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    FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Judge Dredd
    Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
    A Probe Production
    For the Super Nintendo
    	A Walkthrough
    	By J.T. (jt@flipmode.com)
    	Ver #1.2
    	1.  Story
    	2.  Controls
    	3.  Heavenly Haven
    	4.  Aspen Penal Colony
    	5.  Cursed Earth
    	6.  Mega City One
    	7.  Hall of Justice
    	8.  Council Chamber
    	9.  Statue of Liberty
    	10. Janus Lab
    	11. Top of Statue of Liberty
    	12. Sewer System
    	13. RC4 Processing Plant
    	14. Mega City Two
    	15. Justice One
    	16. Deadworld
    	17. Weapons/Items
    	18. Passwords
    1.  Story
    	In the third millennium, the world changed.  Climates, nations, all were 
    in upheaval.  Humanity itself turned as violent as the planet.  Civilization 
    threatened to collapse.  And then... a solution was found.
    The crumbling legal system was merged with the overburdened police creating a 
    powerful and efficient hybrid.
    These new guardians of society had the power to dispense both justice and 
    punishment.  They were the judge, jury and executioner all in one.
    They were...
    The Judges.
    2.  Controls
    A - Punch/Kick
    B - Jump
    X - Send To Prison
    Y - Fire Current Weapon
    Start - Pause
    Select - Switch To Different Weapon
    Up - Read Computer Screen
    Down - Crouch
    Over 2X - Run
    Over (while crouching) - Crawl On The Ground
    3.  Heavenly Haven
    Walk down past the Eat at Otto's sign and blast your first criminal.  Execute 
    him or send him to prison, it makes no difference.  Down the ladder take out 
    another baddie then switch to your grenades and blow the three ammo supplies.  
    Down another ladder jump up to avoid the gas fumes then down the long ladder to 
    destroy four ammo suppliers.  At the top grab a weapon from the container.  
    Climb up still to imprison another criminal and blow four more ammo suppliers.  
    At the computer you can find out all kinds of stuff, even statistics.  If you're 
    low on grenades, in the middle of the fumes is a package.  Cart another criminal 
    and take his ricochet + grenade.  Right before the computer crest the ladder; 
    take out the bad guy and the four suppliers.  Check the computer for your status 
    if you want and in the next area shoot three bad guys.  Open the C1 container 
    for a ricochet then descend the ladder.  Blow out the four no-good nicks while 
    taking minimum damage.  The three last supplies can be found down here.  Press 
    up at the up sign to leave.
    *Note - Every 250000 points, you'll rack in an extra life.
    Now you must get to the exit.  Start on your way by expelling the criminal on 
    the ground.  If you want the C1 containers open just jump off from the ladder 
    and swing over there.  Down again to find another pacing man, do away with him & 
    the three supplies to the left.  Check your status on the computer if you want, 
    past the laser & up a ladder blast another perp.  Go down the ladder that you 
    didn't come from and project grenades at 6/7 suppliers.  Down again take out a 
    shotgun man to receive a heart.  Before the laser is a ladder, so shimmy down it.  
    Move down to sentence yet another perp and shatter the three suppliers.  Scale 
    it then sentence a perp and take out the four suppliers.  Advance past the 
    computer and the barrier should be gone.  Have a brawl with what seems like the 
    molten man, shoot then jump over his shots, and try not to stay in one spot or 
    he'll throw grenades at you, if you move too close his shield will hurt you.  If 
    you have any grenades use them first.  When he falls keep traveling up, blasting 
    a C1 Container for a heart.  Snatch the various items and sentence the last perp 
    to use the exit.
    4.  Aspen Penal Colony
    Get ready for a lot of brain bashing, as you have to sentence 30 perps.  The 
    first two are on the floor you are on.  Two more are pacing in the circular 
    chamber, along with a chicken and weapon.  Stay where the chicken was and head 
    left.  Don't open the C1 Container until both perps are gone, and then take all 
    of the weapons.  Get back to the chicken spot then leap right, annihilate a perp 
    and jump down for two more perps.  Monitor your progress on the computer; it's 
    necessary to close the security doors.  Move down again and continue on, killing 
    perps and closing a security door.  When you get to the door that lifts up, keep 
    heading left and close another security door.  Also open the C1 Containers for 
    goodies.  Then move back right and down for a couple more perps.  Grab the heart 
    when you get to it, close the security door and then jump right.  Climb down and 
    eliminate the last shotgun guy, and close the last security door.  Leap left and 
    head in.
