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    Final Mission FAQ by Sane Jake

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Judge Dredd for Super Nintendo/Super Famicom - Last Mission FAQ
    Version:  1.0
    Date Created:  January 23, 2004
    Author:  "Sane Jake"
    Email:  jreyal@spam-me-not-hotmail.com  (remove "spam-me-not-" to email)
    Judge Dredd property of Surge Comics.
    Game programmed by Probe, licensed by Acclaim.
    FAQ Copyright (C) 2004 "Sane Jake", available only at www.gamefaqs.com
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced in any
    way, shape or form  (physical, electronically, or otherwise) aside from being
    placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original,
    unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used for profitable
    purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or promotional
    purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot
    be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this
    creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Purpose of the FAQ
    2.	Weapons Overview
    2.1.	Boing
    2.2.	Ricochet
    2.3.	Grenade
    2.4.	Heat Seeker
    2.5.	Double-Whammy
    2.6.	Incendiary
    2.7.	Armour-Piercing
    2.8.	High Explosive
    2.9.	Tico-Killers
    3.	Enemy Overview
    3.1.1.	"Bob" AKA Unarmed Thug #1
    3.1.2.	"Shotgun Bob Square Shoulders", AKA Shotgun Thug
    3.1.3.	Violet Jack, AKA Violet Soldier Thug
    3.1.4.	"Hardcore Max", AKA Rioter
    3.1.5.	Judge Hunter
    3.1.6.	"Amazon", AKA Mier Gual
    3.1.7.	Flaming Joe, AKA Flame-Thrower Thug
    3.1.8.	"Litterboy Francis", AKA Litterbug
    3.1.9.	Floor-Cannon Robot
    3.1.10.	Floating-Orb Robot
    3.1.11.	Surfer
    3.1.12.	Ladder-Man
    3.1.13.	ABC Robot
    3.1.14.	Clone
    3.1.15.	Dark Judge (Possession)
    3.1.16.	Tico
    3.1.17.	Tiger Rider
    3.1.18.	Cockroach
    3.1.19.	Ape Man
    3.1.20.	Lich
    4.	Basic Strategies
    5.	The Last Mission, Scene One
    5.1.	Dark Judge #1
    5.2.	Dark Judge #2
    6.	Last Mission, Scene Two
    6.1.	Dark Judge #3
    6.2.	Judge Death
    1. Purpose of the FAQ
    While J.T.'s FAQ on Gamefaqs is nice as it's the ONLY FAQ for the SNES,
    it's also terribly incomplete when it comes to handling the last mission.
    The last mission involves heavy use of the 'Boing' shot, whose use baffled
    me throughout the game.  This FAQ is designed to help anyone stumped on
    the final mission of Judge Dredd for the SNES.
    Probe's Judge Dredd development team must have been fans of the comic,
    because not only does the game go beyond the movie but features - from
    what I've gathered - one of Dredd's most infamous enemies, the
    Dark Judges.  I'm no Judge Dredd fan myself, I barely know the character
    and never saw the movie - but the final mission is very challenging and a
    worthy show-down.  Pity the ending is rather lame.
    2. Weapons Overview
    This is a list of the various weapons in the game, with additional
    information about weapon properties that J.T. doesn't go into.
    2.1. Boing
    Icon Description:  Circle with a 'B' on it.
    Purpose:  Used to capture the essence of the Dark Judges when their
    physical bodies are destroyed.
    Use Against:  Dark Judge essence
    Notes:  Boing can not damage anything.
    In game terms:  When you see the grim ghostly faces appear after an
    enemy's death, switch to Boing (pause the game; you can select weapons while
    paused) and shoot the ghost with the Boing shot.  It will trap them in a
    slimy-looking bubble.  Touch the bubble to finish the job.  While this racks
    up extra points in early stages, you MUST use this gun as the finishing blow
    when fighting the Dark Judges on the last mission.
    2.2.  Ricochet
    Icon Description:  Bull's-eye design
    Purpose:  Bounces of chairs, all over in pairs, and knocks out your
    enemy's gun.  They're great for snack and they fit in your pack, they're...
    sorry.  Ricochet bounces off any surface and disarms opponents.  Will hurt
    you slightly if a bounce goes afoul.
    Use Against:  Un-armoured fire-arm toters.  That is, use against shot-gun
    and purple rifle-men.
    Notes:  Ricochet can not damage anyone other than Dredd, and it does a poor
    job of even doing that.
