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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shirow

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       _____                         ____
      /\___ \                      /|  _ \        /'\_/`\
      \/__/\ \    ___      __      |/\   |       /\      \     __       __
         _\ \ \  / __`\  /'__`\     \// __`\/\   \ \ \__\ \  /'__`\   /'___\
        /\ \_\ \/\ \_\ \/\  __/     /|  \_>  <_   \ \ \_/\ \/\ \_\.\_/\ \__/
        \ \____/\ \____/\ \____\    | \_____/\/    \ \_\\ \_\ \__/.\_\ \____\
         \/___/  \/___/  \/____/     \/____/\/      \/_/ \/_/\/__/\/_/\/____/
                                                    - ASCII by Pyro Vesten
      Joe and Mac FAQ/Walkthrough
      System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
      Written by: Orochi K
      E-mail: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
      FAQ originally created on July 3, 2001
      Final Version - Last revised: May 3, 2002
      Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.
      This FAQ may be viewed at www.gamefaqs.com.
      If you happen to see this on another website, please let me know!
      Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja is Copyright 1991, Elite Systems Ltd.
      Please read the e-mail policy before e-mailing me!!
         I. About the game
        II. Starting the game
       III. Controls
        IV. Walktrough
            a) Overall map
            b) Stages map
            c) Stage 1
            d) Stage 2
            e) Stage 3
            f) Stage 4
            g) Stage 5
            h) Stage 6
            i) Stage 7
            j) Stage 8
            k) Stage 9
            l) Stage 10
            m) Bonus stage
            n) Final stage
         V. Locked bonus stages
            a) Map
            b) Locked bonus stage 1
            c) Locked bonus stage 2
            d) Locked bonus stage 3
            e) Locked bonus stage 4
            f) Locked bonus stage 5
        VI. Continue service
       VII. Key locations
      VIII. Weapons
        IX. Boss list
         X. Cheats
        XI. Game Genie codes
       XII. Cool stuff
      XIII. E-mail policy
       XIV. Disclaimer
        XV. Revision history
       XVI. Credits
       Joe and Mac is a fairly easy game and its principle is not that
       hard to grasp. The stages are linear with the usual weapons, bonuses
       and enemies and the presentation is pretty simple. The most interesting
       and innovative feature of the game concerns the keys. You get these 
       keys in certain stages and you use these to open up pathways which
       had been previously blocked to access certain bonus stages. These 
       bonus stages cannot be accessed without these keys and if you lose
       a life, you lose the key you previously had. I'll be listing those
       bonus stages separately to make things easier. Other than that, happy
       After choosing your language, you'll arrive at the game menu. Here's 
       briefly what each option does.
       First, this is how the screen looks like:
        --------> 1P GAME
        --------> 2P GAME
        --------> 2P SUPER GAME
        --------> OPTIONS
       - 1P GAME
         This is the usual mode where you play alone and complete the levels.
       - 2P GAME
         Here, 2 players play in turn. First player is Joe while second is Mac.
       - 2P SUPER GAME
         This mode is a cooperative one like in Contra. 2 players can play
         together at the same time. Note that the first player is always Joe
         and the second one Mac though. The only way to change this is to
         swap control pads.
       - OPTIONS
         Here you can set certain options.
         ----> MODE: You have the choice between EASY, NORMAL and HARD.
         ----> KEY: Only 2 buttons are needed in Joe and Mac. The first one
               is for SHOOT and the second one is the JUMP button. You can
               assign the functions to the buttons here.
         ----> MUSIC: Choose between STEREO or MONAURAL.
       After setting all the options, return to the main menu by pressing
       START and start your game (1P GAME).
                    u                            A     B
               b -- n -- f                   
                    |                            X     Y
               n - neutral                       A - Shoot
               d - down                          B - Shoot
               u - up                            X - Jump
               b - back                          Y - Jump
               f - forward                       SELECT - Toggle between weapons
                                                 START - Pause game
                                                 Note that these buttons may
                                                 be changed in the menu. There
                                                 is no use for L & R buttons.
       Only 2 buttons are required in Joe & Mac. One is the shoot button and
       the second is the jump button. There are however certain things which
       you need to keep in mind. Here they are!
       Press down: crouch
       Tap left, left: roll backwards (hold left to go further)
       Tap right right: roll forward (hold right to go further)
       Hold down and press jump: drop below (on ledges only)
       Hold up and press jump: high jump (press left or right to jump in that
       Hold up and press shoot: shoot upwards.
       Note that the roll move can be considered as an attack. It will kill
       baddies and hurt enemies in general, even some of the bosses.
       First, let me briefly explain how the game works. After pressing the 
       START button or X at 1P GAME, you'll reach a screen, the level select
       screen, where there are paths and red or blue circles at the end of
       each path. There will be Joe (and both of them if you're two) at the
       bottom. To play the game, all you have to do is make Joe take a path
       until he reaches one of  these circles. When you are in one of those,
       you need to press any button and you'll then start that level.
        This is a map of the stages and bonus stages as well as the continue
        spots. I've included the statues at the continue spots to make things
        easier but it is really simple to understand once you've started
        playing the game.
                                       |            O
         (+)   O------(+)-----O        |  Y         |
          |    |    |         |       (+) |        (+)
          |    |    |         |----Y   |  |         |
          |    |    Y      O---        ---|      Y  |  
          O-----           | (+)          O--(+) |  Y  (+)
          |                |  |           |   |  |  |   |
          |                |  |           |   |  |  |---  
          |                O---------O-----   O--O--O
                                    KEY: () - Grey circle
                                          X - Joe begins here
                                          O - Red circle
                                          + - Statue (you start here at continue)
                                          Y - Bonus stage (requires one key)
       The red circles are the levels.
       The statue shows where you'll start when you die and choose to continue.
       After you pass on a new grey circle, the statue will move over to that
       new point and this is where you'll start if you were to lose.
        This one is only for the stages and I've marked each stage instead of
        the usual symbol that I used in the overall map. I'm still marking
        the bonus stages and continue spots though.
                                       |           Final
         (+)   2------(+)-----3        |  Y          |
          |    |    |         |       (+) |          (+)
          |    |    |         |----Y   |  |          |
          |    |    Y      4---        ---|      Y   |  
          1-----           | (+)          7--(+) |   Y  (+)
          |                |  |           |   |  |   |   |
          |                |  |           |   |  |   |---  
          |                5---------6-----   8--9--10
                                                          Key: 1 - Stage 1
     STAGE 1
        Go straight up to enter Stage 1.
