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    Damage FAQ by Quasar84

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    KIRBY SUPERSTAR - Damage FAQ vFinal
    (c) January 18, 2007 Quasar84  (Quasar84@gmail.com)
    Introduction:  I often thought about the RPG Battle in Kirby Super Star.
    At first, it was comical, but as time went on it became less and less 
    funny, and more and more intriguing.  Here, the designers had given 
    people the opportunity to discover many of the numeric components of 
    the game.  Determined to unlock the damage of every move, I began 
    Thanks to everyone who wrote me with corrections and updates.  I am no
    longer updating this FAQ.  I don't have the time I used to, and while
    I'm a firm believer in MAKING time for things, I no longer have the
    passion to make time for this.  I also want to apologize to anyone
    who e-mailed my yahoo account.  It got deleted and I no longer have
    your names and cannot properly credit you.  Thanks for your support,
    and sorry again.
    Lastly, thanks to Floogal for doing some major revision to this 
    document and reminding me of its existence!  Your work is much
    appreciated.  He's made a change to the majority of the powers
    in some way, added a few new terms (chainable for moves that you
    can repeat without entering the whole command again, and nonstun
    for moves that don't provoke invinco-time on enemies or bosses),
    added a few bosses I missed, and provided damage for a lot of the
    previously labeled "instant kill" (mostly grab) moves.
    With no further ado, welcome to the final version.  Please don't
    send me any more e-mail, but thanks for your time all the same. =)
    Version History
    vFinal - My last version of this FAQ.
    	Special thanks:
    	-Floogal, this version is mine in name only, really.
    	-Ryan Simon, who mentioned chainable attacks to me first, and 
    		mentioned you can lift off by tapping y with break spin.
    	-Vic S, the first person to give me complete data on Mike.
    	-ForteGS, for supplying some HP values for Kirby and the helpers,
    		and mentioning the bomb move I forgot.  He also included a 
    		number of move clarifications and corrections which 
    		I have noted where relevant.  Among the changes:
    			-Changed the two air moves for Suplex to do 70DMG to
    			 held enemy.
    			-Changed Wing and Parasol slightly
    		He also (like everyone ^^) wrote to tell me Mike's damage.
    	-Michael Smith, for ALSO pointing out Mike.  And the Great Cave
    	 Offensive technique using Mix that I think everyone but me figured
    	 out. =)
    v3.2 - Made the following changes:
           -Included Crash in the abilities.  I was bad about testing these
            one shot powers.
           -Fixed 'Capture Beam' under Beam Power (I didn't include what the
            captured enemy could do as a projectile attack.)
           -Fixed Bomb Power (Laying a bomb does 26 damage, not 16.)
           -Made a few changes to the HP section
           -Sort of added 'Mike.'  This is my biggest failure at the moment.
           -Thanks for the things in this update goes to:
    	 Ryan Simons, who pointed out I missed Crash and Mike, contact
    	  damage and reminded me to write about TAC Hand, and the 'puff'
    	  normal Kirby shoots.
           Justin, who also pointed out I missed Crash - it does 160
              damage, actually, which is quite impressive.
    	 Zerakheyel, who mentioned Marx's wide beam as breaking Mirror
    	  Guard's defense.  Indeed it does, though it's not the only
    	  thing after all...
    	 Kenneth E. Nagle, who also mentioned TAC Hand's brutal
    	  effectivenes, and thus encouraged me to see if it did more
    	  damage, among many other things he wrote about.
    	 Dr. Putter, just for giving feedback. ^^
    v3.1 - The "Paint" attack was pointed out to me.  What an oversight!
           Thanks to 'Pureshadow' for pointing this out to me.
    v3.0 - Added the star shot for 2P wheelie rider (Thanks, A.Khorram!),
           and more HP data.
    v2.0 - Made some revisions, mostly in format, but also added damage
           for Suplex moves, and HP for bosses in the Arena.
    v1.0 - First Edition of this FAQ
    Glossary of terms used in this FAQ
    Multihit - The attack's area of effect and duration allow it to hit
               multiple times.
