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    FAQ by KKaphwan

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    CAPCOM's Knights of the Round
    FAQ version 1.2 (US & UK Language)
    author : Kim Kaphwan kimkaphwan@poczta.onet.pl
    COPYRIGHT by Kim Kaphwan (15.04.2001); UPGREADED on 28.06.01
    All Rights Reserved
    Editing this FAQ (document) without my agree is an infringement of the law
    1. What's new ?
    2. A bit of history, introduction
    3. About game few words
    4. People in this game
       a) players
       b) enemies
       c) bosses
    5. Moves
    6. Treasures
    7. Magic artefacts ;)
    8. Food
    9. Tips'n'Tricks (!!!)
    1. WHAT'S NEW ?
    - upgread of parts: 2,3,5,8,9
    - txt correction
    This is my first FAQ. I've decieded to write a FAQ about this game, becouse I
    like "KotR" much and I spent playing on this game hours & hours. If you think
    this document suxxx - just DON'T READ IT !!! But you will loose a bit of
    knowledge of one of CAPCOM's coolest games. If someone find similar FAQ -
    please contact me --->  kimkaphwan@poczta.onet.pl
    3. GAME
    Is 10 years old. Old like World;). It's a scroller like better "Golden Axe".
    Game Consists of 7 Stages end by boss each. You may play: solo, with one friend
    or two friends. The game is hard to the beginner but after reading this FAQ you
    find "KotR" easy and cool. Currently game is being emulated by: Callus95 and
    a)In KotR you may play as one of three persons. They're : Lancelot, Arthur &
      Exept look difference between them is in POWER and SPEED:
    - Lancelot - the fastest but also the weakest
    - Arthur   - quite fast and strong :)
    - Perceval - the strongest but the slowest
    Wow !!! What a difference ;)
    Look at this table below:
    Power   ***         ****      *****
    Speed   *****       ****      ***
    b)Yor enemies are:
    - Soldier - the easiest people to kill :)
    - Sword Man - slow but attention becouse of his great sword - they can do a lot
    of demages
    - Fat Man - fat with pik, he can sorprises you by power and stupidy ;)
    - Mask Man - fencer, he is fast and have long-range attack, deffend when he's
    - Sky Walker - is a Mask Man with a longer life bar and a cool hair ;)
    - Magican - be carefully with him; he can disappear and also knows some magic
    tricks (WOW:)
    - Bird Man - an intelligent knight - he can deffend himself :)))
    - Barbarian - a small and fast, often runs and shot from his bow (he can
    deffend himself too)
    - Buster - theses guys are the worst - strong, intelligent, they can also ride
    a horse :)
    c)a teraz BOSS'owie :
    Stage 1 - SCORN - your first boss, he is easy when yo do this: walk close to
    him, defend yourself, wait while he attacks you and then do counter attack;
    ex.: "strong attack" !
    Stage 2 - BRAFORD - a bit difficult, this boss can quickly move, he rides a
    horse, walk close to him and attack him doesn't work well, if you can't deffend
    yourself, you'll die[bye, bye :(((]
    Stage 3 - ARLON - more powerfull boss;
    Stage 4 - PHANTOM - this boss is better version of Sky Walker; he runs fast,
    uses magic but for sure he's easer to kill than :)
    Stage 5 - BARLBARS - whoa !!!!!!!! you'll suprise when you see him; he's the
    most enormus from all bosses ! and also he got power - 2 or 3 hits of his
    hammer will kill you !!!
