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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by SHetu

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    F - Zero
        First off, let me just say that this is a great game. True, I have 
    no pictures of it to boast of (although I do have some great times), 
    but it was just so innovative for its time, and it remains so today. 
    First of all, it featured Mode 7, so it ran VERY smoothly. Next, it 
    actually was a racing game where **gasp** different cars meant more 
    than just a different design. Each car had its own strengths and 
    weaknesses. Also, it was the first (and I think only ) game to let you 
    cut corners with jumps, but to take you back if you cut too much. Its 
    last track was absolutely difficult, and it actually let you interact 
    with the track. The various speeds attainable were very nice, and each 
    course had its own little speciality that made it memorable. For some 
    odd reason, no guide was ever made for it on GameFAQ's, so I've 
    attempted mine. Here it is.
       The Cars       
       The Tracks        
       The Track Objects       
       The Points        
       My Times            
       Weird Stuff      
    There are four cars you can use in the game.
    The Blue Falcon
    This car is nice for you beginners, and it runs nicely in the Knight 
    League. Unfortunately, it has a bad turning rate. Also, it's a bit 
    average as far as top speed goes. Fortunately, it accelerates the 
    second fastest in the game, so if you run into a tough turn, just tap 
    the accellorator once or twice while turning to straighten out and 
    maintain speed. Use it to start, then move on.
    The Golden Fox
    This is your next trainer. It has a lower top speed than the Blue 
    Falcon, and it slides a heck of a lot more, but it's acceleration is 
    top notch. I recommend using this car for the Queen league, as some 
    jumps require you to accelerate fast, and you might not be very good 
    yet. Watch out, as its body is very weak, and a few solid hits will 
    cripple it. Use this, and once you're used to conserving energy, use 
    the next car.
    The Wild Goose
    This car could probably survive jumping over the course rail. Of 
    course, it can't (none can save the computer controlled ones noted 
    later), but it still takes a beating. For being a solid hunk of lead, 
    this "car" has next to no acceleration. For some reason, this means its 
    top speed is very, very high. (I believe the second highest). Use it 
    when you're conservative, and you might survive some of the tracks in 
    the dreaded "King League". Once you've beaten Death Wind II (shudder) 
    at least once, move on.
    Fire Stingray
    Now we have it! This car is the fastest, slowest accelerating (why 
    you'll need to be good before you use it), 2nd to toughest car there 
    is, and it'll be the best on every track. Of course, you need to be 
    very good in order to keep it going, as its accelloration is very poor. 
    Still, it's worth it. Ah, now we can finally get down to business.
    _Knight League_
    Mute City (I) 
    This course is fairly easy. Take the first 2 turns without stopping, 
    and then lean (with R) into the next one. Take the jump (hold down), 
    and cut a bit to the right. Now, there's some stripes of gravelly like 
    dirt, which you can drive through. You'll loose a little bit of speed, 
    but it's worth it considering the track you'll cut off (.1 to .2 KM's 
    to be exact). Avoid the next set of dark dirt. The next turn is a Mute 
    City monument, appearing on all three tracks. Better master it now. 
    Hold R down and jam the control pad to the right when you're just a bit 
    before the turn. If you're not in the Fire Stingray (see why I love 
    it?), you'll have to loose precious speed and tap the accell down a bit 
    to maintain control. Almost too easy. Super Jets: Use them either at 
    the start, as soon as you get it, before the jump (you can cut through 
    the roughs after the jump very nicely), or on the homestretch (a nice 
    thing for the other cars, it prevents you from losing speed, while you 
    still maintain your position).
    Big Blue
    This course is almost all water (as far as you're concerned, it is). 
    Fortunately, you can't jump into it. Unfortunately, it's a bit slippery 
    towards the end. The first turns right and left are easy, cut hard into 
    the next one, but refrain from sliding too far and losing distance. The 
    next three stretches have sand, you can avoid it if you slide into the 
    center after the first turn, then just stay out of the way. Next, 
    there's a slightly sharp turn you can cut, and a stretch followed by a 
    180 turn. Use the slide technique, and brake or accell. if you need 
    too. After this is a right angle, which is fairly easy to navigate 
    (slide). At the end, there's a blue surface. DON'T SLIDE. If you do, 
    you'll really slide. Instead, take a very sharp turn at the end of the 
    Blue, and you'll turn out fine. If you do slide, try and slam at the 
    end of the wall and try to straighten out. Finally, finish the lap. 
