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    Game Script by Sei Kasagi

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                         ILLUSION OF GAIA -- GAMESCRIPT
    Written and compiled by Danny Henderson [Seizui/Fluteboy_Will]
    Email: ddhender@sbcglobal.net
    Okay, this document is exclusive to GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>. I 
    have worked hard on getting all of the information here done, so please, if
    you intend to use this, give me credit for constructing this.
    Illusion of Gaia and the related articles belong to Enix, or Square-Enix
    now, and the now deceased Quintet. May they rest in peace. No breach of 
    copyright intended. 
    See, I am a huge Illusion of Gaia fan to where I am believed to be number
    one. I wanted to make a script for it because /no one/ has made it. There
    have been scripts for Chrono Trigger and the many Final Fantasy games, but
    Illusion of Gaia deserves some attention, even if it /IS/ an old game. So
    if you have any comments, feel free to email me.
    SIDE NOTE: Many of the grammatical errors in the log are done intentionally
    to show the grammar structure of good ol' Enix's translation. Oh, and I 
    even spotted Kara's name being untranslated at one area. It's labeled with
    a (*).
                                BEGIN SCRIPT
    Intro to Game:
    The world was in an age of exploration.
    Looking for new lands, man uncovered the relics of ancient cultures.
    As time passed, many legends began to surface
    A legend from each ruin, a legend from each culture...
    Various relics were found in the ruins.
    One of the legends told strange statues in the shapes of spirits.
    What was a spirit to the ancient people, the ruins don't tell us.
    People who entered the ruins search went in and were never seen again.
    Some said there were traps to protect the treasure, others say it was a
    No one thought these ruins would bring about disaster.
    [Within the school with the teacher, Will, Lance, Erik, and Seth.]
    WILL: My name is Will. A year has passed since I went to the tower of Babel
    with my father. My father and his party met with disaster. Somehow, I made
    it back to South Cape... I still can't believe my father is gone. I'll
    never believe it... When I grow up, I'll be an explorer and see the world.
    Somewhere, I will meet my father.
    [Bell clangs.]
    TEACHER: That's all for today's lesson. You four do your best not to fall
    behind. Demons have appared outside of town. If you go very far, you must
    go with your parents.
    SETH: I'll see you guys at the usual place!
    [Seth leaves.]
    ERIK: I have to go home first. I'll see you guys there later. If you don't
    hurry home, your mother will think that you were kept after school.... Heh
    heh heh.
    [Erik leaves. You can control Will.]
    LANCE: Like always, the cave at the seashore!
    TEACHER: Oh, Will. Please recite with me. The world shinesbrightly through
    [At Roof of School]
    MAN: Hey, Will. How many times have I told you not to come up here... You
    have a habit of jumping down from places. Well, I guess I can't really stop
    [Enter Dark Space]
    [See giant head on pedestal.]
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I will help you on your journey. 
    Only one with the Dark Power can see this space. You are the chosen one. 
    In the dark space you can record a travel journal. Stop there before you 
    GAIA: Record what's happen so far?
    + Record
    + Don't Record
    If 'Record'
    GAIA: Finished recording... Continue your journey? 
    + Yes
    + No
    If 'Yes'
    GAIA: Then go.
    If 'No.'
    GAIA: Then rest a while.
    [Will disappears.]
    Back Outside
    MAN: You look like a fast runner. To run, push the Control Pad twice.
    SALESMAN: I travel around to people's houses selling weapons used to fight
    demons. We may live in troubled times, but I won't sell a weapon to a 
    TOWN GUARD: Hold it! Many demons are prowling outside the town. Didn't your
    teacher warn you not to leave town without your parents?
    WOMAN: I'm worried. There's been a lot of strange merchants lately doing
    [Will jumps off]
    WOMAN: Oh, no! What are you doing! This child! Honestly...
    WOMAN: I feel sorry for Seth. I understand why. He hates to see his parents
    fighting every day.
    WOMAN: I envy you when I see the sea breeze blowing your hair like that...
    Not like mine, under this scarf....
    MAN: My astronomer friend said something very strange: a star is 
    approaching the Earth.	
    Schoolgirl Section
    [Two girls are moving while the other one is standing with her back turned
    and then turning to face them occassionally.]
    LEADING GIRL: 1..2..3..4..5..
    GIRL: How long have we been playing this?
    GIRL: It's strange. This game is like "Red Light, Green Light"...
    [Fisherman is sitting at the docks with a fishing rod.]
    FISHERMAN: Even if I move to another place, I can't pull it up...
    FISHERMAN: Gosh, I can't pull it up...
    [When Fisherman is at the right side with a vase.]
    DIALOGUE: He lifted the strange teapot.
    [Will opens the door and enters, but a pot flies his way, shattering on the
    [Both parents have their back turns at each corner. The mother is to the
    left and the father is to the right.]
    WILL: No sooner was the door to Seth's house opened than a jar came flying 
    SETH'S FATHER: What's wrong with having a little fun with my hard-earned 
    SETH'S MOTHER: It's no joke! That man! I put up with it for Seth's sake, 
    but if it weren't for him, I'd have left long ago!
    [Lance's mother is going from the top of the stairs to downstairs.]
    WILL: This is Lance's house. He lives here with his frail mother.
    LANCE'S MOTHER: Your father has been lost at the Tower of Babel for a year
    now... It seems like only yesterday...
    [Erik's father is staring outside the window while the mother is up stairs
    with smoke coming from her back.]
    WILL: My friend Erik lives here. This is the biggest house in South Cape.
    Will envied people born to rich families...
    ERIK'S FATHER: Everyone is jealous of this big house... It's nothing. We
    moved to this town before anyone else.
    WOMAN: It's the little things in life that make  you rich or poor. Well,
    heard any good stories?
    ERIK'S MOTHER: Don't worry, I'm not on fire. It's just a treatment for my
    sore body. Cleaning this big house all day makes my brain ache...
    [Lola is cooking at the entrance and Bill's upstairs.]
    WILL: This is my house. The pie that Grandma Lola is making smells really
    LOLA: Welcome home, Will. Dinner isn't ready yet. Go outside and play for a
    BILL: Coming home at this hour probably means you had to stay after school
    again. Ha ha. Excellent! Even if a boy can't study, he should show a little
    MAN: Mmmm, nice smell. There's no stove, so I'm cooking in this pot.
    SEASIDE Cave
    [Seth and Lance are at a table playing cards.]
    WILL: It was natural for the four friends to call this seaside cave their
    second home. Usually, when lessons were done at the school, they gathered
    there to talk and play games until sundown.
    SETH: Ah ha ha. I'm going to win again for sure.
    LANCE: What is it, Will? It's late. I'm playing cards with Seth. Wait a
    DIALOGUE: Suddenly, Erik rushed in with a desperate look on his face.
    [Insert Erik running into the room.]
    ERIK: Ah! News! Big news! The Princess of Edward Castle has run away! They
    say she came to South Cape!
    [Seth and Lance stop their game, stand up, and turn to face Erik.]
    LANCE: That's all? You came in such a hurry that I thought something 
    really big had happened! The princess is probably that spoiled girl, Kara..
    The one you like so much!
    ERIK: LIAR! Maybe the soldiers will come here looking for her! The soldiers
    from Edward Castle look so cool. I want a steel helmet, too.
    [Seth and Lance face the table while Erik sits down at the top.]
    LANCE: Will, get over here and sit next to Erik.
    SETH: I'm not interested in girls. I like adventures better.
    ERIK: And I thought everyone would be surprised.
    [Will sits with Erik.]
    SETH: Everyone's here. What should we do today?
    ERIK: I want to see Will's mysterious power. You haven't seen it? He can
    move things without touching them.
    LANCE: He moved the statue that's in the corner of the cave. Will. Show me
    [Will moves the statue with telekinesis.]
    LANCE: Oh! It moved!
    [Lance, Erik, and Seth jump in the air in surprise.]
    ERIK: If I could only do that...
    SETH: No matter how many times I see it, I'm still amazed. But why can you
    move the statue when you can't move anything else...?
    LANCE: Next. Pick a card, any card. I'll put the cards face down. Pick the
    one you think is the Ace of Diamonds.
    [Lance sets up four cards.]
    LANCE: Pick the one you think is the Ace of Diamonds.
    DIALOGUE: Will picks up a card. It is the Ace of Diamonds, of course!
    LANCE: Ahhh! Right!!
    [Lance, Erik, and Seth jump in the air in surprise again.]
    Erik: I'm speechless... Hey, Seth. This is some type of psychic power,
    [Seth steps up.]
    SETH: Yeah, it must be some kind of psychic power thing. if I didn't know 
    any better, I'd think it was magic. Most people have five senses... sight,
    hearing, taste, smell, and touch. I think Will's psychic power is some kind
    of sixth sense.
    [Seth sits back down.]
    LANCE: What Seth says is too complicated for me to understand. Seth. Let's
    play one more game.
    LANCE: One more game with Seth and I'm going home.
    Seth: Ah ha ha. I'm going to win again for sure.
    ERIK: If I could only do that...
    [It's dusk.]
    WILL: It was already dark by the time Will left the cave.
    [A pig is at the shelf.]
    WILL: The pig's wrecking the room! But why is there a pig in my house?
    PIG: Oink oink
    [As Will tries to go up the stairs, the pig moves Will out of the way and
    out comes a girl.]
    KARA: Hamlet! You shouldn't snort at strangers! Is this your house?
    WILL: Yeah... so?
    [Kara gets a closer look.]
    KARA: Frankly, you look a little shabby...
    WILL: Well, excuse me...!!
    Kara: Your father? Mother? Not here, huh?
    [Kara moves towards the picture of the parents.]
    KARA: Is this a picture of your parents?
    WILL: My father's an explorer, he.....
    KARA: I know. Olman, the explorer. They say he was lost.
    WILL: He'll come back some day.
    KARA: Are you sad? ... No? I'd be sad, if it were me. I'm sorry...
    [Kara looks around.]
    KARA: Anyway, is there a piano here?
    WILL: No, there isn't! But Grandma Lola is a great singer.
    KARA: They're singing upstairs now. They have such loud voices!!
    LOLA: Welcome home, Will. When I sing opera, I lose track of the time... 
    Dinner's not ready yet.
    BILL: Oh, my! I haven't sung like this in a long time. Your grandmother
    Lola used to be a singer. I fell in love with her voice. That's why I 
    married her.
    LOLA: Ah ha ha. Oh, you!! bringing up a thing like that! Will, you 
    shouldn't be surprised to hear that. The girl who was singing with me a
    minute ago...
    VOICE (KARA'S): No-o-o-o-o!!!
    DIALOGUE: A scream from downstairs!
    [Lola and Bill look around.]
    BILL: It's that girl screaming!!
    [Lola, Bill, and Will go down stairs. Downstairs are two knights trapping
    Kara and her pig at the wall. A soldier steps up.]
    SOLDIER: Princess! I've been looking for you! 
    KARA: I don'tknow you. Be gone!
    SOLDIER: What are you saying? If I don't take you home, I'll lose my head?
    KARA: What do I care if you lose your head?
    SOLDIER: Princess! Do you think I have nothing better to do than chase you
    down? I must take you home. It's the King's orders!
    [The soldiers drag Kara away, but halts as Kara speaks.]
    KARA: I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm King Edward's daughter, Kara. Will. I 
    feel as though we've met before, as if we were good friends.
    [Soldiers take Kara away and Hamlet follows. Both Bill and Lola sit down at
    the table.]
    BILL: So, that girl likes to play practical jokes. Heh heh heh.
    LOLA: Edward castle... There's a big viaduct under the castle. Your 
    grandfather designed it.
    WILL: What! Really?
    BILL: I used to be an architect.
    [Bill steps away a bit.]
    BILL: There's a prison under the castle. It's built like a maze to keep
    prisoners from escaping. I feel bad that I built a prison where people 
    disappear and are never heard from again.
    LOLA: Enough serious talk. Let's eat dinner. I made a delicious pie. Let's
    sit at the table upstairs.
    BILL: Will, do you think Lola's meals have been a little strange lately? 
    Last night, licorice and rice. Before that, mouse fritters. I can't stand 
    it anymore! Sometimes old people, if they're surrounded by problems, get a
    little forgetful. Maybe there's something bothering her that she can't talk
    [Going up stairs, everything is dark.]
    WILL: We sat down to a feast of snail pie... with whipped cream! I only got
    one piece, but GrandpaBill ate half the pie. That night Will dreamed that
    Kara and he took a journey around the world...
    DIALOGUE: And the next morning something began to happen...
    BILL: I had more snail pie for breakfast. I left you a slice.
    LOLA: Good morning, Will. A letter has come for you from King Edward.
    DIALOGUE: This is what is written in the letter.
    Bring the Crystal Ring from Olman's things to Edward Castle.
                         - King Edward.
    LOLA: I've been in a bad mood ever since I saw this letter. Oh, Will. I'll
    teach you a spell. When I'm upset, humming this tune makes me feel better.
    Lola hummed a sweet melody.
    WILL: That's pretty. Even though Will had never heard it before, it seemed
    oddly familiar.
    DIALOGUE: You've learned Lola's melody.
    LOLA: Be careful.
    BILL: A crystal ring...? Never heard of it. There's something in the
    luggage your father, Olman, left behind. Maybe we could go to Edward 
    Castle. We could see the princess. Heh heh.
    LANCE: It's a day off from school. Let's have some fun.
    ERIK: If only I could do that...
    SETH: Ah ha ha. I'm going to win again for sure.
    OUTSIDE- Leaving
    TOWN GUARD: King Edward has summoned you to the castle? Well, just be 
    [He moves out of the way.]
    [Two guards approach Will and turn to face him.]
    SOLDIER: This is King Edward's castle. I must report this intrusion.
    DIALOGUE: Will shows the letter to the guard.
    SOLDIER: A guest of the King. I'm sorry, you may pass.
    [They move out of the way.]
    SOLDIER: This is King Edward's Castle. Go to the second floor if you want
    to meet King Edward.
    MAID: Recently, a hunter was hired. I wonder what the King is thinking.
    HIDDEN PERSON: Don't raise your voice. And mind your manners. In exchange,
    I will give you one Red Jewel.
    SOLDIER: This is the underground prison. Innocent people can't enter.
    MAID: So you're Will. You were summoned by King Edward? Be careful when you
    meet with him.
    [Maid and Guard]
    GUARD: I... I love... you...
    MAID: Well, he's shy... i'm glad that somewhere in the world there is 
    someone who is thinking of me.
    GUARD: [While guarding Kara's room] This is the Princess's room. Strangers
    can't enter.
    KARA: Who is it?
    [Kara steps out to see what's going on.]
    KARA: A guest?
    GUARD: It's just a shabby boy.
    WILL: It's me, Kara.
    KARA: Oh... That voice... Let him in, or I'll tell everyone your old 
    SOLDIER: Oh, pardon me! Please enter! 
    KARA: You... yesterday...
    WILL: I was told to bring the Crystal Ring to King Edward...
    [Kara jumps in surprise.]
    KARA: Terrible! It's terrible! Again my father is trying to take something
    important from someone! I escaped from the castle before. Now they won't 
    let me go out. Recently, something very strange has happened in the castle.
    My mother hired a famous hunter. It's omnious...
    SOLDIER: Princess, let's go.
    KARA: I feel scared. My father and mother seem to have changed. Please save
    me! Take me out of here! Please...
    SOLDIER: Princess...
    KARA: Please come back, Will.
    SOLDIER: Your business is finished. Get out! Now!
    Throne Room
    SOLDIER: So you are Will. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Let's go see King
    SOLDIER: If you want to see the King, keep your wits about you.
    QUEEN EDWINA: The King sent you the letter. Talk to him.
    KING EDWARD: You're Will? You look so... shabby. Well, did you bring the
    Crystal Ring?
    Choose 'No'
    KING EDWARD: How dare you say such a thing to me!! Guards!! Throw this 
    impudent weasel in prison!! Then go to Will's house and find the Ring.
    SOLDIERS: Yes, sir.
    Choose 'Yes'
    KING EDWARD: Good. An honest lad. Give me the Ring.
    WILL: .............
    KING EDWARD: Hmm? Are you lying to me, young whelp?! Guards! Throw this 
    impudent weasel in prison!! Then go to Will's house and find the Ring!
    SOLDIERS: Yes, sir!
    [The guards approach Will to cart him off.]
    WILL: Ma'am! Save me!!
    QUEEN EDWINA: Did you say Ma'am??!
    [Everything goes black.]
    WILL: I wonder why I have to suffer so... I wonder what will become of me 
    now. Anyway, I have to think of a way to get out of here.
    [Examine ball]
    WILL: Someone was chained to this ball...
    [Exam moss.]
    WILL: This moss has seen thousands of prisoners come and go... Those 
    prisoners must have been encouraged by any sign of life....
    [Exam gate]
    WILL: It's locked...
    DIALOGUE: A soldier's whisper comes from a hole in the ceiling.
    SOLDIER: It's today's ration of brad. Even moss drinks water.
    [Eat bread.]
    DIALOGUE: Will tastes some of the bread. The bread is hard. it's the worst
    thing he's ever tasted. For some reason, he really misses Grandma Lola's 
    creative cuisine...
    WILL: Time passes slowly, but the long day is ending. It pains me to think
    the prisoners' feelings, not knowing what they should do.... While I was
    trying to think of a way out, I drifted off to sleep.
    While asleep.
    DIALOGUE: A familiar voice speaks from the flute.
    FLUTE: Will.... This is your father.
    WILL: Father...?
    FLUTE: You were a cute child, but now you've grown up. Isn't Grandma Lola's
    pie delicious?
    WILL: Uh, sure, Dad! Where are you?!
    FLUTE: I can't tell you right now... I have something to ask you. Listen...
    +Yes, if it's your wish!
    +No! You deserted me!
    *Either answer will result..*
    FLUTE: I want you to save me.... I, too, was once held in this cell. Look 
    at the left-hand wall.
    [A crystal appears. Will uses his telekinetic powers to draw it to him.]
    WILL: ...This?
    FLUTE: Have you heard anything from Grandpa Bill?
    WILL: Grandpa? He was an architect...
    FLUTE: Your Grandpa knows the secret of that stone.
    WILL: Secret...?
    FLUTE: Starting now, you will encounter a terrible thing.
    WILL: Do I have to...?
    FLUTE: Pick up the stone your enemy left. The power of the Crystal is 
    contained there. That power will prove to be your ally.... You must make a
    pilgrimage to the ruins of the world to find the Mystic Statues. The closer
    you get to the Crystal, the stronger the evil power will be... Will... No 
    time... Quickly... First to the Incan ruins...
    DIALOGUE: The flute's voice fades and disappears.
