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    Dynablade Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | DYNABLADE Walkthrough |
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Intro and Notes
    III. Basic Concept
    IV. Walkthrough
    V. Credits and Copyrights
    4-7-02: This is one of the last of my walkthroughs to need updating, so
            it's also getting the renovation treatment. Only a few things have
            been treated here, such as the last section and a few other touch-
            ups in selected areas. Still, it's nice to have that look of
            togetherness in all my FAQs.
    Before we start the second of my Kirby Superstar walkthroughs, you 
    ought to know a few things about it:
    ** Notice that I said that this is the second of my Kirby Superstar
       walkthroughs. That's because I'm breaking them down into chunks,
       giving a separate guide to each mini-game and combining them when
       one game is too short. This will help you find what you are looking
       for easier, but it is sort of more work for me. Trying to work right
       now goes slow since I'm in the middle of band camp and learning
       marching drills and whatnot.
    ** This walkthrough is one of my step-by-step walkthroughs. This should
       help you out more than typing out a few paragraphs that are hard to
    ** I don't use the names of the monsters that you get powers from. It's
       simpler to associate them with their power rather than their name
       (for example, I will say "Parasol monster" or something similar
       instead of calling him by his real name, Waddle Dee). I want to make
       this as easy for those unfamiliar with the game as possible.
    ** The walkthrough goes level by level. Secret levels are listed after
       the level from which you access them (for instance, the walkthrough
       for the first secret level comes after the second level).
    ** Other than that, have fun playing Dynablade! Be sure to play the
       remaining mini-games as well!
    If you wait a second at the Dynablade title screen, you'll see a movie 
    come up. It shows Kirby sleeping peacefully under a tree, when all of a 
    sudden Dynablade comes ripping through the sky and wakes up Kirby. A 
    lone feather falls from the sky, and Kirby immediately associates it 
    with the bird responsible for his rude awakening. I guess Kirby is just 
    out to get revenge for being so abruptly awakened; I can't think of 
    anything else. If you know why Kirby's wasting his time killing a bird, 
    e-mail me at the address at the top of this guide.
      Here are some controls that are good to know:
    Y inhales and exhales monsters. 
    Press Down while a monster is in your mouth to gain its power (if it 
    has one).
    Tapping forward twice enables you to run.
    Press Start to see what your power does and some moves you can perform 
    with that power.
    Level 1
    + Swallow the Cutter and gain his ability.
    + Go through the door to the lower right.
    + Since there is nothing excessively noteworthy in this area, kill all
      the Beam, Cutter, and Parasol monsters you come across. The brown
      bricks will break when you step on them. Go in the door to the far
      right; you should have no trouble finding it.
    + Use whatever power you possess to bust the bomb blocks. To get the
      1-up that is up the ladder and to the right, you will need the Beam
      ability. Only get the 1-up if you feel as though you must.
    + Once you have the 1-up, get rid of Beam and press A to turn your
      Cutter ally back into a swallowable item.
    + When you go up the next ladder, break the bomb block to obtain the
      food items.
    + Go in the first door you find to earn a Tomato and the Sword ability.
      For this level, I recommend Sword over Cutter.
    + Take out the blocks at the top and go in the next door.
    + Get Crash in here if you want it, although you can only use it once.
    + At the top you will see a bomb block wedged firmly between the two
      plateaus. With the Sword, jump in the air, hold Down, and press Y to
      trigger the explosion. While there are few useful items here, this
      place serves well as a shortcut around harder enemies.
    + When you fall down the large hole at the very top, a Tomato will land
      on the ground to your left. Get it if you need it, then go to the
      right and fight the Cook.
    + Sword is highly effective against the Cook. Dash and jump, then press
      Y to pull off a twirling technique with great finesse. The main thing
      to watch out for is his magical stretching frying pan. He will flip
      you around in it while irritatingly draining your energy, and it is
      very hard to wiggle free by mashing buttons. This is easily avoided
      though, as you can tell when he is about to deploy it. Don't bother
      getting his power when he dies; you're at the end of the level.
