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"What makes a good beat-em-up?"

Capcom is an expert at one thing: super duper repetitiveness. Just look at how many Street Fighters have Ken and Ryu and how many MegaMan games have Dr. Wily. I thought that maybe their beat-em-up game would be good, but alas, I was wrong.

You chose from four characters that have their own wide array of combos, special moves, and grabs, along with a super move. This is pretty innovative, since it adds a fighting game feel.

Now you may be wondering what Capcom's super duper repetitiveness has to do with Final Fight 3. Well, in this beat-em-up, you fight the exact same freakin' enemies level after level. Other beat-em-ups at least offer different bosses, but NOOOO, Capcom just HAD to throw the same exact bosses at us on each level. Other beat-em-ups also have the same hench enemies appear repeatedly, but they're short, so the enemy bashing doesn't get tedious. Final Fight 3 is sooo long, I can't even remember how many stages there were.

Speaking of the stages, they're nothing special. Just the standard area with weapons and items. TMNT:Hyperstone Heist had the laser-shooting samurai, Streets of Rage 3 had several interactive stages, and Double Dragon 2 had parts where it resembled a platformer in the objective area. But Final Fight 3 just has the same ol' level with the same ol' enemies over and over again.

Just what kind of enemies? Stupid guys who walk around throwing punches and girls who walk around stabbing and tall guys who walk around charging with their chests. Two of the bosses have the same pattern: walk around trying to knock you down with one blow and occasionally jumping into the air to crush you. To make things more tedious, defeated bosses appear again and again and again and again in later levels.

This game is sooo tedious, it's like playing through all 4 Street Fighter 2 remakings in one sitting. I wouldn't recommend playing this unless you're not aiming to complete it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/20/00, Updated 06/20/00

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