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Reviewed: 08/28/03

It's good, but not the best in the series.

Final Fantasy V, I think, is an enjoyable game thanks to its job system, which will be explained later on in the gameplay section of the review. It focuses on the adventures of Butz (yes, Butz) and his three other friends as they strive to save the world.

STORY- 8/10
The story involves the classic Final Fantasy crystals, which is why I gave STORY an 8 out of 10. The whole idea is getting too old with the crystals and all. It was used in FFIV, and it will be used in FFXI. Other RPG's use this as well in their stories. Crystals, crystals, crystals!

Anyways, the crystals hold the world together, and if they break, they will release Exdeath, the bad guy in the game. He's some demented mage, but his (MINOR SPOILERS-----) boss form looks REALLY cool. You and your party of four, lead by Butts...I mean Butz... have to defeat him! Nothing out of the ordinary.

The characters are not developed greatly, especially Butz, the main character. He's some loner with a Chocobo. And what stinks it that they're are only four characters to play with.

WORLD- 9/10
I love the world in FFV. It's large, with tons of towns and dungeons. And there are three of them! I'm only on the second one writing this review. Sadly, the whole world is divided into stupid squares, which makes moving kind of like a strategy game. This can get very annoying in towns, since people take up a lot of the squares you need to walk over. You have to wait for them to move out of their square to move. Also, the worlds are designed so you can only go to the next area, meaning you can't wander away from the main story path of the game. Only when you get a transport can you freely move around the worlds.

Not the best I've seen. The graphics make the characters look like crap and the buildings are all square-like. The enemies are the only things that look good, along with the spell effects. Hey, it's back in the days of the SNES, so I can't blame the not-so-great graphics.

There's a lot to explain here. I'll divide this section into Job System, Battle System, and General Gameplay.

Job System
For me, the job system in FFV was very confusing. Jobs come from the crystals you find in the game, and they come in groups of four or five. Everything's here: Red Mage, Blue Mage, Knight, Mime, Samurai :), Geomancer, Black Mage, Hunter, Thief, Mystic Knight, Summoner, and so on. All these jobs come with abilities, and you can even equip abilities from other jobs! But, sometimes my abilities didn't show up in battle, even when they did in the menu. Some abilities are used in battle, while some are not, such as this ability that allows you to use a weapon holding two hands, thus it will be able to deal more damage. Some abilities can be used on the field map, such as being able to dash or see hidden passages.

Battle System
The battle system is fun at times, but mostly boring. Why did FF have to make all their battle systems the same? Almost all of them are ATB-driven! They couldn't include combos or movement or anything! Just measly turns! Oh well, I don't care for the battle system that much. There's a lot of things to use in battle, which makes some battles fun. The summons also maket the battles fun. I can't wait to get Bahamut!

General Gameplay
Like all other FF's, everything is story-driven, so, everything in linear as you go town to town and beating dungeons. Battles are random, of course. When you reach your destination, you'll get some pretty long scenes involving the characters.

Nothing that special here, but some tunes are catchy. Especially when you go to that werewolf town (I forgot the name of it). The sounds though are pretty bad, like the dragon's (Hiryuu-?) roars. They sound like a meow more than a ROAR!

The only thing worth playing twice is customizing your party with different jobs. You can have a party of mages, or if you want, samurais! Or, why not have four summoners? Sweet!

Only some bosses are hard. Usually you can beat all of them with things called ''Techs.'' But hey, I'm only on the second world, so I haven't played through all the bosses. The final boss it supposed to be REALLY TOUGH.

FUN- 8/10
The battles at times are fun, but they can get repetitive with them being random and all. The dungeons are also fun to crawl through, with all those nifty treasures to find! The scenes in the game though are long, and I wasn't too into them. They're are A LOT of scenes.

This game is long, which is good. It'll keep you playing for hours and hours. Buy it! You'll enjoy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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