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Reviewed: 03/21/08 | Updated: 01/17/12

Nothing better than driving at 500KM/H down an empty road.

I remember when I got this game for my 8-birthday party. When I got it, I didn’t really know much about it, but hey, it was a free video game. How awesome is that? So, not caring too much about this game, I stuck it in my officially licensed Super Nintendo Entertainment System (screw the acronym), and let me tell you, my skepticism disappeared. This game is absolutely fantastic.

The graphics in F-Zero are great and seem to go on forever, probably due to the Mode 7 mapping system that the game ever so boasts about.

The cars, while they might seem to flat compared to the rest the other visuals in this game, still look detailed and add a lot of needed depth to the overall 3-D spacing in this game. Best yet, the futuristic cars look completely different from each other.

The backgrounds of each track in this game look stunning. Each has their own unique color and feel to them and nothing feels choppy or blocky. Plus the depth between the track and the city below is perfect. Let me explain. The track is supported about the ground, so below, the visuals look tiny, giving the allusion of racing high above the city. Probably the only thing I don’t like about the graphics in this game is that while the mode 7 is a 3-D mapping program, it really isn’t, as the visuals that scroll past look flat.

The sound in F-Zero is refreshing and great to listen to compare to what the Sega Geneses was pumping out at the time. The cars share the same engine sound, which can be a little disappointing in terms or variety, but not by a whole lot really. When your car explodes, you hear a thundering explosion, followed by a fire blazing over your ruble of a car.

The music in this game is some of the best video game music I have ever heard in my entire life, although, that’s understandable, because the Super Nintendo Entertainment System seems to have better musical themes or hooks than any console to date. Seriously, compared to other racing games or just any game out there, F-Zero has some of the best music around. The sound quality is great, the main themes are intense, and the bass guitar lines are some seriously fret burning parts, which I always love. The best part is that my favorite instrument, the trumpet, has all the main melodies.

F-Zero is an incredibly fast racing game set in the 26 century, and let me tell you, for a racing game, this is one of the best I have ever played. When you first start the game, you get a great main menu consisting of championship racing, practice and time records, The only problem I have is that there is hardly anything to do in terms of side games. Hell, there is no two player mode, not counting racing the computer in practice. This is why F-Zero isn’t perfect in my opinion, but where the game exceeds in when you race against the computers in championship.

First off, while there are only four cars to pick from, they each offer up different qualities to the player and they can either help you or hurt you on a particular track. Take for example, the Red Stingray, which is my favorite car because it’s the fastest. Its also the heaviest, so when you hit traps on the road, such as gravel pits, the car will slow down incredibly, compared to the Golden Fox, the lightest car. I love this variety, even if it’s quite small.

Now, after all of that, get ready to enter the best part of this whole Super Nintendo Entertainment System gaming cartridge, the racing, and let me once again put emphasis on this, you better get ready for one the fastest racing experience you will ever meet on the SNES (To hell with it, I’m sticking with the acronym). However, knowing this information, you would expect that you would be crashing into the walls a lot seeing as how a game this fast would probably have sloppy controls. Luckily, you put those fears to rest because the controls are so easy to get use to that you will get the hang of it in no time, just the way racers should be.

So while game is easy to handle, the computers offers up a huge challenge and attempting to place first against them is incredibly difficult. They will constantly keep you fighting for first place and pushing you into the power-zapping side rails design to destroy your car, and if you make one mistake, you're finished. Never fear though because along the way, you can recharge your pod in these side road energy pits, as well as hit these jump pads to send you flying. Just a word of caution, some of the level designs in this game are no laughing matter. They are design to KILL.

Unfortunately, as much fun as F-Zero is, there isn’t much to do in this game, which is severely disappointing. No two player, no nothing, but because the games racing engine is so detailed, you will probably end up playing this game constantly for hours and hours.

GET IT OR PASS IT: I would get it if you don’t right now. Seriously, if you don’t have this game, you don’t own a SNES.

CONCLUSION: F-Zero really is on of the best games out there. Its fun, its fast and it’s classic, while still feeling new for some reason. I urge you to get this game. Honestly if you die without playing this game, I pity your soul.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: F-Zero (US, 08/13/91)

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