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    Weapon/Boss FAQ by jygting

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 02/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gradius III Weapons/Boss FAQ
    Version 1.6
    February 12, 2005
    Created by: jygting
    This FAQ can be ONLY found at:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Table of Contents
    1. Author's Note
    2. Why made this FAQ?
    3. Weapons Galore
       3a. Type Mode
       3b. Edit Mode
           I) Missile
          II) Double
         III) Laser
          IV) Option
           V) ? (Shield)
          VI) ! (Bonus Weapons)
       3c. Type Mode-only Weapons
           I) Missile
          II) Laser
    4. Boss Strategies
    5. Secrets Revealed
    6. Version History
    7. Credits
    1. Author's Note
    Hello! Since this game is pretty old, I've decided to make a guide. 
    Anyways, welcome to my guide! In this guide of mine, I'll show you some 
    weapons and secrets that is featured in the game. So sit back, relax 
    and enjoy the New Year!!!
    2. Why made this FAQ?
    It's not that someone forced me to do this, I just wanted to remember 
    this game and how addictive I was....nuff said. Let's get it on!! 
    3. Weapons Galore
    There are two types of mode that you can choose. And they are:
    3.a Type Mode
    In this Mode, you can choose a set of weapons but you cannot change it 
    once you choose a certain set and as for the Shield, you have a choice 
    of either the Shield or Force Field (the Bonus Weapons are randomly 
    chosen). Here are the 4 Sets that you can choose.
    Set 1
    Speed Up
    Missile: Missile
    Double:  Double
    Laser:   Laser
    Option:  Option
    The Author calls it: The Standard Set
    Comment: This was used on the first Gradius. Ahh, the memories.....
    Set 2
    Speed Up
    Missile: 2 Way Missile
    Double:  Tailgun
    Laser:   Ripple
    Option:  Option
    The Author calls it: The Directional Set
    Comment: Put the 2 Way and Tailgun. There! Now the enemies above and 
    below you are no match! Even the front and behind!!
    Set 3
    Speed Up
    Missile: Spread Bomb
    Double:  Vertical
    Laser:   Cyclone Laser
    Option:  Option
    The Author calls it: Uh...The Power Set?
    Comment: I can't think of a good name but hell the Spread Bomb packs a 
    Set 4
    Speed Up
    Missile: Photon Torpedo
    Double:  Back Double
    Laser:   Twin Laser
    Option:  Option
    The Author calls it: Now this is a tough one......
    Comment: The thing I like is the Photon Torpedo...
    3.b Edit Mode
    Now this is a favorite. You can pick anything you like from 6 
    Categories (Missile, Double, Laser, Option, ? and !) and the 
    possibilities are endless! Experiment different weapons and test it in 
    the space!!
    I) Missile Category
    1. Standard Missile - Sends a missile downward as it travels.
       Rating: 3/5
       Travels?: Yes. Down only.
       Comment: Good for below but you'll be having trouble at the top.
    2. Hawk Wind - If the ship is at the top, it will send upwards and if 
    it's at the below, it will fire downward as both missiles travel.
       Rating: 5/5
       Travels?: Yes. Both Up and Down.
       Comment: I call this a sweet!! It's also good if the ship is at the 
    middle and expect mayhem!!
    3. 2 Way Back - Sends both missile up and down behind the ship.
       Rating: 4/5
       Travels?: No.
       Comment: I also like this one but the downside is it doesn't travel 
    so stick to Hawk Wind.
    4. Small Spread - Sends 2 missiles downward and does a small explosion, 
    destroying enemies.
       Rating: 2/5
       Travels?: No.
       Comment: Ugh. I hate this. This is only good for enemies below.
    II) Double Category
    1. Standard Double - Fires a second vulcan 30 degrees diagonally 
       Rating: 3/5
       Comment: No idea.
    2. Vertical - Fires a second vulcan upward.
       Rating: 4/5
       Comment: If you use it in the Gauntlet Stage (Shadow Dancer 
    boss....you know....the two big icky black spiders?), you shouldn't 
    have a big problem to those big bad mothers.
    3. Tailgun - Fires a second vulcan backward.
       Rating: 4/5
       Comment: This is a good one. Put it with 2 Way Back (or if you're 
    using the Directional Set) and you have a directional fire!!!
