons.  Here's the list once again:
    1. Excalibur
    2. Assassin Dagger
    3. Sasuke's Katana
    4. Holy Lance
    5. Rune Axe
    6. Masamune
    7. Yoichii's Bow
    8. Firebute Whip
    9. Sage Staff
    10. Wizard Rod
    11. Apollon's Harp
    12. Earth Bell
    -Remember, this list is going clockwise!
    20. Istory Falls: The Water God Calls
        *Location - Northwest of where Istory used to be
        *Treasure - Ether, Turtle Shell, Air Knife, Giant Drink, Rune Blade,
                    Guard Ring, Phoenix Down, Reflect Ring, Artemis Bow,
                    Enhance Sword, 12000 gil,  Fuuma Shuriken, Aegis Shield,
                    Giant Axe
        *Monsters - Mercury Bat, Coral, Iron Dress, Druid, Alcumia,
                    Jellwater, Fall Guard, Master Tonberry, Leviathan (Boss -
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Fate in Haze", "The Fierce Battle",
                                   "The Book of Sealings"
    -You have to use your submarine again to get to the last stone tablet
     temple, Istory Falls.  Go to the area below the falls and submerge
     under the water.  You should see a cave in the rock of the sea bottom.
     Go in it, and if you need resting, rest in the chairs in your sub.
     When you're all set, head through the cave you see in front of you to
     reach Istory Falls!
    -Quickly destroy the two Gargoyles blocking the entrance.  Advance
     through the door, and first thing, head up the stairs and to the left.
     Grab those two chests (they only hold mediocre treasures) and then go
     up to the northeast to grab the Air Knife.  Now head in the cave en-
     trance that's visible from there.
    -Now you'll get to a fork; you can go left or right.  They both lead
     pretty much the same place, but go right first, because you can grab
     a couple of treasures.  After you get them, continue to the left since
     there's really no point in heading back to the left path.
    -NOTE: Next to the Giant Drink, you can go through a hidden wall to
     grab a Rune Blade!
    -In the left side of that room with the waterfalls, there's a switch
     that controls the running water and a chest behind it.  You have to
     have the Run command (hold B button) equipped here.  Flip the switch
     and then quickly run across and grab the chest.  Now head through the
     southern door.
    -NOTE: The legendary Master Tonberry enemy of Final Fantasy VII/VIII
     fame is a random encounter in this hallway.  Fight him with extreme
    -The next room is a bunch of paths that spiral to the bottom.  It's
     pretty easy, really.  Follow the path until you get to a fork, then
     go up and grab the chest.  Now return to your original course.  Keep
     going until you hit another fork.  Take the left path on this one and
     grab the chest.  Now head back right and go down the steps.
    -There's a save point in this room; make sure you use it.  Beware in the
     next room, because there's a LOT of holes in the floor!  You'll want an
     Elementalist in your party to find them all.  Go in the innocent
     looking cave near the bottom of the stretch to find the Artemis Bow,
     one of the single most powerful weapons in the game.  Next, head up the
     left side (around the hole) and go in THAT cave to find an Enhance
     Sword.  Go back to the room and grab the chest in plain sight
     (12000 gil).  Finally, head down those stairs to the right of that
    -In the next room, DO NOT grab a chest until you've hit the switch
     nearby!  Otherwise, a spike trap will spring on you.  Hit the switch
     first so you can go around the spikes and still grab the chests!  The
     items in the chests are rather good...you can pick up an Aegis Shield,
     a Fuuma Shuriken, and a Giant Axe.  When you hit the switch near the
     Giant Axe, two holes will open up.  This is the way to the final room
     of the dungeon.  Prepare yourself and hop in!
    -In the next area, you can see the fourth and final stone tablet
     sitting on its pedestal.  Walk around the room and pick up the tablet.
     But, as you may have expected, the boss jumps out to challenge you!
     But suddenly, a loud noise is heard...Leviathan comes bursting out
     of the wall.  He kills the boss and then challenges you!
    **WARNING** - HOLD IT!!  Remember, you haven't saved in a while...if
     you take up Leviathan's challenge now, and you die, it isn't gonna look
     too good.  Plus, buying Water Rings from Mirage really helps.  If I
     were you, I'd go outside and save your game, and THEN go back through the
     dungeon and fight Leviathan!
    -If you want to take him on now, here's the scoop:
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Leviathan - a large "sea-serpent" type monster
    HP - 40000
    Attacks - Tidal Wave, Critical, Aqua Breath, Paralyze
    AP - 20
    Drop - Reflect Ring
    -Leviathan isn't all THAT hard...you will probably be able to beat him
     without Water Rings if your HP is high enough.  The Tidal Wave attack
     he has can do up to 1000 points of damage.  Hit him with Lightning-based
     spells (Bolt Tech, Bolt 3, Ramuh, Syldra), Bahamut, and Coin Toss.  Use
     Cure 3 when necessary!
    -Your quest for the four stone tablets is finally over!  Return to Seal
     Castle Kuzar once more to claim your final three prizes!
    21. Back to Seal Castle Kuzar
    -By now, there should only be three weapons left.  Grab them!
    1. Excalibur
    2. Assassin Dagger
    3. Sasuke's Katana
    4. Holy Lance
    5. Rune Axe
    6. Masamune
    7. Yoichii's Bow
    8. Firebute Whip
    9. Sage Staff
    10. Wizard Rod
    11. Apollon's Harp
    12. Earth Bell
    -Remember, this list is going clockwise!  After you've gotten all of the
     weapons, it's finally time to take Exdeath on in his own twisted world.