    [At the gate.]
    PIG: Oink oink
    WILL: I wonder if this is Kara's pig... What luck! There's a letter and a 
    key tied to its tail...
    DIALOGUE: The letter read..
    Sorry to hear that you're in prison. It's terrible what my father's done, 
    but hear what I have to say. I too am a prisoner -- in a prison of silk and
    gold. But tonight I will leave the castle forever. You also will be free.
    [Hamlet leaves]
    DIALOGUE: You have the key!
    [Unlock door.]
    DIALOGUE: As he turns the prison key, the steel door opens with a dull 
    SOLDIER: I don't need anyone's help... I can get out by myself...
    Dark Space
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. When 
    you defeat all of the enemies in an area, you will get a jewel that 
    increases your abilities. Push the Start Button to see the location of your
    enemies. Find the demons and defeat them.
    [After you defeat your first set of enemies.]
    WILL: When you defeat all of your enemies around you, a Jewel will appear.
    [Somewhere you see a dandelion come out of the two statues. It follows you
    [If you accidentally hit it.]
    DANDELION: Hey! What are you doing!!
    DANDELION:Come here, or the demon will get you!
    [The dandelion flies off, waiting for you to follow it.]
    [In a room with a red gem.]
    SPIRIT: When you defeat the enemies, a shiny silver Dark Gem will appear.
    If you collect 100 of these, you gain one life... Even if you're defeated,
    you won't have to go back very far...
    [In the next room.]
    [You see the dandelion and it flies into the red rose.]
    FLOWER IN THE CORNER: Try playing the Flute... Play the melody...
    [Will plays Lola's melody.]
    DIALOGUE: He heard a soft voice from somewhere...
    STRANGE VOICE: Go to the switch on the right-hand wall.
    STRANGE VOICE: The door won't open unless you push this switch on the count
    of three. When I shout, push the switch. I'll count 1, 2, 3. Don't make a 
    If you mess up.
    STRANGE VOICE: Wait! I told you, you have to push them at the same time!
    [Will hits the switch and the door opens.]
    STRANGE VOICE: Stop! The door is open!! Go in!!
    [Gaia stands with a long haired knight statue.]
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. Your 
    shape is only temporary. Try standing in front of the statue next to you.
    DIALOGUE: Will hears a voice in his head.
    VOICE: Will. I've been waiting a long time for you to come. I am Freedan. 
    I am eternal. Let me help you on your journey. As time goes by, you'll 
    understand my nature....
    DIALOGUE: Will gradually loses consciousness...
    [Will transforms into Freedan.]
    DIALOGUE: When the enemies are destroyed, Will can return to his original 
    [Freedan changes back to Will. As Will goes north, he meets a blue haired 
    GIRL: I saw you!! But I'm surprised! You can change your shape lik me! I'm
    Lilly. An Itory girl protected by the Flower Spirit. How... How do you know
    a melody you could have only heard from us?
    WILL: I learned it from Grandma Lola. She hummed it whenever she was upset.
    LILLY: I had some of her pie. It tastes rather unusual, doesn't it?
    WILL: You know my grandmother?!
    LILLY: Actually, she asked me to rescue you!
    [Strange sound.]
    LILLY: The Elder is calling. I have to go. We'll meet again! Goodbye, Will!
    [Lilly changes into a dandelion and leaves.]
    GUARD: Zzzzz...Zzzzzz...
    GUARD: Ah! It's you! You've escaped from the prison... Trust what I say.
    Run from this castle. It'd be terrible if King Edward found you here.
    MAID: Are you going to take Kara out of the castle? Don't let the King find
    you... Please take care of the Princess.
    KARA: Of course, you've come! Thank you. Was the guard asleep outside. His
    old nickname is "Old Snorehead." Sleeping again.
    WILL: Your little pig has come....
    KARA: His name is Hamlet. Cute, isn't he? He is very smart. He has some 
    kind of strange pig power. Please, take me out of here!
    When you go to exit.
    *KAREN: Oh, wait! It will be a long trip, we should take food! Would you go
    to the cellar with me?
    [When you about to pass through the barrels.]
    KARA: I think someone put food in one of these barrels.
    DIALOGUE: You've found a large, yummy roast leg of yak!
    KARA: Everything's ready! Let's go before the soldiers find us!
    [As you leave.]
    KARA: At last, we leave. Let's go to your house, I'm worried about your 
    DIALOGUE: They hurry to Will's.
    [As Kara and Will enter, the house is a mess.]
    WILL: What! What's happened...
    [Kara turns towards Will.]
    KARA: It's awful! Who would do such a thing...
    WILL: My grandparents?!
    KARA: Grandpa Bill!
    WILL: Grandma Lola!
    KARA: I'll look upstairs!
    [Kara leaves to go upstairs. And a moment later.]
    KARA: Ooooh!!! Will!! Come here! Quick! It's terrible, terrible!
    WILL: What happened?!
    KARA: Look at the wall!
    [Picture of a Jackal]
    KARA: This mark, a jackal... The Jackal's here!
    WILL: Jackal...?
    KARA: He's the hunter hired by my mother!! An evil man who will stop at 
    nothing! Once he starts after you, there's no stopping him. He has no
    regard for human life!
    WILL: My Grandpa and Grandma....
    [A dandelion shows up and forms to Lilly.]
    LILLY: Don't worry, you two.
    WILL: You're the one who...
    KARA: Who're you?!
    LILLY: I'm Will's friend.
    WILL: Lilly, do you know anything about this?
    LILLY: It's OK. Your Grandpa and Grandma are safe. They're in my village.
    KARA: Your village?
    LILLY: Itory village. 
    KARA: I've never heard of this village!
    LILLY: Naturally. My village has a barrier around it. Ordinary people like
    you can't see it. Let's go, Will!
    WILL: OK!
    KARA: I'm going, too!
    LILLY: It's far too dangerous for a princess.
    KARA: You can't stop royalty! I do whatever I want!!
    LILLY: Typical of a princess.
    KARA: I think something good is going to happen.
    LILLY: Before we go to my village, should we meet the townspeople? We might
    not be back here for a long time.
    LILLY: Is that OK? We should see how things are in the village.
    LANCE: What happened, Will? You look so gloomy. Something you can't tell us
    ERIK: What's the matter? You're not acting like the same old Will.
    SETH: Ah ha ha. I'm going to win again for sure.
    TEACHER: What is it, Will? Looking at your face, I wonder if you're 
    plotting something again.
    [Kara and Lilly are at the entrance at the table.]
    LILY: Are you ready to go?
    Choose 'No'
    LILLY: All right. If you decide to go, come back here when you're through.
    Choose 'Yes'
    KARA: I think something wonderful is going to happen.
    LILLY: No. From here on there will be many hardships.... Hmmmmm.
    [Kara and Lilly walk over to each other.]
    KARA: You're nitpicking.
    [Lilly steps up.]
    LILLY: That's what I expected. Have you ever been outside the castle?
    [Kara steps closer until they're face to face.]
    KARA: Crazy girl!
    LILLY: Are you totally ignorant of the world!? Will is my friend.
    KARA: Hey, Will, aren't you my friend too!?
    + Yes, of course.
    + I, umm, I'm going to the village.
    Choose 'I, umm, I'm going to the village.'
    LILLY: I'm going with you. Let's go.
    Choose 'Yes, of course.'
    KARA: I'm glad, Will. Let's go hand in hand.
    DIALOGUE: Together, the three set off for Lilly's village.
    LILLY: This is my village, but you're probably surprised that there are no 
    houses. Will, try playing the melody that called to me under Edward Castle.
    [Will plays the flute.]
    DIALOGUE: The melody, carried on the wind, spread over the meadow.
    [Barrier is unsealed, exposing a village.]
    LILLY: Were you surprised? There's a barrier around this village. Most 
    people can't see it. The princess is getting to be a bother.... On the 
    road, all I heard was "My feet hurt, I'm thirsty." I'm tired of hearing it.
    KARA: I can't help it. My feet hurt.
    LILLY: Oh, OK. Well, come with me. I'll show you my house.
    [Lilly leads Kara and Will over to her house, but they run into Bill and
    Lola who are at the otherside of the house.]
    LOLA: Will! Will! Over here!
    BILL: You're safe. Good... good...
    LOLA: A terrible thing happened to us! A man called the Jackal came to the
    house with some soldiers...
    BILL: He almost got us!
    LOLA: Grandpa panicked. I destroyed their digestion with a poisoned 
    marsupial pie. Then I ran away.
    [Lola faces Lilly.]
    LOLA: Lilly, thank you. I didn'tk now that Princess Kara came, too.
    LILLY: We didn't ask her to come along. Will. This is my house. You can 
    look around the village, but then come back here.
    [Lilly leaves and Kara follows.]
    KARA: Lilly, wait. I'll go, too.
    WOMAN: There are no other children Lilly's age in the village. Please 
    become friends.
    WOMAN: The Incas who lived here were a tribe without a written language. 
    Their legends are left in song. Even in seemingly meaningless melodies, 
    there is a message.
    MALE OF COUPLE: It is said that a messenger appeared here when the ancient
    world was about to be destroyed.
    FEMALE OF COUPLE: Then all around the world, disease and famine began to
    increase... This planet had always been peaceful.
    MAN: Try running down that hill, and keep running. You'll be surprised.
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. Will's
    power - the Psycho Dash. It can destroy obstacles. Always be alert. If 
    youfind a suspiscious place, try to destroy it.
    DIALOGUE: Psycho Dash can now be used! 
    GAIA: Only young Will can use the Psycho Dash. You can smash walls and 
    obstacles by hurling yourself against them. Use the Attack Button to save 
    MAN: Many people have come here to gather Incan gold. But many who set foot
    in the ruins have never returned...
    WOMAN: The ruins are an ancient tomb. Why can't you leave them alone?
    LILLY: The Elder is in the flower garden. He's very old,but very wise. 
    Shall we go see him?
    KARA: It's a great village. The breeze is refreshing.
    BILL: Meet with the Elder. He knows something.
    LOLA: I'm afraid that somethingbad is going to happen.
    [After Will makes a mad dash and leaves the grave site.]
    Will hears a quiet voice behind him...
    STRANGE VOICE: You've come, Will...
    ELDER: I'm here. In the flours. I've lived too long.
    [Elder appears at the middle grave site.]
    ELDER: I can't live without the protection of the Flower Spirit.  You
    really look like your father. It seems like only yesterday that he came to
    this village.
    WILL: My father...
    ELDER: Your mother, Shira, was the only daughter of your grandparents, Bill 
    and Lola. She was very beautiful. Your father fell in love with her and 
    took her from the village. All of the Itory tribe have a strange power, but
    Shira's was especially strong. She made a barrier to hide the town, but 
    your father came through it easily. Come to think of it, he was unusual, 
    too... Were you summoned by your father?
    If 'No'...
    ELDER: What? If you weren't.... That's a bad sign....
    If 'Yes'...
    ELDER: That fulfills Lola's prophecy. Do you plan to go?
    If 'No'...
    ELDER: A disobedient son, unlike your father.
    If 'Yes'...
    ELDER: Good. I will entrust you with the Incan Statue handed down to the 
    village. The statues are the key to the Incan riddle-- untouchedby human 
    hands for hundreds of years. One statue is enshrined in the cave below.
    Use all your skills to find it.
    [Sealed walls, but one is weak enough to be crushed with Psycho Dash.]
    DIALOGUE: You found Incan Statue A.
    ELDER: Oooh, that's the Incan Statue!! Good job! I wonder if you were to 
    put on this earth to solve the Incan riddle... I'll tell you a legend 
    handed down by our people. Put the statue on the Larai Cliff below the 
    ruins, where the spirits' breath cannot reach. The wind in the valley will
    lead you to the Gold Ship. Understand?
    If 'No'.
    [He'll repeat.]
    If Yes...
    ELDER: It's said that the Moon Tribe has one more. Have Lilly guide you 
    there. Be careful.
    BILL: How is the Elder? When you fought the demon at Edward Castle, did you
    find a shiny silver stone? There's a strange power in that stone. Even if 
    defeated by an enemy, if you have 100 of them, you will live again.
    LOLA: There's an old legend in this village. A child with a good heart who
    controls the Dark Power will set out to save the world... At that time, a 
    huge comet will enter Earth's orbit, and a Dark Power will arise... These 
    are the words of the Itory legend.
    LILLY: What? Moon Tribe? I know. Not a tribe, more like a strange shadow 
    form. A high mountain peak near there has become their home. Shall we go?
    +Yes, let's go.
    +Let's quit.
    If 'Let's quit'.
    LILLY: If you make him mad, you'll lose your life, so you'd better stop it.
    If 'Let's go'.
    LILLY: OK, I'll lead.
    KARA: I'm going, too! I want to see the Moon Tribe. Since I escaped the 
    confinement of the castle, I want to see and hear everything.
    LILLY:No! It's too dangerous for princesses! If you don't want to bother 
    Will, just wait here quietly.
    KARA: I seem to be the only one left out. So I'll talk to Grandma Lola.
    Nyaa nyaa!!
    [Kara leaves.]
    WILL: She's sulking...
    LILLY: It's good medicine for a selfish girl. The mountain pass will be 
    difficult, but let's do the best we can.
    DIALOGUE: So Will and Lilly go to the peak where the Moon Tribe lives.
    LILLY: Ah, we've arrived. This is the Moon Tribe's home.
    [At the middle of the village.]
    STRANGE VOICE: Good evening... Out for a stroll?
    WILL: Who is it?
    STRANGE VOICE: Up, up. This body is lighter than air.
    WILL: What are you?
    STRANGE VOICE: Guess who?
    +Cotton candy's relative
    +Bird man
    +Old man's ghost...
    Any answer....
    STRANGE VOICE: Wrong! Actually, we are the Moon Tribe, also known as 
    [Then, several spirits appear with large open mouths.]
    MOON TRIBE: The comet is a vhicle of destruction whose evil light has 
    changed all creatures. It's a remnant of a weapon from a terrible battle 
    long ago.
    WILL: The world will be unbearable?
    MOON TRIBE: Yes. You're bright, but you're still immature.
    MOON TRIBE: One of my party has been kidnapped. Know your destination?
    Either answer...
    MOON TRIBE: Maybe someone's chasing you. Ku ku ku .....
    MOON TRIBE: Whenever there's light, there are shadows. We, who were changed
    by being bathed in the light only once... will spend our future in a world 
    without light.
    MOON TRIBE: It comes once every 800 years. THis is the fourth time. The 
    more light that reaches you, the stronger the Dark Power. What will be born
    of the light this time...
    MOON TRIBE: We've transcended time and have lived long... We saw the 
    destruction of the Incan Empire. The Incan Statue sleeps in the cave 
    below... If you like, we'll give it to you. At any rate, go look in the
    cave... ku ku ku...
    [As Will goes to the cave.]
    LILLY: I'll wait here.
    MOON TRIBE: This is the final shape of those touched by the comet's light. 
    They arehorrible creatures whose hearts are filled with hatred and 
    destruction. If you can destroy them within 20 seconds, I'll give you the 
    Incan Statue. Ku ku ku...
    If you fail...
    MOON TRIBE: In that case, I can't give you the statue. Ku ku ku...
    If you succeed...
    MOON TRIBE: Hey, hey! Good boy! Ku ku ku... Then I'll give you the Incan 
    [Passage opens.]
    DIALOGUE: You've got Incan Statue B!
    LILLY: Oh, that statue! You are great!! There are two statues. Go to the 
    Incan ruins?
    If 'No'...
    LILLY: Will, I know you're. lying. You must go no matter what you say.
    Then statement will be below of Yes.
    If Yes...
    WILL: Yes. My father summoned me... I don't want to fight the demons, but
    if my father's alive, I'll risk anything to see him. You don't really 
    understand until you lose your parents...
    LILLY: Typical.... I understand. Let's go to the ruins.
    DIALOGUE: They headed to the Incan ruins.
    LILLY: Here's the entrance to the ruins. They say that this is where the 
    puzzle of the Incan legend is hidden. I heard this story from the Elder 
    when I was a child... After being invaded, the Icas decided to leave their
    native land to find a new world. They secretly built a huge ship and 
    filled it with priceless gold artifacts. But there's no record of the ship
    leaving... That's probably the Incan Gold Ship in the story. I don't think
    the Elder has ever told that story to any outsider. I wonder what he wants
    you to do...
    [When Will and Lilly go to the entrance, Kara catches up with them.]
    KARA: You're so mean!! Leaving me behind! How could you do that!
    LILLY: Why are you in a place like this! It's dangerous!
    KARA: Lola told me about this place. I've been waiting! I thought you'd 
    left me. You should tell me where you're going!! What is Will looking for
    in the ruins? I can't just wait around and eat while Will is working so
    hard. I'm waiting here for Will to return.
    LILLY: Well, a princess wouldn't understand... I'll wait for you here,
    [Kara and Lilly prepare to wait at the corner.]
    LILLY: Will. I remember what the Elder said. "Put the statue ont he Larai 
    Cliff below the ruins, where the spirits' breath cannot reach. The valley 
    wind will lead you to the Gold Ship".
    KARA: Well? Did you find what you were looking for?
    WILL: There was a tremendous wind at the Larai Cliff. That's probably what 
    the old man meant by the breath of the spirits.... This is the cliff with 
    no wind. My heart beats fast.
    [When you reach a room with a skeleton.]
    WILL: An explorer who sought the Incan Gold Ship...? In the skeleton's hand
    is some kind of charm. Inside it is a scrap of paper with this written on
    Father, please come back alive.
    When you find the Gold Ship, buy a Kruk.
    [When you reach another room with a skeleton.]
    WILL: There's something on the ground there...
    DIALOGUE: If I can move that gold statue, I can pass...
    [Outside with the skeleton.]
    WILL: An explorer who sought the Incan Gold Ship...? He lost his life in a
    WILL: There's some kind of journal...
    Note about the Incas
    They have no written language. They've left their legends in sound. I have
    succeeded in deciphering the Incan Melody of the Wind. "Chant in the Golden
    Room." Does that mean to play the Melody of the Wind...?
    LARAI CLIFF - Outer Area Above Statue Head
    DIALOGUE: The wind in the valley plays a melody. The statue seems to be 
    DIALOGUE: You've learned the Melody of the Wind!
    DIALOGUE: Stepping on a gold tile emits a sound. There are four gold tiles.
    Stand on each of the four tiles at the same time.
    [Will plays the Wind song.]
    DIALOGUE: When touched by the echo of the Flute, the Gold Block began to 
    [The tiles glow.]
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. Then
    you will fight a huge enemy. When he suffers damage, rays of light will
    shoot from his head. If you suffer damage hide behind him.
