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    Genghis Khan II
    Clan of the Gray Wolf
    (C)1993 KOEI Corporation
    Game Play Guide 
    Ghengis Khan II is the strategic game of Mongol conquest  in the 13th century.  
    Your goals are to lead the nomads to conquer and unite Mongolia, and then 
    sweethe civilized world.
    Temujin, who was the original Genghis Khan, starts in state one.  State one is not 
    the most advantaged territory in Mongolia.  You will need to conquer  new 
    territory for your tribe and move your home state to an area that is better off 
    climatically and economically, or allocate labor to build your economy and 
    resources.  Building your home state's economy and resources will raise the 
    population and state defense over time.
    The strategy in Genghis Khan II fluctuates throughout the game.  Your decisions 
    regarding your state will influence rulers in stateis surrounding your territory.  
    Use these tips to plan ahead as you move through the game:
    	1.	Always issue orders yourself.  Your advisor will focus on the 
    military when allowed to issue orders.
    	2.	Plan your strategy ahead.  Watch your neighbors and plan for 
    sudden attacks by preparing your people.
    	3.	Make and accept alliances that are not in the path of your plans for 
    conquest.  This will protect you from attacks that could disrupt your strategy.
    	4.	Plan to move your tribe and home state to a more advantaged 
    territory if your current location is poor.  Alternately, you may spend time 
    building your state's economy by allocating labor into construction, then 
    reallocating labor back into food production when food drops.  Allocating labor 
    in this fashion will help raise state economy and defense (watch your food 
    reserves, do not let them fall below 800).  You will receive more gold to spend on 
    troops and weapons when taxes are collected.
    	5.	Purchase Mongol units or Samurai for your campaigns. Catapults, 
    Elephants, and Cannon are wonderful to watch in action, but are not as effective.
    	6.	Always spend time with your family.  Spending time with the 
    family greatly increases the quality and size of your family.   Having good heirs 
    is important to success in Genghis Khan.
    	7.	The only generals and governors who can be fully trusted in 
    Genghis Khan are your sons and generals who are related by marriage. Generals 
    with high leadership ability are most likely to rebel and set up rule for 
    	8.	Make purchases when RATE is low.  Sell things when RATE is 
    	9.	Purchase adequate arms for your troops and train them well.
    	10.	Use your subordinate legions in battle to distract enemy units while 
    your number one legion attacks the enemy number one legion.  You will win the 
    battle if you destroy the enemy number one legion first.
    	11.	Give states on the enemy frontier aggressive militaristic policies to 
    provide protection  from rival chieftains.  Give geographically protected states 
    domestic policies to increase the supplies of gold and food needed to feed your 
    growing empire.
    	12.	You must accumulate gold for your conquests and food for your 
    	13.	You must conquer and unite Mongolia before the year 1214 AD in 
    order to move on to Scenario 4.
    1.	Start with scenario one as Temujin, in state one.
    2.	Reallocate labor for at least three seasons.  Place your labor force one 
    hundred percent into construction for this period.  Keep close watch over your 
    food supply (donit let it fall below 800!).  Reallocate labor,  fifty percent into 
    agriculture and fifty percent into herding, before it gets too low  (as indicated by 
    the number to the right of your food index).  Allocate labor back into 
    construction once food reserves have increased, and back again when food 
    drops.  It may take a number of years to build your economy and troop strength.  
    3.	Use the gold you collect in taxes to purchase additional Mongol units and 
    arms.  Train your Mongols.  Arms and training should be raised to one hundred.
    5.	Start your conquest by taking over state five.  Appoint a son as governor 
    and give him an advisor with high ability.
    6. 	Decree a militaristic policy for state five to follow, select QUALITY for 
    troop type.
    7.	Counter threats from other states with threats of your own.  This will hold 
    off invasions for a while.
    8.	Make strategic alliances with neighboring states only if they can provide 
    protection while you are building your strategy and if they are not in the way of 
    your plans for conquest.
    9.	Conquer state eight once youive built sufficient strength.
    10.	Appoint a son  as governor in state eight.  Appoint an advisor with high 
    ability;  decree a militaristic policy.
    11.	Continue your conquest and take all of eastern Mongolia.  You should be 
    able to sweep through the rest of Mongolia after you have consolidated state 
    nine.  You must conquer Mongolia by 1214!
    (C)1993 KOEI Corporation

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