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    Powers FAQ by Tastii

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                               ##@$$ $$$$$$@#
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                           P O W E R S  G U I D E  2.0
                                Kirby Super Star
                               Powers Guide V 2.0
                   Written by Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>
        /            F I L E   I N D E X                 \
       |  ________________________________________________|
       | /                                                 \
       ||  Title of Game:  Kirby Super Star                 |
       ||  Platform:       Super Famicon/Super Nintendo     |
       ||  Publisher:      Nintendo                         |
       ||  FAQ Author:     Justin Bailey aka Michael Galosi |
       ||  Last Updated:   August, Seventeenth, 2001        |
       ||                                                   |
    This work is written and copyrighted 2000 - Mike Galosi
    This FAQ is written and intended for personal and non-business use only.
    Only those with express written permission may post this FAQ on their
    website except for GameFAQs.com . This FAQ is not to be reproduced
    without permission for personal or public use in any way shape or form.
    This includes other websites, magazines, or any other type of published
    article without express written permission. FAQ created, owned, and
    maintained by Mike Galosi aka Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>.
     All copyrights are acknowledged and respected in this FAQ.
    This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:
    www.gameadvice.com and their partner sites
    If you wish to use my FAQ on your website, please email me and I will
    more than likely say yes.
     NOTE: I will *not* send anybody any ROMs! Please stop asking!
    Table of Contents
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Powers Chart
    IV. In-Depth Guide
    V. Special Thanks
                          V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    Version .999: (September 24, 2000)
     First version started.
    Version 1.0:  (December 3, 2000)
     Finally decided to start working on the FAQ again. Finished Chart
    and descriptions. Mucho mucho thanks to Devin Morgan for the
    combos and descriptions.
    Version 1.1: (December 4, 2000)
     Added ASCI Kirby I made to top of the FAQ, I think it's nice.
    Version 1.11: (December 5, 2000)
     Added the bit about cameo statue apperances.
    Version 1.2: (December 6, 2000)
     Another host for the FAQ.
    Version 1.5: (August 16, 2001)
     Via several hundred emails :) I've added some information on the US
    release of Kirby Super Star.
    Version 1.6: (August 17, 2001)
     Added some typo corrections and the File Index.
    Version 2.0: (December 09, 2001)
     Added some info on the Mike ability, fixed a few typos and
                            I N T R O D U C T I O N
     Kirby Super Star is definitly my favorite of the Kirby Series. Although
    the game was only released in Japan it is still very enjoyable.
     Released in 1996 the game never made it's way to the US but can still
    be played via emulation . The game includes nine different games in one
    pack, creating a megapack of fun and entertainment.  The game features
    20 "powers" that Kirby can gain from his enemies, this is a guide
    presented to cover those powers in-depth with descriptions and where
    they can be found.
    CORRECTION: It seems that 'Kirby Super Star' *was* indeed released in
    the United States shortly after the Japanese release, but it was on a
    small scale.  The game is apparently a rare find and worth a pretty
    penny if you do find it.
    NOTE: I will *not* send anybody any ROMs! Please stop asking!
                             P O W E R S  C H A R T
      ______________  ____________________________  _______________
     /     Name     \/          Enemy's           \/    Strength   \     
    |      Beam      |        Waddle Doo           |   [(1)2345]    |
    |      Bomb      |Donut Bomber, Poppy Bros. Jr |   [1234(5)]    |
    |      Copy      |           TAC               |   [  N/A  ]    |
    |      Cutter    |Sir Kibble, Poppy Bros Cutter|   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Fighter   |        Knuckles Joe         |   [123(4)5]    |
    |      Fire      |        Burnin' Leo          |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Hammer    |          Bonkers            |   [123(4)5]    |
    |      Ice       |          Chilly             |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Jet       |         Capsule J           |   [1(2)345]    |
    |      Mirror    |         Simirror            |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Ninja     |         Bio Spark           |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Parasol   |    Parasol Waddle Dee       |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Plasma    |        Plasma Wisp          |   [123(4)5]    |
    |      Stone     |           Rocky             |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Suplex    |          Bugzzy             |   [123(4)5]    |
    |      Sword     |        Blade Knight         |   [1234(5)]    |
    |      Wheel     |          Wheelie            |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Wing      |          Birdon             |   [12(3)45]    |
    |      Yoyo      |           Gim               |   [1234(5)]    |
     ________________ _____________________________ ________________
                             One-Shot Powers
     ________________ _____________________________ ________________
    |      Cook      |        Chef Kawasaki        |  [12345](6)    |
    |      Crash     |        Bomb, Scarfy         |  [1234(5)]     |
    |      Mike      |           Mike              |  [123(4)5]     |
    |      Paint     | Chameleo Ball, Lobster Blob |  [1234(5)]     |
    |      Sleep     |          Sleepy             |  [  N/A  ]     |
    |      Trolley   |          (None)             |  Invincible    |
     ________________ _____________________________ ________________
                            I N - D E P T H  G U I D E
    Use the beam attack against enemies! Fire the beam by pressing Y. This
    is a very handy and useful ability.
