"The worst of the SNES Final Fantasy Trilogy"

Final Fantasy V did not hit shores on American soil until Final Fantasy Anthologies for the Play Station. It isn't a terrible game but it was the worst of the SNES Final Fantasy trio. However, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI are some top notch games. There were some terrific aspects of this game but alas, there were also some horrific aspects of this game.

Game Play: Final Fantasy V uses the Job System. Now the Job System is downright excellent. This is the best aspect of this game. You have 4 characters and you pick out jobs for that specific character. What are jobs you ask? Well, let me tell you. Jobs include Black Mage, White mage, thief, lancer, monk, ninja, summoner, blue wizard and knight plus much more. Each jobs has their own specific weapons to use and abilities to learn. For example, a black mage would attack with a rod and would have the ability to learn black magic such as fire, ice and thunder magic. A monk would attack with bare fists and be able to counter attack. Another spiffy twist is that you are allowed a second ability slot. This second slot will permit you to use abilities from another job. So, you could potentially have a black mage with white magic as well or a knight that can summon Ifrit. The game play is phenomenal and is without a doubt, the best feature of this game. 10/10

Characters/Storyline: Unfortunately, the characters are mediocre and storyline flat out sucks. The main character is a character named Butz (Which was translated to Bartz fortunately) To put it bluntly, the characters have little development. They kind of just plow through the game. But there is some development in all of the characters, so it isn't all bad. The storyline is worse though. Yes, another Final Fantasy involving crystals. The crystals sealed the evil lord Exdeath (Stupid name, I know) and once he is freed, he wrecks havoc upon the world and it is up to the four warriors of light to stop them. This type of story has been used before so it isn't really anything special. There are a few select scenes, which are amusing, but it is kind of hard to get into the storyline. The characters are decent but there isn't a good storyline in this game. 4/10

Sound/Music: The sound is just fine; the attacks can be heard nicely. The music is really not so good though. The regular battle music can get on your nerves, the regular boss battle is dreadful and the town and dungeon music is decent. There are two good songs in the game though, the battle with Gilgamesh and the battle with Exdeath. Unfortunately, these songs rarely come up in the game. It was disappointing. 5/10

Graphics: The graphics aren't too shabby. Unlike this games predecessor, Final Fantasy IV, you can actually see the facial expressions of the characters throughout the game. They aren't spectacular mind you but they were a notch up. The creatures you fight are colorful and vivid which is nice and even the regular world map wasn't too bad. They were awesome for its time and even today, they aren't too bad. 4/5

Difficulty: This game can be quite difficult if you don't utilize your jobs good enough. During my first play through, I was unable to complete the game due to my poor job training. However, once I applied myself and did a great job using the job system, this game was cake. So this game can be really hard or really easy. Just be sure you're smart from the very beginning, if you aren't, you won't make it through the game. 3/5

Replay Value: This game doesn't have too great of replay value. There are a few plot twists and legendary moments in this game but when you play this game a second time, it isn't so good. A neat thing you can do to counter this is have different jobs each time you play. Fighting bosses with different jobs (Or no jobs if you want a challenge) can make the replay value much better. 6/10


Game Play: 10/10
Characters/Storyline: 4/10
Sound/Music: 5/10
Graphics: 4/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Replay Value: 6/10

Overall Score: 32/50 = 64

Overall: Overall, this game isn't bad; I won't say that, it just won't stack up to other RPGs. On it's own, it's a decent game but far from the best. This game has some quirks but if you look past them, I would recommend this game because it isn't a bad game and it is worth trying. Who knows, you might even like it. A lot. You will probably want to purchase a copy of Final Fantasy Anthologies for the PlayStation. You'll also get Final Fantasy VI as an added bonus! Anyways, if you do decide to purchase this game (Or even play it) make sure you take advantage of the job system from the start. If you don't, you could potentially be sorry (Trust me)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/17/04

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