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Reviewed: 07/22/03 | Updated: 07/22/03

Hyena, fluffy hyena, spotted hyena, spotted fluffy HYENA!

Final Fight 3 is an action-packed hyena-style fighting game, with non-stop excitement, awesome music, great animation and graphics, and a large variety of new moves that were not featured in the previous games in the series.

Video (Graphics) 10/10

FF3 depicts a wide variety of environments, such as the streets, various buildings, a kitchen, a bus, and an industrial building, all of which are highly detailed and well done. Some parts are destructible; knocking an opponent into a door causes the door to shatter. The character sprites are similarily well done; each playable character has a variety of different moves that are well depicted and detailed. One amazing animation is when Guy drags down an enemy and crushes him with repeated blows; the impact of his attack is so well-done one you can almost feel it. While the enemy sprites are detailed and look amazing at first, their animation is a bit simplistic, but it isn't terrible.

Audio (sound and music) 10/10

The soundtrack in FF3 is excellent, a vast improvement over the previous games. Several tracks are exceptional, including the rock-type theme from first stage, the tune in last stage, and the elevator music. The rest are also good, just to a lesser degree. The music is worth listening to, even outside of playing the game. As for the sound effects, they aren't anything special, but it's not as if they could improve that much.

Control (reponsiveness, ease, etc.) 8/10

The controls in Final Fight are easy to learn; while they at first may seem simple, there are special techniques that can produce better results than simple button mashing. Basically, the d-pad controls movement (a character can move in eight directions) and there are buttons for attacking, jumping and using a special move. To grab opponents, simply walk into them; to perform combos, simply walk up to an enemy and rapidly press the attack button. Special techniques like using D-pad movements (or lack of movement) in conjunction with the attack button execute different attacks, some of which are more powerful than others. Double tapping the d-pad in any direction causes a character to run, which changes the types of attacks that can be performed. Sometimes running is awkward, especially in close quarters, and it often takes to long to double tap the pad; this is the only problem I have with the controls.

Gameplay 10/10

Final Fight is a great fighting game. Very much unlike Street Fighter, it is not a tournament based game, but more of an open fight, where any number of enemies may mob you. I find there is a lot of HYENA action in Final Fight; like a hyena, you can run down your enemies, drag them to the ground and attack while they're prone, and fight off entire mobs. And like a hyena, you can fight alone or work with others; even if there is no one else playing the game, there is a mode that allows you to fight alongside a CPU controlled partner. There are a great variety of attacks to learn, although they are all very easy to perform. The action is almost non-stop, with new waves of opponents coming every few seconds, plus intense bosses that take a huge amount of damage before their health meters even begin to decrease. The game can be difficult, some of this can be attributed to overpowered bosses and problems with getting a character to run instead of walk. The only real problem with the game is the limit on continues; the game has quite a few levels and having to start over is a major pain. Overall, these two minor flaws don't severely damage the fun and excitement of this awesome game.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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