    [After defeating the boss, Will will enter a room and he'll jump down a
    hole. When he lands, he is in dark place with sparkles. Light will break 
    out to expose Will to the golden ship.]
    WILL: This is the Incan Gold Ship?! What?! I feel like someone's there...
    LITTLE GIRL: Look, look! The King has returned! And he's much shorter!
    MAN: It's the King! You're safe!
    WILL: (I'm the King???)
    MAN: King! You're safe! Now we can set sail.
    MAN: It's a happy occassion! We have waited for you for such a long time!
    WOMAN: The Queen is in her stateroom. Please show her that you're OK.
    WOMAN: Oh, King. Looking around the ship? But I expect you're tired. Look 
    around, then rest in this bed.
    MAN: Through the darkness, a bright light is visible in front of the cave.
    As the ship set sail, that light represented the freedom we had just won.
    WOMAN: The Queen is still wearing the ring she got from the King. That's 
    right. It's the ring he gave her when they were separated by the invaders. 
    Since then, she has thought of nothing but him.
    INCA QUEEN: Good. You have returned safely. As you were told, until now 
    I've been guarding the Statue of the Wind. That's the statue you were 
    awarded by the spirits. It's in the jewel box in the storehouse below, Look
    for yourself.
    GIRL: Why must we flee? It is our home.
    MAN: The Mystic Statue is in this box. Preparations are being made to set 
    sail. Well? Are  you going to the crow's nest? You can watch the ship set 
    DIALOGUE: It's a Mystic Statue!
    GUARD: Oh short King, look there. The ship is coming out of the cave!
    [Daylight breaks suddenly.]
    GUARD: After living in darkness for so long, the brightness is like a new
    beginning. How can invaders come to destroy a world as beautiful as this?
    [When Will goes to bed.]
    WILL: I fell into a deep sleep, and was pulled inside a dream.
    [Inside a dream sequence, Will is in South Cape in the upper stairs. The 
    background is a little discolored. When Will goes down the stairs, he 
    finds a blond woman with a blue dress.]
    WILL: Mother?!
    WILL'S MOTHER, SHIRA: Look in the sky. The comet is so beautiful. After
    years and years the comet approaches Earth, then recedes. Some say it's
    an unlucky star. Some say it's a lucky star... Will. What do you think?
    +Unlucky star
    +Lucky star
    Choose 'Unlucky star'
    WILL'S MOTHER, SHIRA: All right... Then hope that the bad luck doesn't
    Choose 'Lucky Star'
    WILL'S MOTHER, SHIRA: All right... Then hope that happiness doesn't slip 
    WILL'S MOTHER, SHIRA: Will. I am always watching over you.
    [Dream sequence ends and Will is awake in a destroyed looking ship.]
    LILLY: Will! Will! Wake up!
    [Will wakes up.]
    LANCE:  You were acting strange, so we followed you. Then we reached a 
    strange town...
    LILLY: Wait. Don't call it strange. I was born there.
    LANCE: It's invisible. I'd call that pretty strange. Will. You can't go
    on a journey without telling us. Since we're friends, we have to share
    good times and bad.
    LILLY: You're back so late, the Elder must have read your fortune. He said
    that you were floating along on the sea. I was so surprised.
    [Examining a bone.]
    WILL: This was where the Inca were standing...
    SETH: I found a strange jewel on board the ship. I'll give it to you.
    [Red Jewel.]
    ERIK: I was surprised!! Oh, it's you, Will. DOn't scare me!!
    [Kara is with the Queen.]
    KARA:  They perished waiting for the King's return... I can't stand
    anything that disrupts people's peaceful lives....
    [When Will examines the Queen.]
    WILL: The Queen's mummy sleeps silently. There's a gold ring on her
    long, slender, bony finger...
    [Lilly approaches.]
    LILLY: That ring must be one of the artifacts put on this ship. This is
    the most valueable of all of the artifacts.
    KARA: Many people have lost their lives trying to get rich by finding
    this ring. I want the ring. It's so pretty. I really must have it.
    LILLY: Have you no shame!?!? You could be cursed!!!
    [Shaking and loud noises.]
    KARA: What?
    [More shaking noises and vibrations.]
    LILLY: Maybe it belongs to Riverson! In this part of the ocean, there are
    fish that are as dangerous as, well, sharks!!
    KARA: What . . . ?
    [Will bumps into Lance on his way to the dock.]
    LANCE: Are you OK?
    SETH: Wa-a-a-a--a-ah!!!!
    LANCE: That's Seth! It's coming from the deck!
    [Lance leaves to the dock.]
    LANCE: What happened to Seth? Something happened!
    ERIK: Eeeeeeeh!! It's Seth!!... A huge, enormous, giant fish ran into the
    ship! Sob... Seth fell in the water! Sob... He was swallowed! Gulp... 
    LANCE: What was that?
    [Riverson attacks]
    ERIK: Aaaggh! It's that fish again! We'll all be dessert!!
    LANCE: Stop crying, and grab this, or you'll fall overboard!!
    [Last crash and everyone separates.]
    [Will and Kara are in a raft.]
    KARA: You've just come too??? I've lost everyone... Are you OK?
    +Yes, I'm OK.
    +I'm still unsteady.
    Choose 'I'm still unsteady.'
    KARA: Of course, you were unconscious for more than half a day. 
    Choose 'Yes, I'm OK.'
    KARA: Hmmm. You recover quickly. Like a lizard's tail.
    KARA: I've read about being adrift, but I never thought it would happen to
    me... Disasters sometimes happen suddenly.
    KARA: Don't be upset. Don't think about the future. Let's just enjoy 
    drifting. I'm starved. I'll have the meat I brought from the castle.
    [Use the meat.]
    WILL: We bit off some of the meat. It was better than any food we'd ever 
    DRIFTING, Day 2
    KARA: Beautiful.... Even after seeing it all day, I never get tired of it.
    [When you hit a fish.]
    KARA: What are you doing!! The poor fish!!!
    WILL: Time passed slowly, with nothing to break the monotony. Kara just 
    stared at the fish all day. Will couldn't stand it. he walked around on the
    raft and talked to Kara many times. A minute seemed like forever. But he 
    could hear the march of time.
    Drifting, Day 4
    KARA: I have a premonition... Help is coming... What?
    [Kara moves over to the other side and a vase floats.]
    DIALOGUE: There was a letter in the jar... The contents read...
    We are on a ship on our way to be sold as forced labor in an unknown 
    land. If anyone reads this, please save us...
    KARA: My premonition! You said you wanted to be saved... but it's me who 
    needs to be saved. Oh! I am so starved.
    WILL: You should have caught that fish. If you had........
    KARA: I can't hurt such a pretty fish!
    WILL: Are you saying it's pretter to starve?!
    KARA: Raw fish gives me the creeps! I can't eat it! Besides, the fish is 
    fighting to stay alive! Fish feel pain. Have you ever thought how the fish
    feels?! If you want to eat it, go ahead!! I'm not going to eat it!!!
    [Kara moves away to the other side.]
    KARA: ................
    WILL: Kara didn't say anything all day. A typical princess... She's such a 
    Drifting, Day 7
    WILL: Drifting. First week. A school of fish.... He reached the end of his
    rope. if he didn't eat more, he thought he would starve...
    [Will proceeds to smack a fish then eat it until he's full on energy.]
    KARA: ................ Will... Sorry I talked to you that way 
    yesterday.... I'll try to eat the fish. I can't do anything if I starve.
    Only in peace time can you refuse food you don't like...
    WILL: Let's catch a fish. A good one.
    [After getting the fish.]
    WILL: Happily, Kara ate some fish. Will found that he was starting to
    develop feelings for Kara.
    [It's a peaceful night. Kara and Will are by each other.]
    KARA: The stars are beautiful... If I were taller, I could reach them.
    Surely Lilly and Lance are looking at the same star-studded sky... If I
    could talk to the stars I could find out where everyone is...
    KARA: There seems to be one extra star near the constellation of Cygnus.
    Yes, that red star. Shall we make a wish upon that star? I have a feeling
    it'll come true. Will, close your eyes, too.
    WILL: I hope for everyone's safety, and for my father...
    [Kara moves in closer to Will.]
    KARA: We've been adrift for almost three weeks now. Hasn't your hair 
    gotten a little long? Just a little (Laughs).
    WILL: Kara doesn't act like a spoiled princess now. If you told someone
    she was one of the island girls, no one would doubt it.
    KARA: It's terrible!! What is that...? There in the water...?
    [Sharks approach the raft.]
    KARA: Maybe a shark...? We could be eaten.... What should we do?...
    KARA: They're circling our raft, but they're not attacking...
    WILL: Let's think about this...
    [They continue to circle.]
    KARA: I've got it! They're not hungry!! My grandpa told me that only
    humans attack living things when they're not hungry.
    WILL: Then what we're doing is not usual human behavior. We didn't eat
    fish until we were starving.
    KARA: That's right. They're going. Good-bye, sharks...
    [They leave.]
    KARA: When I was in the castle I loved watching the sun set... The sunset
    was so beautiful from the corridor of the castle... But now I've come to 
    hate it. After the sun has set, the darkness comes... I thought I'd never
    see the sunrise again. But since you're with me, I see a beautiful sunshine
    every morning. With you by my side, I can even enjoy times like these.
    WILL: I wanted to say the same things to you, but somehow the words just 
    wouldn't come out. I just nodded, saying nothing...
    [Will collapses.]
    WILL: Suddenly, Will fell over, unconscious...
    KARA: Will! Will!! What's wrong!! Wake up!! Don't leave me here alone!
    [Black out...]
    MAN'S VOICE: You can wake him up now. He'll be fine if he takes Vitamin C.
    It's scurvy, a disease caused by a long-term lack of vitamin C.
    KARA: Hmmmm...
    MAN'S VOICE: Columbus's crew contracted it once. Nothing to worry about.
    When it gets worse, the b lood gets bad and the skin turns black. The gums
    bleed and the body starts decaying...
    KARA: Stop! I don't want to listen to such talk!!x
    MAN: Ha ha ha. I'm glad you're OK.
    KARA: But you know best. Thank you.
    MAN: You should thank the dog outside. He found your raft and came to get
    KARA: Will! Will!! Wake up! ! ! We've reached land!! We're saved!!!
    [Will wakes up.]
    WILL: Uhhh... 
    [He stands up.]
    WILL: Kara...? Where am I...?
    KARA: We're at the home of the kind man who saved us. You've been tossing 
    in your sleep. I kept putting blankets on you, but you threw them off.
    MAN: This is the south outskirts of Oakton. The city of Freejia is half a 
    day to the north. If you're looking for your friend, you should look in a
    big town.
    MAN: You should thank the dog outside. He found your raft and came to get
    KARA: At any rate, let's go to Freejia. I'm going to thank the dog. Come
    back when you're ready.
    [Kara leaves.]
    DOG: Woof! Woof!!
    KARA: The dog's name is Turbo. Isn't he cute? Well, let's go. Maybe we'll
    see Lilly, Lance, and Erik.
    DIALOGUE: So they went to Freejia....
    KARA: Oh, it's nice!! What a great city!!! People who live in such a pretty
    place must have beautiful hearts...
    [A man approaches the two.]
    MAN: What a cute couple. Have you decided where you're staying tonight?
    KARA: No. Not yet. We're looking for someone.
    MAN: Well, well. Why not base your search here?
    KARA: It's settled! I'm exhausted!! Don't you like it, Will!! Let's go!!
    [Kara and Will follow the man.]
    KARA: This is the hotel! Let's go in!
    [Kara enters.]
    MAN: Well, come in.
    [Lilly approaches the entrance.]
    LILLY:  Come in... Will and Kara...?!
    [Kara steps up.]
    KARA: Lilly? Is it Lilly?!
    LILLY: I was worried! It's been almost a month since we separated! I've
    been working and living in this hotel. Lance is in the room on the right,
    go in there...
    [Kara goes to Lance and sits next to him.]
    KARA: I'm glad everyone is safe, but...
    LANCE: They say I don't know who I am. Kind of strange...
    [Lilly walks in.]
    LANCE: If I don't know who I am, how did I get here?
    LILLY: Lance hit his head escaping from the Incan ship... The doctor said 
    that he has temporary amnesia. Meanwhile, I think Lance should stay here 
    until he recovers.
    LILLY: Also, I haven't seen Erik since last night. I wonder what's
    MAN-HOTEL MANAGER: Recently tourist have avoided this town... Business is 
    PURPLE ROBED MAN: Ha ha ha. You understand this place. Sometimes what you 
    think is unimportant is the most important thing. Life is like that. This 
    is a gift. Please take it. 
    DIALOGUE: The old man secretly put something in Will's bags!
    PURPLE ROBED MAN: Ha ha ha.
    WOMAN: The Freejia is the city flower. Smells good, doesn't it?
    [Entire house is a mess.]
    MAN: It's not like a tornado came through here. Maybe you're more 
    comfortable in a place not quite so neat?
    WILL: It's locked from the inside...
    MAN: The stairs is a mess... I'm ashamed...
    [If Will goes upstairs, the couple that are kissing will move away when
    they see Will come in.]
    MAN: She, uh, was just helping me... Ha ha ha.
    WOMAN: He had something in his eye... Ha ha ha.
    WOMAN: Listen to me carefully. You'd better not go on the back streets.
    Just as a rose has thorns, a pretty town has another side.
    [Upstairs, you see Gem the Jeweler. When you jump off..]
    MAN FROM OTHER HOUSE: I was startled.... Someone dropped from the ceiling. 
    Thanks for showing me that impressive dive. I will give you something. 
    "SLAP!!!!!!" Kids! If you do something this dangerous again, you'll be in
    big trouble!!!
    WOMAN: Mothers are always worrying about things. I was afraid you'd been 
    kidnapped by someone, or had been wounded... My mother suffered like that.
    MAN: A life lived honestly. A life of fun and laughter.
    CLOAKED MAN: A laborer escaped. Have you seen him?
    If 'No'
    CLOAKED MAN: Hmm. Tell me if you see him.
    If Yes...
    CLOAKED MAN: Tell me where and I'll give you this Red Jewel.
    +Tell location.
    +Laugh and lie.
    Choose 'Laugh and Lie'.
    MAN: Hey! Don't play jokes on an adult!!
    Choose 'Tell location'..
    DIALOGUE: Will tells where the laborer is hiding.
    MAN: Thank you, here's a present. Please accept it.
    [The result is that both man and slave from the locked house are gone.]
    CLOAKED MAN: Where did he go...
    MAN: No one can put on a show like I can. Have a look!
    [He breathes fire, but his hair is on fire as well.]
    MAN BLOCKING PATH: Children don't come here. Go home.
    LABORER: Soon we will be sent away...
    LABORER: I've tried not to think. The more I think, the empty I become...
    LABORER: I do not believe in the spirits. If there were spirits, things 
    like status wouldn't matter....
    MAN: Soon a great power will come from above... Then mankind will die out. 
    I don't know who made this prediction, but it's all a lie! I do this to
    WOMAN: A man working at the hotel was caught by a labor trader.
    MAN: There was nothing he could do about being found. He was the laborer
    who ran away yesterday. I should tell the labor traders. I was prepared for
    the worst when I did it.
    LABORER: Please! Don't tell! I don't care about myself, I just don't want
    to get him in trouble...
    MAN: When I think of myself in your position, I shudder. I have no time to 
    worry about what people think. It's hard enough just taking care of myself.
    MAN: These laborers are the same age as you. Remember. There are people 
    everywhere who live this way.
    CLOAKED MAN: Hey, boy! Kids can't come here! Go home! Go home! Or did you 
    come to get a laborer?
    If No...
    CLOAKED MAN: Go home! Go home!
    If Yes...
    CLOAKED MAN: I like your courage! I don't know what you'd do here, but have
    a look around.
    LABORER: I am Imas. I was brought here by boat from far-off Asia. We are a
    hunting tribe. When we're hungry we hunt for food. All of the animals here
    have fallen victim to an unknown disease...
    LABORER: I am Remus. Our game disappeared and we had nothing to eat. We had
    no choice but to become laborers. We didn't know whwere we would be taken
    or what would happen...
    LABORER: I am Sam. We were rescued last night by a man named Erik who was 
    working at the hotel. But we were caught by the labor traders... He's being
    held in a house on the corner of a back street in town. Please save him.
    MAN GUARDING PATH: This kid! Where did you come from?! Go home! Go home!
    [He tosses Will to the other side.]
    [Cloaked man sees Will and shuts the door quickly.]
    MAN'S VOICE: If you don't want to lose your lives, go home!!
    WILL: Is there a man called Erik there?
    MAN'S VOICE: I've never heard of such a name. Why do you ask?
    ERIK: Will? Is that Will's voice? Save me... BONK!
    MAN'S VOICE: Shhhh... Hey, boy, be quiet...!
    WILL: (I'll break down the door...)
    [Will slashes at the door with his flute.]
    ERIK: Impossible!  You've come to rescue me!! I didn't think you could
    break down the door! The man ran away, scared. I tried to sneak in the camp
    to rescue three laborer brothers. I was discovered, and now I'm like 
    this... The laborers were forced to work in the diamond mine. I'll tell you
    where. Please save them!
    DIALOGUE: Will learns the location of the mine!
    ERIK: It is good to be among friends again. If only I wasn't so sad. My
    tears have all been cried...
    [The three slaves are gone but there is one new one.]
    SLAVE: How can things like this happen?
    WILL: The Diamond Mine was as quiet as a tomb. A chill ran down Will's
    spine when he heard the screams from the back of the cave.
    [Read sign.]
    DIALOGUE: (Elevator Entrance) Use that door to get to the elevator.
    [Free one laborer.]
    LABORER: There are eight laborers including me forced to work in the mine.
    Please save us.
    [Laborer leaves.]
    [Free next laborer.]
    SLAVE: Thank you for saving me. As a reward, I'll tell you something. This
    mine has a secret room. Its entrance blends into the wall. But you can find
    it by watching for wind blowin through cracks in the wall. Of course, it 
    would blow fine hair like yours around. Then you'll understand.
    [Laborer leaves.]
    [After finding secret area.]
    LABORER: Thank you. I was buried in the cave-in... What would of happened 
    if we took longer... We want to give you a present. I'm sending 3 Red
    Jewels to the Jeweler.
    [Laborer leaves.]
    [After exposing hidden entrance.]
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. 
    Freedan's power - The Dark Friar can defeat enemies in places a sword can't
    reach. When you defeated all the enemies the road will open up.
    [After receving Freedan's Dark Friar.]
    GAIA: Dark Friar can now be used! The Dark Friar is the dark power that
    only the Dark Knight, Freedan, can use. Use the Aura Power to scorch a
    distant enemy. Use the Attack Button to save energy.
