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    FAQ/Move List by GBugher

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                      The FINAL Killer Instinct Hint File
                        Last Modified December 30, 1994
                      Copyright (c) 1994 by Grant Bugher
    This is the FOURTH EDITION of the FINAL Killer Instinct Hint File.
    This file is freely distributed and may be uploaded or copied in
    ORIGINAL, UNMODIFIED FORM (electronic or paper) without compensating the
    WORK EVERY TIME YOU DO THEM RIGHT.  I didn't put any so-called
    "unconfirmed" (i.e. probably imaginary) moves in here.  If one doesn't
    work, it's because you didn't do it right. :)  Everyone has at least two
    fatalities and one humiliation, but I don't yet have all of them.  This
    file is for what is currently (to my knowledge) the latest version of KI,
    version 5.0.  If you have a character named "Meltdown" in your game, you
    have an old version.
    Fatalities can be preformed when your opponent has exactly zero health
    (the machine chants "Danger!" to him in this state.)  If you're on a
    level that's at the top of a building, you can do a charging move or a
    projectile throw to knock your opponent off the building.  Also, if you
    find yourself at zero health yourself, just keep hitting buttons and
    moving the joystick -- you are not actually dead, just stunned.  You CAN
    break out of this state, and your health bar actually goes back up from
    zero (not by much, though.)  You are also Charged (see below) by this
    Humiliations can only be preformed when your opponent is at exactly zero
    health, and you are still on your first (green) energy bar.  They are
    done just like fatalities, and cause your opponent to dance around like a
    For those of you who have seen other KI hint files, it may seem to be
    missing a little.  There is a reason for this - it is missing all the moves
    and combos that don't work anyway.  Naturally, it is missing some things
    that DO work, too, but that's because I only put in this file things I have
    done myself.  That way, I'm sure they're right.
    Please send E-Mail with any additions, corrections, or comments about
    this list.  I know it is not complete.  If YOU have done something not on
    this list YOURSELF, E-mail it to me.  You will be given credit for your
    contribution.  Please send any fatalities, combos (especially Ultimates),
    or special moves you find.  However, I do not want you to send me something
    you found on another list or that someone else showed you unless you did it
    yourself.  I am Vylanis on America Online, so my Internet address is
                                               - Vylanis
    P.S. Also check out the other FINAL lists, like the FINAL Mortal
    Kombat Hint File v3 or the FINAL Mortal Kombat II Hint File v9 (my most
    B = Back      QP = Quick Punch    QK = Quick Kick   aP = Any Punch Button
    F = Forward   MP = Medium Punch   MK = Medium Kick  aK = Any Kick Button
    D = Down      FP = Fierce Punch   FK = Fierce Kick
    U = Up
    A Comma, as in "QP, QK", means to hit one button, then the other.  A plus,
    like "MP + MK", means to push both buttons at the same time.  A plus and
    parentheses, such as "FP + (D, B)", means to hold down one button and press
    the others.  These all apply to joystick motions as well as buttons.  "To",
    like in "D to F, HP" means to start with the first direction and "roll" the
    joystick to the second, similar to the movement in throwing a fireball in
    Street Fighter II.  In moves with an aP or aK in them, which button is used
    determines the strength or duration of the move.  Also, some moves will
    last longer if you hold down the button used to finish off the move.
    Finally, any move that is "B, F + " then a button requires that you hold
    back for a second or two before doing the F + button.
    The motion "F to D" is kind of tricky.  It is not really just a
    quarter-spin - it's a bizarre motion unique to KI.  Some people say it's
    "Forward, down, down-back," while others say it's a spin from just above
    Forward to just below Back.  Personally, I do a quarter-spin F to D.  Use
    whatever motion seems easiest and works for you.
    After each fatality listed, a range is given.  These are defined as:
      Close       As close as you can get without pushing them.
      Sweep       A couple inches away, the range of a foot sweep (D+FK).
      Anywhere    Anywhere on the screen.
      Not Close   Anywhere on the screen EXCEPT close.