    You are now in the sewers.  Hop down into the sludge and take care of the first 
    bad guy.  Arrest them; they seem to give up faster.  Do in the shotgun happy 
    character, drop down the ladder and jump over the next one for a perp + C1 
    Container.  The sludge can hurt you too; so don't let it fall on you.  Stay on 
    the ladder and fire heat seekers at the joe-schmoe guy.  Move right and up for a 
    shotgun man then up again to close the first security door.  Leftwards is a 
    shotgun, use ricochets on them.  Up the ladder shoot more heat-seekers and close 
    the second security door.  Now drop down, ice the joe-schmoe and right there is 
    a C1 Container with a heart for you.  Down again is another joe-schmoe in a cave 
    setting.  Over is a shotgun holding a boing then another joe-schmoe.  Ignore the 
    moving platforms and hop up for another shotgun.  Up the ladder is another joe-
    schmoe, (there are lots of them) and up again is a shotgun with 3 items inside a 
    C1 Container.  Continue on and down for a terminal to close the doors.  Get to 
    the platforms you ignored, jump on them and ruin a joe-schmoe.  When you reach 
    the second Joe make the jumps on the rock platforms left.  Take out two more 
    Joes for a C1 Container with a heart to the left.  To the right up the ladder is 
    another Joe then a shotgun.  Up the ladder are two more Joes with a shotgun.  
    Operate the terminal for closing the security door then cruise directly left, 
    taking out the various Joes and close the security door.  Get back to the door 
    you just closed, and move down.  Imprison these two guys and close the last 
    security door.  To get the extra life and heart, just crawl to them.  Move back 
    to where the platforms were and right.  Send your last perp to prison, blast the 
    C1 Container and exit.
    Walk on for a combo of a Joe + shotgun.  This place looks like the first but 
    it's not.  In the middle mount the ladder and move left to close a security door.  
    Back down then left arrest a perp and his joe-schmoe friend then crest the 
    ladder and pick up the different weapons while closing the security door.  In 
    the chamber where the Joe was you can find a heart.  Heading right get rid of a 
    Joe along with a powered up shotgun, then close another security door.  Approach 
    the middle again and drop down the steep drop.  Arrest a perp who gives up some 
    nice weaponry.  Up both ladders to smoke both a Joe and a shotgun, then activate 
    the security door.  Go down the ladder you didn't come from to sentence a Joe 
    and after the circular sphere is a powered up Joe.  Arrest the shotgun then 
    another powered up Joe.  For the regular Joe, fire up at him from the ladder.  
    Leftwards are a heart and an elevator maniac.  While fighting him, run to the 
    left really fast and take the heart only if you need it.  Jump on the platform 
    and when it's up, throw grenades or heat seekers at him.  When those are 
    exhausted, just fire your regular gun and dodge his grenades and giant baseball 
    bat and you should win.  Continue to the left and up.  Fire a ricochet at the 
    perp to imprison him, and then exit here.
    5.  Cursed Earth
    The ungrateful bastards of the Tribunal have made you go here so your main 
    objective is to prove your innocence.  The secondary objective is basically to 
    annihilate everyone on screen.  Over the first sand dune is an Amazon like 
    warrior so sends it back to the jungle.  Take the grenade and climb up for a 
    commando character.  Jump high to reach the heart then back down.  Leap over the 
    acid pools, kick down the Amazon and kick down the wall.  Resume kicking the 
    commando and shoot the powered up Amazon from a safe distance.  Up the ladder is 
    another commando, on the log bridge you can take him out easily.  Fire up at the 
    commando above you; fare on to sentence another.  Ice the 2 commandoes, and then 
    down is a powered up Amazon.  Kick down the two walls and climb up to prove your 
    innocence.  Go back and leap across this time, launch a grenade at the commando 
    then down the ladder there is another one.  Kick the Amazon along with the wall 
    down then clean this whole area out.  At the top right the exit can be found.