    Nonstun - Enemies, minibosses, and about half of the major bosses will
              not have any invinciblity frames after being hit by this attack.
              If the attack can be repeated quickly, or it is also Multihit,
              then you can very quickly rack up damage.
    Invincible - Kirby will not take damage while performing this attack.
    Instant Kill - This attack doesn't affect most bosses, and instantly
                   kills enemies.
    Non-Stop - This denotes projectile attacks which don't stop when they
               hit an enemy.
    Commital - Must follow through; An attack where you can't move until
               the attack has finished execution.  Many attacks are like
               this, however, I've only tagged those for which the inability
               to move can be significant.  Ex:  Rising Break.
    Semi-Commital - Either you must finish this move, but can move around
                    while doing it, or you can't move, but can stop doing
                    this move when you want.  Ex:  Beam Machine Gun.
    Non-Commital - The attack can be cancelled early by pressing B.
    Chainable - For a mid-air dash attack, you can repeat the attack as much
                as you want as long as you don't touch the ground or hit B.
                For grounded dash attacks, you can repeat the attack as much
                as you want without needing to dash between attacks.
    N O R M A L   K I R B Y   &   H E L P E R S
    Normal Kirby has 56HP.  Most contact damage TO Kirby does between 
    5 and 10 HP, usually between 6 and 8.  Special attacks vary.  
    Unfortunately, the seemingly random damage of enemy attacks makes it 
    very hard to analyze them well, even with memory hacking, and I've given 
    up.  Sorry to those who I promised a subsection on this subject.
    ForteGS wrote in to tell me he found Kirby to have 70HP, and gave these
    Kirby: 70
    Rocky: 80
    BioSpark: 38
    Waddle Doo: 37
    Burnin' Leo: 56
    - ALL other partners have 48 HP.
    - Kirby's max. HP doesn't change when he's using Abilities.
    - An average enemy attack does 5-10 damage.
    Inhale (Y) - Instant Death, press down to copy power.  Does not affect 
    	     Can be used on minibosses generally after they're defeated.
    Star Shot (Y after Inhale) - 52DMG, will ricochet if grazes enemy (keeps 
    same damage)
    Multi-Star Shot (Y after Inhale 2+ objects) - 60DMG, Non-Stop
    Puff of Air (Press B twice, not in water) - 10 DMG
    Slide (Down + B) - 13 DMG
    Headbutt (jump up or fall from high) - 16 DMG
    Contact (Run into something ^^) - 2 DMG.  When you contact something, you
    				  suffer damage and the enemy suffers 2
    				  damage.  If you guard, your damage will
    				  be greatly reduced in most cases, and
    				  the enemy will still suffer damage.  It
    				  is possible, though slow, to kill most
                              bosses through guarding (indeed, it was
                              necessary to do this to test Crash.)
    				  Bosses are immune to contact damage,
    				  but not if Kirby is guarding.
    Guard (L or R) - Reduces amount of damage taken.  Kirby may still be
    		 knocked back however.  Also, attacks that grab Kirby,
    	       such as the hand in the Combo Cannon, or Buggzy, or
                 the common enemy Biospark can all break through Guard.
    		 Mirror Kirby changes Guard to 'Reflect Guard', which
    		 bounces back most enemy projectiles for high damage.
    		 Reflect guard does NOT increase contact damage and I
    		 do not believe it reduces damage any more than regular
    		 guard (though it does reflect many attacks entirely
    		 that regular guard would not.)  Some attacks still
    		 damage even when guarding, such as the Sword Knight's
    		 attack, and Marx's Hyper Breath (or whatever it is.)
    P O W E R S
    ******* Beam *******
    Beam Whip (Y) - 5 DMG per hit, Multihit, Commital, Nonstun
    Cycle Beam (Dash+Y) - 14 DMG per hit, Multihit, Chainable
    Beam Machine Gun (Dash+Y in Air) - 5 DMG per hit, Multihit, Semi-Commital, 
    Chainable, Nonstun
    Capture Beam (Forward+Y) (Grabs Enemy) - Invincible, Commital, 44DMG to 
    held; enemies released
    					 by this attack deal 60 damage as
                                             a short range Non-Stop attack.
