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    Walkthrough by RayTsui

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    This file describes how to complete the game Jurassic Park on the
    Super Nintendo system. This was typed for my personal use to remember
    how to finish the game. This is specially important because in the
    game, you must do things in a certain order. By following my own
    list, I will be able to finish the game easily and without any
    frustration (in less than 4 hours). 
    I have supplied all of the building maps (except for the Raptor Nests)
    and listed all the steps to finish the game. If you have the game,
    you should play through as much of it as you can as it is really fun.
    I had much fun figuring it out (as well as frustration when the game
    locked up on me twice after 4 hours of gameplay - forcing a power
    down with no save feature!)
    If there are any important details missing (ones that are critical for
    completing the game) or any SERIOUS errors, I would like to know.
    Ray Tsui
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    I make no claims as to the accuracy of the following information.
    Walkthrough for Jurassic Park by Ocean (Super Nintendo)
    The game Jurassic Park is an action adventure game in which it is
    your mission to secure the park and get off the island. It is a
    combination of first person in a maze and overhead maze
    perspectives. There are infinite continues but NO save feature.
    These are the steps I used to finish the game. It is not the
    most efficient way but it works for me.
    Start to the left and grab the Bolas snare gun. Walk south and grab
    the Rocket launcher.
    Walk north until you get to a gate. Shoot the gear mechanism to open
    the gate. Walk north to the Visitor center and enter. Find the
    elevator going to the roof and get in. Go to roof. Grab the egg (1)
    and Hammond ID card. Reenter building. Stock up on rocket launcher
    ammo and Bolas snare ammo. To do this, just exit out to the roof.
    When you come back in, more ammo appears. Repeat many times to get
    lots of ammo. Note:  the rocket launcher and snare rifle are the only
    ones you should keep. If you pick up any other weapon, you will drop
    one of your two weapons. Be sure to re-aquire what you dropped by
    running over it again (when in a building) or picking up it up again
    (when outside).
    About the eggs:
    It seems that some of the eggs do not appear right away. (for
    example, the ones in the helipad area). If you are missing any,
    recheck the area later in the game.
    Go to ground level and exit the Visitor center. Walk west to a forest
    area. Wander around the forest area to pick up three eggs (now 4). If
    you find your way through the forest area, you will reach the south
    Beach Utility Shed. Go into the shed and find Leadry's ID card.
    Find your way back to Visitor center. Go south and reopen the gate.
    Head south and jump across the electrified gate thing. You will reach
    the Nubular Utility Shed. Grab the night vison goggles and go turn on
    the generator by walking up to it.
    Head back to the Visitor center. Go to second floor. Walk up to the
    computer and reboot it by pressing the icon on the screen. Now turn
    on the motion sensors using the menu. Go down to Ground level. Go to
    Sub level 1 using the elevator. Grab the night vision goggles. Go to
    ground level and grab the Grant ID card in the dark room.
    Exit the Visitor center on the ground level and walk right along the
    water. You will see a platform with a gear machanism. Shoot it to
    extend it. Now walk north. Find the mountainous rock formation and
    grab the egg (now 5) on it. Watch for falling rocks. Now walk right,
    you will hit the Raptor pen building. Walk up the stairs and enter
    the pen on the Entry level. Take the elevator down to Ground level
    and get the goggles. Return to the elevator and take the elevator to
    Upper level. Go into the dark room and get Malcolm's ID card. Return
    to the elevator and go down to Ground level. Now work your way to the
    other elevator and go down to Sub 2 level. Work your way to the room
    with the big brown box. Push on the box to block the door and you
    will complete Mission 2 (stopping Raptors from getting in to the
    Visitor center).
    Make your way across the platform on your way to the Visitor center.
    Now walk to the right and downwards. You will come across another
    mountainous rock formation. Walk along it downnwards until you find
    an egg (6) along its left side. Find the stairs on its west side and
    make your way on it and find the egg (7). If you make your way
    through it, you will come out on its right side. Shoot the gear to
    extend the platform from the boat onto the land. There should be
    another egg (8) if you walk up the coast toward the upper right
    corner of the rock formation.
    Walk along the boat and up the stairs. Grab the egg (9). Enter into
    the boat and shoot ALL dinosaurs on this level (and grab the goggles
    as soon as you can). Find the elevator and go down to Sub 1 level.
