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    FAQ/Walkthrough by R.Armitage

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    Knights of the Round (US/World)
    FAQ v.1.0a for Arcade versions
    by R.Armitage (aka. RC, Mr.Miracle, Richard Chu)
     Unpublished work Copyright by 2001 Richard Chu
            -Game History
            -Game System
            -Basic Commands
            -Horseback Commands
            -Characters & Character Specific Commands
            -Experience System
            -Enemy List & Scoring
            -Stage 1
            -Stage 2
            -Stage 3
            -Stage 4
            -Stage 5
            -Stage 6
            -Stage 7
            -Special Thanks & Credits
            -Revision History
     Hello.  This FAQ is for Capcom's Knights of the Round.  This is my
     second FAQ, the first being Warriors of Fate.  In general, the aim of
     this FAQ is to be a technical FAQ instead of a strategy FAQ.  It'll tell
     everything you need to know about the game system and it's technical
     aspects but I'll leave most of the strategy up to you and to your style 
     of play.
     From the prologue during the English game demo:
     It has been said that only the man who is destined to be the king can
     pull out the sacred sword "EXCALIBUR" from the rock.
     But oneday, Arthur, who had been training himself to be a knight, pulled
     out the sword and so this story begins......
     Only the holy grail can release this world from attain the chaos.  You
     should be able to find it because you were able to sacred sword.  Help
     each other and find it, brave men!!
     -Note: This is straight out from the demo, typos and all.  It's not my
      English ^_^
     Game History
     Released in 1991 for arcades on the CPS1 system, Capcom released Knights
     of the Round.  Knights of the Round is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in
     the same vein as Final Fight.  It uses a special experience system and
     described in detail in the game mechanics section.
     Knights of the Round is based loosely on the English story of, you
     guessed it, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
     For convenience, when I refer to the World version, it means both the
     US and World versions of the game.
     Game System
     This game supports up to 3 players simultaneously as they attempt to
     play though 9 stages.  Players can select one of 3 characters, each
     character having special strengths and weaknesses.
     Players work in cooperation to defeat enemies and player attacks will
     not harm other players.
     When players die and they have a spare life, characters drop from the
     top of the screen and all enemies are knocked down.  The character
     remains invincible for a short moment.
     When a player continues, they can switch characters providing there are
     other characters not being played.
     Each stage has a timer.  Should the timer expire during the game, all
     players lose their current life.  The timer then resets.
     Each stage contains a boss.  Completion of a stage will restore all
     characters' life to full (or not depending on difficulty level).
     A notation for the game controls and other notations are as follows:
     [ Joystick and Buttons ] -----------------------------------------------
     Joystick : move character (f-forward, b-backward, u-up, d-down)
     A        : attack
     B        : jump
     [ Other Notations ] ----------------------------------------------------
     knockdown: enemy is knocked away and falls to the ground.
     Basic Commands
     This is a list of basic commands that every character can use:
     Basic Combo            Press A (x4)
     Item Pick Up           Walk over item
     Guard                  Hold A, then quickly hold b
                              OR just Hold b at the last moment of being
     Heavy Attack           Press A, then quickly press f
     Emergency Retreat      Press b+B simultaneously
     Desperation Attack     Press A+B simultaneously
     -A basic combo consists of 4 successful chained hits.  The last hit is
      always a knockdown hit.  Although called a "combo", enemies can break
      out of the combo by blocking.
     -Any attack in a combo other than the 4rd knockdown hit can be canceled
      into a guard, heavy, or desperation attack.
     -Guard will protect the player from all attacks coming from the
      direction he is facing.  A successful guard will result in no damage
      given to the player and a short period of invincibility.
     -Using the A+b method of guarding, the guard lasts as long as b and A 
      is held for a maximum of 2 sec.  If a guard is held for more than 2
      seconds the player drops his guard and is fatigued for about 2 
      seconds, leaving him open to attack.
     -Heavy attack is a single powerful slash that causes knockdown.
      Possesses a fair amount of start-up lag.
