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Reviewed: 10/05/04

Squares answer to Cybernator


Squaresoft is famous for many high quality games, especially during the SNES era. During the SNES era, square started a series called "Front Mission" a strategy RPG in the vein of Tactics Ogre and Squares own Final Fantasy Tactics, however it featured giant robots blasting the crap out of each other, which a lot of people, myself enjoyed.

This sequel, Gun Hazard isnt exactly the same as Front mission 1, 3 and 4. It plays more closely to Front Mission Alternative then the main games in the series. Gun Hazard is a platformer where you control a giant mech and scroll and jump around shooting things. If you ever played Konamis "Cybernator" you'll feel right at home.


As stated earlier, Gun Hazard is a 2D platformer. You walk around and shoot enemies and you will meet the boss of a area every now and then. Every time however, when you kill an enemy, you gain experience points, and of course, you level up. Levelling up raises certain stats such as health, strength, and defence. You also gain money, and money can be used to buy new weapons, mech parts and such from shops.

You not only have the option of going through a stage in your mech. Sick and tired of it? you can get out and explore it as a human, and your character is far far smaller. This bit can add challenge to the game, as you might find the going a bit too easy at some stage.

Altough it is a platformer, it does offer RPG objectives. Not only are levelling up and experience points, equiping and such the RPG bits you will find here, but there are goals. One of the stages might be to prevent the presidents truck from getting hit, another might be to keep him out of danger, and another might be just to survive an encounter. Upon reaching these goals, you will often receive a bonus at the end of the stage, so its all worthwhile.

The game controls really well, getting out of the mech is easy, though the timing of jumps takes a bit of getting used to as it can be floaty. Aiming upwards also needs a bit of getting used to, but other then that, i havent spotted any other flaws.

The Graphics are just what you would expect from a SNES game nearing the end of its life, really well done and detailed. More detailed the Cybernator and that game looked real good. The great style of soundtrack that was present in Front Mission returns here as well.

Being a square game, you would expect a story and Gun Hazard provides one. It revolves around you, Albert, escorting the president to a desired location. On the way, you are attacked, wanted for being a kidnapper, and branded a traitor. Play it more to find out more ^_^


A very polished effort from square, this game is very underated. However, with emulation advances and translation patches, this game should get the attention it deserves. You owe it to yourself if you are a fan of platformers, RPG's, or giant robots. Heck, if you played Cybernator and loved it, go and play this ASAP

Final Score. 8.4

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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