    Grab Dr. Wu's ID (don't forget to shoot ALL the dinosaurs) and exit
    the ship.
    Make your way back to the Visitor center. Go to the computer on the
    second floor and request Security level 1 access.
    Now make your way back to the Nubular utility shed, go to Sub 1
    level and find Gennaro's ID card.
    Now walk though the forest and go into the Beach Utility Shed. Find
    the elevator and go down to basement. Find the goggles. Then go into
    the dark room and get Arnold's ID.
    Make your way back to the ship. Now clear Sub 2 level of
    dinosaurs. The computer on this level gives Level 2 security
    clearance. Now find the elevator and go to Sub 3 level.
    Clear the Sub 3 level of all dinosaurs. Go down another level and
    clear it of all dinosaurs.
    Go back to the Raptor pen. Take the elevator down to the ground level
    and enter the room with the computer. Use the computer and access the
    Ship comms to stop the ship from sailing. Also, open gate 1 using the
    Make your way back to the Visitor center entrance. Now walk left from
    the building along the trench. You will see a platform on the other
    side. Shoot the gear mechanism to extend the platform. Cross it and
    find the egg (10) in the forest area to the north. Find another
    closed gate along the east of this area. Open the gate by shooting
    the gear. You will find an egg (11) north of the North Utility Shed
    building. You will find another egg (12) near the bottom right of
    this gated area.
    Now enter the North shed. Find the elevator and get the Nerve gas
    container in the basement.
    Make your way back to the Visitor center computer. Open gate 2 using
    the computer.
    Now head back toward the Raptor pen. To its right you will find
    another gate. Open it. You will find two eggs (13 and 14) in this
    area. One is towards the top right and one toward the bottom right.
    You will also find two openings in the trees. These are entrances
    to the Raptor Nest. You have to find the room with eggs and use
    the Nerve Gas container in it. It is quite a confusing maze!!!!
    Once you have done so, go back to the ship. Get to Sub 3 Level and
    access the computer. Use the Mainland comms and contact the mainland
    for help.
    Now head toward the Nubular Utility Shed (south of Visitor center).
    There are two more eggs. One is in the rocks (15) to the left and
    one is below it (16) in the forest area. Now walk to the right and
    jump across the trench. You will find an egg along the lower left
    corner (17). There is a hidden area containing the last egg to the
    right of the helipad. The path is hidden by some trees. If you find
    it, there is an egg (18). Now go to the helipad and you will be
    lifted to safety!
                 Jurassic Park Maps
    The maps detail all the levels of each of the buildings.
    The maps are not spatially accurate and are only intended to show
    the relative positioning of the doors, elevators, computers, ID cards.
    D - door
    D1, D2 etc - door requiring ID or security access.
    X - room
    N - room requiring Night Goggles to see.
    E1, E2 etc. - elevator
    I1, I2 etc. - ID card
    arrow head (V < > ^) - entry point to level.
    ng - night vision goggles (only works in the same
         building it was found in.
    Ground                           Sub 1
    -------                          -----
     XE2 XX                 NNNN
                         D            XXX XXXX
      some parts        XXX                D
      omitted          DXXX           XXX XXXX     E1
                        XXX           XXXDXXXX    XXX
                         D            XXX XXXX    XXX
                        XXX           XXX    D     D
      XXXXE1            XXX           XXXDXX XX XX XX
     DXXXX               D            XXX XX XXDXXDXX
             ^                        XXX XX
    E2 - Down to Sub 1 level.         XXX
    E1 - Up to Mid level,             XXX
         Roof level.
    I1 - Grant ID card               E1 - To Raptor Pen Sub 2 level.
    D2 - Need Hammond ID for access       Need Sattler ID for access.
                                     ng - goggles
     NNN XX
     NNN XX
     D    D
     XXXXXX       XXXX
     XXXXXX       XXXX
      D            D
     XXX     D   XXX
     D       XXXDXXX
     XXXXX       XXX
    C1 - Reboot computer system,
         turn on motion sensors.
    C2 - Gives level 1 security.
    D1 - Need Nedry ID for access.
    D2 - Need Dr. Wu ID.
