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    Milky Way Wishes Walkthrough by cheaterfreak

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    Kirby Super Star
                                Milky Way Wishes walkthrough
                                       For SNES
                               Created by Cheaterfreak (Tyler Davidson)
                                     Version 2.0
                                  Created 12/13/02
                             E-mail Clownfart2002@yahoo.com
                                    Table of Contents
                                      Legal Stuff
    It has been placed upon you to stop the sun and the moon from fighting but
    before you can do that you must ask the comet Nova for help. Unfortunately you
    must collect the stars from the Dream Fountains on other planets. And now the
    big thing. You cannot eat enemies and get their powers. But don't to worry
    because when you visit planets you'll find Delux Copy Abilities. When you
    collect one you'll be able to use that power forever.
    This hidden planet east of Pop Star (little green star) is a very
    straightforward planet filled with TAC monsters. Keep going forward through the
    TACS until you get to the second door. When you through that door immediately
    start flying and grab the Copy ability. Then leave via the star.
    Just north of Pop Star is this multi-season planet. From where you begin go east
    through the door three times. Then go west through the door and grab the ice
    ability and go through the door again. Then head east into the door until the
    season is Autumn. Go east to the next door and change the season to summer and
    go through the door south of you and grab the Fighter ability. Change the season
    to winter after getting the Fighter ability and go east. Bust the iced waterfall
    and continue east over the chopped tree. Change the season to summer and enter
    the door on the tree to you left and grab the Cutter ability. Change the season
    one last time and continue to the boss battle to the east.
                                  Boss Twin Woods
    Use Ice for this match. Just blow ice on one tree then the other easy. After the
    battle grab the star on the next screen.
    From where you start go to the door just east of you and go through it. On the
    other side swim east and climb the short hill. Continue east and onto the
    plateau. Activate the bomb in the middle and go through the hole you made. Swim
    to the eastern wall and activate the bomb inside it. Swim on until you run into
    a wall. Fly over it and activate the on the other side to make a door on the
    wall appear. Inside you will find the Parasol ability. Go back outside and swim
    under the hill you see and using the Parasol ability destroy the blocks cutting
    you of from the food and 1-up. After grabbing those fly onto the next plateau
    and through the door (ignore the cannon you don't have an ability to start the
    rope on fire). Continue east through the spike balls. On the far right side is
    an extremely large bubble you can enter to reach the other side. Do so and go
    west until you hit a wall then south then east into another large bubble. Go out
    the other end of the bubble and then head north to the next door. Through this
    door is a small building. On the lowest level is a door and through it on the
    other side is a lot of Blade Knights. Go through them until you hit a wall then
    using Parasol smash the blocks to go south then west. On the western side you
    will encounter a mini-boss. A Suplex enemy. Kill him and grab the Sword ability.
    Go through all the Blade Knights again and out the door. On the next side go
    into the water and swim southeast to another door. On this side is a maze. From
    where you start go east then south then east then north. Grab the beam ability
    and go through the door north of you. You'll be at the beginning. Now go east,
    south,east,south,east,south,east,north,east,north,east,south,east,south,east and
    north to get out. From the maze go east and through the door to a.
                                    Boss Fatty Whale
    Use either Sword or Cutter for this battle. Just do an all out attack and when
    he jumps he'll send a wall of water to wash you away. It also sprays rocks so
    when you come down defend yourself and if he sprays water it happens to. Doing
    this is fairly easy so this is a relatively easy battle. Once he's defeated grab
    the star and it's on to the next planet.
    As always go to the nearest door t enter the level. From where you are fly
    northeast and grab the 1-up. Then go south and enter a windy tunnel. Inside that
    is a block guarding a small tunnel. Destroy it and enter the tunnel and enter
    the door up there. Inside is the Jet ability. Go back outside and continue east.
    Eventually you'll find a rope use your Jet ability to light the rope and run
    east through some Chillies and jump into the cannon. It will shoot you to a room
    with the Wheel ability. Exit the room and head east to a door inside is a door
    maze. Use the door on the far right then the middle door then the door to your
    left then the middle door. On the other side is the Wing ability. Go outside and
    use the right door and then the next right door. If you didn't grab the tomato
    and the lollipop then grab them and continue to the boss.