        As you enter the stage, you'll see an egg drop onto the pillar just
        in front of you. Just ignore it, you can't access it for now. Go
        forward while taking care of any enemies you meet. Two screens 
        forward, you'll meet a man carrying an egg (just like the one you
        saw at the beginning) on his back. Make sure you kill the man or
        at least break this egg. If you manage to do so, you'll receive 
        a better weapon, the bone-launcher. Then, continue forward. You'll
        start to meet a lot of enemies as from now, both prehistoric men
        and animals. Continue moving right until you see a red egg. Break
        it with your weapon and a baby pterodactyl will come out of it. It
        will take you onto the next part of the level.
        There's a life bonus just above you from where you start after the
        baby velociraptor has dropped you. Be sure to take it as you'll get
        a lot of life back with it. Move forward and you'll come across 
        another one. Take that one too. You should also see an egg in front
        of you. Break it and take the bonus inside, a life-up. Continue to
        the right and you'll see the first key. Take it and your little
        flying friend will come to take you once again and carry you over to
        the next part.
        Move on to the right once it has dropped you down. Very soon, you'll
        see a bonus up. To access it, you need to jump onto the purple animal
        that comes flying towards you and jump again immediately to reach the
        bonus. If you manage to get it, you'll get the flame-shot. Be very
        careful though as it is quite difficult to get to it. Once you've 
        gotten it or not, continue jumping forward while taking care of the
        baddies. Continue moving until you come across the sleeping T-Rex, 
        just go on as it will do nothing for now. You'll start meeting little
        dinosaurs after this point. Continue moving to the right until you come
        to a dead-end. Now, the T-Rex will get up and you'll see (and hear!!)
        it coming your way. Prepare for your first boss encounter of the game.
        BOSS: Sleepy T-Rex
        This first boss is very easy. The T-Rex has only 2 attacks. The first
        one consists of opening its mouth and those little baddies will pop 
        out and aim for you. Just jump or even better, just use your weapon
        against them. Its second attack consists of charging forward and 
        trying to hit you with either his body or smoke which comes out from
        its nose. To beat it easily, jump to the upper ledge (hold UP and 
        press the JUMP button). Now, stay there and continue shooting at it
        and avoid the baddies and its other attack by jumping down again or
        going to the far right of the screen. Having the flame-shot makes
        things very easy!
        Once you've beaten it, Blondie, the best girl in the bunch, will
        come to kiss you and congratulate you for your victory.  ^_^
     STAGE 2
        You'll appear at the level select screen again. Go the the right and 
        then up to reach level 2. Press a button to begin that level.
        Move across the bridge, while taking care of the baddies. Be on the
        look-out for any bonus that they may drop. There is a flame-shot on
        a ledge below the second bridge. To get it, hold DOWN and press the
        JUMP button. After getting it, jump back onto the bridge (hold UP
        and press JUMP). Continue moving forward. You'll now come across
        a pterodactyl carrying an egg. Wait for it to fly over the ledge
        so that the egg will fall on it and you can collect the bonus. Then,
        jump on the water-level and jump forward to move on. Note that the
        water-level will move up and down, so you need to time your jumps!
        Be careful of the fish which pop up when you jump over to move
        forward. Continue going to the right and you'll reach a series of
        water-levels. Jump across them. Break the red egg you'll see after
        those for a bonus. It's up to you whether you'll take it, you can
        just refer to my boss section below this walkthrough if you are
        unsure about which weapon to take. Keep going right but beware of 
        the next velociraptor that you see, it's carrying a boulder which
        it'll try to drop on you! You'll get the boomerang after that, keep
        moving forward to see it. Take it!! Then, continue moving forward
        and take care of the plants that will throw beans at you. At one
        point, you'll see a baddie up and the latter will push a HUGE boulder
        on you. To avoid it, simply jump quickly onto the ledge just below 
        him and the boulder won't be able to touch you. Continue right for 
        your second boss fight.
        BOSS: Man-Eater
        The Man-Eater is in fact a bigger (way bigger!) version of the plants
        you had met previously. Its main attack consists of lauching these
        smaller versions at you. It can also attack you with the green creeper
        next to it and it will shoot back certain boomerangs at you. It is 
        not that hard though. Just keep shooting at it while avoiding its
        attacks and you'll be fine.
        After you've beaten it, a cute red-haired gal will come and kiss you.
     STAGE 3
        Keep moving to the right to reach level 3.
        Jump up while taking care of the enemies. You'll lose a life if you
        jump down. Press JUMP while holding UP to jump even higher to make a 
        short work of this level. Beware of the bees that'll come in your
        direction as you move further up. Note that you may jump on the bee
        hives too! Continue jumping up until you cannot go any further. 
        Prepare for the next boss.
        BOSS: Green Pterodactyl
        This medium boss can launch a number of smaller pterodactyls which
        will then attack you. Just use your weapon to kill those. Otherwise,
        keep shooting up at it and watch out when it lunges at you. Use that
        instant to aim for it as it goes up again and you'll beat it quite
        easily. It can also cause you to go to the far side of the screen
        with a gust of wind (and you can't do anything against that!) but it 
        isn't really annoying and isn't even damaging.
        This time, a green-haired girl will come and congratulate you.  :P
     STAGE 4
        Go down and then left to reach Level 4.
        First of all, you need to keep moving on this level since the screen
        will be going forward all the time. Break the first egg you'll see 
        after a very short time for a better weapon, the ring-launcher. Jump
        on the water-level and continue to the right. Break the red egg when
        you see it to liberate your little friend once more. After flying 
        about on the screen, the latter will pick you and carry you over to
        the next section.
        Go the the right but do not jump on the ledges yet. There are 2 lives
        below after a little while but you need to be careful when you take 
        them. Take the 2 lives but be careful not to go too much forward. As
        soon as you've taken the second one, go back a few steps until you
        are able to jump on one of the upper ledges. After doing so, move
        on but keep jumping on the the next ledge and don't allow yourself
        to drop down again. You're probably wondering why I'm insisting so
        much that you should remain up...Keep going to the right and you'll
        see the answer yourself! Once you reach the last ledge, jump forward
        and grab the key at the same time!! ^_^ You need to get the key on
        the first try as li'l pterodactyl will come to take you quickly 
        after that, so make sure you get it!
        You need to keep moving again! Move forward and take the 3 life
        bonuses if you need them. There are 2 other bonuses further
        forward but beware of the guy that comes in the prehistoric car!