    4. Back Double - Fires a second vulcan 30 degrees diagonally backward.
       Rating: 2/5
       Comment: This is a no good Double. I don't know where this one can 
    fire at.
    III) Laser Category
    1. Twin Laser - Fires an "Equal Sign" laser.
       Rating: 3/5
       Pierces Enemy Defense?: Yes.
       Comment: Think the Standard Laser but with some broken lines.
    2. Ripple - Fires a ripple laser, destroying multiple enemies.
       Rating: 4/5
       Pierces Enemy Defense?: No.
       Comment: I found this a good one. Destroying a lot means more!!
    3. Energy Laser - Fires a medium or large ball of laser by holding the 
    Shot Button. Tap the Shot Button for small shots.
       Rating: 6/5
       Pierces Enemy Defense?: Yes.
       Comment: The Big Bang packs a blast!! Bosses beware! You have been 
    4. Cyclone Laser - Fires a cyclone laser.
       Rating: 4/5
       Pierces Enemy Defense?: Yes.
       Comment: A laser that is more powerful than the Standard Laser and 
    the Twin Laser.
    IV) Option Category
    1. Standard Option - Summons a replica orange ball that can aid you. 
    Can move in any way as you move. 
       Rating: 3/5
       Comment: This can be boring if you use it.
    2. Snake Option - Same as the Standard Option but it slithers as you 
       Rating: 2/5
       Comment: I can't make a good fire if it slithers. It's annoying.
    3. Formation Option - Can do a V formation if the 4 Formation Option 
    are all used up.
       Rating: 4/5
       Comment: Wow. It's a good one!
    4. Rotation Option - The option rolls and it's like a barrier....
       Rating: 4/5
       Comment: This is a useful option. For close firepower.
    V) ? Category
    1. Standard Shield - Provides a shield in front of your ship.
       Rating: 3/5
       Disappears after: 14 Hits
       Comment: Be careful not to get hit behind.
    2. Reduce - Shrinks your ship, making easier to avoid hits.
       Rating: 3.5/5
       Grows back after: 2 Hits
       Comment: Surely it's good but if you get hit twice, it's bad.
    3. Rotation Shield - Provides 2 rotating shields, preventing any kind 
    of attacks either front or behind.
       Rating: 3/5
       Disappears after: 14 Hits
       Comment: Pick this rather than the Standard Shield but once it 
    became small, you're done deal.
    4. Force Field - Provides a barrier in your ship.
       Rating: 3/5
       Disappears after: 3 Hits
       Comment: This is also good but 3 Hits? Give me a break!
    VI) ! Category
    1. Speed Down - Reduces your speed by 1.
       Rating: 1/5
       Comment: The most useless Weapon. You have to limit the use of Speed 
    Up rather than using this.
    2. Life Option - Your current lives is equivalent to the number of 
    Options (Any kind of Option and a maximum of 4 lives).
       Rating: 1/5
       Comment: This is a bad mother. I hate wastimg my lives to this one!
    3. Full Barrier - If all of the Shields is in the lowest, use this to 
    bring it to full.
       Rating: 2/5
       Comment: This is almost useless if you don't use it but it'll save 
    you from death.
    4. Mega Crush - Flashes the screen making everything totally destroyed.
       Rating: 4/5
       Comment: FEEL THE POWER OF THE NEGATIVES!!!!! Move away Blue Pods!!
    3c. Type Mode-only Weapons
    These weapons are only available in Type Mode.
    I) Missile Category
    1. Spread Bomb - Sends a missile 45 degress downward, causing a large 
    explosion and hitting enemies.
       Rating: 3/5
       Travels?: No.
       Comment: Beefed up version of Small Spread but it packs an even 
    2. Photon Torpedo - Sends a missile downward and destroys as it 
       Rating: 3.5/5
       Travels?: Endless Yes. Down only.
       Comment: Cool!
    3. 2 Way Missile - Sends 2 missiles up and down in front of the ship.
       Rating: 4/5
       Travels?: No.
       Comment: Same as the 2 Way Back but it's in front instead.
    II) Laser Category
    1. Standard Laser - Fires a thin laser.
       Rating: 3/5
       Pierces Enemy Defense?: Yes.
       Comment: Your good ol' laser ready to kick back!
    4. Boss Strategies
    This was applied only on Normal Mode. Easy, Hard and Arcade may be too 
    easy and too hard (especially Hard and Arcade) that will make you 
    furious and throw your SNES out of the window (now don't throw it!! 
