Review by Tman106

Reviewed: 04/03/07

High speed, old graphics

F-Zero is a futuristic racing game for the wii's virtual console. It was originally for the snes. Anyway let's get to the review

Story 0/10

No story it's a racing game 'nuff said

Graphics 8/10

The graphics (based on the graphics of the snes) are very good. Of course it is all 2 dimensional but everything runs smooth and looks very well. There are some games I've seen with 3 dimensional graphics that look worse than this.

Game play 7/10

It has pretty good game play for the snes. The sense of speed is very good; I really did feel like I was going 400 kilometers. Now when you race you choose of 4 futuristic cars that hover on the ground. The cars vary in top speed, acceleration, weight, and power. Making the correct choice for a car is vital. The controls run smoothly and the cars steer very well. The only stage I played with a problem on this would be "death wind" although based on the name I am guessing it is supposed to be windy making it hard to steer.
There is a fair amount of tracks to play on all set out differently. Many require strategy to succeed like whether or not to take a short cut that could damage your car. And how to take hairpin turns correctly. This game requires lots of planning
When racing your car can take damage when you hit a wall or another car. There is a power bar on the top of your screen telling you how much you have left. When your power gets low you start going slower. If you power runs out you blow up. There is a pit like area towards the start of every track (except a few that have the pit farther out but that is beside the point) when you drive through this pit you heal yourself. If you blow through the pit you won't heal much. That brings more strategy. It’s your choice to drive through the pit at full speed, slow down in the pit, or bypass it altogether. This game has many choices.
The big flaw with the game play is that a lot of times you can easily lose control of you car. And if you’re low on power this can easily spell a restart of the race. And you only have so many restarts so you could end up playing the same track for a long time and then going back to the begging to start over.

Multiplayer 0/10

No multiplayer, no score. Once again 'nuff said

Music 7/10

The music is very nostalgic and it is pretty well composed. I enjoyed listening to "big blue" for the first time in a long while

Overall 7/10

This game is a good buy for the virtual console. If you’re considering this go ahead and buy it. It’s not a bad use of your wii points

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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