        Next, continue to the right for a boss encounter.
        BOSS: Sharks
        You'll see sharks below you. Be careful of those as they will
        suddenly jump and attack you. The battle is a piece of cake if
        you have the ring-launcher. Keep moving around and jump if needed
        to avoid the sharks and just kill all of them to win the battle.
        Be careful though as they may sometimes jump in groups of 3 or
        even more.
        The red-haired gal will make a short appearance to give you some
        courage for the next stage.  :D
     STAGE 5
        Stage 5 is directly below you! 
        This stage is tough!! You will be carried by a pterodactyl (another
        one, not our dear li'l friend from before) and you must avoid the
        boulders that will drop from above. Firstly, as the stage starts,
        press down until you are in the middle of the screen. It will be
        easier to avoid the boulders then. Be on the look-out for the
        ledges too since they will block your way and you need to avoid
        being stuck on those too. It is possible to destroy the boulders
        with your weapon and use this to crush those that you cannot avoid.
        Upon reaching the bottom of the stage, prepare for yet another boss
        fight!  :(
        BOSS: AquaMonster
        It attacks from below you. It can also release a bunch of piranhas
        at you but thankfully, you can kill those. However, shooting at it
        during this time will have no effect. AquaMonster is invincible
        during this time. You need to keep another important thing in mind
        during the whole battle though. Only its head is vulnerable and
        you need to aim for it to defeat it. So you need to jump and
        use your weapon (any will do) on its head. When it pops up and
        travels below you, jump to avoid it. Once you defeat it, it will
        disappear back into the water...and girl-time!!
     STAGE 6
        Keep moving to the right along the path to enter Stage 6.
        The ice stage...Don't be too quick as the ground is quite slippery
        and you may end up bumping into an enemy and subsequently losing
        some life. D'oh! The first enemy will be carrying an egg, take the
        bonus inside. Next, keep moving forward. You'll see a life bonus
        above you. To get it, jump on the first ledge and then use your
        high jump to drop on the upper ledge where it is located. Go on
        to the right while killing any enemy you should encounter. There
        is an egg just after that on the ledge below. Jump down and break 
        the egg and move on to the right until you see another egg above
        you. High jump to the left to reach it and you'll get the boomerang.
        After getting it or not, continue to the right. When you see the
        3 ledges, walk on the second one so that you'll get the bonus when
        you have to jump. You'll miss it completely if you are on the lower
        or upper ledges. Continue forward for a quite tough part. You'll
        notice that there are boulders below you and spikes coming out 
        from the ground. The trick here is to jump onto the successive
        boulders until you see the next ledge. Time your jumps well so 
        that you avoid both the spikes and the gaps between them! >:(
        Then, move on to the right while avoiding the spikes that stick
        out of the wall this time. There is an egg which you can break 
        for a bonus. After doing so, move on forward and prepare for the
        level boss.
        BOSS: Crazy Mammoth
        This one is quite tough. Crazy Mammoth will keep moving forth and
        back and will release boulders at you. Luckily, these boulders can
        be broken with your weapon. It is better to destroy them than to 
        avoid them. Also, aim for its head as it's more vulnerable there.
        After taking enough damage, it'll lose his trunks but boulders will
        drop at you now, 2 at a time and you need to avoid those. This is
        really difficult to do due to the slippery ground so be careful!
        Crazy Mammoth won't move during this time so just avoid the boulders
        and keep shooting at it until it falls down in a crumple.
        The green-haired girl will make her second appearance.  :)
     STAGE 7
        Go on to the right and then up to reach Stage 7.
        Jump up the ledges while avoiding or destroying the boulders. You
        will also meet some bad guys, so just kill them along the way.
        Another one will push a huge boulder on you further up, avoid it.
        Once you reach up, take the bonus if you wish (the bone-launcher)
        and wait for the boss to show up.
        BOSS: Freak Pterodactyl
        It flies around a lot and sometimes charges at you. And just like the
        AquaMonster, it will pop its head at the bottom of the screen and 
        travel. It is invincible during that period. High jump to avoid it 
        when it does so. It may also charge anywhere else on the screen and
        you need to be careful when it does so. Crouch or jump accordingly.
        All you need to do against Freak Pterodactyl is to avoid its charges
        and keep shooting at it to end the fight quickly.
        Make your way to Stage 8 after you've received your treat.   ^-^
        ...Which, by the way, really beats me since the ledge is supposed
        to finish at the edge of the screen...!
     STAGE 8
        Go right and then down to enter Stage 8.
        Go forward and break the first egg you see for a weapon and 
        kill the enemies you'll meet here. Jump over the fire to avoid it
        as it'll harm you if you come in contact with it (how weird...).   
        You'll now come across a very big gap with no ledges. Umm, how do
        I get through? Certainly not by jumping over the enemies...Actually,
        it's very simple although I had to do this a couple of times to
        figure this out. Jump continue jumping forward and Joe will keep 
        jumping over thin air until he reaches the next side. Yeah, so
        what? Newton hadn't discovered gravity yet, he wasn't even born!
        When you reach the next side, you may encounter some difficulties
        though. Just stick to the wall while pressing the jump button
        repeatedly. Then, kill the enemies (a whole bunch of them!) that
        you'll meet here. To avoid the incoming boulder (warning: these
        huge boulders cannot be destroyed, unlike the smaller ones), so
        you can do 2 things. Either get in the little gap and crouch until
        it has rolled by or jump over it. Crouching in the gap is best though
        since you'll have to avoid a second one immediately after. In any
        case, high jump to avoid the second one. To take the life bonus near
        the fire, let yourself drop down (don't press jump!) but keep your
        finger on right all the time. You'll get the bonus and won't be hurt
        by the fire then. Kill the little dinosaurs that you'll meet after
        going to the right. Don't let their size fool you, they have a tough
        skin!! Now, break the egg and the little pterodactyl should appear, in
        which case continue reading below. If you get a weapon, continue
        reading after the bonus part.
        If you took key:
        Jump up the ledges and go back a few steps to take the life-up. After
        taking it, go to the right and be careful to remain on the upmost 
        ledge. Once you reach the end, high jump forward and grab the key as
        you do so. The pterodactyl will return as soon as you land!