                   ----- CHARACTER SELECTION TRICKS -----
    When selecting a player, you can hit U + Start to have the computer
    randomly select a player for you.  This makes two-player games more fair.
    Immediately on selecting a player, if both players hold D + Start
    until the fight begins, the machine will yell "Combo Breaker!" and no
    combos beyond Hyper (5-hit) will be allowed.  They simply won't work.
    When selecting a player, press up or down to change his color.  You
    cannot pick the same color as your opponent, even if you're different
    When you're the first player to be selecting a character, press either
    up or down at the same time as you press a button to select him, and you
    can choose what background to fight on.  Which button and direction you
    press determines the background.  If the second player does this too, he
    selects the music, not the background.
    If both players press down and Medium Kick simultaneously to select
    the stage, you will fight on a small platform in the sky.  This stage is
    unique because players can be knocked off in the middle of the round,
    rather than only at the end.  If the first player uses up and Medium Punch,
    you will be in the extremely long dungeon stage and not have to worry about
    getting trapped in the corner.
                               ----- COMBOS -----
    Combos in KI are totally unlike those in any other fighting game.  You
    do NOT preform every move in a combo -- instead, you preform a few of the
    moves, and the computer automatically inserts a few extra hits for you.
    Thus, specific combos are almost like special moves, so I'll list my
    favorites in the file right alongside them.  Note that I only list the
    longest combo I know that uses a series of moves -- if I list an 8-hit
    combo, you can probably leave off the last move or two and get a 4-hit
    out of it.  Normally, "my favorite" combos are ones that are VERY EASY to
    get off, compared to others.  Also, having a long combo doesn't
    necessarily mean more damage -- Orchid has a Killer (12-hit) combo that
    does less damage than most Super (4-hit) combos.
    Certain Combos can only preformed when the enemy is already very low on
    health.  These are nearly useless (since one hit will kill them, why do a
    28 hit combo?), but they look really cool and impressive, so I'll put 'em
    in anyway.  There are two types: Ultra Combos (which just hit them a lot)
    and Ultimate Combos (which end in a fatality!)  To do an Ultra combo, your
    opponent must have a flashing red energy bar (near death.)  You must begin
    any combo, and then do the Ultra combo move during it - your character will
    suddenly develop a mind of his own and begin trashing his opponent.
    Ultimate combos are done the same way, but I haven't confirmed any of them.
    Unlike in MK2, when someone is doing a combo to you, you CAN get out of it.
    Just do a special move called a Combo Breaker, and you'll hit them while
    they're doing the combo (not do mention you get tons of points and hear the
    machine yell "Combo Breaker!" with a few extra "c"s.)  This is vital when
    someone starts into that 10-hit Monster Combo when you're low on health.
    Most KI hint files list specific special moves as Combo Breakers, but I
    don't believe this.  I think that any non-projectile special move will
    break a combo if timed right -- I have broken combos with Spinal using
    three different special moves, not just the one everyone says is his "Combo
    Breaker."  Nevertheless, I have put a * by each move that I have used to
    break a combo.
    When trying to find new combos, remember that the buttons are somehow
    linked to each other.  If you do a special move, try immediately
    attacking with the linked button.  The links are: Quick Punch to Quick
    Kick, Medium Punch to Fierce Kick, and Fierce Punch to Medium Kick.  Most
    combos play off of these links.  The MP to FK link is the most useful -
    after any jumping fierce kick, you can do 3 medium punches and a special
    move, making for a reasonably big combo, usually 8 or 9 hits.
    Some sets of moves are combos with almost everyone.  The above-mentioned
    Jumping FK, 3 MPs, Special move is one of these.  In addition, many
    characters have a rushing/charging move - doing this move, then 2-3 presses
    of the linked button or a different set of linked buttons, followed by
    another special move, will often result in a combo.  These "leads" are
    important when you want to do an Ultra (remember, you must already be doing
    a combo to start an Ultra.)
