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"Final Horror"

The ''Final Fight'' games have always been a longtime favourite of mine, created especially by Capcom, which is also my favourite gaming company, since they have also those ''Street Fighter'' series, but unfortunately, Final Fight 3 just didn't make it past the line.
Sure, the first 2 Final Fight games have been quite good, even though the graphics and sprites show their age and are nowhere as brilliant as they used to be, but Final Fight 3 is more than that; slow gameplay, choppy movements, and jerky controlling pretty much sums up the whole game itself, but here's the rest in case it needs more attention:

Storyline: 3/10
Apparently, as the storyline goes, the Mad Gear gang had (sigh) for the third time regrouped, busted out of prison and started exporting weapons overseas.
Again, it's your job to stop these crims from progressing any further at all costs, and so you set off to bash the hell out of them by travelling from place to place, breaking drumcans, barrels, and cases for weapons and health, and searching for baddies to beat up.
It's always the same case, however...walk 10 steps into the next scene, meet a few bad guys, ''BOW, BOW, SMASH!'', pick up item, move on. Next scene, and so it repeats.
4 people are featured in this game (2 new):Mayor Mike Haggar is back again for the third time, and so is his sidekick Guy, the ninja who bashes people with his Bushin skills.
2 new characters also team up to stop the Mad Gear thugs, a young woman who turns out to be a cop called Lucia, and a strange mysterious man who calls himself Dean, is also in to turn out the Mad Gear for vengeance for killing his family. How far can you get?

Gameplay: 3/10
As I said before, the gameplay of this game itself is horribly slow and awkward with characters moving at a snail's pace, especially Haggar.
Even by moving at a simple left or right direction, it still takes at least 3 seconds for your character to react.
And it doesn't end there: hordes of enemies simply keep coming at you in endless waves, and attacking you unfairly causing constant frustration.
Even the attack functions are worthless; a simple tap of the button takes up to about 4 seconds for your character to react, and by the time they do, what happens?
You suddenly get yourself rushed by at least 5-6 goons at once and before you know, you're floored on the ground.

Controls: 7/10
Very awkward, jerky, and tend to be unresponsive at times, but other than that, it works reasonably well for other measures, although it isn't too crash hot.
Plus, it takes a bit of time getting used to the gameplay as well as the controls itself.

Graphics: 3/10
Very dull, boring, and extremely dreary.
There is almost no variety of colours, whatsoever, and the background brings in a feeling of boredom that you've already seen the same thing again and again.
The animations in the background were also very limited and could be hardly seen throughout the whole game.
The colours tend to be mostly grey or green in each level, and this should've been worked on A WHOLE lot better.
Even if that wasn't enough, the heroes of Metro City were pretty much horrendous and just plain horrid to look at...I mean, what the hell has happened to Haggar?!
In the first game, he looked good, in the second he looked even better and vengeful than before, dressed in battle gear, but the design for him in this third final installment is just totally off the record.
Why the hell does he look like an aerobics instructor with his hair tied back?!
Capcom, what have you done here!?!?
You've made the biggest hero out of the previous 2 games look like a complete and utter fool, and most of all like a hippy!!!
Guy looks pretty much the same as ever, except that he wears red martial arts uniform instead of his usual orange one, but Dean looks better than I thought.

Sound Effects/Music: 1/10
Not much worth noting about, except that the music was barely audible, and the sound effects themselves were just horrendous from out of another cheap video game itself.
Another lacking department for Capcom to work on.

Overall: 2/10
I can't say much that I loved this fact, I hated it. Despite the fact that there were a few ways to meet bosses in different ways and picking up a variety of food and weapons to clobber enemies with, I am still met with the boredom that greets me continually every time I play this game, and this always permeates.
The enemies look nothing as if they were made of junk, and moreover their designs were just stupid, pathetic, and colourless. Almost as if they were straight from the 50's.
Strike that. Make that the 70's.
The whole game itself is simply abominable with horrid gameplay and several twists and turns that always seem to lead to constant frustration, due to the lack of appropriate functioning when needed.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/28/03, Updated 02/28/03

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