                                      Boss Krako
    If you are using the lollipop now then just equip your Sword ability and attack
    him with the spinning sword attack (dash then jump then hit A) if you don't have
    it then use Jet and store its power to its maximum and use jet blow (release Y
    near enemy) to do major damage. Both ways are very effective against him so
    he'll be defeated easily. After that grab the star and it's off to the next
    As you can plainly see this is a volcanic planet full of magma so be extra
    careful. From where you start go south then east to the wall then go north.
    You'll see a very small passage but there's nothing up there so don't try it.
    Anyway go west into the cannon so it shoots you across the magma. Go north as
    far a you can go then head east and grab the lollipop then go to the place with
    the big magma pool and activate the bomb it'll create a pillar of magma but with
    the lollipop you can go through it so go up the magma pillar and into a huge
    pool of magma. Continue north and into a door. Inside are a lot of Burnin' Leos
    just go through them and into a door. Inside is the Fire ability. Go through the
    door north of you and you'll appear where you got the lollipop. Head eastward
    and into the door. On the other side is a trolley. Jump into it and let it take
    you to the other side. Eventually it'll hit a switch and a wall of magma will
    appear so fly over it. Jump into the next trolley and let it take you to a
    little island surrounded by magma. Using your Fighter ability destroy the blocks
    above you by using rising break (up+Y) and enter the door up there. Inside you
    will fight a Bugzzy. Defeat him and you will be awarded with the Suplex ability.
    Go outside and jump into the trolley next to you and it will take you backwards
    to another trolley. Jump into it and let it take you a ways. Pretty soon it will
    activate another switch and create another pillar of magma so fly over it and
    into the door on the other side. Now go south then east. Grab the 1-up and
    tomato then go north then east. When you go as far as possible you'll see 3
    cannons use the northern-most one. It'll launch you into a tomato grab it if you
    can then go into the cannon south of you. It'll launch you through 3 more
    cannons. The third one you can control to launch you to a 1-up. After getting
    that launch yourself east into another cannon. It will launch you to yet another
    cannon. Jump into this one and be launched through more cannons the last one is
    controllable so use that to launch yourself to a tomato. After getting that go
    east to the...
                                 Boss Gameleo Arm
    Use your Sword and hit him long and hard for quick victory. Now grab the next
    star and it's on to yet another planet.
    This is a maze of tunnels and full of mini-bosses. From where you begin head
    east then south then east, north and east. When you go to the last east
    mentioned you will face a mini-boss Cook. After beating him continue east for
    awhile and you'll face another mini-boss Poppy Bros. Sir. Beat him and get the
    Bomb ability. after getting that continue east then south, west, south, east.
    Ignore the small hole and continue east, north, west, north, and east to another
    mini-boss battle a Fighter enemy. Destroy him and continue east. Climb the
    ladder and into the small tunnel in the middle of it. Go west and find Bonkers a
    Hammer enemy. Destroy him and award yourself with the Hammer ability. Go east
    and activate the switch you passed to get food and a 1-up. Continue down the
    ladder. When you get to the end go west collecting the food. At the end of the
    Tunnel you'll fight Bugzzy. Eat him and go through the door that appears. When
    on the other side fly north and activate the bomb. Go through the hole that
    appears and go north. Activate the switch and go back down to a hole where a
    wall was. Beyond the wall is a door and through that is the Stone ability and
    food, a 1-up and a lollipop. Go through the door above you and you'll be above
    the wall. Go north of where you are and then head east, to the ladder. Go down
    it then go west, down another ladder through a hole, and east to the boss' door.
                                      Boss Wham Bam Rock
    Of the abilities you have Sword, Bomb, or Suplex is the best. When she sends her
    hand down to crush you move out of the way and attack it. If you're using Suplex
    wait for her to send rocks down upon you then grab one and do a Suplex move on
    her hand once it comes down. Once she's defeated grab the star piece and get out
    of here.
