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Reviewed: 11/12/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

It's another boring Final Fight clone..

When asked to name my favorite genres, chances are I will put the side scrolling beat them up high on my list. It is one of my favorite genres, as it has been home to a lot of my favorite games (Sonic Blastman 2, Captain Commando). I have enjoyed a lot of video games in the genre, as I have felt a lot of them have been very fun to play. However, as is the case with a lot of other genres out there, there have been some games in the genre that I have not really liked.

Legend is one of those games. Released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo, Legend will never become one of my favorite games, although I will admit it does have some good points to it. The game could be considered fun for some people, but I just feel that it is another boring Final Fight clone. Now, I actually like some Final Fight clones out there, like King of Dragons, but this game is too slow and boring in terms of actual game speed for me to enjoy.

As much as I wanted to like this game, I just found myself not liking it much, at all. The simple fact that your guy moves at a very slow pace would be enough to drive me and a lot of other game players insane, but there are also other problems to be found in the game. The level up system is rather dumb and boring, as is a lot of other elements in the game, which I will describe later on in more detail.

Okay, I believe Legends was meant to be a Dungeons and Dragons game of some sorts, but instead of being good, it went horribly wrong. The game doesn't have much of an (understandable) story line so I won't bore you anymore. On with the review!!

The graphics in the game are a little above average. While I do like some aspects of the graphics, there are also other aspects I happened to dislike. Some of the things I liked about the game in terms of graphics are the background designs and character designs. Some of the things I disliked about the game in terms of graphics include the enemy designs and animation. I will now go into more detail about these aspects of the graphics.

I liked the backgrounds in the game a lot. They were well designed and very well varied. I especially liked the design of the background in the opening stage, as it was amazing to me how it kept on changing while still maintaining an excellent level of quality. The background changed from the sunset and farm-like atmosphere of the opening section to the dungeon background of the later parts of the stage, and it really was an awesome thing. I also liked the character designs in the game, they were really solid.

Now, onto the things I disliked about the graphics in this game. I did not like the enemy designs much at all. I would have liked them more had there been a wider variety of them, but sadly that was not the case. The enemy designs that were featured were rather plain, and I did not like them much at all. Now, about the animation in the game, it was solid but I would have expected more, at least there wasn't a lot of graphical breakup and other graphical problems that are present in other games of this genre.

The music in the game is nothing special. Sure, it was okay, and it wasn't terrible or anything, but there is nothing here that you absolutely have to listen to. The variety of the music in the game was okay, but there is not consistently awesome music. I kind of liked the music theme in the third stage, as it seemed to fit the feeling of the stage perfectly. Otherwise, however, the music was nothing that special.

The sound effects in the game were your standard side scrolling beat them up fare. You had the sounds of punches and kicks, as well as things like weapons clanging against each other. Some of the enemies in the game used weapons, and you use a weapon sometimes, so it makes a really cool noise when they clang together. I felt that was a really cool sound effect, and a lot of the other sound effects were cool, too. There just wasn't as much variety as I expected.

The control is solid, but nothing revolutionary The game makes good use of the Super Nintendo controller, as it is easy enough to pull off a lot of the stuff you have to pull off in the game. For instance, special moves are simple, as are the basic moves like punching and kicking. However, I had a lot of problems with your character's walking speed, the game moved at such a slow pace it was challenging not to be bored by it.

Wow, yet another game in which you're this huge guy going around (well, walking around slowly), trying to kill enemies. you do get magic, which is cool, and the more stuff you earn during stages, the more points you earn. More points equals more lives. Also, throughout the stage you can find some keys, which you can use to get to the bonus stage. The more keys you earn, the more chances you get in the bonus stage. It doesn't sound too bad on paper, but the execution comes off terrible.

The thing that I had a problem with most in this game is the fact that your character walks way too slowly, as I have already mentioned. The game would have probably been fun had the character walked up to the speed as say, the girl in Sonic Blastman 2. Instead, the dude walks so damn slowly, which means you will soon get frustrated by it. Because you cannot chase the enemies normally, because they move faster than you. It gets annoying very quickly.

Due to this fact, I do not feel that this game has high replay value. In fact, you will probably not want to play this game much at all once you realize how poor this game is when compared to other games in the genre. It's really sad, because this game had the potential to be great. Instead, it comes off as disappointing and barely playable because of the walking speed issues.

This is a pretty challenging game, as there is a few stages featured, and the stages featured are of a longer length than most games in the genre. And if you have played some of the other games in the genre, and remember the length of those stages, then you know that this game features some pretty lengthy stages. Some of the stages in the game are rather challenging, but not all of them are. A majority of them are, however.

Heaven forbid we play a FUN side scroller beat em up. Unless they have completely bored you, you are better off playing Ninja Warriors and Captain Commando. Legend is not even worth a rental! The simple fact is, this game could have been good. Sadly, a couple of things made this game completely playable. Therefore, it is not a good game, and it is not in the same class as a Sonic Blastman 2 or Ninja Warriors. I recommend you avoid this game.

Good Points
-The graphics in the game are above average.
-I liked some of the music and sound effects.
-The control, besides the obvious problem, is solid.
-There is a lot of good game play concepts about the game.

Not So Good Points
-The walking speed of your character is horrendous.
-You will not want to play through this game much at all.
-There is not a wide variety in terms of stages.
-The music is not the best ever.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan style!
Story line - Not Available
Graphics - 8.1/10
Music - 6.2/10
Sound Effects - 7.1/10
Control - 3.8/10
Game play - 3.6/10
Replay Value - Below Average
Challenge - Above Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Not really.
Overall - 4.1/10

The Last Line: The game would have been great, so it's really sad that a couple of flaws makes the game completely unplayable.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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