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    FAQ/Move List by AnotherGamer

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fight 3 Movelist/FAQ version 1.0 by AnotherGamer.
    E-mail: Gamer777@hotmail.com
    Version info:
    1.0 Initial release.
    t=towards (in the direction where enemy is, left or right depending on the
    Basic moves:
    Move: Directions
    Attack: Y
    Jump: B
    Special: A
    Dashing special: dash, s (except Dean)
    Hold direction (walk without turning around, can be used for backward jumps):
    Dash: l, press and hold l/r, press and hold r
    Dash jump: dash, j
    Dash jump attack: dash, j, a
    Dash attack: dash, a
    Combo: Keep pressing attack after first hit
    Weak jump attack: j, d+a (doesn't knock down (except Haggar), can be
    performed before other jump attack for 2 hits)
    Dash combo (Guy and Lucia only): dash, a, keep pressing a after first hit
    Backhop: b,b quickly, easier if holding direction (L/R)
    Grab: press against an enemy from left or right
    Switch sides: g,d+a 
    Power move(s): Character dependent
    Super move: Character dependent, can only be performed when bar in the bottom
    of the screen is flashing "Super"
    Move descriptions:
    Basic attacks and combos:
    Combo: jab, jab, right straight, left elbow, reverse right roundhouse
    Dash combo: slow dash punch, upward right straight, left elbow, reverse right
    Jump attack (stationary): upwards right jump kick
    Jump attack (moving): straight left flying kick
    Jump attack (weak): flying right knee
    Jump attack (dashing): backturned flying right kick
    Special: tornado kick
    Throws and holds:
    Triple knee: a,a,a 
    Shoulder toss: l or r+attack
    From back:
    Ground punches: press a repeatedly
    Back suplex: l or r+a
    Power move:
    Fire palm: d to t+a 
    Super move:
    Six punches, Fire palm: g, t to d+a
    Most damaging combination:
    j,d+a, a,a,a,a, dash+a,a,a, g, a,a, super
    A pretty good character with many good moves. His both combos can be hard to
    use, since he has the shortest range of the characters. His throws are pretty
    good, too. Ground Punches are pretty powerful but you can and will be hit out
    of them. If there are other enemies in the screen, use the Back Suplex instead.
    His power move, the Fire Palm, is pretty powerful and has good range, but you
    must have some distance between the enemies in order to make it hit. His super
    does good damage and can hit more than one people. A good character for
    Basic attacks and combos:
    Combo: right stomach punch, right stomach punch, two-fist overhead smack 
    Dash move: dashing punch (can hit multiple times)
    Jump attack (weak): flying butt drop
    Jump attack (stationary): drop kick
    Jump attack (moving): drop kick
    Jump attack (dashing): flying body attack
    Special: spinning clothesline
    Throws and grabs:
    Double headbutt,power headbutt: a,a,a
    Lift-up throw: l or r+a
    SPD: j,a
    From back:
    Suplex: a
    Inverted suplex: j,a
    Power move:
    Double fisted uppercut: d to t+a
    Super move:
    Lift up, throw in air, jump after, inverted suplex, super SPD: g, t to d+a
    Most damaging combination:
    a,a, g, a,a, super
    Gee, if this rate continues, all the differences Haggar will have compared to
    Zangief will be nationality, name and clothes:). Anyways, if you like throwing
    people around, Haggar's your man. He's got a good variety of damaging and
    good-looking throws. This doesn't mean his other moves are useless, though.
    His punch has a long reach and his power move can hit up to three times. His
    super looks pretty neat and does much damage. A solid power character.
    Basic attacks and combos:
    Combo: stomach jab, stomach jab, right straight, electric right straight
    Dash move: slide kick
    Jump attack (weak): downward jump punch
    Jump attack (stationary): left flying kick
    Jump attack (moving): left flying kick
    Jump attack (dashing): double-fisted dive
    Special: electrocuting spin
    Throws and grabs:
    Triple stomach punch: a,a,a
    Ground slam: l or r+a
    From back:
    Triple head punch: a
    Head punch to ground slam: a, wait Dean to punch enemy once, l or r+a
    Double head punch to ground slam: a, wait Dean to punch enemy twice, l or r+a
    Backbreaker: u+a
    Power moves:
    Reach grab (hitting enemy with this is equal to normal grab except for longer
    reach): d to t+a
    Electric uppercut: t to u+a
    Super move:
    Electric ground slam, hop and throw to ground: g, d,u+a
    Most damaging combination:
    j,d+a, a,a, g, a,a, d,u+a
    Dean's like a combination of Guy and Haggar. He can do much damage quite
    easily and his throws are pretty good. He's the only character whose special
    doesn't move when used while dashing and he is also the only character that
    cannot actually throw people away (if you don't count his triple head punch).