    [Free laborer.]
    LABORER: There are people who are forced to work deep in the Diamond Mine.
    Please use this key to save them.
    [Laborer leaves.]
    DIALOGUE: He tries using the elevator key. The key turns, making a strange
    LABORER: Thank you! I won't forget what you've done! Take this key.
    [Laborer leaves.]
    DIALOGUE: You have the key to the mine!
    [At the morgue.]
    DIALOGUE: You've got the elevator key!
    Captured Laborers
    IMAS: Cut the chain!
    [After freeing Imas]
    IMAS: Thank you. All living things in our home country have grown strange.
    People have turned into stone. Some are sick with unknown diseases...
    REMUS: Cut the chain!
    [Free Remus.]
    REMUS: Thank you. Our home village is across the ocean. If you could go 
    there, help the villagers to regain their strength.
    SAM: Cut the chain!
    [Free Sam.]
    SAM: Thank you. I heard from Erik your friend has lost his memory. Legend
    says that there is a song that brings back the past. Please let him hear
    DIALOGUE: Sam hums a strange melody.
    DIALOGUE: You've learned the Memory Melody!
    SAM: I need a favor... May I have the prison key and the Melody of the Wind
    as a souvenir of our meeting? I'm sure I'll never use it again.
    SAM: I'll never forget you!
    DIALOGUE: Will began playing the melody he remembered.
    [Will plays Memory Melody. The area becomes a space world.]
    LANCE: What is this place?
    KARA: Somehow I feel a little homesick...
    ERIK: I feel like I'm back in the womb....
    LILLY: Everything that's happened and the eople I've met are pouring into
    my head...
    LANCE: I was raised in the town of South Cape. When my father didn't come
    back from an expedition... The most important thing in my life was gone. I
    didn't know what to do.
    KARA: I couldn't stand my father using soldeirs to invade other countries.
    It's awful when someone loses their life. What had taken years to put
    together was destroyed in one moment.
    ERIK: I wonder if Seth is all right...?
    LILLY: People live on because they forget about unpleasant things.
    [Everything returns to normal. Lance blinks a few times and looks around.]
    LANCE: What? What have I been doing? What's happened to everyone?
    LILLY: Lance! Your memory is back!
    KARA: I was worried!
    ERIK: I wondered what would happened.
    LANCE: I guess everyon was worried. I'd take care of someone in the same 
    KARA: What's wrong? You're crying.
    LILLY: I've experienced much in my travels...
    ERIK: Well, there's an eccentric inventor in the woods ahead. Shall we go? 
    I think his name is Neil...
    WILL: Did you say Neil!!! That's the same name as my lost cousin!! My
    Neil, the inventor, flew in the sky in a thing called an airplane.
    DIALOGUE: So Will and his group went to the inventor's house.
    [Neil's working on something and there is a knock at the door.]
    NEIL: It's open, come in.
    WILL: Neil. It's me. Will from South Cape.
    [Will opens the door and Lance, Kara, and Lilly step in.]
    NEIL: Oh! Will! You've gotten strong! Are all of these people your friends?
    KARA: This person stinks...
    LILLY: What are you saying! You shouldn't take like that!! There's a 
    wonderful smell in this room, isn't there?
    NEIL: Hey, hey. Both of you talk pretty  harshly. When you're wrapped up in
    inventoring something, you don't care about your appearance. I don't think 
    the smell is not that bad. Not enough to hate me for it. I've only been 
    wearing these socks for a month.
    [Lance turns around.]
    LANCE: I've only had mine on for three weeks. I guess I lose!
    [Kara turns away.]
    KARA: I can't believe it! I don't want to breathe the same air as him!
    NEIL: I've heard enough about my socks. Make yourself at home. You're 
    Will's friends. Welcome.
    [Everyone goes onto their respective seats.]
    [If you try to leave.]
    NEIL: Will, where are you going in such a rush? Stay a while.
    KARA: I can't believe it! I don't want to breathe the same air as him!
    ERIK: Seth will be pleased when he sees this invention...
    LANCE: I've only had mine on for three weeks. I guess I lose!
    NEIL: It's been about two years since we last met, hasn't it? I've invented
    lots of things since then. The four inventions in this room are my best
    work. Have a look.
    [Examine the camera, a large odd box with a pair of lenses.]
    NEIL: That's acamera. It will burn a copy of a scene onto printing paper. 
    The problem is that it takes almost 30 minutes. Scenery doesn't move, but 
    to photograph a person means that they can't move for 30 minutes. When I
    used it, the eyes turned bright red like a rabbit's.
    [Examine wings.]
    NEIL: Those are airplane wings. It's part of a machine that will fulfill 
    man's dream of flying in the air like a bird. The body's oto big and you
    need a run away to take off, so it's hidden in the desert.
    [Examine tank.]
    NEIL: That's an oxygen tank. There's air inside. With this you can breathe 
    underwater, but there's only one minute's worth of air inside. Compressing 
    the air would let you stay underwater longer, but I don't know how to do
    [Examine telescope.]
    NEIL: That's a telescope. You can see stars as if they were in your hand. 
    [Talk to Neil]
    NEIL: Tell me why you came to see me. 
    DIALOGUE: Will tells Neil about hearing his father's voice, and visiting
    the world's ruins in his search to find the Mystic Statues.
    NEIL: Heh heh. Interesting. I, too, have some interest in ruins. The ruins 
    Will talked about are scattered over the world, but they have something in 
    common. Drawing a line among the ruins makes a shape that looks like the 
    constellation of Cygnus.
    [Kara steps over.]
    KARA: Cygnus?!
    NEIL: That's the Tower of Bebel, where Will's father got lost. It's in the 
    middle of the ground painting of the big white bird.
    [Lilly steps up.]
    LILLY: There's a new red star below the constellation of Cygnus.
    NEIL: That's right! You know a lot! ! The red star in Cygnus, Will's 
    interest in ruins. Different elements are bound together organically... I
    don't know if it's by coincidence or by design, but something is going to
    happen. Fortunately, the Nazca ground paintings are a week's east of here.
    If 'No'.
    NEIL: Don't say that. Actually, I want to go.
    If 'Yes'.
    NEIL: Good! It's settled!
    [Lance steps up.]
    LANCE: We're going, too! We don't want Will to be the only one having a
    good time.
    DIALOGUE: The group went to the Nazca Desert...
    NEIL: It was a long way, but you did a good job. This is the most famous of
    the ground paintings-- theCondor. Have you ever heard of it? No one knows
    why ancient people draw pictures like this Whenever I come here I'm
    overwhelmed by the grand scale. You should go see it for yourself.
    [Everyone spreads out. Erik stays with Neil, Kara goes alone while Lance 
    and Lilly travel together. While everyone are still moving...]
    KARA: It must be great to paint such a huge painting on the natural canvas.
    LANCE: Up until now all I've done is go to school, study, and  play.  
    Sometimes I wonder if my being here isn't a dream...
    LILLY: The ancients were amazing. I wonder why they made this...
    NEIL: Ha ha ha. Don't be in such a hurry. Wait for everyone else.
    ERIK: It's scary... I'll stay with Neil.
    [After spots are chosen.]
    KARA: When you look at it this way, it's like the white lines at an
    atheletic event. Maybe the ancient Nazca people ran the 100 yard dash here.
    [While Lilly and Lance examine a rock.]
    LILLY: Doesn't there seem to be a pattern the way the rocks are scattered 
    [Kara examining a rock.]
    KARA: This is the Condor's stomach. If you dig here, you might find eggs. 
    It's a joke (laughs). Don't be so serious.
    [Will sees a Moon Tribe-like spirit and chases it.]
    SPIRIT: Ku ku ku...
    [Try to leave.]
    WILL: Nazca is huge, so don't go too far...
    [Everyone is grouped back.]
    ERIK: What's going to happen? It's exciting!
    LILLY: The ancients were amazing. I wonder why they made this...
    NEIL: We'll talk about it when everyone comes back. The Mystic Statue that 
    Will spoke of is somewhere on this plain?
    ERIK: I thought I'd seen these paintings before, but doesn't this Condor
    look like Cygnus?
    NEIL: Of course! I hadn't noticed!! When we look at it, we see Cygnus, but 
    the ancient people probably just saw a condor...
    LILLY: Aaaah! I've got it!!!
    [Lilly approaches the rock.]
    LILLY: Look! Look where the rocks are on the ground! They're posiitoned 
    like the stars in the constellation of Cygnus!
    NEIL: Of course! Cygnus as nine stars and there are nine stones...
    WILL: Where has the red star that appeared recently?
    +Condor's Head
    +Condor's Right Foot
    +Condor's Left Foot
    +Condor's Tail
    Any answer but the Left Foot.
    WILL: I would think it would be at the bottom. 
    If Condor's Left Foot...
    WILL: Of course! At te joint of its left foot!
    NEIL: Let's check the left foot! 
    [Everyone heads towards the left foot.]
    KARA: What an exciting experience...
    ERIK: What's going to happen... It's exciting!
    LILLY: A riddle in a constellation. Kind of romantic.
    LANCE: We're working on a puzzle that explorers and archeologists have
    never solved...
    NEIL: Not bad! It's as exciting as inventing something!
    [Will examines the center.]
    DIALOGUE: There's a tile buried in the sand... When Will's Flute touched
    it, there was rumbling sound!
    [Everything blackens.]
    ERIK: Hey! Something huge is coming down!!
    [Will vanishes and then Lilly and Kara search around.]
    KARA: Will! Will! Wi-i-i-i-i-i-l-l-l-l!
    [Fade to black..]
    [Will finds himself in the Sky Garden.]
    WILL: There's a garden floating in the sky over Nazca... On the ground,
    Neil and my friends look like tiny ants going back and forth. Could the
    paintings be an airport for the Sky Garden?
    MOON TRIBE: We meet agian. Ku ku ku. You're a strong boy to have come this 
    MOON TRIBE: This Sky Garden is our mode of transporation. There are four 
    Crystal Balls in the four locations. Find each one in clockwise order...
    MOON TRIBE: Drop off the cliff at the front and back to find the up-side
    down world...
    [After defeating Viper]
    DIALOGUE: You ahve defeated the, huge demon! Look! A Mystic Statue!!
    [Get Mystic Statue.]
    DIALOGUE: A strange noise fills the air around you. From out of nowhere, 
    you hear Neil's voice! 
    NEIL: Will! You're falling to the ground!!!! Grab the airplane, and we'll
    fly out of here!
    [Will leaps off of the platform, and Will dives towards the plane. However,
    the plane moves past Will as he falls.]
    NEIL: Shoot!! I dropped a contact!!
    KARA: You what!!! Idiot! Will is doomed for sure now!
    LANCE: Neil! It's still a little ways to the ground! Try again!
    NEIL: Okay! I'll get him this time!!
    [As Will continues to fall, he is caught at the roof of the plane. And then
    the plane travels.]
    NEIL: That was a close one!
    KARA: Sob... sob...
    ERIK: Sniff... sniff...
    LANCE: Don't cry. Will's been saved.
    LILLY: Neil, you were great. This invention saved Will's life!
    NEIL: Ha ha! Don't flatter me! We should try and locate the next ruins. I
    expect the shape of Cygnus is the same as the shape of Mu.
    [Plane moves on.]
    NEIL: Well, to the ocean! Mu lies somewhere in this ocean.
    [Plane travels until it has an unexpected crash. It results in everyone 
    parachuting down save for Lilly, who's a dandelion.]
    WILL: We got out of the airplane in the nick of time... Neil's a good 
    inventor, but it seems there's always something missing in his 
    inventions..... I guess nobody's perfect, including Neil.
    [Will wakes up in a palace.]
    DIALOGUE: The next thing he knew, Will was standing in ahuge palace.
    WILL: I couldn't remember everything since my water landing... Is 
    everyone safe?
    [If you strike the skeletons.]
    WILL: That's odd. Even if I touch it no damage occurs...
    [You go to the right side.]
    WILL: What? A sign of life from the right-handed room...
    [See a transluscent Kara.]
    KARA: Will... Where... Where is it...??
    [Go down the stairs.]
    WILL: What? I can hear a soft voice from somewhere...
    STRANGE VOICE: This is the Palace of Vampires... The fountain in this 
    palace produces demons continuously...
    WILL: What? I can hear a soft voice from somewhere...
    STRANGE VOICE: In the basement of the castle is a strange fountain. The
    stone is there... Hurry! Hurry!
    WILL: What? A sign of life from the left-handed room...
    [Translucent Erik.]
    ERIK: What is this place? Dark and lonely. Mother, save me...
    [One room, you meet Lilly face to face.]
    LILLY: Waaaaah!
    [Lilly leaps back.]
    LILLY: Hey... You scared me!! I practically had a heart attack!!
    [Lilly walks towards Will.]
    LILLY: I saw Erik in the other room, but something's strange. His body 
    is half-transparent. I can see through it. And he seems to be unconscious,
    as if his spirit is lost... Let's stick together. We don't know what will
    [Lilly turns into a dandelion.]
    LILLY: I'll borrow Will's pocket for a while.
    LILLY: Well, let's go.
    WILL: What? I can hear a soft voice from somewhere...
    STRANGE VOICE: Purification Stone... in the castle...
    [At the coffins.]
    WILL: I can't seem to open the lid...
    DIALOGUE: Lilly speaks from his pocket.
    LILLY: Wait a minute. Isn't there a hole in the coffin? I could get in 
    through the hole. I better have a look.
    [Lilly enters the hole.]
    LILLY: Strange... There's a key fasten inside the coffin. No wonder it 
    wouldn't open.
    [Lilly enters pocket.]
    DIALOGUE: Lilly speaks from his pocket.
    LILLY: Isn't there a hole in the coffin? I could get in through the hole.
    I better have a look.
    [Lilly enters the hole and opens the coffin.]
    LILLY: I found a strange stone inside this coffin.
    DIALOGUE: You've found the Purification Stone!
    [Lilly enters pocket again.]
    [Transparent Neil and Lance.]
    NEIL: Uhhhn. Uhhhn.
    LANCE: Uhhhn. Uhhhn.
    LILLY: What!! It's a strange fountain... Could there be a connection
    between this and the rock...?
    DIALOGUE: He raises the Purifcation Stone. The stone began to glow, then 
    disappeared into the spring.
    [Stone enters and purifies the water.]
    MAN: Saved!! Thank you!! I was brought into this place from Freejia and 
    changed into a demon...
    DIALOGUE: Lilly speaks from his pocket.
    LILLY: What?! All of the demons we saw before were human beings...?
    WOMAN: I know now what it feels like to be close to death. Death is 
    terrifying! I wonder if the animals we eat feel the same way I felt before 
    CLOAKED MAN: We were labor traders, arrested for the crime of buying and 
    selling human beings... But the party officials sold us to a vampire! I 
    can't believe it...
    MAN: Well, well. This is the result of being tempted by a beautiful 
    WOMAN: A nice guy asked me to follow him... I don't trust men!
    CLOAKED MAN: THe man sleeping in this coffin is surely a vampire. They're 
    plotting something...
    MAN: A vampire couple lives in the coffins. They bring people here, turn
    them into demons, and use them for labor.
    WOMAN: This palace is connected to the land of Mu. The vampires are 
    looking for something there...
    CLOAKED MAN: We were almost changed into demons. I'm afraid of what might 
    have happened if you had come later...
    WOMAN: I overheard the vampires say something like the Mystic Statue can be
    found in Mu.
    MAN: I stole a key from the vampire woman. Here, take it.
    DIALOGUE: You received the key to the Seaside Palace!
    CLOAKED MAN: On the top floor of the palace is a passage leading to Mu.
    WOMAN: Maybe we can seize the paalce and live there together...
    MAN: What will we do now, deserted in the middle of the ocean...
    [At locked door.]
    DIALOGUE: He tries using the key to the Seaside Palace. The key turns,
    making a strange sound. 
    DIALOGUE: Lilly spoke from his pocket.
    LILLY: The phantom land of Mu lies ahead.
    DIALOGUE: Lilly spoke from his pocket.
    LILLY: A passageway... I wonder if it goes clear to Mu?
    WILL: Lilly and I set foot on Mu. They will probably welcome us after
    waking from a sleep of thousands of years...
    [After passing through the two pointed statues and finding nothing.]
    DIALOGUE: Lilly speaks from his pocket.
    LILLY: Will. I've been thinking... It appears as if the treasure chest is
    in the exact spot where the line of vision between both the statue cross. I
    wonder if this suppose to mean something? Maybe not?
    [First puzzle.]
    DIALOGUE: You've found the Statue of Hope! The Statue of Hope... Was there
    a room with the same name...?
    DIALOGUE: He raises the Statue of Hope. A strange whisper is heard from 
    [The room grows dark and flames appear in a half circular motion. Four 
    floaters(cloaked men) appear.]
    FLOATERS: The Sun god... Rama... The Ocean holds a power...
    [They all fade away and the room becomes normal.]
    [Exit the Temple]
    LILLY: Ah! There's less water than before! it looks like we can now
    explore new areas.
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. When
    you started this journey, Mu began to rise from the sea. Sea water still
    covers land in many places on the continent. When the water is gone you
    will discover the location of Rama, King of Mu.
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. Will's 
    power is the Psycho Slider. Pass through narrow corridors using this power.
    Be careful not to overlook the cracks in the cliff.
    [After receiving Psycho Slider.]
    DIALOGUE: Psycho Slider can now be used!
    GAIA: Only young Will can use the Psycho Slider. You can now use the 
    Sliding attack to pass through small passage ways. Push the Attack Button
    while running.
    [Find the second Statue of Hope.]
    DIALOGUE: You've found the Statue of Hope! The Statue of Hope... Was there
    a room with the same name...?
    DIALOGUE: He raises the Statue of Hope. A strange whisper is heard from 
    [The room grows dark and flames appear in a half circular motion. Four 
    floaters(cloaked men) appear.]
    FLOATERS: The Sun god... Rama... The Ocean holds a power...
    [They all fade away and the room becomes normal.]
    [After finding both Rama's Statues.]
    DIALOGUE: He raises the Rama Statue.
    [Appear in the next room.]
    WILL: This looks like an ancient burial ground for the people of Mu.
    [Talking to the main, large statue.]
    STATUE: I am Rama, King of Mu. My body passed on long ago, but my spirit 
    lives on. If you look closely, you can probably see wandering spirits.
    [The spirits appear.]
    SPIRIT: Once a single ray of light came from the sky. People thought it was
    the light of the spirits.
    SPIRIT: One year after that our bodies began to change. One got very thin,
    one turned into stone, one's body melted like water...
    SPIRIT: Family and friends turned into monstersbefore our eyes. We fought 
    back the tears...