    In game terms:  Ricochet is only useful to disarm two common types of enemies.
    2.3. Grenade
    Icon Description:  Looks like a dark-green shell.
    Purpose:  Blows up crates, disarms armoured opponents, does heavy damage.  
    Use Against:  "Judge Hunters" - they wear black armour and carry a gun.
    The grenade will disarm them.  Also use against clones and their generators,
    and any enemies low to the ground.
    Notes:  When thrown, if it does not hit anything it will bounce a few times
    (and off walls) before exploding.  Judge Dredd can be harmed by the blast.
    In game terms:  Packs a whallop!  Don't worry about conserving them on
    stages that require the grenades to complete the primary mission, because
    they will respawn in various areas.  Due to their effectiveness however,
    you might want to horde them anyway just because they're so darn useful!
    2.4. Heat Seeker
    Icon Description:  Fat missile with orange stripe.
    Purpose:  Attempts to track enemies and blows up on impact.
    Use Against:  Enemies on odd angles, flying enemies
    Notes:  Excellent to use against opponents who are difficult to hit either
    because they fly or because you don't have much time to aim.
    In game terms:  Does decent damage and tracks enemies.  Use at discretion.
    2.5. Double-Whammy
    Icon Description:  Two fat missiles with orange stripes.
    Purpose:  Fire two missiles that attempt to track enemies and explode on
    Use against:  Enemies at odd angles, flying enemies.
    Notes:  Use these when a situation really heats up and you don't have much
    time to shoot, let alone aim.
    In game terms:  Does decent damage and is twice as likely to hit as it fires
    two tracking missiles at once.  Use at discretion.
    2.6. Incendiary
    Icon Description:  Flame/Circle with hot centre
    Purpose:  Hits hard and sets enemies on fire.
    Use against:  Un-armoured, tough enemies
    Notes:  Ineffective against flame-thrower toting enemies, clones, robots
    In game terms:  Does heavy damage but not useful against anything wearing
    armour or clones.  If it's already using fire, incendiary won't work either.
    2.7. Armour-Piercing
    Icon Description:  Looks like a bundle of bullets
    Purpose:  Shoots through anything, ignoring armour
    Use against:  ABC Robots, but hurts just about anything.
    Notes:  Will go right through walls, other enemies - nothing stops it.  
    In game terms:  A shot that does decent damage and goes through everything.
    Use against machines.
    2.8. High Explosive
    Icon Description:  Looks like a small silver canister with an orange triangle on it.
    Purpose:  Blows things up real good.  Powerful weapon.
    Use against:  Anything really, really tough.
    Notes:  Explodes on impact, which means it can only hurt ABC robots if fired
    at its chest.
    In game terms:  Your most powerful shot.
    2.9. Tico-Killers
    Icon Description:  Yellow explosion
    Purpose:  Kill Tico.
    Use against:  Tico.
    Notes:  You get these shots, looking like yellow canisters, from shooting
    In game terms:  Shoot Tico, he drops these shots.  Get the shots and shoot
    Tico with them.  They don't travel that far, so be close to him when firing.
    3. Enemy Overview
    A list of enemies, with made up names.  I didn't play this game with a manual.
    Provides in-game description, personality, threat level, and weaknesses.
    3.1.1. "Bob" AKA Unarmed Thug #1
    Description:  Unarmed blonde punk.
    Threat Level:  Pitiful
    Weaknesses:  None - use normal rounds to arrest
    Weapon:  Throwing knife, bare hands
    Personality:  Bob spends most of his time pacing back and forth, throwing
    knives at people.  Bob dislikes being shot in the head so he usually gives
    up after being hit with a couple of normal rounds.  Every game should have
    at least one Bob.
    3.1.2. "Shotgun Bob Square Shoulders", AKA Shotgun Thug
    Description:  Blonde punk wearing shades, blue overcoat, carries a shotgun,
    sort of looks like a space cowboy wanna-be.
    Threat Level:  Low
    Weaknesses:  Ricochet, must reload after firing a few times.
    Weapon:  Shotgun
    Personality:  This particular Bob wanted to stand out from the other
    hundreds of Bobs, so he decided to attempt to dress like a space cow-boy and
    use a shot-gun.  Shotgun Bob Square Shoulders hopes one day to have a popular
    children's show.
    3.1.3. Violet Jack, AKA Violet Soldier Thug
    Description:  A violet coloured commando/soldier carrying a rifle.
