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    Mini-Games FAQ by NWalker

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    +==Kirby Superstar - Mini-Games FAQ==+
    Hello, welcome to the Kirby Superstar - Mini-Games FAQ. This FAQ will 
    help you on the mini-games of Kirby Superstar. The mini-games are 
    Megaton Punch, Samurai Kirby, Gourmet Race, and the Arena. 
    Megaton Punch
    In this game, Kirby is in a tournament to see who is the strongest. 
    There are three challengers, and Kirby must beat them all if he wants to 
    To beat your opponents, you have to get a better score than them in 
    braking a large stone. First, get the power gauge as high as you can. 
    Next, match up the two targets. Finally, match up the circle with the 
    the outlined circle. If you do this right, you should get a better score 
    than your opponent. Now if you get a really good score, you'll make a 
    large crack that will go across the planet. The better the score, the 
    larger the crack.
    Samurai Kirby
    In this game, Kirby has to draw his weapon before the opponent does. 
    Kirby must defeat these challengers if he wants to win:
    Waddle Doo
    The Chef
    King Dedede
    Sir Meta Knight
    The game gets more difficult each time you fight a new opponent. Watch 
    very closely. When it gives the signal, press a button as fast as you 
    can. If you press it quick enough, you'll attack your opponent before he 
    Gourmet Race
    In this game, Kirby must race against King Dedede and get the most food 
    he can. Go to the Grand Prix to race against Dedede. The one who wins 
    the most races, wins. Go to the Time Trials to practice, race against 
    the saved star (ghost), or to beat records. You won't have to race 
    against Dedede in the Time Trials. There are three courses, which are 
    shown below:
    Course 1: This isn't really that hard. Just run through the course, 
    collecting goodies along the way. Jump over the water and ditches that 
    try to stop you, and just eat the blocks that get in your way.
    Course 2: This course is a little harder. It seems easy at first, but it 
    gets a little harder when you go underground. You'll have to do some 
    flying here. Near the end of the course, you can take the high route, or 
    the low route. I usually take the high route.
    Course 3: This is the hardest race in Gourmet Race. This race is in the 
    sky, which means you'll be doing even more flying here. First, pick the 
    ability you want to use. Pick the Bird if you want to fly the fastest. 
    Pick the Wheel if you want to move the fastest on land.  
    The Arena
    You get the Arena if you beat all of Kirby Superstar. First, get the 
    ability you wish to use in the battle, or to make a helper out of it. 
    After you've selected the ability, hop on the star to go into battle. 
    There, you'll have to fight every boss that was in the entire game! A 
    little hint, remember that you can hold L or R to block. After every 
    boss you beat, you'll make a breif pit stop, where you can get one of 
    two different abilities, and recharge your energy with Max-Tomatoes. But 
    watch out, you can only use five Max-Tomatoes! If you beat every 
    opponent in the Arena, you'll have access to a hidden Sound Test.
    c Copyright 1998, Nicholas Walker - nwalker1@conc.tds.net

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