    Now you have to find the Book of Law.  Start by blasting the Amazon and upwards 
    are two commandoes and a powered up Amazon.  The commando on the far left holds 
    a heart so grenade him and take it.  Walk on and after a commando is a grenade 
    then another C.  Drop down, to the left is a powered up C with a regular C; to 
    the right is an Amazon.  Climb down where the Amazon was to find another one.  
    Where you see a C above you shoot him then swing across.  Drop down and grenade 
    all of the Amazons in this area, even the powered up Amazon dies with one 
    grenade.  Get back up, pick up the grenade and throw it at a powered up commando.  
    Grab the hooks to get across and bomb this one for a heart.  Go back to grab 
    another grenade then proceed on.  Fall down to face one of those machine guys.  
    Throw all three grenades at him and stay on the left side.  When he walks away 
    get a couple of shots in.  If you have a double whammy or heat seeker shoot them.  
    Try to leap over the shooting fist, the rock chunks and don't be in the way when 
    he charges.  After you run out of the good ammo, leap over him and shoot him in 
    the back.  After a bit he will give up the Book of Law, climb up the right side 
    and exit.
    6.  Mega City One
    Arm yourself fully, sounds good.  Shoot and arrest the litterbug, then face a 
    flame throwing person.  Work your way down, then left taking out everyone in 
    your path.  Remember, arrest the litterbugs for items + the arrest bonus.  Climb 
    the far left ladder to find someone else on there, shoot him off.  Grab 
    everything you see, when you find the supplies shoot them open and grab the 
    cornucopia of firearms.  In the middle of the sewer climb up and send two 
    litterbugs to prison for a heart and other things.  When you are right next to 
    the heart & bag, bend down and crawl for it.  At the far right is the exit.
    Toast the flamethrower, and run on.  Shoot down the orb and the sky surfer.  
    Down bottom left, shoot both orbs and while heading there get both litterbugs 
    arrested.  Blast the sky surfer out of the sky.  When at the bottom left 
    sentence the flamethrower and run inside the gravity chamber.  Shoot the can to 
    find an extra life.  Go to where the ladder was and right there is a litterbug.  
    Trash him and drop down for another sky surfer.  Advance right for a 
    flamethrower, launch a grenade at him and get your mission status at the 
    terminal.  Down the ladder is a powered flamethrower, one grenade for him.  
    Across is a litterbug then a C1 Container.  Down still is another litterbug, 
    land on the bouncing thing to pick up a jet pack.  Hover to the right and get 3 
    items.  Drop down for a litterbug then fall off the edge.  Smoke the 
    flamethrower and read the terminal.  In the gravity chamber smoke another 
    flamethrower for two more items.  Hop on the machine that you see and ride it up.  
    Hover right next to the C1 Container, open it for a badge + a life.  Move left 
    and grenade some supplies.  Now jump off and take care of the supplies while 
    snatching the weaponry up.  After that's done, fall down and exit left.
    7.  Hall of Justice
    Remember those commandoes from Cursed Earth?  They are judge hunters, and you 
    have to arrest 12 of them.  Take out the first hunter and the bullet machine.  
    Down is a thug, use your regular gun and run past the laser.  Down again are 
    another machine and a card.  Down the chute, the card is for the door to the 
    left.  Up again are another judge and thug. To the left blast the C1 Container 
    then take the items with the security card. To the right are a hunter and the 
    chute.  Check the terminal if you want and down is a powered up thug with a 
    hunter. There's another machine and hunter.  Use the stairs to reach the C1 
    Container & security card. Two hunters + a thug are in this area.  Up is a 
    machine and a hunter, arrest him for a card.  Jump off the stairs for an extra 
    life, and then do it again for another card.  Up the chute blast the hunter and 
    get access to the council chamber.  Clear the chamber of everyone then move down.  
