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    Spring Breeze Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/07/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | SPRING BREEZE Walkthrough |
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Intro and Notes
    III. Basic Concept
    IV. Walkthrough
    V. Credits and Copyrights
    4-7-02: Just another layout update. You won't notice much except in a
            few areas, if even that. This is part of my old walkthrough update
            campaign, so with that in mind, take note of the changes and read
    This is the third of my Kirby Superstar walkthroughs, each describing 
    one or more games within the game. This covers the mini-game Spring 
    Breeze, which is very easy, bearing a difficulty level of only one star 
    (out of five). Here are some things that will keep confusion to the 
    absolute minimum:
    ** Level walkthroughs are presented in step-by-step fashion, with each
       new step indicated by a plus sign (+). This is easier to follow than
       writing one or two paragraphs on a level that run together and must
       be carefully analyzed in order to comprehend.
    ** Boss solutions are the only exception to this rule; they are
       presented in one big lump (although still in step form).
    ** If you have trouble with something, look it up in the walkthrough first,
       chances are I've covered it. Don't send me needless mail; search first.
       Then, if you still haven't found it, e-mail me.
    ** If for any reason your bowels sear with the irresistible urge to get
       in touch with me, you can reach me at <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. I
       always answer any mail I receive, and if you send me pertinent info
       related to a game, you'll get a nod in a future version of one of my
       walkthroughs. So bring it in today!
    ** Have fun playing Kirby Superstar! Be sure to play all those other
       games it provides too!
    Actually, Spring Breeze is an almost verbatim SNES transcript of the 
    original Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy. Basically, King Dedede has 
    stolen all the stars from Dream Land and it's up to Kirby to gain them 
    all back. The three major differences between the Game Boy classic and 
    the SNES remake are that:
     1) you can take enemies' powers like in the other SNES mini-games.
     2) the Castle Lololo level has been completely removed (but the
        boss from that level is still in this game).
     3) you don't have to fight the other bosses before fighting King
        Dedede in the last level.
    This game is also missing minor nuances and parts of levels that were 
    in the original, but most of them will probably go unnoticed unless you 
    are looking for them.
      Here are some controls that are useful to know:
    Y inhales and exhales monsters.
    Tapping forward twice allows you to run.
    Press Down on the D-pad to gain a monster's power (if it has one).
    Press Start for a complete rundown of the moves available with your 
    current power.
    That should be all you need to start the game off on the right foot. :)
    Level 1 - Green Greens
    + Swallow the Beam monster and transform him into a handy ally.
    + Go in the hut to the right.
    + Collect the Tomato and take Cutter for yourself.
    + Take a ride on the star all the way to the right.
    + Fight the Bomb boss and keep cutting away at him. Your Beam ally will
      help you immensely - he's one of the smartest allies there is.
    + When you kill the mini-boss, take his power. It doesn't matter if you
      turn Beam into Cutter.
    + Advance to the door at right.
    + Blow up the wall to the left to get a 1-up.
    + Go up and bomb the wall to the right. The item there resembles the
      completely healing Tomato, but it has no M and it and only minorly
      increases your health.
    + When you've found everything there is to find in here, go in the door
      at the top.
    + Drop down and you'll fight Wispy the tree. Keep chunking bombs at him
      and make sure to float above the apples he drops. If you have no
      special powers at your disposal, you can swallow the apples and blow
      them at his nose to injure him. Bombs and blades work well when you
      combo up with them. After you defeat him, a tear will fall from his
      eye and the star will appear. Kirby will do a little jig when you
      collect it, and you will advance to the next level.
    Level 2 - Float Islands
    + Turn your ally into whatever you have equipped on you and take the
      ability of the Fighter.
    + Float over the pond and to the right. Go in the door.
    + Destroy the star block to the left to uncover a pile of healing
    + Go up the ladder and caper over the narrow pit.
    + The bottom block hides a door with a 1-up. Swim low so that the
      coconuts don't hurt you or your helper.
    + Fall down the hole when you're done in here.
    + Kill the Ice guy at the bottom - his power is really stupid.
    + Maneuver under the urchin and enter the door to the right.
    + Grab the lollipop and run like crazy.
    + If you still have it when you enter the door, touch the walrus while
      invincible to eradicate him in one hit. ONE HIT!
    + Board the star.
    + Make your ally the Fighter and obtain Sword's power.
    + Enter the door to the right.
    + You will fight Lalala and Lololo, the guardians of this area. Use the
      Sword or let the Fighter eliminate the blocks they push. Swallow the
      blocks and spit them out at them if you are alone and powerless.
