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    Great Cave Offensive Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | THE GREAT CAVE OFFENSIVE Walkthrough |
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002 by Snow Dragon. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Intro and Notes
    III. Basic Concept
    IV. Locations of All Treasures
    V. Credits and Copyrights
    4-7-02: Not a lot here except the old-walkthrough-update craze I've been
            lately. There were some glaring errors, yes, so those have been
            rectified, and I've also added my e-mail address to the Intro and
            Notes section. So carry on about your normal business and pay the
            minor additions no mind.
    This is my introduction to this walkthrough. I have this section in 
    every single one of my walkthroughs because there's usually something 
    about it that might cause confusion if I don't bother to explain it. 
    That said, here are the things that might cause confusion if I don't 
    bother to explain them:
    ** If you need to look up something in the controls, it's probably in
       the Basic Concept section. Look for anything in the FAQ first before
       contacting me.
    ** And speaking of contacting me, the address for that is as follows:
       <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. E-mail there for any information relating
       to the game, suggestions, complaints, requests, or tips you have that
       are relevant and can be added to this document. I always answer my
       mail, and I never have a lot to answer anyway, so show me the e-mail!
    ** I figured it'd be easier to do a walkthrough for Kirby Superstar in
       separate sections for each game so that you can find what you're
       looking for without as much hassle.
    ** Since there's nothing befuddling about the intricacies of the game,
       let's do this bubba!
    The basic idea of The Great Cave Offensive is finding treasure. This is 
    all a big treasure hunt, nothing more, nothing less. There are bosses 
    who will occasionally attempt to stop you, and you will have to beat 
    them to continue. Here are some controls that are good to know:
    + Y inhales and exhales objects. If you want to swallow an object or
      monster that you inhaled, press Down on the D-pad.
    + Tapping forward twice allows you to run.
    + Up on the D-pad opens treasure chests.
    + Press X to view which treasures you have obtained.
    The Great Cave Offensive is listed as having a difficulty of four stars 
    out of five (****).
    For this section I will list the treasures in number order (they are 
    numbered on the treasure chart), the value of the treasure in gold, and 
    then how to receive that treasure. Some are harder to get than others 
    and will require longer explanations. Pay close attention so that you 
    don't get overly confused.
    1) Gold Medal
    VALUE: 10000G
    Swallow the Fighter at the beginning of the second room and gain his 
    power. The Gold Medal is just over the cliff in front of you.
    2) Gold Coin
    VALUE: 1000G
    Kill one of the two flower monsters in front of the pillar ahead of the 
    Gold Medal. The top block will break away to reveal a door. Go in the 
    door and swim to the bottom. When you open the chest, the Gold Coin 
    will go in your inventory.
    3) Whip
    VALUE: 6800G
    Leave the room where you got the Gold Coin and move forward. You will 
    see three bomb blocks. Only destroy the first and third blocks - the 
    second will create a wall of lava and you will have to go in a door and 
    then return to this area to get rid of it. If you successfully cleared 
    a path to the Whip, go in the hole and break the blocks. The Fighter's 
    power will help you achieve this faster.
    4) Crystal Ball
    VALUE: 200000G
    Don't attempt to collect this without the aid of a human ally. If you 
    have the Fighter power, get rid of it so you can have a friend's 
    assistance. Swallow a bird and get the Wing power. Climb down the 
    ladder and open the first door. In this chamber with the two buttons, 
    have your friend stand on the one to the right while you open the door 
    to the left and go through it. Summon him back once you are through 
    both doors, then have your ally stand on the button below the next 
    ladder. Go through the open door and then the next one. The Crystal 
    Ball is in the chest. If you get stuck anywhere along the way, go in 
    one of the doors available to restart.
    5) Lucky Cat
    VALUE: 500G
    Go in the water where the current drags you to the right. When you get 
    out onto the first plateau, break the star blocks with your head and 
    get the Lucky Cat in the treasure chest above.
    6) Seiryu Sword
    VALUE: 142000G
    In the next room are some gray blocks that break when you walk on them. 
    Do not break the middle one - you will need it to get the treasure. Go 
    up and to the left and use either the Beam or Fighter power to break 
    those bricks that are holding the sword. Backtrack and collect the 
    treasure before the brick breaks and it falls in the lava.