    Wave Beam (Hold Y) - 26 DMG, Non-Stop
    ******* Bomb *******
    Author's comment:
    No matter how you generate/toss the bombs, it only matters whether
    the bomb hits the enemy directly or not.  If it hits directly, it
    does 16DMG but is a "nonstun" attack.  If using the (Y near enemy) 
    move or the bomb goes off in Kirby's hands, it does 26DMG.
    Throw a Bomb (Y) - See above
    Drop a Bomb (Down + Y) - See above
    Straight Throw (Dash+Y) - See above
    Set a Bomb (Y near enemy) - See above
    ******* Cook *******
    Instant Death to normal enemies.  Does not affect bosses.
    ******* Copy *******
    Analyze Beam (Y) - 18 DMG
    TAC Hand (Y, Helper Only) - 18 DMG - Yes, it does the same amount of damage.
               The power of TAC hand does not lie in how much damage it does per
               hit, but in how very fast it can deal them, and in its
               multi-hitting characteristic.
    ******* Crash *******
    Crashing Ability, "Crash Fire Ball" (Y) - 160 DMG, one use only
    ******* Cutter *******
    Cutter Boomerang (Y) - 10 DMG
    Cutter Dash (Dash + Y) - 18 DMG, Commital, Invincible
    Cutter Drop (Hold Y, In Air) - 15 DMG
    High-Speed Cutter Drop (Down+Y, In Air) - 22 DMG, Commital
    Non-Stop Cut (Y, near enemy) 40 DMG Total*
            Step 1: 4 DMG, Nonstun
            Step 2: 4 DMG, Nonstun
            Step 3: 32 DMG, Non-Stop, Invincible
    *Appears to do more on normal enemies?
    ******* Fighter *******
    Vulcan Jab (Y, Weak) - 5DMG per hit, multihit, Nonstun
    Smash Punch (Y, Strong) - 22DMG
    Leg Sweep (Dash + Y, Weak) - 6DMG, multihit, Nonstun
    Spin Kick (Dash + Y, Strong) - 18DMG at end of attack, 20DMG otherwise, 
    Down Kick (Y, In Air, Weak) - 18DMG, bounces you off the enemy
    Double Kick (Y, In Air, Strong) - 22DMG
           Hold Leg (Hold Y after an 'Air' move) - 18 DMG per hit, Multihit
    Rising Break (Up + Y) - 2DMG per hit, 34DMG at very end, Multihits*, 
    Invincible, Nonstun, Commital
    Grab Enemy (Near Enemy) - N/A
    Arm Throw (Grab + Y) - 50DMG to held, 70DMG to others, Invincible
    Tomoe Throw (Grab + Back + Y) - 50DMG to held, 80DMG to others, Invincible
    *At certain points in attack, it seems to do much more damage.
    I have been unable to consistently verify this, however.  ForteGS writes
    that it does 68 at the very end, but was testing on normal enemies.
    ******* Fire *******
    Author's comment:  I'm mostly sure on this one, but I've
                       experienced some variance in the damage of
                       the Burning Attack...
    Blow Fire (Y) - 5DMG, Multihit, Commital, Nonstun
    FireBall (Hold Y + Back) - 40DMG, Multihit!, Semi-Commital
    Burning Attack (Dash + Y) - 14DMG, 12DMG for second hit, Commital, 
    Mid-air Burning Attack (Dash+Y in air) - 16DMG, 14DMG for second hit, 
    	Commital, Invincible, Chainable only if you keep hitting a wall.
    Fireball Spin (B + Y) - 16DMG, can Multihit
    Fireball Roll (Fireball Spin right before landing) - 18DMG, can Multihit, 
    ******* Hammer *******
    Hammer Nail (Y) - Hammer Portion - 30DMG
    	            Stars 'shot out' by Hammer - 12DMG
    Hammer Swing (Dash + Y) - Appears to vary inately, and vary if you're
                              moving 'forward', staying 'still', or moving
                              'backward' (all relative to how you were
                              facing/moving when you started the move.)