    He has quite a shocking personality (literally...wonder if he's drunk too
    many of those energy drinks?-)) that he puts in a good use. He has probably
    the funniest looking punch. It's about the same range as Haggar but a bit
    slower. His dashing attack is pretty weak but can take out many people. His
    reaching grab can be useful in many situations and his electric uppercut will
    electrocute anyone stupid enough to walk into it while he's holding his fist
    up in the air. His super is easiest to perform and it can do some good
    damage. I haven't used him too much but he can be fun to play as for variety.
    Basic attacks and combos:
    Combo: Left mid jab kick, left low jab kick, left high jab kick, reverse
    turnaround elbow
    Dash combo: right elbow, left high kick, reverse right mid roundhouse (can hit
    Jump attack (weak): knee drop
    Jump attack (stationary): downward left flying kick
    Jump attack (moving): downward left flying kick
    Jump attack (dashing): flying left cresent roundhouse
    Special: cresent tornado kick
    Throws and grabs:
    Triple knee: a,a,a
    Shoulder throw: l or r+a
    From back:
    Knee to butt: t+a
    Suplex: a
    Power moves:
    Spinning Bird Kick: d,t,dt+a
    Flame Kick: j, d to t+a
    Four left high kicks followed by reverse right mid roundhouses, first two hits
    of her Spinning Bird Kick, Flame Kick: d,d,f+a
    Most damaging combination:
    j,d+a, a,a,a, f,f+a,a, super
    She's my favourite character. The reason? Almost all of her moves are flashy
    and she can easily chain many attacks into a nasty combo for buttload of
    damage. Her regular kick is pretty fast and has somewhat good range. Her
    dashing combo is infinitely better than Guy's, since she can hit with it as
    long as her elbow is held out, though it has zero reach. I like her also
    because of her power moves. Spinning Bird Kick does a ton of damage and looks
    neat. Never use it outside of combo, since it leaves her very vurneable when
    she falls down from it. It's last hit can also damage enemies below, since
    she kicks the enemy towards the ground. I don't use her Flame Kick much,
    since it can be tricky to make it hit and it can be hard to perform since you
    have to be high enough in the air to do it. Her super is another reason why I
    like her. It looks so damn cool while she kicks the crap out of the enemies.
    Also, you can (and it is advised to) use it inside a combo for massive damage.
    If you like flashy characters who can also put a world of hurt on their
    opponents, Lucia's your girl.
    Food items: Restore health, Barbecue fills up to max
    Other items: Give points
    Yashichi: Makes you invincible for about 15 seconds. This item is often
    concealed behind the foreground.
    Pipe: Long range, Haggar can combo with this
    Club (looks nothing like a club to me, honestly, the closest thing it
    resembles IMO is an injection needle or something:)): Lucia can combo with
    Nunchaku: Guy can combo with this
    Hammer: Throwing weapon. Dean charges this up with electricity before throwing
    it, making it do lots of damage.
    Misc tips:
    -Since you don't have to grab an enemy when performing Lucia's super, it can
    hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Drawback is that you can miss it
    completely, draining the super bar. Even worse, enemies can hit you while
    you're falling down from it.
    -The fastest way to charge up the super bar is attack enemies repeatedly with
    your combo.
    -If you're not completely surrounded by enemies and are grabbing one, do take
    advantage of the situation and knee/punch/headbutt the enemy twice before
    throwing him. Regarding to throws, use the back ones since they do most
    -If you're either surrounded or getting beat up badly, use your special. It is
    much better to have a tiny bit of your life removed because of the special
    than it is to lose much more from enemies beating you up.
    -Haggar's and Dean's supers damage all enemies onscreen. Also, if there is
    another enemy in front of you when you perform Guy's super, he'll get damaged
    by the Fire blast at the end of Guy's super, too. Finally, Lucia's super sucks
    in anybody who even takes a single hit from it. Also, don't do her super too
    near of the screen's edge, or they will be knocked too far for the final hits
    to connect, causing her to miss out a lot of damage.
    -Some doors in the background can be broken by throwing or otherwise knocking
    down an enemy near them. These doors are usually either bonus rooms or
    alternate routes. So far the ones I've found exist in stage 2 (in the screen
    with the link fence that your character breaks apart when you kill all the
    enemies, leads to a bar with stage's boss), stage 5 (somewhere near mid to end
    of the stage. Leads past the boss. Very useful.) and in stage 6 (somewhere
    near the mid point, contains enemies and a drinking machine with a Barbecue
    -All the combinations I've listed include a super in the end. If your super
    bar isn't full yet, you can substitute the super with power move or throw.

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