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"The magnetic barriers kinda look like candy. *eats barriers* Uh-oh."

Game Play-

The game play in F-Zero is great, even for a racing game the game play is great. It is a high-speed race with traps and other cars in the way. This game is unique because it is a race set in the future using hover crafts. And the controls are good too, even for a racing game. Folks, I am not joking here. I love the game engine, it is sweet. And you have a health meter in this game. And there are recovery thingies at the beginning of each level and after each lap. There are even jumps in this game, which make racing a little more interesting. This is a very original game, and in my opinion, set the standards for racing games back then. There’s no two-player mode though, so people may be disappointed. The game is also pretty easy.


The music in this game kind of matches the scenery, but it does not say ''Come on, take the challenge''. The music does not represent the challenge that lies ahead in each level. The sound effects are awesome, though. It really does sound like a hovercraft's engine. And you might think I am weird for saying this, but I get scared of the sound of a hovercraft crashing. It is not scary, just surprising compared to all of the other Audio blaring at the time. The music uses a guitar. (The only guitar I like is, well, real music guitars)


The graphics in F-Zero are sweet. I like the graphics in F-Zero more than any other racing game. (Except F-Zero X) Yes, even Gran Turismo. F-Zero is just much more fast-paced. And the level detail is great too. But I cannot help thinking that there was a level in this game with a tunnel. I think I am just going crazy. The detail of the four cars is good also. This game has very original graphics.


The game is a tad bit on the easy side. No two-player mode. But record battery save does some good work.



This game is a great buy at Hollywood Video. If you like racing games, fast paced games, or just good games, then get this game. I am happy with it, and I am an average gamer. Think about it. I like racing games, actually I am just kidding, I do not know why they keep making them. So buy this game, you have the Doodleheimer Guarantee (Like there is such a thing). This is like one of the six racing games I like. Someday you will find out the other five, that day is today. (The other five are F-Zero X, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Ridge Racer 64, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, and Hydro Thunder)

Street Price-$4.99

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/21/00, Updated 05/20/02

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