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         88888888888"       I L L E R      888888,   N S T I N C T
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                                           8"         On Super Nintendo
                                                      FAQ Version 2.0
    This current FAQ has been made on 9-29-95: 10:00 P.M. PST
    Last FAQ made on 9-8-95 (version 1.3).
    Changes from FAQ 1.3:  
    Game Genie Codes!!!  Now at Game Genie Code Section...
    Discussion about altered or missing fatalities (Miscellaneous Section),
    Stage and Music Selection Chart for VS. Mode only, (Stage and Music
         Select Chart Section)
    Some Sabrewulf Stuff (Miscellaneous Section)
    Combo Breaker Code found (DOH!  I knew I got that code wrong the first
         time!  Sorry!)
    Review on Nintendo Killer Instinct Buyers Guide Section added
    Stage and Music Select Codes and Descriptions Section added
    For the next FAQ, I will have some combos for each character, and the 
    highest attainable Ultra Combos so far.
    Hopefully, this FAQ will be finalized soon!
    <NOTE:  This is not a move list! 
     For a "character moves" sheet, FTP to (ftp.netcom.com) and go to 
     (pub/vi/vidgames/faqs) and find the newest KI move guide there.
    The lowdown on KI for SNES!
    Being a hard-core KI fan, I wanted to help the people who are thinking
    about buying KI into seeing what's the difference between the arcade
    and the SNES version.  Also, I will talk about the CD soundtrack for
    those interested at the end of this article.  The big reason why I decided to 
    make my own review on the game is because most of the video game
    magazines out there reviewed the pre-release of KI SNES (which is bad of 
    them to do that, in my opinion).  Well, this is the review on the final 
    version, so no need to worry if this FAQ is legit.
    OK, this article will talk about the stuff KI does and doesn't have,
    what's changed, and general info.  And as of FAQ 2.0, there's some stuff for
    current KI owners with some Game Genie Codes, Stage
    Select Codes, and other working codes in the game.
    Keep in mind that although I'll give my opinion on some aspects of the game, 
    I will not rate the game or tell you have to get it or stay clear of it.  
    You are your own critic, and YOU decide if you like the game or not.  You 
    are your own dog (Whoops, I mean person.  Damn Red Dog commercial.).  I 
    recommend renting the game first before you buy.  OK, let's get started.
        What KI has...
        What KI doesn't have...
        Confirmed Codes...
        Stage and Music Select Codes and Descriptions...
        Game Genie Code Section...
        KI Soundtrack...
        Nintendo Killer Instinct Players Guide...
        Special Thanks and Work Cited Section...
    What KI has...
    A black casing!  The Game Pak is a sleek black color, making it stand out
    from the rest of your "average" games.
    The announcer is back!  He announces the players on the character select 
    screen, all of the combos, and Supreme and Awesome Victory.
    The opponent can be hit off all the Building stages and the Sky stage.  
    Although they changed the look of it (looks different from the arcade,
    except the sky stage), it's still fun to watch.
    All the stages are there, all the combos should be there, all the players
    are there.  Most of the characters voice-overs are there as well, but some
    are either missing or different from the arcade.
    All the music is there, and it's pretty good too!  Not actual portovers from
    the arcade (I think, it certainly doesn't sound like it) but it's good
    nonetheless.  Also, the music on each stage changes when a fighter is in the
    red zone (near death).  This is cool, since Street Fighter 2 for SNES just
    made the music faster when a character was near a KO.
    Playability.  Most of my combos worked, although TJ Combo's a little slower
    with his combos.  The regular SNES pads do this game no justice.  You might
    consider buying an arcade stick, since some of the characters in this game
    utilize all of the buttons.  Try sticking with the old pads first, though.  
    See if you can handle it.  I used an actual arcade stick with this game
    (The Arcadian) and it plays like a dream!  I have to get used to the 
    joystick though, since I've just recently bought it.
    Lots of options.  There's button configurations, Easy Combo Breakers mode 
    to break easier, ability to use the clock (99 secs) or turn it off, and a 
    6 star difficulty setting.  There's also an option where the game forces 
    you to random select when you win too many games (VS only) and you can 
    make it so the game forces you to random select after 1 wins, 2 wins or up to
    9 wins.  You can even make it so the game random selects your characters all
    the time.  No handicapping options are available, though.
    All of the arcade codes work.  Eyedol code is there, Stage and Music Select 
    Codes (VS. Mode only), Combo Breaker Code, and Speed Select Code (Now 
    there's 4 speeds!).
    What KI doesn't have...