    7) Screw Ball
    VALUE: 80000G
    You need Beam to get this one. To the right of the Seiryu Sword, duck 
    down to where the bomb block is and shoot it with the normal Beam 
    attack. This will lead you to the Screw Ball.
    8) Echigo Candy
    VALUE: 8000G
    To the right of where you got the Seiryu Sword, go up and break the 
    ugly-faced block that blows up six more. Use either the Beam or Fighter 
    ability to break more of them and find the Echigo Candy all the way to 
    the right. You can save your progress in the room below where you 
    obtain the Echigo Candy.
    9) Zebra Mask
    VALUE: 278000G
    Near the door to the next room, break the blocks below to reveal the 
    chest containing the Zebra Mask. Then go back to where you found the 
    off-white bear enemy. Break the star blocks to the right of him with 
    Beam and then eliminate the wall by using it on the ugly-face gray 
    stone. Backtrack and go past where the wall once was. Get the Cutter 
    power from the Poppy Brother with the boomerang and go to the right and 
    up. The Zebra Mask should be there. Hit the bomb block to clear a path 
    to the next room.
    10) Star Stone
    VALUE: 82100G
    Beat the Hammer boss (he's really easy if you have Beam) and go to the 
    right and up the ladder. Up the ladder to the left you'll see a cannon. 
    Shoot straight up to make it into a small cell with the Star Stone, 
    some meat, and a soda pop.
    11) Beast's Fang
    VALUE: 7300G
    Go to the right from where you found the Star Stone and go all the way 
    down the ladder. Kill the Cutter and Mirror enemies and find the spiky 
    guys guarding the treasure chest. Eradicate the star block from a 
    distance and obtain the Beast's Fang when it's safe.
    12) Bandanna
    VALUE: 1990G
    Find the wall with bomb blocks on all sides of it (two on the left side 
    and one on the right). Blow them up to get the Bandanna. If you have an 
    ability, make sure the Copy monsters don't steal it. This is hard, 
    considering they're everywhere in this area.
    13) Springtime
    VALUE: 250000G
    Near the exit is a platform hanging from a rope. Use either Cutter or 
    Sword (which you can get in the next room) to cut the rope. You will 
    find the chest holding Springtime, which is just a simple pink heart, 
    in here along with a valuable 1-up.
    * BOSS: WHALE *
    Before you come in here, have Mirror as your ability and Sword for your 
    computer ally's ability. There is a room that allows you to configure 
    yourself in this way.
    Use Mirror when he slowly approaches you and spouts water out of his 
    blowhole, but use discretion and run away when you are about to get 
    hit. Don't try to use the Mirror trick where you duplicate yourself and 
    hit the enemy - too risky. Float away whenever he does anything except 
    move forward and spout water, and try not to let stones fall on you. 
    Your ally can do a good job of protecting you from plummeting boulders, 
    and if he is dying and one falls on him, he will turn into the Stone 
    monster! (Which is practically useless, but oh well!) It will take 
    loads of perserverance to beat the whale - unfortunately, you do not 
    have many lives with which to do so.
    In the next room, ride the mining cart along the track and drop down to 
    the room below.
    14) Dime
    VALUE: 10G
    In the crystal room, go to the right and fall in the water. Swim down 
    past the door in the middle and open the chest to get the Dime.
    15) Glass Slippers
    VALUE: 120000G
    Break the bricks below the chest with the Dime and you will find the 
    Glass Slippers and a 1-up.
    16) Goblet
    VALUE: 800G
    Go in the door in the middle of the pool (above the Dime) and locate 
    the save point and the tomato that heals you fully.
      Then, from the save point, go in the room to the lower left and hit 
    the pink button. This will create a waterfall with a pond below. Swim 
    down and to the left to get the goblet.
    17) Saucepan
    VALUE: 10G
    Even though this treasure is one of the El Cheapos, you still need to 
    get it to get 100% on this mini-game. Swim all the way down after you 
    get the Goblet and you'll notice a pink switch. Very carefully, hit the 
    switch and swim like the wind to get the Saucepan before it falls in 
    the pit. It isn't a far swim, and it's actually rather easy to catch - 
    you just need to have quick thumbs.
