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"A game with room for improvement but still a classic."

Despite having played this game for not very much time, it still remains one of my favourite SNES racing games, although it isn't a perfect title. Check out why here.

Graphics - 7.5

Okay, I'll admit it. The graphics are not excellent. I will give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt, however, and the fact that it was their first time playing around with the Mode 7 technology is good enough. There's a lot of detail in the animated cities below, but it's kind of distracting and I do feel that a little bit more effort could have been put into the actual track graphics itself. The guardrail graphics, for example, are a little bit jagged and I do feel they could have been smoothed out. Otherwise it's not a bad job for the first time out. Framerate is nice and steady, though. The explosion effects are really cool, though. Even though F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for Advance improves on them, it's still really need. ''BOOM!'' (flames coming out of car as text says ''YOU LOST'')

Play Control - 4

I think one of the biggest flaws that F-Zero has is its play control. Unfortunately the steering sensitivity is too sensitive for my liking, so, for example, when you want to make just a slight turn to the left, it turns a little bit more than you want it to, and you smash into the barrier. It's not a particularily fun thing. Even though it helps when you're going around some of the sharper turns - even the 180-degree hairpin turns - when I just want to make a small adjustment it's very frustrating! I'm sure experienced players (no, I'm not one of them, I haven't played this game that much) will get the hang of it eventually but it really steepens the learning curve at first.

Sound - 5

Ugh. I'm sorry but the sound in this game is not that good. While the Mute City and Big Blue tracks are so well-known that they stuck around right to 1998 when F-Zero X came out. It's supposed to have a 25th century beat to it but it sounds so unrealistic for some reason, a little bit too artificial. It's really hard to hear the music on some tracks over the sound of the high-pitched jet engine, which doesn't sound so bad in itself. I think the sound when you hit a barrier or a mine is also kind of annoying.

Replay Value - 8

It's a challenge. The tracks are extremely challenging and there might be some which are just a pain in the butt to finish or even get in the top three and not rank out some time in the race. And then when you defeat all of the circuits, you can go back and try it all over in Time Trial mode to try and improve your time over the four laps. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Racing games tend to not take very long to beat completely, but there's always that extra challenge.

Personal Opinion - 9

This final mark is all subjective. I just put all the rest aside, and I'll just give you my personal opinion point-blank. I really think this is a good game, it introduced a very good technology (hey, look at F-Zero X. Imagine where it would be had it not been for this game.) It's eleven years old as I write this. If there's a retailer in your area and you've got a SNES, I recommend picking this title up if you haven't in a while.


Graphics: 7.5
Play Control: 4
Sound: 5
Replay Value: 8
Personal Opinion: 9

Game Total: 24.5 out of 40
Personal Total: 18 out of 20

Total: 42.5 out of 60

GameFAQs: 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/03/02, Updated 05/03/02

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