    The SGI intros to the characters in demo play, SGI endings for all
    characters, and Awesome/Supreme Victory SGI animations (now it's just a
    still screen of the character).  Also, no Eyedol SGI death scenes either.
    No mist around Glacius or Cinder, no bats around Sabrewulf and no 
    bloody mouth, no skulls around Spinal.  To check Spinal's amount of skulls 
    he absorbs, there is a skull counter under his lifebar.
    No rotating or scaling stages.  The buildings are all 2-D now.
    Some voices are missing or altered.
    The ability of saving the Speed, Score, and Combo Records as well as the 
    Winning Streak Records.  It would have been cool if they had a battery 
    to keep the records.
    KI doesn't have any kind of handicap options to give a less experienced 
    player a better chance of winning (unlike Street Fighter 2, which has a 
    handicap level setting).
    Eyedol is about as tall as the other characters!  I don't know, but he 
    should have been bigger.
    There are some glitches in the game.  For instance, TJ Combo's Ultra
    can hit the opponent in the air too early while TJ is still doing the
    Ultra motions.  My friend said that this was a glitch in the first version
    of KI, and wondered why it was in the SNES version.
    Sometimes, the Ultras for some characters knock the opponent down too
    early (i.e. Jago and Riptor).  Doesn't detract too much from the game.
    Some of the combos don't work anymore!  I couldn't do TJ Combo's 40 hit
    Ultra Combo from the arcade because the opponent falls down too early.
    Some of Orchid's combos that worked in the arcade end prematurely as well.
    My guess is that maybe all the combos aren't there like Nintendo said it
    The movements of the characters are a little choppy in the game.  From what
    I've heard, KI characters in the arcade had a frame rate of about 16 frames  
    for each move, while the SNES has far less.  That's the limit of SNES,
    not the programmers' fault.
    Sounds are weird in this game.  For instance, the announcer sounds 
    different (i.e. the announcer says Riptor like "Rip-roar".  Nintendo and 
    Rare could have done better in my opinion, but this game was too rushed
    for the programmers to make the sounds (or basically the whole
    game) more exact. 
    Some Sabrewulf stuff:  Well, in the SNES, Sabrewulf can't duck under 
    most fireballs without taking damage like he was able to in the arcade.  
    He gets hit like the rest of the characters now.  For some good news, Fulgore 
    can't take away Sabrewulf's bats anymore!  Before, in the arcade, Fulgore 
    could take away his 3 bats, leaving Sabrewulf batless.
    Well, Glacius' Blob Fatality (where he turns into a blob and consumes the 
    opponent) isn't there.  Even the "Killer Instinct Nintendo Player's Guide"
    doesn't list it, so my guess is it isn't in there.
    Speaking of fatalities, many of them have been changed cosmetically or
    dramatically.  For instance, Spinal's "Pull 'em down to the Pits of Hell"
    Fatality (yes, I'm making up these fatality names) has been changed to 
    Spinal hitting the opponent with a lightning bolt, turning them into a 
    pile of charred dust.  
    Also, Orchid's Flash Fatality has been changed.  Now when she
    flashes any opponent (except Orchid herself or Combo), the victim's 
    eyes pop out, and keel over.  No more individual responses to her "Flash" 
    (for example, no more TJ Combo screaming "NOOOOOOO!!!!!", or 
    Sabrewulf going, "Homina, homina, homina!")  Flashing another Orchid 
    will still make her pout, and flashing Combo makes him act really weird.  
    Go ahead, try to flash him and see what I'm trying to say.
    Confirmed Codes...
    Random Select Code:  Up and Start simultaneously.  Chooses your 
    character for you by a random choice.
    Eyedol:  Select Cinder as your character, then on the versus screen push
    Right on the controller and press these buttons in order...
         Weak Punch, Weak Kick, Fierce Punch, Medium Kick, Medium 
         Punch, and Fierce Kick
    You should hear the word "Eyedol".  This will confirm the code.
    Sky Stage Code:  The code is now under the "Stage and Music Select 
    Codes and Descriptions..." section.
    Combo Breaker Code:  Hold Down and press Start on the VS. screen.  
    You should hear the words, "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!".  I'm not exactly 
    sure what this code does, (lots of rumors on what it does) but it's a code.  
    In 1-player mode, you can enter the code with your own controller 
    (don't need to do the code on both controllers, like the arcade).  
    In VS. Mode, I'm not sure.  Let's say Player 1 enters the code and 
    the game says, "Combo Breaker".  Player 2 can also enter the code on 
    his controller and it'll say, "Combo Breaker" a second time.  