    Go through the door east of you. On the other side go east and activate the
    bomb. Swim south through the water that appears and destroy the blocks down at
    the end. Grab the food and continue east. You'll notice two paths take the top
    one. It has food and is safer. At the end of either passage there is a cannon
    that'll shoot you through the blocks. On the other side of the blocks fly over
    the building and activate the bomb on the other side. The bomb will destroy the
    building and the building will drop food, a lollipop, and a 1-up. Grab the
    Lollipop and go through the door. On the other side go east taking all the
    northern passages. Soon you'll enter a windy room. Use the door at the north of
    it. On the other side you'll be in a vertical shaft full of Gims. At the bottom
    is a door and on the other side of that is the Yo-yo ability. Go up the shaft
    again. On the other side of the door head east. After awhile you will be in a
    hall full of walls that slide away. Using your Yo-yo activate the switches until
    you get to the door and go through it. Doing this means you won't have to
    restart the process over again. On the other side of the door you'll be in a
    hall with an elevator and many mini-bosses. Use the elevator to get to the rooms
    with the mini-bosses. When you defeat Bonkers a door will appear but don't go
    through it. Instead go up one more level and defeat the Fighter enemy and you'll
    get the Plasma ability. Using this you can activate the bomb on the other side
    of the wall in the room to your right. You'll be awarded with three 1-ups and a
    tomato. Now go through the door you made appear and it's on to the boss.
                                     Boss Heavy Lobster
    Plasma or Bomb abilities are the best for this boss. If you're using Plasma just
    charge yourself up and launch a powerful blast at him. Plus you'll be trapped in
    the corner a lot and the damage from the Plasma's radiation does good damage. If
    you're using Bomb the just keep away from him and throw bombs. Once he's
    defeated grab the star it's time for the final planet.
    Yes this is the final planet and always go through the door east of you. Now you
    can probably see it is windy so let the wind carry you east. Keep going until
    you see a small ledge with some destroyable blocks under it. Destroy the blocks
    and hop in the star to the west of them. The star will take you to a door so go
    through it. On the other side is a trolley. Jump into it and take a ride. Keep
    going until you see a trolley with a cookie beside it. Walk a little to the west
    then press down so you're on the level below it. Then press down on the area
    with no stars on it. Now you'll be on a destroyable block so destroy it and
    enter the door below it. On the other side is the Mirror ability. Grab it and go
    through the door again. Go in the trolley that has the cookie by it and let it
    take you to the next door. On the other side of that door jump into the star and
    it will take you to a mini-boss battle against Cook and Fighter enemies. Defeat
    them and go through the door that appears. Through that is another windy area.
    Fly north for awhile. Eventually you'll come to a floating island with blocks
    that need bombing so activate the bomb on top of it. After the bomb destroys the
    blocks go through the door under them. On the other side is the Ninja ability.
    Now go through the door and continue north. Destroy any blocks you find and grab
    the food by them. Pretty soon you'll find some water. Swim through it and go
    through the door that's by the water. Through that door is...
                                     Boss Computer Virus
    Use hammer for this battle. When you use it use it's up+y attack. 160 damage per
    turn makes this go quick. After the battle's over grab the final star and it's
    on to Nova.
    When you go to make you're wish for the sun and moon to stop fighting a little
    cut-scene will appear. Now it is time for the final fights.
                                      Heart of Nova
    Before you get to this fight you'll have to fight your way through a tunnel
    using you're Star Vehicle. When you get to the battle just destroy all the parts
    that are connected to the columns, easy.
    Bomb is a great ability for this fight since he's usually flying high above
    you're head. Just keep bombing him and avoiding his attacks. Soon you shall win
    and the credits will role.
    Congratulations you have beaten Milky Way Wishes. Now the arena is open. And if
    you followed my walkthrough you should have beaten this with a 100%.
    1.0 Done with first draft
    2.0 Re-added things that the computer cut (Halfmoon boss final bosses legal)
                                   Legal Stuff
    This walkthrough cannot be reproduced publicly. If you want to use this in any
    way you must contact me at clownfart2002@yahoo.com. If you do not get my
    permission and still put this in your guide or whatever it will be a copyright
    violation and is prohibited.
    Copyright 2002 Cheaterfreak (Tyler Davidson)

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