    Also, in combos, some moves will have effects when reversed.  For example,
    Glacius's charge is B, F + aP.  In a combo, doing F, B + MP (you hold
    forward just like you hold back when doing the normal move) will do 3-4
    hits, including some stabs with the ice knife.  Several moves do this -
    You'll notice many Ultra combos are a reversed special move.
    Whenever combos are listed in this file, assume all special moves in
    the combo are done with the strongest button they work with (for example,
    Glacius can throw a bouncing ball with any punch button -- in a combo,
    use Fierce Punch) unless otherwise indicated (i.e. a Quick Bouncing Ball
    would be to throw a bouncing ball using QP rather than FP.)
                            ----- CHARGING UP -----
    Certain actions will cause your character to become "charged."  In this
    state the white bar at the end of your energy bar pulses, and you have
    certain special powers.  First of all, certain special moves, when done
    in a combo, will develop a "shadow" and do incredible damage - which
    moves do this is different for each character.  Second, "air juggling"
    will be tripled - if you knock your opponent far into the air, you can
    normally do some move (like Glacius's Melt-Uppercut) that will knock them
    into the air AGAIN when they come down.  When "charged," the "air juggle"
    will hit three times.  Third, you seem to just do more damage when
    charged.  This would account for people's tendencies to get miraculous
    victories after coming back from the dead.
    To become "charged," there are three appearent methods.  First, break
    a combo.  As soon as you do a Combo Breaker, you become charged.
    Second, come back from the dead.  A person who has broken out of the
    Danger state stays charged until either he or his opponent is dead.
    Finally, two characters can charge themselves.  Sabrewulf's Wolf Howl
    move will cause him to become charged for no appearent reason, and if
    Spinal absorbs a special move with his shield, it will charge him.
    This has nothing to do with moves listed as "charges" below -- that's
    just a generic term for a move that causes you to rush forward and hit
    your opponent.
                       ----- SPECIAL MOVES AND COMBOS -----
                    (Fatalities are listed indented one space)
    Torpedo                F, F, aP               (also works in the air)
    Flame Thrower (short)  B, B, QP
    Flame Thrower (long)   F, F, FK
    *Flip Kick             F, D to F, aK
    Tracer                 F to D to B, MP        (immune to projectiles)
    Invisibility           F to D to B, FP        (well, almost invisible)
    Blaster Combo          Jumping FK, 3 MPs, Flip Kick, Torpedo
    King Combo             Medium Torpedo, QP, QK, Flip Kick, Torpedo
     Lava Pool              B, B, B, MP           (anywhere)
     Meltdown               B to D to F, QK       (close to sweep)
     Humiliation            B, B, B, FK
     Ultra Combo            F, F, FP
    The flip kick is the ultimate defensive move.  Master it, use it
    frequently, because it's what makes Cinder viable.  Never use
    Invisibility against the computer, though the Tracer is useful.
    TJ Combo:
    Spinning Punch         B, F + QP
    Rolling Punch          B, F + MP
    Charge                 B, F + FP
    Horizontal Knee        B, F + QK
    *Vertical Knee         B, F + MK
    Strong Horizontal Knee B, F + FK
    Winding Uppercut       FP + (B, D)         (release and FP again to punch)
    Awesome Combo          Rolling Punch, 2 FKs, Spinning Punch, Charge
     Neck Breaker           B, F, F, MP           (close)
     Camera Smasher         B to D to F, FK       (close)
     Humiliation            D, D, D, QP
     Ultra Combo            F, B + FP
    This guy can be a GREAT defensive player.  Since all his moves start
    out by holding back, you can block in place, then retaliate instantly
    when hit.  He is probably the easiest character to beat Eyedol with.
    By the way, playing total defense will likely make people mad at you.