    I don't know if this is a possible handicap code (so one person can 
    have the Combo Breaker code while the other player doesn't) or not.  
    I can't tell what it does exactly, so I would like it if one of
    you guys can help me clear this up.
    Options Menu:  Just hold down Select when the VS. Screen comes up.  
    This'll give you the options of setting your buttons, turning "Easy Combo 
    Breakers" on or off, changing the Random Select options, or turning the 
    timer on or off.  In VS. Mode, only one player is required to hold down 
    Select to access the Options Menu.
    For these next few codes, follow these certain instructions.  If you're 
    playing a 2 player game, both players must do the code simultaneously 
    for it to work.  If you're playing a 1 player game, you only need to do it 
    on the controller you're using (not both).
    Four Speed Selects:  On the Versus screen, do one of these codes for a 
    certain speed.
    Left and all Kick Buttons:    Speed is a bit slower than the regular game
    Right and all Punch Buttons:  A bit faster than the regular game speed.
    Right and all Kick Buttons:   Pretty fast.  Too fast for me, though.
    Left and all Punch Buttons:   Also fast, but I can't tell if the code 
                                  directly above or this one is faster.
    Basics on doing codes:  All of the codes only last the match you 
    entered the codes for (yes, even the Eyedol code).  You must re-enter the 
    code(s) you want to use every time you start a new match.
    Another thing, you can use more than one code.  It's possible to use the 
    Speed Code, Combo Breaker Code, Eyedol Code, and maybe even the
    Sky Stage code (in VS. Mode only) all at once.  I've only enough brain
    power to use two codes at a time, though.
    Stage and Music Select Codes and Descriptions...
    To get to choose your Stage and/or Music, you must be either playing 
    a 2-player game, Tournament Mode, or Practice Mode.  The basic 
    way to enter what stage or music you want:  On the character select 
    screen, press and hold either up or down, and then press any of the 
    attack buttons (sorry, Start and Select doesn't work, at least in my 
    knowledge) before choosing your character.  Make sure the cursor is 
    on the character you want before entering the code, or else you'll get 
    stuck with the person you accidentally choose.  
    A few things I must point out.  If  one of the players selects the stage 
    destination before the other player picks, then the second player who 
    enters the code chooses the music of the stage.  For example, if one 
    person chooses the Lava Bridge stage and the other person chooses 
    the City Rooftop Stage, the person who entered the stage code first 
    will have the background stage they chose (in this case, the Lava Bridge 
    stage) and the other person will get the music of the stage that will be 
    played in the match (in this case, the City Rooftop Stage).
    Another thing, unlike the Arcade, KI SNES will not show what stage or 
    music you selected after entering the code.  You'll have to wait and see 
    what stage or music you picked when the match starts.
    Here is a list of the choosable stages...
    NOTE:> The names of the stages are taken from the Nintendo Killer 
    Instinct Players Guide (page 5, see Work Cited section for more info), 
    because I can't think of a better way of naming these stages.  I don't 
    want to be a plagiarist, so I'm stressing this beforehand. 
    * = only seen in 2-player mode, Tournament Mode, and Practice Mode
    This means you won't see these stages on 1-player mode.
    Up and Quick Punch:  Ice Temple
    Up and Medium Punch:  Skull Chamber *
    Up and Fierce Punch:  Ice Statue *
    Up and Quick Kick:  Castle Rooftop
    Up and Medium Kick:  City Rooftop
    Up and Fierce Kick:  Desert Rooftop
    Down and Quick Punch:  Desert Bridge
    Down and Medium Punch:  Palace Interior
    Down and Fierce Punch:  Lava Bridge
    Down and Quick Kick:  City Street *
    Down and Medium Kick:  Castle Interior
    Down and Fierce Kick:  Industrial Complex
    And of course, the Sky Stage code... *
    Sky Stage Code:  Both players hit Down and Medium Kick when 
    choosing your character.  Don't know if it has to be simultaneous 
    (in the arcade, you didn't have to be) or if you have to hold it down 
    until the fight screen appears, but I do it anyway to make sure.  
    There is no audible or visible sign that you've enter the code right, 
    but this code should work.
    There are some stages you can't choose ( i.e. Jago's Tiger Shrine 
    Stage or TJ Combo's Gym), and I'm not sure if they are 
    choosable at all.
    Any new codes you found?  Send me e-mail at the address 
    at the end of the FAQ.  If it works, I will give you credit for helping 
    me by adding your name to the FAQ.
    Game Genie Code Section...