    + Float upward against the wall to the right to avoid all the enemies
      and go in the door. 
    + Whenever you beat a level (secret ones not included), you can blast
      yourself out of a cannon for extra lives. Obviously, you want to
      shoot yourself out when the meter in the upper left corner is at its
      peak. Doing this will net you three 1-ups, and is sure to give you
      enough chances to pass through harder areas if you can score the
      extra lives consistently.
    Level 2
    + Go in the castle to the right.
    + If you go in the small door to the right, you can fight some mini-
      bosses. I don't really see the point in this, but it might help you
      attain 100% on your file.
    + If you got rid of it or just don't have it anymore, swallow Sword and
      gain his ability.
    + Go all the way to the right and use the downward stab to go through
      the star blocks. One is a bomb block and will open up a wall to the
    + Inside the door is a Ninja. Kill him and drop into the water below,
      where you will find a 1-up. (BTW, Sword is one of the few abilities
      that works in water.)
    + Destroy the bomb block and go back in the door. The Ninja will have
      respawned, so kill him again.
    + Clear out the wall so you can move on.
    + Go up the ladder and to the left. Make Sword your ally and steal
      Mirror's power so you can hit the hard-to-reach bomb block.
    + There is a very large pink switch in this door that will reveal the
      path to a new level. You will be able to access that level once you
      beat this one.
    + Get the orange and the Popsicle to the left of the ladder if you need
      them, then go up.
    + Kill the Bomb and Cutter monsters and hang on to your Mirror power
      the next room.
    + This room scrolls to the side automatically, and you will lose a life
      if you are crushed between the walls. Keep moving to the right and
      slashing/mirroring through destructible walls. DO NOT TAKE THE SLEEP
      ENEMIES' ABILITY! You will leave yourself very vulnerable to death if
      you do. Use whatever means necessary to reach the star at the end.
      You will end up in a new area. Kill the Mirror monster in front of
    + Go in the door to the right.
    + Get two Wheels - one for your ally and one for you.
    + Hop on the CPU-controlled Wheel and cruise to the right. Hold Y to
      run over any enemies in your path.
    + When you drop off the wall with the Wheel icon, go to the left to get
      a 1-up and a Tomato.
    + After a while you will find the Hammer boss. To beat him with Wheel,
      press Y and then turn around as soon as you make contact with him. If
      Wheel dies, there is a possibility that he could turn into the Hammer
      ally. Whether he does or doesn't, take the Hammer power for yourself
      and go in the door to the right.
    + When you fall off of the castle, pound the stake into the ground to
      reveal a door.
    + Along with three 1-ups, the level's exit is also here. With the
      cannon game, you could conceivably score three MORE 1-ups! Good deal!
    + If you do not have the hammer or cannot pound the stake into the
      ground, leave the level through the normal exit to the right.
    Interlude: That Weird "E" Symbol on the Map
    About this time an "E" inside an octagon should appear on the map. You 
    should really go to it, as all it is is a boss level. You will fight a 
    small Munchkin who will give you the power of Fighter if you beat him 
    and swallow him. If you don't find this symbol, it will find you. The 
    hammer is a useful weapon against this foe. When you beat him, you can 
    do as you please.
    Secret Level 1
    + All the secret levels are is a room where you can pick from several
      powers and be on your merry way. The powers available in this nifty
      area are:
    + I recommend Sword for yourself and then taking Bomb as an ally. The
      door in the middle will lead you back to the world map. If you want,
      you can drop down to the lower level and get two Tomatoes.
    Level 3
    + Unless you want the Fighter's ability, kill him.