    Super Jets: Use them at the beginning, on the long rough stretch, or 
    after the blue area, in case you mess up the turn.
    Sand Ocean
    This course is your first real turn tester. Best of luck to you guys 
    who're playing it for the first time. Okay, start and veer a bit right 
    on the slant. Now, take a wide, sloping turn to the right. It shouldn't 
    be too hard, you may need to cut it (which means to use the slide 
    technique). You'll now go a bit right, then left on a nice 180 turn. 
    Don't cut it, just slowly turn, then ease up on the turning if you 
    must. Do this on all sloping long turns that aren't very sharp. There's 
    another sloper to the right, and you'll go on a small straightaway 
    (with sand, I believe). This may not be totally right, there may be a 
    straightaway before the sand one. Anyway, after that is a sharp turn 
    you should cut right on, then a nice, looong turn to the left. This is 
    a problem. You shouldn't cut it, but you'll have to be real careful by 
    not cutting it. Just watch yourself, and you should pull through all 
    right. Finally, take one more nice, easy turn right followed by a small 
    curve, and you'll be in line for the finish line. Fairly simple. Super 
    Jets:  Use them at the beginning, on the stretch with the sanded sides, 
    or at the end in case you mess up. Good luck, but if you beat this, the 
    next one's almost too easy. 
    Death Wind
    This course is a giant 0. Note: Don't do the boost trick at the start, 
    as it will cause you to swerve wavy to the right. The winds on this 
    course are also a bit of a problem; just take them into account when 
    steering or at slow speeds (which you shouldn't be on this course....). 
    At the start, use R and L to slide around the sand areas. Take a nice, 
    easy turn right (cut it if you must), and hit the two dash zones. Let 
    me explain. These bring you up to 900mph, then decrease your speed 
    depending on your accelloration. The faster you gain speed, the faster 
    you loose it. So, the Fire Stingray rocks! Now, hit the oddly located 
    middle power refill (slow down if you want to, the next car will hit 
    you when it wants to pass you and you won't loose anything). Now, take 
    the final turn and try to hit the final dash zone. Very easy. Super 
    Jets: At the beginning's great, since there's sand. Don't use before 
    dash zones as a general rule unless in the Golden Fox or possibly Blue 
    Falcon. Or, save it for a rainy day (if you miss a dash zone). Saving 
    one for the homestretch of the last lap would be very wise.
    With all the hazards here, it's all but silent. The track is even 
    shaped like a gun! Anyway, start and turn hard left, followed by a 
    gradual slope right. Now, if you're inexperienced, take the right 
    "fork", slope left, and hit the jump plate to miss the sand. If you're 
    dying for adventure (or have a SuperJet and don't mind using it if you 
    miss), then turn left, drive between the mines, and turn a very tight 
    left to hit the plate (hopefully). If not, then you'll have to boost, 
    but the twisted corridors following are no fun to go through at 500+ 
    mph. Surviving this turn, turn hard left, then weave between the 
    siphoning track. You'll have to turn right, then there's a weird "S-
    Curve" type section. Turn very sharply left then right, although you 
    may have to brake or even almost stop. At any rate, the next turn is a 
    bit easier. Go a bit left, then spin sharply around the turn (sort of 
    like in Mute City). Finally, there's a small "turn" near the end. It's 
    a pain, and a nice finisher to the Knight League. Super Jet:  Use it at 
    the beginning (or at the jump if you miss). Or, you may try to use it 
    after the tight turn (1 or 2) to recover back to max speed (if you can 
    handle it). The finish line is always a viable option, too.
    _Queen League_
    Mute City II 
    This course starts like its predecessor. So, do your turns. Now, 
    there's a big, big "O". Take left or right, preferably what the car in 
    front of you doesn't take. Turn the O without sliding, or you'll spin 
    out of control. Now, make sure not to go too far (only halfway), or 
    you'll start going in reverse. Take the path out, and hit the jump 
    plate. Angle it so that you jump the rough (and maybe the track, though 
    I'm not sure if you can), and land on the next jump. Now, take the huge 
    turn to the end. Shouldn't take you too long to master. Super Jets: Use 
    them at the beginning, the end, or on the jump plates. I like to use 
    them just before I hit the first one and cut off a nice chunk of the 
    Port Town I (?)
