Review by neothe0ne

"It's goofy. And it's max fun."

Can choose either Goofy or Max
Co-op and single-player
Many puzzles mixed with throwing/kicking
Good music
Variety of items/weapons

Only five levels
Some puzzles take lots of cooperation to make the bomb timers

Everyone knows about Goofy and Max. They're Disney's funny (and stupid) bunch. Now, Goofy and Max are off on an adventure together, and it's max goof fun.

The game starts with Goofy, Max, Pete, and PJ are taking a fishing trip, when they get trouble and land on an island. And guess who's waiting for them? Pirates! You play as Goofy and Max, and you throw stuff, kick stuff, and mix a bit of strategy with a lot of fun to get through the five levels. Eventually, you learn that the pirates think Pete is their lord at first, and then you meet the REAL Keehaul Pete at the end.

Goof Troop's gameplay is very fun. You can customize your controls before the game starts, and then you have buttons to kick/throw, use items, and read notices/talk to statues. Goofy is more powerful than Max, but Max is faster than Goofy. Kicking blocks through enemies generally immediately kills them, and throwing stuff takes one or two hits. Normally, if you kick blocks or throw barrels and plants at each other, you take no damage, but just get stunned for a few seconds. However, if you throw bombs or kick bomb blocks at each other, you'll take damage. Your health can have a max of nine lives and 6 parts to each live. If you get hit and you have no heart parts, you'll lose a full life, but if you get hit and you have heart parts, you'll simply lose all the heart parts. Items don't kill enemies normally, but can push them back, lure them, or open doors.

The graphics of Goof Troop are very good for its time. The graphics are very colorful and clear. You can tell the difference between all the different kinds of sword-pirates, fat-pirates, blocks, and ground switches.

The music in Goof Troop is very nice. The music is generally lively and bright, but the Haunted Mansion has a nice dark theme. The boss theme is nice and upbeat, and even though there isn't a whole lot to the game, what's here is top quality.

Goof Troop is a short, fun game for you to get away from reality. Although there are many puzzles to solve to progress, most of the game is simply kicking things and throwing things. Overall, Goof Troop is a great game to kill time with.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/05

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