    Use your last card and leave this place.
    8.  Council Chamber
    Shoot the C1 Container, along with the thug.  Cruise past the laser to find a 
    powered up thug, a hunter and a machine.  Down the chute are two hunters with a 
    thug.  Past the laser is a card + heart.  Slide down the chute for a smashing 
    block.  Maneuver past it and take out the hunter for two C1 Containers, one with 
    an extra life.  Up then right is another C1 with a card next to it. Another 
    smashing block with a hunter then up. A thug and a hunter are prowling around.  
    Blow the C1 for a big heart + card. Next up are lots of enemies.  After them you 
    can find a machine + hunter.  Take these guys out and move on.  Shoot the C1 and 
    move down for a real computer.  It tells you where Rico is headed so slide down 
    the long chute, take out the machine and last two hunters to exit.
    9.  Statue of Liberty
    The ride there is short, but plagued with bad guys.  Kick them or shoot them, 
    you'll get a bonus either way.  The ride ends when your Law Master vehicle gives 
    out on you.  These ABC Bots are TOUGH!  The fact that they take 2 high 
    explosives, coupled with they can pound the ground + shoot heat seekers; it's 
    enough to make your head spin.  Destroy your first one and shimmy up the ladder. 
    Check the terminal for your status and shoot two orbs out of the sky.  Don't 
    take the heart with the machine by it.  When you see the spinning red icon, take 
    it then leap far to the right.  Take out the ABC Bot then climb up for the last 
    one.  Snatch up everything you can and bounce.
    10.  Janus Lab
    Up the ladder is an exploding clone so back away after you blast it.  Move left 
    then down for a C1, jump on the platform advancing towards you.  Duck down to 
    avoid the fumes and destruct a machine. Move up to destruct another machine, 
    then a clone. Down then right is an ABC Bot and a stockload of weaponry. Up two 
    ladders is another machine, then a clone maker.  Project a grenade at the clone 
    maker and shoot the orb blocking the ladder.  There is another clone and a 
    terminal.  Down immediately is another clone with an ABC Bot for company.  To 
    the left is a big heart. Up then fare right past the smashing block and up 
    destroy the clone pod then leap on the floating platforms. On the second one, 
    aim across for the ABC Bot, only 5 more to go. Move down, right then down again. 
    Take out the clone along with the ABC Bot below. Travel left past the smashing 
    block & a clone is stalking around. An ABC Bot happens to be over here also. 
    After they are gone get back to the third platform. Up there are a total of 3 
    ABC Bots in this area. When they hit the dust gather the various weapons & exit.
    Destroy the clone & his tube.  A flamethrower greets you, smoke him and move on. 
    Down a couple of times are another one, and then another one wandering a ramp. 
    Trash the two clone tubes and mount the ladder. Deactivate the terminal and open 
    the C1. You can find a flamethrower downward + an ABC Bot. Torch the two clone 
    tubes, then head right for two more. Back left up the ladder is a machine then 
    later another tube. Directly down is a terminal and beneath that another tube. 
    If you aren't fast enough the clones will hop out so hurry! Right from the 
    terminal there is an ABC Bot, powered up flamethrower and four more tubes 
    (clones sold separately). Beneath the tubes is the last terminal so deactivate 
    it. The C1 houses a heart & grenade. Back underneath the 2nd terminal is another 
    tube. Drop down then move right for the last 2 tubes. Now head down and past 
    three ABC Bots, a flamethrower and a machine the exit can be found.
    11. Top of Statue of Liberty
    Go through, opening C1 Containers and gathering ammo. About halfway there, 
    you'll meet your genetic twin, Rico. To get to him fall off the crumbling bridge 
    and climb up to him. Blast him two times quickly and he'll proceed into his 
    flying mode. Basically fire everything you've got at him while avoiding the 
    grenades. You'll know if he's hit because a weapon drops from him. Save these up 
    for later when everything is gone. After he runs out of grenades the heat 
    seekers come. When you have about 20 of the small canisters he has dropped, 
    stand in a remote spot and when he comes near you let him have it. After a 
    couple of hits he buys the farm. Proceed to your hard-earned exit.