    18) Brass Knuckle
    VALUE: 20000G
    Go up and left after you obtain the Saucepan. Get rid of whatever 
    ability you have and swallow the Crash monster. Use Crash in front of 
    the door to open it. You will then be able to obtain the Brass Knuckle.
    19) Amber Rose
    VALUE: 22100G
    Go to the left and up after getting the Brass Knuckle. Avoid the Crash 
    and Bomb monsters.
    20) Fish Fossil
    VALUE: 8250G
    To the right of the Amber Rose, hit the bomb block and go in the room 
    to the right. Struggle against the current in this area and go in the 
    door. The Fish Fossil is the one to the left.
    21) Beast Fossil
    VALUE: 24220G
    The Beast Fossil lies to the right of the Fish Fossil.
    22) Nunchuks
    VALUE: 55480G
    After you get the Fish and Beast Fossils, hit the bomb block and go up. 
    You can't go through that narrow tunnel above your head, so go to the 
    right and prepare to fight the Poppy Brother. Use whatever power you 
    have to eliminate him. Once he's dead, the Nunchuks chest will fall 
    from the ceiling.
    23) Bucket
    VALUE: 200G
    After getting the Nunchuks, bomb the wall to the right. You will now 
    have made a full circle through this area. Go in the door. This would 
    be a good time to save and refill your health with a tomato.
      Drop to the low level after the save point and go in the middle door. 
    Swim up and get the Yo-yo ability - it will prove invaluable to you 
    here. Kill the Cutter enemy so that he's not harassing you, then swim 
    to the left and to the right. Paddle upward in the narrow space ahead 
    until you reach the box with the Bucket.
    24) Summertime
    VALUE: 250000G
    Hit the bomb block to eliminate the row of blocks below you. This will 
    make a current that sends you up. Kill the Yo-yo monster and watch out 
    for the Jet foe - if he charges into you at full speed, you'll lose 
    your ability and have to chase it down. Below, you will have to hitch a 
    ride on some moving platforms. Get the Tomato to the right of the first 
    set, then board the left one in the third set and destroy the blocks 
    with Yo-yo quickly. This will lead to Summertime, which looks exactly 
    like Springtime except that it is green instead of pink.
    25) 100 dollar coin
    VALUE: 10000G
    If you came in the room and swam down, you noticed a treasure chest and 
    couldn't beat the waves in order to get it. Well, to get it, swim down 
    after you get Summertime and let yourself flow with the current. Stay 
    low, except to maneuver over the urchins. When you float in front of 
    the chest, press Up to open it.
    26) Ancient Gem
    VALUE: 68000G
    Exit the second door, get a Tomato, and save your progress. Go in the 
    third door and kill the Cutter. Float up as fast as you can to avoid 
    having your power stolen by the Copy monster. Hit the pink switch and 
    carefully guide Kirby to the left to get the Ancient Gem.
    27) Falcon Helmet
    VALUE: 41000G
    Go down after you get the Ancient Gem and climb down the ladder 
    cautiously (beware the Copies). Blast through the wall however you can 
    to obtain the Falcon Helmet. I wonder if it belongs to anyone... :)
    28) Dud
    VALUE: 30G
    Find the Popsicle that will refill your health minorly. From there, go 
    down the ladder and kill the Copy (man, they're everywhere here!). Head 
    immediately to the right and destroy the bomb block with Cutter, or Yo-
    yo if you still have it. This will let you get the Dud, an aptly named 
    nuclear bomb. To the left are some helpful healing agents.
    29) Truth Mirror
    VALUE: 500000G
    Once you have the Dud, go up the ladder and to the right. Go down and 
    start moving against the current. Although it seems kind of futile at 
    first, this will get you along. Tapping forward twice to run will help 
    you attain it. Be careful not to hit the spikes or the urchins. At the 
    end of the current you will earn the Truth Mirror - fortunately you 
    don't have to travel along the current again.
      Grab the Tomato and hit the bomb. Float with your puffy cheeks up and 
    go to the left. Go in the door. You can give yourself Fighter, Wing, or 
    Jet, or you can keep what you have and go forward. Yo-yo is a nice 
    weapon to have for this battle.