     -Emergency retreat is a way of quickly avoiding an attack by a form of
      backstep.  Unique to each individual.  Command input must be VERY
      precise for the move to execute.
     -Desperation attack hits all nearby enemies once and causes knockdown.
      Uses up player health ONLY if the attack contacts an enemy.
     Horseback Commands
     At various times during the game, players can find and ride on horses.
     Riding on a horse gives players faster movement speed and horse specific
     special commands.  A horse will randomly run away when a player is
     knocked off it or when it is standing idle for awhile without a rider.
     Also, B no longer functions as a jump.  Be aware that some enemies can
     also ride a horse, so take care that your steed isn't stolen.
     Mount                  Press B when close
     Leap                   Tap f,f quickly
     Basic Attack           Press A
     Item Pick-Up           Walk over item
     Heavy Attack           Press A, then press f quickly, then press A
     Change Direction       Press B
     Horse Stampede         Press A+B simultaneously
     -After mounting a horse, the player is given a short period of
     -Leap causes the horse to leap high into the air and damages enemies in
      the landing vicinity.
     -Heavy Attack is a knockdown.
     -Horse Stampede will cause your character to jump off his horse, and
      then the horse will charge forward off the screen, running over every
      enemy in its path.  The horse does not return.
     Characters & Character Specific Commands
     Characters are ordered according to their order during the character
     select screen.  Information about each character's strengths and
     character specific moves are listed.
     [ Lancelot ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     -The blond man in blue cloth armor.
      He is talented in swordsmanship.  He is traveling all over the world
      looking for a king whom he should serve.
     *Emergency Retreat*:  Reverse Vault
     Cross Slash           Press b+A or press b,f+A quickly
     Kick Attack           Press A, then press u quickly
     -Reverse vault has Lancelot do a super jump backwards and slashing just
      before he leaves the ground.  Does VERY little damage.
     -Cross slash is a horizontal slash that is slower than a normal slash
      but is faster than a heavy attack.  Has damage that is inbetween a
      normal and heavy attack.  Also has slightly more range.
     -Kick attack is a short leap into a kick.  If it connects, blocked or
      not, Lancelot bounces off the enemy and is defenseless on the way down.
      Does minor damage and knockdown.
     Level 1 initial stats:
     Offensive Power       3
     Defensive Power       4
     Agility               5 
     Lancelot is pretty quick so his normal combo is quick and finishes
     quickly allowing you to change targets.  He is, however, weak in
     strength and it will be noticeable when fighting bosses, especially
     against those with super armor where normal combos aren't very 
     [ Arthur ] -------------------------------------------------------------
     -The man with brown hair wearing chain and leather armor.
      He is training himself to be a great knight.  He understood his mission
      when he pulled out the sacred sword "EXCALIBUR".
     *Emergency Retreat*:  Ascending Strike
     Vertical Cut          Press b+A or press b,f+A quickly
     Upper Slash           Press A, then press u quickly
     -Ascending strike has Arthur jump backwards and then slashes just before
      he lands.  Does little damage.
     -Vertical cut is a vertical slash that is slower than a normal slash but
      is faster than a heavy attack.  Has damage that is inbetween a normal
      and heavy attack.  Unlike Lancelot's Cross slash, this one actually has
      LESS range than a normal attack.
     -Upper slash has Arthur slashing as he jumps up.  After he jumps you can
      press A again to do a mid-air slash.  These two slashes DO NOT combo.
      The jump is also redirectable.
     Level 1 initial stats:
     Offensive Power        4
     Defensive Power        4
     Agility                4
     Arthur is the all around average guy.  Decent range, good power, average
     speed.  He's great if all you want to use is normal or heavy attacks
     cause all of his other moves really suck.
     [ Perceval ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     -The bare-chested big guy
      He is a gentle hearted fighter.  He has never been defeated thanks to
      his well-built body.