    You would think this is the end, wouldn't you?
    12. Sewer System
    The first two criminals you can arrest, the flamethrower you can't. Lob a 
    grenade at the flamethrowers; the second purple guy gives up a heart. The next 
    purple guy you encounter is powered up. Keep traveling through and you'll fight 
    3 flamethrowers in a row. After two thugs, one on a ramp travel down. This 
    purple guy is also powered up. Blast a regular purple guy and the thug. Operate 
    the terminal to see your status. Left of it is a powered up torch with some 
    thugs. Blast your way through lots of thugs while climbing/going down various 
    ladders. Pretty soon you'll find the Gila Munja, those green amazons from Cursed 
    Earth. Two are on the same floor and one is guarding the exit. After their done 
    you may exit.
    Nothing really to say, except when you reach the steel you must kick them in. 
    When you reach the dirt path after a powered up flamethrower there is a big 
    heart there. If you can't get past the barrier, this means you haven't destroyed 
    all the Gila Munja. After you get past it you'll drop to a Gila Munja riding a 
    tiger. The tiger is a fire breather, it also claws at you and to help you the 
    Gila Munja will drop a net on you. Simply blast the Munja while staying away 
    from the abovementioned hazards. The armor works best here though.
    13. RC4 Processing Plant
    To the left is a canister. Drop down, eliminate the Joe then blast another 
    canister. Move right to release a hostage along with another canister. Now see 
    the green gunk? You need to dash across it. See the four platforms? Run left of 
    them, drop down and over and take out two platforms. Up the ladder is another 
    Joe beside a canister. Up another one are two more canisters. Jump across until 
    you reach a Joe guarding a hostage. Free her and shimmy up the ladder. There are 
    four canisters in this area, along with 2 Joes so be sure to get them all. Leap 
    off the backward tracks for 2 Joes and 2 canisters. You can check the terminal 
    also. Backtrack to the backward tracks again and move left. If you can get to 
    the ladder and fire from there you will get the heart. Free the hostage and 
    destroy another canister. Where the strong Joe once was there is a canister up. 
    Maneuver left avoiding the acid drops and terminate another Joe. Keep going, 
    free the last hostage and blast a strong Joe. Jump and fire two shots for the 
    two canisters left of you. Stand on the fender and leap up to the top. Take out 
    the strong Joe, grab the extra life then destroy the last canisters. Drop down 
    to leave.
    Take the weapon and climb up. Eliminate the Joe, strong Joe, hunter along with a 
    clone. All the way to the right after a Joe is another can. Down the ladder you 
    can find a red guy, a hostage, two canisters and a grenade. Get back to the 
    middle and drop down to eliminate the red guy. Another red guy with a Joe are 
    next to a terminal. Drop down, take out the Joe with a hunter and climb the 
    ladder for a big heart. Go all the way down to blast a powered up hunter. Free 
    the hostage there, move right for another hostage then left for another one. 
    Head back to the terminal and shoot a powered up schmoe. Get rid of the clone 
    with a grenade to face another Joe with a red guy. Climb up, take out the hunter 
    along with the schmoe and free the hostage. Also take out both canisters in here. 
    Move left and drop down. Collect all the items then destroy two more canisters. 
    Use the hovering device to reach the extra life then quickly duck because of the 
    monster. Climb to rescue the last hostage. To get the next 7 canisters you must 
    find Cell #48. Crouch under the left wall and work your way there to blast the 7. 
    For the last 4 canisters, look for the words SEC 79, make a running jump to the 
    right over the wall and you'll be invincible. Take out the perps & canisters 
    then collect the items. Climb down the ladder to the right and smoke the strong 
    schmoe with the clone. Free the hostage then exit.
    14. Mega City Two
    Trash the litterbug and blast open the garbage bin for some guns. Board the 
    platform and break out the ricochet for all shotgun guys. Go through, arresting 
    everyone and shooting open the cans until you reach the sky surfers. Blast them 
    out of the sky whenever you see them, as they are the 'hardcore' of the group. 