    Several windows will open, none of which can hurt you, but the enemy in 
    the lower left one can. The first one to appear is a Slime. The Slime 
    does not have much in the way of attacks. Just beat him relentlessly 
    with whatever weapon you have (I used Yo-yo - took off 16 HP a pop).
      A Dancing Doll will appear next. His attacks are minimal like the 
    Slime's, but he can shoot a star that will knock your ability out of 
    you. Use the same strategy that you used against the Slime.
      The final enemy inside the window is a Witch. She can cast spells on 
    you, such as an ice spell where she freezes you in a tiny block. Not 
    much strategy is needed to overcome her either. It's useless to even 
    keep track of the amount of hit points each enemy has, as they all die 
    very quickly. When you beat them, some crazy crap that doesn't have 
    anything to do with the game will appear in the top window, and you can 
    go on to the door to the right.
      In the next room, ride the trolley and all will be well.
      After that, you will endure a long fall. Go all the way to the right 
    and go in the super-sparkly door. This is a save point, so take 
    advantage of the opportunity. Then, go in the door at left.
    30) Star Tiara
    VALUE: 408200G
    Once you enter this room, don't hit the star blocks with cannons on 
    them. Go all the way to the left to locate a safer way to the upper 
    level. Kill the Ninja or steal his ability if you like it - I don't. 
    Use the springs to find several items such as a Popsicle and a 1-up, 
    among other things. Eventually you will find a door. Release the 
    urchins to the right so they don't bother you when you try to collect 
    the Star Tiara.
    31) Turtle Shell
    VALUE: 800G
    You'd better listen up, because this is going to take a while.
      After you get the Star Tiara, leave the room. Go down to the lower 
    level and head right from the entrance to this area. When you go in the 
    door, climb up all the ladders and kill all the enemies, then head up 
    the stairs in the next room while letting as few coconuts as possible 
    jar your head. When you enter the next room, you will see the Hammer 
    boss. Kill him without hitting the bomb block in the middle and then 
    steal his power (it's best not to have an ally here - they're usually 
    highly incompetent about not hitting delicate objects).
      Now backtrack all the way to the first room. Keep the Hammer.
      When you get to the original entrance, go left. Hit the stake in the 
    next room and you will gain access to the next one.
      Go down the elevator shafts in this newly opened room.
      When you reach the next one, steal one of the Fire monsters' 
    abilities and go in the door to the upper right. Fight the Ninja boss 
    by rapidly blowing fire at him. This should do him in quickly, 
    revealing a chest and some healing items. Get the healing items first 
    or they will disappear. After you've healed, get the Turtle Shell. Yes! 
    Finally! Move forward into the next room.
    32) Sword
    VALUE: 325000G
    When you go in the next room after defeating the Ninja boss, make sure 
    you have a Fire ally with you. Bust through the wall adjacent to the 
    ceiling and get the Fire copy to burn the fuse, because all Kirby can 
    use in the water is Water Gun. Quickly move up to the cannon. If you 
    secure yourself inside in time, you will blast to the area just to the 
    right of the cannon. While the Sword is the most valuable item in here, 
    there are also several life-regaining objects, including a Tomato. When 
    you have the Sword, go left and get the wall out of your way. Go to the 
    left for a 1-up.
      When you see the two doors in the upper left corner, go in the bottom 
    33) Warrior Shield
    VALUE: 50000G
    When you go in the door there are tons of enemies lining the ceiling 
    and some water with an extremely fast current. To get to the small 
    block with the Warrior Shield, just step right in to the water and keep 
    holding Right on the D-pad to swim against the rapids. You should land 
    primly in front of the Warrior Shield. Once you have obtained it, make 
    sure to jump back in the water since the current can still push you 
    into the pit.
    34) Unicorn's Horn
    VALUE: 80300G
    Backtrack to the room just before the Hammer boss (with the falling 
    coconuts). Blow fire at the bomb block just before the entrance to the 
    Hammer boss and avoid the cannons. Move all the way to the right and 
    you'll find the Unicorn's Horn.
