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Reviewed: 04/09/01 | Updated: 04/09/01

Very good futuristic racer.

F-Zero was I belive one of the very first SNES games and like Super Mario World it showed that the little 16 bit wonder from Nintendo had a promising future ahead of it. For those who don't know about F-Zero it is in fact a racing game that takes place in the future and it involves hover vehicles(It looks like anything nowadays that is set in the future has hover cars take Futurama and Batman Beyond for example). Well then if you were still with me go on to my review.

At the beginning you pick your vehicle and one of three leagues that you want to race in. They leagues include the Knight League,the Queen League,and The King League. As you can tell the Knight League is the easiest while the King League is the hardest. In each course there are electric type things at the side of the track that could damage you and you can only take so much damage but there are flashing spots on the raceway that could heal you. It does introduce some new ideas but this is still your standard racing game and not a bad one at that.

The tracks look great and also have some kind of Mode 7 type effect which showed the power of the SNES. The cars look good too and show lots of detail. The graphics were good for its time and they are still some of the SNES's finest.

The control is easy just as long as you know which button is to summon the brakes and that you can drive your vehicle with ease. This game was one of the first to use the SNES shoulder buttons and when you press one of them you lean in the direction of the button you press(Either L or R).

Wow I must say that some of the music is very well done and it really got me motivated in some cases. The sound effects are very good too and they all neatly done like the sound that your car makes when you start it up.

Of course it is there I mean if the three leagues you can race in is not replay value then I don't know what is. F-Zero also keeps track of your scores so you can try to beat them if you want.

Final Word
This is certainly one of the finest SNES games to grace the system and it was great example of a racing game. F-Zero also spawned some sequels in Japan and it was shame they didn't come over to the U.S. With some more cars and a two-player mode this game could have been perfect but as it stands it is great.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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