Review by JF7X

Reviewed: 11/21/06

Trouble in Metro City again??

It appears that Metro City is a magnet for having gangs. Released in December 1995, this was to be last Final Fight game in the series. The story line goes like this: After the fall of the Mad Gear Gang (made by Haggar and his team from Final Fight 1 and 2) the underworld struggled to see which gang would rule next. After some time of gang wars, the Skull Cross gang reigned supreme in the fight. After this power struggle, the Skull Cross gang decided to become more powerful as it started a riot to free it's leaders from prison. Some where else in the city, it seems that Haggar is now mayor of the Metro City. He had received a call from Guy days earlier and now Guy was visiting him in his office. The meeting doesn't last long as the gang makes the riot attack in the city and now Haggar must defend Metro City again. Dean a random fellow decides to help followed by Guy and a female detective named Lucia.

Game Play 10/10: In this version it seems that Capcom made many differences. Aside from the normal jump, punch, kick, and super, every one has a super bar which they could do a move or a set of moves which deals a lot of damage. The thugs are all different now too. Even Andore has changed. Now there is only one Andore. There are no more Great Andores and so on. This game also seems to be the easiest out of the three since they are many short cuts and secrets. Break all things that are breakable. What else makes this game easy? The bosses. You can finish off a boss with a weapon on normal. Most beat-em up games don't even allow that. Also now each character has a weapon that he or she can do well with and they will special if they wiled one. Also they added a two player auto player which means the computer takes control of 2nd player if you need extra help.

Game Length 9/10: The game has about 5-6 stages each stage has at least two parts to it wo it adds to be about 15 stages. However the game should take no more then about an hour since it has many short cuts with in the stages.

Controls 8/10: The controls for the game are: A button to attack, B to jump, X for super, D-pad to move, and the start button for starting. To do the characters special you will need to do moves. For example quarter-circle punch.

Music 10/10: The music in the game is nicely done. There are some jazz tunes in the game to some of the levels.

Graphics 7/10: Over the last two this one has the best graphics. It seems that Final Fight 2 had the same graphics as one because there didn't seem to be that big of a difference. However in three there is clear difference between them.

This game is worth picking up if you can find a copy. Unlike Streets of Rage which started out good and ended bad. This series is the complete opposite of it. This game will not disappoint you at all.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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