    35) Autumntime
    VALUE: 250000G
    To get this treasure, you must be careful not to destroy the bomb block 
    when you fight the Hammer boss. If the fight is successful and you did 
    not destroy the block, go to the right and hit the pink switch. 
    Backtrack to the bridge. The Autumntime chest will fall gently on top 
    of the bomb block. Autumntime, unlike its predecessors Springtime and 
    Summertime, is orange.
      If the bridge is destroyed, exit the room and then re-enter to 
    "rebuild" it.
    Well, I can't think of anything else to call them!
      If you still have the Fire weapon, use it. They can all be warded off 
    easily as long as you're blowing a steady stream of flames. If you have 
    the Hammer or a different weapon, however, avoid all their attacks. 
    There are four of them in all, and they appear in different places when 
    they spawn, usually where you are standing. Once you have overtaken 
    them all, you can move on.
    36) Rice Bowl
    VALUE: 50G
    Sounds like an annual college football game to me. But in this game 
    it's actually a bowl containing rice. Take the Yo-yo power and move all 
    the way to the top of the hill. Hold down and press Y to hit the bomb 
    block, then ride the vehicle at the bottom (the spikes won't hurt you, 
    I promise). You will be carted directly to the treasure chest that 
    holds the Rice Bowl. Go back up to the door at the top when you have 
    37) Tut's Mask
    VALUE: 160000G
    Run across the blocks that disappear in this room. Some will land you 
    on dangerous fire, some will not. Yo-yo everyone in your way. When you 
    get to the top, find the treasure chest in the cramped chamber with the 
    spikes and destructible blocks. Tut's Mask is in there. A bomb block 
    will allow you to exit the other side, but you will have to backtrack 
      When you do, find the door that takes up two blocks. It will take you 
    outside. Go to the save point. Save and heal, then return to this area.
    38) Mr. Saturn
    VALUE: 120000G
    Another familiar Nintendo cameo here. After you get the Tut's Mask, go 
    all the way to the left to find a door (avoid the fire). Kill the 
    Microphone on the first level and ride the platforms up. Kill the Stone 
    monsters also - you don't really want their power, do you? To the right 
    is a door. Several Sleep icons are in here, and you will have to avoid 
    touching them in order to get the treasure. The best thing to do is to 
    run against the wind and try to jump over them. This will work in most 
    cases. When you get the Mr. Saturn item, evade the Sleep icons as you 
    move back to left. It's significantly easier when you're moving with 
    the flow of the wind.
    39) Armor
    VALUE: 212000G
    From the Mr. Saturn room with all the Sleep items, keep on going up 
    until you find a door. Go to the left of that door to find the Armor.
    40) Treasure Box
    VALUE: 100000G
    Some people just love stupid ironies like this one. I'm one of them.
      After you get the Armor, go in the aforementioned door to the right. 
    The place is decorated with stars and celestial objects that, although 
    dim, can still hurt your eyes if you squint at them. Jump on the 
    springboard and hang to the left. Hop on the one to the left and it 
    will take you to the treasure box containing the Treasure Box. See? 
    Irony! I love it!
      The other springboard will land you a Tomato.
    41) Mannequin
    VALUE: 3000G
    You will have to act quickly to snag this one or you will either have 
    to die (if you missed the door) or retry (if you didn't). Tap Left on 
    the D-pad madly once you enter the door, which is at the top of the big 
    room and to the left against the wall. If you run and jump like the 
    quick-witted little bugger you are, you can seize the Mannequin easily. 
    Now get back in the door and you've got it in the bag.
      When you get to the room with the Mirrors, either grab their power or 
    keep your current one and go in the room at the top, where you can 
    choose from Ninja, Wing, or Plasma, none of which are all that great. I 
    recommend keeping Mirror or anything besides these three.
    42) Gold Crown
    VALUE: 528000G
    You need Mirror and Stone to get this item. Get Stone as a CPU-
    controlled ally from the same room where you got the Armor. Go to the 
    room with the Mirror enemies and let go of your Stone power to obtain 
    Mirror. When you see the door on the top level, break the blocks that 
    are past it. If you float over to where the hovering cat-like monsters 
    are, the Stone ally will attack them. He will plunge into the water 
    when he kills the one on the right, allowing you to go down. Find the 
    door to the right and go in it.