    Threat Level:  Low
    Weaknesses:  Ricochet
    Weapon:  Rifle
    Personality:  "Violence Jack" was the name of a terrible anime that this
    particular Jack wanted to emulate.  Unfortunately, due to a hearing problem
    he thought it was called "Violet Jack" and well... the rest is history.
    3.1.4. "Hardcore Max", AKA Rioter
    Description:  Unarmed black-haired guy with sunglasses
    Threat Level: Moderate
    Weaknesses:  None, will not surrender
    Weapon:  Throwing knife, bare hands
    Personality:  Hardcore Max is named for his tendency not only to fight to the
    death, but to do so armed only with a throwing knife.  Upon seeing Dredd or
    being attacked, he will charge towards our Keeper of the Peace and throw
    knives or engage in hand-to-hand combat - depending on range.  Normal pattern
    is to throw a knife and run in for melee combat.  Watch it - Hardcore Max is
    a relentless fighter who does considerable damage and is healthy enough to
    take a few of Dredd's punches.  Considering that Dredd's physical attacks are
    heavy hitting, that's very tough for a punk.
    3.1.5. Judge Hunter
    Description:  Black armour-wearing individual
    Threat Level:  Moderate
    Weaknesses:  Grenade
    Weapon:  Rifle, rolling
    Personality:  The Judge Hunter is basically a "Violet Jack" with an armour
    upgrade and the ability to roll.  What makes them dangerous is the amount of
    health they have.  Only the grenade will make them surrender.
    3.1.6. "Amazon", AKA Mier Gual
    Description:  Sort of female-looking wild punk.
    Threat Level:  Low
    Weaknesses:  None, will not surrender
    Weapon:  Bare hands, rolling
    Personality:  I'm not sure what exactly crawled up their butts, but these
    female-looking (hard to tell at times) opponents seem to think that rolling
    around a lot might get it out.  While they do modest damage, they're not very
    bright.  Just be ready to jump a lot.
    3.1.7. Flaming Joe, AKA Flame-Thrower Thug
    Description:  You can not miss the flame-thrower, true me.
    Threat Level:  High
    Weaknesses:  None, will not surrender
    Weapon:  Flame thrower, cocktail bomb
    Personality:  Flaming Joe suffers from a persecution syndrome and delusions;
    he thinks everyone thinks he's a homosexual and is therefore out to get him.
    Silly Joe; this is a utopian future and nobody will persecute you for your
    sexuality - they'll just try to kill you for your snazzy sunglasses!  At any
    rate, he likes to fire a big, BIG blast from his flamethrower when Dredd gets
    close, and toss less-damaging cock-tail bombs from a distance.  Be careful
    when engaging - the faster the thug dies, the better.  Suggested weapon would
    be the grenade due to its power.  Additionally, if you can get right in Joe's
    face, his flame shot can't hurt you and you can beat him to death with your
    bare hands.
    3.1.8. "Litterboy Francis", AKA Litterbug
    Description:  Slouching dude in red, always throwing litter.
    Threat Level:  Pitiful.
    Weaknesses:  None, use normal rounds to arrest
    Weapon:  Bottle.
    Personality:  Litterboy Francis has been a loser since high school and always
    will be.  As a defensive measure, he constantly tosses out bits of garbage the
    size of his head - and he's somehow managed to hide about ten thousand pieces
    of the stuff on his person.  This amazing litter is capable of stopping Judge
    Dredd's normal rounds, so giving the violent nature of the city perhaps it's
    not such a bad idea.  The problem is that it also means that half of the
    cities mega-billion dollar budget is spent on cleaning up the constant stream
    of crap this guy leaves behind.  (Insert any joke you wish about what the
    other half is spent on)  When shot, Litterboy will toss a bottle at you.
    That's it.  The actual enemy concept is amusing though, so hence why such
    near harmless perp is given so much text.
    3.1.9. Floor-Cannon Robot
    Description:  Looks like a thigh-high silver cart with a cannon attached to
    Threat Level:  Low-Moderate
    Weaknesses:  None, use grenade for best results
    Weapon:  Cannon shot
    Personality:  Moves to the left, fires to the right.  Moves to the right,
    fires to the left.  Annoying but damaging and tricky to hit.
    3.1.10. Floating-Orb Robot
    Description:  Floating orb.