    + Once inside, advance all the way to the right. Break the bomb block
      nearest the door you find and go in. You should find a 1-up and a
    + The wind speed is high in the next room. You can get Stone in here,
      but I don't recommend it. Stone takes several hits to kill with just
      about any item you have, and its variety is severely impaired (how
      many things can you do with a ROCK?!?).
    + Avoid the two Stone enemies in the next room. They will not attack
      you unless you provoke them.
    + At the bottom of the first hill is the enemy with the power of Yo-yo.
      Take this power and destroy the bomb block he was standing on. Fall
      down the pit and go in the door.
    + You can get a 1-up and several healing agents in this room. When you
      leave, you will end up outside the door you came in through.
    + Destroy the block to the right and go down the remaining hills.
    + Float cautiously across the lava blocks. They hurt intensely when you
      touch them.
    + Kill the Ice monsters in the next room - their power is not worth
      your time.
    + When you climb down the ladder, you can move across some fun carts.
      They will get you where you need to go in good time.
    + Evade the cannon fire when you go up the ladder.
    + Ride the star out of the room. You will be offered the powers of Beam
      and Fighter before you fight the Suplex boss.
    + Beware of Suplex when he approaches you. The last thing you want is
      for him to grab you and slam you against the ground. That hurts a
      whole, whole lot. He can also send ladybugs after you (OOOOH, REAL
      THREATENING!). The thing to avoid most is when he flashes. He's
      getting ready to charge at you when he does this. Float to avoid it.
      Keep him at bay with the Yo-yo and all will be fine.
    + Kill the weaklings to the right and go in the door for another cannon
    Level 4
    + When you see the waterfall with five hot dogs in a "V" formation,
      swim down.
    + Avoid the urchins and cannon and go to the right.
    + Destroy the block to reveal a ladder. Kill the Sleep monster.
    + In the new room are several cannons that you can use to propel
      yourself upward. The first three will fire you automatically, but you
      will have to aim the fourth one by yourself.
    + Fire Kirby up to destroy the bomb block.
    + Rocket him into the sky again to reach the ledge.
    + At the top is a Fire enemy. If you want three extra men, take his
      power and destroy the star blocks in front of him.
    + Tap forward twice and press Y to charge forward in a brilliant blaze
      that will send you through the urchins without damaging you at all.
    + At the bottom left are the three 1-ups.
    + Backtrack through the urchins using the fireball technique.
    + When you go in the door to the right, kill the Wing bird.
    + Go up and to the left, then trek down the falls into the purple pool.
    + The pie will refill your life, but the lollipop will make you
      invincible to attack for a limited period.
    + After you get the lollipop, haul butt up.
    + Eradicate the bomb cube at the top to reveal the door to the next
    + In here you have two choices. You can:
       1) absorb the Fire monster's power and transport yourself to an area
          loaded with several handy power-ups, or
       2) you can go in the door to the right.
      Either way, you will go to the same area: a place with several
      fragile blocks. Do not hit any of the bomb blocks or they will reveal
      harrowing mazes of lava that you do not want to deal with.
    + When you get to this chamber of hidden lava, go in a door to the
      left. (Pretty well-hidden, ain't it? Not really, that was sarcasm :p)
    + The pink switch in here discloses another secret level. Do not bother
      getting the Copy icon to the left.
    + Watch out for all the Copy enemies running around. If possible, use
      attacks that can hit enemies above and below you.
    + Hit the bomb block at the top to get the encased extra life to the
    + The door to the next room is all the way to the right.
    + Watch out for the monsters that can follow you. Your weapon (whatever
      it is) ought to be able to take them out in one hit.
    + When you enter the next door, you'll hear boss music and you'll get a
      Tomato. Time for a big battle. Ignore the Stone in front of you.
    + The first boss is a walrus that will give you Ice if you defeat it.
      Do not take Ice when you kill it. Hit it repeatedly and watch out
      for the occasions when he tries to encase you in ice. You will have
      to mash buttons to escape your freezing-cold trap. Run forward when
      you defeat him. You'll get a bunch of bananas that does not heal for
      very much at all and you'll fight the Hammer boss.