    Your parents bought 'em for ya!! It's precious so calm down, Ok?). Now 
    if I only have the Manual of this game, I can detect the name of the 
    Bosses easily...I can only remember some so if you know the others, 
    please do e-mail me and I'll give you a pleasant Thank You!!
    My ship is equipped with:
    Speed Up
    Hawk Wind
    Cyclone Laser (or Energy Laser)
    Formation Option (or Standard, Rotation)
    Force Field (or Reduce)
    Mega Crush
    Oh, you can also use this but it's up to you if you can think of 
    something else. I call this the anti-Boss set!!
    Stage 1 Boss: Earwig Scorpion
    I assume that you have 2 F.Option and the C.Laser activated. Once it 
    appears, start firing and avoid the little critters flying so as the 
    yellow ball the Boss is releasing. It'll keep on extending it's body if 
    you don't fire the core so just keep on firing. For an easier battle, 
    use Energy Laser and it's toast!!
    Stage 2 Boss: Bubble Brain
    First, don't fire but move up and down. Why? It haven't opened it's eye 
    yet so when it does, fire until it reaches the main target and don't 
    forget to fire the annoying bubbles. For those who are playing on Hard 
    and Arcade, you need to wait a couple of seconds before it opens and 
    move ASAP!!
    Stage 3 Boss: QB2B (not sure about the name, though)
    You will be faced-off with a bunch of "Volcano Tops" (yup, that's what 
    I call 'em) so destroy them and after that, the background will turn 
    black and don't get hit at the dead end (it happened to me so try to 
    stay back at the very left side of the screen). Then, the boss will 
    appear and now it's a battle of impatience. Now when I say 
    "impatience", it'll fire a laser so go inside and avoid the laser in a 
    diamond pattern (don't attack yet) and once the three blue core opens, 
    fire immediately and avoid the 5 lasers then it'll do the laser trap 
    again so do the same strategy. If you destroy the two blue cores, it'll 
    do the laser trap and this time, it will fire 4 lasers at you so 
    destroy the core behind and you're done.
    Stage 4 Boss: Mega Monolith
    Now this 2 heavy head golems will make your head spin. If you fire 
    either their mouth when it opens, the screen will shake and some 
    falling debris will appear so fire or avoid them. There.
    Stage 5 Boss: Two Headed Scorch Dragon
    These Dragons will make you a lot furious. Now make sure all 4 Options 
    are in your ship, and when they appear, fire and avoid the fire they're 
    releasing. Let them trap you so that they're in a circle, this is your 
    chance to fire while they're rotating and if either one of them is 
    dead, the other one will go somewhere and starts firing fireballs 
    furiously!! You need to evade a lot and do also the same strategy. When 
    the other head is gone, their bodies will burst and evade it!! I was 
    shocked when they burst...
    Stage 6 Boss: Bulbous
    Before we start, I assume that the Speed Up is in the third level 
    (meaning you used at the beginning of the stage [Spd Up lvl 2] and now 
    [lvl 3]). Stay at top so you won't get crushed at the bottom and watch 
    out for those lil' flowers that fires at you, they can be a lot of 
    annoying! After it uses its "sucking you up", it'll go down the screen 
    and move to the right so go the top left and down as it get close and 
    do the sucking you up again, do also be careful on the tiny flowers, 
    Ok? Once it goes back, it'll do the same thing. Keep firing and watch 
    it burn.
    Stage 7 Boss
    It starts moving behind so go up and avoid its laser that it quickly 
    fires at you. After that, it'll throw its blue cores ricochet at the 
    screen. Keep firing at those cores and dash your way to victory!
    Stage 8 Sub Boss 1
    It is assumed that you must be at full power, nothing left but the ! 
    and your Double at the Power Up Bar but if not, that's fine as long as 
    you know what you are doing. You will be faced off with a couple of sub 
    bosses in this stage so there will be no intermissions in that. First, 
    the sub boss moves fast so get even with it. Fire when it releases it 
    missiles and follow it. After a couple of shots, it'll release a thick 
    laser that you've never seen!! Evade it and keep firing. One down but 
    there's still a lot of way to go.
