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    Suplex Boss FAQ by magikid

    Version: 1.06 | Updated: 01/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kirby Super Star - Suplex Boss FAQ
    Version 1.06
    Written by magikid
    magikid.lost AT gmail.com
    Last Updated: 1/21/09
    Table of Contents
     1. Introduction
     2. Update History
     3. Moveset
     4. General Strategies
     5. The Arena
     6. Closing/Legal Info
    1. Introduction
    So you think you've seen all there is to see within the hallowed grounds of
    Kirby Super Star. Worked your way towards 100%, placed record times in Gourmet
    Race, maybe even scored a perfect 201 in Megaton Punch. However, if you seek to
    further improve your skills, then look no further than mastery of one of the
    game's trickiest abilities: Suplex.
    Why use Suplex? There are several possible reasons. Some may be interested in
    the added challenge that comes with figuring out how to bring down your
    opponents with its somewhat unorthodox moveset. Others may wish to impress
    themselves and others with Suplex's natural showmanship. The fact of the matter
    is, however, that Suplex is just downright fun, and a great alternative way to
    play a game that gets easier every time you turn it on.
    This FAQ is designed to provide optimum strategies for getting through the
    Arena using Suplex the entire way. From Whispy Woods to Meta-Knight, you will
    find out how to take on the game's greatest challenge by means you may have
    never considered possible. You'd be surprised just how much can be thrown.
    2. Update History
    Version 1.06 - 1/21/09
    New strategy for Heart of Nova, of all bosses. Also learned a bit about the DS
    remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    Version 1.05 - 11/15/08
    Added a few alternate strategies and techniques sent in by a contributor.
    Version 1.04 - 2/2/07
    Added new information to the Lololo/Lalala and Computer Virus sections.
    Version 1.02 - 12/22/05
    Meta-Knight CAN be defeated with throws! I am ecstatic to learn of this.
    Rewrote Meta-Knight's section and added thanks at the bottom.
    Version 1.01 - 8/1/05
    Learned that Marx's ice bombs can be thrown. Much rejoicing. Also fixed a
    strange formatting error in Waddle Dee's section that I have yet to explain.
    Version 1.0 - 7/21/05
    Enter Suplex. I have yet to see an FAQ like this for Kirby Super Star, so it
    should be fun, albeit very concise. I can't imagine what I would want to add in
    the future, but hey, an FAQ is never truly finished, right?
    3. Moveset
    "Capture enemies and use the buttons to perform various pro-wrestling
    techniques to defeat them." - In-game description
    Regular Moves
    These are used when Kirby is not currently holding an object.
    Y: Dash Capture
    The very core of Suplex is grabbing enemies, and then determining the
    best way to dispose of them. When performing the dash capture, Kirby will
    charge forward and grab any hapless foe who happens to be in front of him at
    the time. From there, you can execute one of six throwing moves. If you are
    dashing as you do this move, Kirby will use the Turbo Dash Capture, which moves
    much more quickly.
    (in air) Down+Y: Pin Point Kick
    This is the most basic and likely your most used attack. Kirby will come
    straight down onto his target and deliver a swift kick, doing a small amount of
    damage. This move can be repeated to your heart's content. It is also the only
    move that can directly damage bosses and other unthrowable enemies.
    (near enemy) Y twice quickly: Quick Stamping
    This is more of an insult than a move. Upon execution, Kirby will promptly
    dance on the enemy's head until it dies a slow, agonizing death. It's an
    amusing way to take out an enemy, but it is wasteful, as you could be using
    that same enemy to damage everything else around you. Only works on small
    enemies and throwable objects.
    Throwing Moves
    Ah, the part you've been waiting for. These moves are all executed by pressing
    a single button after Kirby has already taken hold of an object.
    Up: Back Breaker
    Kirby will jump slightly, then toss the object in an arc in front of him. It is
    useful for situations in which the enemy is slightly above him, but it takes
    more time to execute than any other throw. Any enemies near Kirby while he does
    the jump will be damaged.
    Down: Body Slam
    Now this is a throw. Kirby will remain stationary and slam the object into the
    ground, sending it upward at an angle. This will damage anything directly in
    front of or above Kirby, while Kirby himself remains safe from attack.