                              Does between 26 and 16 per hit, and
                              multihits..., invincible*
    Giant Swing (Y, In Air) - 14DMG, multihits
    Ultragiant Swing (Dash + Y, In Air) - 14DMG, multihits more often than
                                          the normal Giant Swing
    Hammer Throw (Dash + A) - 80 DMG, Non-Stop! (Causes you to lose power)
    Hammer Flip (Up + Y) - 80 DMG, 16DMG if hits from behind/underneath
                           while charging, flames do 4 DMG, multihit
    *According to ForteGS:
    Hammer Swing:  a very complex move, I'll explain on a normal enemy and 
    on a boss.  Normal enemy: there are two ways the attack can hit, if the 
    first hit of the hammer is a direct hit, the enemy is sent flying with 
    26 damage (no other hits connect then, usually), but if the first hit 
    misses, or is not a "direct hit", all hits do 16 damage (and you might 
    end up doing some serious touching damage if the enemy is still standing 
    and Kirby won't be hurt if the enemy dies by that damage, but all normal 
    enemies die after that)
    ******* Ice *******
    Freezer Breath (Y) - 8 to 10DMG depending on range, multhit, Commital, 
    Feezer Blizzard (Dash + Y) - 20DMG, multihit, Non-Commital
    Freezer Suction (Forward + Y, Near Enemy) - 54DMG to eaten enemy, briefly 
    Freezer Ejection ('Y' after Freezer Suction) - 70DMG, non-stop
    Freezer Sprinkle (Y, In Air) - 18DMG, multihits
    Fast Freezer Sprinkle (Dash+Y, In Air) - 14DMG, multihits
    Frozen Enemy - 38DMG, non-stop only if Kirby kicked it beforehand
    *As ForteGS notes, the enemy is still "alive" inside Kirby and the
    damage is not applied until Freezer Ejection.
    ******* Jet *******
    Store Power (Y) - 6DMG to anything in the flame
    Jet Kick (Release Y) - 14DMG (no power), 22DMG (some power), invincible, 
                           6DMG to anything in the flame
    Jet Heading (Release Y, In Air) - 14DMG (no power), 22DMG (some power),
                                      30DMG (max power), invincible, Commital
                                      6DMG to anything in the flame
    Quick Heading (Dash+Y, In Air) - 22DMG (no/some power), 30DMG (max power),
                                     invincible, commital, chainable
                                     6DMG to anything in the flame
    Jet Dash (Release Y, Max Power) - 30DMG, invincible, semi-commitable
                                      6DMG to anything in the flame
    Jet Cracker (Jet Dash + Y) - 45DMG, invincible
    Ultra-jet Jump (Max Power, B in air) - 26DMG (only from explosion), 
    Jet Blow (Y near enemy) - instant-death to held, 60DMG to others, non-stop, 
    Diving Rocket (Y near enemy, max power) - 80DMG to held, 80DMG to others, 
    non-stop, invincible
    ******* Mike *******
    Loudspeaker (Y) - 40 damage to all enemies
    Desk Stand (Y) - 60 damage to all enemies
    Mike Stand (Y) - 80 damage to all enemies
    ******* Mirror *******
    Mirror Cut (Y) - 22DMG
    Reflect Force (Hold Y) - 12DMG, multihit, provides a partial shield
    Mirror Body (Dash + Y) - 16DMG on 'break apart' hit, 22DMG on 'return'