    Okay, I don't quite remember the track order. This or Red Canyon I is 
    next, I think it's this. Anyway, it's fairly simple. First start and go 
    to the right. Hit the jump and miss the rough, then hit the next jump 
    and hold down very much. You'll clear the exposed city, now hang a 
    right and be happy you didn't do it the hard way. The hard way: hit the 
    plate on laps 2 - 5 and hit your turbo jet (that you saved, of course). 
    Now slam to the right and jump over the very long section of purple 
    plains and try and land on the next section of track. You'll be picked 
    up (which is cool) by a passing spacecraft that deemed your move 
    illegal, and deposited (which is not cool) in just the right way so 
    that your "shortcut" made no difference. Oh well, it's fun anyway, and 
    a much bigger risk, so take it if you must. Now, curve around a bit. 
    When you land, especially on the later laps if you super jet, then you 
    should hold right and you'll just make the turn. The next few turns 
    depend on your style. If you're very good with your cutting, you'll be 
    all set. If not, hang tight. Eventually, you'll hit some magnets. Use R 
    or L to counteract them, or steer a bit in the other way than they 
    pull. Now, pull a hard right. Here it becomes insanely difficult (oh 
    wait, that's only on Port Town II. It's easy in I). Hang another 90 
    Degree right, and head for the finish. It's really very easy, if you 
    stay calm. Especially on Port II, you'll find that staying calm really 
    helps. Just pretend you're in Practice Mode (essentially you are, with 
    just more obstacles). Super Jets:  Use them at the beginning before the 
    jump (a must if you miss the rough), at the homestretch (if you can 
    take the 90 at those speeds), or, well, I guess at the magnets, if 
    you're really nuts. 
    Red Canyon I (?#2)
    This is soo easy, oh wait, that's Red Canyon II. Sorry, these mix ups! 
    Anyway, this is just like II, but part's roped off. I don't have a map 
    handy, so hang tight as I trust my memory (not a good thing). First, 
    get in the lead quick, and take the sharp lefts and rights as good as 
    you can. Cut across the sand on the first few turns if you like. Next, 
    level out early to hit the jump plates and go flying. You'll rocket 
    over the track, downward magnets, and hapless riders that get in your 
    way (show 'em who's boss!). Watch the mid air collisions, they're 
    usually very messy. Now, you'll hit a hard right, followed by some 
    twists, turns, then another right. Just be careful in those turns, you 
    should be able to handle them with a bit of practice. Next, you're in 
    for a straight run for the finish. Enjoy! Super Jets:  These are so 
    much fun when going over the jump plates, or you can use them at the 
    beginning (as with most courses). Finally, they're good to save for the 
    end, although only as a fail safe, I trust you to be handy enough to 
    not hit stuff now. 
    White Land I
    This is the first (and I think hardest) of two White Land courses. 
    Surprisingly, they're almost entirely different, and not on the same 
    track. Start by taking a nice, sloping turn left, then cut hard right 
    and turn another righty. Here, the designers decided to put down a nice 
    magnetic field blocker (how nice!). Worse, you have to turn. Now, I 
    know that when you guys are racing in the grand prix, the last thing 
    you want to do is let go of that throttle. Do it. And, tap it a few 
    times to level out while avoiding the rough. Now, breathe again, and 
    hit the next few jump plates to avoid the rough. I reccomend the first 
    one on the left, but switch right if you can so you'll be lined up for 
    the next set. After this is a turn left (you can cut it a bit with some 
    tricky flying). Now, there's a big, prolonged loop to the right at 180 
    Degrees. You'll need to be careful of the slip zone, but I'm sure 
    you'll be used to that after 5 laps! After that, take the relatively 
    easy curves to the finish. It helps to practice in the practice stage 
    (what a novelty!). Super Jets:  The beginning is a nice place to use 
    your boosts, and the jumps are also a fun place. Save one for the end, 
    you'll need it. 
    White Land II
    This is a lot more fun, if a little harder/easier depending on your own 
    tastes. Take the first few turns, and watch out for the following 
    hazards: 1) The slip zones, one at the beginning, one before the end. 
    Use caution, and try not to slide unless you're in the Stingray or Wild 
    Goose. Otherwise, you're in for a beating. 2) A section of tight turns 
    with a lot of blue guidebeams blocking the easy rode. Ride over 'em. 