    Forward: Pile Driver
    Kirby will bounce forward with the enemy in hand, bring it down once, and then
    throw it further. This move has great range, though it only affects targets in
    front of Kirby. Great for taking down enemies at a distance, and as a bonus,
    Kirby bounces back to his original position to avoid counter attack.
    Back: German Suplex
    Kirby jumps backward and sends the object flying in the opposite direction.
    This move has the same range as the Back Breaker, only it takes less time to
    execute and hits targets behind Kirby. Prevent enemies from sneaking up on you
    with this throw.
    Y: Lariat
    A throw with unique range. While performing the Lariat, Kirby will attack any
    enemy directly in front of him and then throw the grabbed object behind him
    and upward. If you find yourself surrounded, there may be no better throw than
    this one. Unfortunately, it is not very useful during boss battles.
    B: Jumping Body Slam
    The ultimate in aerial defense. Watch as Kirby leaps into the air, smashing
    anything above him, then brings down his object and throws it back into the air
    to damage an enemy waiting in front of him. This doesn't work for all
    situations, but it works very well in those it is suited for.
    (in air) Up, Left, or Right: Air Body Slam
    An very simplistic throw that is noteworthy only because it is used in the air.
    Regardless of what button is pressed, before you fall to the ground, Kirby will
    toss the object forward in whatever direction he is facing. It's best not to
    rely on this and to fall to the ground instead.
    (in air, facing right) Down: Air Body Down Slam
    This one is disappointing. Kirby will wait until he has landed, and then do a
    Body Slam on the ground. For some reason, it only works while facing right.
    4. General Strategies
    Know Your Moveset Well
    It may not seem like it, but you have a wide variety of moves at your disposal.
    Don't just pick a throw at random; consider your position compared to that of
    the enemy, and press whichever button will best strike the target. For further
    Enemy's Position        Best Throw(s)
    Above Kirby             Back Breaker/Jumping Body Slam
    In front of Kirby       Body Slam/Lariat
    Behind Kirby            German Suplex/Lariat
    Far from Kirby          Pile Driver
    Kirby is surrounded     Lariat
    He Who Hesitates is Safe
    While you are holding an object, you are temporarily invulnerable. You can take
    advantange of this by waiting for an enemy to stop its attack or pass safely
    through you. You have about seven seconds to hold onto your throwable object,
    after which Kirby will automatically do a Body Slam. In many situations, it is
    often best not to throw immediately after grabbing onto something, but rather
    to wait until you're sure you'll be safe from harm.
    What About Bosses?
    Ah yes, the first question in everyone's minds -- How do you defeat a boss with
    Suplex if you can't throw them? The immediate answer, you might think, is the
    Pin Point Kick, which seems to be Suplex's only way of directly attacking
    bosses. But you can't defeat an entire slew of bosses using a single move, can
    Believe it or not, there is a much more effective solution, found in the
    projectiles the boss creates. That's right, anything the boss throws at you can
    be thrown right back, and for massive damage as well. Most bosses will go down
    in two or three hits once you turn their own weapons against them. As a general
    rule, anything Kirby can inhale when he is powerless can be captured and thrown
    with Suplex.
    Note that there are two bosses who do not create projectiles and thus must be
    defeated with Pin Point Kicks. These are Heavy Lobster and Meta-Knight. Prepare
    well before fighting either of them.
    Basic Strategy Outline
    During most boss fights, you will be playing a waiting game. Watch for the boss
    to attack with projectiles, and then grab them and use whichever throw will
    most effectively hit the target. In the meantime, whittle away the boss' health
    with as many quick Pin Point Kicks as you can safely get away with. Despite all
    the waiting, most battles won't last very long, especially if you've been
    consistently draining your enemy's life bar the entire time. Throw attacks do
    huge amounts of damage, enough to fell any opponent in a short amount of time
    if you're doing it right.
    NOTE: Apparently in Kirby Super Star Ultra (the DS remake), some enemies
    produce more stars than they did before. Your strategy may be slightly
    different if you are playing this version (thanks Jayfen92).