    Threat Level:  Low
    Weakness:  None
    Weapon:  None, but hurts on contact
    Personality:  It hurts you when you touch it.  Bobs up and down.  Wow, they
    must have spent like a MILLION creating this baby for its outstanding
    defensive properties.
    3.1.11. Surfer
    Description:  Surfer-dude on flying surf-board.
    Threat Level:  Moderate.  And annoying.
    Weaknesses:  None, can not be arrested.
    Weapon:  Drops bombs, hurts on contact
    Personality:  Flies back and forth and will try to follow you.  More annoying
    than actually threatening, but tricky to hit.
    3.1.12. Ladder-Man
    Description:  The only enemy capable of using a ladder
    Threat Level:  Moderate
    Weaknesses:  None, can not be arrested
    Weapon:  Laser gun
    Personality:  Being the only enemy in the game capable of climbing a ladder,
    this enemy has taken on the identity of Ladder-Man, Punisher of Good and
    Avenger of Evil!  By staying on the ladder he simultaneously gets in Dredd's
    way AND is far more difficult to hit.  Advice:  Get on his ladder and as
    close to him as possible.  He can't hit you at point blank, and like most
    human enemies can't hurt you on contact.  Then fire up/down, depending on
    what way he tries to flee.
    3.1.13. ABC Robot
    Description:  You can NOT miss the big, honking, shiny metal robot.
    Threat Level:  High
    Weaknesses:  Armour-piercing
    Weapon:  Heat-seeker, Quaking Hammer Punch
    Personality:  These guys can only be hurt through the chest.  They fire
    heat-seeking missiles.  Being punched drains half your health.  Take out at
    a distance, and be ready to avoid the heat-seeking missiles by jumping.
    Fight on lower ground when possible; the heat-seekers have a harder time
    hitting you while you can jump up for the chest-shot.
    3.1.14. Clone
    Description:  Butt-ugly skinless zombie-like clone.
    Threat Level:  High
    Weaknesses:  Explosives
    Weapon:  None - detonates on contact for heavy damage
    Personality:  Run at you.  Normal weapons will not kill them.  Explode on
    contact for serious hurt.  Questions?  Destroy the generator to stop them
    for good.
    3.1.15. Dark Judge (Possession)
    Description:  Looks like a regular enemy that leaves a trail of fire behind
    Threat Level:  Higher than the regular form would have.
    Weaknesses:  None, even if former form had weaknesses  - will not surrender.
    Weapon:  Based on enemy possessed.
    Personality:  You know you're dealing with one of three Dark Judges when you
    see a regular enemy that leaves a trail of fire as he/she walks.  The Dark
    Judge has possessed a regular enemy and its essence will flee upon the
    shell's death.  When that happens, switch to Boing and trap the essence for
    bonus points - touch the bubble to arrest.  The Dark Judges will not have any
    weaknesses the former shell had.  They can posses any human enemy except for
    3.1.16. Tico
    Description:  Boss.  Looks like you.
    Threat Level:  Very High
    Weaknesses:  Special
    Weapon:  Bombs, normal shots, explosive shots - basically YOUR arsenal.
    Personality:  Fights on foot for a few shots, then takes to the air using the
    anti-grav belt power-up.  You have to shoot him to make him drop special shots,
    then kill him with said special shots.
    3.1.17. Tiger Rider
    Description:  Woman rider a sabre-toothed tiger.  Boss.
    Threat Level:  Very High to Extreme
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Net gun (paralysis), cocktail bombs, touch
    Personality:  Runs around the stage while the woman throws bombs and nets.
    Shoot in the back for best results - you have to hit HER, not the beast.
    3.1.18. Cockroach
    Description:  You can't miss it.  Boss.
    Threat Level:  Very High
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Touch/melee
    Personality:  A big, psychotic cock-roach whose touch does half your health.
    Shoot it in the back to kill it.  See J.T.'s FAQ for additional strageties;
    this is to help you with the last mission, not what comes before.
    3.1.19. Ape Man
    Description:  Ape-man
    Threat Level:  Moderate
    Weaknesses:  None (does not surrender)
    Weapon:  Melee
    Personality:  Hangs around from the same stuff you can hang from, or attacks
    on foot.  Either way it only has melee attacks.  Fight from a distance or
    avoid outright.  If everything is supposed to be dead, then what are these
    guys?  Maybe Dredd should go tell the Dark Judges they missed a spot...
