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"Tag-Team Street Fighter"

Final Fight first started as an arcade game. It was then ported over to the SNES, and after that, Capcom decided to release two sequels to continue the series exclusively for the Super Nintendo. I know, Capcom has the reputation for ''milking'' their series, such as the Mega Man series with little innovation. But, Final Fight 3 is an exception. It may not have the longevity of the Mega Man name, no sir. But the Final Fight series has improved its graphics and sound a lot, and in the third installment, cleverly blended fighting game elements with the classic, sidescrolling beat-'em-ups. Now, review time...

Graphics - 8/10
The visuals are greater than the previous two games, that's for sure! Haggar is back, and badder than ever (I would say he's bigger but, if you look at his weight and height as the series goes on, you'll notice he's shrinking), and sports a ponytail. Other helpers (Guy, Dean, and Lucia) accompany the massive mayor on another one of his journeys. Each character is well-animated (Lucia, a little TOO well-animated) and highly-detailed. Backgrounds and enemies are MUCH better this time around.

Sounds - 9/10
The music is better too! It is like FF2's, a clever combination of rock and jazz. It is rarely overbearing as compared to its predecessors, which is a good thing. The sound effects are great too, and the voice clips are even better. Each character has a variety of different voice samples. Some character clips are great (Haggar), while some are just plain irritating (Lucia). But, on the whole, much better than the previous two games.

Gameplay - 6/10
It still suffers from monotony like FF1 and FF2, but adds a combo system, reminiscent of another Capcom series, Street Fighter. These are somewhat tough to pull off, but once you know the combos, you'll get the hang of it. However, slowdown, while not major, is quite common. And you can play with another person, either human or computerized. Neat! Very original, I find. Not many other games I know of have this kind of 2-player feature. The computer's AI is much better than in other games I've played. The computer leaves you alone with your enemies, while it concentrates on its own!

The Final Fight series ends on a high note. And while each game suffers from the same flaws, each game is good in their own rights. A great series with a great ending. Great job, Capcom!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/27/02

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