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    Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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    FIRST BOSS:  Concentrate your fire on the glowing green eye of the earwig
    scorpion.  Avoid the little  creatures that are coming out of the ground.
     Avoid making contact with the scorpion s pincers.  The scorpion will also
    shoot a burst of energy, shoot the ball then simply move up to avoid being
    hit.  Keep firing!
    SECOND BOSS:  To defeat the bubble boss, position yourself at the far left
    side and try to get as many options as possible.  Avoid the floating bubbles
    and shoot the center eye.  
    THIRD BOSS:  It is very important to get the laser with the four shield
    options.  Concentrate your fire on the orange pylons protecting the three
    blue orbs in the center of the ship.  When the ship launches its crisscross
    laser attack, stay in between the beams. Always concentrate your fire on the
    center section of the ship.
    FOURTH BOSS:  Concentrate your fire on the open mouths.  Watch out for the
    falling rocks and mini-heads.  Once you destroy the bottom mouth, start
    attacking the top mouth.  When the mouth opens shoot for a few seconds then
    move down to avoid the falling rocks.  The key in attacking the mini-heads is
    to draw them into a single file row.
    FIFTH BOSS:  The only way to defeat the flame snake is to let him encircle
    you.  Then simply concentrate your fire on his head.  There are two of them,
    beware of their fireballs they shoot you.  When the snake explodes, beware of
    the exploding sections.
    SIXTH BOSS:  Plant Bacterion - When the plant opens its mouth, hold down the
    left control pad.  Concentrate on holding your ship back against the plant s
    gravity, then keep shooting at the plant s mouth. It will then come forward
    and try to crush you.  Head to the upper left corner, avoid the missiles that
    the plant shoots at you.  Concentrate your fire on its mouth.
    SEVENTH BOSS:  Speed Up Zone - Get at least two speed ups and stay to the
    front edge.  Don t try to get every single  weapon.  Concentrate on getting
    through the speed zone.  Once you get to the First Sub Boss concentrate on
    shooting the blue orbs.  Watch out, a series of four lasers will shoot at
    you.  Try to maintain a rhythm, up/down  up/down, try to avoid the laser
    beams completely.  If you have to fly in between,  be careful!   Keep firing
    at the blue orbs until they re destroyed.  
    SECOND  SUB BOSS:  Try to collect as many weapons prior to meeting the second
    sub boss when the door opens.  Shoot for one to two seconds.  Then move, a
    volley of four missiles will shoot at you.  Once you destroy/damage the door
    a giant white beam will start shooting.  Maintain a rhythm, avoid being hit.
     Keep hitting the ship.
    BEACON:  Same procedure, collect as many weapons as possible.  Watch out for
    the arms, both hitting you and shooting lasers at you.  Concentrate your fire
    on its center.  Develop a timing pattern.  
    MONARCH:  Follow the same procedures on collecting weapons.  You either have
    to find a space between the lasers or go up/down to avoid them completely.
     You definitely need the lasers to get by the beams.
    ICE ICE:  Watch the missiles, especially the path they choose.  Keep
    concentrating your fire on the ship.  You have to do two things at once, keep
    watching the missiles.
    GRIM:  Follow the same procedures to collect weapons.  Shoot repeatedly.
     Once it curls up into a ball, go into the bottom right corner.  Keep
    SHADOW DANCER:  Fly in between the arms, shoot at the red light attached to
    the underside.  Develop a pattern to get in between the arms of each spider.
    BACTERION:  Concentrate your fire on its mouth.  Avoid the giant white balls
    that are thrown your way.

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