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Reviewed: 04/06/00 | Updated: 04/06/00

Gradius, here I come! Oh, wait, I should probably save the kingdom first...

Graphics: 8/10
Sound Effects: 7/10
Music: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Play Control: 6/10
Group Enjoyment: 6/10
Individual Enjoyment: 6/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

''Legend Of the Mystical Ninja.'' This was an attempt to introduce the Gonbare Goemon series into the U.S. Unfortunately, it didn’t get quite as popular here as it did in Japan, as far as I know. This was a fun game, though. It had a lot of humor, and very interesting bosses. If you were familiar with the series, than you’d recognize the familiar faces and names...well, sort of...

You play the part of Kid Ying (real name: Goemon) and Dr. Yang (real name: Ebisumaru), who have to save their kingdom by rescuing the princess from a bunch of bandits. Along the way, you have to deal with evil merchants, weird cults, Sumo Wrestlers, Gigantic Octopi, and even the dreaded Travel Agency! Oh, the horror! So, do they save the world, or do they end up stuck somewhere because they ran out of money playing Gradius, and can't afford the fair back home?

Good Points:
This has little side games...and boy, were there a lot of them! There was the original Gradius to play, as well as Pong, and various other types of games. But there were also games to play to make money, such as horse track betting and the lottery. Ok, so it’s not the most encouraging thing for little kids to do, but it's just a game, right? There's also a “Tron” style painting game, a concentration game, a maze, and a quiz show that asks you questions about the game’s levels and characters.

Bad Points:
First of all, the names. The changed them! No longer is it Goemon, it’s Kid Ying! And his sidekick, Dr. Yang? What is this, some sort of stupid joke? Of course, I guess it makes sense, since Goemon and Ebisumaru would be hard for Americans to pronounce. But they left Yae, so it’s ok. And then there are the bosses...some are too easy, while a couple are too hard! And it’s frustrating to get 3 silver kitties, thus getting a really good weapon, only to get hit and lose it!

*General Ratings:

Graphics: The graphics in this are cartoony and fun to watch, while some of the bosses are huge and wonderfully animated. From the gigantic sumo face (that keeps falling apart) to the spinning top man, this game has great graphics.

Sound: Varied and different. There's not really much else to say here…

Music: The music here is pretty funny. It's oriental in background, but then it's changed to be driving and silly at the same time. Wow, how do you do that? Well, I guess this game does it.

Originality: If you've played the first couple of Goemon games (for the Nintendo), then you'll know why I put down the Originality here. The side elements easily take it back up, though. Heck, they threaten to overshadow the game itself!

Play Control: The controls are kinda sticky from time to time, and get frustrating when you don't know what to do or when to do it. The magic's control can be confusing, too. I mean, it's hard to tell what you're supposed to do with it!

Enjoyment: Let's face it, it's fun if you're playing straight through the game with 2 people, but if you're going solo, then it's more fun to do the side stuff. Betting on stupid horse races, running through mazes, winning quiz shows, they're more fun than the bosses you have to take on! I'm not so sure that was a good idea, folks. Oh well, at least it bumps up the replay a notch.

Challenge: If you don't know what's coming, then you're going to get frustrated pretty quick. And in order to upgrade your weapon so it has a greater range, you have to beat up enemies (8 of them, I think) until one of them drops a kitty. Get 2 of them, and your weapon has its max range. The only problem is, if you take ONE hit, your weapon drops 1 level. ONE hit! That's ridiculous! This also applies to shoes (you purchase them), which affects speed, mobility, and jumping.

Ending: It's not as great as beating Gradius in the arcades. I mean, come on! That game is FUN!

This game is fun. You can play with 2 people and piggy-back your way to the end (seriously, too), or go solo and work your way through the game. Either way you play this game, it's great fun. You can come back again and see if you find any new secret rooms with cash and items, or just see how much money you can accumulate.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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