    Ground                           Basement
    ------          XX               --------
     I1XXDXXXXXXXXX  D                XXXXDXXXX
     XXXX XXXXXXXXX XX                XXXX XXXX
       D  XXXXXXXXXDXX                XX     XX
      XXXDXXXXXXXXX XX                XX ngX XX
      XXX      D     D                 D XXX XX
       D   XXXXXXXX XX                XX  D  E1
      XXX  XXXC1XXX XX  E1            XX XXX
      XXX               XX            XX XXX
      XXXDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX            XX  D     NI1
              ^                       XX XXX    NNN
    E1 - Down to basement.             D  D      D
         Need Gennarro ID.            XXXXXXDXXXXXX
    C1 - Computer                     XXXXXX XXXXXX
    I1 - Leadry ID card
                                     I1 - Arnold ID card
                                     ng - goggles.
    Ground                           Sub level 1
    ------                           -----------
      NNNDXXggXX                      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      NNN XXXXXX                      XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
       D  XXXXXX                       D1         D
      XXXDXXXXXX                      XXX         XX
      XXX  D                          XI1         XX
          XXC1XX ngX                  XXX         XX
          XXXXXX XXX                   D    E1 XX XX
     E1XX   D     D                   XXX   XXXXX XX
       XXDXXXXXXXXXX                  XX    XXXXXDXX
       XX XXXXXXXXXX                              XX
            ^                            NANNDXXDXXX
    E1 - Down to Sub 1 level             NNNN XX XXX
    ng - goggles
    gg - Generator power switch.     D1 - Need Malcolm ID.
    C1 - computer                    E1 - Up to ground level.
                                     I1 - Genarro ID card.
    Entry level                      Sub 1 Level
    -----------                      -----------   NNN
     E1XXXXDXXX                                    NLN XXXX
       XXXX XXX                                          XX
         XX                                   XX XXXXX    D
         XX                           XXXDXXX XXDXXXXX   XX
                                      XXX XXX XX    XX   XX
    E1 - Down to Upper level,          D   E2 XXDXXDXX   XX
         then Ground level.           XXX        XX      XX
                                      XXXXDXXXXXXXXDXXXXXXX XX
    Upper Level                       XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX
    -----------                              D        D   D  D
                                           XXX   XXXDXX  XXDXX
     C1XXX NNN                             XXX   XXX XX  XX XX
     XXXXXDNNN                              E1    D
     XXXXX NNN                                  XXXXXXX
       E1  NI1                                  XXXXXXX
           NNN                                  XX
    I1 - Malcolm ID                            XXX
    E1 - Up to Entry Level,                    XI1
         Down to Ground level.                 XXX
    C1 - Computer
                                     I1 - Muldoon ID
    Ground                           E2 - Down to Sub 2 level.
    ------                           E1 - Up to Ground level.
         E2XXX                       Sub 2 Level
           XXX                       -----------
            D                                   NNNNN
           NNNDXXDXXDXXXX                       NN NN
           NNN AX XX XXXX                       NN
                        D                       NN NNNN
     XXXXXX            XX                       NNNN NN
     XX  XX            XX                       NNNN NN
     XX   D             D                            NN
     E1  XXX XXX XXng XXXX           XXXDXXXXXXX     NN
                       D1            XXX      XX     NN
                      XXXX           XXXDXXXX  D NNNNNN
                      XC1X           XXX XXXX XX NNNNNN
                                     XXX   XX  D   D
    D1 - Need security level 1.       D    E1 XX BBXX
    E1 - Up to Entry level,          XXX      XX XXXXE2
         Upper level.                XXX     XXX XXXX
    E2 - Down to Sub 1 level.        XXXX         D1
    ng - goggles                     XXXXDXXXXXXXXXX
    C1 - Used to contact mainland    XXXX XXXXXXXXXX
         for helicopter.
                                     E1 - Up to Sub 1 Level.
                                     E2 - Goes to Visitor Center
                                          Sub 1 Level.
                                     BB - Box. Push in front of
                                          door to stop Raptors.
                                     D1 - Need Grant ID.