    Or, if you like to show off, take the turns the "right" (slow) way, and 
    retain some of your power. Your choice. 3) A huge (1/2 mile) jump. Use 
    excellent care on lap 1. Take the turn before it at top speed, slide so 
    you don't slow down. Now, immediately hold Down and A at the same time 
    and you should make it. Why the developers did this, no one knows. 
    Maybe they liked the challenge. Maybe they forgot to put in the track. 
    Maybe the elusive budget cuts cut their track funds short. Maybe they 
    didn't like the people the crafts just might hit if they mis-timed 
    their jumps. Either way, it's much easier and safer on the last few 
    laps with your super jets. Super Jets:  The jump. Thank you, that's 
    _King League_
    Now you're playing! It takes serious skill to beat this course 
    (especially in the Golden Fox or Blue Falcon **shudder**), much less 
    finish Fire Field in first (of course I have, thank you very much). 
    Good luck.
    Mute City III
    The only planet to boast 3 races, Mute City should be very familiar by 
    now. You'll race at night. Start by doing your normal turns, then stay 
    in the exact center of the track, and you'll miss the outcroppings 
    (it's a pain when there're guys in front of you). Now, cut right, over 
    the sand, and stay on your current trajectory to avoid the first set of 
    mines. Stay straight, cross another rough, and you should completely 
    miss the second set of mines. This is a nice plus. Now, hit the final 
    turn. Super Jet:  Useful at the beginning, in the trench with the 
    outcropping track sections, at the end as a failsafe, or (my personal 
    favorite) when avoiding the mines. Pick and choose. 
    Death Wind II
    Gag! Ack! This is a pain. Start and stay in the clear, then turn. Now, 
    you'll have to turn hard left, followed by right to hit the dash zone. 
    Turn left (while going at 900 mph) very, very quickly to hit the next 
    jet and avoid smashing yourself to smithereens against the wall (if you 
    miss, you'll know). Finally, there's another turn and jet thrown in 
    there for fun, then a power up area. You'll need it. Slow down 
    considerably, knowing that you can box out anyone trying to pass you 
    (it's fun to hold up about 5 cars). When you're ready, go on (don't 
    tempt fate too long), and hit the final dash jet to finish one 
    lap.....only 4 left! Super Jets:  Use them at the beginning, or at the 
    end. Save one for the last lap in case you miss the last dash zone, 
    unless you don't mind 2nd or 3rd place. 
    Port Town II
    Don't worry, after this one you get a brake. Follow the normal Port 
    Town Guide, but turn left very sharply where you'd normally go 
    straight. Now, the next turn is a very thin slope right. Be careful, 
    and tap right little by little to get it. It should straighten out, 
    following that, just watch for the tiny S. You can usually make it if 
    your timing's good. Off to the finish line. Super Jets:  Use them at 
    the beginning, at the jump (virtually the same effect), or wait until 
    you reach the S and slam them to full. Curve and you'll make a nice 
    loop around the guy in front of you. I normally do this. 
    Red Canyon II
    Yeah! Easy! Fun! Do the normal course, but, after the 3rd jump plate, 
    stay towards the left hand wall, going straight. If you don't reach 400 
    mph soon, turn right and take your chances in the minefield. If you do, 
    hold down and you'll hit a jump plate, followed by a big arrow of jump 
    plates. Nice shortcut! Legal, too! Take the right to get back on track 
    (slam a wall if you want to). Then, take the next few turns, being 
    careful of walls and sand, until you reach the straightaway to the 
    finish. Easy as pie, no? Super Jets:  Use them for the jump, or, if you 
    want to risk death, somewhere else. Your choice....
    Fire Field
    Out of the frying pan, into the fire, eh? This one's a blast, and 
    you're likely to die out after 3 minutes or so (I took 3:58 or so to 
    finish it in first). Start, and stay on the left or right side of the 
    track (right near the wall) to avoid the land mines. You'll also pass a 
    few people. Now, there's a nice right turn. You will probably have to 
    brake. Next, a big turn (if I remember correctly) to the left. After 
    that is a section with rough blocks like in Death Wind. Avoid them, or 
    super jet, and survive another turn to reach a long curve with sand on 
    the left. Note on the long turns: hold R or L and turn sharply, but, 
    most importantly, hit the brake a bit before the turn to take it at a 
    hairpin. You'll hardly notice it in the fast accell vehicles, but your 
    Stingray will loose a place or two if you brake too much (and your 
    Goose will be cooked :-). After this hazard is (I think) a turn. After 
    that, there's a pink slip zone. Steer in or out of it if you want, then 
    straighten up and go left or right around the magnets and track 
    section. Just don't drive in the middle. Finally, stay on the left and 
    you'll see a power up zone. Slow down or keep going, then hit the dash 
    zone to zip back to the lead. On the last lap, ignore this, it'll just 
    waste time. Super Jets:  Use them in the rough area mentioned above, 
    or, if you're desperate, to zip through the center of the zone I told 
    you not to drive through (try not to die, okay?). The beginning is not 
    recommended. Good luck!