     Prepare yourself!
    22. The Cleft of Dimension (Broken Down)
        *Location - Fly to the spot where Tycoon used to be
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "Prelude of the Empty Skies",
                                   "Searching the Light",
                                   "The Fierce Battle", "The Decisive
    *(I'm going to do the treasures and monsters seperately for each
    -Well, it's finally time.  However, you shouldn't even set foot in this
     nightmare of a dungeon without some certain things:
    1. A -good- amount of job abilities mastered.  What I mean by a -good-
       amount is around 25-30.  In addition, there are some specifics you
       should have:
       a. Both Hands (Knight)
       b. Coin Toss (Samurai)
       c. Dash (Thief)
       d. HP 10%, 20%, and 30% UP (Monk)
       e. X-Fight (Archer)
       f. X-Magic (Red Mage)
       g. White, Black, Time, and Summon magic levels mastered (highest
          attainable level)
    2. High hit points and experience levels for all characters.  Your HP
       (with or without the aid of the HP UP abilities) should be around at
       least 3000.  As for the target experience level, your party should be
       around Level 45-47, or even Level 50. (It's possible at anything
       lower, but certainly not recommended.)
    3. All of the twelve legendary weapons.
    4. All three forbidden magic spells (Holy, Flare, Meteo).
    5. The "Mime" job class (see "Side Areas" for World Three).
    6. PLENTY of items, including Phoenix Downs, Ethers, HiPotions, and as
       many Elixirs as possible (you can buy them for 50000 each at Mirage).
       Also bring along plenty of the Tech items (you can buy them in Kelb).
       Try to get 99 of everything except the Elixirs!
    -Well, that's about all I can think of.  If you've gotten all or most
     of the requirements listed above, you're pretty much prepared for the
     last level!  First, save your game anywhere, it doesn't really matter.
     Fly your airship over to the "black hole" where Tycoon Castle once
     stood.  The airship will be sucked into the "Nothingness"!  Now, you'll
     be on your regular boat.  Walk off the boat, and you will have entered
     the Cleft of Dimension!
    Cleft of Dimension: Beach
    *Treasures - (none)
    *Monsters - Ankheg, Ammona, Land Crawler (!), Sand Porkipes, Desert
    -There's not too much to do here...find your way through the shifting
     sands and keep making your way to the right.  When you get to the door,
     Exdeath's strongest bosses show themselves.  They do some small talk
     with the party.  Continue through the door afterward.
    Cleft of Dimension: Ruins
    *Treasures - Ether, Cottage, Elixir (2), Dark Matter, Blood Sword
    *Monsters - Grenade, Bandandels, Level Check, Hydra, Death Dealer
    -Climb down the rope, and exit south.  Grab the Ether and Cottage on
     either side in the next area.  Head through the door and grab the other
     two chests as well.  Exit through the bottom door.
    -NOTE: Watch out for the Death Dealers' "Death Roulette" and the
     Grenades' "Jibaku" (Exploder).  These attacks can wipe you out
    -Climb down the ropes in the next room.  On the right side of the room,
     the third rope leads to a chest, the second one leads to nothing, and
     the first leads to the way to continue.  After you've grabbed the
     chest, go in the door.  The final room of the Ruins has a Blood Sword;
     make sure you grab it.  Head in the left-side door to go on to the
    Cleft of Dimension: Town
    *Treasures - (none)
    *Monsters - (none)
    -This is a free area.  Go up the stairs on the left side, and heal your
     party at the recovery pot.  Head farther south and leave the building.
     Go up through the Pub and exit east to the east of town.
    Cleft of Dimension: Forest
    *Treasures - Dragon Horn, Ribbon, Lilith Rod, Enhance Sword
    *Monsters - White Flame, Mosfungus, Farfarero, Karofisteri (Boss)
    -Start to walk east and head up at the long passage.  Make sure you
     grab the chest hidden in the trees there.  Next, go up and start to
     make your way east.  There's a Ribbon hidden in the trees in the
     eastern section of the forest.  Directly east of the Ribbon is a chest
     containing a Lilith Rod.  From that chest, go through the small passage
     to the southeast.  Now make sure your party is completely healed.
     Inspect the hole on the tree, and a boss will jump out!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Karofisteri - some type of alien/weird creature
    HP - 18000
    Attacks - Reflect, Berserk, Drain, Haste, Protect, Shell, Regen
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -This isn't really that hard of a fight...Karofisteri is going to cast
     lots of defense spells on herself.  In fact, the first thing she'll
     usually do is cast Reflect.  Unless you cast Reflect on your own char-
     acters and bounce spells off them, the only thing you can really stick
     to are physical attacks and summon magic.  You also might want to cast
     Berserk on your good fighter(s).  After a while, she'll cast Protect,
     and your physical damage will be reduced sufficiently.  Call spells
     like Bahamut and Leviathan are your best bet.  All-in-all, this fight
     should be quick.  Good luck!
    -When the boss has been vanquished, head inside the tree-hole to reach
     the Cave.
    Cleft of Dimension: Cave
    *Treasures - Water Ring, Angel Ring
    *Monsters - Acheron, Great Dragon, Olkat, The Omega (optional Boss)
    -This isn't a tough area.  Follow the path until you hit a cave.
     However, don't go in it yet; walk a little bit to the right and go
     inside the waterfall.  There's an Angel Ring in there.  Now go back
     and enter the cave.  Pick up the chest in here and head east again.
     There's a save point in this room.  After you've used it (you DID use
     it, didn't you?) go east out the door.