     *Emergency Retreat*:  Roll Escape
     Dash                  Tap f,f quickly (hold last f)
      -Dash Strike           During Dash, press A
     -The Roll Escape is exactly what it sounds.  Perceval rolls backwards
      but note his retreat does no attack, unlike Lancelot's or Arthur's.
     -Dash is a simple quick dash forward.
     -Dash Strike is a horizontal slash that is slower than a normal slash
      but is faster than a heavy attack.  Has damage that is inbetween a
      normal and heavy attack.  Also has slightly more range.
     Level 1 initial stats:
     Offensive Power        5
     Defensive Power        4
     Agility                3
     -When Perceval walks, he initially walks slowly but then gains a lot of
     -Unlike Lancelot and Arthur, Perceval's jumping slash is actually a
      jumping heavy attack.  Abuse it!
     Perceval is in my opinion the best character.  His attacks might be 
     short range and perhaps a little slow but his power for than makes up
     for it.  And power goes a long way to doing damage to bosses.  He also 
     gets USEFUL special moves and he actually walks FASTER than Lancelot and 
     Arthur when he picks up momentum.  So really Perceval gets all the
     perks in this game.  (which really sucks cause I'm a swift and weak
     character player)
     Experience System
     This is one of the few arcade games that uses an Experience system found
     in RPGs.  Here, score points double as experience points.  When you
     reach a certain amount of experience, your character gains a level up
     and offensive, defensive powers and agility increases.  Your character
     will also recover full health.  At certain levels you'll even gain new 
     armor and/or a new weapon.
     In Knights of the Round, the maximum level that can be achieved is 16.
     However, you can only reach up to level 14 through experience alone.
     Magic staffs located in the game will allow a character to reach the
     maximum level.  Suffice to say, there is only enough experience and
     staffs for a solo player to reach level 16 so groups of 2 or 3 players
     will have to decide how to share the experience, if at all.
     Level #        Exp Required             Level #        Exp Required
     -------        ------------             --------       ------------
     Level 2               12000             Level 10             259000
     Level 3               30000             Level 11             302000
     Level 4               53000             Level 12             347000
     Level 5               80000             Level 13             394000
     Level 6              110000             Level 14             442000
     Level 7              143000             Level 15           99999999
     Level 8              179000
     Level 9              218000
     Experience is gained by killing enemies, collecting items, and end stage
     bonuses.  For maximization of experience, aim for the following:
     -Always eat food when at maximum health.
     -You will almost always get better experience by splitting items.
     -Complete stages quickly for a higher time bonus.
     -Kill same type enemies sequentially for multiplier bonus.
     -Kill bosses with anything but a desperation or emergency retreat.
     There are many items in the game which all characters can pick up.
     Items can be found in barrels, objects, or from enemies.  All items
     except special items can be split into smaller sections for experience
     sharing or optimization.  Whole item experience values are listed
     first, and split items follow those.  Most items when split have
     different outcomes that are produced at random.  Items are separated
     into their respective categories:
     [ Food ] ---------------------------------------------------------------
     Food items are designed to replenish lost health.  If a food item is
     eaten when a player is at full health, it is converted into experience.
     Experience listed are if they are eaten when at full health.
     Ham (small)           40
     Grapes                80
     Apple                 100
     Bread                 100
     Salad (small)         100
     Ham  (large)          120     ->  3xHam (small)           40
                                   ->  4xHam (small)           40
     Milk Jug              160
     Chicken (small)       160
     Salad (large)         320     ->  4xSalad (small)         100
                                   ->  6xSalad (small)         100
     Fruit Basket          320     ->  1xApple                 100
                                   ->  3xGrapes                80
                                       1xApple                 100
                                   ->  3xGrapes                80
                                       3xApple                 100
     Chicken (large)       560     ->  4xChicken (small)       160
                                   ->  6xChicken (small)       160
     [ Experience Items ] ---------------------------------------------------
     These items serve to increase your experience.