    This is Orlando Fernandez's Game Genie FAQ.  Everything is intact, and
    if you have any questions about his codes, e-mail him (not me, I don't
    have a Game Genie).
    SPECIAL NOTE:  You must additionally use Galoob's published master code
    3C61-D4DF for any of these codes to work.
    OCF1	9987-CD61	Nintendo & Rareware logos don't zoom in during intro
    OCF2	F287-C701	Nintendo and Rareware logos don't zoom out during intro
    OCF3	EE87-C4D1	Neat twinkle effect before logos in intro
    OCF4	E1E0-34AF	Bars don't move on Fighter Select (don't random select)
    OCF5	1B6E-37D7	Near-invisible damage meters
    OCF6	3E64-34AF	No scores shown during fight
    OCF7	5BE2-3DD2	Combo hits/points not shown during fight
    OCF8	AC2D-44D7	No Projectiles
    OCF9	2B27-44D7	Invisible Projectiles
    OCF10	ACB6-44D7	Player 1 stuck on left but can fight/ Player 2 can't
    			 combo him/her
    OCF11	D033-17AF	Player 2/CPU invisible (minor glitches, combo slowdowns)
    OCF12	3633-17AF	Player 2/CPU invis. B (less glitch, invis. projectiles)
    OCF13	45C0-37D7	Players sometimes repel each other / Super fast
    			 Projectiles / Blood Stays on Screen
    OCF14	EEB1-1F0F	No Jumps A -fighters pose oddly instead
    			(Fulgore's invisible,Glacius quick kicks, Orchid game
    			freezes, etc.  Experiment.)
    OCF15	DDB1-140F	No Jumps B -everyone "flutters" instead
    OCF16	B5B0-17AF	Players can't jump forward/back
    OCF17	64B1-17AF	Jump Higher and Slower
    OCF18	DDB1-170F	Up Jumps Lower / Forward Jumps Mega-High
    OCF19	DDB1-1F6F	Up Jumps Mega-High / Back Jumps High / Forward Jump
    			 makes player "flutter"
    			-Crazy Takeoff: Forward Jump - Up Jump
    OCF20	64B1-1FAF	Push Up to Teleport to Right Side / Players can walk
    			 through each other
    OCF21	1B6E-47D7	Players can only inflict damage medium range
    			 (good 2-playerlike practice mode)
    OCF22	53C9-C4AF	CPU has 1-hit kill!
    OCF23	53C8-37AF	1-hit dizzies possible (including Combo Breakers)!
    OCF24	64B6-CFAF	Mega non-combo hits & points possible
    			(Turn off genie until you make a hit, then immediately
    			turn on. Turn off when enough. Can cause super delayed
    			landings and dizzies on opponent. Occasional game
    OCF25	64B6-4FAF	When loser loses meter, freezes (turn off genie to
    			unfreeze).  During freeze on "danger", have infinite
    			time to do no-mercies/humiliations.
    			-vs. frozen Jago, can also practice moves slow motion.
    OCF26	4583-1F67	Chief Thunder's Phoenix becomes a neoned Head Attack w/
    			"Combo Breaker!" sound, then next hit as long range.
    			-Cinder's Inferno becomes strange
    			-Eyedol's projectile becomes moving silhouette
    			-most other player's projectiles cause game freeze.
    OCF27	D082-CDA7	Player 2 Orchid Always Wins!
    OCF28	D08C-1D6F	Opponent Invisible upon each Hit A
    			-nearly completely invisible when Ultra'ed!
    			 (Killer Instinct's answer to MK3's Psycho Kombat???)
    OCF29	D08C-1F0F	Opponent Invisible upon each Hit B
    			-opponent in strange invisible/freeze pose when hit
    			-humiliation/no-mercy victim animation altered (like
    			 Orchid's "Flash" No-Mercy sometimes)
    OCF30	53BF-37AF	Combos can sometimes be avoided/blocked! (tap back
    			few times or jump away)
    OCF31	D08C-17AF	Combo Handicap A
    			-harder to do chained combos & Ultras (esp over 4 hits)	
    OCF32	D08C-1FAF	Combo Handicap B
    			-even harder for chains (esp. over 3 hits),
    			 Ultras virtually impossible!
    OCF33	D08C-176F	Combo Handicap C
    			-combo handicap A's effects, plus...
    			-combos unannounced	
    			-combos do more damage (Orchid's 23 can wipe you out!)
    			-some hits don't push back opponent
    OCF34	D08C-146F	Combo Booster! (combo enders disabled except for CPU)
    			-for e.g., Orchid can combo past her 23 to infinity!)