    **WARNING** - That _thing_ walking around in the eastern section of the
     Cave is a VERY tough monster!  It's called The Omega, and it's
     DEFINITELY something you don't want to mess with right now!  It's a
     totally optional battle, so run around him if you're too weak.
     However, if you think you're good enough to send him to Hell, run
     into him to initiate combat.  Here's the scoop:
    **BOSS Strategies**
    The Omega - cybernetic death
    HP - around 50000
    Attacks - Delta Attack, Laser Cannon, Rocket Punch, Atomic Ray,
              Blaster, Emission, Earthquake
    AP - ??
    Drop - Omega's Symbol
    -This boss certainly is "The End"...he once killed me in 4 seconds,
     literally!  The thing about him is he's just so QUICK...argh.  It's
     gonna take a good strategy to beat this bad boy into the ground, and
     I'm just the guy to supply it for you!
    -Before attempting the fight, make sure you have the Mystic/Sword
     Knight, Ninja, and Monk Job classes all mastered.  Next, make three of
     your party members Travelers and the last one a Mime.  Equip two swords
     on all of your Travelers and give them the "Mahouken" (Sword magic) and
     "HP 30% UP" abilities.  Give your Mime the "White" (White magic) and
     two "HP 30% UP" abilities.  Next, head over to Mirage Village and
     purchase four Fire Rings (if you're low on cash, fight in the
     "Crystal" section of the Cleft of Dimension for a little while).  The
     Fire Rings will protect the party against most of The Omega's attacks.
     When you've done all this, cast the Levitate spell on your entire
     party.  There's only one last thing...make _SURE_ you SAVE YOUR GAME!!
    -Upon initiating battle, have all of your Travelers immediately use the
     Bolt 3 Sword magic.  The Omega should be doing spells on you that are
     absorbed by the Fire Rings.  If not, have your Mime use Cure 3 when it
     gets to his/her turn.  The reason you cast Levitate before the battle
     is because The Omega can throw a nasty Earthquake spell at you that
     does anywhere from 2000-5000 points of damage.  So you don't really
     want to be on the receiving end of that one ^_^.  After your Travelers
     have charged up with the Bolt 3 Sword magic, let them fire away.  Since
     The Omega's weakness is Lightning, he'll go down pretty quick if you
     do this correctly.  If things didn't go too well, try again; you SHOULD
     be able to get him eventually!  Good luck on beating the game's tough-
     est boss!
    Cleft of Dimension: Library
    *Treasures - (none)
    *Monsters - Apanda (Boss)
    -This place is pretty cool.  DON'T read the book farthest to the bottom
     YET...the other two tell you cool stuff about The Omega and an attack
     called Giga Flare.  When you're set, open the center book.  Apanda is
     inside, and he isn't too happy...it's boss time!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Apanda - looks like Byblos, only a different pallete
    HP - 22200
    Attacks - Magic Hammer, Protect, Shell, Gale Storm
    AP - 16
    Drop - Susu
    -Apanda fights almost the EXACT same way Byblos does, so this shouldn't
     be too hard.  Like his weaker cousin, he also has a weakness to Fire.
     Keep your HP and MP (especially) up and let him have it!
    -Apanda will disappear into the void of oblivion and you're free to
     continue on.  Head back out the door you came in, and you'll enter the
     Temple.  (You can open and close the book depending on where you want
     to go.)
    Cleft of Dimension: Temple
    *Treasures - (none)
    *Monsters - Ninja, Dragon Ibis
    -What this place lacks in treasure, it makes up for in monsters,
     unfortunately ^_^.  Make sure you have a Thief in your party or someone
     who can see hidden passages here.  You'll want to keep making your way
     west and then up to the exit.  That's all there is to it for this area.
     But watch out for the tough monsters!
    Cleft of Dimension: Castle*
    *Treasures - Red Shoes, Rainbow Dress, Man Eater, Thor's Hammer,
                 Hermes' Shoes
    *Monsters - Iron Giant, Sword Dancer, Death Claw, Fury, Ninja,
                Youjinbou, Arute Roite (Boss), Jura Ibis (Boss),
                Apocalpyse (Boss), Catastrophe (Boss), Halicarnassus (Boss),
                Twin Tania (Boss)
    *=The "Castle" is the only area where you can use the Teleport spell to
     escape the Cleft of Dimension.
    -You're almost there...just keep going.  This is the biggest section of
     the Cleft of Dimension.  When you first get to the gate, make sure
     you're healed; there's some nasty enemies within.  When you're set,
     hit the A button to open the gate.
    -When you've entered the castle, ignore the doors off to the left and
     right sides for now.  Also ignore the bottom staircase (you can't get
     by).  Instead, head around to the top-center stairs.  These lead to the
     basement.  Watch out; there's a lot of bosses down here.  Heal up and
     walk over to the left side of the room.  You'll see a man in one of the
     cells.  Open the door, and he will ask something like "are you the
     Light Warriors?"  Pick "yes" (top option) and you'll enter a boss
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Apocalypse - he's pretty scary looking...
    HP - 27900
    Attacks - he has every enemy skill, 9999-point attack
    AP - 22
    Drop - Nothing
    -He isn't TOO bad, but he can be a pain.  WATCH OUT for his 9999-damage
     attack!  It'll surely put a character out of commission.  Bring that
     character back to life and hit him with summon spells, and strong
     physical attacks.  The enemy skills to watch out for are White Wind,
     Exploder, and Blow Fish.  Kill him quickly!