    SPIRIT: Some couldn't take it, and thought we should flee from here. But Mu
    is an island. We didn't know we'd find another place to live... There were
    no materials for a boat. It would sink if made of stone...
    SPIRIT: Many saw no point in living if this thing continued...
    SPIRIT: They started building an undersea tunnel. They dug on, not knowing
    how long it would take...
    KING RAMA: The underewater tunnel dug by man is inside. Please take this 
    Mystic Statue.
    [Will receives the third statue.]
    [Next room, Will will find Erik tied up with a huge bomb behind him.]
    ERIK: Heeeeelp!! Someone save me! !
    [Two vampires arrive, one male and the other female. Jack and Silvana, to 
    be exact.]
    VAMPIRE: You've found the Mystic Statue! I thought that guy who came to 
    the palace was strange.... We were right to let him go.
    VAMPIRESS: What are you saying? You were drooling when he was here! You're
    always like that when young ones come! All you ever do is think about food!
    VAMPIRE: So do you!! Wait. This is not the time or place for an argument. 
    First, let's get that Mystic Statue! Get ready!!!
    [If you kill Silvana first....]
    VAMPIRE:  You! You did that to my wife! I'll never forgive you!!
    [If you kill Jack first...]
    VAMPIRESS: I'm glad he's gone. It's your turn next!! Get ready!
    [If ticker hits 0 before the vampires are defeated. Will will die.]
    [After defeating vampires. Will goes to Erik's bomb.]
    ERIK: First, defuse the bomb! Hurry! Hurry!
    [If counter hits zero. Keep in mind, this is after the vampires are 
    ERIK: .............. It was a dud. I'm saved...
    WILL: There's a red wire and a bloue wire sticking out at the bomb...
    Cut which one?
    If 'Red'.
    WILL: The red wire is cut!
    If 'Blue'.
    WILL: The blue wire is cut!
    Either answer...
    [Counter fades.]
    WILL: The bomb has been defused...
    ERIK: Saved...
    DIALOGUE: Lilly speaks from his pocket.
    LILLY: Sorry, Will... There was nothing I could do... My legs gave out
    from fear. I couldn't move or make a sound. Up to now I thought I was
    strong, but in a crisis... .............. Sorry for staying in your pocket
    for so long.
    ERIK: Once again Will has saved me...
    [When Will gets ready to leave, he runs into Neil, Kara, and Lance.]
    NEIL: Will! Are you OK?!
    LANCE: WIll! I don't see Lilly. Has something happened?
    LILLY: I'm here.
    [Lilly comes out of Will's pocket and transforms back to normal.]
    LILLY: Sorry I worried you. WIll was protecting me, so I was OK.
    [Kara looks away.]
    NEIL: Well, Will seems to have really grown up.
    [As Erik comes back untied.]
    KARA: It doesn't matter! Let's think about how to leave Mu!
    LILLY: That's good. We heard some things from someone called Rama.
    DIALOGUE: Will told everyone aobut Mu and the people who came through the
    underwater tunnel...
    KARA: It's such a sad story... separated from those with whom they lived. 
    Others remaining under water...
    NEIL: If we go through the tunnel, maybe we can reach the mainland.
    LANCE: Good idea! Let's get out of here!
    [Everything goes blank and they all appear in the Seaside Tunnel.]
    WILL: Five days have passed since we entered the tunnel. The same scenery 
    goes on and on. It's hard to keep track of time...
    NEIL: Let's rest here today.
    ERIK: I'm so tired. I must have walked 500 miles today.
    LANCE: This is crazy! Having to walk so far!
    KARA: Enough!! You've been tired ever since we started this trip.
    LILLY: Lance's right, Kara I think all of us feel the same way! Let's eat,
    I'm hungry.
    [Everyone spread out. Lance and Neil are chatting and Kara and Lilly are 
    chatting. Erik's just alone, possibly using the bathroom.]
    ERIK: Hey, don't look!
    LANCE: I wonder how far this tunnel goes...
    NEIL: Thousands of years ago people walked through this tunnel. Somehow I
    think of the distant past, I feel so insignificant.
    LILLY: People are strange... I am afraid the longer we travel in this
    tunnel, the easier it will be to forget why we are here. Maybe all ancient
    people were that way.
    KARA: I want a steak! And a salad! My skin has gone dry from eating weird 
    [Approaching the mushroom, Will grabs it.]
    WILL: These mushrooms grow all over the tunnel. It's our only food. 
    Yesterday baked mushroom. The day before, boiled mushroom. Before that,
    raw. Awfully tasteless... We can't ask too much. I'll do it to live. We 
    have to eat...
    [Kara turns around.]
    KARA: Oh, no! Will found more mushrooms...
    LILLY: It's better than starving. Well, let's eat.
    [Everyone crowd together to eat.]
    WILL: In this way, another day passed slowly...
    [Next scene.]
    WILL: Eighth day in the tunnel. Unable to sleep, I stared at an underground
    [Lilly approaches.]
    LILLY: Can't sleep?
    [Will looks at Lilly.]
    WILL: No. I'm looking for mushrooms, just kidding.
    LILLY: Will. Y ou've changed during this journey. Somehow you've grown up.
    WILL: I don't understand it myself,but.... I can use some strange power,
    and my body has changed to the body of a warrior. The change seems to have
    started when my father went to the Tower of Babel. I'm just starting to 
    understand that power. Why did you join this dangerous expedition?
    LILLY: At first it was just for fun. But now it's a secret. Heh heh. We 
    will walk all day again tomorrow... Let's get some sleep...
    [Next scene.]
    WILL: Two weeks since entering the tunnel. Still no end to sight.
    KARA: Last night when I was sleeping I heard an odd sound from above.
    LANCE: Kara is very concerned about that sound... I'm too tired to do 
    [Weird sounds.]
    KARA: Wait. I hear it again!! What is that sound...?
    [Vibration and banging noises.]
    ERIK: Maybe it's Riverson...?
    KARA: Oh, no! We're got to run!!
    LILLY: Run? Run where?!
    [Weird noises.]
    NEIL: Quiet, everyone! This vibrating sound... It's Morse Code... It's a
    signal ships use to talk to each other. The length of the sound indicates
    letters. Let's see if I can decode it... Wait...
    [As Neil decodes the the signal. It reveals to be...]
    SETH: This is Seth...
    LANCE: Seth?!!
    LILLY: Shh. Quiet! Neil continues.
    SETH: I was swallowed by Riverson... When I came to, the form of my body 
    had changed to Riverson's. This Riverson is a creature who lives in the 
    ocean. I don't know if it's human or not. He said that evolution is being
    affected by the light of a comet. I wanted to continue the journey with 
    you, but not in this body. you must figure out this riddle of the comet and
    the ruins...
    NEIL: I don't hear anything now...
    KARA: Seth.... I'm scared.....
    LANCE: This guy must have studied Morse code. Seth, too, did a good thing. 
    ERIK: But Seth didn't have a human form!!
    NEIL: No, Erik. Don't jump to conclusions. Only humans think that human
    shape is the best one. Well, cheer up. Let's go!
    [They arrived to a strange land.]
    NEIL: We're here at least. We've walked through the tunnel for almost a 
    LANCE: Look, a sign.
    [Lance approaches the sign.]
    LANCE: What? Angel Tribe? Travelers, please use this room?
    NEIL: Angels living in a place like this?
    NEIL: They say angels don't like meeting with people. First we can rest in
    that room...
    [Neil and Erik begin to move out.]
    LILLY: Will, let's go.
    KARA: What! Will! Come with me! What are you grinning about? I'll explore
    this place myself. Don't try to follow me!
    [Kara leaves quickly. Lilly watches Kara leave.]
    LILLY: Why are you so grouchy...
    LANCE: Maybe she's just tired.  Let her be for now.
    [Everyone leaves, but Lilly leaves with style as she transforms into a 
    dandelion and leaves for the guest room.]
    [Examine sign.]
    DIALOGUE: Travelers, please use this room.
    			Angel Tribe
    Guest Room
    LANCE: Will. I want to talk to you about something. It's hard to talk
    about, but I seem to have fallen in love with Lilly... I dream only of
    her... I want her to notice me. It's not like me, is it?
    +Not True
    If 'Right'.
    WILL: I didn't think I'd ever hear you say a thing like that. But 
    you've spent a lot of time together. It seems only natural.
    If 'Not True'.
    WILL: But you've spent a lot of time together. It seems only natural.
    LANCE: Soon it will be Lilly's 15th birthday. I want to give her
    a present and tell her how I feel. What would you give her?
    + A bouquet of flowers
    + A pretty necklace
    + A sweet kiss
    If you choose 'A sweet kiss'.
    WILL: That's the only thing she'd like, right?
    LANCE: It  might be too sudden, but if you think it's OK, I'll try it. 
    If you choose 'A bouquet of flowers'.
    WILL: Any woman would like a bouquet of flowers.
    LANCE: I know, I'll send a bouquet of rose buds to show my love.
    If you choose 'A pretty necklace'.
    WILL: Of course, something she'd wear would be nice. When she sees it, 
    she'll think of you.
    LANCE: Of course, I'll find stones and make a necklace.
    LANCE: Thanks for the advice. I'll think about it. It's good to have
    LILLY: Why do angels live in such a dark place? Feels so gloomy.
    ERIK: The sun is really bright. I never noticed that before.
    NEIL: I think the Angels are descendants of the Mu people.
    [Examine sign at right side of top.]
    DIALOGUE: Angel Village Entrance
    [Going inside the cave, there are a lot of blond haired men and women 
    in grey robes.]
    MAN: This is the Angel Village; If our bodies are exposed to the sun for 
    long, we'll perish.
    WOMAN: It is said that we are the form which humans evolve.
    MAN: I don't know when we started living here. But when I look at the
    ocean, my heart aches.
    WOMAN: We have no emotions... I've neither laughed nor cried since the day
    I was born. I just survive...
    COUPLE MAN: This is the Angel Village; If our bodies are exposed to the sun
    for long, we'll perish.
    COUPLE WOMAN: It is said that we are the form which humans evolve.
    WOMAN: Once a human woman named Kara came here. Ishtar praised her beauty. 
    Then she went to his studio.
    WOMAN: I'll show you the way to the studio. Remember it. Go with the wind.
    If you look at the way the torch flame bends, you'll understand. Down the
    dark street, through where the wind blows, to where you can hear the
    waterfall. Then look for the place where the sound of the waterfall is
    loud. Ishtar's studio is in front. Be careful.
    [Two couple are dancing and one woman is all alone. There are four
    paintings of women and three harp players.]
    MAN: This is the Angel Village; If our bodies are exposed to the
    sun for long, we'll perish.
    DANCING MAN: People here love to dance.
    DANCING WOMAN: I dane to remember what it feels like to be human. 
    DANCING MAN: The picture on that wall was painted by Ishtar. But the
    model in the painting was lost.
    DANCING WOMAN:  We are expressionless, but Ishtar painted us with faces 
    overflowing with human kindness. After that, people wanted to be painted 
    flocked here.
    DANCING LONE WOMAN: I used to dance with the person in that picture.
    WOMAN PLAYING HARP: Music is the best medicine for the soul. The right song
    will cure any disease.
    MAN: I am a sculptor. I plan to make 1000 statues in my life time...
    [Examine woman who is in the sunlight.]
    WILL: She appears to be sleeping. It's like the spirit's drawn out.
    MAN: Do you know the painter, Ishtar?
    If 'No'
    MAN: You should speak with everyone.
    If 'Yes'
    MAN: Ishtar's studio is on the other side of this door. But in front, 
    creatures with hate in their hearts are waiting. If you must go, you can 
    open the door.
    [Examine a cracked wall.]
    WILL: The wind blows through a crack in the wall. I found a hidden pass!
    [Entrance exposes.]
    [If you slide through the entrance and you try to leave it again.]
    WILL: The entrance is too small!
    [At the loud sound.]
    WILL: The wind blows through the crackin the wall. I found a hidden pass!
    [Examine picture of Kara]
    WILL: Kara's picture. She is contained inside it....
    ISHTAR: I wonder if you're here to get Kara. Go into this room. If you
    solve all of the riddles, I'll give back the girl.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Learn well the condition of that room. 
    When you've learned it, leave the room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. The door is already open. There's no 
    need to open it.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Show how it's different from the room 
    If you get it wrong..
    DIALOGUE: How are your powers of observation? Now your trip will get more 
    difficult! Try again!!
    [Point at the jar.]
    DIALOGUE: Right answer! The jar has changed color! Good! Go on to the next 
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Learn well the condition of that room. 
    When you've learned it, leave the room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Show how it's different from the room 
    [Point at the jar.]
    DIALOGUE: Right answer! Good! Go on to the next room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Learn well the condition of that room. 
    When you've learned it, leave the room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Show how it's different from the room 
    [Point at the chest.]
    DIALOGUE:  Right answer! How have the contents of the Jewel Box changed? 
    Good. Go on to the next room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Learn well the condition of that room. 
    When you've learned it, leave the room.
    DIALOGUE: Ishtar's voice resounds. Show how it's different from the room 
    [Point at the hair.]
    DIALOGUE:  Right answer! The wind blew your hair around. You have passed my
    test well. You may return.
    ISHTAR: I have been waiting for you. Sprinkle magic powder on the painting,
    and give it a kiss. If you care about her deeply, something will happen.
    You'll see. I painted a self-portrait. Soon I will become the painting...
    You must take care of her...
    ISHTAR: ............
    DIALOGUE: You found Magic Dust!
    [Back at the painting]
    DIALOGUE: He tries using the Magic Powder. He spreads Magic Powder on 
    Kara's picture!
    WILL: Kara - please return to your original form....
    DIALOGUE: Will gently kisses the picture of Kara...
    [The picture is gone and Kara enters the room.]
    KARA: Will.... Sorry for being so selfish.
    WILL: Kara!! You make me so mad!!  You are not the only person on this 
    KARA: ..........
    [Kara runs to Will, holding onto him.]
    KARA: Whaaaaaah! Sob.... Sniff.... I... Sob... I don't know what I'm
    doing myself... Sob... When I was in the castle.... I could have anything
    I wanted... But I was a completely different person before this trip...
    WILL: Naturally! It's a mistake to think you can control everything!!
    KARA: No! When I'm far away, I feel close to it. When I'm close, I feel
    far away. I realize that now... It's all right if you don't understand...
    I will never forget what happened today.
    [Next scene, everyone meets together.]
    NEIL: Kara! I was worried!
    LILLY: Why are you always running aorund alone?! Didn't you think about 
    the rest of us?
    KARA: Will already yelled at me about that. My apologizes to everyone!
    NEIL: SHe understands now. We should forgive her. I think the Floating 
    City is about three days south of here. I think we should all go there 
    right away. Tell me when you're ready.
    KARA: In the Floating City, many houses are built on rafts. Kind of 
    romantic. I like it.
    LANCE: Lilly will have her birthday while we're in the Floating City...
    LILLY: Kara looks a little strange... Has something happened to Kara? My
    intuition is usually good.
    ERIK: I think I saw a Red Jewel in the Angel Village.
    NEIL: Can we go now?
    +Wait a minute
    If you choose 'Wait a minute'.
    NEIL: There's no hurry. Take your time.
    If 'Yes'.
    NEIL: I think it's very hot in the Floating City. Everyone be careful not
    to get a heat stroke.
    WILL: We went to the Water City, Watermia. A beautiful town with houses
    built on rafts. The townspeople have kindly put us up at the house of 
    young Luke. 
    [At Luke's house.]
    WILL: This is Luke's house. He's a loveable young fisherman. 
    LUKE: I am going on a long fishing voyage. You can use my house while I'm 
    KARA: Watermia is very pretty, but I've heard a terrible rumor. They play 
    games with human lives... Freejia was the same way, but beautiful. Things 
    always have another side to them...
    NEIL: The house on this raft gives me an idea for a new invention.
    ERIK: Heh heh. I've found something good. Go outside and look behind the 
    house. I feel a little guilty, but ...
    LILLY: I heard that Lance saw someone he knew in town. I guess he went to 
    look for him.
    LUKE: Take care of my house. Make yourself at home while I'm gone.
    WILL: Kara's diary is secret. Read it?
    If 'No'.
    WILL: OK. You'd feel guilty reading it without permission...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIARY: X Month X Day
    After a long journey we arrive in the Floating City Watermia. I was 
    parched after the journey. Blisters on my feet, but I wrapped them in my 
    handkerchief. Before, I would of complained, but I didn't say anything. I 
    think I changed a little. I am pleased that I can be so concerned with 
    someone else. I heard a saying from a villager. "If you wish over a lotus
    leaf on a full moon night, your love might notice you." A good saying. 
    Maybe I'll try it...
    KRUK: Kyaaah!!... kyaah!!...
    SABAS: My father's an explorer. Soon he will find the Gold Ship and come 
    NANA: We haven't heard from our father since his last letter six months 
    ago... I hope he's OK...
    FISHERMAN: A crazy old man came here two years ago. he just talked about
    the Tower of Babel.
    CHILD: I was bitten by a snake when I went to the Great Wall of China...
    Once the snakes around here bite you, they don't let go!
    CHILD: If you're bitten by a snake, you should run around like crazy and 
    he'll let go.
    MAN: I heard that a huge centipede called a Sand Fanger lives in the Great
    Wall of China. They say fluid from it's body can cure anything. Chinese
    medicine has many strange things, but drinking an insect's body fluids...
    CHILD: I'll tell you something. Wait on the right side behind the gambling
    house. A lotus leaf will come.
    WOMAN: This is Watermia. The houses are built on rafts. We like to move
    MAN: This is Watermia. The houses are built on rafts. We like to move
    CHILD: We drink this water, cook with it, wash with it.
    GIRL: Water never stays in the same place. It's always moving and
    cleansing itself. We want to live like the water.
    MAN: This animal is called a Kruk. It's good for crossing the desert. I
    can live without food or water for a long time.
    MAN: This is a gambling house. A child would have to be very poor to come
    to this place.
    MAN: On full moon nights they play Russian Glass, the most dangerous game
    you can play. But you're still young. I wouldn't think you'd throw away
    your life.
    MAN: Life is like a gamble. Make one mistake, and you're on the road to
    ruin. People do that unconsciously.
    WOMAN: As you can see, it's a drinking contest. They bet on who will win.
    WOMAN: Human life is not such a simple thing. You shouldn't waste your life
    on gambling.
    MAN: If you need a lot of money, go on the raft outside of this building.
    MAN: Betting small money won't make you big money. Of course, if you want
    to risk your life, you can make a fortune.
    MAN: Uhnn...
    MAN: You can still do it!!