        Make your way across the gap just like you did before and when you
        reach the other side, kill the rolling enemies (you can also jump
        over them if you're too lazy to kill them but they give life bonuses
        if you take care of them!). - You'll resume as from here if you got
        the key in the bonus section - After moving forward, you'll see an egg
        drop in the fire. Don't fret yet, you can still get it. Get as close
        to the fire as you can and break it, you'll be toucing the bonus once
        it's broken! Afterwards, move forward and jump over the gap. First,
        remain above so that you can grab the item. But as you go forward,
        you'll see a life-up below you. It is very simple to get it. Just
        move until you're just above it and don't do anything. Joe will
        gradually lower down by himself. Wait until you've grabbed the
        life-up and then, just jump forward to land safely on the ledge.
        Prepare for the level boss.
        BOSS: Long Neck
        Aarggh! Long Neck is tough, really tough. And it has a lot of life
        to make matter worse. Morever, you can only hurt it by aiming at
        its big head! To get on with it, it will launch small boulders at
        you and you can thankfully break those. You may feel tempted to
        just stay below it and shoot up when it lauches the boulders...
        Don't even think about it. It has the ability to lower its head
        very very quickly and you won't be able to avoid it and thus get
        hurt! Long Neck will change colour after taking some damage and it
        will become even more crazy than ever so be prepared for some quick
        jumping and crouching.  :(  After a while, baddies will come out too
        and you'll have to either kill them or you may just avoid them since
        they disappear very quickly.
        Blondie-time!! Wouhou!!
     STAGE 9
        Go to the right a little and you'll be on Stage 9.
        Move forward and jump on the upper ledge to break the egg and get 
        the bonus. Be careful after that as fire pillars will appear from
        the lava so you need to time your jumps. Beware of the dinosaurs
        too, they're quite tough! Next, move forward and take the flame-shot
        along the way if you want (avoid the pillar between them). As you
        move forward, you'll see two eggs on the lege below. The two eggs
        will hatch enemies so it's your choice whether you'll break them
        or not. Continue moving forward while taking care of all the enemies
        you should meet. Break the egg and take the weapon if you want. When
        you come to the screen with the ledge in the middle, walk forward
        until you reach the far side and retreat immediately to the other 
        side. Reason...You'll be hit by the level boss if you remain where
        you are!
        BOSS: Spikey
        Don't let the four lifebars fool you, Spikey is the hardest boss so far.
        It rolls into a ball and will travel across the screen. Be careful not
        to get touched by the spikes, those hurt! Spike can also move up the 
        walls when he's rolled into the ball (how the hell does it do that!?).
        It'll disappear from the screen (still in a ball though...) but it'll
        suddenly drop down and big damage if he drops on you. To make matters
        worse, it's invincible while it's rolled up so you need to wait for
        it to stand up. And that's not even all...Even when it stands up to
        glare at you *evil glare of death*, it will resume into the ball quite
        quickly so you need to be fast and use your weapon against it during
        that small time. Your best bet against Spikey is high jump and your
        rolls(actually, they're your only solution :D ) and be quick when it
        stands up at last. Good luck! :P
        Blue is beautiful! Hehehe!
     STAGE 10
        A baddie will come rolling your way as soon as you start the stage.
        Jump over him and move forward. You also need to be careful at the
        lightning that strikes down in some places, so be on the look-out
        for those. You'll soon encounter a medium green dinosaur (from
        Dino Crisis!?). Retreat a few stops and keep using your weapon at
        it from where you are. Be careful, it is very tough and needs a 
        lot to be killed!! It will leave an item behind. Continue moving
        forward and break the egg under the bone for a weapon. Next, go 
        on until you see a life-up under the bone. The life-up is over
        a _huge_ gap and so far, I haven't been able to get it myself.
        *Contributed by Belch: To get the life-up, wait for
        the pterodactyl to appear and ride on him. High jump at the life-up
        as he is about to go down the gap and you should get the life-up. 
        Then, land on the ground and you'll have made it very easily.*
        The only thing I've managed to do is to sacrifice a life and then 
        get it as Joe rises up...Please mail me if you know how to get
        that damn bonus. Anyway, see the red egg on the other side? There's
        a very neat trick with it. Here's the trick. If you break it from
        the other side (i.e. the left ledge, you l'il friend from before
        will come out and will carry you to another part.Refer to the
        part just below in this case. But if you jump to where it is and
        break it there, you'll get an item inside in which case refer to
        the next part (skip part in asterix!).
        If you took key:
        Break the egg and you'll be taken to another section where you'll
        get cool bonuses and most importantly, a key. Once you've taken
        the key, you'll be taken to another section.
        Move forward, jumping over the gaps and avoiding or killing the
        enemies. Avoid the boulders and move forward. You'll meet a tough
        dino here (even tougher than the green one!) and kill it first.
        Next, keep moving forward and prepare for the level boss.
        Keep moving to the right. Avoid the huge boulder by dropping down.
        There are 3 bonuses down and if you still wish to get the upper one,
        retreat a few steps and high jump to the ledge. Then, keep moving 
        forward. Kill the dino that you'll encounter - beware, it's very
        tough and takes a lot to kill - and move forward for the boss!
        BOSS: Skullo
        Only Skullo's head is vulnerable and just too bad, it keeps moving
        all the time. When Skullo loses a lifebar, the head will drop down 
        and will attack you. Jump to avoid it and it will resume its original
        place. Lather, rinse, repeat...Use flame-shot if you have it for
        more damage.
        Oooh, Blondie is back!!
        Move up for the free bonus stage. 
        You'll be on a ledge and all you need to do is to take the bonuses that
        drop down.
        Go up and enter the final stage.
        Walk forward and high jump to avoid the fire. When you take the 4 bonuses
        which you'll see after the fire, be careful of the lightning that will
        strike here. Just don't stay on this ledge too much and you'll be fine.
        Continue to the right and kill the red dino. Next, continue forward
        and kill the bunch of enemies that you'll require. There's a bonus
        between the couple of fires on the below ledge and I suppose you'll
        need it by now, so drop onto the ledge and take it. Jump over the gaps
        to move on. Be careful of the velociraptor which are carrying boulders.
        Wait for them to pass on or kill them while avoiding the boulders.
        When you finally reach the other side, a bad guy will launch one of
        those huge boulders at you. Avoid it and take care of the bad guy if
        you wish. You may jump on the upper ledge to avoid the boulder. You'll
        now come to a very difficult part. Well, what were you expecting!? This
        is the last stage!! You'll see the lava but no ledges. There are actually
        a couple of legdes but they far apart and you can't jump onto them from
        where you are. So, might as well stop here and rate this game as one
        which you haven't completed!!...Hey, come back! Just kidding! All you 
        need to do is to jump over the pterodactyl and make your way to the
        next side. You may let yourself drop on the ledges to give yourself a
        break but it's kinda hard to hop back on one animal when you do so.