    -Well, the reason you went after Apocalypse first is because when you
     kill him, a save point opens up.  Use it wisely!  To the right of that
     room, you'll see several green-cloaked men running around inside the
     cells.  These are optional fights, but you've got to kill them all if
     you want the two chests in their cells.  They aren't too hard, so go
     for it if you want the loot.
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Arute Roite/Jura Ibis - another seemingly harmless old man/another
                            snake-bird dragon
    HP - 6000 (Arute Roite), 15000 (Jura Ibis)
    Attacks - Circle, Breath Wing, Maelstrom, Paralyze
    AP - 11
    Drop - Dragon Horn
    -Use your strongest spells, like Holy and Flare.  Beware of the Circle
     attack!  If he uses it on a character, there's no way you can bring
     them back (for the remainder of the battle)!  After taking several
     thousand points of damage, Arute Roite will change into Jura Ibis.
     He's pretty hard to hit, but slam him with your strongest magic and
     summon spells.  I usually just have Odin cut him in half.  Yup, it
    -Finally, at the end of this room, you'll see a girl in the last cell.
     DON'T rescue her just yet...give your entire party the "Float" status.
     Also make sure there's a Time Mage or someone who can used mastered
     Time magic in your party.  Now open the door, and your party will be
     smashed to the end of the hall by a monster!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Catastrophe - he looks like a Beholder from Advanced D & D
    HP - 19997
    Attacks - Lower 100 G's, Earth Shaker, Devil's Eye
    AP - 21
    Drop - Soft
    -This guy is the reason your party is now in the "Float" status (I
     hope?).  If you're floating, the first thing he'll do is use Lower
     100 G's to bring your team back to the ground.  When he does it, using
     the first chance you get, cast Levitate on all members again.  If you
     do it right, he will keep trying to lower you to the ground the whole
     battle, and he'll never get a chance to use Earth Shaker on every party
     member.  Have your White Mage cast Shell to reduce the damage from
     Earth Shaker in case you get hit.  Meanwhile, have the rest of your
     party harp on him like no tomorrow! ^_^
    -Well, that wasn't too hard, was it?  After the boss is slain, the girl
     will run out of the cell and give Batz a kiss.  Awww... ^_^.  She then
     runs off.  Now before you follow her, hit the side areas in the foyer
     that you skipped.  You can find a Thor's Hammer on the left side and a
     Hermes' Shoes on the right.  Now save your game again and follow the
     girl from the cell.  You will eventually end up outside again.  Before
     you head in that center door outside, go to the far left and enter the
     room.  You'll get to the chest you couldn't reach from the jail.  It
     contains a Man Eater weapon.  Now go back to the door you passed.
     There seems to be nothing in here, but try to exit through the back.
     You'll be forced to sit on the throne.  When you do it a second time,
     the girl comes out to meet you.  As you may have guessed, she IS a
     boss.  Prepare yourself!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Halicarnassus - a woman in purple clothing
    HP - 33333
    Attacks - Kurururu!, Dispel, Holy, 9999-point attack
    AP - 20
    Drop - Nothing
    -This boss is actually a bit tough, or rather, she can be.  Be ready to
     use plenty of Maiden's Kiss items and Esuna spells when Halicarnassus
     hits you with the "Kurururu!"  It's a silly name, but it turns all of
     your party members into frogs.  So actually, it isn't so funny.
     Counter this and hit her with Summon magic and Coin Toss.  Get ready
     to heal if she casts Holy on one or more members!
    -After she's toast, you might want to go back and save your game be-
     cause they saved the best for last...when you're all set, head through
     the door in the throne room and go up the stairs.  At the end of the
     path, you'll see a creature sitting there.  This is Twin Tania.  Talk
     to him to initiate combat!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Twin Tania - a dragon-typed creature
    HP - 50000
    Attacks - Giga Flare (!), Mega Flare, Blizzard, Atomic Ray, Gale Storm,
              Tidal Wave, Mind Blast
    AP - 24
    Drop - Nothing
    -This guy is a doozey...he's one of the most powerful bosses in the
     game.  However, he is tough, but by no means is he invincible.  Hope-
     fully, you'll be able to win ^_^.
    -First, make one party member a Dragon Knight and equip him with the
     Holy Lance (this is about the only time you'll hear me speak good of
     the Dragon Knight ^_^).  Make the other three party members White
     Mages, or make two White Mages and one Mime (with the Sword Equip
     ability).  If you have any Fire Rings, equip them now.  Also equip
     Excalibur on your Mime.  Make sure you're at full stats.  In case you
     didn't notice, Twin Tania's weakness is Holy.  So have that Dragon
     Knight in the air as soon as possible, and let your Mime hit the boss
     with Excalibur.  The White Mages will be casting either the Holy spell
     or Cure 3.  Since all your attacks have the Holy attribute, he should
     soon fall.  He probably won't even have a chance to use the awesome
     Giga Flare!  Best of luck!
    -NOTE: You can sometimes use Odin to kill Twin Tania in a single hit!
     Wait until he powers up for the Giga Flare, and you should be able
     to pull it off!  The same goes for the Assassin Dagger (I did it
    -Twin Tania is sent screeching into the void of oblivion as the
     passageway to Exdeath's inner sanctum is revealed.  When you're all
     set, hop in!
