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"Despite Its N64 Remake, F-Zero still Blows all other Racing Games Out of the Water!"

A glimpse of the future, F-Zero is a racing game for any type of player. With four choices of hovercrafts (yes, you race on hovercrafts), the game allows for hours of fun and excitement. From Mute City II to White Land, this game is not only fun, but also difficult! Unlike other racing games, it is a challenge to win in F-Zero, with the many obstacles and boundaries. F-Zero truly is one of the best games for the SNES system.

Controls 10/10: As obvious, F-Zero has no plot; the complication of the controls comes deeply into play. You will be happy to here that this game calls for minimal knowledge of a Nintendo Controller! Using the ‘R’ and ‘L’ buttons to turn sharply (pushing the corresponding button to which direction your going), the ‘B’ button to naturally move, and using ‘A’ button to use a burst of power stored inside your hovercraft, the controls of F-Zero are easy to master. With the complex turns of the tracks, and the other racecars, remembering which buttons to push will be the least of your worries.

Gameplay 10/10: With about 20 levels, 3 cups, and as many opponents as you could imagine, F-Zero makes playing awesome fun! With jumps like the one in Mute City II, and constant reminders of your power bar (empty it, and your hovercraft explodes), you’ll find yourself deep within the game in a few minutes of play. Also, with the four choices of crafts to use, you will find yourself testing different ships on every board, trying to find your fitting hovercraft. Not only will the game keep you playing for hours, but it will keep you excited. Hard to beat, you will often play boards several times to beat them. While this may seem tedious, it is really exciting, as each time you play, you get more and more encouraged to win!

Graphics 8/10: While F-Zero has pretty good graphics, it does not display the “futuristic” sense you’d imagine in such a game. With 2D hovercrafts, and the tracks running over seemingly repetitive “cities”, the game’s looks can get quite boring after some time. The tracks, usually smooth and just different colors, are a bit disappointing, compared to the game’s N64 remake. Even so, the animation and hovercraft’s actually drawings are quite good, and the game overall has nice graphics.

Sound/Music 6/10: Sound and Music is the one of the points on which game goes downhill. I often find myself playing F-Zero with the TV muted, as I do not like the background music in the least. Scratchy and “futuristic”, F-Zero’s soundtrack is boring and repetitive. Louder than most background music, the game seems to force you to listen. If you happen to like the bleeping tunes, then you will find no problem with this part of the game. I, however, did not like the music, and therefore gave it a low score.

Replayability 10/10: I do not think I have played another game more. Even the day after you play it, the game calls you to pick up your controller and finish the game, to beat the next level. While sometimes the tracks can be frustrating (as you lose often), you’ll find yourself “diving” back into the game “head-first” soon after you drop the controller. With endless hovercraft, track and talent capabilities, F-Zero allows for a different experience for each player. Favorite tracks pop into your mind at random, and you’ll find yourself grabbing the controller, excited to start playing again.

Buy or Rent? –BUY– Though I doubt any store still has SNES games for rent, if they did, I would still recommend buying this game. For all the reasons listed above, this game is better than average. Don’t pass up such a good game, especially if you are a racing game lover (and even if you’re not!)! Go out to your local used-game selling store and buy F-Zero today!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/30/01, Updated 03/30/01

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