        Anyway, time your jumps well and move on. When you reach a dead end,
        prepare for a tough boss.
        BOSS: T-Rex
        T-Rex is hard. It has the ability to release bad guys at you through
        its mouth...You see, it ate them but they lived on in its stomach!
        How's life there, is the big question. It can also launch small
        small boulders at you (huh?) and you can thankfully break those...
        These are attacks are a real pain, particularly the boulder one,
        but most of all it has a huge lifebar so be prepared for some tough
        strategy. Avoid its attacks - jumps and rolls are very useful in
        this battle - and keep shooting at it all the time. Be on the 
        look-out for when he dodges his head like a punching ball o_O as
        this will hurt you too. The neck is not vulnerable, concentrate on 
        its head and throw in everything you've got! Flame-shot and ring-launcher
        works best if you have them (which you should by now!).
        Great! You have done it!
        But no, hehehe, it isn't over. Your troubles aren't over yet!! What's
        this stage? The worst is yet to come...  o_O 
        You'll find yourself inside tha T-Rex!!
        Move forward while killing those damn enemies. Just use the ring-laucher,
        the rings will even move up and down the wall. Continue moving forward,
        taking care to avoid the spikes along the way. Bad guys will drop from
        above and attack you in this section, so be prepared to take them out.
        They come in groups of 3. Continue to the right and you'll see the
        ring-launcher on a ledge above you. If you want to get it, you have to
        go forward until you can jump on the ledge. After having done this, just
        high jump to the upper ledge (be careful not to drop onto the fire!!),
        jump over the fire and retreat a few steps to get it. After getting the
        best weapon or not (you don't need to do all this if you already have
        it since you don't even get points!), continue to the right. You'll be
        meeting another bunch of those rolling baddies now...Isn't ring-launcher
        useful? These guys will leave life bonuses behind, so make a point to
        kill them as long as you don't have a full lifebar. Be careful of the 
        huge boulder that will drop down after this section. Now, go forward 
        until you see something weird sticking from the ceiling (makes me think
        of the final boss in contra!). After a while, a devil will appear...
        Boss time!!
        BOSS: Sick Devil
        Sick Devil is annoying, very annoying!  :(  First of all, he'll appear,
        laugh like a child and then suddenly disappear. And you'll have to deal
        with very tough enemies as soon as he vanishes into thin air. Take them
        out with the ring-launcher, it's your best weapon against these. The
        fact that they will be on either side of the screen will pose a problem.
        Try to hit the left one first and then the right one. Luckily, with the
        ring-launcher, they take only 3 shots or so to die. Shoot at them as 
        they jump towards you and you'll see this part over quickly enough.
        They will keep dropping down for some time and they always appear in 2
        (thankfully...3 would be way too much!!). Deal with those until Sick
        Devil returns, more sick than ever...He is very tough. He will thrust
        his stick forward and travel across the screen and it's difficult to
        predict from where he appears. Avoid him when he does this and try to
        hit him just after that. He'll also make boulders drop after a while 
        and these will disappear as soon as they hit the ground. The boulders
        drop down in groups of 3. Also, don't bother using the flame-shot or
        the ring-launcher. It's not that he's strong against them (in fact,
        he has no weakness and strengths) but it is more difficult to hit him
        with those. Use the bommerang. It no only is better but even if you 
        missed him the first time, the returning bommerang still has a chance
        of hitting him. Here comes his worst attack. He'll make a clone of
        himself and the latter will transform into Mac (or Joe if you're playing
        with Mac..) and will roll at you. Take care of him first! Shoot up when 
        you can. Also, watch out when he seems to concentrate and then appears
        at the bottom of the screen and charges with his spear forward. Simply
        high jump to avoid being hit or you may roll to hit him instead (but 
        don't do that if you're not confident enough with this feature!).
        After you've hit him enough, he'll disappear and then green-haired cutie
        will come to kiss you...But wait, what's that!? It's him again and he's
        just given you the kiss of death!! Anyway, he'll be even more sick now
        (if ever that was possible...). He'll have a new cheap attack which
        consists of him being actually 4 and these 4 devils (as if one wasn't
        enough...) will rotate at the middle of the screen and you can't even
        hurt those! Just avoid being hit when he does that. Then, he'll turn
        blue...I think he caught a cold or maybe he's tired of his colour, who
        knows...This time, when he concentrates like before (he wants to be a
        Super Saiyajin but he hasn't enough 'chi', poor Devil), he'll appear
        somewhere on the screen and thrust his spear forward. Just make sure
        you aren't anywhere near him when he appears. And take this opportunity
        to hit him since you won't be having much of those now!
        He'll also fire flame-shots and even flame-rings at you. The flame-shots
        are very easy to avoid but you'll need to be careful with those damn
        flame-rings, I had a hard time avoiding those...Or you can roll and
        you'll pass straight through them! He can also fire flames-shots in
        rows of five and these will form pillars once they touch the ground, be
        on the look-out for those! Sick Devil's colour will change as you hit
        him, so be happy when you see him turn dark blue after a lot of time.
        Avoid all his attacks and hit him whenever you can.
        Continue like this and Sick Devil won't be sick anymore, he'll just be
        dead (and definitely this time...)!! 
       The bonus stages available in the game.
        There's not much to say about the bonus stages in the game except that
        you'll be getting bonuses...Most of them are blocked except for one 
        which I've included in the walkthrough along with all the stages
        and you need to use keys to open up the paths. You'll get weapons,
        life items and even life-ups in these stages. Some will require you
        to choose between some eggs and the other eggs disappear as soon as
        you break one. In others, you will have to fight against an enemy but
        you will get a full lifebar (and the treat of a girl coming to kiss
        you!!) upon defeating it. Here's the map of these bonus stages as with
        the stages map.
                                       |            O
         (+)   O------(+)-----O        |  3         |
          |    |    |         |       (+) |        (+)
          |    |    |         |----2   |  |         |
          |    |    1      O---        ---|      5  |  
          O-----           | (+)          O--(+) |  Y  (+)
          |                |  |           |   |  |  |   |
          |                |  |           |   |  |  |---  
          |                O---------O-----   O--O--O
                                                        KEY: 1 - Bonus stage 1
        You'll see that I let one bonus stage go with the Y symbol. This is
        because this one isn't blocked and it's already listed in the
        walkthrough-stages section.