    WOMAN: Soon the baby will be born. Our family goes about their jobs in
    high spirits.
    MAN: Cough, cough. I seem to have caught a little cold.
    MAN: There is an old man in the town who's a little bit crazy. He was
    with the explorer, Olman, on his expidition to the Tower of Babel.
    WOMAN: The crazy old man has grey ahir, but they say he's still young.
    Maybe something bad happened to him.
    LANCE: Will, do you recognize this person? He's my father.
    LANCE'S FATHER: I went on an expedition with Olman. It was scary, but fun.
    LANCE: He seems to have lost his memory. I finally met my lost father, 
    [When you leave.]
    LANCE: Will, wait. I'll go, too. I'm preparing Lilly's birthday party. I
    want to finish by dark. Let's go to our room.
    [Lance leaves.]
    LANCE: Let's have Lilly's birthday while we're all together.	
    [Lilly looks around.]
    LILLY: What? Everybody remembered my birthday?
    ERIK: You didn't expect it? Everyone kept it a secret to surprise you.
    NEIL: Hey Kara. Bring that.
    [Kara pulls out the birthday cake from the shelf.]
    KARA: Yes. Birthday cake! Neil made it.
    NEIL: Ha ha ha. My first cake. It was harder than building an airplane.
    LILLY: Thank you, everyone . . . I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
    DIALOGUE: So began Lilly's little birthday party. The end of the party...
    LANCE: Ah, Lilly. can I talk to you for a minute? I'll wait outside.
    [Lance leaves.]
    LILLY: Huh? I wonder what?
    [Lilly leaves, but stops.]
    LILLY: Excuse me everyone. I'll be right back..
    [Lilly leaves. Both Lance and Lilly are outside by the edge.]
    LILLY: What? You're not yourself. Relax.
    LANCE: You're right. I'm not myself right now. This is your birthday
    present. I hope you like it.
    LILLY: Oh, Lance! A bouquet of roses! Rose buds. They'll open up into
    [Lilly takes the bouquet.]
    LILLY: They smell wonderful... Thank you. They're beautiful...
    LANCE: I have another present. Something that I want to tell you...
    LILLY: What?
    [Lance turns away.]
    LANCE:  Yes, the words are harder to say than a tongue twister.
    [Lance turns towards Lilly.]
    LANCE: Lilly... I love you...
    LANCE: You don't have to answer right away... But, I wanted to tell you
    how I feel...
    [Lilly turns into a dandelion and runs off.]
    LANCE: Lilly! Wait!
    [Lance moves towards the plank, but she's gone.]
    WILL: We had no idea what had happened. That day, Lilly didn't come back
    to her room.
    [Next day.]
    WILL: So in the morning... When I awoke, Lance had disappeared...
    KARA: What happened to Lance and Lilly? I'm worried.
    [Find Lance's letter.]
    DIALOGUE: He opened Lance's letter.
    LANCE: I'm going to the Great Wall of China. I intended to keep it a 
    secret, but I told Will just in case... I'm putting this letter in his
    luggage, but he probably won't notice. The townspeople say there's some
    kind of cure for my father at the Great Wall. It's a long journey, but I'd
    go anywhere if it would help him. Don't worry about me... 
    P.S.: By the way, Lilly has left me.
    WILL:  I followed Lance's trail to the Great Wall. A corridor stretched to
    the distant horizon.
    WILL: A small stone falls. Ha! This is part of the necklace Lance made for
    Lilly! I picked up the stones. (2x)
    [When you leave to the next area.]
    VOICE: Wait!
    [It reveals to be Lilly as a dandelion]
    LILLY: Are you looking for Lance? I'll go with you!
    [Lilly goes inside Will's pocket.]
    LILLY: Ha ha! It's been a long time since I borrowed Will's pocket. Well,
    let's go.
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice.  Will's
    power is the Spin Dash. Use this to climb hills and jump. There are many  
    hills at the Great Wall of China. Try everything.
    DIALOGUE: Spin Dash can now be used!
    GAIA: Only young Will can use the Spin Dash. Spin your body to send enemies
    flying and use the recoil to climb hills. use the Attack and LR Buttons for
    [After defeating the Sand Fanger.]
    DIALOGUE: You've defeated the Sand Fanger! Look!  A Mystic Statue!
    [You receive fourth Mystic Statue.]
    [When you find Lance, Lilly comes out of Will's pocket to scold Lance.]
    LILLY: You're crazy! I'vebeen worried sick! What if you'd been attacked!
    LANCE: Sorry to have worried you.But I got some medicine to cure my father.
    LANCE: Oh. That stone . . .
    WILL: If you follow the stone chips, the trail leads here. I'll give them 
    back to you.
    DIALOGUE: Lance whispers...
    LANCE: Will... will you take care of Lilly for me?
    LILLY: Already? You're selfish....
    [When Will leaves.]
    LANCE: I was saved thanks to these stones... This was the necklace I made
    for you.
    [Lance hands Lilly the necklace.]
    LANCE: There aren't many necklace stones left. Will you take them?
    DIALOGUE: Lance, fixing the necklace, puts it around her neck.
    [Lilly takes a step back and turns into a dandelion, as if she's preparing
    to run away -again-.]
    LANCE: Aaah...
    LILLY: I won't run this time. This happened so suddenly, I didn't know what
    to do... I don't want to show my face now. I'm crying from happiness...
    LILLY: I always felt that there was something different about you. Now I 
    feel I know what the differnce is. I want to give you an answer...
    [Lilly returns to normal.]
    LILLY: I love you, too. I want to be with you forever...
    LANCE: Wow!! I've never felt this way before! It's like a million summer 
    LILLY: (Sob). I feel the same way. Let's go back to the village. I'm sure 
    everyone's worried.
    [Lance and Lilly leave.]
    [Next scene, everyone are grouped back together again.]
    KARA: A Kruk is an odd animal.
    ERIK: There is a full moon tonight. The village seems different.
    LANCE: I made my father very happy before. I think he will slowly recover.
    LILLY: I hope Lance's father recovers quickly.
    NEIL: If you go west of here, there's a huge desert. You can't cross it on
    foot without Kruks. How will I get a Kruk?
    [It's moonlight.]
    [Take the leaf trip that the boy told Will about.]
    MAN: The Russian Glass Club. Do you wish to join?
    If 'No'.
    MAN: Then go home, and forget what you've seen here.
    If 'Yes'.
    MAN: Do you want to risk your young life playing Russian Glass?! This isn't
    just a game. You could lose your life.  I'll ask again. Are you sure?
    If 'No'.
    MAN: Then go home, and forget what you've seen here.
    If 'Yes'.
    All right. The Opponent is over there. He's a seasoned veteran. I've never 
    seen a man so lucky. Well. Ask him the rules.
    [The man moves out of the way.]
    MAN: Tonight, some young man will lose his life...
    WOMAN: Your opponent has won a lot of money. I wonder what he does with it.
    MAN: You have courage.
    MAN: You're still young, why would you risk your life this way...
    WOMAN: There's no game as exciting as this one.
    OPPONENT: SHoot! I forgot my lucky Kruk's foot. The rules are simple. One 
    of the five glasses contains poison. Drink each one in turn. The one left
    alive is the winner. We'll start with me.
    [Opponent drinks first.]
    DIALOGUE: The Opponent drank the glass in one gulp...
    [The suspicious drink.]
    WILL: What? The glass looks very suspicious! Do I have the courage to put 
    this in my body?
    Drink the glass?
    +If 'Yes'.
    WILL: Will closed his eyes and drank it in one gulp!
    Will dies.
    If 'No'
    [Will moves to the next glass.]
    [Will drinks a glass.]
    WILL: Will closed his eyes and drank it in one gulp!
    OPPONENT: Lucky! My turn next.
    DIALOGUE: The Opponent drank the glass in one gulp...
    OPPONENT: Your turn! Don't run away scared!!
    [Will drinks a glass.]
    WILL: Will closed his eyes and drank it in one gulp!
    OPPONENT: Lucky! My turn next.
    [Opponent approaches the glass.]
    OPPONENT: One glass left...
    SPECTATOR: That's enough... This young man won...
    SPECTATOR: Right! Quit now!
    OPPONENT: No... I'm the champion. I will not be disgraced.
    DIALOGUE: He picks up the glass.
    [Everyone crowds up on him.]
    SPECTATOR: Stop! You already lost! Stop it!!
    DIALOGUE: Ignoring the spectator, he downs the drink in a shot.
    [Everything goes black to next scene. Will wakes up in the woman's house.]
    WOMAN: You're the Russian Glass player. My husband said that once he found 
    a job we would be OK, but I was surprised at what he did. This is my 
    husband's will. It says here "To My Opponent". Please read it. There are
    four Kruks outside. Please use them.
    WOMAN: We don't need money. Real joy is being with those you love.
    [Opening the will.]
    DIALOGUE: He opened the will.
    To the Opponent
    Even if I perish, don't mourn for me. Even if Russian Glass doesn't cost me
    my life, it's my fate to pass away soon. Six months ago, when I found out I
    was dying, I decided to amass as much money as possible. I wanted to leave 
    it to my wife, and the child I'll never see. I made my fortune in spite of
    the unhappiness I have caused others. If I lose, I want to leave part of my
    estate to you. Please take care of my four favorite Kruk horses.
    [Examining the Kruk horses.]
    WILL: These are the Kruks I was given. I have to let everyone know.
    KARA: Neil's family runs a trading company in Euro.
    ERIK: I wish Lance and Lilly were coming too...
    LILLY: I decided to stay in this town, too. Ask Lance the reason why.
    LANCE: I'm sorry, but I want to stay here. I can't neglect my father. And 
    so... I feel a little awkward. I wanted to spend time with Lilly. Of 
    course, I don't feel good about it. I wanted to go on with everyone. And I
    wanted to stay with Lilly. I've enjoyed the journey. I hope you're
    NEIL: The moment when a man and woman are first attracted to each other is
    like magic. I don't think you ever forget that feeling. By the way, Euro is
    where my parents live. It will help you if we go there. We're leaving for 
    [And they go off on the journey. Kruk style!]
    WILL: We crossed the desert and finally arrived in the village of Euro. 
    Euro was a bustling city, larger than I had imagined. Neil's parents lived
    there and ran a company called Rolek. Neil hadn't been there for three
    years. His parents welcomed him home. They set off fireworks. There were
    dancers. It looked like a festival had started.
    [At the large house.]
    WILL: This is the house where Neil's parents live. We were shown to the
    guest room.
    [Inside the house, Will, Kara, Erik, and Neil are in the Guest room.]
    NEIL: Well, make yourself at home.. I want to talk to my parents It's been
    three years.
    NEIL: I'm scared! What if I have to go to thebathroom and I can't find it?
    KARA: What a big house! The townspeople seem to be richer than the King...
    ANN: A few days ago, a man wearing a cloak came around. He asked if anyone
    named Kara had come to town. I shrank in with fear when I saw his cold
    eyes. Should I tell Kara about it?
    +If you must!
    +No, please don't!
    If you choose 'If you must!'
    ANN: I don't act like that Kara. She acts like some kind of princess. You
    shouldn't be so cruel, talking that way.
    If you choose 'No, please don't!'
    ANN: Heh heh. I found a weakness. Ahh. I want an apple. Let's go to the 
    [Bring her an apple once.]
    ANN: Thanks. I can't eat any more.
    [When you don't have an apple.]
    ANN: Aah. I want an apple. Let's go to the marketplace!
    [Repeat step 2 more times.]
    ANN: Why are you always going to the market and coming back with 
    apples..? For Kara...? Or...? Good. As a present I'll give you this
    DIALOGUE: Will gets a Red Jewel!
    ANN: I'll take care of Kara...
    [Inside the room with Neil and his parents sitting together.]
    NEIL: To live for yourself or for others, that's the question...
    NEIL'S MOTHER: We've made money and wished to spend our remaining years 
    enjoying life. Why don't you succeed us...
    MAN: The president of Rolek lives in this mansion.
    WOMAN: There are many back alleys between the houses in town.
    CLERK: This is the book that Rofsky wrote about the future of mankind.
    [If you go to their side]
    CLERK: Hey! Don't ever go over there. Cross over ot the other side!
    MAN: The other day, a man called the Jackal was asking questions. He had
    the look of evil. I think he was chasing someone.
    CLERK: This is a teapot. We call it a "Tear Pot". Once we were caught up
    in a war. After the women sent their husbands to war, they saved their
    tears in these pots.
    FEMALE CLERK: Thanks to customers like this, we can survive.
    WOMAN: Believe in fortune-telling?
    If 'No'
    WOMAN: Oh. That's too bad.
    If 'Yes'.
    WOMAN: Mmmm. The future looks dark and uncertain. A huge comet will
    enter Earth's orbit. Mankind will become extinct. There will be nothing
    but dispair!!
    MAN: This is corn meal, for making bread.
    FEMALE CLERK: Heh heh. You're probably too young for this.
    WOMAN: There are many people confined under the shrine.
    MAN: This is the market place. You can find anything youw ant here.
    FEMALE CLERK: I see that you want it. I'll give you one.
    DIALOGUE: Will got the apple!
    [If you already have an apple]
    FEMALE CLERK: How about a sweet apple?
    MALE CLERK: Our fruit is soft and tasty.
    MAN: The town prospers thanks to the Rolek company. There are lots of
    bad rumors, but I think the company is great.
    WOMAN: I saw theline and wondered why people were lining up...
    MAN: You can buy Life Medicine in this shop. I don't know if it helps,
    but everyone wants a long life.
    MAN: You can buy the best goods in this shop.
    MAN: We are always waiting in line.
    WOMAN: In times of trouble, people are grateful for whatever they can
    [If you go through the exit..]
    CLERK: This is the exit. Please use the entrance!
    [He ushers Will out.]
    [When you enter.]
    FEMALE CLERK: Aren't you Neil, from this village?! Rolek manages this
    store, too. I understand. Please take whatever you like.
    [Approach the Life Medicine.]
    CLERK: This is Life Meidicine. Try some?
    If 'No'.
    FEMALE CLERK: Really... Don't you like it?
    If 'Yes'.
    WILL: That taste makes my mouth pucker.
    DIALOGUE: Your power is increased!
    [Approach the Dark Medicine.]
    CLERK: That's called Dark Medicine. Try some?
    If 'No'.
    FEMALE CLERK: Really... Don't you like it?
    If 'Yes'.
    WILL: The smell makes my nose turn up. But Freedan's Dark Power has 
    DIALOGUE: The Dark Friar's power is increased!
    CLERK: Going home? Thank you very much.
    MAN: This is Euro. It's a crowded merchant town.
    MAN: This is the Rolek corporate office. Almost everything you buy in 
    town comes through the company.
    WOMAN: There are many back alleys between the houses in town.
    WOMAN: This is where the world-famous, Rofsky, and the violinist,
    Erasquez, live. They are always arguing. Geniuses can be so peculiar.
    MAN: Villagers live here. Outsiders can't enter.
    [As Will goes up the stairs, he sees two men talking.]
    WILL: It sounds like they're talking about work...
    MAN: I hear if I do business with this company, I can get anything I 
    COMPANY EMPLOYEE: We can get anything. Tea, fruit, even furs... We can't 
    say it out loud, but workers, too...
    MAN: Yes, the company handles almost anything you can imagine.
    COMPANY EMPLOYEE: What?!! A child... The old guys are talking about work.
    Go over there!
    WOMAN: Luggage is piled up on in the company next door. Sometimes you
    can hear groans from the luggages they're moving. Odd...
    MAN: The town has changed. Rolek's sudden growth has b rought many 
    merchants to the town. There is something behind the success.
    MAN: You found it here. I understand your wishes. I'll give you the
    power at once.
    MAN: Well, go.
    MAN: This is the shrine. The president of the company and his wife 
    come her often.
    [Inside the Shrine, Will approaches the statue of the Virgin Mary.]
    WILL: What? The wind is blowng from behind the statue... Look?
    If 'No'
    [Option ends.]
    If 'Yes'
    [Statue is gone. At the basement are five slaves and two skeletons.]
    LABORER: Near our homes, varios diseases are increasing. Terrible diseases
    that turn your body to stone... Though I'm a laborer, I'm going to run 
    LABORER: I miss speaking my own language. But I'll have to fight...
    LABORER: Those skeletons over there are our friends. It was by orders...
    LABORER: We learned the language here. We can be sold somewhere else...
    LABORER: I only speak a little of the language. We came from far away...
    [Three men are grouped together.]
    MAX: I wonder where you're taking us exploring this time... I'm afraid 
    it's up to the whims of the captain. Heh heh.
    RUDY: The ruins are a great place. They just take my breath away.
    FRIEZER: I am the explorer, Friezer. I, too, plan on leaving my name in 
    history as the discoverer of the Tower of Babel.
    MAN: My brother and I once went ot Mt. Kress and got lost at the temple.
    Big mushrooms and plants grow in circles like a maze. Water from the
    mushrooms drips onto broken stems. New growth sprouts up, forming a path.
    MAN: The drops from the msuhrooms are all around the temple grounds... Ah,
    you're growing up quickly.
    [When you enter.]
    WILL: Two old people are aruging about something.
    ROFSKY: True genius is a violent thing! It sounds like a tempest!
    ERASQUEZ: You just dash off pack of lies!! Don't brag!
    ROFSKY: There is a dispute about the teapot enshrined at Mr. Kress temple.
    On Mt. Kress, there are enshrined tears once shed by a spirit. Legend says
    they save people.
    ERASQUEZ: Hey, you! I feel a strange power coming from you... My intuition
    is so developed, I can sense things even if I can't see them. At the right
    time, go to Mt. Kress and take a look at the Teapot.
    DIALOGUE: Rofsky marked Mt. Kress on Will's map!
    ERASQUEZ: The spirits' tears in the teapot reflect your true form.
    WILL: There's a strange place in the summet of Mt. Kress. There are 
    mushrooms many times bigger than me, and plant stalks are scattered around.
    [Find the treasure chest.]
    DIALOGUE: You found Mushroom Drop.
    DIALOGUE: It's the Mushroom Drops!
    [When you use the mushroom drop.]
    DIALOGUE: He tries using the water from the mushroom. He pours the
    mushroom water on the stems!
    [The stems regenerate and opens a new path.]
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice. 
    Freedan's power is the Aura Barrier. It puts a layer of Aura around his
    body. Enemies of the temple are strong. If you use this power, your 
    battles will be easier.
    [When you obtain Aura Barrier.]
    DIALOGUE: Aura Barrier can now be used!
    GAIA: The Aura Barrier is a Dark Powe that can only be used by the Dark
    Knight, Freedan. Use the powr of the Aura to put a barrier around you.
    Use the Attack and the LR Buttons for power.