    5. The Arena
    It has begun. After you've selected the Arena, get the Suplex ability (it's on
    the right side), then jump onto the Warp Star and go. It's time to rock. This
    section will detail ways to defeat every boss you'll encounter as you fight
    your way through.
    Minibosses              Difficulty: 3/10
    Given one sentence strategies due to their simplicity.
    Cook Kawasaki: Kick it until it throws plates, then Pile Driver those at it.
    Bonkers: Throw the coconuts back in his direction and avoid the hammer.
    Bugzzy: Wait for it to create little bugs, then Body Slam those.
    Poppy Bros Sr: Pile Driver the bombs to destroy him in one hit.
    Frosty: Body Slam or Pile Driver on its ice cubes; nothing more.
    Smasher: When it punches down, grab the stars and Pile Driver for the win.
    Butterfingers: Don't get too close, and Pile Driver the stars it shoots.
    Each of these enemies can be defeated easily with repeated Pin Point Kicks as
    well (thanks Jayfen92).
    Whispy Woods            Difficulty: 2/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Apples
    Pin Point Kick the nose until it decides to drop apples, at which point grab
    one of them and unleash a Jumping Body Slam in Whispy Woods' direction. It'll
    never know what hit it.
    Lololo & Lalala         Difficulty: 2/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Green blocks
    These bosses were made for Suplex. When one of them comes along pushing a green
    block, grab it and then when the enemy gets right next to you, use Body Slam.
    Not only will you critically injure it, the Body Slam's animation is long
    enough that it will walk on by, leaving you unharmed. Two throws will defeat
    either of the two enemies. Besides that, you can perform Quick Stamping on the
    green blocks to instantly knock them out, making for a very short fight.
    (thanks David Jones)
    Kracko                  Difficulty: 3/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Waddle Doo
    The most important thing to remember is that you cannot hit Kracko with Pin
    Point Kicks, so don't bother trying. Hide in the corner whenever he moves to
    another side of the screen, then grab a Waddle Doo and throw according to how
    he attacks. If he remains stationary and shoots rotating beams, use Body Slam.
    If he homes in on your position and rains on you, use Back Breaker. Remember,
    you're impervious to the rain during this. If he moves to the other side and
    starts a lightning storm, use German Suplex, or Back Breaker if you happen to
    be facing him. He always uses those attacks in that order, so predict his next
    move and be ready with the appropriate counter attack.
    King Dedede             Difficulty: 5/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Stars after hammer/jump attacks
    If Dedede does any attack other than jumping or using his hammer, Pin Point
    Kick him to show him his place. When he brings out a hammer, get close then
    immediately back up so that you can grab the star that emerges on impact.
    Theoretically, you could just kick him the whole time and get away with it,
    since Dedede freezes every time you hit him.
    Dyna Blade              Difficulty: 5/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Stars when landing
    First and foremost, Pin Point Kicks are a bad idea. The Jumping Body Slam is
    also a bad idea. The best move for this situation is the basic Body Slam from
    the ground. Whenever Dyna Blade lands, it creates stars on either side of it
    from the impact. Grab a star as fast as you can and Body Slam them to score a
    direct hit. The Back Breaker is also effective as Dyna Blade is landing (thanks
    Jayfen92). The blue flames it sometimes shoots cannot be grabbed. When Dyna
    Blade uses its infamous capture attack, duck in the opposite corner. Dyna Blade
    will be completely unable to reach you.
    Fatty Whale             Difficulty: 4/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Rocks
    - Fish
    The obese sea mammal will frequently leap into the water, creating a huge
    splash, sending you skyrocketing. What this does is give you endless fodder for
    throwing. Once you recover, grab a rock or fish and wait for the whale's next
    appearance. A well-aimed Body Slam can sometimes hit it multiple times,
    resulting in a guaranteed victory.
    Ghameleo Arm            Difficulty: 6/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Paint balls
    Hit it with Pin Point Kicks as much as possible to make the battle end quickly.