    1 Lightning Bolt       B to D to F, aP
    2 Lightning Bolts      B, B to D to F, QP
    3 Lightning Bolts      F, B, B to D to F, QP
    Eye Lightning          F to D, FK
    Charge                 B, F + aK
    *Dragon Punch          F, D to F, aP
    Teleport Ahead         B, D to B, aP
    Teleport Behind        B, D to B, aK
    Reflect                F to D to B, aP        (returns projectiles)
    Awesome Combo          Charge, FK, Dragon Punch
    Killer (13-hit) Combo  Charge, FK, Eye Lightning, 3 QPs, Dragon Punch
     Fry                    F to D to B, FP       (sweep - very tricky)
     Machine Gun            B to D to F, FK       (not close)
     Humiliation            B to D to F, MK
     Ultra Combo            F, D to F, QP
    Fulgore is excellent in the hands of a good player.  Play defensive --
    stand back and make use of the double and triple lightning.  You can
    reflect their projectiles, and if they get in close, block and retaliate
    with a charge like Combo.  When the charge hits, press FK then make up a
    combo.  :)
    Bouncing Ball          B to D to F, aP
    *Charge                B, F + aP
    Melt Uppercut          F to D to B, MK or FK
    Melt Teleport          F to D to B, QK
    Ice Knife              F to D, QP
    Blaster Combo          Jumping FK, 3 MPs, Bouncing Ball, Melt Uppercut
    Blaster Combo          Charge, 3 MPs, Bouncing Ball, Melt Uppercut
     Pool of Acid           B, B, B, FK           (anywhere)
     Freezing Icicle        B to D to F, MP       (sweep)
     Bubble 'o' Death       F to D to B, MK       (sweep)
     Humiliation            [unknown]
     Ultra Combo            B, F + FP
    Glacius is easy to learn, but it is a challenge to beat a good player
    with him.  Use the melt-uppercut frequently to knock your opponent out of
    the air, but never do it when he can block - it invites a devestating
    combo.  The melt teleport followed by an ice knife can catch many people
    off guard.  Also, Glacius's jumping kick is good for knocking players out
    of the air.
    Green Fireball         D to F, aP
    Golden Fireball        QP + (B to D to F)
    Flying Kick            F to D, aK
    *Dragon Punch          F, D to F, aP
    Blade Slash            F to D, FP
     Neuter                 B, F, F, QP            (close)
     Car Drop               B, B, F, F, MP         (not close)
     Humiliation            F to D to B, MK
     Ultra Combo            D to B, QP
    Jago's moves take considerable practice to get off, especially the
    blade slashes and the flying kick.  I personally do them the way
    mentioned above, but I have heard many other methods for doing them, and
    seen people use them.  I just know that my way usually (but not always)
    works for me.
    Tiger Morph            B, F + aP
    Fireball               B to D to F, aP
    *Helicopter            B, F + aK
    Backflip Kick          B + FK
    Blade Spin             F to D, FP
    Awesome Combo          Jumping FK, 3 MPs, Fireball
    Killer (20-hit) Combo  Helicopter, 3 QPs, repeat 3 times
     Frog                   D to F to D to B, QK  (close) (pause, then FK)
     Flasher                B, F, F, QP           (close to sweep)
     Humiliation            F to D to B, FP
     Ultra Combo            B, F + MP
    The only way to win with Orchid is to be combo-happy - she has
    rediculously long combos (in excess of 20 hits.)  When doing the 20-hit
    "endless combo," hold back for the next Helicopter while you do the 3
    QPs, otherwise you won't be able to do the next Helicopter in time to
    make it a combo.
    Fireball               F to D to B, aP
    Downward Fireball      F to D to B, aP        (just do it in the air)
    Fire Blast             F to D, FP
    Charge                 B, F + aP
    *Claw Leap             B, F + aK
    Tail Flip            F to D, FK
     Yummy                  B to D to F, MP       (sweep)
     Acid Spit              B, B, B, MK           (sweep)
     Humiliation            [unknown]
     Ultra Combo            B, F + QK
    Riptor's Claw Leap is an excellent defensive move - it must be blocked
    or countered from a great distance.  Charge and follow up with linked
    buttons and special moves to get some great Riptor combos.  Contrary to
    popular belief, you don't have to be combo-happy (like the computer) to
    win with Riptor - but you do need great timing so as to counter your
    opponent's moves with your own.  Blocking and retaliating with the Charge
    or Claw Leap is also effective.