    [Upon obtaining the teapot.]
    DIALOGUE: You found the Teapot!
    LANCE'S FATHER: Oh, Will. Sorry I made you worry. Lance and Lilly did
    their best to nurse me back to health. I never wanted to be controlled
    by my son, but it's nice now to have your own child.
    LILLY: Rumor is where we're going to collisde with a big star. I don't 
    believe in rumors like that.
    LANCE: My father's getting better ever day. Now we can talk. I hope you
    get to see your father soon. Right. I believe you have been collecting
    Red Jewels. I found a Red Jewel in my father's possession. Please take it.
    DIALOGUE: Will gets a Red Jewel!
    ROFSKY: Oh, that's the Teapot... It really does exist...
    ERASQUEZ: I feel the presence of evil from somewhere in town... maybe the 
    townspeople have been changed into demons. It may be someone in the town 
    square, or one of your friends. Use the Teapot on anyone you suspect.
    DIALOGUE: Will tries using the Teapot. The spirits' tears rained down.
    [Both Neil's parents turn ino demons.]
    MOON TRIBE: Ku ku ku... Soon this world will be wrapped in darkness. The
    previous owner of the body is now a skeleton sleeping under the shrine.
    [The spirits leave.]
    NEIL: . . . . . . . I finally realize how important my parents are to me. 
    I wish I could have told them... Will... Just leave me alone for a 
    WILL: I'm ashamed to hear you talk that way... I've never seen you like 
    this before.
    [Fade to back and the next scene, Will, Kara, and Erik are in the guest 
    WILL: The next morning. Disappointment awaits...
    [Neil walks in.]
    NEIL: Good morning. Sorry about yesterday. I thought it all night. I'm
    next in line to inherit this company. If I want to stop the labor trade, 
    I have to change the company that started it... They make money on human
    KARA: You're going to become president of the company? Amazing!
    NEIL: Heh heh. Stop it. You're embarassing me.
    NEIL: Kara, someone's come asking about you. Something about being an old 
    KARA: What!!!?
    NEIL: Hey! Come on in!
    [Hamlet shows up.]
    KARA: Hamlet!!
    HAMLET: Oink oink!
    KARA: What happened? Are you OK!?
    NEIL: Ha ha. He's come all this way looking for you. Lilly found him in 
    Watermia and sent him by Rolek's Delivery Service. Even if I'm losing my 
    traveling companions, my allies are increasing!
    ERIK: I just don't understand women.
    NEIL: Take care, everyone.
    KARA: To the west of here are the ruins of Ankor Wat. It's where the 
    laborer's home is located. Let's go!
    [They all arrive in the village site.]
    KARA: It's as hot as the tropics...
    ERIK: I see the world tilted, my eyes blurried...
    WILL: There's nothing we can do. Let's stay in this village today.
    [In a room, Will finds three statues of girls.]
    DIALOGUE: The statue of a girl stands silently.
    [Examining the bones.]
    WILL: They're not weathered yet... Only recently bleached white.
    KARA: Strange. Not a soul here, and skeletons scattered around... Should we
    go into the houses?
    [Kara, Hamlet, and Erik rush into the hut.]
    KARA: No one here... The village looks abandoned. 
    ERIK: That's good. We can rest if we want.
    [Kara, Erik, and Hamlet move to the mat.]
    ERIK: I'm exhausted. I feel like sleeping for days.
    KARA: Let's rest today.
    [Fade to black, and the next scene is outside of the hut.]
    WILL: Exhausted from the trip, they fall into a deep sleep... A long time
    [Villagers look into the hut, then they all enter.]
    WILL: What... Hamlet... Let me sleep a while longer...
    KARA: Uhhn... What? Will... Don't be so noisy...
    KARA: AH! Who! Who are you?!
    [After the whole attack.. Will and the company are tied near the fire while
    the villagers dance about the flames.]
    WILL: They seem to be very hungry...
    KARA: Look. Those children are so upset...
    WILL: That's right.... The servant boy said that in Freejia. There's so
    much famine in this country...
    KARA: Those bones are the bodies of people who've starved to death.
    ERIK: Oh, no! We'll be next!!
    [Hamlet approaches Kara.]
    KARA: Hamlet... Why such a sad look? It's as if we will soon be 
    [Hamlet rushes into the flames. The villagers all swarm the fireplace.]
    KARA: A-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!!! Hamlet!! Hamlet!!
    WILL: Hamlet... Why?
    ERIK: Poor Hamlet... To eat or not to eat...?
    KARA: Hamlet...! (Sob).....
    [From the pig comes a white spirit of a woman.]
    DIALOGUE: A familiar voice echoed in their heads.
    SPIRIT: Listen, everyone. It was Hamlet's wish to be food for these people.
    One baby pig could save many villagers.
    WILL: Mother...?
    SHIRA: Will... and everyone in this place... Darkness is approaching the 
    world. You must combine your strength to save the planet. So, Will, find
    the Mystic Statues and go to the Tower of Babel...
    [All three are freed from the ropes by Shira with a glow before she lifts
    into the air and ascends til she's no longer in sight.]
    KARA: He just jumped into the fire... Hamlet, noble pig... I will miss
    ERIK: This tribe is so small. They have lost so many to starvation. 
    Brothers, sisters... husbands, waves... How do they cope?
    DIALOGUE: The man holds out some food... Eat some? 
    If 'No'.
    DIALOGUE: The man looked sad...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIALOGUE: It tastes like dumplings made of insects... My heart was filled.
    It seemed as if we understood each other.
    DIALOGUE: The man timidly held out his hand... Take his hand?
    If 'No'.
    DIALOGUE: The man looks lonely...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIALOGUE: We don't understand each other's language, but I think we 
    DIALOGUE: The man looks deeply into Will's eyes. Stare back?
    If 'No'.
    DIALOGUE: The man looked lonely...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIALOGUE: The man seems to look right into your heart... We don't 
    understand each other's language, but a seed has sprouted...
    DIALOGUE: The boy points ot the northeast... Show him the map?
    If 'No'.
    DIALOGUE: He looks lonely...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIALOGUE: He drew a picture of the temple on the map! I think he's 
    saying he wants to go to the temple...
    DIALOGUE:  He tugs on Will's sleeve, as if he wants to take him 
    somewhere. Go with him?
    If 'No'.
    DIALOGUE: He looks lonely...
    If 'Yes'.
    DIALOGUE: He beckons to him...
    [The child leads Will towards the skeleton.]
    WILL: He faces the skeleton with tears in his eyes... Is this skeleton a 
    relative? A friend?
    [Go to Hamlet's burning body.]
    WILL: Sniff sniff. I'll never hear that snort again... The air is filled 
    with the aroma of roasting Hamlet.
    [Leave and come back]
    KARA: I learned a word from the children. It seems that (Ramapoe) means
    (Hello) in this region.
    [Everyone else does the same thing.]
    [At the door to Ankor Wat.]
    WILL: Through the jungle, three daysjourney from the native village, there
    is a huge temple.
    [See a set of bones.]
    WILL: The bones of a lost explorer fascinated by something...? There's some
    kind of journal hidden there...
    Choose 'Quit'. 
    [Options end.]
    Choose 'Read'
    DIALOGUE: We crossed the jungle to the native village. We didn't understand
    the language, but they beckoned for us to stay. When I woke up in the 
    morning, only Captain Friezer and I remained. Hunger had destroyed many 
    people during the n ight. Even our friends. We saw the body of our comrades
    and ran into the jungle. That's when we discovered Ankor Wat. Rumors say
    that you can gain immortality here where the spirits live, but all I saw
    were demons... I'm going back to my friends. If I don't survive, who would
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. I'll give you some advice.
    Freedan's Power is the Earthquaker. When he uses it, his enemy can't move
    for a long time.
    [When Freedan gaiins his new power.]
    DIALOGUE: Earthquaker can now be used!
    GAIA: The Earthquaker is a Dark Power that can only be used by Freedan,
    the Dark Knight. This causes earthquakes. The enemy won't be able to move
    for a long time.  Push the Attack Button when jumping down.
    [Approach another set of bones.]
    WILL: The bones of a lost explorer fascinated by something...? There's
    some kind of journal...
    If 'Quit'
    [End options.]
    If 'Read'
                     Ankor Wat
                  Research Record
    DIALOGUE: There is a temple where a spirit is said to live. In the Main 
    Hall, second floor, a bright room blocks the way. You must go through it to
    reach the top floor. The bright light masks the corridor. If you want to 
    meet the spirit, you must wear the Black Crystal Glasses. I saw something
    shining on the ground near the Main Hall, but I had to run. Probably the
    glasses from the legend... I regret coming here... I hope my child can 
    carry on my dream...
    [Bright room.]
    WILL: Setting one foot inside, the floating crystal started to glow!
    [Room brightens if you're not wearing the black sunglasses.]
    Last temple - Outside
    DIALOGUE: There's something shiny on the ground.
    DIALOGUE: You've found the Black Crystal Glasses!
    [When you use the shades.]
    DIALOGUE: These are glasses made of black crystal. They cut off a lot of 
    GAIA: This is the temple at Ankor Wat. It stands quietly in the jungle and
    hides its form when people come near... On this top floor you will 
    understand why you made this journey.
    [Within the main room is a spirit.]
    SPIRIT: Will.. I've been waiting for you to come for thousands of years...
    WILL: What?! Who are you...
    SPIRIT: I am dreaming. Time has passed since the dream began, and my body
    became what you see. I'm going to show you a strange image. Close your
    [Will is shown how the modern world looks. There are a lot of buildings
    and little grass.]
    WILL: Huh? What was that?
    SPIRIT: That is the new world...
    WILL: That world is all grey... THis world has blue water, green 
    mountains, and brown earth all over.
    SPIRIT: You will usher in that world...
    WILL: Me? Such a strange world?!
    SPIRIT:Tall trees replaced by buildings, rivers replaced by roads... No 
    matter what kind of world people have, if they think they're happy, they'll
    be happy. Go to the village and restore those turned to stone to their 
    original condition. Release those who have been turned grey back to their
    natural state.
    [Everything goes bright and the spirit is gone.]
    WILL: When the blinding light s topped, I stood quietly, as if nothing had
    happened. Then I found the Gorgon flower held tightly within my hand...
    [If your inventory is full, but has a Red Jewel.]
    A strange voice says...
    Let me take care of one of your Red Jewels...
    'You have the Gorgon Flower!'
    [Entering the room with the statued girls. Will uses the Gorgon Flower.]
    DIALOGUE: He puts one petal of the Gorgon Flower into the statue's mouth.
    [Repeat process two more times. Then Kara and Erik will walk in as the 
    statues return to normal.]
    KARA: I used sign language to talk to the villagers. The animals have 
    returned to the forest. They no longer prey on each other.
    [Talk to each tribal girl.]
    DIALOGUE: You don't understand...
    DIALOGUE: The girl silently offers a Red Jewel as a reward.
    DIALOGUE: Will gets a Red Jewel!
    ERIK: The traders knew there was no food here and led the children away.
    A terrible story.
    KARA: Labor traders came from a town in the northwest. They took many 
    villagers. I can't believe they would take advantage of people stricken
    with famine! Travel to the labor trader's village?
    +Yes, let's go!
    +Wait a while.
    Choose 'Wait a while.'
    KARA: Then make preparations and come back.
    Choose 'Yes, let's go!'
    KARA: Let's get going!
    [Will, Kara, and Erik are in a room.]
    WILL: A town shining in the desert. We went to Dao.
    KARA: This place is supposed to be famous for labor merchants. It doesn't 
    look like it.
    ERIK: I can't go outside in a sandstorm like this.
    MAN: This is Dao, the Desert Village. Children don't come to places like
    this very often.
    MAN: Would you happen to be Will?
    If 'No'.
    MAN: I hope he arrives soon. Very distressing...
    If 'Yes'.
    MAN: Good! A letter and some luggage have arrived from someone named Bill
    and Lola.
    DIALOGUE: You get a letter and your father's journal!
    MERCHANT: I have fine goods for sale today. You've never seen carpets this
    KRUK: Kiaaa...kiaaa...
    MERCHANT: A freedom movement has started recently. The president of Rolek 
    started the labor trade freedom movement.
    MERCHANT: This town is famopus for spices and carpet. It's said that the
    carpets of Edward Castle took 40 years to weave here.
    [Speak to a lone woman.]
    DIALOGUE: The girl silently offers one sheet of paper. There is a picture
    of a jackal!
    WILL: A shiver ran down my spine. It was a warning from the Jackal, who
    had been stalking us....
    FLUTE PLAYER: Have you ever played Snake Panic? I'm still in training for
    [When Will looks at the laborer behind bars.]
    WILL: I guess he didn't understand what I said. His eyes were
    GUARD: Hey, hey. This isn't a show!! Get out of here!
    GUARD: There's a huge pyramid near here. Many explorers have come for the 
    treasure, but no one's found it yet.
    MERCHANT: You've come all the way to this town to buy labor... I can't
    make up my mind if I should do business with you. You can't put a price 
    on people...
    MAN: The Pyramid is made of huge stones. Strange that it doesn't sink 
    into the desert...
    MAN: We're explorers. I hear there's a treasure inside the Pyramid...
    MAN: Ther's a strange legend around here. "The Pyramid is not for the 
    living. Only those who've transcended the body may enter." These are 
    the words... The Pyramid is a big tomb. The living can't go in? Hmmm...
    [Four women are weaving clothes while a guard supervises.]
    WILL: She didn't understand. She just kept working.
    MAN: These women are weaving carpets. This will take almost 40 years to 
    weave. This woman has worked on it continuously since she was a child. 
    Remember, little man. Some are born to misfortune.
    [Neil greets Will.]
    NEIL: Will!! I never thought I'd meet you in a place like this!
    WILL: Neil! You've become the company's president?!
    NIEL: Yes. I tried replacing the labor trade with pepper imports. This lead
    me all the way to Dao. There's a pyramid near here. I wonder if a Mystic 
    Statue is there?
    FLUTE PLAYER: Play the game with the snakes?
    Choose 'No'
    FLUTE PLAYER: Too bad. Come back if you change your mind.
    Choose 'Yes'.
    FLUTE PLAYER: The rules are simple. Hit as many snakes as you can in one
    minute. Hit whatever pot you like! That's the start of the game!!
    [While game is in session.]
    FLUTE PLAYER: Hey, hey. There's plenty of them.
    [If you don't make sufficient amount.]
    FLUTE PLAYER: OK! Stop! You've hit ## snakes. Try again!
    [If you make the sufficient amount. Possibly 50 or more.]
    FLUTE PLAYER: Wow ## snakes. Very good! For your prize, I'll give you two
    Red Jewels. I'll send them to the Jeweler.
    GAIA: I am Gaia, the source of all life. The Dark Power has become strong 
    in the temple at Ankor Wat. If you stand right before the right-hand 
    statue, you can change into Shadow, the ultimate warrior. Then I will grant
    you one item.
    DIALOGUE: You have the Aura!
    GAIA: The Aura is Shadow's mind. When he holds it up, his body becomes
    like water. Only a small part of the Pyramid is above ground. Most of it
    is below the surface. You should change into Shadow and advance into the 
    [When approaching Shadow's statue.]
    DIALOGUE: A voice echoes inside his head.
    SHADOW: I've been waiting for you to come. I am made from the light of a 
    comet. The ultimate warrior, Shadow. My body has no shape. This body 
    appears only when the human consciousness evolves. The comet that now 
    approaches Earth is also a consciousness without form. My body is the only
    thing that can confront the comet and bring it to an end. Well, close your
    [Will transforms into Shadow.]
    [When you find a hieroglyphic lithograph.]
    WILL: There's a lithograph on this wall. I heard in Dao that it's a 
    hierogrylph... Let's try to remove the lithograph.
    DIALOGUE: You've got the Hieroglyph Stone!
    [Within the portal]
    DIALOGUE: The door to the Pyramid appears in the light...
    +Jump in
    Choose 'Quit'
    [Options end.]
    Choose 'Jump in'.
    [You warp out.]
    [Place them in the slots, the steps will occur five more times.]
    WILL: There are six hollows where a tile can fit. Put it where?
    +1st from L.
    +2nd from L.
    +3rd from L.
    +4th from L.
    +5th from L.
    +6th from L.
    [Setting the puzzle and when you get the final puzzle and head to the
    VOICE: Walk to the left without a sound!! 
    [If you turn around.]
    VOICE: It says to walk to the left!!
    [Will moves to the left.]
    VOICE: There, that's good. Don't move!! 
    [Jackal shows up with Kara in front of him as hostage.]
    JACKAL: I know the whole story of your adventure. I heard about an ancient
    bio-technology using a comet's light. I didn't know it was you. With the 
    power to change body shape, you can get anything. People would bow at your 
    feet. It's only natural that King Edward would trick you into this... 
    KARA: My father!!? 
    JACKAL: Yes! After all, that's the way kings are. He would do anything to
    get the power. He might be more evil than a mercenary like me. Heh heh. 
    KARA: Stop it! 
    JACKAL: Either way, if I make money, it's fine. Come with me to Edward 
    DIALOGUE: A voice whispers in Will's head... 
    STRANGE VOICE: Will.. Play the flute... Will... 
    DIALOGUE: He softly played the melody he had learned from Lola.
    [Will plays Lola's melody, which triggers the trap. And as the trap sets 
    off the flames, only Jackal is caught in its wrath.]
    JACKAL: Wa-a-a-a-ahhh! 
    [Jackal crawls towards Kara.]
    JACKAL: Kara... Kara.... 
    [His body stops moving, and he's burning. Meanwhile, Kara approaches 
    Will, clinging onto him.]
    KARA: Will... Why must everyone hate each other...? I... I...
    [She then backs away from Will, stopping near the body.]
    KARA: I'm sorry... I got upset... You are doing your best to save the 
    world. At first, I wanted to find my father... But somehow it got to be
    a trial..... But me, I don't regret coming on this journey... Let's go
    and find the fifth Mystic Statue...
    KARA: The melody you played became the Jackal's dirge.
    [If you get the puzzle wrong.]
    DIALOGUE: Nothing happened. Maybe they're arranged wrong. Try it again
    from the beginning.
    DIALOGUE: Oh no! Your inventory's full! You can't take it all!
    [If you get it right.]
    WILL: There was a sound from the entrance!
    [If you leave and enter, Jackal will appear as a skeleton.]
    [Within the pool.]
    DIALOGUE: The mummified queen of the Pyramid appears.
    + Quit
    + Jump in
    Choose 'Quit'.
    [You abort the options.]
    Choose 'Jump in'.
    You fight the Mummy Queen. And after you beat her.]
