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"Futuristic racing game, fun and easy like A, B, C!"


There aren't many racing games for the SNES console, especially with something as special as futuristic racing game in which you're racing semi-floating cars around in the race around and around in circle... and then you race somemore, hoping to get the best time in the game in which you'll be the winner.

F-Zero is exactly what I have described above. It is a game with many tracks and lots of cars for you to select and pit your race against the AIs or your friends in this game. The winner is often the person who knows the course best and that can drive the car well.

You got what it takes to drive the game?

Game Play

Normally racing games don't interesting me much, but this game has things to offer in which I shall play it again and again because it's fun. You get to select these bunch of cars, as I mentioned earlier. The cars varies, but not that much. Some cars are faster but lack control, while other are controlable but are slow a bit. The car you want to select depends on your taste but it doesn't really matter much in the game.

You race around in tracks that looks like you're in the curuit board of some computer mother board. There isn't much background in the game execpt these green and other colorfull wirings. You wouldn't want to get outside the track anyways because once you land outside the boundary (and you'll sometimes) your car will explode and that you have to wait a few seconds until you start again back in the track.

The tracks in the game is neatly designed, it is to encourage the gamers of all levels to play. For example, some tracks are very easy while others are hard; one track is just some circular track, much like in the race horse tracks; others are like organic shapes which is EXTREMLY difficult to move around - unless you have the skills and talent, of course.

I like the game because it's fast and that isn't to difficult in the game - you won't find yourself many a time bashing your control against the screen because of some corner that is hard to past.

The controlling of the car is easy and that you'll land right into the game even if you don't have much practice because all its pretty much all straight forward in the game. You press to accerlate and release the button if you want to slow down in the game.


The graphics for this game is good for the SNES console. TThe animation for the game is fluid when you're racing and that there isn't any laggy movements - smooth like baby's bottom.

The levels design for this game is pretty mundane because the levels are all the game, save for the different types of tracks design in the game. So all you see in the tracks is endless ciruit looking things - green and yellow wires traversing back and forward until you ignore it because there is nothing to watch.

The cars in the game are designed not so differently; all the cars are basically the game oval shaped and that they changed colors and a bit of little detail here and there - like some little wings attached to some car and you have some subtle distinction between cars.


The game is good racing for the SNES console and I recommend you to play it since it is the few racing games for the SNES. Fun racing with the added theme of futuristic cars. The tracks and graphics in this game is ok; basically its good if you're a racing fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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