        A team effort with Sword and Fighter will do these two in in no
      time flat. Fighter's jump kick will hurt especially.
    Level 3 - Bubbly Clouds
    + Go in the door all the way to the right. If your helper dies (and he
      might because some are just that incompetent), make sure he runs into
      a living enemy so he can stay in the battle.
    + In the next room, kill Beam and Mirror and make your way to the upper
    + To avoid trouble, stay at the top of the screen in the starry area
      and move to the door.
    + You should have Sword for this area. Dash, jump, and press Y to do an
      awesome twirling attack. If you do not have a power yet, you can
      swallow the monster who gives you Beam and use it against the mini-
      boss. When you beat him (he's easy), ride the star to the next area.
    + Kill the Microphone. He's completely useless.
    + Bust through the block wall and snag the 1-up and the swirly ice
      cream cone for health.
    + Don't get the Bomb guy at the top - not worth it.
    + Go all the way to the top in here, avoiding the Cutters and any other
      foes you encounter. You have a choice at the top:
       1) Go in the door for the most direct boss encounter.
       2) Float up more and press Up on the D-Pad when you are in front of
          the moon.
    + If you go in the moon area, puff your cheeks up and float down to get
      all the goodies. Make sure you restore your life to full and get the
      1-up on the right edge of the screen.
    + Skip the hammer boss at the bottom and go in the door. You will now
      proceed to fight Kracko, the cloud boss.
    + Hit him while he's in the air - don't wait until he charges the
      ground, as it's very hard to make it over him. If you have the Sword,
      wait until he floats across the screen, then jump and score normal
      hits. Since you get knocked back by the recoil, you can hit him
      multiple times in one simple movement. Use Beam to beat him if you
      don't have anything else, even though it is slow and unwieldy. Once
      he's dead, watch the last little jig and prepare for the last level.
    Level 4 - Mt. Dedede
    + This level is so incredibly easy. It requires almost no strategy
      whatsoever. First of all, when you skid into the level, get rid of
      whatever power you have and absorb the power of Bomb.
    + Now for this next part, I swear I am not kidding. Enter the door to
      find yourself in King Dedede's wrestling ring.
    + Tap Y until your fingers go raw. Chunk explosives at him quickly
      enough and he'll never even get a chance to touch you. He will look
      shocked (or constipated, I can't tell which one) and fly out of the
      castle. Kirby will do his final shuffle, and you can then watch the
      credits or skip to the title screen. Short walkthrough, huh?
    Once you have beaten Spring Breeze, you can play the game again, this 
    time with the choice of starting on any stage you wish.
    Enjoy the other games on Kirby Superstar!
    Well, as is necessary for these kinds of documents, there are those 
    that I absolutely could not have done this walkthrough without. I don't 
    have to acknowledge them, but not doing so would be ill-mannered and 
    uncouth. So, without further adieu...
    ** Snes9x, the emulator that I write most of my walkthroughs on. These
       things are the coolest!
    ** Nintendo and Halken for making this game.
    ** Whoever posts this walkthrough.
    ** Those who have seen my writing talent blossom into a beautiful thing.
    This version of this walkthrough is (C) April 7, 2002. This walkthrough is 
    the absolute property of Snow Dragon. All rights reserved.
    There are, of course, the obligatory rules and regulations that I have 
    for my FAQs, every single one of them. First of all, if you ask me to 
    use it, e-mail me at <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. I don't want you to 
    write me a freakin' book, just make it short and sweet, and don't press 
    me to sign up for your goofy raffles or prize drawings. If your site 
    has a FREE membership option, I may take advantage of it.
    Also, I don't like my walkthroughs sold for money. I allow free 
    distribution to those who are in need of my walkthroughs, if that ever 
    happens (I tend to cover classic games).
    Don't change my walkthroughs in any way if I allow you to post them. 
    They can only be used in their untouched, unmodified, un-everything 
    form. If I allow you to use it, everything above, below, and in this 
    paragraph will have to remain the same.
    Do not link directly to this page - most of the sites I put stuff on have a 
    problem with that. Instead, how about you link directly to the page with the 
    link on it? That makes the site administrators happy and it's a lot more 
    Most of all, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you do, I'll find out and be very, 
    very angry.
    Other than that, have a great day and enjoy Kirby Superstar! Be sure to 
    play the other mini-games and look for the other walkthroughs of mine 
    that are coming out soon and are related to this game!

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