      Now in this room, you should see a treasure chest in the water. The 
    current that flows up will not allow you to get it. Carefully, get rid 
    of your Mirror ability, but DO NOT TURN STONE INTO MIRROR! To do this 
    the easiest, go to the right and make sure your Stone copy is behind 
    you, then let go of it. Press A to turn Stone into the Stone item, then 
    get it yourself. Now use Stone on the bomb block. When you turn into a 
    rock, statue, or what have you, you can sink quickly through the water 
    while completely ignoring the force that sends you back up. Press Y to 
    un-stone yourself and get the Gold Crown.
    43) King's Cape
    VALUE: 508000G
    To get this treasure you need to have the Cutter ability. (Go to the 
    section on the Model Ship - treasure #44 - for tips on how to find a 
    Cutter. If you have not yet fought the fish boss you will have to in 
    order to get the Cutter.)
      Keep your Stone ally for this as well. His skills will be needed 
    here. Once you have Cutter equipped on Kirby and you have a Stone copy, 
    go back to the room where you got the Gold Crown and go in the door in 
    either of the upper corners. The rooms are virtually identical.
      Once you enter the door at the top of either room, go up to the top 
    of the hill and cut the rope holding the ledge away. The Stone copy 
    should hit the wooden stump automatically. When he does, you can go in 
    the room with the King's Cape. There is a monster in here that fires 
    beams that can be deflected if you use the Mirror ability provided. If 
    you have Cutter, use the triple-Y attack on one of the urchins to kill 
    the guy shooting lasers at you. The King's Cape is just above you.
    * BOSS: FISH *
    A fast-firing projectile is best for fighting this boss. Let it eat 
    your ally, and use that time to beat the tar out of it with whatever 
    ability you have (Mirror is good). It will blend in with the wall after 
    a short time, and you will have to follow the ripples in the pattern on 
    the wall so you know where he is at all times. If you don't have any 
    idea where he is he will beat the stuffing out of you. Once his energy 
    is fully depleted, go to the right and get the Tomato, then go in the 
    44) Model Ship
    VALUE: 800000G
    In the room with the Fire monster and the multiple cannons, make your 
    way to the door in the upper left corner. Swallow the Fire guy and gain 
    his ability, then find the door. You will see a pink switch. Like the 
    Crystal Ball, this is one object you can't get without an ally's help.
      Have a second player play as Fire and swallow the Cutter that you 
    find. While he/she stays firmly planted on the switch, you make your 
    way upward. Haul butt when the ally is summoned back to you, as you 
    won't have much time to make it to the door. If you enter the door 
    before the stone wall closes over it, you will be situated on the top 
    of the castle in a heavy windstorm. The treasure box in front of you 
    contains the Model Ship.
    45) Sun Ring
    VALUE: 800000G
    In the room with the multiple cannons, fire away until you find a door 
    in the upper right corner. The room inside is very dark - use Fire to 
    blow on the candles and give yourself ample light to see by. There is a 
    door in here that you will not be able to see without light. Once you 
    find it, enter to obtain the Sun Ring. There is a Tomato under the 
    ledge in case you need your life replenished.
      Once you have this and all the other treasures in this area, exit the 
    castle, save and heal, and go through the door all the way to the left. 
    Ride the mining cart to the left and go through the door to make it to 
    the new area. 
    46) Wintertime
    VALUE: 250000G
    Wintertime differs from its predecessors once again in color alone; 
    this time it is gray.
      Hit the pink switch in this new area to release a barrage of bird 
    enemies. Enter the hole they come out of to face another onslaught. 
    Kill them all before getting the treasure, then exit the hole and go 
    all the way to the left in the door.
    47) Katana
    VALUE: 990000G
    This one is REALLY hard to get. You need Jet to obtain it, and 
    everything has to fall perfectly into place, because the wind here is 
    mighty strong. Out of your three choices, take Jet and stay against the 
    right-hand wall. When you drop down, tap Right on the D-pad really 
    fast, press Y, and hold Down. If you do this correctly, you will drop 
    to the treasure box with the most valuable item in the game, and a 
    Tomato to boot! When you get it, go in the door opposite the wall and 
    save in the room, then go in the door to the left. It's really hard to 
    get this item, and usually whether or not you get it is a totally 
    random occurrence.