    			-combos unannounced + do more damage
    OCF35	D08C-170F	Combo Interrupt
    			-combo booster's effects, plus...
    			-can counter combo anytime! (don't need Combo Breakers)
    OCF36	ACBE-44D7	Rooftop knock-offs disabled (roofs incl. Sky Stage's)
    OCF37	EEB0-1FD7	Victim falls off rooftops unexpected ways periodically
    			(once Combo's Charge & Punch bounced victim in air
    			first, Orchid's Spinning Slash shot 'em right down,etc)
    OCF38	EEB0-1DA7	Get Pushed/Hopped Rightwards after Knocking Off Victim
    			 from Rooftop
    OCF39	EEB0-1F07	Victim never bounces in air after rooftop knock-off
    OCF40	EEB0-1D07	Screen left-scrolls after victim knocked off rooftop
    OCF41	D0A3-1F0F	Humiliations Last Shorter
    OCF42	536F-4DA7	No-Mercy's/Humiliations Declared 1-hit Ultimates???
    			(with a whopperload of bonus points; fool new players!)
    In the Works:
    5B2B-37D2	Graphics are scambled & Sound is altered/silent, eventual
    5BE4-CDD2	Neon Graphics when Player 1 chooses on Fighter Select,
    		occasions of game freeze, esp. when Player 2 plays
    0087-C4D1	Little Laser Light Twinkle Show during Intro (game freezes)
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    Please send any ?s, problems, or comments to ocfernan@mailbox.syr.edu.
    Distribution whole or part is welcome but don't sell and respect credit.
    Fight On!
    				"This game brought to you by Ultratech!"
    KI Soundtrack...
    The complimentary CD is very well done, and features lots 
    of remixed songs from the original arcade game.  Some are almost 
    exactly the same, and some are remade and sound even better.  It also 
    has two original songs not in the arcade.  Also included is the 
    Humiliation track, which isn't too hard to find.  Very well done by 
    Rare, and hopefully more video game companies will start making 
    more soundtracks for their games.  I think it would do
    very well here as it does in Japan, where video game soundtracks are 
    Nintendo Killer Instinct Players Guide...
    Well, I have made a little review on this book too, to help people 
    decide if this book suits their needs.  The players guide is very nice, 
    with very helpful tips and information on playing KI for SNES.  The 
    guide covers all the characters' basic moves, Danger Moves (ending 
    moves or "fatalities"), Combo Breakers, Humiliations, Air Doubles, 
    Ultra Combos, Ultimate Combos, and lots more.  Some cool new pics 
    of the characters are in here, too (if you like looking at new pics of 
    KI characters).
    Also in there are listings of combos for each characters' section in 
    4 different categories (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite) 
    that are easy to understand.  There is also a combo chart section that 
    shows what you can do to open a combo, what you can stick in between, 
    and what you can end the combo with.
    At the end of the book is the section, "Psycho Combos", which 
    has all these rad combos that are either flashy or unbreakable combos.  
    For example, the infamous C. Thunder "Slowdown" combo is in there.
    The only drawback I saw in this guide is that it doesn't tell you how to 
    get the most hits out of an Ultra Combo to get the most amount of hits 
    possible.  I guess it's up us to find out.
    I would recommend this book, especially if you want to get better at 
    the Arcade version of KI.  I've used this guide to help me play Spinal 
    at the arcades, and I've improved tremendously (with that, and having 
    KI at home to practice with). You'll improve on KI in no time with this
    Special Thanks...
    Just want to acknowledge the people who helped me make the FAQ
    better.  Here are their names, in alphabetical order...
    Stanley Lee Bertrand
    Geoff Coovert
    Jenn Dolari
    Orlando Fernandez
    Patrik Outericky
    And all the KI guys and gals who live for the fight...
    Work Cited Section...
    Killer Instinct Nintendo Player's Guide.  Redmond,  WA:  
    Nintendo/Rare, 1995
    Well, that does it for now.  I will revise the FAQ soon, and hopefully I'll
    have more time to play the game (I have school, you know).  Any questions
    or help you can give me?  E-mail to...
    to reach me.  
    This FAQ is for free distribution, and not to be altered in any way.  
    Again, this is just a brief review of KI SNES and a buyers 
    guide for those thinking of purchasing.  Thanks for reading, and see you
    in the next FAQ.
    Eddy Tang a.k.a. "The Badmother"
    Homepage Address= http://neuromancer.hacks.arizona.edu/~eddyt

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