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Reviewed: 09/14/01 | Updated: 09/14/01

A great SNES racer

F Zero was the SNES first racing game. It is still widely popular today. I got it as a surprise gift and to this day I still think the game is great. Basically it is a race in a futuristic world. The race is done in highly advanced cars on tracks that are thankfully protected by guard rails. You have a long drop if you manage to land outside the track on a jump. That results in death. You must outrace your rivals, by using S-jets strategically, shortcutting, and blocking, whatever it takes, to make it to the finish line first. Taking too much damage can result in power failure, then explosion. When your power starts to fail, so does your top speed. you got 4 cars with different stats. You can have one that is very high in acceleration, very high in top speed, high in armor, or balanced. Each car is suited for one type of thing. A high top speed is useful, but a professional should race it because it's acceleration is definitely not going to be better than of any other car for one thing. You can get high acceleration, but your top speed is low, and your armor is weak. These 4 cars have balance attributes and specialties. Pick the right one and you can win.

The grand prix mode is divided into 3 leagues with 5 races each. And 3 difficulty levels you start with to complete those tracks. You basically need to finish a certain place every lap,which gets smaller as you progress per lap, then place in the top three on the final lap. If you have trouble, every lap you complete gives you an S-jet, a fueled boost to pull ahead of the competition, either by getting an extra boost of speed, or taking a shortcut through areas that would normally slow you down.

Accelerate, brake, and turn, nothing to it! Just hold down on the d-pad after you take a ramp so you don't lose speed when you land.

I love the sound to this game, especially port town. The engines definitely sound futuristic, as you don't hear them in any normal car. Sounds could of been improved by making them more realistic, but as of that era of gaming, that is probably as realistic as you could of gotten them anyway.

Anyone can race in F-Zero. If the difficulty is too soft for you, just up the difficulty to Expert and then go for it. You got Beginner, Standard, and Expert, so you can set it to suit your skills.

Replay Value-7
One good race deserves another. 15 tracks, 3 leagues, 7 practice mode tracks, and lots of tries to get high scores will keep you busy for quite a while.

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?
For me, the music is good enough reason to buy this game, so what are you waiting for? Go out and get a copy already!

The game pak saves your top 10 times and best lap, and your completions in the game.

Player Info
You drive solo buddy.

Game info
Futuristic type racing game

Company Info

Easy to Hard

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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