    Cleft of Dimension: Crystal
    *Treasures - Elixir, Fuuma Shuriken (3)
    *Monsters - Crystal Dragon, Mind Flayer, King Behemoth, Belfegor,
                Thing, Mover, Necromancer, Gorkimaira, Shinryuu (optional
                Boss), Necrophobia (Boss)
    -This is the final area to the Cleft of Dimension.  So whatever you do,
     keep your eyes peeled!  Grab the treasure on the right side of the
     screen and walk through the path.  You'll see a familiar face at the
     end, standing on the portal: Gilgamesh!  Remember, he was banished
     here by Exdeath...run into him, and a fight will start!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gilgamesh - one more battle for good times' sake
    HP - ????/none
    Attacks - Sword attack
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -Gilgamesh is actually too scared to fight.  After a couple of turns,
     he'll stop attacking the party and talk to you.  Then, he will run
     away.  Don't worry...you'll see him again.
    -Hop into the portal, and you'll be on the second "floor".  Just follow
     the path, picking up the treasure along the way.  Hop in the portal to
     get to the third "floor".  In the this area, approach the chest in the
     center of the room with CAUTION - another powerful (but optional)
     boss lurks inside.  To fight him, simply open the chest.
    -This guy is another hard one.  He's The Omega's counterpart, and
     another "superboss".  The battle is completely optional, but if you
     want to acquire the awesome Ragnarok sword, here's the scoop:
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Shinryuu - the strongest dragon
    HP - around 60000
    Attacks - Tidal Wave
    AP - ??
    Drop - Ragnarok
    -Like the other superboss, you're going to need a lot of prerequisites
     before you attempt to fight this battle.  All party members will need
     to have the Ninja and Dragon Knight Job classes mastered.  Next, you'll
     need to have purchased four Water Rings from Mirage Village (once
     again, fight in the "Crystal" section of the Cleft of Dimension to get
     quick loot if you're short).  Third, you'll need to get at least six
     Dragon Lances, which are spears that have a 100% critical hit rate on
     dragons and dragon-typed monsters.  These can be obtained by stealing
     them from the Crystal Dragon enemy (Crystal Dragons are most commonly
     found in the second and third sections of the "Crystal" area).
    -Now before going at it, change all of your party members into Travelers
     and equip them with as many Dragon Lances as you could get, and the
     Dragon Knight's "Jump" ability.  Also, don't forget to equip those
     Water Rings, or it's going to be a short battle.  The Shinryuu's first
     attack is going to be a mega powered-up version of Leviathan's Tidal
     Wave; it does around 8000-9999 points of damage to all party members.
     However, you gain that much HP back if you equipped the Water Rings.
     After that happens, have all of your party members jump.  When they
     land, they'll do around 9000+ points of damage (per spear) on
     Shinryuu because of the Dragon Lances' critical hit rate!  If the boss
     isn't killed by the time all of your party is on the ground again,
     quickly and repeatedly jump him until he falls!  Best of luck!  Your
     prize for overcoming such a difficult adversary is the legendary
    -Whether you defeated Shinryuu or not, continue on to the north.  When
     you get to the fork, go left to grab another Fuuma Shuriken.  Now
     follow the path right and enter the portal.  You'll be on the fourth
     "floor".  Just follow the path until you see a glowing light at the
     end.  Make sure you're healed and hit the A button on it.  A boss
     welcomes you!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Necrophobia, Barrier (4) - lord of the night
    HP - 44044 (Necrophobia), around 12000 ea (Barriers)
    Attacks - Air Blade, Holy, Death (Necro), Holy, Flare, Meteo (Barriers)
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -This guy is either going to be easy or he's gonna wrack your nerves.
     Get rid of the Barriers FAST...they can cast way powerful spells on
     you.  DON'T try to hit them directly with spells either, they have a
     Reflect spell in action before the battle starts.  Instead, cast
     Bahamut and then Mimic it.  Two or three hits from that, and they'll
     perish.  Now Necrophobia is in his vulnerable state.  Before you go
     after him, cast Golem.  His Air Blade attacks can do up to 3000 damage
     on a single party member and Golem is an easy way to block it.  Then
     hit him in full force.  If you want to see something special with
     Gilgamesh, bring him down to low HP but don't kill him!  Good luck!
    -After Necrophobia is laid waste, the final save point opens up.  Make
     sure you use it, as you're going to need it.  You sure have come a
     long way...and you deserve a rest.  But there's just one thing left
     to do.  Head north to enter the final portal.  Exdeath awaits you.
    23. The Final Confrontation
        *Location - the deepest bowels of the Cleft of Dimension
        *Treasures - the freedom of Planet Earth (or not ^_^)
        *Monsters - Exdeath (Boss), Neo-Exdeath (Boss)
        *Piano? - ARE YOU KIDDING!?
        *Musical Theme(s) played - "The Final Battle"
    -Head straight up the walkway.  There, you will see Exdeath.  His ty-
     rannical powers are not over yet...he swallows up several more
     locations including the Pirates' Base and the Catapult.  He then
     swallows the party up into the "Nothingness"!
    -Batz wakes up by hearing the voice of his father.  The other party
     members follow suit.  Galuf, Dorgan, Zeza and Kelgar all appear before
     them.  They tell Batz and company that they are the Light Warriors, and
     that they're the only ones that can stop Exdeath!  With that, they seal
     Exdeath's power once again, as the spirit of King Tycoon appears.
     Using all of their strength, they weaken Exdeath so that Batz and the
     others can stand a chance.  When you're all set, walk into Exdeath to
     begin the battle!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Exdeath - The Dark Mage himself
    HP - 50000
    Attacks - White Hole, Flare, Holy, Meteo, Dispel, Critical
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -He's gotten much stronger since you last fought him.  Unfortunately for
     him, so have you.  Don't let him intimidate you; he's nothing to
     really worry about.  First cast Golem to boost the party's defense.