        Y: beam whip
        Dash + Y: cycle beam
        Dash + Y: beam machine gun (in air)
        Forward + Y: capture beam (near enemy)
        Hold Y: wave beam
    Blast your enemies to bits! Take accurate aim and throw carefully. Your
    throw will be controlled by Y.
        Y: hold bomb
           throw a bomb
           set a bomb (near enemy)
        Down + Y: drop a bomb
        Dash + Y: straight throw
        *: Bomb angle depends on how long you press Y.
    This is one of the few abilities that you can only use once, then it
    disappears. You get it by defeating and swallowing the Chef Kawasaki
    mini-boss. When it's used Kirby bangs on a metal pot and a giant pot
    falls to the ground. Then, all the enemies on the screen go into the
    pot and Kirby jumps up onto the pot and stirs its contents. Finally,
    the enemies that were in the pot pop out, but as power-ups to recover
    your health!
    Copy enemies' abilities without fighting! The helper will also be able
    to copy abilities!
        Y: analyze beam (Kirby); sneaky hand (Helper)
        *: Can copy an enemy's ability.
        *: The helper can dump a copy ability by pressing A.
    This is another one-use ability obtained by either swallowing the
    walking bomb enemy with a skull picture on it or using the Copy ability
    on the floating orange heads. When used, Kirby explodes and all of the
    regular enemies onscreen will be defeated. When used against a boss,
    it'll give the boss a good amount of damage.
    The cutter can cut anything in its path. Use it to cut down enemies, as
    well as ropes that get in your way.
        Y: cutter boomerang
        Dash + Y: cutter dash attack
        Y repeatedly: cutter drop attack (in air)
        Down + Y: high-speed cutter drop (in air)
        Y repeatedly: nonstop cutter attack (near enemy)
    Copy the abilities of Fighter and assume the role of a mighty karate
    expert. Increase your power with practice!
        Y: Vulcan jab (weak)
           Smash punch (strong)
        Dash + Y: Leg sweep (weak)
                  Spin kick (strong)
        Y (in air): Down kick (weak)
                    Double kick (strong)
        Up + Y: Rising break
        Forward + Y: Grab enemy (near enemy)
        Grab + Y: Arm throw
        Grab + Back + Y: Tomoe throw (Kirby only/when facing right)
        *: Strength of attack depends on how long you press Y.
    Use dash + Y to hurl burning fireballs. You can light fuses, candles,
    or even yourself to become a mega-powerful weapon.
        Y: fire blow
        Y + Control Pad: change fire direction
        Hold Y + Back: fireball
        Dash + Y: burning attack
        B + Y: fireball spin
        Y before landing: fireball roll
    Break through solid obstacles and pound in stakes to take Kirby to
    hidden areas.
        Y: hammer nail
        Dash + Y: hammer swing
        Y: giant swing (in air)
        Dash + Y: ultragiant swing (in air)
        Up + Y: hammer flip
        Dash + A: hammer throw (Kirby only)
    Turn Kirby into the iceman and turn the enemies into frozen blocks of
    ice. Don't slip!
        Y: freezer breath
        Forward + Y: freezer suction (near enemy)
        Dash + Y or Y repeatedly: freezer blizzard
        Freezer suction + Y: freezer ejection
        Y: freezer sprinkle (in air)
        Touching ice: ice kick
    Turn Kirby into a dangerous jet. Store jet power by holding Y. The more
    power you store the more powerful the attack.
        Hold Y: store power
        Release Y: jet kick
        Release Y: jet heading (in air)
        Max power stored: jet dash
        Jet Dash + Y: jet cracker
        Release Y: jet blow (near enemy)
        Jet Blow: diving rocket (max power)
        Power stored + B: save stored power
        B: hover (in air)
        Max power + B: Ultra-jet jump (in air)
    This is another ability that can be used and disappears, but it can be
    used three times! Get it by swallowing a walking microphone enemy. It
    destroys all regular enemies.  It won't instantly destroy a boss enemy
    but it will take off about 30% percent each time, so by the time you
    use all three attacks you have most of the Boss's energy drained.