     Bag (silver coins)      140
     Bag (gold coins)        180
     Treasure                240
     Tea Pot (small, silver) 100
     Tea Pot (large, silver) 200
     Tea Pot (gold)          300
     Chest (silver coins)    400   ->  3xBag (silver coins)      140
                                   ->  4xBag (silver coins)      140
     Tea Set                 500   ->  3xTea Pot (small, silver) 100
                                       2xTea Pot (large, silver) 200
                                       1xTea Pot (gold)          300
                                   ->  2xTea Pot (small, silver) 100
                                       1xTea Pot (large, silver) 200
                                       3xTea Pot (gold)          300
     Chest (gold coins)      600   ->  3xBag (gold coins)        180
                                   ->  4xBag (gold coins)        180
     Chest (treasure)        800   ->  3xBag (silver coins)      140
                                       3xTreasure                240
                                   ->  1xBag (silver coins)      140
                                       3xTreasure                240
                                   ->  3xBag (silver coins)      140
                                       1xTea Pot (gold)          300
                                   ->  4xTreasure                240
     [ Special ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     There are several items that serves a special purpose.
     Red Orb                 800
     Green Orb               800
     Knight Chess Piece      -
     Magic Staff             -
     -Red orb kills all enemies on the screen and all defeated enemies drop
      an experience item.
     -Green orb kills all enemies on the screen and all defeated enemies drop
      a food item.
     -Knight chess piece calls forth a horse.
     -Magic staff instantly raises a character's level by 1 without advancing
      the next level up experience requirement.  They are VERY rare and are
      found in barrels or occasionally a split Chest (treasure) will
      transform into one.
     Enemy List & Scoring
     This is a full list of all the enemies in Knights of the Round.  The
     list is sorted according to score.  Enemies with important notes are
     listed to the right of their score. 
     Soldier (no helmet)     80
     Soldier (helmet)        100
     Buster D                100       -Explodes after being hit once
     Mad Tiger               100
     Magician                120
     Bad Falcon              200
     Bird Man                300
     Fatman                  300
     Barbarian               400
     Mask Man                400
     Swordman                400
     Buster F                600       -Can ride horses
     Fake Phantom            600       -Occurs only on Stage 4 boss
     Sky Walker              600
     Tall Man                600
     Buster S                800       -Can ride horses
     Barricade               1000      -Doesn't attack or do damage
     Iron Golem              1000      -Stage 7 Mini-boss
     Scorn                   2000      -Stage 1 Boss
     Braford                 4000      -Stage 2 Boss
     Phantom                 4000      -Stage 4 Boss, Stage 7 Mini-boss
     Arlon                   6000      -Stage 3 Boss
     Balbars                 6000      -Stage 5 Boss
     Muramasa                8000      -Stage 6 Boss
     Garibaldi               10000     -Final Boss
     There is also a multiplier bonus for killing enemies of the same type
     sequentially.  (Eg. Kill 3 soldiers in a row or 2 Tall Man one after 
     the other).  The equation for the multiplier is as follows:
       After the 1st kill:  Multiplier=Base Score x (Kill#-1)
       Eg. If you kill 3 soldiers(helmet) in a row, you will get a score as
                            Base Score       Multiplier      Total
              1st Soldier      100       +        0        =   100
              2nd Soldier      100       +      100        =   200
              3rd Soldier      100       +      200        =   300
     Soldiers with or without a helmet are considered the same type.
     The multiplier will reset when you kill an enemy of a different type,
     after every scene change. or, die.  As you can see, the multiplier can
     rapidly increase, especially against higher valued enemies and is key 
     for maximizing experience.
     The game consists of 7 stages.  As mentioned in the introduction
     section, this will be more of a list of stats for each stage and I'll
     leave most of the strategy to you, the player.  I'll only mention
     strategy if it is relevant to do so.
     At the end of each stage, Time and Stage Clear bonuses are awarded to
     all players.  The player who killed the boss gets an additional Special
     bonus which is based on how you killed the boss.