     Also cast Big Guard if you've got it, or Shell on all members.  Keep a
     healer ready for the White Hole move (it turns a party member to stone
     and kills them, making it twice as hard to revive them).  Use Esuna and
     then Araise.  Don't be afraid to use your Elixirs either!  When you get
     a chance to hit him back, use powerful spells such as Flare, Holy, and
     Bahamut, and then Mime them.  This will do maximum damage!  Even Coin
     Toss him if you've got the ability equipped.  When Exdeath takes around
     50000 damage, he'll expire.  Well done!
    -Exdeath dissipates into the "Nothingness" that he so desired to
     control.  But then, he speaks, his voice more powerful and full of
     life than ever!  It seems that Exdeath is not dead after all...prepare
     yourself for the final battle.
    **Final BOSS Strategies**
    Neo-Exdeath (4 targets) - a writhing mass of pure evil
    HP - 50000 ea (grand total of 200,000)
    Attacks - Dispel, Critical, The Almagest, Grand Cross, Meteo, others
    AP - (none)
    Drop - Nothing
    -This is it...if you bite the dust, so does everyone else on Earth.  IF
     little carried away.  Where else have I heard that line?  Anyhow,
     this is one of the toughest battles you've faced yet.  Here we go!
    -If Golem wore off, cast him again.  Also cast Big Guard on all party
     members, or Shell if you don't have Big Guard.  You're basically going
     to use the same strategy you used on Exdeath, but now keep in mind that
     there are four different targets.  So try to avoid hitting only one;
     TRY to hit every part of Neo-Exdeath with all of your attacks!  When
     everyone is protected, start hitting him with summon spells like
     Bahamut.  Then Mime it if possible.  Coin Toss also works great, since
     it does a large amount of damage and hits all parts of the boss.
     However, watch out for Neo-Exdeath's awesome attacks...you'll need a
     Cure 3 after The Almagest, which does anywhere from 1000-2500 points
     of damage on all members.  But the real attack to watch for is Grand
     Cross.  This attack is similar to Atma Weapon's "Full Power" attack
     in FFVI; it gives every party member a random status ailment or two.
     So _MAKE SURE_ you're wearing a Ribbon on as many characters as
     possible!  If characters get affected, bring them back into the action
     immediately.  A few turns of that strategy and Neo-Exdeath won't be
     able to function anymore.  Just keep your HP high, and keep defensive
     spells active no matter the cost!  I wish you the best of luck!
    -Suddenly, there is a flash of light and Neo-Exdeath starts to crumble
     into dust.  It's finally over...right?  Don't worry, there's no
     "next form", or another boss or anything that's going to jump out on
     you.  You've done much to get this far...
    The Aftermath
    -What happens next, you ask?  Well, it's time for you to enjoy yourself
     with the ending of this game; you sure deserve it!  There's different
     scenes in the ending depending on who was alive when you defeated the
     last boss.  So basically, if all four characters survived, you'll get
     the "best" ending.  In fact, it's the longest Final Fantasy ending in
     history, clocking in at 25 minutes!  Wow...a great ending to accompany
     a great game.  Congrats on completing Final Fantasy V!
    This section is on the various side areas and extra things you can do in
    each world.  Some things that I didn't give too much info about in the
    walkthrough might be shown in detail here.
    -Before you hop in the warp to go to World Two, head back to Tycoon
     Castle to watch a flashback scene with Lenna and Faris as small
    -DON'T forget to get all of the Summon spells before you leave World
     One.  Shiva is in Walse Castle, Ifrit is in the Ancient Library, Ramuh
     is in the forest east of Istory, and Titan is in the Lonka Meteor.
     You have to get Ifrit and Titan.  But don't miss Ramuh and Shiva,
     because once you leave, they're gone forever!
    -There's an excellent place to build your levels up in World One!  Go
     to the forest where you found Ramuh.  Walk around for a little while
     and you'll eventually run into 5 little dinosaurs that cast a
     Fire-typed spell on you.  They're called Minidragon, and if you kill
     them quickly with some Techs...you rake in a whopping 1125 EXP points!
     That means if you killed off your characters except one, you could
     earn 4500 EXP points a battle fighting those guys!  Fight a few battles
     here, and you could get up to around Level 40 in only a couple hours!
     Save frequently though; if you get back attacked, you could get wiped
    -Make sure you've picked up the Song spells you could have gotten this
     far and played all of the pianos in the towns.
    -If you want to see a cool rare enemy, land the airship on one of the
     islands near Crescent Island and walk around for a while.  He's called
     Invincible, and he looks like The Omega!  Be careful; he's a tough
     one! (Not nearly as tough as The Omega though.)
    -If you haven't picked up Level 5 Death from the Page 64 enemy in the
     Ancient Library, you might want to do so.  Lots of enemies in World Two
     and Three are able to be killed by it.
    -Frequently check back with the scholar in the top right-hand corner
     house of Karnak Village.  He tells you various things about monsters
     every now and then.
    -The Crescent enemies (those guys with hooks on Crescent Island) some-
     times drop a weapon called Death Sickle.  It's a decent axe with pretty
     high battle power.  You can also steal an axe from him rarely called
     the Warhammer.  When you steal, you'll probably get lots of Silver
     Bows, but keep trying.  Then, when you find a lot, you can sell the
     Silver Bows, Death Sickles, and Warhammers for big bucks!