    48) Charm
    VALUE: 8000G
    Before you get to the three cannons, you should see a waterfall flowing 
    down from a block that is lighter than the others. Drop down below this 
    block and get the Charm from the box in the lake.
      To get the next treasure, equip Jet and light the middle fuse with 
    the Jet's fire. Jump in the cannon and take off to the next area.
    49) Xmas Tree
    VALUE: 40000G
    Destroy all the bomb blocks except the bottom one and collect the tree 
    when it falls. Go back through the door to get back to the cannons.
      To get the next treasures, you'll need to go back to the room where 
    you got the Katana and equip the Ninja ability. When you do that, go 
    back to the cannons. Destroy the top star block, then destroy the 
    others by executing a downward kick on the next one in line (jump, hold 
    Down, press Y). Hit the dynamite switch on the far right. Run to the 
    leftmost cannon and get ready to blast off.
    50) Kong's Barrel
    VALUE: 1500G
    You should now be in a cloudy area. Float up and to the left to find 
    the first door. You can walk/float through the areas with stars in a 
    line, but it won't be very effective if you still have the Ninja power 
    as you will undesirably stick to the wall. Get the Wing power just 
    above you instead.
      When you enter the room, hit the switch on the right to drop the 
    treasure. The one on the left releases the urchins and you will have to 
    re-enter the room if you want the treasure. Kong's Barrel is another 
    example of one of those cameos that makes you want to groan.
    51) Ramia's Scale
    VALUE: 12800G
    From the Kong's Barrel room, go to the upper right to find the room 
    with Ramia's Scale in it. Ride the circling ledges and jump to the 
    ledge with the treasure box when you see it.
    52) Shiny Bamboo
    VALUE: 600000G
    Before you get this item, you should get the Tire (see item #53). Once 
    you've gotten the Tire, go to the room with the Shiny Bamboo. To get to 
    that room, find the Plasma item (don't get it) and drop down. It is the 
    door above your head that holds the Shiny Bamboo. When you get the 
    Wheel ally, float up with him and destroy the star block with your head 
    to get it. Once again, get the Tire before you get the Shiny Bamboo.
    53) Tire
    VALUE: 1100G
    To find the Tire room, find the column of stars opposite the Plasma 
    item and move up. The door is right there.
      Get Wheel and turn it into an ally, then get Wheel for yourself so 
    you can have a good power. Once you hit the pink switch, hold Y and 
    speed to the right. Jump over the small pit and hold Down so you don't 
    hit your head when you move up the ramp. You should barely make it to 
    the Tire, another one of the "ironic treasures." Go down the ladder and 
    hit the bomb block all the way to the left to reveal a way out of that 
    54) Spirit Charm
    VALUE: 78500G
    Go up and left from the Shiny Bamboo room and through the wall. When 
    you drop down, make sure not to get the Sleep item. If you're riding 
    the Wheel (as you ought to be), you won't be able to get the Parasol. 
    Go into the door on the other side of the wall. Immediately hop off 
    Wheel (press A) and go down before any star blocks fall. Get the Spirit 
    Charm, mount Wheel, and then leave. Since there is nothing else of 
    value in this whole entire area, board the star to return to the save 
    point. Save and heal, then go in the bottom right door.
    55) Pegasus Wing
    VALUE: 42800G
    The cannons in this room are your only method for breaking the gray 
    bricks. Go in the cannon directly to the right of the door and blast 
    through the wall immediately to the right. Blast downward through the 
    column and hit any wall except the one to the left once you see the 
    chest. The Pegasus Wing is inside.
    56) Raccoon Doll
    VALUE: 8150G
    From the Pegasus Wing's location, keep blasting to the left and then go 
    down and to the right when you can. Enter the door and take the Wheel 
    as an ally. When you fight the Suplex monster, hold Y and then turn 
    around as soon as you hit him so you don't damage the Wheel. If he 
    happens to get killed though, deal with him with whatever you have. 