    Reflect enemy attacks or fool them by creating a double image of Kirby.
        Y: mirror cut
        Hold Y: reflect force
        Dash + Y: mirror body
        L or R: reflect guard
    Copy the famous Japanese Ninja to hide in shadows and vanish into the
        Tap Y: knife throw
        Hold Y: Quado- shock attack
        Dash + Y: dash attack
        Down + Y: ninja kick
        Forward + Y: air drop (near enemy)
        Upon damage, push Y: hide defense
        Push a wall in the air: stick to wall
        Stick to wall + B: triangle jump
    This is a hidden ability and you can obtain it by swallowing the multi-
    colored balls the Chameleon enemy shoots at you. You can also swallow
    the blobs that Heavy Lobster spits out to get this ability. You can
    only use this move once, though. You can blind Heavy Lobster and change
    the Chameleon's colors with it! (You can't get this ability in the
    Milky Way Wishes.)
        Y: paint blast
    Protect Kirby from enemies above! Splash, drill, or toss your enemies
    to the sky! A lot of possibilities with the Parasol.
        Y: parasol swing
        Forward + Y: parasol roll (near enemy)
        Hold Y: parasol shield
        Up: parasol chute (in air)
        Dash + Y: parasol drill
        Down + Y: parasol dive (in air)
    Shock your enemies by firing sparks!
        *: The more you press the Control Pad, the more power is stored.
        No power: plasma needle
        Slight power: plasma arrow
        Medium power: plasma spark
        High power: plasma laser
        Full power: plasma wave cannon
    Transform Kirby into various stone figures and smash the enemies.
    Note: You have a small chance of turning into a cameo Samus or Mario
    statue with this power, watch for it!
        Y: stone
        Y: stone smash (in air)
        Dash + Y: turbo stone
        *: Kirby is attack-proof when he is a statue.
    Capture the enemies and use the buttons to perform various
    pro-wrestling techniques to defeat them.
        Y: dash capture; lifting up
        Dash + Y: same as above
        Down + Y: pinpoint kick (in air)
        Y twice quickly: quick stamping
        After lifting up: Up: back breaker
                          Down: body slam
                          Right: pile driver
                          Left: German suplex
                          Y: Lariat
                          B: jumping body slam
                          Up, Left, or Right: air body slam (in air)
                          Down: air body down slam (in air)
    The King of weapons! Fire beams from the tip of your sword. Become a
    master by practicing multi- sword attacks.
        Y: chop (also works in the air)
           chop and beam (when energy meter is full)
        Y repeatedly: multi- sword attack
        Dash + Y: sword stab
        Down + Y: down air stab (in the air)
    Roll over your enemies! Call a helper and ride the wheel. Watch out for
    thorns and don't speed!
        Left or Right: turn
        B: brake
        Y: dash/ dash release
        *: Can ride on water.
    Amaze your friends! Toss your enemies into the air and throw them for
    the Shuttle Loop.
        Y: feather gun
        Dash + Y: condor heading
        Down + Y: bomber heading
        Forward + Y: toss (near enemy)
        Y: Shuttle Loop (after toss)
        B: fluttering
    Use the awesome yo-yo to defeat your enemies in style!
        Y: yo-yo throw
        Dash + Y: break spin
        Up + Y: up throw attack
        Down + Y: down throw attack
        Down, Up + Y: air spin
                         S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
      -Devin Morgan for the information on the skills themselves, especially
       the combos. I truley thank him a LOT!
      -My parents for buying me my new PC that actually runs zSNES decently.
      -A whole *bunch* of people who emailed me stating that the game was
       infact released shoreside in the US.
      -My parents again for buying me my gameboy and Kirby's Dream Land, that
       got me hooked on the whole pink cream puff phenomenom.
      -Maxis Marquis for the new info on the Mike ability and on a typo.
    Any feedback (positive or negative) can be sent to theraven@kiski.net
                                 )     (            
                             /  ()     ()  \        
                            (N  N       N  N)       
                            J) (N  NNN  N) (L       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                           NF (N (NNNNN) N) 4N      
                           4L (N (NNNNN) N) JN      
                           (N  N)`NNNNN`(N  N)      
                            4) () 4NNNF () (F       
                             N  4  4NF  F  N        
                             `) `)     (` (`   
                       J U S T I N     B A I L E Y
    [=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- E N D -=- O F -=- D O C U M E N T -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=]
           -Copyright 2000, 2001 - Michael Galosi aka Justin Bailey-

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