    -Probably the last thing to do before leaving, you should fly over to
     Lix and pick up 40 or so of each Tech.  There's a town that sells them
     in World Two, but you won't get to it right away.  Those Techs sure
     come in handy!  The primary reason I love Ninjas!
    -Probably the most notorious, if you will, side quest in World Two is
     Gilgame.  You were probably in his cave and you didn't even realize
     it; it's the cave in between Bal Castle and Kelb.  This cave eventually
     leads to Big Bridge if you follow it, but if you take another route
     inside you will eventually come to a strange discovery.  In front of
     a dead end is a place with different amounts of gil; when you step on
     these spaces, you'll pick up the gil.  The amounts start off very small
     but get VERY high as you take steps.  The only problem with this is
     you have a very high rate of running into a boss monster called, you
     guessed it, Gilgame!  This powerful turtle has over 30,000 HP,
     extremely high attack power, and a very high evade rate.  But if you
     manage to beat him, you can get out of there alive with the cash!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gilgame - elusive turtle
    HP - 32768
    Attacks - Hit, Turtle Shell
    AP - 5
    Drop - 5000 Gil
    -Before you can fight Gilgame, you'll need a few certain things to ensure
     that you stand a chance against his incredible onslaught.
    -Make two characters Monks, one character a Sword Knight, and the last
     character either a Sword Knight, or a Monk (Note: Sword Knight must
     have Ice 3 magic, which means that the best time to challenge Gilgame
     is after you've been to Mua first, and purchased the Ice 3 spell).
    -You'll need high level White magic, mainly Cure 3 and Protect.  Give
     the White magic to one of your Monks.  Also, if you have the White
     Wind Blue magic, that could substitute for Cure 3.
    -One member must have Summon magic, particularly Shiva and Golem.  I
     find that this battle is (read:) NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE without Golem
     (unless you somehow have an unbelievable amount of HP).
     Give the Summon magic to anyone but the Sword Knight.
    -Give your Sword Knight Time magic.  You'll need Haste 2, and Return
     if things get ugly.
    -HP boosting abilities.  Try to get your HP to at least 1500 for each
     party member, and even higher than that, if you can.
    -The Knight's Guard ability can help in this battle.  If you've got
     a free space, give it to someone.
    -A lot of Elixirs (if you got them all during the Karnak Castle event
     and didn't use any yet, you're in luck).
    -Prior to entering the battle, cast Levitate (VERY IMPORTANT!!) on all
     party members.
    -If you've got all of that stuff, it's time to fight!  After you've
     configured your party, save your game, and enter battle with Gilgame.
     During the first round, have your Sword Knight cast Haste 2 on
     everyone, have the Monk or whoever has Summon magic cast Golem, and
     have the rest of the party attack.  Gilgame's high evade rate doesn't
     help much...it's a shame Slow 2 doesn't work on him.  In the next
     round, have the Sword Knight cast Ice 3 Sword, and the member with
     Summon magic cast Shiva.  Shiva will typically only do around 400-500
     points of damage, but it's a better attack than anything else except
     Ice 3 Sword.  Whoever has the White magic should either heal the party
     or start to cast Protect on each party member.  Protect GREATLY reduces
     the amount of damage that your party takes from Gilgame to about 500
     points per hit (as opposed to 1000-1500 without it).  After you've done
     all that, you basically just have to repeat the strategy.  Golem will
     wear off in about three rounds, so you'll have to keep casting it over
     and over.  In between the rounds, use Shiva for extra damage.  Heal the
     party as necessary, also.  This battle is LONG, so you'll need to bust
     out the Elixirs to restore MP to your White magic user and Summon magic
     user.  Just keep pounding away with that Sword Knight, even though he
     almost always misses the target.  When he does connect, he'll do around
     1500 points of damage!  The Monks can also contribute small amounts of
     damage when they counterattack Gilgame, and since they're so quick,
     they connect fairly often.  I hope you did what I said and cast Levitate
     on all of your party members, or else the whole fight will be in vain;
     Gilgame casts Earth Shaker before he dies, and if your party doesn't
     have the "Float" status, each member will take about 3500 points of
     damage.  Ouch.  Like I said, don't expect this battle to go quickly; it
     took me 45 minutes to beat him.  Good luck!
    -Speaking of Bal Castle, there's an area of the basement where you can
     rack up on pretty high amounts of AP points.  The only enemy that
     appears down there is the Statue, and they can give you as much as
     2535 gil and 8 AP!  Be careful, as they use Break.  And don't worry
     about that mysterious locked door.  You'll do something about that
     in World Three...
    -In case you didn't get Shoat, get him before you go to Exdeath's
     Castle.  Look at my World Two walkthrough for more info!
    -Don't miss the two Song magic spells; the Requiem in Kelb and the song
     in King Zeza's bedroom.
    -Well this isn't really a side quest, but it's an interesting point
     worth mentioning, nevertheless.  In the forest where Shoat is located,
     you may have gone into the small patch of forest off to the right and
     discovered that it's actually an honest-to-God Chocobo Forest!  Well,
     I'll be... but it's too bad that there's something wrong with the
     chocobo that you can't ride it.  Not to mention it's female.
     Big shame :(.
    -There's a guy in Mirage Village that challenges you to ride around the
     world on a Chocobo.  Do it using Boko (start at wherever you left
     Boko and go counter-clockwise) and then go back to Mirage and talk to
     the guy.  He'll give you a Mirage Vest (appropriately named, in my
     humble opinion).
    -Another trick using Boko.  Get on Boko and ride to the Istory Falls.