    Stage 8 Sub Boss 2: Ice Ice
    It comes out behind so go down and be careful on the tentacles, it 
    fires blue fireballs. Wait for it to open its core, avoiding both the 
    laser and the blue fireball. When it opens, fire at the center and keep 
    avoiding it!! Eventually, the second's toast!!
    Stage 8 Sub Boss 3
    Will you, a small ship, can avoid a big ship packing with 14 lasers 
    firing at you? I think so. I suggest that you should use Speed Up 
    before this. Whenever it move up or down, it fires. Remember that when 
    both cores are opened, then fire. If either is destroyed, it will 
    unable to use the laser so that is now your chance! Destroy the other 
    one and sigh.
    Stage 8 Sub Boss 4
    This Big one will make you furious, trust me. See the core at the 
    middle? Easy to reach, you think? Wrong!! It will rotate and fires 
    missiles at you!!!! Keep an eye on the missiles before at the core then 
    fire, you may not know when you'll be dead so have that keen sight of 
    yours clean!
    Stage 8 Boss: Grim
    Now THIS is the boss!!! It starts spreading its wings and fire so be 
    alert (or for an easy one, stay at the bottom, you'll evade most of the 
    lasers) then it curls up and charges at you so evade it. Later that, it 
    wings is at 45 degree and still fires it on you so fire it back 
    Stage 9 Area 1 Boss
    This is pathetic. Fire at the middle, top, bottom and the three cores. 
    Simple as that.
    Stage 9 Area 2 Boss: Shadow Dancer
    It's alright if you didn't use the Double Power Up here. The first is 
    at the back so go under him and fire. Do also to the second one that 
    appears at the front and be careful to some distractions.
    Stage 10 Boss: Bacterion
    From all the hard work, this is the last boss. Fire in his mouth and 
    avoid the purple balls. Do the same strategy, sit back, relax and enjoy 
    the ending!!!
    5. Secrets Revealed
    Extend Option Trick
    This only work on Formation and Rotation Option. In order to use this 
    trick, you must have 4 Options in your ship and collect the Power Up 
    Pods (the red ones) until you put in the Option box. Finally, hold the 
    Power Up Button (or A Button in the Configuration) and see it extend!!
    Full Power Up
    Ever been sick of collecting power ups? Well not to worry! Pause the 
    game and press Up, Up, Down, Down, L, R, L, R, B and A!! Presto! You 
    are ready to bash ass!!
    Arcade Mode
    In the Option Screen, highlight the Game Level and tap A 16 times per 
    second and it will change to "ARCADE" Mode. Now the game is more 
    Extra Credits
    At the Game Start Screen, tap X as fast as you can, increasing the 
    Credit Capacity. If the screen fades away, you have to start all over 
    Suicide Code
    Wanna die the "Easy" way? Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Down, 
    Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A then unpause and BOOM!! The screen will 
    flash and you've just killed your own ship manually!!!!
    30 Extra Lives
    Highlight either 1 Player or 2 Player, hold Left, press A three times 
    and press START.
    Random Weapon Selection on Edit Mode
    At the Edit Mode Weapon Select Screen, hold Select and Press X, Y, X, Y 
    alternatively and it will go randomly.
    Insane Demo Mode
    When you see the opening movie, hold A until to the title screen and 
    when the demo starts...that's how the game is played!!!
    6. Version History
    Version 1.0 (January 1, 2005)
    Happy New Year!! Started and finished this FAQ.
    Version 1.2 (January 4, 2005)
    Added the Suicide Code and found some errors.
    Version 1.5 (February 8, 2004)
    Kong Hei Fat Choi!!! Sorry for the long late (due to some submissions 
    on projects in school), added some Secrets and the Boss Guide.
    Version 1.6 (February 12, 2005)
    Added some Secret and JS Prom will be tonight!!! Boo-yah!!
    7. Credits
    I wish to thank the following:
    For making this classical game!
    <You (yes, YOU!)>
    For reading this guide.
    For posting my FAQ.
    For making this guide and being an addict to this game.
    If you have any questions, suggestions, your New Year's Resolution, 
    Fireworks, Trumpets, or whatsoever e-mail to this new e-mail addresses 
    at jessy_grander@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com. Offensive 
    messages will be ignored, so be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be 
    duplicated, reproduced or sold nor plagiarized without the Author's 
    permission. Please, don't do anything with my FAQ OR ELSE...!!!
    Thank you for reading this FAQ! Kong Hei Fat Choi!!!!!

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