       Just walk around and take the bonuses. It's that simple. Also, refer to
       CHEATS section.
       You'll find yourself on a ledge and there'll be 5 eggs around you. You
       can take only one of those. As soon as you break one, the 5 others will
       disappear. The bonuses change each time, so it's up to you.
       You need to fight 4 enemies, it's always the carnivores. The fight is
       very easy and the only bonus you'll get is that a girl will come to
       kiss you afterwards and you lifebar will be fully replenished.
       You'll be facing 4 eggs on seperate ledges in the middles of the screen.
       You can take only one. Once again, the items change each time so I can't 
       say more.
       You'll have to fight against the red dino. He's as tough as before and
       your only reward will be a full lifebar and a kiss!
       That's all for the bonus stages. With this, you can hopefully choose which
       one you'll open. The ones where you face enemies aren't worth it and you
       should always go for the one with the items.
       When you lose all your lives, you will be given the option to continue.
       Here's what happens when you choose yes:
       - You'll resume at the last grey circle over which you passed.
       - You'll have only one weapon.
       - You'll lose any keys you had.
       These are the keys that I've found so far!
       - In stage 1, there's a red egg on a ledge. You have to be careful with
         this one. Here's exactly what you need to do to get the key. When
         you are on the upper ledge (just before the egg), you MUST kill
         the purple pterodactyl that comes your way. After doing so, break the
         eggs and a friendly pterodactyl will take you to a section. Keep
         moving forward in this new section until you find the key. Note that
         if you don't kill the enemy as I told you before, you will get only
         a bonus and will miss the key.
       - Break the first red egg that you see in stage 4. The friendly 
         pterodactyl will take you to a new section. Here walk forward
         but in order to get the key, you need to remain on the upper
         ledges. When you are on the last ledge, high jump forward and
         grab the key.
       - In stage 8, you'll see a red egg and there will be a lot of little 
         dinosaurs around it. You MUST kill all of them first and then break
         the egg. Breaking the egg while there's still an enemy around will
         make you just get a weapon. Once you've broken the egg, the pterodactyl
         will come out and will take you to a new section. Here, just remain on
         the upmost ledges and once you reach the edge, jump forward to where
         the key is.
       - In stage 10, you'll come across a gap with a red egg on the other side.
         You NEED to break the egg from the left side in order to get the
         pterodactyl to come out. If you jump to where the egg is to break it,
         you'll only get an item. Just remain where you are and use weapons like
         the boomerang or ring-launcher to break it. The pterodactyl will then
         take you to a new section. In this new section, just walk forward until
         you see the key which is found on the lower ledge.
       This section is a list of all the weapons and what each does! I'll be
       giving the pros and cons for them too. If you've collected them all,
       you'll be having all the weapons even if you were to lose a life! You
       can toggle between the different weapons by pressing SELECT. Note,
       however, that  you'll lose all of them and have only the stick when you
       lose all your lives and choose to continue the game.
       Weapon 1: Stick.
       Where you get it: You start with it. You have only this weapon at
       How it works: It's just the regular stick and it can only be used when 
                     the enemy is close. The worst of the bunch.
       Pros: None.
       Cons: Very limited range; weak weapon.
       Weapon 2: Bone-Launcher.
       Where you get it: As a bonus in every stage.
       How it works: The bone-launcher is just like its name (how weird!). It
                     will release a bunch of bones at your enemies.
       Pros: Can release up to 4 bones; appreciable range.
       Cons: Not very damaging even against regular enemies.
       Weapon 3: Flame-shot.
       Where you get it: As a bonus in every stage.
       How it works: The flame-shot will release a fireball which will form into
                     a pillar when it touches the ground or a wall. The pillar
                     will remain on-screen for about 2 seconds.
       Pros: Quite strong against any enemy.
       Cons: Impossibility to fire 2 shots one after the other. You need to wait
             for the pillar to disappear to fire the next shot.
       Weapon 4: Boomerang.
       Where you get it: As a bonus as from the second stage.
       How it works: You can fire up to 3 boomerangs at a time. These will travel
                     approximately half the screen and, wonders of wonders, will
                     come back to you!  :)  Multi-directional!
       Pros: Can hit enemies off-screen. Just fire and walk forward. An enemy 
             which was on the point of appearing will be hit by the returning
             boomerang. Another good point is that after having fired your first
             shot, you can fire the remaining ones in any other direction you
       Cons: You need to wait for all 3 to return to use it (or any other weapon
             for that matter) again.
       Weapon 5: Ring-launcher.
       Where you get it: As a bonus as from the third stage.
       How it works: This is the best weapon in the game. When you use it, you'll
                     shoot a maximum of 2 big rings which will move on the screen
                     in the direction in which you were facing when you shot.
                     The rings may even go up and down walls, and they'll remain
                     on-screen and hurt any baddies in their way as long as you
                     keep following them.
       Pros: Very damaging - smaller enemies will be killed in one shot. Great
       Cons: Only 2 can be fired at a time. You need to wait for both of them to
             disappear before you can fire again.
       BOSS LIST
       This section is the list of the bosses you'll meet in the game. I've also
       included which weapons you should use and strategies.
       BOSS NAME: Sleepy T-Rex 
       STAGE: 1
       WEAK AGAINST: Flame-shot
       STRONG AGAINST: Bone-launcher
       STRATEGY: It has 2 attacks. For the first one, it'll launch a series of
                 bad guys at you and these are fairly easy to avoid. For the
                 second one, it'll charge at you and try to hit you for some
                 damage. It is very easy to beat though. Use the flame-shot if
                 you have it, it doesn't take big damage from the bone-launcher
                 (maybe because it feeds so much on those!). Jump to the ledge
                 in the middle of the screen and keep shooting at it from where
                 you are and you'll easily defeat it.
       BOSS NAME: Man-Eater
       STAGE: 2
       WEAK AGAINST: Flame-shot, boomerang
       STRONG AGAINST: Bone-launcher
       STRATEGY: It will release a number of smaller crop at you. Take care of
                 those first as they can be a nuisance. Watch out for the green
                 creeper too, you may jump or crouch to avoid it but you cannot
                 do anything against it. Use the flame-shot or boomerang -
                 actually, the boomerang is a tad better if you have it - and
                 you'll beat it in no time.
       BOSS NAME: Green Pterodactyl
       STAGE: 3
       WEAK AGAINST: -
       STRONG AGAINST: Bone-launcher
       STRATEGY: It will release a number of smaller velociraptors (the regular
                 enemies) at you but you can just kill those. It also has a very
                 annoying attack that consists of making a gust rise and this 
                 will take you to the other side of the screen but thankfully,
                 it doesn't hurt your character. Just watch out for velociraptors
                 and keep shooting up at it.