     Except don't use the sub or anything, ride right through the river and
     go on top of the falls.  In the center space of the waterfall, you'll
     enter a level.  When you get in, search the spot there and you'll pick
     up the Magic Lamp!  It casts a random summon spell (starting with the
     strongest, Bahamut and ending with the weakest, Chocobo) each time
     you use it.  When you expend its power, you'll eventually only be able
     to use Chocobo with it.  To power it back up, head to the same spot
     where you found it on top of the falls!
    -This one's pretty neat.  Go to Mua Village.  When you're inside, head
     off to the left and search in the trees near the bottom left-hand
     corner.  You should be able to walk through them and if you mess
     around in there for a while, you'll come across an old man with two
     chests.  In the left chest is the Brave Blade, a sword that has pretty
     high attack power.  In the right is the Chicken Knife which is powerful
     if you ran a lot during your quest or something like that.  Choose one
     wisely, you don't have another chance to do it again!
    -You might have talked to the girl in Rugor in between the two
     equipment shops.  In World Two, she mentioned something about a Ribbon
     helmet.  While in World Three, go back and talk to her again.  For
     defeating Exdeath, she'll give you the Ribbon!
    -Basically, most of World Three itself is side quests!  You can go to
     the Cleft of Dimension as soon as you get the airship; just that it's
     better if you get the 12 legendary weapons and the summon spells first.
    -There's a rare enemy around the Walse Tower region.  This enemy looks
     like a type of stingray; it's the only enemy in the game that has the
     Big Guard enemy skill!
    -There is a way you can look at all of the statistics you've done in
     the game thus far.  Take your sub over to Karnak Village and go
     underwater.  You'll see a cave.  Go in this cave, and there is an old
     man here who will tell you lots of information about your party!
    -This is the best side area of World Three, hands down.  There's a
     final job class that can be acquired.  Remember when the Walse Tower
     sank in World One?  Well, now that you've got the sub, you can go down
     to where it was and enter!  Go in the sunken tower and quickly race to
     the bottom, because there's a 7:00 time limit.  At the end, you'll
     find the Crystal Piece that you couldn't get in World One.  However,
     you'll have to fight a boss for it!
    **BOSS Strategies**
    Gogo - he's actually *IN* this game!!??
    HP - ????
    Attacks - anything you do ^_^
    AP - 50
    Drop - Nothing
    -Gogo is a Mime, after all...he does anything your party does right
     back at you.  So if you try casting Meteo, or another catastrophic
     spell on him, you might find yourself soon in a bodybag.  Here's the
     trick: do absolutely NOTHING, and let Gogo run out of air!  Good thing
     his lungs can't hold more than yours.  That wasn't too hard, eh?
     Well, you now have the final job class!  Now get outta there before
     you drown!
    10. CREDITS
    In Game Credits:
    Director              Image Design
    Hironobu Sakaguchi    Yoshitaka Amano
    Music Composer        Field Plan
    Nobuo Uematsu         Yoshinori Kitase
                          Ikuya Dobashi
    Battle Plan           Field Program
    Hiroyuki Itou         Ken Narita
    Akihiko Matsui
    Battle Program        Field Graphics
    Kiyoshi Yoshii        Tetsuya <T2> Takahashi
    Katsuhisa Higuchi     Hideo Minaba
    Obj Graphics          Battle Graphics
    Kazuko Shibuya        Masanori Hoshino
    Hiromi Ito            Tetsuya Nomura
                          Hiroshi Takai
                          Hirokatsu Sasaki
    Menu Program          Sound Program
    Shinichi Tanaka       Minoru Akao
    Visual Program        Map Design
    Keizo Kokubo          Kaori Tanaka
                          Yukiko Sasaki
                          Hidetoshi Kezuka
    Sound Effects         Test Assist
    Kenji Ito             Akiyushi Ohta
    Yasunori Mitsuda      Nobuyuki Ikeda
    Yoshihiko Maekawa     Mami Kawai
    Executive Producer
    Tetsuo Mizuno
    Hitoshi Takemura
    Valjean's Credits:
    There's a number of people I wish to thank here.  In no particular
    -My savior and creator, the Lord, God.  Without Him, none of this would
     be possible.
    -Squaresoft, for being the best in the business at making games, and
     cranking out a masterpiece such as FFV! (and finally translating it
     to English!!!! ^_^)
    -RPGe's GREAT FFV fan translation.  Sometimes I wonder if any of the
     execs at Square have looked this over...anyhow, this is where I turned
     when I couldn't translate something on my own.  Keep up the great work!
    -All of the other FFV Walkthrough authors out there.  You guys sort of
     inspired me to make one on my own.  And yours are what helped me
     complete the game the first time around!  Now I want to help someone
    -The reader, for getting this far down on the page!  It honestly does
     warm my heart to realize that someone appreciated something that I
     wrote.  A deep thanks to you!
    -My greatest teacher, my father.  I'll love you always...and we will
     meet again one day.
    That's all for now.  If you feel you deserve to be credited in this
    section, please contact me:
    E-Mail: alphajeanvaljean@hotmail.com
    ICQ: 11565812
    "Zeromus!  For all those living on the earth...I will destroy you!"
    -Cecil, Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy, the characters therein, and Squaresoft are registered
    trademarks of Square of Japan.  This is merely a fan-written document,
    and those rights are not intended to be infringed upon.  This document
    was written by Jean Valjean, in the year nineteen-hundred and ninety-
    nine.  Please leave it in its original form for personal use or
    website use.

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