    DIALOGUE: Defeating the spirit of the Pyramid, he obtained a Mystic
    WILL: I heard a voice from the Flute! The same voice I heard in the 
    prison at Edward Castle...
    FLUTE: Will. You done well to have come this far.
    WILL: Father?!
    FLUTE: I'm at the Tower now. Bring the five Mystic Statues to the 
    Tower. The statues you've collected hold the key to the fate of humanity.
    Will.. Hurry... The comet is approaching.
    DIALOGUE: The voice of the Flute quiets and disappears.
    KARA: It seems something terrible has happened that we don't know about...
    WILL: What to do... I was told to go to the Tower of Babel, but that little
    KARA: I hear Neil has built another airplane. It seems he's flying to the 
    desert town. Let's go back there.
    [Back at Dao, Will meets with Neil.]
    NEIL: Really... Do you have to go? Once you make up your mind to do 
    something nothing can stop you. OK. I'll take Will to the Tower of Babel,
    then take Kara and Erik to South Cape. This time the airplane won't crash!
    [Within the airplane, it heads towards the Tower of Babel.]
    NEIL: We'll be there soon, Will. Say hello to your father for me.
    WILL: Thanks. I know you will make a great president.
    ERIK: Aaah. I guess I won't see you for a long time. When you finished your
    business, hurry back to South Cape.
    WILL: Thank you. I'm glad we all made the trip together.
    ERIK: On this trip, everyone found something. Lance met Lilly and found his
    lost father. Neil decided to take over his parents' company. Kara started
    to really live, and saw a world outside the castle. I'm going to excuse
    myself. Finally, I can to to the bathroom by myself at night!
    NEIL: Ha ha ha. Just like Erik. Kara hasn't said anything for a while. I 
    won't see Will for a long time. I'll say goodbye to him.
    KARA: Hmmm. Right...
    NEIL: We've reached the Tower of Babel. OK, Will. Is your parachute ready? 
    Let's go.
    [Will leaps off and parachutes down.]
    WILL: I jumped out over the Tower of Babel. I hadn't been there in a year
    and a half...
    [Someone came down the parachute as well.]
    WILL: The Tower of Babel was deathly quiet. Time stood still...
    [As Will passes through the statues of Freedan with a gold chest with 
    blue-green platings.]
    WILL: The Flute I had was discovered here.
    [When Will heads towards the laser gates, he's bounced towards the wall off
    and an object is sent flying near his leg.]
    WILL: Something seemed to fall from the Flute...
    [Examining the object.]
    WILL: It's King Edward's Crystal Ring!! I thought it was a decoration, but
    it had been hidden there...
    DIALOGUE: You have the Crystal Ring!
    [Will passes through the laser, then he walks along until a voice stops
    VOICE: Wait....
    [Kara shows up.]
    WILL: Kara!!!?
    KARA: I'm sorry. I just feel that, if we part now, we'll never meet
    WILL: But Kara, why have you come here? You can't come here unless you 
    have the Crystal Ring...
    KARA: Could that be the ring... Didn't you find it in the Incan Gold
    WILL: This Crystal Ring is dark blue... The ring you have is light blue...
    A light one and a dark one... I understand.. No matter what happens, don't
    leave me.
    [Kara follows Will.]
    SPIRIT: The light released from the comet has a profound effect on the
    growth of living things. When the star nears Earth's orbit, all living
    things experience a dramatic evolution...
    SPIRIT: The evolution of living things took a long time. From insects to
    fish, from reptiles to mammals, then humans were born. And so human beings
    have evolved.
    SPIRIT: From ancient times comets have been called the spirits of stars, 
    but also the demon of stars. The one now nearing the Earth is a demon of
    stars... The comet is the highest form of consciousness. The Earth will 
    evolve beyond imagination...
    SPIRIT: The passage of time is different inside the Tower of Babel... 
    Time races by... You're not normal human beings, because you can live 
    SPIRIT: In thatroom are demons evolved by the light. You must put them
    to sleep before you go up.
    [Each of the boss fights are done as Shadow, as Will will transform into
    him before the fight begins. After the two evolved boss fights, Will and
    Kara move up through a beam elevator.]
    [After you beat the two evolved stages, Kara is gone as Will comes out.]
    WILL: Kara's not here... Where did she go...?
    [When you see Viper at the outside balcony.]
    VIPER: You were brought back to save Earth. I'll take you to the top floor.
    [Viper takes Will to the top floor, before releasing him and flying off.]
    [After beating the evolved Mummy Queen, Will heads to the next few rooms 
    and meets Jack.]
    JACK: The comet will soon be entering Earth's orbit. We must go to the top
    of the Tower of Babel...
    [Jack lifts Will up and carries him over to the top. And when he enters,
    he finds Kara.]
    WILL: Kara! Where did you go?!
    KARA: There was talk that the vampire woman had come... They say that
    her body is eternal... They say once the comet is gone,  she'll be able
    to rest in peace. 
    [This room contains statues of Shadow.]
    GAIA: The comet draws near. The tine for your last battle approaches. This
    is the last time I will talk to you like this in this place. With your 
    rejuvenated power, defeat the comet, Dark Gaia, and become the Dark Knight.
    Shadow's greatest power, the Firebird, will arise when you're one with the
    Light Knight. Only you can restore the Earth to its original condition. I'm
    putting all of my faith in you...
    SPIRIT: If you proceed, you will not be able to turn back... If you want to
    go to Dao, I'll transport you.
    +Return to Dao village.
    Choose 'Return to Dao Village'
    [You'll be transported back.]
    SPIRIT: Go to the Tower of Babel?
    Choose 'Return'
    [You'll appear back in the Tower of Babel's final floor.[
    Choose 'Quit'
    [Options are ended.]
    Final Room
    [A skeleton lies in the middle.]
    DIALOGUE: One worn-out body is quietly laid down...  In his head, a 
    familiar voice speaks.
    VOICE: Will. It's me, Olman, your father. My body has decayed, but I live
    on like this...
    [The spirit of his father appears.]
    WILL: Father! Why are you in that form!!!
    OLMAN: There's a strange room in the tower of Babel, filled with the light
    of the comet. Time goes so fast there that people evolve very quickly...
    WILL: Why are Kara and I able to live?!
    WILL'S FATHER: Because you two are evolved humans.
    KARA: Us...?
    WILL'S FATHER: Long ago there existed biological technology using the light
    of the comet. People freely used the power to make plants and animals. For
    example, they made the camel. It can go a for long periods without food or
    water. When people realized the people could be used as a weapon, demons
    were developed. The world was on the brink of ruin... At the time, the
    Knights of Darkness and Light were developed to decide the fate of 
    humanity. They are your ancestors. The six Mystic Statues were made by the
    Knights. The last Mystic Statue is entrusted to you.
    [Will gains the last statue.]
    WILL'S FATHER: Soon the comet will be very close. By then, the two of you 
    must go to the roof ot the tower. Close your eyes....
    [Everything becomes wavy and the scene changes to the roof.]
    WILL'S FATHER: The ancients worshipped the comet as a spirit. Those who 
    bathed in the comet's light were given a strange power. The comet is called
    a spirit. But it's an unwelcome spirit. Evolving too fast brings 
    destruction... As long as people have evil hearts, demons will be born. 
    Will, open your eyes and look around.
    [Various spirits appear.]
    WILL'S FATHER: I need to talk to you.
    KARA: ................
    NEIL'S MOTHER: Even if I can see the real world, I can't touch it... No 
    matter how difficult it may get, I can't help you...
    HAMLET: Oink oink!!
    WILL: Of course. There's no difference between humans and animals...
    NEIL'S FATHER: Neil... What are you doing!! I want him to make the Rolek 
    Company grow bigger and bigger.
    SETH: Ah, Will. It's been a long time. Such a world. If I could talk of
    this at an academy I'd be a great scholar.
    OPPONENT:  With my body gone, I became forever young. from the comet's 
    light, I gained immortality. But is there meaning in eternal life? I felt more
    alive when I had a terminal disease.
    WILL'S FATHER: At last the time is near. Everyone. Give Will your power!
    [All of the spirits gather onto Will and then Will approaches Kara.]
    DIALOGUE: When Will and Kara joined and became one with the Light Knight, a
    great power was born... The Knights were brought forth. The Dark Knight's
    ultimate power, the Firebird, was released!
    [The Mystic Statues surround Will and Kara as they merge and transformed 
    into Shadow.]
    OLMAN: Your battle will change the fate of humanity. Now you must go to 
    the comet!!
    [Shadow flies through space in blazing glory, then he appears on top of
    the comet. For the final boss. After the comet face is defeated, Dark
    Gaia himself appears.]
    [After Dark Gaia is defeated, Will and Kara stand on top of the comet, 
    staring at the Earth.]
    KARA: What's happened to the comet...? That glowing green planet?
    [The spirit of Will's father appears.]
    WILL's FATHER: The comet's power has disappeared. The evil star has flown
    off to the other side of the universe... Will. Do you know what planet 
    that is, glowing there in the darkness?
    WILL: Our Earth...?
    WILL'S FATHER: That's right. Our Earth. Doesn't it look like a desert
    KARA: It's never seemed so beautiful. But it looks lonely shining in the 
    STRANGE VOICE: Yes. The world is awakened.
    [Another spirit appears from the sky, meeting with Will's Father's spirit
    at the right.]
    WILL: Mother?!
    WILL's MOTHER: The Earth. A mother with millions of children. I'm sure you
    think about us sometimes, and Kara often thinks about her parents. The 
    Earth is the same way. She gets lonely if her children forget about her.
    WILL'S FATHER: How is it, you two? Looking at the world you live in from
    the outside?
    KARA: It's as if we'd become spirits...
    WILL: I want to show all of our group... No, I want to show everyone in the
    WILL'S FATHER: Someday people will build ships to travel the universe. Then
    they will see this green Earthw ith their own eyes. See how lonely the
    Earth looks, just like the two of you. 
    WILL'S FATHER: Look carefully at your map of the world.
    WILL: Ah! The map has started to change!
    [The map transfers from his original world to the other world, showing 
    each of the continents before showing the entire continents merging 
    WILL: Somehow the land has taken on a strange shape.
    WILL'S FATHER: That's the new world.
    KARA: New world?
    WILL'S FATHER: The path of evolution, changed by the comet, has
    continued until now. The Earth, too, has a life. It, too, has evolved 
    and changed its shape. Now that the comet has no influence on the world,
    it's returned to its original condition.
    [Map scene ends and returns to the two and the spirits.]
    WILL: Why do you two know the future?
    WILL'S FATHER: When I lost my body, I started seeing everything. The 
    past. The future. Humanity's progress. Maybe people would call this kind
    of body a spirit. 
    WILL'S MOTHER: Now you and Kara can become ordinary children again. Don't
    be afraid.
    KARA: When we return to Earth, will we be separated?
    WILL'S FATHER: Yes... The world is changing. Humanity and history have 
    started down a new path. You two thought nothing of it when you met each
    other in South Cape. But when the Earth needed the Light and Dark Knights,
    you met again unexpectedly. Let's look at the world before the power of the
    comet is extinguished.
    WILL'S MOTHER: We hope you two have a bright future...
    [Both of the spirits lift up and goes away. It leaves Will and Kara alone.
    They both turn to face each other.]
    KARA: Will... come here... Show me your face... I want to burn you into my
    memory. Your eyes Your nose Your mouth Your hair Your voice The warmth of 
    your hand....
    [Will steps closer.]
    WILL: Don't worry. I will search you out. No matter how long it takes. 
    Hundreds of years... Thousand of years... I will come to you. So take
    care... Close your eyes...
    KARA: Will....
    [Kara steps closer to(I assume) kiss Will.]
    WILL: Let's go. To Earth....
    KARA: Mmmm....
    [They stare at the Earth, then they merge together to become Shadow to
    make their travel back to Earth.]
    [The world shows the large buildings on a moonlight instead of the old
    grassy area with mountains.]
    WILL'S NARRATION: The Earth's look had changed, but, glowing in the sky,
    it was as beautiful as ever. Buildings replaced the forests, rivers
    became roads, but the villages held only smiling faces. But the Earth was
    the only one that looked sad. Tomorrow morning,  Kara and I will start our
    new lives. The Tower of Babel stands tall, as if it knows the whole future
    of the Earth...
    [The credits roll to show Will and the group: Lance follows first, then 
    Erik, and Seth last. Seth falls back from the running group. Erik leaves
    and then Lance's left in the dust. Image shows Edward Castle, where he
    meets Kara. The two walk together until Lilly shows up and she follows 
    behind the two. Will leaves Kara and Lilly behind to appear in Dark Space.
    Then the scene goes to Larai Cliffs. The credits end as Kara and Will stand
    admist the sunsetting scene that represents the adrift scene. Fish stream
    along while the two stare. Kara and Will turn over to see a vase float
    their way. The vase fades as the two stare at each other. Then they travel
    together to the Freejia scene. Lilly appears, followed by Lance, and then
    Erik. After reenacting the Memory Song scene, Will is leaving until Kara
    follows him through the kruk scene. Then they run, followed b y Neil's
    airplane moving past them. They pass by Neil as the scene switches to the
    Tower of Babel, then the two run past Loa and Bill as well as King Edward
    and Queen Edwina, then they pass through the Elder, and then the Vampires.
    Ishtar and the harp playing angel are next, as well as the Opponent from 
    Watermia. Then they pass through Neil's parents and then the two geniuses.
    They past through the natives and then the merchant of Dao with the kruk,
    and then Jackal. They appear at the scene with the comet and the Earth,
    where Hamlet follows them. As the credits end, they all face at the
    screen, and Kara moves closer to Will.]
    [Scene switches over towards a modern era, with Will coming out of school
    in some more modern clothing and a backpack. The bell rings.]
    VOICE: Class is over. Please be careful crossing the street. We have had
    a lot of traffic accidents lately. 
    [Then, Lance, Erik, and Seth follow up to meet with Will with Kara at the 
    end of the line. The words 'END' appear.]
    + MISC STUFF +
    [Use Red Jewel.]
    DIALOGUE: He raised the Red Jewel! Red jewels fly to Jeweler Gem's in a
    single ray of light.
    [After death as Will.]
    WILL: I am aware of having fallen in a place I know. Must have been a 
    [After death as Freedan and Shadow.]
    FREEDAN: Now when I think about it, that place seemed familiar...
    SHADOW: Now when I think about it, that place seemed familiar...
    [Eat an apple.]
    DIALOGUE: When I bite a bright red apple, I feel better. The apple was 
    [Lola and Bill's letter.]
    DIALOGUE: Have you been OK? Neil told us that he was in Dao, so I'm 
    sending him this letter. I heard the reason why. Grandpa and I are looking
    forward to seeing you. When we looked in your father's luggage, we found a
    journal written about the Pyramid. I thought it would help you, so I sent 
    it along. Take care.
                                                   Bill / Lola
    [WIll's Father's journal.]
    DIALOGUE: I've deciphered the hieroglyphs. No one has ever done it before.
    It says there's a key to solving the riddle of human history in the
    {Insert symbols}
    The first part says, "The Sun Spirit rises from the horizon." I went to 
    the Pyramid and found the same inscription. So...
    DIALOGUE: Here a page is missing.
    JEWLER GEM: I am the Jeweler Gem. I control the Seven Seas. What's your 
    +Just wanted to see you
    +Give you Red Jewels
    +See your inventory
    +Choose 'Just wanted to see you'.
    JEWELER GEM: Is that right. How do you do. Once you hold up the Red
    Jewels, you'll have to come running to my place. I am a famous master
    of disguises. If you saw me in another town, you wouldn't know me.
    +Choose 'Give you Red Jewels'
    JEWELER GEM: But you don't have any Jewels. Let me give you some.
    +Choose 'See your inventory'
    JEWELER GEM: I will give you goods for your Jewels as written on the list.
    + List +
    Herb: 3
    Defense Force: 5
    Life Force: 8
    Strength: 12
    Psycho Power: 20
    Dark Power: 30
    My secrets: 50
    [If you give him the jewels period.]
    JEWELER GEM: Mmm... This is a rare jewel. Let me hold it for you.
    [If you give him 3 Jewels...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected more than three Jewels! According to the 
    list, you get the herb!
    DIALOGUE: You received the herb!
    [If you give him 5 Jewels...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected over five Jewels! According to the list,
    your defense Power will be raised. 
    DIALOGUE: Your Defense power is raised by one.
    [If you give him 8 Jewels...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected over, eight Jewels! According to the list,
    your Life Power will be raised.
    DIALOGUE: Your Strength is raised by one.
    [If you give him 12 Jewels...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected over 12 Jewels! According to the list, your 
    Strength will be raised.
    DIALOGUE: Your Attack Power is raised by one.
    [If you give him 20 Jewels...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected over 20 Jewels! According to the list, your 
    Psycho Power will be raised. It's a mysterious power given by the spirit.
    DIALOGUE:  Your Psycho Dash Power is increased.
    [If you give him 30 Gems...]
    JEWELER GEM: You've collected over 30 Jewels! According to the list, your 
    Dark Power will be raised. It's a mysterious power given by the spirit.
    DIALOGUE:  The Dark Friar's power is increased. Try pushing the Attack
    Button once more when the Dark Friar is flying.
    [If you collect 50 Gems...]
    JEWELER GEM: I'm holding 50 of the Red Jewels for you. 50... Suddenly,
    you've gathered 50 Red Jewels... The time has come to tell you some of my
    secrets. Follow me!!
    [Will is suddenly warped into a mansion of floating souls.]
    WILL: When I awoke, I was standing in the entrance to a strange mansion.
    [When you meet with the figure... It appears to be... SOLID ARM from the 
    original Soulblazer.]
    MONSTER: Welcome to my home. The Jeweler Gem is a temporary form. he true
    form is called Solid Arm. Long ago the Blazer came down from the sky and I
    was put to sleep for a long, long time... My power is contained in Red 
    Jewels scattered around the world. I've tried many things to bring my own
    resurrection. It is I who manipulated the labor trade. I tried using forced
    labor to find them, but it didn't restore my power fast enough. I'm sorry,
    but I will have to defeat you too!
    [After you defeat Solid Arm.]
    DIALOGUE: A quiet voice is heard. 
    SOLID ARM: I was defeated again... Blazer was strong, but you are
    stronger... Danger approaches this planet. You should hurry to the Tower
    of Babel...
    [Will finds himself back in the Tower of Babel's top floor with Kara.]
    - Credits and Special Thanks -
    * GameFAQs: For hosting this.
    * Enix and Quintet:  For giving me a game to enjoy.
    * Vorfeed: For inspiring me to work ON this damn thing by working on her 
    own agendas diligently for her own favorite games. I would of never did 
    this if it wasn't for her.

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