    3.1.20. Lich
    Description:  Giant skeleton
    Threat Level:  High
    Weaknesses:  Explosive - does not surrender
    Weapon:  Lightning, touch
    Personality:  Walks back and forth firing lightning at you.  Is summoned by
    Dark Judges.
    4. Basic Strategies
    * Fight from a ladder - in most cases it's far safer.
    * Always use an enemy's weaknesses.  If it makes the perp give in a single
      shot, take advantage of it!
    * You can walk through some walls.
    * Disks shut down area defences.
    * Destroying the small computers (the ones that block your path and you
      can't access) opens doors.
    * Dredd's melee attacks are more powerful than his regular rounds.
    * If you see dangerous ground ahead, jump into the ceiling - sometimes you
      can hang from stuff and often it's not obvious.
    * Enemies get a period of invulnerability after being hit, just like Dredd.
      Rapid fire will NOT take down enemies faster.  Used timed shots intead.
    * You can switch weapons while the game is paused; take advantage of this.
    5. The Last Mission, Scene One
    This final mission takes place in Dead World.  I'm sorry I can't be more
    specific about names; I never followed the comic and only know Judge Death.
    You must kill two Dark Judges to clear this scene.  The first Dark Judge is
    triggered when a couple of power-ups fall from the sky near a dead-end.
    After that point, Dark Judge #1 will pop up and follow you just about
    5.1. Dark Judge #1
    Description:  A giant, flaming skeletal Judge that carries a pitchfork.
    Threat Level:  Very High to Extreme
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Touch, fireball volley
    Personality:  Walks back and forth, and can shoot a volley of three
    fireballs in a spread pattern and in any direction.
    Being hit/touched drains half your health.
    When you defeat Dark Judge #1, he will fall to the ground.  QUICKLY pause
    the game, switch to BOING, and shoot the spirit that comes out.  You must
    capture the spirit to kill Dark Judge #1.  Notice the spirit is the
    skull-shaded one that comes out of red-flame possessed enemies.
    Run over to the spirit bubble and touch it to complete the capture.
    Dark Judge #2 will then make an appearance.
    5.2. Dark Judge #2
    Description:  Looks like a cloaked "Evil Overlord".
    Threat Level:  Very High to Extreme
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Gaze of Death, Beartraps
    Personality:  Walks back and forth tossing bear traps, then tries to hit you
    with the Gaze o' Death.  Polish him off quickly (grenades work well).
    Again, pause, change weapons and shoot the spirit with BOING!  You can then
    exit the level.  His spirit is the horse-skull shapes one that comes out of
    possessed enemies with blue flame.  Don't forget to grab the bubble to
    complete the capture.
    6. Last Mission, Scene Two
    A smaller arena than before, and Dark Judge #3 is already active. 
    6.1. Dark Judge #3
    Description:  Looks like a variation of Death.
    Threat Level:  Very High to Extreme
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Skull toss, Touch
    Personality:  Much shorter than Dark Judge #1, and easier to dodge.
    Just don't get hit; you can only survive two at maximum.  Otherwise, same
    routine as the other Dark Judges.
    Note that, as you pause the game to Boing his spirit (hee hee), that it's
    the grinning winged skull that comes out of possessed enemies with blue and
    red flame trails.  You should know the capture routine by now.
    6.2. Judge Death
    Description:  You, except bigger.  And dead.
    Threat Level:  Extreme
    Weaknesses:  None
    Weapon:  Touch, Fireballs, Skull Shots
    Personality:  The first form doesn't seem so bad, does it?  Now here's the
    nasty part - he escapes the first bubble and comes back for round two as a
    giant flying head!  Shoot for the eyes ... er, where the eyes should be!
    Beating this form only means that you have to face trial number three, where
    the spirits of all four judge spirits spin around and try to attack you.
    You must capture all four at once - and they don't stay caught for long.
    Once all are trapped, the game is complete.  Congratulations!!
    7. Thanks go to...
    Thanks go to "J.T.", who wrote the original Judge Dredd FAQ.  I actually
    didn't refer to it during the course of the game except for weapon
    identification, and when I got stuck on the Dead World... which his FAQ
    didn't really cover.  I also borrowed your legalese copyright stuff because
    I'm lazy and because it sounds a LOT better than what I normally use.
    (If you take offence, sorry 'bout that J.T. - lemmie know and I will remove
    Thanks also go to CJayC, without whom there would be no GameFaqs and the
    world would be a sad, sorry place for gamers indeed.

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