    Fire Bat               F to D to B, aP
    Spinning Claw Attack   B, F + aP
    Rolling Claw Attack    B, F + QK
    *Vicious Claw Attack   B, F + MK
    Flying Claw Attack     B, F + FK
    Charge Howl            F to D, FK
     Screen Smash           B, B, F, F, MK        (close)
     Claw Stab              B, B, B, MK           (close)
     Humiliation            F, F, QP
     Ultra Combo            F, B + QK
    Sabrewulf strategy goes about like Combo's or Riptor's - defend and
    retaliate.  However, unlike Combo, Sabrewulf can go on the offensive
    and still be effective, as long as you time it right so as to hit when
    your opponent is beginning a move.  Like Combo, though, a missed
    Sabrewulf charge leaves you horribly open, so be conservative.
    *Charge                F, F, aP
    Slide                  D + aK
    Teleport Ahead         D, D, D, aP          (goes in front of enemy)
    *Teleport Behind       D, D, D, aK          (in back of enemy)
    Absorbtion Shield      B + QP               (absorbs special moves)
    Flaming Skulls         B to D to F, aP      (must have moves absorbed)
    Combo Morph            D, D, D, anything    (must be done during a combo)
    Blade Slash            B, F + MP
    Awesome Combo          Jumping FK, 3 MPs, Combo Morph
    Awesome Combo          Charge, 3 MPs, Combo Morph
     Hell                   B, B, B, MK           (anywhere)
     Shield Slash           B, B, F, QK           (close)
     Humiliation            B to D to F, FK
     Ultra Combo            D to F, FP
    Which button you press to do the Combo Morph determines which of your
    opponent's combos you will do.  Be careful not to overload the absorbtion
    shield - too many skulls, and you electrocute yourself.  Also, try combos
    ending a fireball or the blade slash - they're harder to do, but if you
    managed to follow one of THOSE with a Combo Morph...
    *Mohawk Attack         F to D to B, FP
    Reverse Mohawk Attack  B to D to F, FP     (only in air)
    Axe Spin               B, F + aP
    Flaming Eagle          B to D to F, aK     (can aim up or down with stick)
    Awesome Combo          Axe Spin,MP,F+FK,Medium Mohawk Attack,Mohawk Attack
     Rain Dance             B to D to F, FP       (sweep)
     Axe Chop               F to D to B, QK       (sweep)
     Humiliation            [unknown]
     Ultra Combo            B, F + QP
    Thunder's Mohawk Attack is as effective a defense as Cinder's flip
    kick - in fact, they are very similar moves.  If you miss a Mohawk Attack
    and go over your opponent, immediately do the reverse - you will turn
    around in mid-air and pounce them.  The Axe Spin is a Triple Combo in and
    of itself, but also leaves the opponent open for more deadly combos, like
    the Awesome above.
    algoron@aol.com          - for playing against me a lot.
    floyd@ripco.com          - for the KI FAQ, which got me started.
    goodwin01@aol.com        - for lots of stuff.
    thrax@aol.com            - for playing me and helping me find combos.
    c603140@mizzou1.missouri.edu        jbdean@email.oit.unc.edu
    catswold@aol.com                    matt00z@aol.com
    deathblow1@aol.com                  (olsospe@elof.acc.itt.edu)
    druboy@aol.com                      rboenau@lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
    earlbriano@aol.com                  tim100000@aol.com
    hjw106@psu.edu                      toddsvr@aol.com
    hqn6926@usl.edu                     whitdani@cwis.isu.edu
    Please don't make this another MK2.  I'm so sick of recieving
    "information" that people made up.  Don't send me any "my friend saw
    someone else do..." type moves.  If YOU haven't done it YOURSELF, keep
    it to yourself.  If, however, you HAVE done something not on this list,
    especially something marked [unknown], PLEASE send it to me.
    Also, support awesome games!  This is the best fighting game ever created
    - something I never thought I'd say about a game without a "Block"
    button.  :) Buy a Nintendo Ultra64 (when they come out in a few months),
    so they'll make more stuff like this!

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