    The perfect opportunities for this are when it is rolling past you and when it
    tries to grab you with its tongue (which, naturally, you must avoid at all
    costs). When it leaps into the air, it will launch three paint balls as its
    first attack; grab one of them and use Jumping Body Slam for an easy victory.
    Wham Bam Rock           Difficulty: 8/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Small rocks
    Don't even try to attack until it causes an avalanche of rocks. Grab one in the
    middle of the storm or else you won't have enough time to throw it. When it
    rains its fingers on you, the only way you can hit it is with a Jumping Body
    Slam. I warn you, do not try to attack it with Pin Point Kicks (although if
    you're feeling confident, you can try to pull it off when it does its three
    fist smash, once each punch) (thanks Jayfen92).
    Waddle Dee              Difficulty: 1/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Waddle Dee himself
    Pff. Any four throws will bring swift defeat to this enemy. I recommend
    finishing him off with Quick Stamping for maximum effect.
    Heavy Lobster           Difficulty: 7/10
    No Throwable Objects
    That's right, the little creatures this robot produces can't be grabbed at all.
    It's cruel. That said, your objective is to get above the Heavy Lobster and
    Pin Point Kick it into submission. When it finishes doing a move, get out of
    the way, because the Heavy Lobster has a habit of jumping into the air when
    you're above it. Simply kick it repeatedly whenever it's in the middle of an
    attack and you'll eventually pull through.
    The orange paint ball CANNOT be thrown. Stop telling me it can.
    Twin Woods              Difficulty: 6/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Apples
    - Worms
    When the battle begins, jump over to one of the trees and start Pin Point
    Kicking it as fast as you can. It'll succumb before either of them can make a
    move, and then the other tree will start spinning, raining down things you can
    throw. At this point, it's dangerous to try kicking again, so the only move you
    can rely on is the Jumping Body Slam. It should be obvious, but make sure you
    avoid the spiky Gordos that fall at all costs.
    Combo Cannon            Difficulty: 7/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Bombs
    - Cannonballs
    Don't try to destroy the beam cannon here. Chances are, it'll be destroyed by
    your throw attacks anyway. Pin Point Kick the hand whenever it appears. The
    cannonballs are large, but they can actually be grabbed and used as weapons.
    Contrary to what you might think, the Jumping Body Slam is not a good move to
    use in this fight. Use the Back Breaker or Body Slam for best results.
    If you're willing to risk damage, you can try to get up above the main cannon
    and Pin Point Kick your way to a quick win (thanks Jayfen92).
    Halberd's Reactor       Difficulty: 2/10
    No Throwable Objects
    Your Suplex ability makes no difference in this battle. Just float in front of
    the crystal and let the lasers hit it as usual. Nothing new here.
    Meta-Knight             Difficulty: 10/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Green shockwaves
    Well, this is it. Now is the time to prove your skill. Defeat Meta-Knight, and
    you've proven you can clear anything the game throws at you.
    First of all, wait about thirty seconds at the beginning and the sword will
    disappear. Alternatively, you can make a partner, take the sword, then expel
    the partner and regain your Suplex ability. Your choice. Once the sword is
    gone, Meta-Knight will jump down and attack. Start kicking him immediately, but
    lay off from time to time, because he will jump in response to try and damage
    you in the air. When he backs off and starts to do a move, this is the safest
    time to attack him. The shockwaves he produces along the ground can be grabbed
    and thrown, but you have to be quick. They don't stay on the screen for very
    long. When he is using this move or the giant wind column, he will be
    vulnerable for several seconds, allowing you to unleash some safe damage. If he
    turns into a tornado, dash around the room until he slows down. Finally, if he
    zips across the screen through the air, leave him alone or you're going to get
    Don't plan on defeating Meta-Knight with throwing. It's possible, and very
    effective if you know how to pull it off, but it requires lots of luck and
    precise timing. Suplex experts only. However, if you fight cautiously, Meta-
    Knight may back up and charge, often resulting in a green shockwave for you.
    It helps to be cornered, apparently (thanks Jayfen92).
    The key to defeating Meta-Knight is not to be aggressive. He's most dangerous
    when he's not doing any moves, so give him a chance to attack and then take
    advantage of his moment of vulnerability. Don't assume he's open. As long as
    Meta-Knight is moving, he can jump up and cause serious harm to you. The rest I
    leave up to your skill. Good luck.