     Bonus Scoring:
     Time Bonus          Based on difference to Best Time
     Clear Bonus         See stage walkthrough
     Special Bonus       3000 (Normal), 2600 (Desperation), 2400 (Emergency
     Stage 1- Village On Fire
     Stage Boss:  First Challenge! Scorn
     Boss Experience:  2000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  5000
     Scorn is your first challenging enemy.  Tall and using a long spear,
     he is slow so get the guard out when you see his attack coming.  Later
     on Scorn becomes a regular enemy called Tall Man.
     Stage 2- Confused Fight
     Stage Boss:  The Swordmaster, Braford
     Boss Experience:  4000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  7000
     Braford is a swordmaster that wields a short sword and a long sword and
     starts off on his blue horse.  Be aware when he is on his horse since
     he can shoot a long distance energy wave at you.  It can be blocked so
     always be ready.  Off his horse, Braford is very quick.  Watch out of
     his own desperation attack where he causes a small circle of fire
     around him.
     Stage 3- Battle at the Castle Fort
     Stage Boss:  The Silver Emperor, Arlon
     Boss Experience:  6000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  12000
     Ridiculously big and using a morning star and spiked knuckles, Arlon
     looks formidable.  When he lands from a jump he creates a circle of
     fire around him.  He also charges forward with a punch or with his
     morning star.  When he does his desperation attack Arlon stands still
     for a moment and no attacks can hurt him during this time.
     Stage 4- Knights Festival
     At the end of the first scene, whoever touches the flag gets a large
     10000 experience bonus.
     Stage Boss:  The Nightshade, Phantom
     Boss Experience:  4000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  13000
     The Phantom is very quick.  He occasionally throws a knife or a series
     of arching butcher knives on the ground.  He also occasionally he jumps
     straight up and either throws a series of knives at a 45 degree angle or
     shoots out a fireball towards the ground that expands and reaches full
     screen.  The fire can be jumped or blocked.  At 50% life he's call for
     2 fake Phantoms to try and confuse you.  The fakes can be killed and 
     are worth 600 each.
     Stage 5- Expedition
     Stage Boss:  The Hammer, Balbars
     Boss Experience:  6000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  14000
     An enormous guy wielding an enormous hammer and heavy blue armor with
     a skull molded on the chestplate.  He possess super armor so even if you
     do a successful hit and he takes damage Balbars does not go into a stun
     animation.  Unlike the other big bosses, Balbars does not create a fire
     ring when he lands from a jump.  Other than his pound and grab attacks
     Balbars is fairly straightforward.
     Stage 6- Knights in the Strange Land
     Stage Boss:  Blood Armor, Muramasa
     Boss Experience:  8000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  16000
     A samurai with long katana.  Probably the most difficult boss in the
     game.  He has a charge move and a desperation attack where he is
     surrounded by fire.  Occasionally he jumps into the air flashing and
     then calls forth a shower of fireballs.  This move can be blocked.
     Stage 7- Decisive Battle at the King's Castle
     Mini-Boss:  Iron Golem
     Boss Experience:  1000
     This mini-boss is very easy if you've learned how to block effectively.
     If you attack the core, the upper chain ball will try to hit you.  It
     is easily blocked.  At regular intervals, the bottom chain ball hit
     hit the ground and cause iron balls or barrels to fall from the roof.
     The balls can be blocked.  And that's all there is to this mini-boss.
     Mini-Boss:  Phantom
     Boss Experience:  4000
     Phantom hasn't changed much at all the second time around.  Beat him
     like you beat him before.
     Stage Boss:  The Final Conflict, Garibaldi
     Boss Experience:  10000
     Stage Clear Bonus:  20000
     Disappointingly, Garibaldi is nothing more than a color swap of Arlon
     from stage 3.  Garibaldi starts off on a horse and has an energy wave
     attack from Braford (stage 2).  Occasionally he might flash and raise
     his morning star and call forth a shower of lightning balls.  They
     can be blocked.  When Garibaldi goes down to 60% of his last bar, he'll
     jump off his horse.  His gold helm can be picked up for a full health 
     recovery!  Off his horse Garibaldi can jump (and cause a fire circle),
     shoot out a ground fire wave, desperation with his morning star, and a
     desperation with fire that extends full screen.  He also possesses
     super armor so be aware of that too.