    Basically go around arresting everyone until you find the exit, which is located 
    on the high left side.
    Arrest both guys located on your floor and go up the ladder. Arrest this 
    litterbug and when you hear a strange sound start firing upwards at a sky surfer. 
    Travel though, opening C1 Containers and arresting every type of thug there is 
    until you get to the flying machines from mega city one. Board the first you see 
    and ride it up to another. Board that one and ride sky high to the third one, 
    and you'll fight Chopper. Basically if you can't control the machine you'll lose. 
    Just draw him towards you and fire away. His heat seekers and laser blasts are 
    easy to avoid.
    15. Justice One
    It's nice to know that all of these missions have been 'mere distractions'. This 
    level is difficult. It's filled with; ABC Bots, flamethrowers, lasers and all 
    types of hazards. You can find the first terminal after about 3 ABC Bots and 2 
    flamethrowers + a red guy down the second ladder on the right wall. On the 
    elevator next to it is a C1 Container. Get back up and travel on through and 
    when you reach you 4th or 5th ABC Bot, run past them and up the ladder to 
    activate the security doors. Two jump kicks will sentence both powered up 
    flamethrowers near a C1 Container. The armor also works well on the ABC Bots. 
    When you reach the small space don't think it's a dead end because of the 
    elevator. Past the flamethrower is the last terminal. Go down the first ladder 
    you see and dispatch the red guy. Past the last ABC Bot and red guy is the in 
    All you have to do here is find the three terminals and let them close the doors. 
    After that is done the exit is located towards the right on the bottom left.
    Another level? Now it is just getting tedious. Here are the tips for the level. 
    In order to get past the lasers you must find two broken down computers and 
    blast them. When you reach the fading laser beneath the guy is a big heart + 
    some other stuff. In order to beat the alien creature you have to move the C1 
    around so you can reach the hooks on the ceiling. Just fire away on top of there 
    and when it knocks you off, immediately get back up there. Use your most 
    powerful weapons on it so it goes down hard + fast. In order to find the IJD you 
    must find the 81 aircraft, you know the one with an ABC Bot? Use the bouncing 
    machine to jump left and you'll stumble onto it. Cruise right from where you 
    fought the alien & exit past the ABC Bot.
    16. Deadworld
    Go around and get the general feel of this place. Down jump on the ceiling hooks 
    and keep climbing over. A muscled person will try to attack you, dodge him and 
    move on. Don't stay in one place too long as spikes will come up. When items 
    drop down from the sky get away from the pitchfork demon as they regenerate. Get 
    on the platform and avoid the midget if you want to. There lots of boings all 
    over the place too. After that just look around for the exit, then the game is 
    17.  Weapons/Items
    Description: Has a B on it.
    Use: Fires toxic bubbles
    Description: Resembles a bulls eye
    Use: Bounces off of walls, makes perps surrender
    Description: A green/black shell
    Use: Taking out supplies/enemies very strong
    Heat Seeker
    Description: Orange/red stripe
    Use: Tracks nearest enemy and detonates on him
    Double Whammy 
    Description: When you have two heat seekers
    Use: Sends out two heat seekers
    Description: Looks like a badge
    Use: Extra life
    C1 Container
    Description: Box with C1 on it
    Use: Random Items
    High Explosive
    Description: Little fire insignia
    Use: Taking out anything
    Description: Yellow bull's eye
    Use: Torching things
    Description: Kind of like a cigar, yellow band
    Use: Slicing enemies - semi strong
    18. Passwords
    Here are the only passwords I caught during the game, have fun!
    Password - FCWZ
    Password - CRQF
    Password - QBGB
    "Dev j" for the third password I didn't catch
    (c) Copyright 2001 J.T. This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot 
    be reproduced in any way, shape or form  (physical, electronically, or otherwise) 
    aside from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's 
    original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used for profitable 
    purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotional 
    purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be 
    given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this creates 
    incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
    - EOF -

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