    Ground                           Sub 3 level
    ------                           -----------
          XXXXX                       XXXDXXX XXXDXXX
           D      XX                  XXX XXX XXX XXX
          XXX     XX                   D           D
           D       D                  XXXXXXXXXXDXXXX
          XXXXXXXDXX                  XXXXXXXXXX XXXX
          XXXXXXX XX XXE2             XX           XX
           D   XX    XX               XX XXXDNNC1N XX
     AXX  XX   XXX   XXX              XX XXX NNNNN XX
     XXX  XXXX XXX   XXX              XX  D    D   XX
      D   XXXX  XX    D               XX XXX XXXXXDXX
      XX    D  XXX   XXX              XXDXXX XXXXX XX
      XXXXXXX  XX  XXXC1              XX XXX       XX
      XXXXXXX  XX  D XXX              XX           XX
               XXXXX  D               XX XXXDXXXXX XX
               XXXXX                  XX XXX XXXXX  D
                  XX                  D   D    D   XX
                XXXX                  XXXXXXDXXXXXXXX
                XX                    XXXXXX XXXXXXXX
                ^                     XX           XX
    E2 - Down to Sub 1 or             XXDXX     XXDXX
         Sub 2 Level.                 XX XX     XX XX
    C1 - Computer.                    XX        D  XX
    ng - Goggles.                     XX XXXXX  XXDXX
                                      XXDXXXXX  XX XX
    Sub 1 Level                       XX    D      XX
    -----------                       XXDXXXXXXXXXDXX
                                      XX XXXXXI1XX XX
     NNNNNDXXX                        XX           XX
     NNNNN XXX                        XXDXXXDXXXXXXXX
     NNN    XX                        XX XXX XXXXXXXX
     I1N     D                                 D
         XXXXX                           XXXDXXXX
         XXXXX                           XXX XXXX
         AX                                  XX
         XXXXXX                              XXE1
         E1  XX                      E1 - Up to Sub 2 level.
         ^    D                      C1 - Computer used to
             XXX                          contact mainland.
             XXX                     I1 - Sattler ID
    I1 - Dr. Wu ID
    E1 - Up to Ground level.
         Down to Sub 2 level.
    Sub 2 Level                       Sub 4 Level
    -----------                       -----------
            E2NNN                     NNNNNNNNNNN
              NNN XXX                 NNNNNNNNNNN
         XX NNNNNDXXX                  D        D
         XXDNNNNN XXX                 XX       XX
               D   D                  XX       XX
      XXXXXXX XXX XXX                  D        D
      D2      XXX XXX                 XXXXXXXXXXX
     XXX   XX  D3  D                   D       D
     XXX   XXDXXX XXX                 XXXXXXXXXXX
     XXX   XX XXX XXX                 XXXXXXXXXXX
     XXX   XX      D   ^               D   D   D
     XXX   XXDXC1  XX  |              XXX XXX XXX
     XXX   XX XXX  XX  |              XXX XXX XXX
     XXX      XXX  XX                  D   D   D
     XXX       D   XX  N              XXX XXX XXX
     XXX  XXX XXX  XX                 XXXDXXXDXXX
     XXXD1XXXDXXX  XX                 XXX XXX XXX
     XXX  XXX XXX  XX                          E1
          XXX      D
           E1  XXXXXX                E1 - Up to Sub 3 level.
           ^   XXXXXX
            XX XXX XX
    E1 - Up to Sub 1, Ground level.
    E2 - Down to Sub3, Sub 4 level.
    C1 - Gives Security Level 2
    D1, D3 - Need Arnold ID.
    D2 - Bug in program. Do not walk through this door.
         May cause game to lock up!
         If you must, only walk through it from north
         to south.
    Ground Level                     Basement level
    ------------                     --------------
           D                          D   D      D
          XXXDXXXDXX                 XX  XXX XX XXX
          C1X XXX XX                 XX  XXX XXDXXX AXX
                  XX                 XX         XXX Xgg
      E1XX        XX                 XX  AXX    XXX XXX
        XXDXXXXXXDXX                 XX  XXX    E1  XXX
        XX XXXXXX XX                 XX   D          D
             ^                       XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    E1 - Down to basement.
    ng - Goggles                     E1 - Up to Ground level.
    C1 - Computer                    gg - Nerve Gas
    *** END OF FILE ***
    Jeff Wojtalewicz (Wojo)  jmwojtal@vela.acs.oakland.edu
    Oakland University		      Start Hacking

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