                             hit, commital, chainable
    Reflect Guard (R or L) - 1DMG per hit.  It reflects most enemy
    Reflected things using Reflect Force or Reflect Guard: 40 DMG, non-stop, 
    ******* Ninja *******
    Knife Throw (tap Y) - 5DMG, nonstun
    Quado-Shock attack (Hold Y) - Slash 22DMG,
                                  Succesive Shots (Near Enemy) - 24DMG
    Dash Attack (Dash + Y) - 30DMG at very end of attack, otherwise 6DMG
    Ninja Kick (Down + Y) - 14DMG, rebounds you away from enemy, non-commital
    Hide Defense (Y when hurt) - 26DMG, temporarily invincibile
    Air Drop (Y near enemy) - 50DMG to held enemy, 60 DMG to others, invincible, 
    ******* Paint *******
    Paint (Y) - 70 DMG, hits all
    ******* Parasol *******
    Author's comment:  An interesting power, it's worth noting that just
                       walking the parasol into something (or having
                       something walk into the parasol) will deal it
                       6 DMG per hit.
    Parasol Swing (Y) - parasol: 18DMG (far), 16DMG (close)
                        sparkles: 10DMG (graze), 12DMG (otherwise)
    Parasol Shield (Hold Y) - 8DMG per hit, multihit, can absorb projectiles.
    Parasol Drill (Dash + Y) - 4, 8, 10, or 18DMG, depending on how fast and how 
    direct.  Can multihit.
    Parasol Dive (Down + Y) - 28DMG (close), 14DMG (graze), non-commital
    Parasol Roll (Y near enemy) - instant-death to held, 60 DMG to others, 
    ******* Plasma *******
    Plasma Needle (No Power) - 5DMG, nonstun
    Plasma Arrow (Slight Power) - 10DMG
    Plasma Spark (Medium Power) - 30DMG
    Plasma Laser (High Power) - 32DMG, Non-Stop
    Plasma Wave Cannon (Full Power) - 40DMG, Non-Stop, hits behind too
           -At this power level, Kirby is surrounded by a sphere of energy
            that deals 6 DMG on contact and provides superior protection
            compared to basic guarding.
    ******* Stone *******
    Stone (Y) - Become invincible
    Turbo Stone (Dash + Y) - 26DMG, become invincible
    Stone Smash (Y, In Air) - 55DMG, become invincible
                              Stars do 16DMG.
    ******* Suplex *******
    Pin Point Kick (Down and Y, In Air) - 16 DMG, Semi-Commital
    Quick Stamping (Y twice near enemy) - 50 DMG to held, 70 DMG to others
    --- All the 'after lifting' moves are
        commital attacks, and turn what's being held into a non-stop
        multihitting projectile.  You are invincible while performing
        all of them, until the point where you 'let go' of the enemy. ---
    Body Breaker (Up after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held, 70 DMG to others
    Body Slam (Down after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held, 70 DMG to others
    Pile Driver (Forward after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held, 60 DMG to others
    German Suplex (Back after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held, 60 DMG to others
    Lariat (Y after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held,
                               60 DMG on forward part, throws enemy
                               backward for 70 DMG
    Jumping Body Slam (B after Lifting) - 50 DMG to held, 60 DMG to others
    Air Body Slam (Up, Left, or Right after Lifting In Air) = 70 DMG to held, 60 
    DMG to others
    Air Body Down Slam (Down after Lifting In Air) = 70 DMG to held, 90 DMG to 
    ******* Sword *******
    Chop (Y) - 18DMG
    Beam (Y, at a distance, when health is full) - 16DMG
    Multi-Sword Attack (Y repeatedly) - 6DMG per hit, multihit, commital, 
    Sword Stab (Dash + Y) - 12DMG
               (Hold Y after Sword Stab) - Sword stays and deals another 12DMG
    Mid-air Chop (Y in air) - 22DMG, bounce off enemy
                            - 16DMG (hold), don't bounce, multihit
    Down Air Stab (Down + Y, In Air) - 24 DMG
                                       18 DMG (hold)
    Unnamed Swing (Dash + Y, In Air) - 12 DMG per hit, multihit
    ******* Wheel *******
    Wheel Dash (Y) - 12/14/16/18DMG per hit, multihit, semi-commital, invincible
                     for maximum speed, turn against wall/edge of screen
                         to "push" off of it
                     while doing windup, 10 DMG, multihit, nonstun, invincible
    Parking Wheel (Hold B as hit wall/screen) - 10 DMG, multihit, nonstun, 
    Star Shot (1P, Y) - 52DMG per hit, non-stop, short range attack
    ******* Wheely Rider *******
    Author's Comment:  Not really a 'power', but since it has a unique damage
                       value, why not include it?  I'm almost sure it's right.