    These should be avoided or not as follows:
    Rough - Looks like sand, try to avoid the full areas, it'll slow you 
    down. The sparse areas don't affect you too much, and are usually nice 
    Anit Gravity GuideBeam - i.e. Railing. Just avoid it, and don't jump 
    over it (unless I tell you to). 
    Land Mines - When hit, they boost you, take away a nice chunk of power, 
    and send your vector to a random direction. Not a fun thing to hit, but 
    the enemy can hit them too (or you can "persuade" them too).
    Jump Plate - Your friend. Hit it, and you'll jump and gain speed. Hold 
    up to go down, down to go up. Hold down when you hit to avoid losing 
    Down Pull Magnets - They pull you into contact with the track surface. 
    Just don't drive on them, or fly over them (but they'll pull you down). 
    Left/Right Pull Magnets  - They pull you , you guessed it!, left and 
    right. Use R or L to counteract them, or steer away from them. When far 
    away, they have little effect. 
    Magnetic Block Coat - This will keep you sliding, no matter if you hold 
    R or not. If you hold R, good luck winning this lap. Just be careful, 
    and hit the accelerator when you need to straighten out. 
    Dash Zone - Hit them if you can. They boost you to 900+ kph, then drop 
    you down. If you accelerate fast, you'll loose speed fast. Just watch 
    the turns, okay?
    Points are awarded per lap based on place. If you're disqualified, you 
    don't get points:
    Rank 1           900 pts.
    Rank 2           600 pts.
    Rank 3           400 pts. 
    Rank 4 or less   200 pts.
    At the end of the race, you get:
    First Place      2,500 pts.
    Second Place     1,500 pts.
    Third Place      1,000 pts.
    After every 10,000 points, you get a free car. How nice. 
    To be updated
    Useful stuff to know.
    At the start, hold down B for the duration, and hold R. When the timer 
    starts, wait a little and release R, a machine will bump you from 
    behind and you'll loose no time. Nice thing to do, but not on Death 
    Wind I or II.
    Jump plates increase your speed.
    Land from jumps by holding down.
    You can see your rival with the Check Mark. Herd them off, if you want. 
    Pressing B (throttle) will restore your stability after sliding.
    The Fire Stingray Rocks.
    Fire Field should not be attempted in the Golden Fox. 
    Let off the accell. in the pit stops. It is worth the time to recover a 
    Don't use Game Genie. It ruins it. 
    Nice game, eh? Want to know some weird stuff?
    In the Pitt Zone, the craft above you follows you so exactly, it even 
    turns off its engines if you do!
    If you hit a flashing car it'll blow up (one less contender).
    Go in reverse and hit a car to send each other flying.
    You can kill the enemy. They just come back. I did it. To do so, hit 
    one while going over a jump over Port Town or White Land II while in 
    Super Jet mode. They'll go flying hard to the left or right out of 
    control, with no hope of saving themselves. Unfortunately, they come 
    Beat the Game on Expert mode to unlock Master Mode. Beat it to get a 
    special bonus. 
    I did this all by myself, all with my own two (sore) thumbs, and 
    skills, etc. However, Nintendo's instruction book provided a list of 
    the items, so I tried to igrnore their descriptions (and tips) and 
    write my own.
    In return, I have two favors to ask:
    1) I am currently looking for any Game Genie codes (you'd have to 
    create them) to either:
              a) Make you jump higher
              b) Make you go faster either when jetting or normally
    2) Does anyone have any F - Zero pictures? I could use some for my 
    E- mail all these to: Snhes@aol.com
    Thank you!
    Copyright 2000 by Seth Hetu, Snhes@ aol.com Do not reprint, post, or 
    reproduce without asking me first. I probably will let you, just ask 
    for my permission.

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