    Stage 6 - MURAMASA - this evil ninja-warrior is the fastest boss in the game;
    he can use flames
    Stage 7 - GARIBALDI - your final boss, the same as ARLON but his armour is
    gold, he wears mask, rides a horse, his magc is POWERFULL, that's the boss :O
    5. MOVES
    So...not many but it's enough
    For 3 knights there are the same few moves:
    a)standard atack - press few times attack (4-5)
    b)"strong attack" - tap atack & forward once - THIS IS THE BEST MOVE IN THE
    GAME but look out for ARTHUR - he does this move too long (you may be hit by
    the enemy before you do this move), -----> "sa" by ARTHUR only for experienced
    players ;)
    c)deffence - press atack & back once or only back(when you're being attacked) -
    if you cannot do deffence better don't play "KotR" or you'll loose a lot of
    credits - after block enemy's attack you became undestoyable for about 2
    seconds, now it's time for reversal attack !!! ;)
    d)jump attack - JUMP, then press ATTACK - everyone has another type; the best
    is PERCEVAL's :)
    e)back attack - press BACK & then immediatety ATTACK(HARD TO DO)
    f)LANCELOT has a "Kick Attack" - press ATTACK and then immediatly UP
    g)ARTHURA's move can be done same as LANCELOT's "KA", also you may second time
    press attack
    h)PERCEVAL has 2 bonus moves:
    1. back-roll - when you deffense press JUMP - it looks stupidly but you'll run
    away from enemy :)
    2. run - yes, the only player who can run :))) - press 2 times FORWARD (for
    second time hold it); while runing you may attack - press ATTACK ;)
    If anyone discover a new move - please contact me !!!!
    - large chest for 400 pts - after separate it you get 3 or 4 pieces of gold for
    140 pts each; 120 x 3 = 420 pts; 120 x 4 = 480 pts - ALWAYS SEPARATE THIS CHEST
    - large chest for 600 pts - after separate it you get 3,4(sometimes) or
    6(rarely) pieces of gold for 180 pts each; 180 x 3 = 540 pts; 180 x 4 = 620
    pts; 180 x 6 = 1040 pts - SEPARATE IT ON YOUR OWN RISK :(
    - large chest for 800 pts pts - after separate it you get 4 or 6(rarely) pieces
    for 240 pts each; 240 x 4 = 960 pts; 240 x 6 = 1440 pts, sometimes one piece of
    gold may be for 140 pts ALWAYS SEPARATE THIS CHEST !!!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO
    LOOSE !
    - set of cups for 500 pts - ALWAYS SEPARATE THESE CUPS !!!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO
    LOOSE ! !!!
    They are rare; there are only 3:
    - red horse figure - kills every enemy on the screen exept boss and give you
    for they treasure
    - green horse figure - kills every enemy on the screen exept boss and give you
    for they food
    - magic stick - restores life to max and gives you ONE LEVEL UP - better armour
    8. FOODS
    Restore your life. large food can as well as large chest be hit and then
    seprate for small parts.
    Salat for 320 pts - separates for 4 or 6(rarely) pieces for 80 pts each. ALWAYS
    Chicken for 520 pts - separates for 4 or 6(rarely), also HARDLY EVER it
    separates for 2 BIG CHICKESNS(for 520 pts each) ALWAYS SEPARATE IT !!!
    Fruits(apples & grapes) for 320 pts - separate for 4 lub 6(rarely) pieces but
    LOOK OUT, becouse often it may separate for only ONE APPLE !!!(for 80 pts), so
    better don't separate fruits or SEPARATE IT ALWAYS IF YOU WANT TO GET 2UP
    !!!(hardly ever)
    Milk for ??? pts - only in sixth stage, restore a little of your life.
    Bread for ??? pts - sometimes a FAT MEN left it.
    9. TIPS 'n' TRICKS
    Maybe you're suprised but there are a lot of tips & tricks(also strage
    situations); sometimes, when you hit a:
    a) large chest for 400 pts a red horse figure may appear
    b) large salat for 320 pts a green horse figure may appear
    c) large chest for 800 pts a magic stick may appear
    *d) set of cups a 1UP KNIGHT FIGURE may appear(you get 1 UP !!!)
    *e) set of fruits a 2UP KNIGHT FIGURE may appear(you get 2 UP !!!)
    * - this tips is hard to do - there is way to do it. Problem is that I could do
    it few years ago when I often play this game but now I forgot it :( If someone
    knows how to make this tricks please contact me: kimkaphwan@poczta.onet.pl
    Two methods to make a big score(points):
    1. Kill in order the same type of enemies; for examole: SOLDIER - for first
    you'll get 80 pts, for second 160 pts, for third 240 pts and for forth 320 pts.
    2. Make your life bar all black/brown(but you must still alive), then every
    enemy, that you kill will give you something: food or treasure :)))

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