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"Astro Man Is Ultraman! Oh, And the game rules too."

You ever play any of the Rampage games? Well this is an old version of it... With wrestling and Ultraman.

Ok, Maybe this game doesn't seem like Rampage (The fact that you can Piledrive and Suplex says enough) but if you liked the Rampage games.. You'll like this game, Just don't expect yourself to morph into a naked man when you lose.

You pick one of four monsters (Astro Man, Beetle Mania, Goem, Rocky) and then go and kick some monster butt.
And yes, Laugh at their screwy names.

They do the simple moves, Like fireballs and Punching with a little wrestling tossed in, You can ''Irish Whip'' them into the ''Ropes'' and watch them bounch back for a ''Drop Kick''. That seems like it said enough doesn't it?

You fight in major Japan cities, Destroying buildings and crushing cars/tanks that get in your way. The electricity guarding you and your opponent from running wussy from each other is there for a reason, To throw your opponent onto it and watch them get electricuted, And the Japanese Army isnt their for looks either, They'll try and gun you down as fast as they can... But you can just walk on them.

This game does have a 2-Player feature so you can battle your friends/family to death, Just make sure you don't lose to your younger sister or the country shall laugh at you. (The country being the US of A and wherever you live also)
But believe me, the US of A laughed at me numerous amount of times.

Although Four Monsters may not seem like much, And the fact that you fight the same four monsters twice seems dumb and repetitive... It isn't. Wouldn't YOU like to be 30 stories tall and fight 1930's Japanese Monsters? I think so.
Just be sure to pick up a big chunk of building and use it as a rock.

Astro Man does seem like Ultraman.
Goem does seem like Godzilla.
Beetle Mania does seem like... some Japanese Beetle...
Rocky does seem like... Rocks...

But without wacky japanese rip-offs this game wouldn't shine like it does, It's damn funny to think Ultraman is fighting Godzilla in Osaka, Japan. Destroying famous landmarks is also fun, To bad your only in Japan (Wouldn't you wanna crush the White House?) But still, Japan has some bigass buildings.

I ain't rating this based on Gameplay, Story, Replayability and whatnot since... It's a freakin' Wrestling Monster game! What more is there to say other than Rent it, Like it, Buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/17/02, Updated 07/17/02

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