       BOSS NAME: Sharks
       STAGE: 4
       WEAK AGAINST: Flame-shot, ring-launcher
       STRONG AGAINST: Bone-launcher
       STRATEGY: A bit tough! First of all, if you are using the flame-shot,
                 wait for them to pop up and then, you can use your weapon.
                 If you have the ring-launcher, there's a neat trick you can 
                 use. Just fire the 2 rings and they're bound to be hit when
                 they pop up. Keep moving so as you're not above them when 
                 they jump up and you'll be fine! Another strategy is to keep
                 rolling about since it's a dmaging attack but use this only 
                 as a last resort.
       BOSS NAME: AquaMonster
       STAGE: 5
       WEAK AGAINST: -
       STRATEGY: Only the head is vulnerable. It can release a bunch of annoying
                 piranhas at you but you can fortunately kill those with any
                 weapon. Watch out when it dashes across the screen as its head
                 will hurt you. Jump to avoid but don't roll, the attack has no
                 effect on it (it has priority!). Otherwise, keep tapping the
                 shoot button and AquaMonster will go back into the water to 
                 heal its wounds.
       BOSS NAME: Crazy Mammoth
       STAGE: 6
       WEAK AGAINST: Ring-launcher
       STRONG AGAINST: Flame-shot
       STRATEGY: It seems to be resistant to the flame-shot. First, take care of
                 the boulders that it will release at you as soon as the battle
                 starts and aim for its head whenever you can. After some time,
                 it will lose its trunks but boulders will now drop from above
                 you. It's a bit hard to avoid those completely because of the
                 slippery ground. Well, do your best and throw in all that
                 you've got.
       BOSS NAME: Freak Pterodactyl
       STAGE: 7
       WEAK AGAINST: - 
       STRATEGY: It will constantly fly around and thus, it can be tough to aim
                 for it at all times. However, its attacks are not that strong
                 and its charges can easily be avoided. The fact that it's not
                 weak against any weapon may pose a problem so use the boomerang
                 as it has a higher chance of hitting it.
       BOSS NAME: Long Neck
       STAGE: 8
       WEAK AGAINST: Ring-launcher
       STRONG AGAINST: Boomerang
       STRATEGY: If you don't have the ring-launcher, you may use the flame-shot
                 but the way in which the flame-shot fires its projectile may
                 pose a problem against this tough boss. Only the head is 
                 vunerable. And don't remain below it and shoot at it from where
                 you are, it may lower its head quickly and you'll be hit. Avoid
                 the boulders and keep shooting at it whenever you can. After
                 taking enough damage, it will change colour and baddies will
                 start popping out of its mouth. Instead of killing these guys
                 first, just avoid them as they will just roll about and 
                 disappear as soon as they have appeared.
       BOSS NAME: Spikey
       STAGE: 9
       WEAK AGAINST: - 
       STRATEGY: One of the toughest bosses in the game. Any weapon will do but
                 the boomerang should be your last choice. Avoid Spikey when it
                 rolls into the ball and travels all over the screen. Ain't high
                 jump helpful!!? Be prepared for when it will stand up because
                 it will quickly roll back and this is your _only_ chance to hit
                 him. Just wiat for it to stand and shoot at it. Note that you
                 may only shoot it once even at this time since it will resume
                 into the ball as soon as it gets hurt. This battle will be long,
                 make sure you are prepared!
       BOSS NAME: Skullo (...mania?)
       STAGE: 10
       WEAK AGAINST: Flame-shot
       STRATEGY: Quite difficult but it is weak against the flame-shot and if
                 you have it and adopt a good strategy, you'll make it through
                 easily. Aim for its head _only_ . When the head drops down, be
                 ready for some frantic rolling or jumping since it will charge
                 at you but thankfully, the trajectory is easy to guess!
       BOSS NAME: T-Rex
       STAGE: Final
       WEAK AGAINST: Flame-shot, ring-launcher
       STRONG AGAINST: Ring-launcher, boomerang
       STRATEGY: Very tough! Very annoying! The T-Rex has way too much life!
                 Only the head can be hurt. It can release boulders and bad 
                 guys at you and when it dodges its head, this is also an 
                 attack, so be careful. Take care of the baddies and the
                 boulders first since these may harm you. Just shoot at the
                 head whenever you can, taking care to avoid its attacks.
                 The fight will be a long one, hope you have already eaten
                 and drunk!  :D
       BOSS NAME: Sick Devil
       STAGE: Final (inside T-Rex)
       WEAK AGAINST: -
       STRATEGY: Sick Devil is tough!! Normal, he's the final boss. As soon as
                 the battle starts, he'll summon Bahamut, err no,...I mean,
                 some baddies to do the dirty work for him! They drop from above
                 and come in groups of 2. The first 2 ones will drop on either
                 side of you and you need to be fairly quick in shooting at those
                 2. The next ones fall on the same side and are fairly easy to
                 deal with. Use the ring-launcher to make a quick work of those.
                 Once you've taken care of those, Sick Devil will thrust his
                 spear forward and will come charging at you. You may high jump
                 to avoid him but even better, use roll to hit him as he comes
                 at you. He'll also make boulders drop down and these come in 
                 3. Just avoid those and try to hit him meantime. You can
                 destroy the boulders but it's only a waste of time. After taking
                 enough hits, he'll drop down and a girl will come as usual but
                 it's not over yet. The girl will transform into Sick Devil (the
                 freak!!) and you'll have to fight him again.
                 He'll sue new attacks to make things even more difficult for
                 you. The first one consists of him becoming 4 and they'll 
                 move about near the middle of the screen. They can't be hit
                 and you can just make sure that they do not hit you when he
                 uses this attack! He'll become blue after a while. When he
                 looks as if he's concentrating, that means he'll suddenly
                 disappear and he'll thrust his spear in the hope that you're
                 near him. Just make sure that you aren't near him when he
                 reappears. Unluckily, it is impossible to predict where he'll
                 come up so it's just a matter of luck. He can also use flame
                 attacks. He has the regular shots and rings which come out in
                 3. They can be difficult to avoid at times so be careful. He
                 has another attack which consists of creating 2 rings (a bit
                 like Krilin) which will travel around the screen. It's very
                 hard to avoid those and it's way better to use roll as these
                 come in your direction as your character will just pass through
                 these without being hit. Keep another important thing in mind
                 here. When VSD (Very Sick Devil  ^_^) launches the first ring,
                 he cannot be hit. He also cannot be hit when he creates the
                 second one, seconds after launching the first one. But he can 
                 be hit once this first one returns to him such that there's
                 only one ring on the screen. Try to hit him during this time
                 as he's pretty vulnerable then and won't try to do nay other
                 Just avoid his projectiles and shoot at him whenever you can
                 until he dies! Good luck, you'll need it!  :)
       Here are the cheats that I've found for the game. Unfortunately, these
       were posted on simple pages and it isn't possible to know who posted
       those and who found out about these cheats. I'd like to thank these
       people for posting these cheats on the net and for, in a sense, helping
       me with the FAQ. Big thanks to you all!  :D
       All the cheats have been verified by myself.