    When the Suplex insect is exterminated, the block barricading the 
    Raccoon Doll will disappear. It would be wise to take the mini-boss's 
    power right now, as it is EXTREMELY powerful. The only drawback is that 
    it doesn't work on a lot of bosses :(
      Once you have the Raccoon Doll, head left.
    57) Shell Whistle
    VALUE: 82000G
    If you're using Suplex, you'll have to get rid of it. It still helps 
    out as a powerful ally, though.
      Find a bomb block to the left with a whole bunch of enemies in it. 
    With your Cutter ability (oh yeah, get that while you're here) and the 
    Suplex's massive physical strength, you can take out all the enemies 
    except the urchin, who bounces rampantly inside the water. Avoid him 
    and get the Shell Whistle when there's an opening.
    58) Orihalcon
    VALUE: 512000G
    When you see Crash, get rid of Cutter and take his power. Use it to 
    open the door so you can get the treasure. A bomb block will open up a 
    path to the star. Let it take you back to the save point. Save and 
    heal, then get Ninja from the Katana room and go in the middle door. 
    Two treasures left........
    59) Platinum Ring
    VALUE: 40000G
    When you have Ninja, go in the middle door and drop down to the 
    platforms hanging from strings. Cut down the one to the left and follow 
    the path to find the Platinum Ring. One treasure left!
    60) Triforce
    VALUE: 800000G
    This one's in the next room. Get Yo-yo's power and avoid all the 
    springboards. When you get to the bottom of them and see the door, drop 
    down even further and float down. Destroy the star blocks when you get 
    to the bottom and descend to the lowest part to get the Triforce (the 
    last treasure! YES!). DO NOT TOUCH THE SLEEP ENEMY AT ALL! You want to 
    keep Yo-yo. Go back in the door above the lowest springboard, which is 
    the one just above the Triforce.
      I would recommend having Bomb for this final boss and your ally being 
    whatever - you can bestow Yo-yo upon him or give him one of the other 
    two abilities in the room (Ice or Parasol). Either way, take a deep 
    breath and proceed with caution........
    In all reality, your ally will basically be useless here unless 
    controlled by a friend. The object is to hit the rock hand that 
    materializes out of thin air. If you've played Super Smash Brothers and 
    gotten to the end of the 1-player game, you ought to be familiar with a 
    lot of these attacks, like slapping you and flicking you and beating 
    you with his fist. In fact I think a lot of Master Hand's tactics are 
    derived from this final boss.
      You will probably only be able to hit the hand once with your weapon 
    of choice, twice if you have the ally. You may even get in more salvos 
    if you have quick thumbs. When the hand moves along the ground, float 
    up in the air for safety. The face cannot hurt you.
      After he dies, go in the door to the left. You will probably need the 
    Tomato. Get in the trolley and take another ride, then ride the 
    elevators in the next room. Enter the door you see at the top.
      You may recognize this last room: it's the one you started the game 
    in. Blow on the bomb block and then proceed to the left. When you board 
    the star, you've beaten the game!
    Congratulations on beating The Great Cave Offensive! Seven more mini-
    games left to go...
    Look for my other works on this game coming soon! You can always find 
    the latest version of any of my walkthroughs at GameFAQs.
    Here are some of the beautiful people that have helped me get this far 
    on this walkthrough:
    ** The creators of Snes9x, a brilliant SNES emulator. These programs
       make my job SO much easier! Thanks, guys.
    ** I guess Nintendo and Halken for making this game.
    ** All the people who have permission to post this and have done so.
    ** Anyone who helped develop my writing talent.
    This version of this walkthrough (2.0) by Snow Dragon (C) April 7, 2002. 
    Please do not do anything that would force me to take legal action. That 
    includes stealing this guide and putting it on your site without my 
    permission, selling this walkthrough for a profit (free distribution is 
    okay), getting my permission to put this on your site and then changing it, 
    and plagiarizing. Do not put this on your site in any form other than 
    its original one, and DO NOT BY ANY MEANS copy it word for word and 
    claim it as your own. I will not be happy if you do that. Don't link 
    directly to this document; instead, link to the page that contains this FAQ.
    If you have any rational input to give me, do it at 
    <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. I answer all my mail, so send it this way
    The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs.
    Other than that, have a great day! Look for my other in-depth Kirby 
    Superstar guides soon!

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