    Computer Virus          Difficulty: 5/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Attack stars (confirmed by David Jones)
    - Knight's falling knives
    - Knight's axe
    - Dragon's "claws"
    - Dragon's wing flapping attack
    There's not much I can say about this battle. You'll spend most of your time
    using Pin Point Kicks on the enemy, for 16 damage apiece, until it finally
    throws a projectile. The stars that shoot out when it attacks are fast and
    difficult to grab, so it's best to guard and remain safe. Each of the three
    enemies are straight-forward; see its projectile attacks as a bonus, but not a
    necessity unless you wish to speed it up. When the dragon does his wing attack,
    grab a cutter blowing past to shield yourself, but you might not want to grab
    the first one you see, or you might keep it too long and end up throwing it
    before the enemy reveals itself.
    Heart of Nova           Difficulty: 3/10
    No Throwable Objects
    This doesn't even involve Suplex, but I can provide advice nonetheless. Defeat
    every column you come across until you take out one that causes the rotation to
    speed up. When this happens, SKIP the next column and shoot the one after it
    instead. This will cause the small green pod after it to reveal itself, which
    you must blast as quickly as possible before the rotation starts moving
    backwards. This pod is very difficult to dodge while moving backwards, so if
    you take it out now, you can defeat the Heart of Nova without taking damage.
    If you want a really easy time, know that the rotation speed up is affected by
    how many destroy, rather than one certain column. You can thus ignore every
    easily avoidable pod, take out the others, and have an easy time blasting the
    rest (thanks Jerry Hankenson).
    Marx                    Difficulty: 6/10
    Throwable Objects:
    - Cutters
    - Ice bombs (thanks Mavrick Hunters)
    - Seeds and vines
    Compared to the hell that was Meta-Knight, Marx is nothing. He'll open up with
    a cutter attack; grabbing these can be tricky since they move fast, but if
    you're quick, you can snag one. When he drops seeds into the ground, stay on
    guard until the last vine has grown out. Both the seeds and resulting vines are
    throwable, but if you grab one too early, you'll never have enough time to
    throw it. The last vine gives you just enough time, though, so take advantage
    of it. During Marx's arrow or wide beam attacks, he is an easy target for
    multiple kicks. The ice bomb requires precise timing to grab. If you're quick,
    you may be able to get it without freezing.
    Once you have an object in hand, use whatever throw will best hit Marx based on
    his position. The Body Slam and Back Breaker remain great moves as usual. Even
    the Jumping Body Slam will prove useful. I don't recommend using either of the
    horizontal throws as they have low height and leave you vulnerable. If Marx
    lives long enough to use his Super Ultimate Vortex of Doom, dash into one of
    corners and stay there until he disappears, then make him suffer for even
    considering such an easily avoidable attack.
    6. Closing/Legal Info
    Should you need to contact me, my e-mail address is: magikid.lost AT gmail.com
    - Thanks to CJayC, for GameFAQs and all of its contents.
    - Thanks to ScouSin, of the Kirby Super Star message board, whose "Ability Tier
    List" inspired me to prove what Suplex is truly worth.
    - Thank you StarchChasm of the KSS board. He proved that Meta-Knight does
    produce at least one throwable object (with screenshot!).
    - Thanks to Hal, as this is easily one of the best games I have ever played.
    - Provided several alternate strategies for various bosses.
    David Jones
    - Confirmed that the Computer Virus' attack stars are throwable, and informed
      me of a very quick way to defeat Lololo and Lalala.
    Jerry Hankenson
    - Provided an alternate strategy for Heart of Nova.
    Mavrick Hunters
    - Pointed out that Marx's ice bombs are, in fact, throwable objects.
    All copyrights and trademarks are held by their respective owners.
    This guide may only appear at www.gamefaqs.com.
    This FAQ may not be used for any profitable purposes. Do not alter this FAQ in
    any way or claim it to be your own.
    © 2005-2009 Michael Brooks
    All rights reserved.

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