     After enduring countless severe battles, the valiant warriors have
     finally obtained the legendary Holy Grail.  Even though the evil scourge
     has been defeated, only the Holy Grail can restore the destruction that
     was left in the evil's wake and bring peace once again to the land.
     They quickly seek help from the wizard Merlin...
     Merlin:  Welcome back!  Ahhhh, the Holy Grail.  The Grail holds
      inconceivable power.  It may be used for the good of man or for his
      very destruction.  Its is left to you to decide how best to use its
     Players can then "press botton" and touch the Holy Grail.  The dialogue
     is different depending on who presses first.
     If Lancelot presses first:
     Lancelot goes up to the Grail.
     Lancelot:  I am deeply honored that you should offer me the power of the
       Holy Grail.  But I know it is not mine to bear.  My quest has taught 
       me the virtue of my own dedication to good and purity and found for me
       a lord and king for whom I would willing lay down my life.
     Merlin:  So tell me, who shall be king of all the Britons?
     Lancelot & "Parceval":  Arthur!!!
     Arthur:  If it is my destiny to be king and do such deeds as you fortell
       then so be it, my shoulders and will make every effort to restore
       peace to this country.
     If Arthur presses first:
     Arthur goes up to the Grail.
     Arthur:  With the help of the Grail, this land may know a peace such as
       none it has ever known before.  I will create that peace or die in my
       effort.  There is much to be done and, though the power of the Grail 
       is considerable I will also need the assistance of men.  Lancelot,
       Parceval... Please join me in my court so that I might have some chance
       of success.
     If Perceval presses first:
     Perceval goes up to the Grail but it rejects his touch.
     "Parceval":  I am not worthy of the Grail.  It must go to one of
       greater destiny than I.  It should be held by no less than a king and
       that I can never be.  Only one can be king and I now know who that
       one must be.
     Merlin:  So tell me, who shall be king of all the Britons?
     Lancelot & "Parceval":  Arthur!!!
     Arthur:  If it is my destiny to be king and do such deeds as you fortell
       then so be it, my shoulders and will make every effort to restore
       peace to this country.
     After a long period of violence and battle, England was finally unified
     by the valiant effort of these three heroes and others like them.
     Arthur became the first King of all the Britons as Merlin had predicted
     and Lancelot and Parceval, Arthur's closest companions, were welcomed in
     glory by all the people of the land.
     King Arthur believed that he and his knights should meet as equals with
     no one knight more highly placed than another.  Therefore, he devised
     the 'round table' so that none should sit at the head of the table.
     People called them the 'Knights of the Round' and their story is still
     told today by people all over the world. 
     -Yes, they decided to misspell Perceval's name for the entire ending.
      They even spelled 'button' wrong.  But that is how it would be
      pronounced in Japanese so it's not a translator's error.  Again, this
      is directly from the game so these are not my typos. ^_^
     Gasp?!  I'm happy to say that there are no significant changes
     what-so-ever between the World and Japanese versions.  The only things
     that were changed was the translation of the intro demo and ending which
     is expected.  Everything else is exactly the same.
     Special Thanks & Credits
     Chris MacDonald/Kao Megura
      -whose original FAQs were the inspiration for me to write, and whose
       FAQ template which was the basis for this one.
     If there are mistakes or you have something to contribute or just have
     feedback, email to <rdchu@ualberta.ca>.
     Revision History
     Version 1.0a (April 26, 2001)
      -Minor editing fixes like old notes I left on.
     Version 1.0  (April 25, 2001)
      -My second FAQ is finished.  This would have been finished sooner
       but I got side tracked with RPGMaker ^_^  And I even did the entire
       enemy scoring breakdown!  So about the only possible thing left to do
       is to figure out how the Time Bonus works, but I don't feel like
       busting my brain over it.  It's not that important... I hope.  Well
       that's it.
     Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Richard Chu

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