    Wheel Dash (Y) - 16DMG per hit, multihit, semi-commital, invincible
                     while doing windup, 10 DMG, multihit, nonstun, invincible
    Wheelie Rider Shot (Y, 1P controller, and (optional) directional button.) -
                     52DMG per hit
    ******* Wing *******
    Author's Comment:  Because the toss moves are instantly executed, it's
                       nearly impossible to figure out how much damage they
                       do with any reliability...
    Wing Flap (B in air) - 4DMG, nonstun
    Feather Gun (Y) - 6DMG per feather, nonstun
    Condor Heading (Dash + Y) - 10DMG per hit, commital, multihit, chainable, 
                              - 12DMG at very beginning of move
    Bomber Heading (Down + Y) - Body does 18DMG on hit, invincible, non-commital
                                Ground Sparks do 26DMG
    Toss (Forward and Y, near enemy) - No damage to tossed enemy, commital, 
                                       8 DMG to those that touch Kirby
    Shuttle Loop (Y, After Toss) - 16 DMG per hit, multihit, invincible, commital,
    					 hits around 4 times.
    ******* Yo-Yo *******
    Yo-Yo Throw (Y) - 16DMG, non-stop, commital
    Up Throw Attack (Up + Y) - 18DMG, non-stop, commital
    Down Throw Attack (Down + Y) - 18DMG, non-stop, commital
    Air Spin (Down, Up + Y) - 26DMG on the up motion, 6DMG on the down motion,
                              commital, multihit, invincible
    Break Spin (Dash + Y) - 10DMG, semi-commital, multihit, invincible, tap Y to
    				  gain height and extend move
    Mid-Air Break Spin (Dash + Y) - 12DMG, semi-commital, multihit, invincible
    Hammer Drop (Y near enemy) - 50DMG to held, 60 DMG to others, invincible
    H P   O F   T H E   B A D G U Y S
    Author's Note:  The HP of bosses seems to vary depending on wether
        or not you began the battle with a helper.  There's an increase
        of roughly 25% of their base HP, which is what's listed here.
        (The actual figure I calculated in the RPG Battle is 22.7%, for
        what it's worth.)
    Enemies:  Generally 5 to 20 HP.  Notable exceptions are those tough
              bearlike striped enemies - 55 HP.
    Bonkers            	160
    Buggzy             	160****
    Butterfingers      	130
    Chameleo Arm       	210
    Combo Cannon       	190
    Cook Kawasaki      	100
        Slime          	64
        Witch 1        	80
        Witch 2        	100
        Dancing Doll   	100
        Evil Knight    	180
        Red Dragon     	250
    DynaBlade          	230
    Fatty Whale        	230
    Frosty             	110
    Halberd's Reactor  	2000(!)*
    	Cannon		600
    Heart of Nova      	3240(!!)*
    Heavy Lobster      	275
    King DeDeDe        	220
    Kracko             	170
    Kracko Jr.         	120
    LaLaLa             	100
    LoLoLo             	100
    Marx               	350
    MetaKnight         	270
    Poppy Bros. Sr.    	80
    Smasher            	140
    Twin Woods         	256 (128 each)
    Waddle Dee         	200
    Wham Bam Rock      	225
    Whispy Woods       	190
    * = These values were reported from ForteGS's hacking.  I have not
        independently verified them, but they seem plausible.
        He also mentioned the Reflect Laser in the Halberd Reactor
        fight does 600 DMG to the Reactor and 32DMG to the cannon.
        He ALSO writes:
        "Heart of Nova: The Heart of Nova has 3240 HP altogether, you do 
        58 damage with your ship (the diagonal attacks do 58 normally 
        and the direct stars attack does 58 damage within 2 hits.)
        The HP of the cannons you attack as you see them (after the 
        first six, you should go backwards): 
        440, 320, 560, 160, 440, 320, 440 and 560"
        (For a grand total of 3240)
    **** = It took 90 damage with Fire Kirby to down him, 160
           with Yo-Yo, and a whopping 400 with Ninja.  However, I did
           not have this experience with other bosses.

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