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Reviewed: 04/22/03 | Updated: 04/22/03

A fun futuristic racer from Nintendo. Oh yeah, its REALLY fast!

F-Zero was one of the finest launch games for the SNES. It showed the first glimpse at what Mode-7 graphics could do. The Mode-7 graphical effect is when you have a flat plain, which rotates to look like it is 3-D (but it is actually all sprites). This idea was used in lots of games ranging from Super Mario Kart to Final Fantasy VI. F-Zero used it almost perfectly.

F-Zero was not only about graphics, it was about having fast (really fast) and fun gameplay. The cars in F-Zero go so fast! Couple this with a fast framerate and it looks awesome. You are basically this futuristic hover craft racer, and you go around on a track complete with jumps, gaps, things on the bottom that slow you down (and some that speed you up), and force field things on the side that take your health down. Yes, I said health. There is health in this game so that if you run into the side too much, or you crash into other vehicles, it could make your car blow it. The explosions in this game are pretty cool. I would bet that after a while you would purposely crash your car to see the explosion.
Now Lets Get on with the Review.

Graphics/ Visuals

As I said before the graphics in this game are cool and use the Mode-7 effect. The backgrounds themselves range from the awesome city levels, to the plain ones like the wind level. Some of the backgrounds are just plain green and look striped, which is not that great. However, the backgrounds in the cities look awesome and are well detailed. The cars themselves are pretty detailed and look pretty cool. Overall above average graphics for a first generation title.


Sound Effects

The sound effects are decent. The cars whizz by pretty cool, but when they are low on health, they make pretty strange noises. Those noises get extremely annoying. When you crash, the noise sounds pretty awesome, with a deep explosion sound. All the other ones are you standard noise.



The music in this game is top-notch. It has a futuristic sound to it, and that fits the style. Almost all the levels have memorable tunes, and stick in your head for a long time. I especially like the song for the level ''Big Blue'' (which was used in Super Smash Bros. Melee). They did a great job with the music.



The gameplay in this game is really good. The cars control like they would in a 700 mile-per-hour+ game. Some of the sharp turns are hard, however. They mixed up what would be pretty repetive gameplay with extremely varied track designs that included (but not limited to): A really windy level, and a few icey levels. This effect the steering of your car and make it really fun, too. Overall this category would be perfect, if not for those stupid long turns.


The multiplayer is awesome. It isn't quite as fun as Super Mario Kart, but still ranks up there. This brings the lasting appeal way up. Overall this game is a great buy from the bargain bin, and surprisingly it is quite common in stores (for and SNES game).

-varied track designs
-great multi-player

-turning on sharp turns is a little hard
-some of the levels aren't that detailed
-the sound effects are kind of cheesy

This is a great game. Thank you for reading my review.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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