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"Beating up bad guys is all in a day's work...."

This long time game has been out for ages in the arcades since the early 1980’s, and Capcom decided not only to unleash the original Final Fight, but also yet another title; Final Fight Guy. Just what type of game is this? This is what I think...
Welcome to yet another ''Double Dragon-like'' game which features Guy instead of CODY, best pal! Haggar's there too again, showing off his huge muscles and pitted up against the Mad Gear thugs in order to restore peace and quiet to the streets of Metro City again, and regain his daughter. (Sigh). Just how much further can this possibly go on?
By the way, it seriously looks like Capcom ripped off Tradewest by making Guy pull off his special Bushin Sempukyaku, as Billy in DD3 also does it in the same way.

Storyline: 2/10
I am seriously getting sick of repeating this storyline over, and over, AND OVER AGAIN!!!
Here we go (sigh): Metro City has been plagued by crimes, death, and violence by the unshakeable Mad Gear gang for years until a newly announced mayor called Mike Haggar stepped up into the job.
There, he promised to rid of all the Mad Gear thugs there were, but word was soon passed around the Mad Gear gang and they took immediate action.
What was it? Kidnapping the mayor's daughter, Jessica.
How touching.
Upon learning this, Haggar decides to rescue her and fights his way through dozens and dozens of enemies to reach her, as well as fighting large and horribly dressed bosses through each stage to get to her.
Guy decides to join Haggar, and you can either play as one of them with the everlasting differences between them both;
Guy is fast but as weak as a kitten.
Haggar is as slow as a bull, but as strong as 2 horses put together, AND also possesses some of Guy's weaknesses.
Hmmm...tough choice....not.

Gameplay: 7/10
Good, smooth, and just nicely done, it always reminds me of the Double Dragon 3 game, especially the background in the first level, although the enmies kind of walk a little weird...I mean, why do they walk backwards when they face you? Shouldn't they be turning AROUND first, by any chance?...There is such a thing as BACKING AWAY.....Oh well.

Controls: 9/10
Very responsive, and adds nicely to the gameplay itself as well. There are only 3 you need: attack, jump, and performing a special attack, and that requires pushing 2 buttons simultaneously; the jumping button AND the attack button.

Graphics: 6/10
They show their age and are nowhere as great as they once were, considering as this game was made back in 1989, but were also very sloppy, and unappealing.
But then again, you don't really pay much attention to the background or the graphics, right? Whatever.

Music/Sound FX: 1/10
The sound FX was average, apart from the usual ''EEEYA!'', ''WHACK....WHACK.....WHACK....WHACK.....KA-WHACK! CRACK!'', although the sound of Jessica screaming was a real nuisance and so annoying that I turned off the volume.
However, the music was just annoying, horrible, and is guaranteed to give you a headache as well, especially on the 4th or 5th level in the game, where the music starts to rise and fall rapidly and loudly enough for you to just turn off the volume off completely. No questions asked.
The sound of Jessica screaming and the horribly conducted music in some parts of the game are enough to make you turn off the SNES console off, and maybe chuck the game off. Perhaps even sell it.

Replay Value: Only if you want to see the bodies of your enemies rising up a fair bit, and maybe dying on top of drumcans or barrels.

Overall: Well, I can't really say that this game was really favourable to me or not...there was a lot of faults with this game, one of them was if you were playing Haggar and held an opponent and half a second later he drops him/her.
Capcom, you've done it again.
This game has simply turned into one huge mess with average gameplay, sloppy graphics, and the horrible tunes and music that accompanied, didn't contribute to the game itself, either.
Not a bad try for Capcom, but also not a very excellent start either. Maybe the second installment will be better this time, and indeed, it looks quite promising from this perspective.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/02/03, Updated 03/02/03

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