    + Float up in the air when the Hammer boss appears ready to charge at
      you. When you're on the ground, go at him over and over. Hopefully
      you have a weapon that can keep him at bay *cough* *cough* FIRE!!! Or
      ICE!!! Non-elemental weapons do good against him.
    + Against the bomb brothers, basically any handheld weapon (Hammer and
      Yo-yo are excellent). The two objects in parentheses are especially
      effective when you use their dashing attacks. Once both of them are
      deceased, you can advance to the exit to the right and play another
      cannon game.
    Secret Level 2
    + The new abilities available here are:
    + Most of the powers here are actually pretty sorry except for Wheel,
      Yo-yo, and Suplex. Wheel and Yo-yo are not very powerful for fighting
      Dynablade, and Suplex doesn't work against any boss at all, but it is
      fun to experiment with in each level.
    Dynablade's Nest
    + Run up the hill to the doorway.
    + Here you can choose from Cutter, Beam, Fire, and Sword. Take Sword
      for yourself and, if possible, don't take an ally. It will be
      practically useless against him.
    + Touch the star to reach Dynablade.
    + Normal blows to Dynablade's face with the Sword will hurt him deeply.
      Don't let the white puffs he shoots hit you, and when he dives in
      from the background, float or move to the side depending on his angle
      when he's incoming. The Sword is the most effective weapon against
    + Once you destroy him, Kirby will walk over to the baby birds' nest.
      In a small, mildly humorous sequence, Kirby winces as though he wants
      the babies to shut up and he then pushes their nest away. From here
      you can watch the credits or press Start to skip them.
    + Once you have beaten Dynablade, Revenge of the Metaknight is unlocked
      for play.
    Congratulations on beating Dynablade! Be sure to play all the other 
    mini-games on Kirby Superstar!
    Before I conclude this walkthrough, there are a few people I would like 
    to thank who made this FAQ possible.
    [gets teary-eyed as if giving an Academy Award-winning speech] :)
    ** The people who created Snes9x, a great Super Nintendo emulator. Your
       program has made my job zillions of times easier!
    ** Nintendo and Halken for creating this game.
    ** The sites who have permission to post this walkthrough.
    ** Anyone who developed my writing talent
    If you want to add your site to my little black book (figurative - I 
    don't really have a black book), you need to ask me nicely and make 
    your letter short and sweet, like the one I got from Gamespot. I don't 
    want to be entered into any special drawing or get any e-mail 
    newsletters that I didn't sign up for, but if your site has a 
    membership option THAT IS FREE, I may give in and sign up on your site.
    This version of this walkthrough (2.0) is (C) April 7, 2002 by Snow Dragon. 
    There are a few things that I don't want done with this walkthrough. I don't 
    want you to sell it for a profit, although I allow free distribution to 
    someone who may need it. I don't want you to change it if you post it on your 
    website. It may only be used in its chaste, virgin form.
      I don't want you to take it without permission. I'll hate you forever 
    for that. Don't link directly to the text, but to the page where the link is 
      Above all, do not plagiarize and claim this as you own. Not only will 
    I hate you forever, so will the moderators of the website this is on 
    and he/she/they will kick your butt off of their site so fast your head 
    will spin. This is mostly talking about GameFAQs, since CJayC has such 
    a problem (understandably) with stealing people's original hard work.
    Also, if you need to inform me of any corrections that need to be made to 
    this guide, or you have a suggestion or a request of any sort, e-mail me at 
    <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. I answer all my mail in good time, so it can't 
    hurt to send me just whatever! If you send me pertinent information on a game 
    I've covered, you'll see your name and tip in a newer version of the 
    walkthrough in question (unless you choose to remain anonymous, and some 
    folks have).
    The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs.
    Other than that, have a great day playing Kirby Superstar!

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