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Reviewed: 08/31/00 | Updated: 08/31/00

Jungle Book, game that made after the Disney Animated Movie is now put onto SNES.

Jungle Book

Jungle Book, game that made after the Disney Animated Movie is now put onto SNES.

Jungle Book scale of difficutly would be medium. You will start with five lives, 4 continues and you cannot save your file. During the game there are save points. If you lose your lives and continues you will start at the beginning.

The Story as and Adventure
This game remakes the movie in many different ways. The game begins with an intro of how Mowgel was raised. Your adventures is a book, which has all the different levels and bonus levels. Mowgel as a baby got miss placed in the Jungle in India. A pack of wolves found him and raised him. As he got older he started exploring more of the jungle
becoming friends with Baloo the Bear. Mowgel and Baloo adventure far out into the forest. One day when Baloo and him were climbing a tree. Ka the Snake caught them climbing and started to hypmontize them then Mowgel moved fat and tied Ka to a tree and Ka never came near again. When Mowgel returned to the den of wolves they had told him the story of Share Khan and how he was evil and wanted to kill Mowgel. So Mowgel packed up left to hunt for Share Khan. On his journey he meets a wise panther, Bageara.
Bageara told Mowgel to be carful about the temple where all the monkeys lived. Mowgel carried on and met King Louie who thought he was a man too and he tried to kill Mowgel
but he escaped and scurried away from the temple as fast as he could, but then hje got lost and came upon the wastelands. Mowgel was terrified and tried to leave but then.....

The Graphics
The graphics make you want to play forever! Graphics in this game are excellent! This game is a side scrolling screen kind of a game, but there are a couple of screens that allow you to explore up more. As you go through levels you see yourself hanging on swinging vines, out running boulders, dodging snakes, riding birds and much more! The background makes everything sort of 3d effect to your eyes! It looks like someone took the graphics
right out of the movie, but if you put it to a N64 it will make it not as a fun game.

Sound and Music
The sounds are like coming from a jungle. The sounds such as, monkey noises, swinging vine noises, waterfall noises, and much more making you want to go on!
The Music could be a little better but it is still very good! Different music like King
Louie’s jazzing music is cool and other kinds.

Warning: This game is very addictive! You will want to keep playing! When I beat Jungle book for the first time I felt like I wanted to beat it again and explore new areas that I passed, but this game I also thought gets boring after that. I would recomend to rent it. It is a short game but challenging. There are two totaly different endings! The endings depend on how many rubies you got when you were playing.

Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Music 7/10
Sound 9/10
OverAll 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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