"One-on-one kaiju fighting/wrestling... Who-duh thunk it?"

Some arcades carried the Neo-Geo arcade games which had a few different games put into one. One of those games that sometimes appeared was this one: King of the Monsters. SNES spawned a similar version which actually isn't too bad albeit the fact that it has two less characters (leaving you with only four).

Introducing... The Kaiju of Your Dreams!
In this game, four monsters (Geon, Beetle Mania, Rocky, and Astro Guy) all battle it out for supremacy. As you battle in one-on-one combat, you can destroy various parts of Japan. You can even battle it out in Osaka and destroy the great Osaka Castle. WOOO!

Rip-offs or Tribute?
I'm not quite sure on these, but I'm assuming Geon is supposed to be Godzilla, Astro Guy is supposed to be Ultra Man, Beetle Mania is supposed to be Megalon (and the other two who were removed were Poison Ghost and Woo, who I'm assuming were supposed to be Hedora and King Kong respectively)... So who was Rocky supposed to be? Eh, doesn't much matter. I actually like the idea of kaiju fighting game, especially ones that seem to be based off past Toho creations.

''Wrestlin'... is the baddest!''- Bass
In each level, you battle a different monster controlled by the computer. You'll notice... The AI isn't all that bad! Anyway, you can do regular attacks such as bunches or projectile attacks (a la Street Fighter 2). However, the best part is the wrestling moves each of your monsters are loaded with such as piledrivers and body slams. You can also destroy the many buildings and such and even use destroyed pieces as weapons against your opponent. You can't go too far, though. There are electrical cords that act as ring ropes to contain you. After you've beaten your opponent bad enough, you can try to cover him and go for the pin. There's also power-ups you can find to increase the power of your attacks and projectile.

Sigh... The rematch
It isn't over. After you've beaten your opponents to a bloody pulp, you must rematch them all. This actually can get a bit bothersome, but then again, there really isn't a whole lot of monsters to deal with.

Game Elements
The graphics aren't too bad considering the age of the game. I think they displayed a good color use as well as nice textures. The sounds are probably the strongest point of the game. The music fits very well with the game. It almost sounds like music that would be played in the classic kaiju films, both the end level music and the in game music. The sound effects were also very well used and help capture the atmosphere all the more. The controls are a bit stiff, but not bad other than that. There really isn't much to try to get the hang of, it's all pretty simplistic. The gameplay is quite fun for a while, especially if you like wrestling games. Do not play this expecting a whole lot and you should be fine.

Graphics: Not bad 8/10
Sounds: Excellent 10/10
Controls: Slightly stiff, yet simplistic 7/10
Plot/Storyline: Not exactly riveting 3/10
Gameplay: Very fun! 8/10
All Together: 8/10

Hardcore wrestling and fighting fans only. I guess some action fans would also be quite amused by this. If you really hate wrestling or fighting games with a burning passion, it's best to turn your back on this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/21/01, Updated 07/21/01

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