       - REPLAY LEVEL: Press START, then SELECT to play a level that has already
         been completed.
       - BONUS LEVELS: Kill all the small dinosaurs before cracking the red egg
         in the middle of Stage 8 (don't worry, you can't miss them!). You will
         then access a bonus stage where your weapon can be powered up. There
         is also a key in this bonus stage. Woohoo!! The red egg at the 
         beginning of Stage 9 also leads to a bonus level (refer to bonus stages
         foe more details).
       - MAXIMUM LIVES: If there is a level that contains a life-up, return to
         it after completing it once. Take this extra life and press START, then
         SELECT to end the level. Go on as long as required!
       - MORE LIVES: Collect a key to go to the first locked bonus stage. Collect
         all the meat until the extra life drops down but _do not_ take it yet.
         4 more lives will drop down after a while. You can take take all 5 of
       - CONTINUE AT DINOSAUR IN LAST STAGE: When you lose in the dinosaur,
         choose to continue by breaking the egg marked "Yes". The map with
         the last continue location will then appear. Begin your game at that
         location and once there, press START, then SELECT. You will resume
         your game inside the dinosaur.
       - From time to time, there is a caveman carrying a rock who comes towards
         you. This baddy will drop fruits provided you give him enough time.
         Don't kill him straight away. Hit him and then jump on the boulder 3
         times and each time, you'll get a fruit.
       - See the caveman that isn't doing anything!? You will encounter him 
         twice or thrice. When he wakes up and starts chewing (it's just like
         bubble gum!), hit him for extra points and a quite cool effect.
       - The vertically scrolling stages (like Stage 4) have a special bonus,
         a Spaceman (this game is weird! ^_^). Stay to the right side on the 
         screen and you'll be able to get it.
       Here are the Game Genie codes available for this game. All codes are
       courtesy of VGS.
       Unlimited energy: 6263-07D4
                         Alternate code: 2BBA-64D7 
       Start with 2 lives: CBC8-6404
       Start with 3 lives: CBC8-6404
       Start with 6 lives: CBC8-6404
       Start with 10 lives: CBC8-6404
       Unlimited lives: DD36-D40D 
       All food fully restores energy: DDE0-0F6F 
       Here are the cool and funny stuff that you can do in the game!
       - When you take a key, the pterodactyl should come to fetch you seconds
         later. Keep jumping up until it appears. If Joe was in the air when
         it appeared, Joe (or Mac if you're playing with him) will remain
         stuck in the air.
       - Watch the monsters' looks when they're hit and when they die, and
         pay special attention to their expression and their eyes!  Really
         funny!  =D
       - When Joe and Mac die and you lose one life, they come up dressed up
         as angels and can be seen praying!! Without doubt the most hilarious
         moment in the game!  ^_^
       You are most welcome to write to me for feedback-postive or negative
       /corrections/contributions but please remember to put the game name in 
       the subject line or your mail will simply be ignored (well, it depends 
       on how many mails I have to reply to...^_^). Moreover, here are the
       mails which I will accept and those which I will not. I will also list
       your name (or any nick which you use) in the credits section along with
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       E-mails I will accept:
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       This document is Copyright 2001, Ashvin "Orochi K" Sawmynaden and is 
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       Joe & Mac: Cavemen Ninja is Copyright 1991, Elite Systems Ltd.
       If you want to know what other FAQs I have written, just go to my 
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       Version 1.0 on July 3, 2001
       - First release. FAQ 90% complete!
       Version 2.0 on July 16, 2001
       - FAQ complete except for things that I may have missed!
       - Corrected the level 3 and 7 boss names.
       - Corrected typos.
       - All sections updated.
       - Key locations complete.
       - Boss strategies complete.
       - Added cool stuff section.
       Version 2.0a on July 30, 2001
       - Added information on how to get life-up in Stage 10.
       Version 2.0b on July 31, 2001
       - Minor corrections.
       Version 2.1 on September 30, 2001
       - Fixed some loose stuff! The next version will probably be the last
         update. Mail me soon if you wish to do so! :)
       Final Version on October 3, 2001
       - Yup, the last update!
       Final Version on May 3, 2002
       - Edited some stuff and corrected same typos. Also changed e-mail addy!
      - CJayC <www.gamefaqs.com>    
        For running the best gaming site and for posting my guides, reviews,
        codes...You wouldn't be reading this FAQ without him. He deserves all
        the credits! Keep up the great work!!      ^_^
      - Pyro Vesten
        For the ASCII art at the top of this FAQ. I suck at ASCII and thanks
        to him for taking the time to make one for me.
      - Jeremy 
        For the corrections about the true name for the level 3 and 7 bosses.
        I completely goofed up here, I should probably go watch Jurassic Park
        again.  ^_^
      - Belch
        For telling me how to get the life-up in Stage 10 (something on which
        I would have remained stuck without his help :)).
      - Elite
        For this fun game. It's a good game and I'm still wondering why it's
        so much underrated.
      - Nintendo <www.nintendo.com>
        For licensing this game and all the others (need I say which!?)  :D
      - Video Game Strategies <http://vgstrategies.about.com/>
        For the Game Genie codes for this game. Al Amaloo is yet another
        webmaster that deserves all the credits.
      - All those people who posted cheats for this game on the web. Big thanks
        to you all even if I don't know who you really are!
      - You
        For reading this FAQ. Playing a 10-year-old game can be fun sometimes!
        " Est-ce que je sens un peu de respect...? Est-ce que je sens un peu 
          d'amitié...? ...Parce qu'un homme qui ne se consacre pas à sa
          famille ne sera jamais un homme...Viens ici!"
                                                         - Vito Corleone
                                                   Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K.

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